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The Best Expandable Hose in the UK | Reviews & Buyers Guide

Last updated on July 13th, 2023

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As a professional gardener, nurseryman of over 20 years and now a home garden enthusiast. I’ve had my fair share of experiences with various hoses, from professional-level hose in my mum and dad’s nursery to expensive hose reels for personal use from brands like Gardena and Hozelock. I will get straight to the point and say that expandable hoses are not my favourite hose pipe.

However, they definitely have their place and have much better than they were when I first came across them 5-6 years ago. Personally, I think a good automatic hose reel is a better choice for most people, but it depends on space and your own needs and there’s no getting away from it. They are expensive. But they are the best type of hose pipe, and I have reviewed several over the years.

Testing one of the expandable hoses by HmiL-U which is one of my favourites
Testing one of the expandable hoses by HmiL-U which is one of my favourites
Stand copper fitting that make the expandable hoses more durable
Stand copper fitting that make the expandable hoses more durable

However, in this review, I will focus on expandable hose pipes as I have had a few of them over the past few years, and I must admit, I do like them for at home. What I have noticed is that expandable hoses have come a long way in recent years, with significant improvements in structure, fittings and overall durability. The very first ones with terrible but now there much improved.

The best expandable hoses now have copper fittings as shown above which is always a bonus; instead of the usual cheap plastic.

5000D for the outer layer used on some of the best expandable hoses to add extra protection
500D fabric when expanded

They have multiple layers of latex for the inner tube instead of one (a big improvement), as well as much better heavy-duty polyester fabrics such as 3750D and even 5000D as pictured in the two pictures above for the outer layer. This HmiL-U Expanding Hose has the 500D fabric which I have now had for over 2 years and it’s still going strong. It puts the Hozelock expandable hose to shame!

My auto hose reel, is a good alternative to my expendable hose
My auto hose reel, is a good alternative to my expendable hose

Now, as briefly mentioned already, I must admit the better choice is an automatic hose reel as pictured above due to its durability, ability to withstand rough handling, and ease of rewinding the hose automatically in seconds. However, a decent one is expensive but I think well worth the cost. I recommend the Gardena auto hose reels pictured above.

How I store my expandable hose in the garage, simply hooks up
How I store my expandable hose in the garage, simply hooks up

However, expandable hoses have some undeniable advantages – they save space, are incredibly compact which makes them easy to store as shown in my picture above, and some can expand up to three times their original length if you have good pressure! Plus, they retract back effortlessly once the water is turned off and drained away. Even I’ll admit they are impressive. I hang mine on my outside tap, screw it on, and it’s good to go. We’ve even used them in the nursery on occasion, as they’re so easy to move from tap to tap when the automatic watering system went down. I even have an automatic watering system at home now; I reviewed it here.

My HmiL expandable hose
My HmiL expandable hose

Back to expandable hoses, durability remains my main concern, and there is no way around it. You need to be careful and mindful when using one. Basically, you need to be careful not to drag them around sharp corners. In my garden, thats my raised beds and the house wall on the nursery it was walls and table leg corners. Even the best ones, like my HmiL-U Garden Expandable Hose, can get damaged and leak. This is why I still prefer my Gardena auto hose reel for heavy-duty use, despite its size and need for a more permanent wall mounting.

The spray gun that came with the HmiL-U Expanding Hose is fairly decent
The spray gun that came with the HmiL-U Expanding Hose is fairly decent

But let’s not forget the benefits of expandable hoses – they don’t kink like cheap hoses from big box stores like B&Q. They can easily be moved to different taps and often come with excellent spray guns offering multiple spray settings as shown above. For example, my HmiL-U Garden Expandable Hose has a good quality 9-setting spray gun, perfect for seedlings on the mist setting, but lots of options from jet to watering with a course spray for general watering or even rinsing your car. Plus, it feels great in hand and comes as standard.

In terms of value for money, expandable hoses are hard to beat. However, as with any product, quality varies, and it’s essential to choose a expandable hose that combines durability with the ability to handle higher pressures. In this review guide, I’ll share my personal experiences and recommendations to help you find the perfect expandable hose for your garden. 

