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Tested and Approved: 6 Best Telescopic Tree Pruners For Thick Branches

Last updated on March 26th, 2024

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Comparing the best long reach tree pruners for reaching those hard to reach branches

If you have tall trees to maintain, whether it be fruit trees in an orchard or even an ornamental tree in your garden that needs pruning to maintain a certain size or shape. Perhaps you have a small wood to maintain as my dad does. If this is something that sounds familiar, then a long reach tree pruner is one kind of tool I wouldn’t be without.

So after endless hours of testing telescopic tree pruners/chainsaws, I give my recommendations with their pros and cons, and I discuss their features. My buyer’s guide explains what to look for when choosing the best long reach tree pruner for you.

Comparing two of the best telescopic tree pruners I have ever used and tested, The Fiskars Power Pruner and STIHL Long reach pole pruner
The Fiskars PowerGear X and the STIHL Pole pruner

My Best Pick is the Fiskars PowerGear X Telescopic Tree Pruner. This is a premium tree lopper that, with little manual power on your part, cuts large branches cleanly and has an amazing reach of around 6 meters. This is probably my personal favourite as it’s so easy to use.

My Professionals Pick is a model I have been using for many years and is the Stihl Long Reach Pole Pruner and what a machine it is. This is a petrol-driven model, although it’s still relatively lightweight, it has an impressively long reach of 3.9m for the tallest branches and will make light work of most branches. The only downside is its price, it’s expensive but the quality and performance are unmatched.

My Runner-up is the Draper Expert 32mm Diameter Tree Pruner. This is an affordable tree pruner that maintains a high quality and is more than sufficient for any domestic use and affordable.

Best Pick

The Fiskars PowerGear X Telescopic Tree Pruner UPX86 which is my new favourite for general tree pruner of smaller branches under 3.2cm in diameter
Fiskars PowerGear X Telescopic Tree Pruner UPX86
I have only been using this model for just over a year but its quickly become my go to telescopic pruner for cutting smaller branches up to around 3.2cm in diameter and what an amazing job it does. Straight away, you will you notice the build quality is excellent with the hardened steel lopper blade and soft grip handles and everything works very smoothly. The telescopic handle extends out to a maximum 4 meters in length which means that I can cut branches up to around 6m if I stand with my arm up. That reaches many branches on the average tree and to be honest, I have never had a need to prune branches higher than this. In addition, another feature I find really useful is that you can adjust the angle of the the pruner head by 230 degrees which makes it easier to prune some branches which are a little more arkward to reach. One thing is for sure, the Fiskars PowerGear X is a premium product designed to make pruning branches high up easy to do and it does this very well. For most people, this is the telescopic tree pruner I would recommend and i've been so impressied with it. It can prune decent size branches too.

Professionals Pick

STIHL pole pruner long reach petrol chainsaw

Stihl Long Reach Pole Pruner

When I need some serious power and have some bigger branches to remove, this is my Stihl pole pruner I use and it has never let me down. Powered by a very reliable 36.3cc 2-stroke Stihl 4-MIX engine that always starts the first time every time and is surprisingly quiet for a petrol model. This petrol Stihl tree pruner easily cuts through anything and works well with everything from general tree work and pruning. The long reach of this model at around 3.9 meters gives me a total reach of around 5 meters so lends it to working well with taller, well-established trees. It’s easy to use with a good balance that makes it a joy to use. This premium Stihl HT133 Long Reach Pole Pruner is certainly an investment but well worth it if you have a lot of tree work to do.


Draper Expert Telescopic Pruner
My Runner-up tree pruner is a lightweight aluminium model which comes with both the scissor-like lopper and a detachable curved saw blade. This gives you a choice of the best way to prune each branch. The telescopic handle extends in four steps from 1.5m to 2.5m so not as tall as the fiskars model. While this isn’t the longest pole in the models I review, it’s enough for many people’s needs. This model cuts branches up to a respectable 3.2cm wide, and the saw blade can cut much larger branches. This is an affordable tree pruner which fits the needs of most domestic gardeners, its just not as well thought out as the Fiskars model and the quality is not quite as good either.

