Top 6 Best Wheelbarrows Reviewed – All Models Compared

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Top 6 Best Wheelbarrows Reviewed – All Models Compared

Top 6 Best Wheelbarrows Reviewed – All Models Compared

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Which is the best wheelbarrow, we compare everything from quality to affordability as well as some innovative features you never new existed

Possibly, one of the most useful and popular of all gardening tools, up there with the lawnmower, is the wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrows are fantastic for moving large quantities of materials such as compost and other bulky heavy items around the garden. Wheelbarrows are essential for making it much safer to move heavy items around the garden without the risk of injury.

Wheelbarrows now come in many different designs, the problem is, it can be hard to decide which is the best wheelbarrow for you, specially with all the cheap imports now readily available which leave you disappointed with your purchase.

After our intensive research, the Wheelbarrow below is what we would consider to be the 'best wheelbarrow' for most home owners looking for a conventional quality wheelbarrow.

If you interested to learn which other wheelbarrows make the grade, then read on to learn more from our in depth reviews.

Best Pick

Best Wheelnbarrow - Country Clipper Wheelbarrow

One of the best wheelbarrows we have ever reviewed, unbeatable quality, well balanced, easy to use and excellent value for money.

  • Polypropylene tray. light weight, yet incredibly tough.
  • Galvanised tubular steel frame for protection against rust
  • Light weight perfectly balanced design
  • Large pneumatic tyre for use on a range of surfaces including stone, gravel, soil and grass.

6 of the best wheelbarrows currently available and reviewed here are listed below

Why you should avoid cheap wheelbarrows

Cheaply manufactured wheelbarrows are made from inferior materials that quickly rust, buckle easily under minimal weight and are easily damaged or punctured when loading, If you get a full season out of it, you will have done well.

However anyone in need of a decent wheelbarrow will know that a good well made wheelbarrow, should last many years, and in some cases, can even last a lifetime.

After many hours of intensive research and testing, we have looked at over 15 popular wheelbarrows and have narrowed it down to only 6 models, we would be proud to own and would recommend.

Whether you looking for a conventional wheelbarrow, to move plants and compost around the garden, a two wheeled barrow for extra stability or a multipurpose barrow for a range of tasks, were sure to have a great recommendation to suit your individual needs.

Also great

ALSO GREAT - WORX Aerocart WG050 8-in-1 All Purpose Lifter/Carrier and Mover

Fantastic Innovative Design

More than just a simple wheelbarrow:  '8-in-1 all-purpose lifter, carrier & mover'.

  • Lifting 90kg load feel like only 7kg
  • Adjusts centre of gravity automatically for a balanced and easy-to-manage load
  • Includes carry straps for transporting large heavy rocks, flower plots.
  • Large puncture proof tires and removable handles
  • Fold down dolly flap to convert to truck mode in seconds

What to take into consideration when choosing a wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows are available in many designs which make them suitable for a range of tasks. Below we go over a few points to consider before buying a wheelbarrow.

  • Design type: Most people are happy with conventional wheelbarrow with one wheel. However, should you struggle using a wheelbarrow, which can be a problem with more elderly gardeners or people who may suffer from a disability, then you could consider a two wheeled model which often require minimal effort to lift  when loaded and are far less likely to tip over, as you do not need to balance them. However. The only downside is they usually cannot turn as tightly around corners as wheelbarrows with one wheel.
  • Materials - The best wheelbarrows are constructed from galvanised steel, ideally the frame and barrow. Galvanised steel is treated and will not rust as easily and should last much longer. These tend to last the longest but you can buy wheelbarrows that are constructed from powdered coated steel. This also protects the metal from rust, avoid wheelbarrows that are made from bare steel, these will quickly rust as they have no protection from the weather.