Best Pick

HmiL-U Expanding Hose
I have tried a few of these expandable hoses over the years and I can tell you they are not all the same which is why the price varies so much. Firstly, the quality and strength of the hose vary and it's that feature that matters as this is where most fail as they are either easily damaged or can't handle higher pressures. This is easily one of the best hoses combining a double latest later inner to cope with the pressure issue and 5000D outer polyester fabric for extra protection. I also noticed it's much less likely to kink too which is great. The model I purchased was the longer 150ft version which shrinks to around 50ft when retracted which is around 15 meters. The brass connections are good quality and have not leaked and the hose gun has some fantastic spray setting although you will need a couple of Hozelock style adapters to use another spray gun with the Hozelock style connections. Overall, this is the one I would recommend getting and still have setup myself although I also own a couple of other hoses too.

5 best expandable hoses that are included in this review are listed below:

  1. HmiL-U Garden Expandable Hose – BEST PICK – This is what I consider to be one of the best, and I personally tested myself. Great quality and very durable.
  2. KETTOYA 100ft Expandable Garden Hose – This is another expandable hose I’ve used, very similar to the HmiL-U.
  3. FlexiHose 50ft Expandable Garden Hose
  4. Avyvi 100ft Expandable Garden Hose Pipe
  5. Hozelock Superhoze Extendable hose

Top 5 Best Expandable Hose Reviews

Below are my top 5 expanding hoses starting with my favourite model, which I still use now, a truly tried and tested model.

1. HmiL-U Garden Hose 150ft with 9 Function Spray Gun


HmiL-U Garden Hose hose fixed to the wall after testing
My HmiL-U Garden Hose wrapped around the included hanger and connected to my outside tap


  • Super easy to attach the an outside tap, everything you need is included.
  • Once the tap is turned on it increases from only 50ft to around 150ft and once you turn the tap off and release the water, quickly retracts to only 50ft again.
  • Also available in two smaller sizes. ( I used the longest version in this review)
  • Features a double latex core and double webbing exterior made from 5000D polyester fabric, the same material quality future covers.
  • Doesn’t kink as easy as some models I have tried.
  • Comes with a 9-function spraying nozzle to cater to the different cleaning and watering procedures.
  • Equipped with 100% brass fittings that are resistant to cracks, corrosion and rust that usually leads to leakages.
  • Comes with a handy storage bag and plastic hanger for easy storage and carrying around.
  • Comes with a 2-year 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for full peace of mind, not happy they will refund you or offer a replacement.
Testing HmiL-U Garden Hose in garden to see how it performs
Using my expandable hose to water my new raised beds with perennials in

Over the years, I have tried a few of these expandable hoses, and they often either burst under the pressure, were easily damaged when pulling them around corners or were incredibly kinky. Let’s say I was not a fan, the idea was brilliant but they just didn’t provide stress-free watering from a hose that was two-thirds smaller in length when not in use.

One of the issues was the latex tube and outer protective cover were not up to the job, however, the HmiL-U Garden Hose now uses a strong latex core which is protected by double webbed material which is made from 5000D polyester fabric, the same material quality future covers.

Close up or hose when not expanded
Close up or hose when not expanded

The first thing I notice is that the material is not all creased together like older models which I think caused the kinks on some of the previous expandable hoses. I have been very impressed with this new design, it’s much stronger and doesn’t kink plus it’s nice and smooth so pulls around corners much easier too but you still need to take care.

HmiL-U say that compared to other hoses, this hose can be used 1000-1500 times before registering significant wear and tear. This just means it’s designed to last and although I have not had it long enough in terms of years. I think it will last any previous model I have had. Just a quick update, I’ve now been using this hose for almost 3 years and it’s in good condition but I do take care not to pull it around sharp corners such as brick walls.

You can see in the picture below I have stretched out the hose with no water to show how much it can expand if you compare it to the first picture above. What really matters is how it expands with water, so more on this below.

Close up or hose when expanded by hand
Close up or hose when expanded by hand

Just like most models, this hose expands three times the retracted size and the picture below shows around half the hose length (the other half is on the patio leading to the tap) with no water on. The retracted length of this hose is 50ft so there are 25ft of hose on the lawn on that picture.

Hose after water has drained at around 50ft total
Hose after water has drained at around 50ft total

When I turned the tap on, and the hose starts to expand (it’s something you got to see to appreciate the design that has gone into this), I had around 150ft of hose to play with. Remember, I have around 75ft of hose below, as the other 75ft is on my patio.

