Top 8 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers – Reviews & Comparison

Top 8 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers – Reviews & Comparison

Top 8 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers – Reviews & Comparison

Choosing The Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer What To Look For in The Best Models

Updated January 2018 - After many request from readers we have now reviewed the new Gtech Cordless Hedge Trimmer and to give the quick answer, what an amazing hedge trimmer for those looking for a cordless long reach model. You can read our full review by clicking here

We have also reviewed the new TACKLife Cordless Hedge Trimmer which we tested for over 4 weeks and were very impressed with. See our review below.

Gone are the days when you have to plug your hedge trimmer into the plug socket, deal with trailing wires behind you, while being careful not to accidentally cut the cable while trimming your hedge.

Cordless hedge trimmers have been available for many years now, however, only in the last few years have they really stated to compete in terms of power and performance with corded electric and even heavier, high maintaice petrol models.

With the introduction of lithium-ion batteries, they now charge quickly, often un under an hour and can last for over 50 minutes. The problem is, there are now a lot of models available and many are cheap Chinese models that are not even worth considering. After a lot of research and testing, we have named some of the best models currently available as well as written a small buyers guide to help choose the right model for you.

After comparing 16 different cordless hedge trimmers and after countless hours of research and testing, we came to the conclusion that the Bosch AHS 54-20 LI Lithium-ion Hedgecutter which you can buy from here, is the best model for most home owners because of its longer running times, excellent cutting performance, super fast charge times and 2 years warranty which can be extended to 3 years for free by registering your product online, so don't forget to do that if you purchase a Bosch hedge trimmer, whether it be online or your local DIY store.

Bosch AHS 54-20 Lithium Hedge Cutter review


Bosch AHS 54-20 LI Lithium-Ion Hedgecutter

Powered by a enhanced 36V / 1.3Ah lithium-ion battery, which gives around 50 minutes of consistent trimming and can be re-charged in a record 45 minutes.

Features a unique 'Bosch Syneon Chip' for optimum power and maximum endurance.

Complete with 2 years warranty for extra peace of mind.

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Battery types - Advantages / Disadvantages

Cordless hedge trimmers are usually powered by either Nickel-cadmium batteries, Ni-Cad batteries for short and these are usually found in cheaper or older models. The problem with these types of batteries is they tend to be heavy, take a long time to fully charge once flat (5-6 hours) as well as running flat quickly. These batteries also have a big disadvantage as they need to fully 'discharge' (run flat) before re-charging again, as the batteries can become faulty and will not re-charge fully again if not discharged first.

This is where the new Lithium-ion batteries, or Li-ion batteries for short come in, these new types of batteries have had a big impact on what is now possible with cordless tools and for the first time, cordless tools can now be compared to main powers tools and even petrol model.

The reason Lithium-Ion batteries are much better is they are very light weight, can be fully charged in as little as 60 minutes and have run times of around 1 hour, that's plenty of time to trim most small and medium size hedges several times over.  These batteries do not loose their charge when stored, like Ni-Cad batteries do and they can be charged at any time, which means you do need to run them down flat before charging again.

You can also charge lithium-ion batteries to 85% capacity in as little as 25 minutes, excellent for just finishing off that job if you run out of power just before finishing!

New Review For 2018 - Tested for over 4 weeks and highly recommended

TackLife Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review

The TACKLife Cordless Hedge trimmer was new for 2018 so we decided to put it through its paces and see how it compared to other models. First impressions were excellent, the build quality stands out and Tacklife have clearly put a lot of investment into ensuring they only use high quality materials.

First off, its fairy light weight and was very easy to use and well balanced. it has the most powerful battery of ant model we have reviewed at 40v and has a good capacity of 2.5Ah which lasted around 1.5 - 2 hours. We also like the battery level indicator which tells you how much power is left in the battery. 

Overall, I were very impressed with this hedge trimmer and after spending over 4 weeks testing it and borrowing it to several neighbours to try, all of which loved it, we can honestly say that we would highly recommend this model.