If your looking for reviews on just chainsaw pole pruners then I recently reviewed some of the best models here where I tested the BUKO and Stihl pole chainsaw pruners

The best telescopic tree pruners in our review are:

  1. Fiskars PowerGear X Telescopic Tree PrunerBEST PICK
  2. Stihl HT133 Long Reach Pole PrunerPROFESSIONALS’ PICK
  3. Draper Expert Telescopic Tree PrunerRUNNER-UP
  4. GARDENA Telescopic StarCut Pruner
  5. Silverline 245077 Extendable Pruning Saw 1.5-2.5 m
  6. Wolf Garten Tree Pruner
  7. Fiskars PowerGear X Telescopic Tree Pruner

Top 6 Telescopic Tree Pruners Reviews

1. Fiskars PowerGear X UPX86 Telescopic Tree Pruner

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Fiskars PowerGear X UPX86 Telescopic Tree Pruner which is my best pick

First things first, what an amazing piece of kit and how impressive is that reach, if there is one long reach tree pruner I had to recommend, this would have to be it. At least for most people and for me personally.

So why do I like it so much? firstly, the Fiskars PowerGear X Telescopic Tree Pruner is a lightweight aluminium long reach lopper that can be used to precisely reach the high branches in trees. What I will say is that at full reach, it can start to get a little more difficult to see where I’m cutting but that is probably just my eyesight but I still manage without too much trouble.

Fiskars PowerGear X UPX86 Telescopic Tree Pruner and using it to trim branches that are hanging pver paddock

The aluminium telescopic pole of this model extends from 2.4 meters (which also happens to be one of the only downsides, more on this in a second) to a very impressive 4 meters, which means that it can reach up to around 6 meters high when you factor in your own height. This is quite a ways up into your trees.

Fiskars PowerGear X UPX86 Telescopic Tree Pruner has a reach of around 6 meters

So a quick word of warning about storage, this model at its smallest setting is 2.4 meters long so you need somewhere suitable to store it with enough space. For me, it easily fits in the rafters of my garage.

Fiskars telescopic pruner at its smallest size makes it difficult to store

So the jaws of the lopper head have easily pruned pretty much any branches I have tried to cut but it is limited to around 3.2cm in diameter. However, to be honest, I often don’t find myself needing to prune branches larger than this in diameter. It also helps that the blade is coated with a non-stick surface and are made from hardened steel. It really is a substantial high quality lopper head. In fact the whole lopper has proved to be very high quality.

Fiskars PowerGear X UPX86 Telescopic Tree Pruner can cut branches up to a diameter of 3.2cm

Now, a feature I really like is that the cutting head itself is optimised for precise cutting. You can adjust the angle of the head up to 230 degrees which means I often find myself rotating the head just 90 agrees by tuning the orange dial, moving the blade to a right angle left or right and then tightening the orange dial back up. This feature is one that I use more than you might think as it helps cut the branches where the angle is a little awkward to position the lopper in when used in a traditional straight setting.

i like that the cutting head on the Fiskars PowerGear X UPX86 Telescopic Tree Pruner can rotate 230 degrees to cut branches from different angles

And don’t worry about being able to keep hold of the handle on this model – there’s a non-slip coating to grip on the two orange handles and the actual system works really well.

You simply hold the handles in both hands and then pull down the top handle and this closed the lopper blade and cuts the branch. For most branches, I only need to pull it down once and it cuts straight through with little effort. However, for some larger branches, I have to pull it down, release and pull it down again and cut it in two or three pulls.

Simply pull the top handle down and it easily cuts through branches with little effort

Although it comes with just the lopper attachment, you have the choice of making this a multi-functional tool with the purchase of additional parts. There is a Fiskars multi-function cutting saw and there is multi-function cutting fruit picker so you can turn this lopper into a true pruning tool for your orchard or smallholding. I don’t have these extra attachments myself but have linked them below for you to see.