Just look at the two pictures, one above and the one below, and how much it expands. To me, this is amazing.

Hose when expanded at 150ft
Hose when expanded at 150ft

As mentioned it is also fairly hard to kink, it simply doesn’t seem to kink which was a problem the original expandable hoses were notorious for.

So something else I have been very impressed with is that it has all brass fitting, and up to now there are shown no signs of corrosion, breaking or cracking, they really are very durable and the end you attach the sprayer to even has a handy on/off valve.

Quality brass fitting connected to hose
Quality brass fitting connected to hose

On the other end of the brass fittings is the 9-function spraying nozzle which I think is fairly good quality. I say fairly good quality because it’s all plastic, and I also have some metal, much more durable noses which I use.

You can check out my recommended hose spray nozzles in this review

One of 9 hose jet setting – mist

These functions include shower, jet, mist, centre, cone, soaker, full, flat and angle but in reality, you really only use 2 or 3 settings. For me it’s the jet for cleaning off furniture, soaking for watering and the mist for inside my mini greenhouse.

Another one of the spray setting
Another one of the spray setting
Jet setting from hose gun
Jet setting from hose gun

There is one downside when it comes to using different spray nozzles, the spray gun it comes with screws into the copper fitting directly. There are no hozelock style attachments included.

This means if you want to attach it to a standard spray gun or maybe a lawn sprinkler as I do, you need to get some Hozelock-style attachments which is no big deal, would just be nice if they came included to make it simpler. A quick search on amazon or a trip to B&Q and you can get the parts you need. If you’re happy with the included hose gun, this is something you don’t need to worry about.

Finally, to make storage of the hose simple, it also comes with a storage bag. I don’t actually use this but the bag is durable and therefore, it should last for a long time.

Additionally, the hanger provided will come in handy when you need to hang up the hose as I do.

Wrapping hose around included hanger
Wrapping hose around included hanger

Something that cannot be ignored is the fact that with the HmiL-U Garden Hose, you get a 2-year satisfaction guarantee that covers any issues that may arise with the product so you have full peace of mind.

Overall, the HmiL-U expandable hose is the best expandable hosee I have tried. I like the new design, which is more durable and the brass fitting as well as the spray gun. If you are considering buying an expandable hose, this model will not disappoint which is why I also use this model myself.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

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2. KETTOYA 100FT Expandable Garden Hose

KETTOYA 100FT Expandable Garden Hose

  • Expands 3x its size: The Kettoya hose stretch from a compact 10 meters (32ft) to an impressive 30m (96ft), making it perfect for large gardens.
  • Enjoy effortless watering with the ergonomic, thumb-controlled spray nozzle with ten versatile spray patterns to match task at hand.
  • Built to last with solid brass connectors that ensure durability and leak-proof watering
  • Quadruple-layered latex inner tube: The four-layer latex construction promises superior strength and flexibility when compared to cheaper alternatives.
  • Features a heavy-duty 3750D polyester outer sleeve that protects the inner hose from wear and tear.
  • Keep the expandable hose tidy and accessible with the included hooks and storage bag.

This compact and lightweight hose transforms from a modest 10m (just over 30ft) to an impressive 30m (over 90ft), so it’s a great choice for larger gardens. It’s durable and probably one of the best compared to other expandable hoses, and it’s an excellent alturnative to my HmiL-U Garden Hose 150ft if you want one that is not quite as long. It doesn’t tangle or twist even when fully expanded, but as with all expandable hoses, be careful not to damage the hose in sharp corners by trying to pull it around corners like you might a standard hose. I was initially concerned about connecting the nozzle to the hose end. Be careful when connecting the brass hose connectors to the plastic nozzle adapters not to damage the threads.

The hose’s expansion and retraction may take some getting used to, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll love how the hose recoils to its original size when the water is turned off and drained. This makes it incredibly versatile and easy to store compared to a standard hose reel with 100ft of hose pipe coiled into it.

The Kettoya hose inner is made from 2mm thick, four-layer latex inner tube and then covered in a 3750D grade polyester outer tube. The 13-layer knit polyester fabric provides added durability to this already impressive hose.