    Some more modern barrows now have injection-moulded polypropylene trays. These are light weight, yet incredibly tough and UV Stable. The main advantage is that they do not rust like metal trays do, we actually consider this to be a better choice over steel, however only if the quality is good enough as cheap polypropylene trays will fade and become brittle. 
  • Tires - Some wheelbarrows now have puncture proof solid tires, the idea is great but we found when pushed over gravel they are more difficult to push and less stable down steps. They can also leave tread marks in the lawn. The other option of course is pneumatic tyres, these are are most commonly used type, they are suitable for all surfaces and usually more stable down steps as they absorb the drop much better. The downside is they can puncture, however a simple bike puncture kit will get you back up and running in no time and replacement inner tubes are inexpensive and readily available online and from most hardware stores.
  • Weight: Consider the weight, specially if you have to carry it out of the shed or garage, rather than wheel it or lift it 'into' and 'out of' a vehicle. Some models weight much more than others, however a very light wheelbarrow is a sign of a low quality. We found that wheelbarrows that weighed between the 12 and 15kg was not too heavy, but also made from good quality materials.
  • Balance: A good wheelbarrow is well balanced and should not be to hard to lift under normal conditions, the wheel should be positioned so that it carry's most of the weight. This is one of the advantages of two wheel wheelbarrows. You don't need to balance them as they are supported by two wheels and will not tip over, as mentioned above, this is a excellent design for anyone who struggles using a normal wheelbarrow as you don't need to balance the load on one wheel.
  • Extra features such as fold down dolly, rock slings & pot straps: Some wheelbarrows such as the 'Worx Aerocart', actually convert to a truck mode and have a fold down flap for carrying heavy loads, they even have fold out arms with carry straps for moving large rocks, plants or trees and heavy pots etc. They also have a range of other interesting features not found on normal wheelbarrows such as snow plough and watering systems.

Our Top 6 Barrows



Main Gate Wheelbarrow County Clipper - Green

The Country Clipper Wheelbarrow is a light weight, yet amazingly strong wheelbarrow, designed for a range of jobs around the garden.

The tray (pan) is constricted from Injection-moulded polypropylene which is not only very light weight, its also incredibly strong, durable and UV stabilised. This means it won't degrade in the sunlight and will not corrode and rust.

The strong tubular metal frame is galvanised to protect it against rust, the legs are also fitted with solid steel skids to protect them against ware and tare. The perfectly engineered and well balanced design, along with the soft grip Handel's and pneumatic tyre with its professional grade wheel lug and roller bearings, ensure its easy and comfortable to wheel around on a range of different surfaces such as gravel, grass and hard surfaces.

Overall its weights around 12kg in total and has a very generous 90 litre capacity.


If your after the 'best wheelbarrow', then this model by Country Clipper is probably one of the best wheelbarrows currently available. It was even awarded 'Best Buy' by 'Which magazine'.

First impressions, you can tell straight away that its made from quality materials and has been 'made to last' as the saying does, this is partly due to its quality polypropylene tray and strong galvanised steel frame. If you're worried about the strength of the tray, I can confirm its probably stronger than most metal trays and is very unlikely to get damaged as its incredibly strong and durable.

Its probably the easiest wheelbarrow, of all the models we have reviewed to put together, the instructions help with this as they are very clear unlike many others.

It's very well balanced and very smooth when pushed, even when fully loaded and over uneven surfaces.

Now for the negatives

We usually have some negatives points for any product we review but this wheelbarrow is near perfect, the only worry we had was the lack of a tipping bar in front of the wheel, however its very easy to tip on the wheel thanks to its well balanced and light weight design.

Would we recommend

We would highly recommend the Country Clipper Wheelbarrow for absolutely anybody looking for a really good wheelbarrow for around the garden. 

Compare the best prices from available sellers below


**Simply amazing & more than just a wheelbarrow**

The Worx Aerocart is simply an amazing piece of garden kit and is more than just a simple wheelbarrow, its described by Worx as a '8-in-1 all-purpose lifter, carrier & mover'.

The Worx Aerocart is simply an amazing piece of garden kit and is more than just a simple wheelbarrow, its described by Worx as a '8-in-1 all-purpose lifter, carrier & mover'.

It converts in seconds to the job in hand and comes complete with a range of accessories with the option to purchase operational extras such as a snow plough attachment if needed. 

The Areocart comes ready to use, all you need to do is attach the large puncture proof tires and slide the two handles into place and its ready to go, no tools required.

It really is a portable work station, as well as being a wheelbarrow. Thanks to it patented design, it automatically distributes weight evenly which means you get 400% more lifting power and it makes lifting 90kg feel like only 7kg. 

