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7 Best Garden Carts – Detailed comparisons, reviews & buyer’s guide

Last updated on October 12th, 2021

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We compared some of the best garden trucks to see how they fare in the real world and which are worth your hard-earned cash

Before purchasing a garden cart for your garden, there are many things one must first consider. For instance, will a large wheelbarrow do the job as they are often cheaper, if not, what type of garden cart suits your needs the most? Do you need a tipping action? Do you need to carry heavy loads? Do you need the option to hitch onto a mini tractor? The list goes on and on.

In this article, we will give you all the information you need in order to choose the garden cart that is the right fit for you.

Below, you will find that we discuss the different types of garden carts available, their features and a list containing the 7 best garden carts reviews.

It’s important to know that our list has been narrowed down from over 20 different models to just 7 of the very best models, taking into account their affordability.

Below is our ‘Best Pick’ and what we consider to be the best garden cart for the majority of gardeners. It has all the features you would expect, including large load capacity, all-terrain wheels, tipping action and best of all, it offers excellent value for money, making it an affordable option for most people.

Looking for a cage-style garden trolley with fold down sides, we have that covered as well so read on to learn more.


Draper DRA58553 Garden Tipper Cart
We looked at many cheaper models to this and most actually failed because the subframe just wasn't strong enough. However, this model has excelled as it incorporates a strong subframe and is probably one of the highest quality tripping carts we have seen. This garden cart is perfect for use for a wide range of garden tasks, for example, moving heavier items such as stones, sand or rubble. It has a large 75L capacity and a maximum load weight of 150kg.


Vonhaus All-Terrain Garden Trolley
The easiest way to move heavy items around the garden. This garden cart even includes a waterproof lining so can be filled with compost and soil etc. Perfect for use for a wide range of garden or DIY tasks. A large load space of 85x23x45cm and an impressive weight capacity of 350kg.

Garden Cart Reviews

Below you will find seven of the best garden carts available on the market today. We will discuss their features, advantages and disadvantages in order for you to make an informed decision on what product will suit your needs best.

1. Draper DRA58553 75L Garden Tipper Cart


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Draper 22x96x51cm Garden Tipper Cart - Heavy Duty Gardening Trolley with Handle For Home and Professional Use

The Draper Garden Tipper Cart is capable of easily carrying loads of up to 200kg (approximately 440lbs), and it is able to make simple work of moving your heavy gardening materials.

This garden cart’s dimensions are 96cm x 52cm x 22cm and it weighs 17kg. The garden tipper cart is made from a tough, lightweight steel subframe, which includes a cylindrical steel handle, a strong 75L tipping bucket and heavy-duty pneumatic wheels that make it easy to pull on a range of surfaces from grass to gravel.

With this cart, you are guaranteed to be able to work in your garden, no matter the condition.

All of Draper’s gardening tools (including this cart) have been designed to be strong, durable and are guaranteed to be great value for money.

Key features for their tools and carts include ease of use, as well as ergonomic designs.


  • Carries loads of up to 200kg (approximately 440lbs).
  • Effortlessly moves heavy gardening materials.
  • Robust and lightweight construction.
  • Steel subframe for extra strength.
  • Has a long tubular steel handle that will make moving it a breeze.
  • Large 75L tipping bucket.
  • Heavy-duty pneumatic wheels that are ideal for all terrains.
  • Durable construction.


  • Good quality construction from a brand you can trust.
  • Sturdy subframe for extra strength.
  • Suitable for all gardens, including rough terrain.
  • Tipping design saves the gardener from aches and pains.
  • Can be used by gardeners as well as professionals.


  • No towing hitch
  • Requires assembly

Our recommendation

The Draper Garden Tipper Cart is a great cart to have if you are expecting to do a lot of manual work in your garden or are in need of a garden cart for professional and trade use as it comes with the Draper guarantee.

This cart is capable of hauling loads in the most difficult terrains, such as hills, bumpy lawns etc. It is a robust cart that can handle heavy use which is what makes it perfect for trade use as well as domestic gardeners.