Now, let’s talk about the spray gun. The polished plastic construction is paired with a soft-grip handle for a comfortable watering experience, it really is a great piece of kit, better than some of the other alternatives that come with an expandable hose. The water flow control knob on the handle allows for seamless adjustments, while the 10 spray patterns cater to all your gardening needs, from rinsing down the car to watering pots and containers, and the mist spray pattern is excelent for watering seedlings.

As briefly mentioned, the inclusion of solid brass fittings and connectors (1/2in and 3/4in) set this expandable hose apart from other alternatives I’ve tried. These rust-proof fittings ensure a longer lifespan and eliminate the worry of cracking or breaking like cheap plastic fittings do. The hose is also available in 15m, 23m, or 45m lengths, so you could find a suitable length for your garden. The brass fittings, 3750D polyester, and the four layers of latex tubes all contribute to the longevity of this hose.

As a friendly reminder, make sure the working water pressure falls within the normal range of 3-12 bar/43.5-174 PSI. My tests show that water pressure of 3 bar expands the hose by 90%, while pressure greater than 4.5 bar fully expands it.

My experience with the Kettoya 100ft Expandable Garden Hose has been fantastic. It’s durable, easy to use, and saves space – a winning combination for any gardener. Just be mindful of its expansion and retraction and keep it away from sharp objects, brick corners, roses, etc. That goes for all these expandable hose. This is a great alturnative to my HmiL-U Garden Hose.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

3. FlexiHose 50ft Expandable Garden Hose – 8 Function Spray Nozzle Included

The FlexiHose 50 FT Garden Hose claims to be the most advanced hose in the market and we can see why they may claim so. The FlexiHose model features the latest design and high-quality materials that can be found in the market. The result is a lightweight, flexible and functional hose that you can purchase at an affordable price.


  • It is a lightweight, flexible hose made from the latest designs and quality materials.
  • Expands from 17ft to the maximum 50ft providing you with room to move comfortably in smaller gardens.
  • Features brass connectors and double latex pipes to prevent leaks.
  • The hose can handle 12 bars of water pressure and water temperatures up to 113?.
  • Offers an 8-function rotating spraying nozzle to satisfy different cleaning functions.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee that assures the customer that the hose is of high quality, basically any problems and they will refund you or send a new one free of charge for the lifetime you have the hose.

The FlexiHose 50ft Flexi Hose claims to be the most advanced hose in the market and we can see why they may claim so. The FlexiHose model features the latest design and high-quality materials that can be found in the market. The result is a lightweight, flexible and functional hose that you can purchase at an affordable price.

If you have a small garden then this hose is just right for you. It does not expand as much as some of the other hoses but it will provide sufficient room to manoeuvre. Measuring only 17ft when retracted, this hose will expand to 3 x its size measuring an estimated 50ft with good pressure. You can water your garden or wash your car without having to experience any kinks or twists.

Forget about leaks thanks to the brass connectors that are not liable to get damaged easily. The solid brass fittings will last for years to come because they do not rust or crack easy from impact. The hose id also reinforced so that it can handle a maximum of 12bars of water pressure. Additionally, the duo latex core can handle high water temperatures up to 113? indicating that you wanted to clean something with warm water, it is possible.

Forget about leaks thanks to the brass connectors that are not liable to get damaged easily. The solid brass fittings will last for years to come because they do not rust or crack easy from impact. The hose is also reinforced so that it can handle a maximum of 12 bars of water pressure. Additionally, the duo latex core can handle high water temperatures up to 113? indicating that you wanted to clean something with warm water, it is possible.

With this hose, you get an 8-function spraying nozzle that you can use on various cleaning activities. These functions are controlled by the rotating nozzle that facilitates a seamless transition between each function. The nozzle is created of zinc alloy for strength and features an anti-slip handle to provide the user with a firm comfortable grip. Its probably not the best nozzle you can get and our ‘Best pick’ comes with a better nozzle in terms of quality but its still much better than the standard nozzles cheaper hose pipes come with.

The cherry on top is the lifetime guarantee that they offer which simply can not be matched, and yes you read that correctly it actually comes with a lifetime guarantee. No matter what issues arise with the expandable hose the manufacturer will be able to offer a replacement or refund. No other model we have seen come with a lifetime guarantee which is where this models really stands out and has the edge over most other models.