Fiskars PowerGear X UPX86 Telescopic Tree Pruner close up cutting thick branch

Finally, it does come with a 25-year warranty that will help you rest easy about your purchase. I have not personally been able to test the warranty or customer service as I’ve not ever had any issues with Fiskars products.


  • Aluminium lopper with non-stick and hardened blades for clean cuts.
  • Pole extends from 2.4m to 4m to extend your reach, plus your height.
  • Cuts branches and bushes up to 3.2cm in diameter so can handle most of your tree needs.
  • The adjustable cutting head moves up to 230 degrees to reach those awkward place at the top of the tree.
  • Compatible with Fiskars cutting saw and cutting fruit picker (both not included) to create a multi-function tool.


My best pick the Fiskars PowerGear X UPX86 Telescopic Tree Pruner

The Fiskars PowerGear X Telescopic Tree Pruner is an excellent mid-range lopper for pruning your trees and bushes and is my go-to long reach pruner I really like its adjustable cutting head to reach out of the way branches, it really is worth its weight in gold.

A example of branches I cut with the Fiskars PowerGear X UPX86 Telescopic Tree Pruner

Although I have not used them, I really like the idea of the optional attachments, multi-purpose saw and fruit picking tool, that extends this unit’s use into an all-round picking and pruning tool for your orchard or smallholding. I have the telescopic pole pruner chainsaw, 2 of them in fact so I have not had a need for the pruning saw attachment but it could be very useful for you if you have some larger branches to prune that are too large to be cut with the lopper.

Overall, I think the Fiskars PowerGear X Telescopic Tree Pruner is an amazing piece of kit and probably the best choice for most people looking to prune branches that are out of reach when using a regular lopper. I’ve been really impressed with this model and highly recommend considering it.

Optional attachments

2. Stihl Long Reach Pole Pruner Chainsaw


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Stihl Long Reach Pole Pruner which is my best pick for professionals

The Stihl Long Reach Pole Pruner is powerful and well balanced and is my go to long reach pruner for the branches that are too wide to cut with my Fiskars long reach hedge trimmer.

I recommend this model more for professional use as it’s fitted with a powerful 36.3cc 2-stroke engine and being an expensive piece of kit, it is something you need to consider you will use enough to warrant the cost. Yes, this is a petrol-powered tree pruner, and it’s still relatively compact and lightweight at only (7.2kg).

The 36cc 2 stroke engine that powers the Stihl Long Reach Pole Pruner

The Stihl engine is easy to start so don’t worry about having starting issues. I have found it to be very easy to start and always starts first time every time but I keep it well maintained.

This petrol pruner has a maximum output of 1.4kW so you can cut through branches of varied thickness and it cuts really well, but again I keep the chain sharp and the oil tank full. This model is equipped with a 1/4 PM3 saw chain that gives a clean cut when pruning trees. To be fair, I also have the BUKO multi tool which also has a chainsaw attachment as that also cuts just as well but the build quality is nowhere near the same standard, however, it’s also a quarter the price.

You will see a link after this review to the BUKO Multi tool if you are interested in learning more.

Stihl Long Reach Pole Pruner head with auto oiling

To reach those far off branches requires a telescopic handle. This pruner has a telescopic handle that extends from 270cm to tackle the lower down branches to the extended length of 390cm which provides a maximum reach of about 5 meters from the ground.

Stihl Long Reach Pole Pruner loop handle and trigger which is comfortable to work with and use

It also features a loop style firm grip handle and features accessible controls so you don’t have to reach far or move your hands to make adjusts to the pruner when you’re in the midst of working.

This pole pruner comes with a one-year commercial warranty and a two-year domestic warranty for those who are just looking for a reliable model for personal use in their own garden or orchard. I mainly use it in a small wood that overhands the paddock and at the nursery to keep the larger trees pruned back.