This is the most expensive cart to make it onto our top carts list and nearly became our runner-up model, however, after much debate, we decided that the extra manufacturing quality this cart provides (it is a little better made than most) was well worth spending a little extra on. Overall a fantastic cart with a good load capacity and good tipping function.

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2. VonHaus All-Terrain Heavy-Duty Garden Trolley


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VonHaus Garden Cart – Trolley, Trailer, Truck, Utility Wagon with Wipe Clean Lining, Mesh Panels, Steel Frame, 350kg Weight Capacity – Heavy Duty for Outdoors, Festivals, Tools, Plants, Logs, Camping

The All-Terrain Heavy Duty Garden Trolley by Vonhaus is a durable, lightweight and versatile garden cart that features a great way to transport your materials.

It is made from a steel frame, includes large off-road pneumatic tires and has fully rotational steering. It is perfect for transporting heavy items across many types of surfaces.

This model also includes foldable side panels to help ensure easy loading and unloading. These sides can also be removed to transport oversized items which is an added bonus and do come in very useful.

It also includes a thick plastic liner with straps that can be used to cover the base and sides of the cart; making it ideal for filling the cart with loose gravel, soil and compost.

With this cart, you will be able to save a lot of time, as well as effort when moving any type of product or material.

The product’s dimensions are 85cm x 23cm x 45cm and it has a maximum weight capacity of 350kg (771lbs) which is more than enough for most garden tasks.


  • Designed for heavy duty use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Includes a waterproof removable lining.
  • Fold down sides for easy access.
  • Long handle design for easy pulling and steering.
  • Designed for heavy-duty use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Exceptional manoeuverability.
  • Off-road pneumatic tyres that make it ideal for all surfaces.
  • 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Great value for money.
  • Foldable/Removable side panels for easy access.
  • All-terrain tyres.
  • Plastic liner for transporting loose soil etc.


  • Poor instructions.
  • Can be difficult to assemble so some patience is needed.

Our recommendation

The Vonhaus All-Terrain Heavy Duty Garden Trolley is a durable, lightweight and versatile cart that can greatly help you transport your materials around your patio and garden.

The steel frame makes for a durable cart. The pneumatic tyres give you the option to haul materials over any type of terrain whether it be grass, gravel or solid paths.

The plastic liner also gives you the ability to move loose gravel, soil and stones. Overall, if you have a big project in mind, this cart is a great choice for you because of its versatility, features and value.

If you are in need of a bigger cart with a higher load capacity, then we would recommend the TecTake Heavy Duty Cart (we have reviewed below) as it holds an extra 200kg in weight when compared to the VonHaus model.

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3. VonHaus 75L Garden Tipping Cart


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VonHaus Garden Cart – Trolley, Wheelbarrow, Dump Truck with Tipping Function, 75L Capacity, 250kg Max Weight Load – Heavy Duty Transport for Outdoors, Festivals, Tools, Plants, Logs, General Waste

The VonHous Garden Cart makes moving heavy loads an effortless task. Its dimensions are 52cm x 110cm x 95.5cm, this gives it a good area hold and it weighs only 14.9kg, making it easy to pull even when fully loaded.

The 75L capacity bed comes with an easy release tipping mechanism that will make dumping any loads easy. The strong plastic bed is supported by a robust heavy-duty and powder-coated steel frame that keeps your cart from rusting in the elements, a must for any garden cart.

This cart also comes with an integrated towing hitch and large 10” diameter pneumatic wheels making it ideal for all surfaces types, lawns, paths and gravel. It also comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Large 75L capacity with tipping action.
  • Impressive 250kg load capacity and 180kg dump load capacity.
  • Easy release tipping mechanism for easy tipping.
  • Sturdy plastic bed that is both strong and durable.
  • Heavy-duty powder coated steel frame for protection against the British weather.
  • Large 10” diameter pneumatic wheels that are ideal for use on a range of surfaces.
  • Long 78cm push/pull handlebar.
  • Integrated towing hitch.
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Great value for money.
  • High quality build.
  • Easy to manoeuvre.
  • Pneumatic all-terrain tyres.