What makes this wheelbarrow extra special, is its ability to quickly turn into a truck / trolley to make moving heavy items easy and effortless.

The Aerocart, also incorporates a fold out dolly for moving heavy bulky items such as firewood, compost, soil. You can even use it to move large appliances such as a fridges. washers.

Buts there's more, it has long fold out arms for carrying large bulky items, you can also attach the included pot or rock straps to the arms which make moving these awkward, heavy items around the garden much easier.

Another great feature included with the Aerocart is the 'Garden Tidy-Up', this feature is a bag attachment that you can use to attach refuge sack to the bag tie. This makes collecting leafs and other garden waste much easier.

WORX Aerocart WG050 8-in-1 All Purpose Lifter/Carrier and Mover

Watch the video by 'The Weekend Handyman' to fully understand the benefits of the Worx Areocart


The first impressions were that the 'Worx Aerocart' was simply an amazing bit of kit, it really does do everything it states it should and well. It's important to remember that its not just a 'wheelbarrow' you're buying with this model, you also investing in a true multi-purpose carrier / lifter.

The fold out dolly was great for moving heavy bags of compost and the fold out handles with the pot straps are great for anyone who moves heavy pots around the garden.

I think this trolley would be a great addition for anyone who usually struggles moving heavy items, and would be specially useful for the ladies and the elderly who would otherwise struggle.

One of the features which was very simple, but also very useful, was the removable handles. If you are working in a confined area, sometimes the handles on standard wheelbarrows can get in the way, however with this barrow, you can simply remove the handles in seconds if needed to reduce its length, This also means it will easily fit into the boot of the car so you can take it any where.

Build quality, it extremely well made, seems very strong and will give many years of service if looked after.

Now for the negatives

Its hard to see whats negative about the Worx Aerocart, however there are a couple of niggles that you should know about before purchasing. 

When wheeling it about, you may struggle around tighter winding corners, a standard, one wheeled, wheelbarrow, would be more versatile in these situations, however it would also be less stable and more liable to tip over, I think it would be very difficult to tip the Aerocart cart over.

The only other potential problem is that it may be too low down for taller people and may be more difficult for tall people to use. I'm 5.8" and it seems perfect, however I did note that some taller people had made comments regarding small issue online, so thought it was a important point, worth mentioning here.

Would we recommend

The Worx Aerocart is a fantastic, very impressive, well designed, bit of kit, however at double the cost of our 'Best Pick', its also one of the most expensive barrows and won't be for everybody.

If you don't use all the features you probably want get the best value for money and the brilliant extra features it offers, will simply be wasted.

However If you can use the extra lifting features or usually struggle using a conventional wheelbarrow because of the wait, then the Worx Aerocart is worth its wait in gold and will be one of the best garden tools you ever buy.

As standard, it comes with 1 years warranty but if you register it online its extended to 3 years so its worth registering.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Walsall Barrow in a Box - 85 litre


The 'Barrow In a Box', is manufactured by the only wheelbarrow manufacture left in the UK, 'The Wallsall Wheelbarrow Company' which is based in the West Midlands.

The 'Barrow In a Box', is manufactured by the only wheelbarrow manufacture left in the UK, 'The Wallsall Wheelbarrow Company' which is based in the West Midlands.

This model is one of their 'Heavy Duty Builders Barrows' which comes boxed and requires some simple self assembly.

This wheelbarrow is designed to handle general domestic work as well as more heavy duty builders work thanks to its strong tubular frame, large 85 litre pan and patented assembly design which ensures it has the integrity and strength of a pre-assembled wheelbarrow.

This metal wheelbarrow comes in green and is fitted with a  3.5 x 8" pneumatic tire and comfortable rubber handles.


The Wallsall Wheelbarrow Company advertise this wheelbarrow as a 'heavy duty wheelbarrow' that is suitable for 'building work'.

Our first thoughts were that it seems fairly strong, its not to heavy and will take you around 30 minutes to put together, instructions could be clearer but its not too complicated to put together.

It runs nice a smooth and is suitable to use over a range of surfaces thanks to the pneumatic tire which is a nice edition, great for bumping up steps etc. 

