Best Pruning Saws – Top 10 Reviews & Comparisons

Best Pruning Saws – Top 10 Reviews & Comparisons

Best Pruning Saws – Top 10 Reviews & Comparisons

Best Pruning Saw Reviews

Do you feel irritated by those branches that grow out of arms reach? If the answer is yes and you not only want to cut them, but do it with ease, then a pruning saw is exactly what you need. This type of saw is made with either a sharp curved blade or straight blade with a secure, comfortable handle. It is especially handy for those branches with thickness of 1.5inches or more that are relatively hard to reach.

Yet, these tools are among the most confusing to buy. Most of them look similar in shape, size, or even style but the quality is usually not the same. So, how do you differentiate the best pruning saw from the vast options available on the market

Don’t worry. We have just the right tips on choosing the right pruning saw in our buyer’s guide just further below. You will also find our top 10 products in our pruning saw reviews section.

Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw and Holster Review

Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw and Holster


Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw and Holster

  • It comes with triple ground teeth for smooth cutting action through thicker branches.
  • It is fitted with 250mm blade, ideal for thick branches.
  • Supplied with a holster with non-slip TPR grip for housing the blade when not in use.
  • It is compact so it easily cuts through confined spaces.
  • Made of high-quality materials so it is backed with a 10-year guarantee.

Pruning Saw Buyer's Guide

Here are the things you should look at when buying a pruning saw:

Intended use

Saws come in different designs and they can serve various purposes. Some saws are just for pruning while others can be used for camping, bushcraft and survival, among other uses. So ensure the saw suits your intended purpose. A rule of thumb especially for a pruning saw should be able to cut branches of up to 5 inches in thickness. And if the branch is thicker than 10 inches, then a chainsaw will be the best choice.

Comfort and ease of use

If you can’t prune with ease, then it’s better not to go to work. Looking for a saw with a superior design and an easy grip handle is paramount. Also, keep in mind the size of the saw and size of your hand plus the comfort of the tool with gloves on. Ergonomically designed handles are the best and the best places to find such information is on pruning saw reviews online and user reviews on sites like Amazon.

Type of blade and build material

Blade come in straight and curved designs. The straight blades are especially good for cutting thicker branches while the curved blades are better for smaller branches. When it comes to material, steel and carbon or chrome-plated dominate the market but you will also find blades made of alloy. Alloys tend to be sharper and they have superior high tensile strengths.

Teeth configuration

An important factor to consider is the number of teeth per inch (tpi). A high tpi means that you will get a smoother cuts. Keep in mind the size of teeth too. Larger teeth cut deeper and faster than small teeth. Be sure that the teeth will give a reliable performance.

Right or left handed

Some pruning saw manufacturers fail to consider left-handedness. For instance, by integrating an operable lock, the saw becomes impractical for a left handed user. So if you are left-handed, then you will have to factor in a saw without an operable lock.

Portability and compactness

Consider the fold mechanism especially for folding saws; it should be easy to open and fold notwithstanding the intended use.


Online pruning saw reviews are a good place to start when you are looking for a saw. Learning about the experiences of others will help you to know if to go for the tool or not.


Pruning saws have extremely sharp tools and if they have not handled correctly, they make cause accidental severe cuts to the user. Therefore, the presence of a lock-in or lock-out mechanism is a great safety feature to prevent unintentional sliding of the blade. A sheath is also handy for storing the blade when not in use.


Usually there is a huge temptation to purchase the cheapest tool in the market but that should not be the case. Many of the cheap saws are less durable. Look for a high-quality saw even if it’s expensive, in the long run it’s the long-term value that matters.


 Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw and Holster Review


Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw and Holster Review

Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw and Holster

Coming from a famous sword manufacturer, the Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw and Holster is designed to saw through thick branches effortlessly. It has a non-slip grip which allows you to firmly hold the tool while pruning. Triple ground teeth on its 250mm blade deliver smooth cuts and the advantage is that the blade cuts both forward and backwards. The overall length is 440mm.

It features a robust design and the addition of a holster to hold the pruning saw when not in use is a big plus. It just tells that Wilkinson had a typical gardener in mind when making this tool. You can attach the holster to a belt when wandering around the garden to find those long branches that need pruning.