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4. Avyvi 100ft Expandable Garden Hose Pipe with Multi Spray Watering Gun

The Avyvi 100FT Expandable Garden Hose Pipe consists of a durable flexible elastic core covered in a light polyester fabric that is able to avoid kinks and twists. When retracted, this hose is about 30ft which makes it easy to move from one location to the next. When the hose is full of water, you can expect it to expand to a 100ft which is almost three times its retracted size.


  • The hose expands from 33ft to 100ft facilitating easy access to different areas of the garden.
  • Comes with 8-spray nozzle functions intended to assist in different cleaning procedures.
  • Features a flexible elastic core and polyester exterior creating a durable hose that doesn’t tangle.
  • Brass fittings ensure that water leakages are a thing of the past.
  • Offers an ergonomic nozzle to keep the user’s hand comfortable while using the hose.
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty and 6 month money back guarantee to assure the customer of the hose’s quality.
  • Provides accessories like storage bags, adapters and couplers to promote a friendly user experience.

The Avyvi 100ft Expandable Garden Hose Pipe consists of a durable flexible elastic core covered in a light polyester fabric that is able to avoid kinks and twists. When retracted, this hose is about 30ft which makes it easy to move from one location to the next. When the hose is full of water, you can expect it to expand to a very impressive 100ft which is almost three times its retracted size.

Where substandard fittings fail, the brass fittings installed in this hose provide strength and seamless water transfer with no leaks. These brass fittings look good to the eye and they are immune to the normal cracking, rusting and corrosion associated with substandard fittings. Additionally, they can be recycled making them environmentally friendly which we like the idea of, it means we are helping the planet a little bit more.

A spraying nozzle with one function is not as fun as using a spraying nozzle with multiple functions. This hose comes with 8 spray functions that you can choose from when attending to your chores. These functions include jet, mist, centre, vertical, flat, stream, cone and flat. 

A spraying nozzle with one function is not as fun as using a spraying nozzle with multiple functions. This hose comes with 8-spray functions that you can choose from when attending to your chores. These functions include jet, mist, centre, vertical, flat, stream, cone and flat. You can clean your windows, or pets and water your plants in peace.

Finally the Avyvi 100FT Expandable Garden Hose Pipe comes with an ergonomic spray nozzle that you can grip firmly and comfortably to use.

Last but not least, the hose also comes with accessories to elevate the customer experience. Together with the hose, the manufacturer provides a storage bag, a storage holder, ½ inch adapter, ¾ inch adapter and a quick coupler. You will also get a 1 year warranty and a 6 month money back guarantee just in case you are not satisfied with the product. Purchased at an affordable price, the Avyvi 100ft Expandable Garden Hose Pipe that is well worth considering.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

5. Hozelock 24ft Superhoze Extendable Hose

Hozelock superhoze Extendable hose, Yellow, 7.5 M


  • Features a dynamic and durable design that features a polyester exterior.
  • It is lightweight and easy to store.
  • Accompanied by various accessories to make the user experience easy.
  • Expands from 8ft-24ft providing adequate room for manoeuvrability.
  • Features an anti-pinch design to prevent the hose from tangling.
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty to take care of any problems with the product.
  • Sold at an affordable price making the hose attainable.

The Hozelock superhoze Extendable hose is hard to miss due to its bright exterior yellow colour and matching fittings and this model is really using its well-known brand to sell this hose, it’s not a bad hole but the hoses above are probably better choices unless you super loyal to the Hoselock brand.

This durable hose consists of a flexible core and a resistant polyester casting that allows the user to operate the hose without tangling. Due to its brilliant anti-pinch design, you can be sure that the hose will never tangle or kink up.

When the hose is retracted it measures just over 8ft  and when fully expanded it measures about 24ft making it the smallest hose on this list. This is almost three times the size of the hose therefore, you can be sure that you have enough room to move around. It may not be the longest in this review but it makes up for it in the quality of material used.

Where is lacks compared to the other other models on this list is it comes with a cheap plastic spray nozzle which they refer to as the wand, this spray nozzles of the other models are much better, specially when compared to the one our ‘Best Pick’ comes with.

