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Top 7 Best Plastic Sheds

Last updated on July 12th, 2023

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Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of sheds, and I used to joke that my dad collected sheds. He has a small holding, so he always had plenty of use for them, from turning them into chicken coops with automated doors to just using them for feed stores or general storage. We previously always went for wooden sheds.

However, their high maintenance and need treating yearly with a new coat of paint if you want them to last even a few years, although my fence paint sprayer did help make this job a lot easier. However, investing in the best plastic shed is now a feasible alternative.

A large plastic garden storage shed my wife uses at the children's nursery

They don’t have to look like plastic anymore either, with many models, such as my personal favourite, this Keter Manor 6 x 4ft Wood Effect Garden Storage Shed  pictired below which has resin plastic wood-style panels, as well as this Keter Store It Out Premier XL Outdoor Garden Storage Shed/box which I use to store my outdoor furniture cushions over winter (In summer I just leave the cushions on and cover with this outdoor furniture cover). Since most sheds are high maintenance, my dad and I started switching to plastic sheds maybe 5-6 years ago so we now have a few between us.

Large Plastic shed used for storage

We’ve found that plastic sheds offer the best combination of durability and are usually the easiest to assemble, especially when compared to metal sheds (These are hard work to assemble and often rust and suffer heavily from condensation inside), and the big plus for me is that plastic sheds are super easy to maintain with warm soapy water or a quick jet down with a pressure washer, I currently use this Karcher K5 pressure washer and use the surface cleaner attachment, works really well. And dare I say it, some of the plastic sheds you can buy now are pleasant to look at too (not all but some).

Keter Factor Manor 4x3ft but also available in larger sizes, 3 hours to build
Keter Factor Manor 4x3ft but also available in larger sizes, take around 3 hours to build

Among the various plastic sheds, I’ve tried over the last 6 years (by ‘I’ I mean my dad and me), this Keter Manor 3 x 4ft Garden Storage Shed is probably my favourite. You can get a few sizes of this shed too. It was super easy to assemble (probably the easiest of all the sheds), I’m really pleased with the build quality, and resin wood-effect design looks nice.

I think it’s worth mentioning that I have also occasionally used my telescopic window cleaning pole to clean our plastic sheds, as it can reach places difficult to reach by hand or with the pressure washer lance.

Keter Store It Out Premier XL Outdoor Garden Storage Shed - great for storing cushions from my outdoor furniture
Keter Store It Out Premier XL Outdoor Garden Storage Shed – great for storing cushions from my outdoor furniture

As mentioned, another excellent option for those seeking a smaller, more compact storage shed is this Keter Store It Out Premier XL Outdoor Garden Storage Shed. This shed is more of a storage box, but it’s ideal for those who don’t require a full-sized shed but still need a secure and weather-resistant place to use for storage.

I want to quickly mention bases as I think it’s important. Most plastic sheds have a plastic floor, but you still need a base to sit it on.

Installing new base for shed and greenhouse that will be side by side
Installing new base for shed and greenhouse that will be side by side

When setting up a plastic shed, it’s crucial to have a flat and solid base for the shed to sit on. This ensures the shed has a level (this is super important, or the screw holes won’t align when assembling it) and a stable foundation. It’s worth noting that shed bases can be purchased as kits, and there are some interesting, easy-to-install designs, such as plastic grids that you lay flay and then fill with gravel. (I’ve reviewed a few here).

Duramax YardMate PLUS 5 x 8 (4.28 m2) Plastic Garden Shed with Heavy-Duty Plastic Floor, Strong Metal Roof Structure, Fire Retardant & Maintenance-Free Storage Shed, Dark Grey & Adobe

Before getting into the more detailed reviews and my buyer’s guide further down, I want to mention this Duramax YardMate 5 x 8 PLUS Plastic Garden Shed. My brother recently purchased one, and although I prefer Keter sheds over Duramax (I have found that Keter sheds are a little easier to assemble), for the size and price, it is a well-made shed that I think is worth considering. 