The handle is angled in a way that’s comfortable to hold and make those pull and push cuts with minimal effort. This pruning saw is ultra-sharp and its small size means it can penetrate through those confined spaces where a full size saw cannot. Wilkinson prides themselves in manufacturing high-quality, durable tools and this pruning saw is gives enough evidence with reassuring 10-year guarantee. Be sure to prune through several seasons to come.


  • Highly durable tool that comes with a 10-year guarantee
  • It cuts through thick branches and delivers smooth cuts.
  • It comes with a holster for safe storage.
  • Very comfortable in hand because of the non-slip grip handle.
  • Small enough to reach into confined spaces.


  • We didn’t find any flaws with this tool.

Would we recommend - The Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw and Holster is a handy tool designed for all sorts of pruning tasks in your garden. Its blade is very well made from extremely strong Japanese steel which is perhaps why the tool has an overwhelming guarantee.

When it comes to performance, this little ninja is a beast. It cuts through thick branches like a knife through butter. It is easy to handle and even comes with a holster for exceptional storage. For the price of under £20, this is a fantastic saw for making those clean cuts. It’s even hard to find any drawbacks.

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw (396LAP) Review


Bahco Laplander Folding Saw Review

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

The Bahco Laplander Folding Saw is a popular tool for a wide range of uses including pruning, bushcraft and survival, and general sawing up of twigs. It uses Bahco’s unique XT toothing which has been designed as a fine and extremely sharp that enables quick and efficient cutting. It will prune trees for many years due to its rust protection and low friction. It even has 7TPI for delivering those smoother cuts.

This folding saw features a 2-component plastic handle with a leather strap which ensures a pretty strong grip. Due to the well figured-out ergonomics of this saw, it feels comfortable when holding and working it. Therefore, we find it ideal for tougher jobs.

It comes with a 7 1/2 inch blade which easily cuts through dry wood, plastic or even bone. Such is the quality that makes it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, these include hunters, campers and wildlife enthusiasts. The blade cuts in both directions so both pushing and pulling will see you cut through the material at hand.



  • The 7 1/2 inch blade makes for fine cuts quickly.
  • It has both front and back stroke; cuts in both ways for increased effectiveness.
  • Comfortable to handle and use due to its ergonomic design.
  • Enhanced performance thanks to the rust-protection features on blade.Easy to carry around because of the tough folding sheath and safety lock-in and lock-out feature.


  • It is extremely sharp; you might end up with some nicks on your fingers if you are not careful enough with this.

Would we recommend - The Bahco Laplander Folding Saw is an extremely sharp tool that will cut through almost anything you throw at it; wood, bone, plastic, and more. It has an exceptional construction including a durable blade, comfortable handle, and corrosion-resistant material, making the tool to last a long time.

We would recommend it to those who want to get on with tough cutting tasks in garden such as dealing with thicker stems and branches that ordinary cutters would not manage. It can also be a great tool for outdoor junkies of all kind as it is light, compact and safe to carry around. Be careful when using this saw as it is very sharp.

Bahco 4212146T Pruning Saw 360mm / 14 inch Review


Bahco 4212146T Pruning Saw Review

Bahco 4212146T Pruning Saw

Another pruning saw from a reputable manufacturer, the Bahco 4212146T Pruning Saw 360mm / 14 inch has a curved design that is ideal for pruning above shoulder height. It only cuts on the pull stroke but it gets the job done quickly and easily.

The handle on this saw is designed in a slightly slanting shape that fits perfect in hand and it is very comfortable. The blade is stable and strong in spite of the small size and light weight of this saw. The relatively small size is good for manoeuvrability.

Dealing with saws can be a risky business so this tool comes with a plastic blade guard that keeps the viciously sharp blade. A sheath can be bought separately for extra protection. The hook on the perfectly designed handle prevents your hand from sliding off the end. It also enables hanging the saw on your ladder and thus gives a free hand to guide a tumbling branch.

The teeth on this saw are set to prevent sawdust clogging whilst you cut through branches and they can be re-sharpened after several weeks of use.


  • Delivers neat cuts due to the sawdust-free set teeth.
  • Strong handle with hook for hanging the saw.
  • A replacement saw is available if need be.
  • Lightweight saw; you can take it anywhere with you and maneuver it anyhow
  • It comes with a blade storage facility


  • It is susceptible to rust if left in the open.
  • The blade has a low friction coating which wears off after many uses thus reducing performance.
  • It cuts on pull stroke only.