  • Instructions could be better.
  • Time consuming assembly as it does come flat packed, as do most garden carts.

Our recommendation

The quality is good and adequate for most garden jobs, the tipper design is also a godsend to anyone looking for this added feature.

Overall, this lightweight garden cart is a great tool to have and has all the great features you would expect from a quality garden tipping cart.

It is important to note that most gardeners will be very impressed with this model and the standards are high as with most products from the VonHaus brand, another example of quality is the garden cart we have previously reviewed.

For this reason, we have named this model our ‘Runner-up’ as we were super pleased with this model and think it offers excellent value for money and it comes with an impressive 2-year warranty.

However, it does come with poor instructions that can make assembly time consuming for some, take your time and it does fit together well and is fairly easy to build once you have weighed it up.

The Draper Tipping Cart (reviewed above) does seem to be slightly better made by all reports, especially the plastic barrow. This is why, although a little more expensive, that model was named our ‘Best Pick’ and not this model, that being said it’s a very close second.

If you are after quality and value, this VonHaus garden cart definitely ticks all the boxes.

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4. Power King 50L Garden Tipping Truck


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BMC Garden Tipping Truck 50L Tipper Wheel Barrow with 10' Pneumatic Wheels, Swivel Handle and Wheel Base Adjustment

The Power King Garden Tipping Truck has a 50L tipping bucket that gives the user the benefit of the quick dumping of their garden materials.

It comes with a durable plastic wheelbarrow-type bed, this is perfect for carrying both wet and dry materials. Another feature that is beneficial is that it comes with an easy release tipping facility and an automatic wheelbase adjustment to maintain stability whilst dumping.

The plastic bed’s dimensions are 86cm x 47cm x 18.5cm and the cart can hold up to 130kg (287lbs).

This cart also comes with a swivel handle that allows you to push, pull or tow. It also features 10” diameter pneumatic tyres.


  • 50L tipping bucket.
  • Easy release tipping using the quick dump lever.
  • Automatic wheelbase adjustment to maintain stability.
  • 130kg (287lbs) carrying capacity.
  • Plastic durable bed.
  • Swivel handle for easy steering.
  • 10” diameter pneumatic tyres for use on all terrains.


  • Easy to manoeuver.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Strong and durable plastic bed.
  • Great value for money.
  • Small and compact.


  • Time consuming assembly.
  • Limited weight load of no more than 130kg.
  • Limited capacity of 50 litres.

Our recommendation

The Power King Garden Tipping Truck is an affordable garden cart that is of great value and perfect for around the garden. It achieves this cost-saving by being slightly smaller in size and this means it does come with some limitations.

The 50L plastic bed can carry up to 130kg (287lbs) of weight and this may be enough for the majority of gardeners who are looking for a low-cost option. This, however, is at least 70kg less than both the Draper and VonHaus models and it also holds 30 litres less.

That being said, this is a great value garden cart to have, but only if you don’t need to be moving around a larger weight load and larger capacity. This is something that both the Draper and VonHaus models can provide.

Overall, a great choice for anyone looking at moving small, lighter loads. If you want to move larger logs for example, so that you can move then over the garden to the log splitter, then a larger cart would be a better option. If you want to move garden debris such as leaves and hedge trimmings or the odd bag of compost, then the Power King is more than adequate for the job.

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5. Draper Expert Garden Caddy

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Draper 78643 Garden Caddy

The Draper Expert Garden Caddy’s has a lightweight design that provides easy manoeuvrability around the garden.

Its 65L capacity also makes it versatile and suitable for a variety of tasks in the garden. It also contains plastic sturdy wheels.

A simple, easy to store garden caddy that is incredibly lightweight, making it great for older gardeners who may not want to hassle of pulling heavier garden carts around.


  • 65L load capacity.
  • Versatile compact design.
  • Easy manoeuverability.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable construction.


  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Manufactured from a strong durable plastic.
  • Compact design that is easy to store.


  • Limited capacity.
  • A little fragile so care must be taken not to damage with garden tools.