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Another New Review For 2018

This Gtech hedge trimmer is incredibly lightweight at only 2.25kg, its easy to charge in only 4 hours and with 45 minutes running time from a single charge 

it will give you enough time to work even on larger hedges and is easy to clean and highly versatile.

We really like the additional branch butter for them thick branches but this is an addition cost.

HT20 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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For the price, you simply won't find a better cordless hedge trimmer. Powered by a powerful 1.5ah Lithium-ion battery that provides 30 mins of trimming and has a fast re-charge of only 60 minutes.

Weighing only 2.8kg its super light weight and easy to use and will cut branches up to 15mm with ease.

Comes with 2 years warranty for full peace of mind.

VonHaus 20V Max. Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review - Best Budget model

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Choosing the cordless hedge trimmer, that's right for you

With many cordless hedge trimmers available, it can be confusing trying to decide which model is right for you. For a quality, reliable hedge trimmer, prices range from around £50 for smaller basic hedge trimmers to over £200 for larger more advanced hedge trimmers.

Below are a few important points to take into consideration and think about when purchasing a cordless hedge trimmer.

  • Battery type - We have explained above the advantages of lithium-ion batteries, if your'e not one to wait hours to charge the battery or want a low maintenance charging approach, consider buying a hedge cutter with lithium-ion batteries for added convience.
  • Cutting blade size - If you have a small or narrow hedge, consider a model with a shorter blade blade as longer blades can be difficult when trimming smaller hedges, they can also be heavier to use.  If you have a larger hedge or wide hedge, consider a longer blade as it can be difficult and inefficient to trim a larger hedge, specially the top with a small blade.
  •  Tooth Gap - Most models have a tooth gap between 15mm and 22mm, the larger the gap, the thicker branches they are usually capable of cutting. If you have thick branches to trim, for example of over grown hedge, a larger tooth gap is usually better.
  • Weight - The hedges trimmers we reviewed weighed between 1.9kg and 3,6 kg, heavier models might not be suitable for someone with limited upper strength and lighter models would be more suitable and easier to use.
  • Cutting time - The models we reviewed had cutting times ranging from 30 minutes to an impressive 90 minutes, the longer the better, but if you have a small hedge, this might not be a problem even with only 30 minutes trimming time. If you have a larger hedge you may want to consider a model with at least 60 minutes trimming time. Remember that trimming time as based on normal use, if you intend to trim an overgrown thick hedge and shrubs the battery will not last as long.
  • Charging time - This ranges from 45 minutes to 5-6 hours, lithium-ion batteries have the fasted charge time which is usually around 60 minutes.
  • Warranty - Most models come with at least two years warranty but some models such as Flymo, only come with 1 years warranty. Some warranties do not include batteries so check carefully before buying if unsure what is covered by the warranty. Batteries can be expensive if you need to replace them.
  • Extra features - Some models which include some 'Bosch' and 'Black + Decker' hedge trimmers come with advanced features, such as anti-blocking systems which prevent the blade from jamming when in use. These are very effect features but are usually only fitted to the more expensive models but do solve a real problem, most gardeners are only to a where of.
Bosch AHS 35-15 Lithium Hedgetrimmer Review


Designed for trimming small hedges as well as shrubs, this model features a lithium-ion battery, which gives around 50 mins of trimming time and charges in only 90 minutes.

Other features include a 'anti-blocking system' for outstanding cutting performance and weighing only 1.9kg, it's super light weight and easy to use.

Comes complete with 2 years warranty, for extra peace of mind.

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TOP 8 



Bosch AHS 54-20 Lithium Hedge Cutter review

This 'Bosch 54-20 LI Lithium-Ion Hedgecutter' is designed for cutting and trimming medium size hedges with ease and is one of several very good cordless hedge trimmers manufactured by Bosch. This model is certainly the 'cream of the crop' and is probably one of the best cordless hedge trimmers available. This is due to its unique features such as the 'anti-stall system', its excellent trimming capabilities, long lasting lithium-ion batteries and super quick charger which will charge the battery in as little as 45 minutes.

