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The Best Chainsaws In The UK – Testing Corded, Petrol and Electrc

Last updated on March 30th, 2023

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I’ve been using chainsaws for almost 20 years so when it comes to chainsaws, I like to think I know and thing or two about them. If you’re considering buying your first chainsaw or maybe just upgrading/replacing another one. Hopefully, my experience and knowledge with cordless chainsaws, petrol chainsaws and even a couple of corded electric chainsaws will be useful and save you from making some of the mistakes I’ve made over the years.

My petrol chainsaw of Choice the Husqvarna 135 X-Torq Petrol Chainsaw which I use for logging
My petrol chainsaw of choice the Husqvarna 135 X-Torq Petrol Chainsaw which I use mainly for logging

Let’s start with petrol chainsaws; then, I’ll move on to my cordless chainsaws before getting into the detailed reviews of each model. I’ve previously documented my experience with petrol chainsaws and why I think this Husqvarna 236 14inch Petrol Chainsaw (pictured above) is, without a doubt, one of the best examples of a high-performance chainsaw but at a reasonable price from a respected brand, I’m talking sub £400 which is less than my Stihl chainsaw. I’ve used this chainsaw for maybe 5-6 years and it’s still going strong today. With a regular maintenance, a well sharpened chain, it just keeps going and going.

cutting through hardwood very large log with my The HUSQVARNA 135 X-TORQ Petrol Chainsaw during testing
The Husqvarna 236 makes light work of even the biggest logs, this by go to chainsaw for more intensive logging

The Husqvarna 236 is a professional grade chainsaw, but I’ve used it mainly for logging as we do sell firewood on the nursery (it’s a family business) to bring some trade-in, during the quiet winter months. However, I’ve also used it for felling small trees. In terms of specs, it’s powered by a 38cc 2-stroke engine which has proved very reliable. It starts first time, every time and has a 14-inch bar, so it’s also perfect for larger logs as shown in the picture above. More importantly, it has the power to cut through them quickly. You just need to keep the chain sharp. I use an electric chainsaw sharpener and have four spare chains I switch between. If you need a reliable petrol chainsaw with plenty of power. This is well worth taking a look at.

My Husqvarna 135 X-Torq Petrol Chainsaw which I highly recommend
Husqvarna 236 – The only petrol chainsaw you need
My Dewalt 54v cordless chainsaw with my Petrol chainsaw
My Dewalt 54v cordless chainsaw which I sometimes use instead of the Husqvarna 135 if I’ve on got an hour or two of logging to do

Now, the only cordless chainsaw I’ve tested that can match its performance was this DeWalt DCM575X1 XR Cordless Chainsaw pictured above next to my Husqvarna 135 chainsaw. However, it’s nearly double the price, and you can’t just top it up with some more petrol like you can a petrol chainsaw. Spare batteries are also ridiculously expensive being Dewalt. I think they were maybe £100 just for a spare battery. However, it is an amazing chainsaw which we actually purchased for logging as its much quieter than petrol chainsaws.

DeWalt DCM575 X1 Cordless Chainsaw
The large 54V battery that comes with the chainsaw as long as you don’t buy the bare tool only

It comes with a larger 56v 9.0Ah Li-ion battery; it’s powerful and has a decent run time of around 1-2 hours depending on what I’m cutting (we get a mix of wood from local tree surgeons for free). It’s obviously quiet and low maintenance which is what got me into cordless chainsaws many years ago. Where I got tripped up was that this model is powered by a 54v battery which is great. The kicker is you can’t use the 18v battery from my other DeWalt tools such as my DeWalt cordless cordless edge trimmer.

The 18v DeWalt battery from my other DeWalt tools do work in the chainsaw

However, I can use the 18v batteries from my other tools in the chainsaw—just something to keep in mind.

comparing my Ryobi 18v cordless chainsaw and petrol chainsaw

So what if you want a cordless chainsaw but don’t want to pay out DeWalt prices?

Well, I also wanted a cordless chainsaw for home use, again for logging but also to trim trees in the garden and to cut timber sleepers for a new raised bed I installed. I wanted to be able to leave it at home, it had to be quiet so it had to be cordless (neighbours wouldn’t appreciate a petrol chainsaw I don’t think) and wasn’t too big or too expensive but still reliable.