Delivered with the hose are two couplings, one wand and adapters. You can use these accessories without worry over their quality because although they are plastic, hozelock connectors are very strong and some of the best available despite them being plastic. On top of that, the manufacturer offers a 3 year warranty that will cater to any problems that the product develops.

Overall if your after a shorter hose, then this is still a good choice.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Expandable Hose Buyers Guide

What do you look for in an expandable hose? Identifying what you need the hose to do will see to it that you pick the best expandable hose at a fair price. Below are factors that need consideration before you purchase an expandable hose. Considering that expandable hoses are simple structures, recalling these few factors for future purchases will be fairly easy. The main thing that separates expandable hoses is there quality as they all do the same thing, but as we discovered, the quality of some models is pretty poor.

Durability of the parts

Substandard materials produce substandard products and that is why you need to pick an expandable hose made of high-quality materials. When the materials used are strong and durable, the hose will last much longer and will handle high pressure well. In most cases, expandable hoses are created with two layers. The exterior fabric and the core tubing.

Choosing a model with a quality core

There are two major materials used when creating the core of the expandable hose and they all have their advantages. Thermoplastic polyester (TCP) expands well and it also happens to be heat-resistant. The heat resistant abilities are convenient when making hoses that can be used for hot water cleaning procedures. Used in many industries, TCP costs more than its latex counterparts.

Latex is the other material popularly used and it is a flexible but tough material. You can choose between synthetic or natural latex but there isn’t much of a difference. Latex is more budget-friendly making it an economical purchase. The downside to latex hoses is that they are damaged by high temperatures so can only be used with cold water. That is why manufacturers indicate optimal working temperatures for the hose. Exceeding the temperature limit compromises the structure of the hose but assuming most people will be using as a gardening hose for watering this shouldn’t be a problem.

The outer shell

The exterior of the hose is important as it protects the inner tubing and provides structural support. In many cases, the exterior is made from polyester which is a durable material that is able to retain its structure. Polyester can stretch and retract without losing form or tearing. It is better to settle for the woven polyester kind like the HmiL-U Garden Hose. The double woven fabric provides more strength and does not tangle.

Length of the hose

The length of the hose matters depending on the area of coverage. If you have a large area to cover then you obviously need a long hose. If you have a small space to cover then a short hose will work well. You can always settle for a longer hose if you are not sure if the short hose will be effective in years to come. You might move to a larger place and require a longer hose. The only downside of buying a longer hose than needed is you do loose a little pressure the longer the hose is.

When considering the durability of the hose, you need to consider the materials used. Durable hoses can be identified by how long they last. For example, the HmiL-U Garden Hose can be used at least 1000-1500 times before it starts loosing some of its expandable qualities. That is more than double what some regular hoses can do.

Optimal working conditions

Just like an aeroplane has optimal working conditions, a simple structure such as a hose has optimal working conditions as well. The manufacturer indicates the optimal temperature levels of water the hose can hold and the amount of water pressure permitted. For example, our best expanding hose, the Crenova model, operates optimally at 23?-122? and can handle 15 bar water pressure. Exceeding optimal working conditions weakens the structure of the hose leading to leaks.

Tangles and kinks

Regular hoses can be a pain because they kink and tangle easily. It is good to get hoses that neither kink nor tangle. The expandable hoses in the market nowadays do not lack this feature, therefore, they should be easy to access. A hose that does not tangle will serve you for longer because the structure of the tubing will not be compromised. It will also save you the annoyance of detangling the hose.

We also recently reviewed some auto hoses which you can read about here, although they are not expandable, they are very good at resisting kinks too so may be worth considering and they retract back automatically.

Fittings used

Same as the other sections of the hose, the quality of fittings used matters. Substandard fittings are prone to leaks and cracks with cheap plastic fitting being a good example of this. It is normal to find expandable hoses that feature plastic, aluminium or brass fittings.

Aluminium fittings are affordable but the quality of the aluminium will determine the length of service. Cheap aluminium fittings crack easily, therefore, needing replacement after a while. If your budget is tight plastic fittings would do but don’t expect them to last for long.

The best fittings are the brass fittings because they are durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. They cost a bit more but you can be sure that you will experience no cracks that contribute to water leaking.