Now for the negatives

Firstly I will point out that its very well made compared to some cheaper wheelbarrows and is great for home use, moving bags of compost, collecting leaves, moving odd bags of stone or sand, basically most home gardens jobs you need a wheelbarrow for. 

The problem is that its advertised as suitable for building work', now i'm not a builder, however I suspect that the pressed 85 litre pan which is suppose to carry up to 120kg, would not stand up to more intensive building work.

During our research, I did notice that this is one of the most popular and best rated wheelbarrows on, however as I suspected, some people did comment in regards to it not being suitable for heavy duty work.

Who would we would we recommend

Overall, if you're after a good all round wheelbarrow for around the garden, then this may just be what you are looking for, however, if you need something to cope with more heavy duty building work, it would be worth investing in something with a stronger pan.

Also available with puncture proof tire

You can also buy this model with a puncture proof wheel instead of the pneumatic tire.  View this model here

The DJM Heavy Duty Wheel Barrow reviewed below may be more suitable for more moderate heavy duty work, it has a maximum carry weight of 180kg, an extra 60kg, when compared to this wheelbarrow by the Walsall Wheelbarrow Company,

Compare the best prices from available sellers below


**Best Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow**

New DJM Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Garden Wheelbarrow 90ltr 180kg - Pneumatic Tyre - This heavy duty wheel barrow by DJM is ideal for moving heavy items around the home, garden and is even suitable to be used as a builders barrow for lighter work.

This heavy duty wheel barrow by DJM is ideal for moving heavy items around the home, garden and is even suitable to be used as a builders barrow for lighter work. 

Constricted from strong steel, the barrow has a large 90 litre capacity with under pan support which can handle carrying up to 190kg.

Fitted with a  14" pneumatic tyre, it comes with easy grip handles, its weights around 15kg and comes boxed so needs to be assembled following the instructions provided.


Overall its a good heavy duty wheelbarrow and would be great for someone who needs a wheelbarrow for around the garden and for the odd heavy duty task every now and again such as moving soil or rocks etc.

First, the good points, its easy to assemble using a socket set or the correct size spanners and a large screwdriver - a little tip, don't tighten all the bolts until you have it fully fixed together or you will struggle to line it up all the holes.

The whole frame is one piece, we feel this gives it extra strength when compared to some other barrows we have seen. 

Now for the negatives

Overall its a excellent wheelbarrow but it does have a few small flaws, firstly is made from steel and its not totally galvanized. This means it would need to be kept out of the weather to protect it from corrosion. Not a problem is you have someone to keep it, if you intend to keep it outdoors, look for a fully galvanized model.

The handles would be better is they were a little longer as it would make it a little easier to use as it does seem to be a little off balanced when full loaded with heavy material such as soil.

Would we recommend

Overall its a brilliant wheelbarrow and offers excellent value for money, If you need a wheelbarrow for around the garden and for odd heavy duty task, this will be perfect. 

Compare the best prices from available sellers below



Two Wheeled Wheelbarrow By Garden Gear Review

This two wheeled wheelbarrow by 'Garden Gear' is a lightweight, well-balanced barrow ideal for a range of jobs around the garden from mixing compost, to moving plants and other heavy items around with

Thanks to its two wheeled design, this ensures the weight of the load is evenly distributed in the wheelbarrow and does not require any balancing, which in turn makes it much easier to move around, specially when compared to a standard wheelbarrow design.

This is often useful for older or weaker gardeners who may struggle when using a standard barrow.

The tray (pan) is constricted from polypropylene which is light weight, incredibly durable and strong,. This also means it will not corrode or rust like metal barrows.

The strong frame is manufactured from tubular, powder coated steel to ensure it can handle large loads up to an impressive 150kg with a maximum load capacity of 70 litres, the handle is covered in a soft rubber material to ensure its comfortable to use.

At only 12kg, its specially light weight for its size and is fitted with large inflatable tyres, making it very easy to push over a range of surfaces such as gravel pathways, lawns, patios, soil and other types of hard surfaces.


We did research 3 other two-wheeled wheelbarrows that look very promising, however none seemed as well built as well as this wheelbarrow, by Garden Gear.