The Ryobi 18v cordless chainsaw is a great chainsaw for anyone doing a bit of logging on the weekend
The Ryobi 18v cordless chainsaw is a great chainsaw for anyone doing a bit of logging on the weekend

So after convincing myself I needed another chainsaw, I came to the conclusion that this Ryobi 18v Brushless Cordless Chainsaw pictured above was probably what I needed (I also new I would review it here too). Now, I’ve been using and testing this little gem of a chainsaw for about 2 years now and what a great little chainsaw it’s proven to be.

Testing the Ryobi OCS1830 30cm ONE+ Cordless Brushless chainsaw to see how it cuts large diameter logs
Testing what the Ryobi 18v Brushless Chainsaw cut cut through

It doesn’t have the raw power of the petrol models or my DeWalt DCM575X1 XR but for logging on the weekends, it’s a great little chainsaw. Remember it also has a brushless motor so it’s reliable and I’ve put it through its paces on very large logs just for testing purposes. It will cut through very log logs if needed as shown in the picture above, however, it drains the battery much faster.

The amount of logs the Ryobi cordless chainsaw was able to cut through on a single charge with the 5Ah battery – lasts about 30 minutes

I wouldn’t use it in the nursery, it’s not a professional grade chainsaw but anyway looking for a decent chainsaw for cutting a few logs at home, maybe felling a small tree in your garden, maintaining an orchid, and trimming overgrown bushes, it’s a great chainsaw to have around. I even use it to cut pallet wood before splitting it into kindling. The picture above is what I was able to cut from a single charge just recently, which took around 30 minutes so this gives you a good idea of what it can cut. It comes with an 18v 5Ah battery and fast charger and takes around 60 minutes to recharge.

Chainsaw safety?

Before I get into my review with all the specs, I know many people reading this, will have never used a chainsaw before. So before you even start a chainsaw, make sure you are wearing all of the necessary protective clothing including gloves, chainsaw trousers, chainsaw boots and a good chainsaw helmet. At the very least get yourself some chainsaw boots, chainsaw trousers and eye protection.

Top 6 Best Chainsaws To Buy

1. Husqvarna 135 X-Torq Petrol Chainsaw


The HUSQVARNA 135 X-TORQ Petrol Chainsaw

I’m going to start my detailed review with my HUSQVARNA 135 X-TORQ Petrol Chainsaw which I had previously reviewed in my best petrol chainsaw guide. It’s an extremely powerful, petrol chainsaw that has been designed with domestic but more heavy-duty work in mind. It’s perfect for felling small trees, logging which is what I mainly use it for before splitting them with my log splitter (one of the best tools I’ve ever purchased), pruning and any other job where a handsaw looks like too much work.

This chainsaw has been used by two people, me and a work colleague terry and it’s been used in a professional setting for the last 5 years at least. It’s been a real workhorse for us in the nursery, so I know it’s not only reliable, but it’s extremely well-built. Let’s just say, it’s been well-tested!

Easily cutting through very large logs
Easily cutting through very large logs

It’s powered by a 38cc 2-stroke petrol engine that’s packed with Husqvarna’s X-Torque technology. Basically, it has plenty of torque, unlike some electric chainsaws I’ve used over the years. The problem with some chainsaws is if they don’t have enough torque and power, they start to slow or even stop when it gets tough; this thing keeps on going even on exceptionally large logs.

I’m no expert in measuring a chainsaw’s environmental impact, but the X-Torque technology is said to reduce exhaust emissions by 75%.

I think the Husqvarna 236 14″ Petrol Chainsaw is also an excellent beginner-friendly chainsaw, so if you’re new to using a chainsaw, this model is relatively easy to handle. With its simple maintenance and easy-to-use features like the auto oiling system with the combined stop control and choke.

Easy to remove the cover using a spanner or socket
Easy to remove the cover using a spanner or socket
The HUSQVARNA 135 X-TORQ Petrol Chainsaw easy chain tensioning
Easy to adjust the chain tension

Starting this beast is a breeze, and tensioning or loosening the chain is also a fairly straightforward task. Not quite as easy as on the cordless electric models, but still easy enough. You need a socket and a little bit of elbow grease and it only takes a minute or two. This chainsaw won’t flood the engine when you turn it off, thanks to the clever design of the choke control. I’ve found this to be a problem with some chainsaws, especially with inexperienced users but not with this chainsaw.