  • Powered long reach tree pruner with a Stihl 36.3cc engine for reliability and quality.
  • Cuts branches using a 1/4 PM3 chain saw for a clean and neat cut.
  • Maximum extension is to an impressive 3.9m which, plus your height, reaches way up into your trees.
  • Weighs 7.6kg.
  • One-year commercial and two-year domestic warranties back up the manufacturer’s claims of a high-quality product.

My thoughts

Stihl Long Reach Pole Pruner against my stable which I use to main larger branches in the woods behind small holding

The Stihl Long Reach Pole Pruner is a great product designed for both domestic and commercial purposes. It is a fairly expensive piece of kit, especially compared to manual saw methods in this review and even similar models from other brands but most don’t even come close in terms of build quality and more importantly reliability. It’s worth it if you need a power saw to prune large branches or many trees.

The Stihl Long Reach Pole Pruner is my Professionals Pick. I chose it for its high quality and reliability, its power and its stability. This is definitely a long reach tree pruner for long term use and one I have enjoyed using for a few years now.

Considered a long reach garden mult tool?

i researched over 20 multi tools and narrowed our list down to the 5 Best Garden Multi Tools. We look at both electric and petrol and compare performance and features and review each model in detail.

Another alternative to a long reach or telescopic pruner is to invest in a good quality garden multi tool. These often include a chainsaw attachment, hedge trimmer, strimmer and brush cutter and my model of choice is the BUKO Garden Multi tool which I have also recently reviewed.

Read my review here (don’t worry it opens in a new tab so you can continue reading this review too)

3. Draper Expert Telescopic Tree Pruner


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The Draper Expert is designed to be a quality garden tool at an affordable price and has been built with professional gardeners, landscapers as well as the average gardener in mind.

The Draper Expert Telescopic Tree Pruner is a quality garden tool at an affordable price. It’s built with professional gardeners and landscapers in mind as well as the average domestic gardener.

The telescopic pole is manufactured from aluminium which makes it both lightweight and strong. The unit has a heavy-duty grip handle that’s comfortable to keep hold of for extended periods. This tree pruner has a four position locking system so you can extend it in steps from 1.5 metres to 2.5 metres. Extending the tree pruner to just the height of the branch you want to cut makes it safer and easier to use.

The detachable curved saw blade is 35.5cm long and can cut thicker branches with ease. The nylon cord-operated pruner works like a lopper and cuts branches up to 32mm in diameter.

You do need to do some assembly when you receive your pruner. Online reviewers report that this task is not too difficult but the provided instructions weren’t much use to them. Check out videos on YouTube if you do need help.


The Draper Expert Telescopic Tree Pruner is a lightweight pruner that extends to a respectable 2.5m to accomplish most tree and bush pruning tasks in the domestic garden. Its price fits most budgets yet it’s still a quality model.

We’ve made the Draper Expert Telescopic Tree Pruner the Runner-up in our review. We like its affordability and ease of use for the average home gardener or landscaper who doesn’t need to regularly prune many tall, fully established trees.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

4. GARDENA Telescopic StarCut 410 Plus

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Gardena Telescopic StarCut 410 plus: Telescopic tree lopper for cutting branches, adjustable length of 230-410 cm, 6.5 m total reach including user, up to 200° cutting angle (12001-20)

The GARDENA Telescopic StarCut 410 Plus tree pruner provides effortless manual cutting of your tree branches on all fronts. This pruner is classed as a lopper, so it works with a scissor-like motion rather than as a saw.

The telescopic handles opens from a length of 2.3m to 4.1m. But you don’t have to increment it by pre-set steps; it’s infinitely adjustable so just open it as much as you want to each time. Adding in your own height, you can have about a 6.5m reach with this pruner.

The gear ratio is a large 12:1, which means that you only have to apply a little force yourself to get significant cutting power. There’s no problem cutting branches as wide as 33mm in diameter. If your cut branches get tangled up in the tree, use the innovative hook just below the cutting head to just pull them down. There’s also an internal pulling strap to make sure that the lopper itself doesn’t become caught up in the branches.