It features a 54cm long blade, which is one of the longest blades available with tooth gap of 20cm which is capable of cutting even the thickest branches up to 25mm thick, The laser cut, super sharp diamond ground blades ensure a vibration free experience while cutting through branches. The blade also incorporates a 'blade tip protector' which stops the blade getting damaged when trimming against a wall or fence.

At only 3.6kg including the battery, its very light weight for its size, specially when you take into account the length of the blade. This ensures its easy to use for long periods of time and the ergonomic design with its soft-grip handle make sure its comfortable when in use, putting less strain on your hands and arms.

One unique feature that puts it ahead of most other hedge trimmers is the patented 'anti stall system', this works by quickly reverses the blade to prevent it jamming at the exact same time as it is about to jam.

This Bosch Trimmer has the 'Syneon Chip' fitted which not all models have, this chip intelligently controls the energy and power required at all times, delivering optimum power and maximum endurance at all times.

This model comes with a 36 V / 1.3 Ah lithium-ion battery which is one of the most powerful batteries available ensuring maximum performance. These batteries at the best available and hold their charge, which means it will consistently cut hedges for up to 50 minutes before recharging the battery on only 45 minutes. You can even charge 80% of the battery in only 25 minutes, so you can get back to trimming your hedge even quicker.


If you have a medium sized hedge, something that needs trimming with a little more power, then this Bosch 54-20 LI Lithium-Ion Hedge cutter is highly recommended.

We really like the 'anti stalling system' that prevents it from jamming, which as most gardeners will know is a frustrating common problem, specially with more demanding hedges with thicker branches.

It's not cheap when compared to other models, but is worth the extra cost for anyone looking for a superior reliable hedge timmer and it comes with 2 years warranty for peace of mind

On Amazon this model has over 100 reviews from gardeners who have used this model and the reviews are mostly 5 stars.

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Bosch AHS 35-15 Lithium Hedgetrimmer Review

This Bosch AHD 35-15 LI Cordless hedge trimmer is designed for smaller hedges and has all the great features of the more expensive 'Bosch AHS 54-20' including the 'anti-blocking system' for continuous cutting, ergonomic designed handle which makes it more comfortable to use.

This model has a 35cm diamond ground super sharp blade that will cut through any branches up to 15mm with ease. To ensure it does not stall when cutting thicker branches, Bosch have fitted this model with there patented 'anti-blocking system' just like on there larger models.

How this works -  When the blade tries to cut through a more stubborn thick branch, where normal hedge cutters would stall and cut out, this Bosch model uses innovative micro-electronics, to detect this and instantly reverses the blade and then cuts again, all this happens in mere split seconds. This means that it never stalls, and you can trim hedges consistently without having to remove jams or restart the hedge trimmer.

Thanks to its 10.8v / 2.0 AH lithium-ion battery, you can use it anywhere without having to worry about about power sockets and the innovative lithium battery ensures you get around 50 minutes of hedge trimming time. The battery can be fully charged in only 90 minutes which means there is no need to charge batteries over night.

Finally at only 1,9kg, its one of the lightest hedge trimmers available, making it excellent for anyone where heavier hedge trimmers, are simply not suitable.

This model is also fitted with 'Bosch Syneon Chip', which intelligently controls the energy and power required at all times, delivering optimum power and maximum endurance at all times.


Put simply, this Bosch AHS 35-15 Cordless hedge trimmer is hard to beat and for the price  (under £100) you won't find a better cordless hedge trimmer for trimming small hedges or shrubs.

Its a real workhorse with plenty of power and the 'Ant-Blocking system' is absolute genius as theirs nothing worst than dealing with jams constantly when trimming hedges.

If you have a fairly large hedge or wide hedge, then this model would probably not be the best choice and we would recommend the larger AHS 54-20 model, as its better equipped for larger and wider hedges.

However if you have a smaller hedge to trim then this smaller model is perfect and offers excellent value for money.