Would we recommend - The Bahco 4212146T Pruning Saw 360mm / 14 inch is very good at cutting branches thanks to its blade shape, low-friction coating and toothing arrangement. It feels good in the hand due to the shape of its handle that fits perfect in your hand. The hooked handle shape is also good as you can hang the saw on a branch as you reach out to another one.

Unfortunately, it only cuts on pull stroke which is a bit slow compared to a saw that cuts in both ways. Its performance also declines as time goes by and it can rust if left to the elements.

It is a great choice for overhead pruning in any case, and it comes at an affordable price. Try to find a sheath for this saw if you intend to buy this for the safety of your fingers.

Silky Sugowaza Pruning Saw Review


Silky Sugowaza Pruning Saw Review

Silky Sugowaza Pruning Saw

The Silky Sugowaza Pruning Saw is a very helpful tool when doing chainsaw work. It is very sharp and easily cuts down thick branches with its 16.5 inch blade, tapered from the tooth tip to the back spine. This helps to reduce resistance while delivering smooth, easy and fast cutting performance. The teeth features Silky’s Mirai-Me design which couples up with the exceptional Ono Japan NKS85 steel blade to deliver unparalleled cutting efficiency and performance.

Along the length of the blade are 4 cutting angles that leave a clean, smooth surface when cutting. The saw cuts on pull stroke for enhanced control and ergonomic benefit. There is a slip guard featuring a chrome finish and is especially made to protect gloves from accidental cuts and nicks by teeth or thorns. The blade can be replaced by removing the screws and slip guard.

A large grooved rubber handle feels comfortable in the hand and it offers maximum grip in wet cold and wet conditions while reducing vibration. Like every Sugowaza saw, this pruning saw comes complete with custom scabbard featuring a D-ring along with strap slots to facilitate attachment to tool board/curtain, belt or leg.

This model is available in 6.5 teeth per inch configuration and weighs only 750g, and that we think is quite lightweight. To ensure the Silky Sugowaza Pruning Saw lasts long, make sure you don’t put it away when wet as it will rust pretty quickly. Sometimes a quick maintenance spray will be handy.


  • The blade has a longer working life boosted by the Silky Mirai-ME technology.
  • It cuts fast and smoothly because of the extremely sharp teeth with 4 cutting angles.
  • It is comfortable to hold even in wet conditions due to the rubber handle.
  • Extremely lightweight with only 750g.
  • Safe to work with thanks to the protective slip guard.


  • It is susceptible to rust if not well maintained.
  • The blade starts to lose its sharpness after some time.

Would we recommend - The Silky Sugowaza Pruning Saw makes pruning an absolute breeze and there are many factors that make it possible. Along with the much better grip is the slip guard above the handle that stops you from smashing your fingers or slipping onto the blade. In addition, the Sugowaza is a pretty lightweight model making it ideal to use for extended hours.

There are reports that the blade loses its sharpness after a number of uses but the manufacturer has it that it can be easily replaced. You also have to ensure that your saw is well maintained for in to last long.

Overall, the Silky Sugowaza Pruning Saw is an excellent tool for easily cutting down green hardwood. With clean, smooth cutting performance, the Sugowaza is on top of the game.

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Small Folding Pruning Saw Review

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Small Folding Pruning Saw

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Small Folding Pruning Saw

This is a handy saw to cover those tasks that are beyond the large clippers. The Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Small Folding Pruning Saw features a 7inch carbon steel blade which is hollow ground to enhance efficiency and cutting performance. Precision cutting is also a top priority of this tool featuring extremely sharp 7ppi teeth, which cuts on the back stroke.

The blade can be locked in either open or closed position and this kind of protects it from slipping onto your fingers especially when it’s open. The handle has a rubber layer which provides a nice grip and feels comfortable to use. You will better off with gloves if you are going to work for long hours because rubber may cause blisters to sweaty hands.

On the handle is a perfectly designed storage port where the saw folds back in when not in use. At 118g, the Razorsharp Small Folding Pruning Saw is an ultra-lightweight tool but tough enough to take on all sorts of gardening cutting jobs, all day long. It is also small enough to get into those tight corners. From cutting down an old edge to hacking through bamboo and small tree branches, the tool is a real boon.


  • It has a strong blade that will last a long time.
  • It cuts precisely because of the 7ppi ultra sharp teeth.
  • The blade folds back into the storage for user and blade protection.
  • Also, the blade can stay in both locked open and closed positions.
  • It is very lightweight.