These are the plastic sheds I have included in my review:

  1. Keter Manor 4 x 3ft Wood Effect Plastic Shed – BEST PICK– Overall a great shed, maybe even the best. Available in a few different sizes, easy to assemable and sturdy
  2. Keter Store It Out Premier XL Outdoor Garden Storage Shed/boxRunner-up – I’d discribe this more of a large storage box, water tight and gread for storing things in such as cushions
  3. Duramax YardMate 5 x 8 PLUS Plastic Garden Shed – A decent size shed for the price, not quite as easy as Keter sheds to build but once assembled a great shed.
  4. Lifetime 15 Ft Long Apex Plastic Shed – Another good plastic shed for those looking for a very large shed or to use as a small workshop.
  5. Keter Factor Shed – available in 5 sizes 
  6. Palram 6 x 8ft Amber Plastic Shed
  7. Duramax 10 x 8ft Premier Series Shed

My Top 7 Recommended Plastic Sheds

1. Keter Manor 3 x 4ft Wood Effect Garden Storage Shed

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When I set out to find a new plastic shed for my garden to store some of the ever-increasing garden tools I review here, I came across this Keter Manor 6 x 4ft Garden Storage Shed. I choose it because it has mixed but mostly excellent reviews on Amazon. Its compact dimensions of 4ft x 3ft meant it would fit snuggly into that small space between my greenhouse and raised beds. I also like the mid-grey colour and traditional wood effect finish, which means it blends in somewhat seamlessly in my garden. This little gem was just the solution I needed to make the most of the limited space I had left after installing a new greenhouse, large raised beds and my new york stone patio.

So more about the shed? It’s constructed from durable plastic, this obviously means that it’s rust and rot proof, so it’s just what I needed as I spend enough time painting my fence every year and it’s very easy to maintain when compared to wood or metal sheds. Plus, the built-in ventilation ducts ensure good air circulation and prevent moisture build-up and mould, which was a problem with a prevous wooden shed. A quick jet off now and then with my Karcher K5 pressure washer keeps it looking good as new.
When it comes to assembly, this is easier said than done, but the tiny print instructions didn’t help. Let me say, it’s probably no harder than any other plastic shed and much easier than any metal shed I’ve had.

Keter Manor Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, Grey, 4 x 3 ft

Now, I must mention my experience assembling this shed, as it could have gone more smoothly had I chosen a warmer day, not a cold winter’s day in February. Some parts connected easily, but others required a little persuasion with a rubber mallet, and attaching the roof was especially tricky due to the inflexibility of the cold plastic strip. Anyway, being plastic, the temperature being warmer makes the parts more flexible and easier to slot into place, so choose a warmer day and learn from my mistakes.

As for how weather proof this plastic shed is, the Keter Manor shed has held up well against moderate rainfall so far and a few somewhat very windy days, but it is in a more sheltered position, but it seems well built and strong.


  • Storage box in grey and black weather-resistant plastic.
  • Capacity is 1,150L.
  • Double front doors.
  • Holds two 240L wheelie bins and  includes a bin opening kit for both bins.
  • Constructed with double thick, ribbed wall panels for strength.
  • Lockable lid is piston assisted for easy opening.
  • Includes adjustable brackets for one shelf (not included).
  • Sloped entry makes it easy to remove heavy garden equipment.
  • Includes floor panel.
  • Comes flat packed.
  • Dimensions: 141cm (length) by 82cm (width) by 123.5cm (height).

My recommendation

All things considered, I’m quite happy with my choice and would definitely recommend the Keter Manor 4 x 3ft Garden Storage Shed – just make sure to assemble it on a warm, sunny day! – I think the instructions do mention assembling it when about 5 degrees. It’s also worth noting there are also several other larger versions of this Keter Manar shed including 6ft x4ft, 6ft x 5ft, 6ft x 8ft which could fit a small ride-on mower in.