For convenience, the 135 X-Torq also features an ‘Auto Return Stop’; this feature resets the chain to the correct position when turned off, making it faster to restart. It also features a smart clip air filter cover, making cleaning the air filter much easier and quicker, which saves you time. Finally, it also has a small reservoir for oil which keeps the chain well-lubricated. Its a fully self lubricated model which is a big plus.

14-inch (35.5cm) long guide bar
14-inch (35.5cm) long guide bar

So let’s talk performance. I have been really impressed by the performance of the Husqvarna 236 14″ Petrol Chainsaw. With a 14-inch (35.5cm) guide bar, it’s ideal for logging, but it’s also got enough power to easily handle larger logs. I’ve used it to cut through logs of various sizes, and it’s never let me down, even on the largest of logs.

test the The HUSQVARNA 135 X-TORQ Petrol Chainsaw on very large logs

It cuts quickly and smoothly, making light work of even the thickest of logs. And when it comes to power and speed, there’s simply no comparison to cheaper petrol, cordless, or electric chainsaws. This chainsaw outperforms them all, and it’s easy to see why.
Of course, for the most oversized logs, you may need to turn them to cut through them, but that’s a minor inconvenience when you consider the quality of the cut and the speed at which it’s achieved.

The first positive note is that the air filters never seem to get clogged up because of the centrifugal air cleaning system, the dust is directed away from the filter and it does an excellent job at keeping the filter clean.


  • Powerful X-Torq 40.9 cc 2  Stroke Engine that provides up to 18% more torque and lowers fuel consumption and emissions.
  • 36cm (14″) bar and safety chain for optimum performance.
  • Side-mounted chain tensioner for quick and easy chain tensioning (NOT TOOLESS).
  • Automatic self-lubricating chain system for better cutting action as well as extending the life of the chain.
  • Air injection – Centrifugal air cleaning system for reduced wear and longer operating times between cleaning filters that are designed to clip off easily.
  • Auto-stop that resets the chain when the chainsaw is turned off for a faster restart.
  • Lightweight design, ergonomic trigger and asymmetrical handle for increased comfort.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Our recommendation

The Husqvarna 135 X-TORQ is probably the best petrol multi-purpose chainsaw I have used, I sldo have a similar Stihl chainsaw but I always grab this Husqvarna chainsaw. I can honestly say that this Husqvarna 135 chainsaw is my preferred choice out of the two.

The HUSQVARNA 135 X-TORQ Petrol Chainsaw with some of the logs I was able to cut in 30 minutes

How could I not recommend this chainsaw? If you’re after a reliable petrol chainsaw, whether it be for felling small trees, logging or simply preparing firewood, I would not hesitate to recommend the Husqvarna 135 petrol chainsaw. It’s a little more expensive than some of the other chainsaws available. But it’s worth every extra penny.

If looked after correctly, cleaned and maintained after every use, I’m sure this chainsaw would last you a lifetime. If it is within your budget, this is an excellent chainsaw you won’t regret buying.

Prefer a petrol chainsaw? – See my best petrol chainsaw reviews here

2. Ryobi OCS1830 30cm ONE+ Cordless Brushless Chainsaw


Ryobi OCS1830 30cm ONE+ Cordless Brushless chainsaw

The Ryobi OCS1830 30cm ONE+ Cordless Brushless Chainsaw is equipped with a high-performance brushless motor that delivers 20% more power and 40% more operating time per charge when compared to similar brushed motor models.

Faster Charger I use with Ryobi OCS1830 30cm ONE+ Cordless Brushless chainsaw

This tool itself I reviewed is sold as body only and you can buy a separate 18V battery and a charger or use the one from your existing Ryobi 18V tool. I actually just purchased the who setup including the battery and charger as a kit.

Testing the Ryobi OCS1830 30cm ONE+ Cordless Brushless chainsaw to see how it cuts large diameter logs

The chainsaw comes with a 30cm Oregon bar so smaller than both my DeWalt cordless cordless edge trimmer which has a 40cm bar and chain an my Husqvarna 236 14″ Petrol Chainsaw which has an even shorter 36cm bar and chain. The chain cutsat 10m/s, providing you with more than powerful enough for cutting through thicker branches or tougher logs.