The cutting head moves up to 200° to adjust precisely to strangely angled branches. What’s even better, though, is that you can adjust the angle from the ground without having to bring the entire pruner down to ground level.

And to top things off, there’s a 25-year warranty to back up how serious the manufacturer is about the service length of this lopper.


  • Steel telescopic lopper for durability and strength.
  • Compact cutting head with a 200° cutting angle to get into the fiddly branches.
  • Maximum telescope handles stretches from 2.3m to 4.1m to reach the high up branches.
  • Steel gearing works on a 12:1 gear ratio so applying minimum force translates to a lot of cutting force.
  • Cuts branches up to 33mm wide to get your chunkier tree eyesores.
  • Hook under cutting mechanism lets you pull stuck branches down.
  • T-handle for comfortable handling and less strain.
  • The warranty is an exceptional 25 years.


Two words describe GARDENA Telescopic StarCut 410 Plus tree lopper – quality and precision. The quality is backed by a very impressive 25-year warranty. The precision is through the 200° adjustable cutting head that you can adjust from the ground without having to bring the pruner down.

I like everything about it from its 6.5m reach through to its high gear ratio for minimal effort for maximal cutting power. This is definitely a quality tree lopper and a good alternative to my best pick by FISKARS.

Gardena also make a smaller version of the 410 Plus so I have linked to that below as well!

5. Silverline 1.5-2.5m Extendable Pruning Saw

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The Silverline tree pruner, is one of the more affordable models featuring a durable, triple-ground blade cuts cleanly on forward and reverse stroke and has a long 470mm blade length.

The Silverline 1.5-2.5m Extendable Pruning Saw is one of the most affordable models in our review. It features a durable, triple-ground blade that cuts cleanly on both the forward and reverse strokes. this doubles your cutting ability and halves your cutting time.

The long 47cm blade is curved to reach around the branches and cut sharply. The telescopic handle extends to 2.5m which, when you add in your own height, gets quite high up into your trees. Although this is a lightweight long reach tree pruner, it can feel a little heavy when fully extended as you move it around.


  • Lightweight tree pruner with a saw blade that lets you cut through small to medium diameter branches for as long as you want.
  • The saw blade is curved and 47cm long to get around behind your awkward branches.
  • Blade cuts on both forward and reverse strokes to save you time and effort in your pruning tasks.
  • Handle extends from 1.5m to an adequate 2.5m for most tree and bush pruning tasks.


The Silverline 1.5-2.5m Extendable Pruning Saw is a tree pruner that fits most budgets. You use its saw blade with a, well, sawing motion. The saw lets you prune quite thick branches for as long as your arm strength holds up. While it doesn’t extend as far as some of the other pruners in our review, this model is enough for the needs of most home gardeners.

We recommend the Silverline 1.5-2.5m Extendable Pruning Saw for those gardeners who have a few trees with medium-size branches that need to be tidied up.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

6. Wolf Garten Anvil Tree Pruner with 3-metre Telescopic Handle

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Firstly it is important to note that the lopper above is just a pruner and does not have a pruning saw included like other models of telescopic tree pruners. The saw can be purchased separately as an add-on product as shown below.

The Wolf Garten Anvil Tree Pruner with 3-metre Telescopic Handle has a different cutting mechanism than the other tree pruning models in our review. It’s actually a lopper which is just a pruner – it does not include a pruning saw. However, the saw can be purchased separately as an add-on product. (See our Buyer’s Guide to find out about loppers vs saws.)

The lopper comes with a three-metre lightweight aluminium telescopic handle which has a PVC sleeve for extra comfort. It is the only telescopic tree pruner in our review that has an anvil-style lopper. This type of cutter crushes the branch so don’t expect a clean cut. This anvil tree pruner cuts branches up to 38mm in diameter which is 8mm more than most other models.

This Wolf-Garten model uses a 4:1 pulley system which makes pruning larger branches possible without having you use too much effort. The pole that comes with the lopper is adjustable, from 1.7m to 3.0m in length.