Spray nozzle functions

The spray nozzle is the fun part of the hose. You get to select between different spray functions depending on the activity you are engaging in. Depending on your budget you can get a spraying nozzle with one function or several like the Crenova Expandable Hose. The thing to remember is that the spraying nozzle has to be ergonomic so that your hand does not tire out easily. Some nozzles are made from cheap plastic which breaks easily but the best nozzles are made from metal, rubber and quality durable plastic.

Warranty and money-back guarantee

Customer satisfaction leads to brand loyalty and therefore smart manufactures find ways to promote it. Warranties and money-back guarantees give the customer hope that the product they want is worth it. You can choose to return the product and get it replaced or get your money back. The Avyvi 100ft Expandable Garden Hose offers a 180-day money back guarantee which is enough time for you to test out the product for most of summer risk free. Remember to always be on the lookout for such offers.

Accessories on offer

Accessories are a must when it comes to hoses. There are brands that do not offer accessories and that is a shame because you just want to use the hose right out the box. Brands that do offer accessories come in handy as the accessories elevate the user experience. Some of the common accessories include adapters, storage bags, hose hangers and couplers among others. These accessories allow you to use and store your hose with no problems. You would be surprised that a bit of peace of mind goes a long way.

Expandable Hose FAQ‘s

How does an expandable hose work, and what makes it different from a traditional garden hose?

An expandable hose stretches three times its length when water flows through it. For example, a hose that’s 10m at rests expands out to 30m when it’s full of water. When you turn the take off and release the water, the expandable hose returns to its original length of 10m.

This works because there are two tube layers to an expandable hose. The central tube is made of extra-strong latex and the outer tube is of polyester fabric. Both expand when the water fills them up.

The materials used in the construction of expandable hoses is lightweight. Along with the short length of the at-rest hose, this makes the hose light and easy to move around. They also don’t kink and tangle.

What are the advantages of using an expandable hose over a regular garden hose?

Smaller at-rest state

When it’s at-rest, an expandable hose is only one-third of the size that it reaches when water flows through it. A regular garden hose is always the same large size. The smaller size of the expandable hose makes it easier to roll up and store.


A traditional garden hose is usually made of rubber which is a heavy material when you consider the length of the hose. An expandable hose is made of lightweight latex and polyester, so it’s lighter to carry.


Expandable hoses are generally tangle free and do not form kinks. Regular garden hoses seem to frequently curl up on themselves and need to be sorted. However, if you buy an automatic garden hose reel, the tangling and kinking problems of a non-expandable hose go away.

Are there any disadvantages to using an expandable hose?

There are a few disadvantages to using an expandable hose. However, in recent years, most of the original problems found with these hoses have been solved.


Expandable garden hoses are not as durable as regular rubber hoses. They may acquire splits in either the inner and outer tubes which are difficult to fix. Manufacturers usually state how many times an expandable hose can be used before it needs to be replaced. Good expandable hoses last for over a thousand uses.

Internal water pressure

Expandable hoses can’t stand as much water pressure as traditional garden hoses. You may need to step down the water pressure from your outside tap if it’s too high. This means that the pressure of the water that comes out of the sprayer will be lower than you’re used to. This decreases the height to which the stream of water can rise.

Limited temperature range

You can usually only use cold or cool water with expandable hoses. However, some hoses are marked to be able to handle warm and even hot water. Watch out for these models if you plan on using the expandable hose to wash your car.

How long can I expect an expandable hose to last, and what factors can affect its lifespan?

The best expandable hoses (such as the HmiL-U one in this review) last 1000-1500 uses. This is the top end of durability.

Taking care of your hose expands its lifetime. Wipe it down after use to remove any moisture and debris from the outside tube. Keep it away from sharp objects such as jagged stones and pointed branches. And drain it thoroughly and store it in your shed or garage over winter.

Can I use an expandable hose for all my gardening needs, including watering plants and washing my car?

Yes. You can use an expandable hose for all your garden and other outside needs as long as:

  • The hose is long enough to reach
  • Your spray nozzle has your required spray patterns
  • The hose can handle the temperature of water you want to use
  • You have the correct water pressure from your outside tap.

How much does an expandable hose cost, and are there any features or factors that can affect the price?

Depending on the quality of the materials used in the construction, an expandable hose can cost anywhere from £22 to £75. Here are some factors that can push this price up to the higher end of the range.