Easy chain tensioning

A feature a do like that the petrol models don’t have is the tooless chain tensioner. This means you can quickly and easily adjust by loosening the black centre dial and then turning the grey outer dail to adjust the chainsaw tension. Its well very well!

The Ryobi OCS1830 30cm ONE+ Cordless Brushless chainsaw cuts logs with ease when cutting standard sized branches

This the chainsaw benefits from an efficient anti-vibration system that helps you work in comfort whilst lessening the potential for injuries if you’ll be using it for extended periods.

Its ergonomic wrap-around handle is a breeze to grip and hold, and that’s particularly handy when you need to manoeuvre in awkward areas.

tHE Ryobi OCS1830 30cm ONE+ Cordless BrushlesS CHAINSAW  has automatic oiling

There’s even an automatic oiling system like on the Husqvarna 236, but this is becoming pretty standard with most modern chainsaws now anyway, do look out for this feature.

Chain break on Ryobi chainsaw

When it comes to safety, this tool combines a dual brake system to ensure total protection from injury and accidents. One is an electrical brake, which can bring the chain to a full stop in a fraction of a second of your release of the trigger. This one reduces the possibility of injury should you accidentally drop the tool. The other is a mechanical brake that serves to guard you against dangerous kickbacks by automatically stopping the chain should one happen.

Thanks to an integrated debris deflector under the machine, cleaning it afterwards is also easy, I just brush it clean with a stiff hand brush.


  • Equipped with a high-performance 18v brushless motor that delivers substantial power for cutting thicker wood.
  • Comes with a durable 30cm Oregon bar and chain.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning for easy adjustments.
  • With an automatic oiling system that saves you time and helps you stay clean.
  • Has a clever debris deflector that helps dust collect in one place instead of spraying all over you.
  • Includes mechanical and electrical brake system for added safety.

Our recommendation

I’ve been using this Ryobi OCS1830 30cm ONE+ Cordless Brushless Chainsaw for around 2 years now and what a great little chainsaw. To be honest, I’ve been really impressed with it, it’s lightweight (especially compared to the petrol alternatives), it’s easy to use and easy to adjust the chain tension and virtually maintenance free. Its a great chainsaw to have at home.

There really are no faults with this model. That being said it does have its limitations which really comes down to the size of the logs. If you cut smaller logs, for example mostly under 25cm, it will easily give you around 30 minutes with a the 5ah battery which is what I use in mine.

Ryobi OCS1830 30cm ONE+ Cordless Brushless chainsaw with logs that were cut using it

So who’s it for? If you need a chainsaw to do a little logging at the weekends, pruning a few trees, or maybe felling a small tree, then this is a better choice than the DeWalt cordless chainsaw as it’s much more affordable. Just don’t expect to be cutting logs all day with it or cutting lots of big logs. The odd large log is fine as I’ve shown in this review but the issue is battery power gets drained quickly on very large logs. If you need something that is more of a professional chainsaw but cordless, then the DeWalt DCM575X1 XR Cordless Chainsaw which I review next is what you need, but it comes at a cost but it has more power and longer run times for those larger logs. Plus it runs for 1-2 hours where as this Ryobi OCS1830 30cm Bar ONE+ Cordless Brushless Chainsaw last around 30 minutes. Both chainsaws are good picks, they are just for different situations. One is a great home chainsaw, and ones more of a workhorse.

3. DeWalt DCM575 X1 Cordless Chainsaw


My DeWalt DCM575 X1 Cordless Chainsaw after 2 years of testing

Anyone who says cordless chainsaws lack the power of the more powerful corded alternatives or even petrol chainsaws have not used this DeWalt 54V DCM575 X1 Chainsaw with its enormous 54v 9Ah battery. I’ll be honest; I used to think the same, but cordless technology has come a long way over the last few years.

You have to see this model in action to appreciate what DeWalt has achieved, so I decided it would make a good alternative to my petrol chainsaws. It’s also much quieter which is a big bonus, low maintenance just like the Ryobi brushless chainsaw and more importantly, still up to the job of logging for a couple of hours at a time but with the limitations of the Ryobi in regards to its capabilities with larger logs.