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2. Keter Store It Out Premier XL Outdoor Garden Storage Shed/box

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Keter Store It Out Premier XL Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, Grey and Black, 141 x 82 x 123.5 cm

After setting up the Keter Manor 6 x 4ft Garden Storage Shed as previously mentioned, I realized (by I, I mean my wife lol) I needed an additional storage shed to store the cushions from our patio furniture. With this in mind, we decided to try the Keter Store It Out Premier XL Outdoor Garden Storage Shed/box. I will mention I had the older Keter store max storage box a few years back. Though more of a storage box than a shed, it’s perfect for complementing my somewhat modern setup and its compact enough to not take up to much space at at just over 4ft wide.

The Keter Premier XL is made from a black and grey weather-resistant resin plastic, and it has an impressive 1,150L capacity. To give you an idea as this probably doesnt mean much unless your comparing the litre capacity between several sheds, it can fit two full-size wheelie bins in, so there is plenty of room. It also comes with a kit designed specifically for securing the bins, ensuring their lids open at the same time using chains when you open the storage box lid. I have a wooden wheelie bin store for this, but it’s a brilliant idea.

Keter Store It Out Premier XL Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, Grey and Black, 141 x 82 x 123.5 cm

It’s also worth noting that the lid has piston-assisted hinges that make it easy to lift with just one hand. The older version I had also had these too. The storage box also features double doors at the front and a gently sloping floor panel, allowing smooth and hassle-free access to any heavy garden equipment stored inside. You could easily fit a mower and strimmer in there.

So let’s talk about assembling? the fun lol, The Keter Premier XL was straightforward, especially for someone like myself who is familiar with building flatpack furniture and several other prevous sheds. The instructions were clear, like Ikea’s, so if you have built Ikea furniture like I have, you will find this shed easy enough to assemble too. I highly recommend having a cordless driver on hand to make the assembling much more manageable and speed assembly up a little.

Keter Store It Out Premier XL Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, Grey and Black, 141 x 82 x 123.5 cm


  • Storage box in grey and black weather-resistant plastic.
  • Capacity is 1,150L.
  • Double front doors.
  • Holds two 240L wheelie bins and  includes a bin opening kit for both bins.
  • Constructed with double thick, ribbed wall panels for strength.
  • Lockable lid is piston assisted for easy opening.
  • Includes adjustable brackets for one shelf (not included).
  • Sloped entry makes it easy to remove heavy garden equipment.
  • Includes floor panel.
  • Comes flat packed.
  • Dimensions: 141cm (length) by 82cm (width) by 123.5cm (height).

My conclusion

Overall, the Keter Store It Out Premier XL Outdoor Garden Storage Shed/box is an excellent option for those needing a spacious and easily accessible storage solution thats smaller than what you might think of as a small shed, more of a garden storage box. With the added convenience of lockable doors and lid, the Keter Premier XL has proven to be a fantastic addition to my garden storage setup and is well worth considering.

3. Duramax YardMate 5 x 8 PLUS Plastic Garden Shed

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Duramax YardMate PLUS 5 x 8 (4.28 m2) Plastic Garden Shed with Heavy-Duty Plastic Floor, Strong Metal Roof Structure, Fire Retardant & Maintenance-Free Storage Shed, Dark Grey & Adobe

Although not quite as good as the Keter plastic sheds I’ve built in the past, this Duramax YardMate still proved a decent option for anyone looking to buy a large shed. I have included this because my brother decided to buy this Duramax YardMate shed because he had trouble finding a decent Keter shed that was in stock at the time (think back to when the world nearly ended). Hence I’ve decided to include it in my review as he is happy enough with it.

It’s definitely not as easy to build as the Keter sheds I assembled in the past, but it’s not hard if you are handy. Keter really does have that part figured out. They are so easy to assemble!

This Duramax YardMate has a modern design and a sleek beige and dark grey colour. It’s definitely as nice as some of the wood affect sheds, but it’s not bad either. It’s just not to my personal taste. However, my brother is happy enough with it and its size too, it’s large enough for his motorbike. When it comes to build quality, it’s manufactured from high-quality plastic and is fade-resistant, weather-resistant, rust-proof, and even fire-retardant, so it should stand the test of time.

One feature I liked was the shed’s galvanized steel interior beams, which provide stability and support against heavy snowfall and windy conditions. Additionally, the two air vents on either end of the gabled roof help maintain proper air circulation. This helps keep the inside dry, reduce moisture and keep it mould-free.

