Gardening Jobs For January
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Top 5 Best Garden Love Seats – Spoiler, they are not all equal
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Top 5 Best Outdoor Patio Coolers For Your Garden
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Top 5 Best Indoor Smart Garden Kits – Fresh herb & vegetables all year round
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How to grow Hellebores – Planting and care guide for growing Christmas Rose
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Growing fruit trees in containers – The complete growing guide
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Best plants for raised beds and some great ideas for fresh fruit and veg
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How to set up a wormery to create your own nutrient-rich compost and liquid feed
One of the best ways to recycle your used kitchen waste is through a wormery.  But what is a wormery?[...]
How to grow raspberries – Planting, to pruning to harvesting
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Growing Christmas trees in pots
Everyone loves Christmas trees. Thankfully, there are alternatives to buying and disposing of a Christmas tree annually. You can grow[...]
Pruning roses – everything you need to know
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How to grow potatoes in a bag, ideal for smaller gardens
There is nothing better than eating your own home grown potatoes! Gone are the days when you need your own[...]



Last updated on January 2nd, 2021