DeWalt DCM575 X1 Cordless Chainsaw battery pack

First off, because this chainsaw is manufactured by one of the most important power tool manufacturers in the world, DeWalt, you can rest assured the quality is probably the best you will get from any chainsaw although I’ve seen some Makita chainsaws that look like they may be a good alternative, I’ve just not had a chance to try them.

So what makes this model such an improvement in comparison to other models? To begin with, it’s powered by the Godzilla of batteries, a huge 54v with a massive capacity of 9Ah, this is far larger than any other model I have reviewed. This means it has much more power, and I mean much more, along with one of the most extended run times of any cordless chainsaw. The battery is part of DeWalt’s Flexvolt system which means it can be used on other compatible power tools from the DeWalt range, for example, the cordless hedge trimmer which I also own, the leaf blower and even the mitre saw.

DeWalt DCM575 X1 Cordless Chainsaw cutting through very large log

To transfer all that power to the 40cm bar and chain, the battery powers a highly efficient brushless motor that produces a cutting speed of 15m/s which is pretty impressive for a cordless chainsaw.

Now I talked about how light weight the cordless Ryobi chainsaw was earlier but this DeWalt model is probably the heaviest chainsaw I used, coming in at around 5.5kg with the battery, however, when compared to petrol models such as my HUSQVARNA 135 X-TORQ Petrol Chainsaw you don’t really notice any difference, and it’s probably the only chainsaw you can compare it to in terms of cutting performance because no other chainsaw even gets close to this DeWalt DCM575 X1.

I’ve done some side-by-side testing and it’s on par with my Husqvarna 135 in terms of power and size but without the noise. It also has a longer chain and bar so is actually slightly better on larger logs too.

My DeWalt DCM575 X1 Cordless Chainsaw during testing

Other features include the tool-free chain tensioning adjustment as well as the bar and chain removal. It also has automatic oiling and has a little window to check the oil level as well as a low vibration level of 3.5m/s2.

Our recommendation

The DeWalt DCM575 X1 Chainsaw is an expensive model, I justified it as I knew I would review it here too. However, it’s way ahead of any other cordless chainsaw in terms of performance and build quality. What I couldn’t get over when I first saw it was the huge 52v 9.5Ah battery which came with it, now that’s huge. When you compare that to the 36v – 2.5Ah of the Black + Decker or even my 18v 5Ah battery on my Ryobi, it’s clearly in a different league.

If you’re looking for a model that compares performance and running times to the Husqvarna and Stihl chainsaws, then this is it. It has both the power and running times to be considered an excellent alternative to these very popular models often used by professionals and tree surgeons. Remember, you also get the advantage of not messing around with refuelling and pulling cords, and it’s also not as noisy. It isn’t as quiet as some models, but it certainly isn’t as loud as the petrol alternatives.

Overall, if you have the budget and have been looking for a cordless model that can be used to replace your petrol chainsaw, then this is for you. Equally, if you’re just after a very powerful chainsaw for professional tree work or cutting heaps of logs, this will be up to the job. If you have the budget, you won’t find a better chainsaw.

4. Black + Decker GKC3630L20 Cordless Chainsaw

BLACK DECKER Lithium Ion Chainsaw Cordless 36V 30cm Cutting Width GKC3630L20

This Black + Decker GKC3630L20 Chainsaw has a powerful, high torque motor that is powered by a 36v 2Ah lithium-ion battery. This strong battery gives enough power for around 560 cuts (3.5cm cuts). The batteries can be used with any of the Black + Decker tools that are compatible with the 36v Lithium-ion batteries, saving you some money if you already have Black + Decker tools at home.

Fitted with a high-quality 30cm low kickback cutting chain for increased safety and an oil system that automatically self-lubricates the chain when in use for a more efficient and faster cut.

Like most models, it also has a handy reservoir with clear sight to check the oil level to ensure you know when to top the chain oil up.

The ergonomic and lightweight design ensures it’s comfortable and easy to use; the battery is located on the side to maintain its well-balanced design.