Its very well constructed and once built (which is a little changing - see below) is a nice looking wheelbarrow which can carry heavy loads such as soil and logs with ease and was really well balanced.

Now for the negatives

As with all wheelbarrows, it does have a few niggles, firstly it comes flat packed and takes some time to build together, this is not a problem on its own but the instructions could be clearer, however as we have built our fair share of wheelbarrows we found it quite straightforward.

The main problem is that it was a little difficult to attach the tray as the pre-drilled holes don't seem to perfectly lined up correctly. It takes a little effort to line all the holes up, be patient, take your time and it will fit together.

The only other small issue, but also associated with most two wheeled wheelbarrows we have seen, is, if you load it with something heavy such as top soil and put most of the weight at the front it does tip other. The solution to this is to load the barrow evenly and put more weight toward the back when you start loading. Once loaded it's easy to push and well balanced with no problems.

Would we recommend

If you struggle with wheelbarrows with one wheel then this Two Wheeled Wheelbarrow by Garden Gear is a great alternative for anyone looking for a more stable option for moving heavy items around the garden.

Overall its a fantastic wheelbarrow.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below


**Easy to store thanks to its unique folding design**


The Trueshopping folding wheelbarrow is a robust, light weight wheelbarrow which fits nicely into the boot of your car thanks to its innovative folding design and is easy to store in confined spaces.

The powder coated, light weight, steel tubular frame ensures its resistant to rust whilst being very strong. The fabric barrow is also made from a durable, easy to clean fabric and is very strong.

Whether you use it for collecting leaves, transporting compost around the garden or moving firewood, its well balanced and easy to move thanks to its hard puncture resistant tire. It has a maximum load capacity of 50kg.


This is probably one of the best folding wheelbarrows we have seen (we looked at 3 others) and offers excellent value for money as it also one of the cheapest models we reviewed.

Now for the negatives

This folding wheelbarrow does everything its designed to, however it obviously has a limited weight limited of 50kg by the manufacture, I think this is probably a little too much and I would not like to try and push 50kg in it. A more realistic weight would probably be around 20-30kg max. Its also difficult to push over gravel paths due to its small hard tires, this is where inflatable tires would be an advantage.

Would we recommend

This is not a replacement for anyone looking for a wheelbarrow to move large heavy loads but it does have its advantages. Its a great idea for anyone with limited storage space who just needs a wheelbarrow for collecting leaves and general gardening tasks.

Overall, a great idea but very limited in terms of maximum weight and capacity, however it is probably one of the best folding wheelbarrow on the market and does have its advantages.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Finals thoughts and conclusion

After hours of research and testing, speaking to other owners as well as manufactures, our aim was to show you which were the best wheelbarrows. At first we thought it would be a simple process, after all a wheelbarrow, is a wheelbarrow.

While that is true in some respects, what is not true is that 'there is one wheelbarrow, that is suitable for everybody'. Before deciding which wheelbarrow is the best for you, there are a few things to take into consideration.

First you need to decide what it will be used for. Do you need to carry heavy loads, does it need to be compact, transportable in car, do you need a multi-purpose barrow suitable for moving garden furniture. What is your budget, do you need soft tires suitable for a range of surfaces including stone. the list goes on.

Our 'Best Pick' The Country Clipper Wheelbarrow is what we would consider to be the best conventional wheelbarrow, suitable for most people doing a range of jobs, either light weight or heavy. This wheelbarrow outperformed all other similar wheelbarrows thanks to its galvanised tubular frame, very strong UV stable polypropylene tray and large pneumatic tyre which makes it easy to push on all surfaces you will ever use it on. It is very well balanced, easy to push and manufactured to the highest standards.

It really is an absolutely fantastic wheelbarrow that exceeds all expectations.

Best Pick

Best Wheelnbarrow - Country Clipper Wheelbarrow

One of the best wheelbarrows we have ever reviewed, unbeatable quality, well balanced, easy to use and excellent value for money.

  • Polypropylene tray. light weight, yet incredibly tough.
  • Galvanised tubular steel frame for protection against rust
  • Light weight perfectly balanced design
  • Large pneumatic tyre for use on a range of surfaces including stone, gravel, soil and grass.

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