The Duramax YardMate comes with a plastic floor panel that helps prevent moisture and dirt from seeping in, but what I do like are the spacious double doors make it easy to move larger items in and out (hence why it was a good choice for storing a motorbike. For added security, the door latch can be fitted with a padlock. I’d also look at installing a shed alarm if you keep anything valuable in there.

The only real downside is assembly, you could assemble it with one person, but two does make life much easier. During the assembly process, I noticed the shed’s lightweight panels made it somewhat flimsy, particularly on a windy day, until everything is assembled and screwed into place. It took more effort and an extra pair of hands to keep the panels in place as we built the walls.

That being said, the clear, easy-to-follow instructions and well-labelled parts were a huge plus, making the overall assembly process manageable despite the challenges.The 40-page instruction booklet initially seemed daunting, but it turned out to be quite helpful throughout the build. Once completed, the shed looked great and was really sturdy.


  • Smart looking shed in beige (adobe) and dark grey (anthracite).
  • Constructed of high quality plastic that’s rust proof, weather resistant and fire retardant.
  • Wall style is louvered for a contemporary look.
  • Gable roof with two air vents, one at each end on the gable.
  • Double doors are tall and wide and the handles take a padlock.
  • Floor panel is included.
  • Metal roof supports 20lbs/sq. ft of snow.
  • Interior steel beans of heavy-duty galvanised steel for support.
  • Comes flat packed and needs two people to put it together.
  • Dimensions: 2.5m (length) by 1.71m (width) by 2.1m (height).

My Recommendation

While the Duramax YardMate 5ft x 8ft PLUS Plastic Garden Shed may not quite match the quality of my Keter shed, it’s still a solid alternative for those seeking a contemporary-looking and functional plastic shed. Be prepared for a slightly more challenging assembly process, and consider getting some help and a couple of beers to ensure a smooth and successful build.

4. Lifetime 15ft W x 8ft D Apex Plastic Shed

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Lifetime 60079 Outdoor Storage Shed, Desert Sand, 15 x 8 ft - Double Door

The Lifetime 15ft W x 8ft D Apex Plastic Shed offers space and superior strength when it comes to construction. This is one of the best plastic shed brands I have seen, easily on par with Keter. This plastic shed is designed beautifully adding a touch of décor to your garden and a great conversation piece when you have company over. The shed is made from heavy-density polyethylene that is strong and very durable. Maybe more importantly for some people, it’s very low maintenance with no painting and treating worry about.

It’s easy for you and your garden tools to enter the shed through the central strong double doors in the long wall, or the double doors in each of the end walls. You can lock these steel-reinforced doors to keep your stuff safe, which for most people is a must. This model is designed to withstand the outdoors because it is UV treated so it will not fade; it’s also fire-resistant. No matter how cold or how hot it gets, you can rest easy knowing that your items are protected in a shed that handles just about whatever mother nature (and life) throws at it.

It’s easy to see what you have stored at the back of the shed thanks to the two skylights and the windows installed. The windows are shatterproof making it safe for young children to play around them. Their material is more durable in general and much more secure than glass.

The roof is supported by steel trusses to give it extra stability and strength. No water will collect on the roof during heavy rain. However, it’s advisable to clear snow away because the weight of it can issues on the roof, a common problem with sheds. There is a reinforcement kit to strengthen the roof but still sweep it clear yourself if you do regularly get heavy snow, such as in Scotland.

This American-made shed is well ventilated preventing the accumulation of odours. This easy to assemble shed requires low maintenance and offers longevity of service. You may need an extra pair of hands during assembly to make the process run faster as it can be a little awkward to manage the sides on your own. The assembly instructions are a bit wanting in detail but nonetheless manageable. However, some online reviewers report that it takes at least two people up to 10 hours and intense concentration to put this shed together, even after watching the YouTube video. So be prepared!

I recommend this model for those who require a sizeable and premium shed that has aesthetic appeal.