  • Powered by a powerful 36v 2AH lithium-ion battery that gives enough power for up to 560 cuts.
  • Can be recharged in only 90 minutes from flat.
  • Low kickback chain with the auto lubricating system for better cutting action.
  • 30cm cutting length, ideal for heavy-duty cutting such as logging, felling trees, pruning and other general garden tasks.
  • Tool-free chain tensioning feature for fast and easy fitting and adjusting using the simple side dial.
  • Very lightweight at only 3.8kg, well balanced with comfortable handle bale that makes it perfect for sawing and felling trees.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Our recommendation

The Black + Decker GKC3630L20 Chainsaw is probably one of the best cordless chainsaws for lighter use for the price. So what makes it stand out from the rest? When you pick it up for the first time, you immediately feel how surprisingly lightweight and well-balanced it is, and quality-wise, it’s a well-built piece of kit.

However, I feel that spare batteries are handy and this Black + Decker chainsaw comes complete with a 36v 2Ah battery. Anyone who has shopped around will realise that this is a fantastic value because some cordless chainsaws will cost you more without a battery. Unless you have spare batteries, the batteries can often cost as much as the chainsaw in some cases.

5. Blaupunkt CS4000 Electric Chainsaw

Blaupunkt Garden Tools Electric Chainsaw CS4000 – High Power 2400W AC Motor - 45cm (18”) Blade - SDS Tool Free - Automatic Chain Brake

This Blaupunkt CS4000 Electric Chainsaw is a powerful chainsaw boasting just the right size and strength to fell trees. Powered by a high torque 2400W motor along with a 45cm bar (the longest of any chainsaw in this review), the chainsaw gives you the capacity to cut large trees up to 40cm in diameter, also thanks to an impressive chainsaw speed of 13m/s. The chain is also equipped with a steel gripping claw for increased stability when sawing large logs.

This electric chainsaw includes overload protection to protect it from damage should you try doing something too ambitious. There’s even an automatic chain brake that can stop the chain instantly before damage or injury occurs and a feature that is found on all chainsaws. A 2-point safety feature also protects against an unintended operation, and if kickback occurs during operation, a safety cut-off feature stops the chain immediately. Even so, this Blaupunkt has a narrow tip of the bar to prevent kickbacks from occurring. There’s no doubt that safety is at the core of this chainsaw’s design.

You get convenient and clean power with this electric model, and you’ll find it very easy to use, whether you are a novice or an experienced user. The tool is well-constructed with a balanced, easy-to-grip handle that’s fitted with a wrap so it feels comfortable in the hand.

You can’t avoid the chain becoming blunt with regular use and this is where the integrated SDS system comes in handy. This system allows you to replace the chain or tension and re-tension it without using any tools. In addition, a convenient tank window level allows you to monitor the oil level so you know when to refill.


  • Designed to do the jobs small chainsaws cannot with a longer cutting chain.
  • Powerful 2400w electric motor delivers enough power to cut hard and softwoods with ease.
  • Equipped with a range of safety features, including a 2-point safety switch, an automatic chain brake and a kickback safety cut-off.
  • Comfortable and lightweight design so it’s easy to use for long periods.
  • With tool-free SDS system for quick replacement of a dull chain or re-tensioning during operation.
  • Includes a wrap around the handle to provide a firm grip in various positions.
  • Visible oil level so you always know when to refill the tank.
  • Easy to use and low maintenance.
  • Backed a 3-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our recommendation

The Blaupunkt CS4000 Electric Chainsaw packs a powerful punch to easily tackle large cutting jobs around the garden. Power is not everything, however, because it’s packed with a range of features that make working easy, safe and comfortable.

It’s probably one of the easiest to use models because everything is straightforward, from starting to chain tensioning, filling oil and risk mitigation. You’ll appreciate its low kickback design as well as its comfortable, lightweight construction.

Would we recommend it? If you are looking for a corded chainsaw that can effectively handle small and heavy-duty garden jobs, this one certainly fits the bill and being corded electric it is also one of the lowest maintenance chainsaws you can buy. It’s worth noting it also has a long 5-meter power cord so it has plenty of reach too.

6. Bosch Chainsaw UniversalChain 35

Bosch Home and Garden Chainsaw UniversalChain 35 (1800 W, Weight: 4.2 kg, Chain Speed: 12 m/s, in Carton Packaging)

The Bosch UniversalChain 35 Electric chainsaw is the most powerful chainsaw Bosch manufacture and is powered by a powerful 1800 watt motor that rotates the chain at an extremely high rate of 12 ms, which along with the genuine Oregon chain, produces the best performance.