Our recommendation

This is a small, lightweight garden cart that is perfect for small yards and gardens.

Because it is made from plastic, it cannot hold up to heavy-duty use, so if you are looking for something more durable, you may want to reconsider this option.

However, if you are looking for a small cart to hold small gardens tools or pull a small bag of compost then this will be perfect.

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6. Outsunny Adjustable Rolling Garden Cart

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Outsunny Adjustable Rolling Garden Cart Outdoor Gardening Planting Station Trolley Swivel Gardener Work Seat Heavy Duty With Tool Tray & Basket Red 150kg

The Outsunny Adjustable Rolling Garden Cart is perfect for gardeners who suffer from frequent aches and pains.

It is easy to move items and materials around, and on top of this, the garden cart also has a seat so you can tend to your plants whilst sitting down. This cart is made entirely from metal and is easy to manoeuver around the garden.

The front wheels can steer using the push handle. The swivel seat also includes a height adjustment to provide comfort. The product’s overall dimensions are 81cm x 44.5cm x 46 – 59cm and it weighs 16kg (35lbs).

This garden cart also has a weight capacity of 150kg (330lbs). It also features a utility basket at the rear of the cart and a tray located under the seat for tools.


  • Durable metal frame.
  • Solid steel axles.
  • Provides easy steering and mobility.
  • Adjustable height.
  • 360º swivel seat.


  • Robust steel construction.
  • Great value.
  • Easy to get around and steer.


  • Limited carrying capacity.

Our recommendation

This is a perfect cart for those who undergo aches and pains whilst gardening and is ideal for use in nurseries and gardens.

It is an affordable cart that provides many comforts. However, if you are dealing with a big project, be prepared to make several trips with this cart.

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7. TecTake Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow Garden Trolley


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tectake® Heavy Duty Utility Cart & Garden Trolley XXL, Foldable, Padded Handle, 550kg Load Capacity, Coupler for Attachments, Washable Lining - Ideal for Gardening or Camping

The TecTake Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow Garden Trolley frame is made entirely of metal and includes a 100% polyester inner canvas that is removable, which is perfect for carrying loose gravel, soil or stones.

The dimensions are 114cm x 51.5cm x 65cm which makes it ideal for use with larger loads, this combined with the maximum carrying weight of 550kg (1,212lbs) make it perfect for the very heavy loads that most carts cannot carry.

Its quick-release hinged side panels make it easy for you to load and unload your materials quickly.

This cart also comes with large 26cm in diameter pneumatic tyres that make it perfect to haul over any terrain.


  • Quick release hinged side panels.
  • Inner 100% polyester canvas.
  • Padded handle to reduce the strain on your hands.
  • Manufactured from a very strong durable metal material.
  • Pneumatic all terrain tyres.
  • Max loading weight of a very impressive 550kg.


  • Sturdy stable design.
  • Side panels with quick release for easy loading and unloading.
  • Frame made from metal.
  • Removable polyester canvas for carrying loose material.
  • Comfort grip handle.


  • Handle a little too short for some.
  • Time consuming assembly.

Our recommendation

This heavy-duty garden cart is perfect for big and time-consuming projects.

Because it is a heavy-duty garden cart with a huge capacity weight rating, this cart becomes rather expensive, especially when compared to the VonHaus model, however, it is rather superior in terms of its strength and maximum limits.

We looked at several larger similar carts but this TecTake Heavy Duty Cart was the only model we would recommend.

However, putting it together is somewhat difficult and the instructions are not the best. It will hold more weight than the other garden carts we have reviewed although we aren’t sure it will hold 550kg that the manufacturer claims it can. To give you an idea of what, 550kg is just over half a ton. That’s a lot of weight.

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Buyers Guide

Types of Garden Carts

When it comes to garden carts, there are three major types on the market today. However, the one you choose will solely depend on your own individual needs in your garden.