  • Not effective with heavy duty cutting as the blade is not much strong as advertised.

Would we recommend - The Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Small Folding Pruning Saw is very easy to use thanks to its small size and its light weight. It cuts fine and smoothly on most trees but it is really effective for cutting soft branches. It does offer a firm grip with or without gloves and is also well-designed to use and store safely. If you are in pursuit of a well-cared for garden, this affordable tool from Spear & Jackson might just be what you need.

Draper 43860 230 mm Folding Pruning Saw Review


Draper 43860 230 mm Folding Pruning Saw

Draper 43860 230 mm Folding Pruning Saw

The Draper 43860 230 mm Folding Pruning Saw is a nicely designed garden tool that cuts easily through branches that are far too big for secateurs. It features a curved saw blade with hardened and tempered with small and large teeth for a high performance cut.

The teeth are super sharp and the taper ground rust-resistant blade is designed to fold back into the handle when not in use. Handle design is unique; while most blades on foldable pruning saws have the storage port sliced into the actual handle, the storage on this one is separately crafted over the handle. Basically, there is an opening in between the storage port and the actual handle where you can get your hand through to hold the tool, whether in use or not in use. This opening is not a size-fits all but it’s relatively large enough even or large hands.

A soft grip handle makes for comfortable use while a blade safety lock holds the blade open securely when in use and closed when out of use. It is also relatively light so it’s not tedious. The saw works in both ways which makes cutting branches a lot easy.


  • The blade has very sharp teeth which saw branches easily.
  • It lasts long because of the rust-resistant blade.
  • It comes with a nice, unique storage compartment.
  • Safe to use the saw due to the locking mechanism.


  • The blade is a bit wobbly when in lock-in position.

Would we recommend - The Draper 43860 230 mm Folding Pruning Saw is an incredibly designed tool with super sharp teeth that cut branches with minimal effort. We like the way the blade folds back into the storage handle when not in use and the lock mechanism that actually makes it easy to use the tool. It is also light, comfortable and small enough to get into tight corners. This is an excellent choice for those mid-range pruning tasks in your garden.

Fiskars Large Xtract Garden Saw Review


Fiskars Large Xtract Garden Saw Review

Fiskars Large Xtract Garden Saw

Talk of an innovative design and so is the Fiskars Large Xtract Garden Saw. It features a 255mm blade which slides out with the help of an easily adjustable nut and it retracts into the blade when not in use. It can be operated with or without gloves but the latter use is the safest. The handle fits into the hand really well and it is very comfortable in use even when working for long hours.

The blade is super sharp with strong long teeth which eat deep into the wood for fast cutting action. It is also designed to cut close to the trunk of the trees to in order to avoid leaving snugs. The cut is on the return and the rate of cut through green wood is rapid.

There is a loop on the handle that allows the saw to be hung from a belt or anything of that sort. The small size also makes it ideal for cutting in confined spaces where other tools such as a bow saw might not fit. The lightweight frame helps to reduce hand and arm fatigue when cutting especially for overhead branches. It is also makes it easy to transport coupled with its retractable design. This tool can also be used a great camping tool.


  • It cuts through material quickly because of its large teeth.
  • Easy to carry and transport due to its lightweight and retractable design.
  • The handle is very comfortable in use and less tedious.
  • It cuts through tight spaces because of its small size.


  • The blade bends if you don’t cut straight down.

Would we recommend - This is a superb saw for larger pruning jobs around the garden. We love the way it fits into the hand and the ease of transporting this tool. The cutting is exceptional because of its strong, long teeth and the locking mechanism is advantageous for safety. It is also ideal for getting into those tight spaces.

One thing, however, is that you have to be careful when dealing with the blade as it bends when not worked correctly. Apart from that, it’s a great piece of kit for anyone with a mature garden and they want to keep it well maintained.

Felco 600 folding pull-stroke pruning saw Review

Felco 600 folding pull stroke pruning saw Review

Felco 600 folding pull stroke pruning saw

Just like all other products from Felco, the Felco 600 folding pull-stroke pruning saw is a well-made kit. It features a pull-stroke cutting action with its rust-resistant chromed blade made of steel for clean, precise cuts. The saw is uniquely designed with taper ground and the teeth are honed to precise knife-edge sharpness. This makes for faster and easier pull action than other ordinary saws. Even more, the teeth can be heat treated to deliver extra clean, precise cuts.