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VonHaus 20V Max. Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review - Best Budget model

This VonHaus 20v Max Cordless hedge trimmer is part of the 'Primal' range by VonHaus and is powered by a powerful 1.5ah Lithium-ion battery that gives an impressive 30 minutes of trimming from one charge. Thanks to its super fast charger, it can be recharged in on only 60 minutes.

It features a durable 51cm (20 inches) long, hardened steel blade that will easily cut through branches up to 15mm in diameter.

At only 2,8kg, its light weight making it very easy to use without putting to much strain on your arms and back. The ergonomic designed rubber handl makes it comfortable to use and the anti-vibration system also allows you to cut close to the hedge.

VonHaus also take safety very seriously, so it features a two stage start up switch, this prevents any accidental starts and it also features a large hand protector which ensures this tool can be used safely at all times.


If your looking for a very high quality, reliable cordless hedge trimmer, but at an affordable price then this VonHaus 20v Cordless Hedge Trimmer is worth serious consideration.

Its very light weight thanks to its lithium battery which can be re-charged in only 60 minutes from flat.

The build quality is excellent, and it preforms very well, the only real downside is that it only last around 30 minutes from one charge. If you can trim your hedge within this time limit, which most gardeners probably can, then 30 minutes is probably long enough, but if not you may need to purchase a spare battery or wait 60 minutes before finishing off your hedge trimming.

This however is the only negative comment regarding this model.

Overall it offers great 'value for money', it has fantastic reviews on Amazon, Its also comes with 2 years warranty for full peace of mind.

An excellent choice for someone buying their first model who have a small hedge or a few shrubs that need trimming every couple of weeks.

You simply won't find a better priced cordless hedge trimmer and its also the 'Top Rated Cordless Hedge Trimmer' on

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Bosch AHS 41 ACCU HEDGE TRIMMER REVIEW. Good budget model for light hedge trimmer. Not suitable for heaver work

This Bosch AHS 41 Accu Hedge trimmer is powered by a 14.4V / 1.5Ah NiCd battery, which will give you around 55 minutes of trimmingt use, which is enough to cut around 25 metres of hedge. 

It has a 41cm cutting blade which is made from laser cut diamond ground steel which ensures precise clean cutting. The blade has a 15mm tooth gap which makes it suitable for cutting branches up to 15mm in diameter. 

Its light weight at only 2.5kg, ergonomically designed for comfort with low-vibration and is relatively quiet when running.

It takes around 3 hours to recharge the battery and comes with 2 years warranty.


This Bosch AHS 41 Hedge Trimmer is the cheapest cordless hedge trimmer to make it onto our list and offers great value for money, if purchased for the 'right situation' (this is important bit).

Firstly if you have any heavier hedge cutting to attempt, such as cutting back an over grown hedge, don't waste your money, you will be disappointed and it will struggle to do the job.

However if you have a regularly trimmed hedge which you keep under control and only trim off the soft growth every couple of weeks, this model is great value for money and will do the job just fine.

There are issues though, the first one is the NiCAD battery it uses, these batteries are outdated and need to be fully discharged before being recharged. If you don't run the batteries flat it does damage them, which will result in very poor performance. The batteries also take 3 hours to recharge, which is 3 times longer than similar Lithium powered model.

Overall we would still strongly recommend paying more and investing in the 'Bosch AHS 35-15 hedge trimmer' as the extra features such as the 'anti-blocking system' and fast charging time are worth the extra investment. For the similar price, the VonHaus hedge trimmer is probably a better choice but only runs for around 30 minutes on a full charge, but takes only 60 minutes to recharge.

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BLACK+DECKER 36 V Anti-Jam Hedge Trimmer review - Runner up to out top pick

This Black + Decker 36v Anti-Jam cordless hedge trimmer is one of two cordless models Black + Decker manufacture (the smaller model is the 18v Anti-Jam Cordless Hedge Trimmer), the larger 36v model being the biggest one, it basically has a larger blade length, bigger battery and can cut thicker branches but the design is the same.