Its lightweight and well-balanced design ensures it’s easy to use in any position, making it perfect for a range of jobs such as cutting firewood, pruning branches and felling small trees.

Bosch has fitted this chainsaw with their ‘Bosch SDS system’ and this feature means you can fit the chain and alter the chain tensioning without using any tools.

For increased safety, the chainsaw is fitted with an ultra-quick kickback brake and this means, should the chainsaw kickback when in use, the chain will instantly stop moving, it also features a safety alarm and a steel chain safety catch bolt.

The large oil reservoir has an oil level indicator to ensure you know when the oil needs topping up, the oil self lubricates the chains to reduce wear on the chain and improve cutting performance.


  • Powerful 1800 watt motor that produces a chain speed of 12 m/s for high performance.
  • 35cm cutting length blade with a chrome self-lubricating Oregon chain.
  • SDS system for tool-free changing and tensioning of the chain.
  • Rapid-reaction kickback brake that instantly stops the chain, should the chainsaw kickback.
  • The lightweight and ergonomic design ensures it’s easy to use for both sawing and felling trees.
  • Comes with 2 years warranty that is extended to 3 years by registering online.

Our recommendation

This Bosch Chainsaw UniversalChain 35 is an impressive piece of kit and seems to have very few bad points I can say about it. The first thing you notice when you pick it up is that its surprisingly lightweight. At only 4.5kg, this makes it easy to use for most jobs in the garden. It’s also well-balanced, which somehow makes it seem lighter than it is.

It’s also worth mentioning that it only comes with 80ml of chain oil, however, the chainsaw actually requires 200ml of chainsaw oil so you will need to buy some more before you can use it. I’m not sure why Bosch doesn’t include enough oil, but we would recommend you buy some chainsaw oil with your chainsaw so you can get up and running straight away. I would also advise in investing in a spare chain

This chainsaw is by far, one of the best corded electric chainsaws we have reviewed. It obviously lacks the mobility of a cordless or petrol model due to the power cord, but for felling a few trees, pruning branches or cutting firewood, this would be a perfect choice. It’s got the power to rival some petrol chainsaws but without the noise and fumes.

Do you know how to service and maintain your chainsaw?

We have put together a simple guide on the best practices, plus a step-by-step guide on how to maintain your chainsaw to ensure years of service. – Read my chainsaw maintenance guide by clicking here.

Chainsaw Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best chainsaw that is right for you

As we have already mentioned, there is no single chainsaw, that is right for everyone. Below are some points to take into consideration when choosing a chainsaw.

  • Budget – The first point to take into consideration and put a lot of thought into is, ‘What is your budget?’ We would never recommend going for the cheapest chainsaw available, there are some excellent budget models available but they are not all suitable for everyone. Once you have a budget in mind, you can then think about which chainsaw may be the most ideal for you that’s within your chosen budget.
  • What you plan on sawing – The next point, is probably the most crucial point to take into consideration. What type of work are you likely to use the chainsaw for now and in the future? Do you have large tree trunks to cut up into sections to turn into firewood? Do you just need it to prune back a few branches? Or perhaps you simply want to fell a few small trees and prune back some large shrubs.
  • Weight – Many people overlook how much a chainsaw weighs. However, this can be a mistake you may regret. If you plan on pruning back lots of branches, you will find yourself holding the chainsaw in a more outwards position, with this in mind, a heavy petrol chainsaw can soon become tiring to use over a long period of time.

Types of chainsaws available

Petrol chainsaws are probably the most popular, closely followed by corded electric models, however, thanks to improvements in technology there are some superb innovative cordless electric chainsaws now on the market. This is also partly thanks to new lithium-ion batteries (the same type found in mobile phones), they have good running times from a full charge. They can be recharged in as little as 60 minutes. This wasn’t possible with the old Ni-cad batteries.

Below we go briefly over the 3 different types of chainsaws

Petrol chainsaws

Petrol chainsaws

Probably the most popular chainsaw on the market, they are very mobile in terms of being able to refill the fuel within a few minutes so that you can get back to your job quickly. This means you take them anywhere no matter how remote the location.

Other positive points include – not being restricted by the length of a power cord or being limited to the running time of rechargeable batteries. 

Disadvantages – A couple of negative points to take into account include – Petrol chainsaws are usually much heavier and can be tiring to use over more extended periods, this is where electric, both cordless and corded come into their own. 