  • A premium shed made from heavy-density polyethylene that looks like a little cottage or playhouse in your garden.
  • Easy to access through the double doors on the long wall and a single door at one end.
  • Doors are reinforced with steel to give you the utmost security for the garden tools and machines inside.
  • The structure is UV-treated to prevent fading and also fire resistant to keep everything as it is.
  • Two shatterproof windows in a long wall and two skylights in the roof let natural light in so you can see what you’re doing inside.
  • The roof is supported by steel trusses to withstand some weight from the snow.
  • Comes with shelves to start your organisation tasks.
  • Dimensions: 457cm (length); 244 (width); and 241cm (height).


  • Difficult to assemble, even with YouTube video.

Our recommendation

If you require something that provides unbeatable strength design-wise then the Lifetime 15 Ft Apex Plastic Shed is appropriate and well worth considering. Made from high-density polyethylene, this shed can withstand impact and the elements. Both the doors and the roof are supported by steel reinforcements, making the structure strong compared to models that just use plastic alone. It comes with all the necessary parts including a floor and shatterproof windows. All in all, this model suits many gardens as long as there is adequate space.

The Lifetime 15 Ft Apex Plastic Shed is our choice for Runner-up in this review. Yes, it’s a little more expensive than some other sheds, but if you’re looking for a large plastic garden shed with a strong visual appeal, this model is well worth considering.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

5. Keter 6ft x 6ft Factor Shed

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Keter 17197898 Factor Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, Beige, 6 x 6 ft

The Keter Factor line of sheds come in a variety of sizes, all with the same outstanding quality and features as the other Keter products. I chose the 6ft x 6ft shed for this review because it’s a good size for all the tools that the regular domestic gardener has. Plus some extra room for kids’ bikes, a paddling pool and so on.

The Keter Factor shed is built from quality materials, as you would expect from a Keter shed. It has a steel-reinforced structure and a hard and robust floor. The all-important roof skylight and side window allow more natural light into the shed so you can find things easily. The outside of the shed has a texture that adds visual interest, but I’m not convinced that it looks like the advertised wood grain.

Two opening doors in the front wall make storing large items easy. This model comes with two shelves so you can put your tools and other small items out of the way where they’re easy to find.


  • The high-quality materials and construction of this shed live up to the Keter brand name.
  • Double doors in the front wall make storing large items straightforward.
  • Steel reinforced structure for safety and security as well as longevity.
  • Single window and skylight let in natural light for good visibility.
  • Two shelves are included to start you on your quest for a tidy shed.
  • Vent to ensure good air circulation and prevent nasty smells from building up.
  • A heavy-duty floor panel is included to ensure you have level ground to put the shed on.
  • Dimensions: External 182cm (length); 257cm (width); and 243cm (height) and Internal: 162cm (length); 237cm (width); and 239cm (height).


  • Need to provide your own padlock to lock the shed.

Our recommendation

The Keter Factor line of sheds come in a wide range of sizes. The 6ft by 6ft one I review is plenty big enough for garden tools and kids’ toys, as well as garden furniture all stacked up. The front-opening double doors give you full access to all of the inside so you can carefully place everything in the most efficient arrangement to use all the storage space to its best advantage. (Think Tetris.) The high-quality materials and construction of this Keter Factor shed (with just a little care from you) ensure that it lasts for years.

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Look for something a little smaller to store your garden tools – check out my review where I have compared the best garden storage boxes.

6. Palram 6ft x 8ft Skylight Amber Plastic Shed

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Palram SkyLight Shed 6x8ft Durable Storage – Amber

Looking like a log cabin, the Palram Skylight Amber Plastic Shed has some unique features that you don’t often find on other plastic sheds. Plus, Palram is one of the best makers of sheds on the market.

I review the 6ft by 8ft shed and this amount of storage is enough for those who have lots of tools to store, from garden lawnmowers and strimmers to power tools, and also your patio set. Other sizes of sheds range from 4ft by 6ft to 6ft by 12ft.

Palram sheds are made from strong polycarbonate panels that are virtually unbreakable. For added strength, they have aluminium and galvanised steel frames. However, some online reviewers state that the panels are a little thinner than they anticipated.