This larger model is designed for small and medium sized hedges and is powered by a powerful lithium 36v / 2.0Ah battery which moves the blade at a staggering 1300 blade strokes per minute which provides efficient cutting power. The blade is made from harden steel and is dual action.

One of the best features of this model is the 'Anti-Jam Technology', when cutting branches, its common to come across thicker, denser branches that jam the blade which can even damage it. To overcome this, Black + Decker's  'Anti-Jam technology' allows you to free the jam by simply pressing a button on the the top of the handle which makes the blade re-track from the jam.

Thanks to the lithium battery technology, it will give around one hour of use from just one charge and can be re-charged in only 1 hour. This means you can get back to hedge trimming sooner, should you have a very large hedge and need to recharge the battery to finish the job off.


This Black + Decker 36v Anti-Jam cordless hedge trimmer is a good alternative to our best pick 'the Bosch AHS 54-20 hedge trimmer' which is nearly double the price of the Black + Decker model. Its well suited for gardeners who have a fairly large hedge to trim.

They both preform very similar, with the Black + Decker actually have a slightly longer blade by 1cm but has a slightly smaller cutting diameter of 22mm, where as the Bosch model will cut 25mm branches.

Battery life and charging times are very simular but the Bosch model is slightly lighter at 3,1kg.

Black + Decker's Anti-Jam technology works great and does the job, but this is where the Bosch 'Anti-Jamming system' does a better job as it carries on cutting, where as on the Black + Decker model, you need to press the anti-jam button, pull the blade away to free the jam before cutting again.

Taking everything into account it does offer the best value for money for a larger hedge trimmer, specially when you consider it will cut thicker branches than any other hedge trimmer reviewed, with the exception of the larger Bosch  AHS 54-20 model.

If you want to learn more about the cheaper, slightly smaller 'Black + Decker 18v cordless hedge trimmer' please click here to view on Amazon.

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Flymo Easicut cordless hedge trimmer review

This Flymo Easicut 420 cordless hedge trimmer is one of the lightest cordless models available at only 2.7kg. Only the Bosch AHS 41 Accu cordless hedge trimmer is lighter at 2.5kg.

This Flymo model is powered by a 18v 1.6 Ahr NiMH battery and has a 42cm (16 inch) cutting blade, you can trim you hedges for an impressive 60 minutes from a single charge, which is comparable to the most more expensive models.

Capable of cutting through branches up to 15mm thick with ease, it has a ergonomically shaped handle and this combined with it being very light weight makes it incredibly easy to use when cutting for long periods of time.

This model take 5-6 hours to re-charge the battery.


Flymo has a good reputation for selling good quality garden tools and are well known for their lawn mowers. Unfortunately we think Flymo could do better with their hedge trimmer, the charge time of 5-6 hours is far too long, specially when compared to similar models that use the more advanced lithium-ion batteries that charge in only 60 minutes. 

Goods points - trimming time of 60 minutes is excellent, the double sided blades do a decent job, providing a neat job and it is very light weight which makes it easy to use.

On Amazon there is quite a few bad reviews in regards to faulty hedge trimmers (some after only using the hedge trimmer a couple of times), the problem is that Flymo only provide 1 years warranty which is not the best and you have got to wonder if they expect it to only last 12 months. This is a little concerning as most other brands have 2 years warranty included.

If you buy this Flymo model, you do so at your own risk, We would strongly recommend you instead consider either the VonHaus 20v Max Hedge Trimmer or Bosch AHS 41 Accu cordless hedge trimmer, both of which are a very similar price, have excellent reviews on Amazon and come with 2 years warranty.

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Bosch AHS 54-20 Lithium Hedge Cutter review


Bosch AHS 54-20 LI Lithium-Ion Hedgecutter

Powered by a enhanced 36V / 1.3Ah lithium-ion battery, which gives around 50 minutes of consistent trimming and can be re-charged in a record 45 minutes.

Features a unique 'Bosch Syneon Chip' for optimum power and maximum endurance.

Complete with 2 years warranty for extra peace of mind.

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