The pruning saw, which needs to be purchased separately, is of a very high quality and designed with extended use in mind. It will cut through even the thickest branches. The pruning saw comes with a slightly long four-meter telescopic pole.


  • Anvil looper tree pruner comes with a three-metre maximum length telescopic pole to reach medium-high branches.
  • Cuts branches to a maximum 38mm in diameter to prune your chunkier specimens.
  • The Pulley system of 4:1 takes minimal effort to make the cuts.
  • A pruning saw can be purchased separately if you need cleaner cuts.


This Wolf-Garten Anvil Lopper is a high-quality pruner intended for frequent and extended use. It’s a lightweight model and cuts larger branches than any other tree pruner. You do need to purchase the saw separately but that comes with a longer (4m) telescoping handle. The combined price of the two parts reflects that this is a premium product that lasts for a good number of years.

We recommend this Wolf-Garten Anvil Lopper for those dedicated tree lovers who want a high quality, high performing tree pruner set.

Buyer’s Guide

We’ve identified the long reach tree pruners in our review as either loppers or those with saw blades or those who have both of these cutting mechanisms. Here we explain in detail the differences between these methods of cutting tree branches or bushes.


Loppers are scissor-like cutting implements that cut wood. They’re sometimes known as pruners or pruning shears.

LOPPER HEAD on long reach hedge trimmer

The most common type are bypass loppers or pruners. These have two blades that slide past each other just like scissors. These give the cleanest cut on wood and are used primarily on like, green wood. Clean cuts allow the wood to heal more quickly. Some bypass loppers have adjustable heads in which you can turn their orientation to suit the angle of the branches you want to lop off.

We have an anvil lopper in our review, the Wolf Garten Anvil Tree Pruner. Anvil loppers have a blade that closes against a metal anvil that’s on the lower jaw and is softer than the blade. Anvil loppers require less manual power on your part to operate than other kinds of loppers. However, anvil loppers tend to crush the material they cut, so only use them where you don’t need a clean cut. For instance, when you’re shortening a branch before cutting it off entirely.


Saws are the only way to cut branches that are too big for the lopper blades. Most of the loppers in our review handles up to a maximum of around 3cm thick. Saws can keep going as long as your arms can squeeze the trigger.

testing pole pruner chainsaw

Look for saws that cut both coming and going to make the most efficient use of your time and effort, like the Silverline 1.5-2.5m Extendable Pruning Saw in our review. The length and shape of the saw blade also affect how quickly and conveniently the sawing pruning process goes. Curved saw blades let you go around behind branches and longer lengths give you more cutting edge.

If the pruning product that you prefer is a lopper, check whether you can optionally purchase a saw that’s compatible with the unit to extend your tree cutting options.

You can also buy pruning saws which we talk about here and maybe use with a good quality tripod ladder.

Final Conclusion

Prune your tree branches and straggly high bushes safely with a long reach tree pruner. The products in our review are in a range of prices and extendable lengths to meet most people’s needs, from gardeners with just a few trees to look after to professional landscapers. Whether you choose to lop off your branches or to saw them, do it safely.

My Best Pick is the Fiskars PowerGear X Telescopic Tree Pruner. This high quality tree lopper is designed for your convenience, with its unique hook to loosen stuck branches and its pulling strap to ensure that the unit itself doesn’t get caught up.

The Draper Expert 32mm Diameter Tree Pruner is our Runner-up selection. This is an affordable model and is suitable for home gardeners and landscapers.

Our Professionals’ Pick is the Stihl Long Reach Pole Pruner. This is the only powered tree pruner I reviewed, and it’s 2-stroke petrol engine lets you easily cut through most branches.

STIHL pole pruner long reach petrol chainsaw

If you find yourself on a pruning kick, check out our other reviews of pruning tools. Look into the Best Garden Lopper for pruning secateurs for trees, the Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmer for neat sides and tops to your hedges and the Best Garden Shears for general pruning work.

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