The shape of the blade is thicker at the top and thinner at the bottom which ensures the teeth stay in good contact with the material to be cut. This design also ensures that there is no clogging or binding since the blade sides never come into contact with timber.

This saw is maintenance free and if anything the parts can be replaced. With a comfortable non-slip handle, sawing with this tool is a breeze. Furthermore, it is relatively small to reach out to those tight places. As far as it cuts through thick branches, don’t use it regularly to cut branches thicker than 4’’ thick as it may lose the tips. This is also a pretty lightweight tool weighing about 200g.


  • It gives smooth, precise cuts because of the patented turbo-cut saw design.
  • The chrome plated steel blade is highly durable.
  • All parts can be replaced if necessary.
  • It is easy to use thanks to the comfortable non-slip handle and light weight.
  • It is lightweight and small enough to cut through confined spaces.
  • The set and shape of the teeth prevents sap build up.


  • It is quite flimsy and doesn’t stay firmly in closed position.

Would we recommend - The Felco 600 folding pull-stroke pruning saw is a good sizeable tool and light to carry at all times. A non-slip handle ensures it is comfortable in hand even if it gets wet and the turbo-cut saw cuts exceptionally good. It is one of the durable saws available since it has the chrome plating that makes it rust-resistant. The shape of it also ensures no clogging or sap build up. The fact that all the parts can be replaced also makes it a standout product.

Unfortunately, the Felco 600 is a bit flimsy, not as expected for a tool from a reputable manufacturer. It does bend if handled badly and in the worst case you might get a severe cut. In any case, it is a good saw for cutting branches with mid-range thickness and it’s fairly affordable.

Top Rated Powered Pruning Saws

BLACK+DECKER RS890K-GB Scorpion-Powered Hand Saw Review

**Best Value Pruning Saw**

BLACK+DECKER Scorpion-Powered Hand Saw

BLACK+DECKER Scorpion-Powered Hand Saw

This is an incredibly versatile handsaw, combining a saw, jig saw and prune in one unit. It cuts through a wide range of materials including wood, metal and plastic as well as being ideal for pruning branches. The BLACK + DECKER RS890K-GB Scorpion-Powered Hand Saw is quite an advanced saw featuring Autoselect technology that enables you to choose the ideal setting to the application. It delivers 0 -2700 strokes per minute with a stroke length of 23cm and this results to easy cuts through various materials.

Talking of the various functions, the first is sawing mode that enables you to cut rough timber. The second is pruning mode for pruning trees and large shrubs. Then there is jigsaw mode which allows you to do detail cutting. You can also cut pipes and conduit with the sawing function.

To easily swap between different applications, the tool features a tool-free push button for blade changing and it is time and energy saving. The unit has a 3m long cable which we don’t find ideal for most outdoor pruning jobs, but it’s great for indoor work.

It has an extensive soft grip for your comfort especially during prolonged use. Featuring a patented steady shoe that easily flips out, the tool can be rested against a branch when working and thus makes it easier to cut through branches. The shoe can also be rested on the material which provides stability during application but this applies only when used in jigsaw mode. The tool is supplied with a kit box for carrying the tool and it comes with a 2-year guarantee.


  • Highly versatile handsaw that comes with three blades for various tasks.
  • It cuts super-fast with its ability to make up to 2700 strokes per minute.
  • Autoselect technology enables you to select the right settings for different applications.
  • Easy to change the blades with an easy dial up system.
  • It is quite stable because of the large shoe surface area.
  • It is easy to transport thanks to the supplied kit box.


  • It is quite heavy and difficult to manage because of its shape.
  • Accuracy is not great particularly in jigsaw mode.
  • The cable is relatively short, could do with a few meters long.

Would we recommend - This is a good multi-tool handsaw that combines a saw, jigsaw and prune. Versatility, of course, is its biggest advantage and it’s even enhanced with the Autoselect technology which allow you to choose the right setting for specific application. There are three blades in this tool and it’s easy to interchange them in a simple push of a button. Stability is also on the high due to the large shoe surface.

On the downside, this thing is incredibly heavy for pruning jobs. It’s hard to imagine how long you can cut overhead branches carrying 3.7kg tool, you definitely must work with a ladder. Even so, the cable is still short for reaching to those high branches.

Therefore, we find it ideal for pruning low level plants like along the fence or paths. If you are looking for a tool that you can use for pruning and other gardening jobs, the BLACK+DECKER RS890K-GB Scorpion-Powered Hand Saw is an excellent pick. And, if you are an aspiring carpenter and can beat the price.

Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw Review

**Best Cordless Pruning Saw**

Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw Review

Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw

This is a compact and lightweight garden saw from a manufacturer with a reputation of manufacturing highly durable garden tools. The Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw is battery powered by 10.8 Li-ion battery. It is designed to fill the gap between chainsaws and secateurs, where the obvious alternative for cutting mid-range branches would be a handheld pruning saw.

It features a detachable A-grip hook which provides improved performance even on unsupported branches. The hook eliminates the need for your other hand to support the branch while cutting so you can work singlehanded. Its lightweight frame is also vital for such operation. Without the hook, the tool is only 900g, while it weighs 1.1kg with the hook.

It features the patented Bosch SDS system which makes blade changing easy and without any tools. Clean cutting is possible with the Swiss precision blades fitted in the Bosch KEO. With the A-grip hook attached, it achieves a cutting diameter of 60mm while it reaches 80mm without it. Using any of the blades from the Bosch “All-Purpose” saw range, you can make a wealth of cutting applications around the house and garden.

The KEO Cordless Garden Saw has an ergonomic design with a soft grip handle and is perfectly balanced making it comfortable to use. The battery charges within 3 hours using hi-fi type charger. It also experiences no self-discharge so the tool retains power while stored in cool, dry places. This cordless freedom enables maximum movement without the worry of cutting through cables. There is a safety lock that prevents accidental activation of the tool. Worth mentioning is that Bosch gives a 2-year guarantee on this tool; parts and labour.


  • Powered by a powerful, fast charging lithium-ion battery that is compact and lighter than conventional batteries.
  • It comes with a 2-year guarantee that covers parts and labour.
  • It is supplied with accessories for flexible application.
  • Ergonomically designed and lightweight for comfortable handling for extended working hours.
  • Cordless operation means you can prune everywhere in your garden.
  • It makes clean cuts thanks to the Swiss precision blades.
  • The safety lock feature prevents accidental start.


  • The battery charge doesn’t last long so you will have to recharge it often for prolonged use.
  • Some people find it hard to handle.

Would we recommend - When it comes to battery powered, cordless pruning saws, the Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw is one of the best tools in that category. Working cordless allows you to reach into tight areas and cut branches. The soft grip and ergonomic shape even makes it manoeuvrable. Blade changing is easy and there is a safety feature that prevents accidental activation.

The major drawback with this tool is the battery. Yes it is fast charging but on the other hand it does not hold the charge long enough. Unless you don’t mind frequent re-charging, it might not be perfect for you. We have mixed feelings about its ergonomic design because we found that some users find it difficult to use.

Overall, this is a well-made pruning tool that cuts through those thick awkward branches with ease. For its quality and convenience, this tool is quite expensive. It gets the job done anyway.

Finals thoughts and conclusion

It is evident that there are many pruning saws on the market. In reality, it is even hard to conclusively say that “this” is the best ever product. Here is a little secret, the best pruning saw is the one that suits every aspect of your need best. Do you want to cut thick overhead branches or low level, long overgrown branches? If it can do the job at hand with ease, it’s comfortable to use, and the price is just right, then you can say that you have best tool.

We hope you have learned a lot for our top models. It is hard to rate them but here is our summary;

Our Best Pick

The Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw and Holster is the best pruning saw in our opinion. It cuts really well, exceptionally sharp and it copes with thick branches with complete ease. The handle works well to give an effortless, comfortable cut and the holster is a huge bonus. Durability is a top priority of this tool that comes with a 10-year guarantee. It is a typically high-quality tool from Wilkinson Sword that also comes at a great price.

Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw and Holster Review

Buy the Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw on

Our Best Cordless pruning saw

You are likely to come about battery powered, cordless pruning saws and we had to include such in our reviews, the Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw. Its battery is compact, lightweight and fast charging and it does not self-discharge when not in use.

The tool itself is lightweight and comfortable thanks to the ergonomic design. Accuracy is on top of the game with the Swiss precision blades featured in this tool. It comes with accessory blades for cutting through various materials including wood, metal and plastic.

All you have to do is push a button for tool-free blade changing and you are good to work on the material at hand. It is a very versatile model. It is a bit on the expensive side yet it can last long if well maintained. It is also backed by a 2-year guarantee.

Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw Review

Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw

Buy Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw on

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