Petrol models also require the most maintenance, which includes cleaning and changing spark plugs, filters, as well as mixing the oil and petrol correctly because they are usually two-stroke engines. As you would expect, they are also noisy when in use, this means you may have to think about your neighbours when using one to avoid any problems over excessive noise.

Corded Electric Chainsaws

These chainsaws are very popular with homeowners due to their very low maintenance design and ease of use. Simply plug in and you’re ready to use (no fuelling to worry about) and they are also quiet when in operation, especially when compared to petrol models. If you think they may not have enough power, think again, there are now some excellent powerful electric models suitable for more heavy-duty cutting.

Disadvantages – There are only two real disadvantages to corded chainsaws, both of which may not be a problem for most home users. The first is the cord; this restricts the mobility of where you can use it because you need to be near a power source. Most have around a 4-meter power cord, usually enough for anyone cutting up logs in the garden. The maximum of reach, of course, can be extended by using an extension lead, make you’re you use correct extension lead that can cope with the power.

Cordless Electric Models

Cordless chainsaws

Thanks to recent advances in battery technology, mainly the use of lithium-ion batteries, there are now some excellent models available. They are usually more expensive than their corded relatives and prices start at around £80. The best cordless chainsaws will set you back around £180 to over £250. You can now get some heavy-duty models ideal for logging, felling trees, pruning and preparing firewood. Some models can also be fully charged in only 60 minutes and offer good running times, more than enough time most users. Just like their corded counterparts, they are also extremely quiet and straightforward to maintain.

Disadvantages – Cordless chainsaws have come on tremendously in recent years, it’s hard to find any significant negative points worth mentioning. One point to take into consideration is charging the batteries. Once the batteries run flat, you have to wait until you have recharged the battery before you can use it again unless of course, you have a spare battery, but be warned, extra batteries can cost over £60 each. It’s worth mentioning that you can often use the same batteries from your other cordless tools if they are comparable. With this in mind, you could not expect to spend days working; this is where petrol and corded chainsaws come into their own. However, if you only want to do an hour or two of pruning or cutting logs, wireless models are perfect, especially if you invest in a spare battery.

What chainsaw safety clothing do you need?

Chainsaw safety clothing

Chainsaw helmet

A protective helmet with visor is a must and will be worth every-penny should kickback occur. It basically protect the guide bar and chain from hitting your head. We also recommend one with a clear or mesh visor fitted that will protect your eyes and face from wood chips when cutting. Some even include ear defenders and these are perfect if you have a petrol chainsaw because they tend to be notoriously loud. A safety helmet will set you back between £15-20.

Chainsaw trousers

Safety trousers are a must when using a chainsaw because it is very easy to slip and hit your legs, especially if you lose concentration for just a second. Safety trousers have layers of specialist fabric, as many as 5. These are designed to clog the chainsaw blade which will slow the blade down. The outside fabric is often abrasion resistant, 2-way stretch polyester fabric. A good pair will set you back £70 but its worth not scrimping to save a few pounds. 

Chainsaw boots

Best Chainsaw Safety Boots - 3 Top Pairs

Any safety boots with good grip to stop you slipping and steel toe caps will be suitable, most people might already have a suitable pair but if you don’t, a good pair will cost around £50.We recommend you always wear chainsaw trousers, anti-vibration gloves, chainsaw boots and a chainsaw helmet. You can buy chainsaw safety clothing kits that include everything you need on Buying a chainsaw safety kit is often cheaper than buying everything individually and will save you a few pounds.

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    Hi, have to agree with your review on the Husqvana 135. I really can’t understand all the bad
    Review’s that are mentioned regarding this model, well I can the thing is the people who write
    them simply do not understand the difference between Home use and professional use for a start.
    They also don’t understand the difference between a 2or4 stroak engin, not everyone but you would be amazed just how many. The biggest issue with 30cc to 40cc 2 Strok’s is using Old fuel
    6/7 week’s and unleaded petroleum is getting past it’s best, and the proper
    Oil and petroleum mix. Get it wrong and and it simply will not run, get it spot on and away she will
    Go. And after use drain the fuel and run it till it stops. ie. the fuel and oil separate’s and gums
    up the little carb.

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