  • Standard garden carts: Standard garden carts are constructed with four vertical sides that help contain any material in the cart from falling out. For the most part, these sides are removable to help you access the items you are hauling more easily and to help clean the trolley. The removable sides also allow you to move irregular shaped loads, such as large plants or large bags of soil. Garden carts are mostly used to move garden tools such as chainsaws, garden multi-tools, other garden equipment, soil, compost, fertiliser, pretty much anything heavy or bulky.
  • Tipper Carts: A tipper cart (or truck as they are also known) are very similar in likeness to standard carts or wheelbarrows, although they have the capability to dump their loads. Depending on the dump carts capacity you are able to haul garden soil, wood chips or fertiliser. However, if you are considering performing any type of big earth-moving projects, you should look into buying a heavy duty tipper cart that can take the extra weight. They can also move other products that standard garden carts can too. The main feature to highlight here is the tipper feature. They are often much more stable than a wheelbarrow and are easier to move larger loads with as you don’t need to lift the weight.
  • Flatbed carts: These carts are constructed with no sides. Flatbed carts are mainly used for stacking bags of soil or to transport large, bulky objects such as large trees or tree stumps. We didn’t include flatbed carts on our list as we came to the conclusion that garden carts with fold down-sides are much better as you always have the option to use the sides if needed, with flatbed carts you don’t.

Have you ever considered a powered wheelbarrow? See my review of the Best Powered Wheelbarrows in this guide.

Features and Functions to Consider

Before you purchase a garden cart, there are many things worth considering. Different garden carts have different features to help you work in your garden. Below you will find a list of things to make sure and look into before investing in a garden cart.


  • Before purchasing a garden cart, it is crucial to ask yourself, “What will I be moving in my garden and at what distance?” While searching for your ideal garden cart, you will notice that there is a large range available in both build quality and cost. When it comes to capacity, you certainly do not want to overpay for a model that you will hardly use. Heavy-duty carts are designed to carry a high capacity. They have all-terrain, large tyres and a sturdy frame. Because this cart is designed to carry a big load, you would not want to purchase one unless it was absolutely necessary due to its weight. However, if you do need a high capacity cart, make sure the sides are removable for easy access. A small cart with a wide, deep bed is ideal for anyone looking for a small capacity cart.

Types of tyres

  • Plastic Tyres – Carts that are small and designed to carry a small capacity generally come with solid plastic tyres. You will find that some of the plastic tyres come with a tread. If you are only going to use your cart within your garden (meaning on grass or other soft surfaces) then plastic tyres will get the job done. Even though plastic tyres sound like a major drawback, they can actually be quite beneficial because they will not pop or puncture. However, one drawback they have is that they do not provide as much stability and a heavy load will damage the lawn. We recommend them for hard surfaces only or for carrying light loads.
  • Pneumatic Tyres – Heavy-duty carts mostly come with pneumatic tyres that are made of rubber and filled with air. These type of tyres are important if you are going haul your cart through a rocky or lumpy terrain; especially if you are hauling a heavy load. Pneumatic tyres also provide your cart with more stability. We recommend you always buy a cart with pneumatic tyres if possible as they are much more versatile and can be used on nearly all surfaces.

Bed Material

  • Steel is the most durable material for a garden cart because it can be used for years without damaging. However, they do tend to rust or become discoloured over time. Steel can also become damaged by acidic substances, such as compost and fertiliser so always rinse well after use. Steel garden carts are also heavy and Polyethylene garden cart beds are the second best durable material. This type of cart bed is rust and dent resistant. It is a lot like steel except it weighs less and does better to withstand the weather.
  • The lowest quality material you can find for a garden cart on the market is plastic. Plastic is beneficial as it is very light, making it easy to pull. However, plastic can be easily damaged, especially by the sun over time. Sun damage can cause the cart to crack. If you keep your cart in the shade when it is not being used, you can prevent cracking from occurring. Plastic is usually used on small garden caddy type carts and used for carrying lighter loads. With each of these materials, it is best for you to decide which cart material works best for your needs.