Notice there are no windows on this model. This reduces the risk of people breaking in through any windows. But our first thoughts are that it’s going to be dark inside, which is a bit of a negative.

Well, the smart designers at Palram have thought of that and have fitted this shed with a tinted light-transmitting roof. This clever design lets plenty of light into the shed, so you will have no problem finding your tools and other stuff. You have enough light to see everything, all without compromising on strength and security.

Finally, the shed has a non-slip floor and ramp. This is great because you can push a wheelbarrow or the lawnmower into the shed with ease, with no awkward lifting to get it through the door. Finally, as you would expect, the doors can be locked with a padlock for security.


  • Premium shed with unique features for additional security so your stored items are extra safe.
  • Polycarbonate panels are durable, extra strong and almost unbreakable.
  • The frame is aluminium and galvanised steel for extra strength and security.
  • A windowless structure so no-one can break in that way.
  • A tinted light-transmitted roof lets natural light into the shed so you can see your belongings when you’re inside.
  • Non-slip floor so nothing slides about as you rearrange your garden paraphernalia.
  • Ramp lets you easily wheel your heavy garden machinery inside.
  • Ten-year warranty so your items are safe for a long time.


  • Panels are a little thinner than expected.

Our recommendation

Don’t let the look of this log cabin deceive you. The Palram Skylight Amber Plastic Shed is a structure whose designers have taken great length to ensure the utmost in security features. The polycarbonate panels are extra strong and you can’t break in through the windows because there aren’t any. Natural light comes in through the roof. The frame is aluminium and galvanised steel so it’s difficult to twist out of the way. But it’s easy to put all your possessions into the shed using the ramp.

The Palram Skylight Amber Plastic Shed is a good choice if the security of your garden equipment is always on your mind.

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7. Duramax 10ft x 8ft Premier Series Shed

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Duramax WoodSide 10 x 8 (8.02 m2) Plastic Garden Shed with 3 Fixed Windows & Metal Foundation Kit, Strong Metal Roof Structure Fire Retardant and Maintenance-Free Storage Shed - Ivory/Brown

If you need lots of garden storage space and you have the room, the Duramax 10ft x 8ft Premier Series Shed fits the bill. This polyvinyl shed boasts an impressive 481 cubic feet of storage room with tall and wide double doors, so you don’t need to worry about having to twist and push your oversized items inside it.

The shed’s fire-retardant panels are both strong and durable. Add in the reinforced steel frame and the roof truss support, and you’ve got a structure that can withstand the heavy strain you may put on it with the equipment you store. However, this model comes without a base. There’s a foundation package but there are no details on either the sales website or the manufacturer’s site as to what this is. Online reviewers confirm that you do have to supply plywood or concrete to put this shed on.

The double doors at the front open for easy access to the interior and the three windows, two in the front and one on the right side let light in. You need to provide your own padlock to lock this shed up.


  • Large polyvinyl panels are supported by a steel structure for strength and longevity.
  • Double doors are wide and tall to let strangely shaped objects through.
  • Three windows let natural light into the dark interior so you can find things easily.
  • Storage space is an impressive 481 cubic feet.


  • Comes without a base.
  • Comes without a padlock.

Our recommendation

The Duramax 10ft x 8ft Premier Series Shed is one of the largest sheds in our review. It’s a solid shed that can hold pretty much all your garden and patio equipment, tools and furniture in its 481 cubic feet of space. The tall and wide doors give you the facility to take awkward and oversized items through the doorway, though stacking them up efficiently may be another matter. This is a worthy consideration for those who have mounds of outdoor belongings to hide away, although you do need to provide the base it stands on.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a plastic garden shed doesn’t involve many decisions. You’ve already made the main one by choosing plastic over metal or wood. Here are the other decisions you need to make.

A large plastic garden shed my wife uses to store childrens toys at the childrens nursery
A large plastic garden shed my wife uses to store childrens toys at the childrens nursery


The size of the best shed for you depends on just a few considerations and some honest appraisal.

How much space do you have?