Material quality

My Best Pick, the HmiL-U hose uses 5000D polyester. This is a high grade material and most other expandable hoses use a lower grade polyester.


Most of the models I recommend in this review come with brass fittings and connectors. Brass is durable and rust resistant. Other models have aluminium fittings which are lightweight and more easily damaged. The best expandable hoses have brass Hozelock fittings which are a universal connection for sprayers. It’s even better if the fittings have a rubber washer with them to prevent drips.

Different sizes

The expanded length of the hose affects the purchase price. As all expandable hoses expand out to three times their at-rest length, it’s the fully stretched out length that sets the price.


All expandable hoses can with a sprayer but some are better than others. Both the HmiL-U unit and the Crenova come with spray guns with a wide range of spray patterns to choose from. In addition, sprayers made from metal or rugged plastic are more durable and ergonomic than those made from thin plastic.

Water pressure and temperature

The best expandable hoses can handle fairly high water pressures. This lets the stream of water from the spray gun travel higher and further. In addition, only a few of these hoses can handle warm water. This may be a consideration if you’re planning on washing your car, your garden furniture or the dog.

Plastic hanger and storage bag

Some models of these hoses come with a plastic hanger from which to hang your hose on a wall. Others come with a storage bag to keep your hose clean and safe from nicks and tears.

Guarantee and warranty

The guarantee is how many days after purchase you have to return the hose if you don’t like it. The warranty is the number of years you can either get the hose fixed free  in case of a problem or return it entirely for a refund. Some of the models in this review have lifetime warranties that show the manufacturers’ faith in their products.

Are expandable hoses available in different sizes and lengths, and how do I choose the right one for my needs?

Expandable hoses are available in different lengths. Remember that they expand out to three times their at-rest length. For example, a hose that’s 5m long without water in it expands out to 15m when you use it to water your plants.

In general, the number of feet or metres in the name or title of an expandable hose is the expanded length. I found expandable hoses of lengths 7.5m, 15m, 20m, 30m and 40m. I’m sure that there are other lengths as well.

As for the best length for you, it depends on how far away the further reaches of your outdoors space is. You might choose to buy the length of hose that suits your garden as it is now. Or you may choose a longer hose in case you expand your need-to-water part of the garden. Just remember that the longer the hose, the less water pressure you have coming out the end.

What materials are expandable hoses made of, and how do I know if a particular hose is durable and high-quality?

Expandable hoses have an inner tube of strong double layer latex. And an outer tube of polyester fabric. My Best Pick, the HmiL-U Garden Hose uses 5000D grade polyester, the strongest polyester fabric I found in an expandable hose.

The manufacturers give you a clue as to the durability of their expandable hoses. Some tell you the number of times you can expect to use it, for example 1,000 to 1,500 times. In addition, those hoses with a lifetime warranty show that the manufacturer is prepared to stand behind their product for its entire lifetime.

But keep in mind that if you look after your expandable hose well, you’ll increase its lifespan.

How do I maintain and store my expandable hose to ensure its longevity and prevent damage?

Some expandable hoses come with plastic hangers to fix on walls or fences to wind your hose around when it’s not in use. 

After using your hose, make sure to wipe down the outside to remove any water and debris. At this time, check for any tears and splits. Look also for bumps that seem to be protruding from the outer tube – this could be a sign that the inner tube has ruptured. Be sure to fix any problems straight away.

Then run the water out of the hose and wind it up on the hanger or coil it up if you don’t have a stand for it.

Put away your expandable hose for the winter before frost sets in. Drain all the water from the hose, wipe it down, put it in a protective bag (may be included in your purchase) and store it out of the way in your shed or garage.

Are there any safety concerns or precautions I should be aware of when using an expandable hose?

Expandable hoses are more prone to rips and tears than regular garden hoses. So keep them away from sharp corners and pointed objects. Avoid dragging the hose over rough terrain or across gravel.

When you’re running water into the hose, make sure the hose has room to expand fully. It expands only gradually so there’s not too much concern about doing this around children. It’s a cool process to watch.

I have come to the end of my review and I hope that you have gained enough information to pick out the best expandable hose. Just a reminder below of my ‘best Pick’

My top pick

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