Base clearance

  • Another consideration to keep in mind is the clearance between the ground surface and the base of the garden. There must be enough room to ensure the garden cart does not become damaged. Although this feature is not necessarily at the top of everyone’s list in respect to other features on this list, this feature is important to ensure that your garden cart is maintained and can last for a longer period. All the carts we recommend have good ground clearance so this will not be an issue.

Overview of Garden Carts

Our Top Recommended Tipper Cart

The Draper Garden Tipper Cart can load up to 200kg (400lbs) and will make light work of moving heavy gardening material. This cart is robust, has a lightweight steel subframe, a tubular steel handle and a 75L tipping bucket, as well as pneumatic wheels.

This garden cart is perfect for any gardening project and can be used by anyone. It is a good quality cart, has a sturdy frame, is suitable for all garden purposes and terrains and its tipping design saves gardeners from aches and pains.

However, the wheelbase is known to be a bit narrow, causing it to be a bit unstable. This garden cart also has a time-consuming assembly and is on the pricey side.

Best Budget Tipper Cart

The Power King Garden Tipping Truck has a 50L tipping bucket that allows for quick dumping of materials. It is also fitted with a swivel handle which enables it to be pushed, pulled or towed.

This cart has a plastic bed with a weight capacity of 130kg (286lbs) and 10” in diameter pneumatic tyres. This cart is easy to manoeuver, it is lightweight, sturdy, durable and great value.

However, the instructions can become unclear and you may be in for a time consuming assembly. This is the cheapest and smallest tipping cart in our review.

Best Affordable Garden Cart

The Vonhaus All Terrain Heavy-Duty Garden Trolley is suitable for heavy-duty use and comes with an easy to clean waterproof lining that is removable.

This lining makes it easy for you to haul loose gravel, soil and stones. It also has fold down sides that allows you to easily access and remove objects.

The sides are also removable so you are able to transport over-sized objects. This garden cart ensures that you save time and effort. However, it is does come with poor instructions and can be difficult to assemble. Our advise is to take your time.

Best small cart for transporting light products

The Draper Expert Garden Caddy features a 65L bed that is also lightweight, sturdy, constructed from strong plastic, is compact and extremely durable. However, there have been complaints of it being of poor quality and the plastic wheels are known to break.

With this caddy you get what you pay for, although we have not seen any better quality, similar models to include so it is one of the best of its kind currently available.

Unique and brilliantly designed for working around the garden and sitting on.

The small garden cart with a swivel seat, the Outsunny Adjustable Rolling Cart, is perfect for any gardener who is suffering from aches and pains; especially those aches that are from squatting and bending.

It has a durable metal frame and solid steel axles that allow it to steer and manoeuver easily. The seat is also height adjustable to provide maximum comfort for the gardener.

It also features a utility basket to the rear and a tray underneath the seat to carry tools. However, it does have a limited carry capacity, with its max weight being 150kg including the person seating in the seat.

Best Heavy-Duty Garden Cart

Lastly, the TecTake Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow Garden Trolley features quick-release hinged side panels to ensure that you are able to access objects quickly.

It also includes a 100% polyester canvas liner that makes hauling loose gravel, soil and stones quickly and easily.

Overall, this is a durable cart. However, it is said to also have a time-consuming assembly, a short handle and it is on the expensive side.

Final Conclusion

Before you purchase a garden cart, you should consider what type of cart would work the best for you: standard garden cart wagon, tipper carts or a small and compact caddy cart.

Each type of cart comes with its own advantages as well as disadvantages, so the decision can only be made based on your specific needs and requirements.

Always remember to look at the capacity of each of the garden carts you are considering and whether or not it will suit the project you have in mind for your garden.

Next, you always want to consider what material the bed of the garden cart is made out of. Is it durable? Will it stand up to the project you want to use it for? Lastly, always makes sure you choose the proper tyres.

If you need something for light use around the garden, then something with plastic tyres should work perfectly. However, if your project consists of a lot of hauling of heavy materials, then you will need to consider all-terrain pneumatic tyres.

We hope our reviews have helped you make a more informed decision of which garden cart would be the best choice for you and your needs. Feel free to leave any comments below and let us know what your experience has been.

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