Be realistic about this. Although you may the room for a large shed, do you want it to be the focal point of your outdoor space? If you want your shed tucked out of the way, how much room do you really have behind the garage? Are you prepared to remove a few bushes or trees to make the room that you need?

Also consider how much room you need to fully open the doors. And what about the space requirements in front of the door for you to roll your lawnmower into the shed?

Plastic shed being build

What do you want to use the shed for?

If all or part of the shed is to be a workspace, you obviously need to look for a model on the larger side. Storage is easier to work out the shed size for, as long as you’re honest about how much garden equipment, kids’ garden toys and patio furniture you want to store in there. And don’t forget your ability (or not) to stack things up, Tetris-like, so as not to leave unused gaps.

I came across many online reviewers who were surprised that the size of the shed they received was smaller than what they expected. I think that this may have sometimes been because they went with the measurements in the shed’s name. These measurements are usually the external or outside measurements, the shed’s footprint, and not the measurements inside the shed.

In my review, I’ve done our best to identify the internal/inside measurements where they were available. This is how much actual storage space you have inside the shed. These are the measurements to go by.  


It’s one thing to have a large shed but another to find out that the door is too small or in the wrong place to get oversized or awkwardly shaped items through the doorway. Look for sheds that have double doors and even taller than usual doors, especially if you have large or wide items to put away.

A ramp is also useful to wheel lawnmowers or wheelbarrows easily up.

Low maintenance Plastic shed in garden


All but one of the garden sheds in our review comes with their own built-in base. If you have your own base ready, perhaps a raised wooden deck or a concrete pad, then you can look for a shed without a base. If you don’t, then be aware that a shed without an included base will cost you extra for the plywood or concrete blocks to provide it with flooring. Make sure that, whatever base you use, you have very level ground to put it on.

Colour and style

The good news is that plastic garden sheds are weatherproof, rustproof, rotproof and extremely low maintenance. They don’t need painting or treating and you just need to wash them down occasionally to remove the dust and grime. The downside of this is that you can’t change their colour, so you have to take the usually neutral browns and beiges that they come in. Most plastic garden sheds definitely put function over style, but some more visually attractive ones can be found.

Wondering how easy a plastic shed is to build – watch the video below as a good example with a Keter plastic shed


You want your stored items to be snug and safe in your garden shed. At the very least, any doors in the plastic shed should have padlock bars for you to put your own padlock through to secure the door. Some sheds come with their own locking system. One of the models in our review, the Palram Skylight Amber Plastic Shed, is designed with security considerations foremost in mind.


What are the advantages of a plastic shed over any other material?

What makes plastic sheds appealing to many people is they are literally maintenance-free because they require no painting. Plastic shed panels are often made from strong polypropylene resin which is robust, yet flexible and fade resistant to keep it looking good for many years. Some manufacturers even give 10 year guarantees with their sheds.

Plastic sheds are weatherproof, rustproof and rotproof. As long as the vents (usually on the gables are open, the airflow helps to prevent the build up of nasty smells and mould inside. As the plastic panels are moulded, they can be made to any size so you find a wide range of shed sizes. You can buy a plastic garden shed as small as 4ft by 3ft up to 12ft by 24ft and even larger.

Are plastic sheds waterproof?

Yes, but only to an extent.

Plastic itself is a waterproof material so rain won’t come through the sides of your shed. The roof of most sheds are slanted up to a point so the rain will run down and off them, so you’re okay there.

However, as with any structure, rain will find its way in through any crevice, crack or opening. Make sure you put the shed together with great attention to the joins. Seal up any opening, however small, that you find. And go into the shed during a rainstorm and visually check all the walls, the roof and the floor for any leaks.

Final Conclusion

Stopping your garden and other outdoor spaces from becoming cluttered with equipment, tools, toys and unused furniture is much easier when you have a shed to store everything in. Plastic sheds are exceedingly low maintenance (just wash them down occasionally) and are weatherproof, strong and long-lasting. They come in a full range of sizes to suit both your available space and the amount of stuff you have. Some of them are visually appealing and can add to your garden decor while others are more unobtrusive and won’t stand out.

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