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Best Walkie Talkie Reviews 

Walkie talkies are no longer for the army persons only, any one might need the services of walkie talkies these days. In this article, we review the top quality walkie talkies and provide recommendations for their best applications. What we soon learnt was that a top quality walkie talkie no longer needs to be expensive as we discovered some very affordable models.

Are you in a hurry? Jump right into our best pick below and see what it has to offer. 

Walkie talkies have become an excellent way of communication between individuals in different set ups. Parents can buy a pair to communicate with their kids, construction workers use them to communicate on site and security guards can't do without good quality walkie talkies. 

The problem as always comes when shopping for these devices, and the problem is choosing the best walkie talkie that meets your needs. We prepared this article with the aim to solve the decision-making problem and so we have a comprehensive buying guide along with walkie talkie reviews. Relax and read through. 

Before we get into the buyers guide, reviews and all that good stuff, below is the winner our our 'Best Pick' the Proster walkie Talkies which we think is the best walkie talkies for most people as they can be used for a variety of applications from home use, to camping to on a large building site. It comes with some great features and best of all are available at a very affordable price.


Proster 3 pairs Walkie Talkie Review
  • Can be used for a wide range of applications - hiking, biking, construction area, business connection, and more.
  • Offers a wide range of channels to choose from 1 - 16 in total.
  • Easy to use; simply tune the devices to the same channel and press a button to talk. 
  • Designed to use freely in the UK on frequency 446 MHz UHF. 
  • Includes DCS and CTCSS function, which help reduce noise and shield external interference for better performance. 
  • Comes with 18 months warranty for full peace of mind.

Our top 6 recommended Walkie Talkies that were impressive enough to make it into our review

  • 1
    Proster Rechargeable Walkie Talkies BEST PICK - Our score 5/5
  • 2
    Binatode Latitude 100 Black/Yellow Twin Pack Walkie - Our score 4.0/5
  • 3
    Binatone Latitude 150 Black/Silver Twin Pack Walkie Talkie - Our score 4.5/5
  • 4
    Motorola Tlkr T92 H2O PMR446 2-Way Walkie Talkie - Our score 4/5
  • 5
    Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme Two-Way Radio - GOOD BUT EXPENSIVE - Our score 5/5
  • 6
    Cobra MT975 PMR446 Walkie Talkie Radio - Our score 4.5/5

Our Buyers Guide

Walkie talkies are available in a wide range of styles and with an array of features. Since there are many brands and models in the market, it can be difficult to know which walkie talkie is perfect for you. In this buying guide, we look at the various types of walkie talkies and how to choose the right device. 

Some good uses of walkie talkies

  • 1
    Walkie talkis for Kids - Kids enjoy playing with toy walkie-talkies. Toy walkie-talkies are made from plastic and are usually very light. Manufacturers make these gadgets in many colours for them to appeal more to children. Most of the children walkie-talkies are powered by double or triple A batteries and are a great way of getting children outdoors. 
  • 2
    Walkie-talkies for disabled and elderly people -  A walkie-talkie is an excellent option for those confined to bed or for senior citizens who may need home care. Walkie-talkies are a great way of communication between disabled or elderly people and their home care nurses. If the home care nurse is busy doing other house tasks, the patient can talk to the nurse via a walkie-talkie if they need assistance. Most of these gadgets come with belt clips so the patient can attach it at their convenient place for easy reach. 
  • 3
    Long-range walkie talkies  - Here you will find walkie-talkies with various ranges. The range of a walkie-talkie depends on its power. For instance, 1-watt wakie-talkies can reach up to 12km, while 2-watt devices can reach up to 32km. In general, the more the power, the greater the range. 
  • 4
    Military walkie talkies - Am sure you have seen the men in uniform use walkie-talkies all the time. Military institutions make use of these gadgets for various purposes. These are much convenient for military use than cell phones because they hide police calls. 
  • 5
    Hunting walkie-talkies - walkie-talkies are essential accessories for roaming the woods in search of prey. Some manufacturers make walkie-talkies that target hunters primarily. Such gadgets come with headsets, boom microphones and car chargers so hunters can choose what suits their environment. 

Best Long Range Model 

Cobra Walkie Talkie Radio Twin Pack

Out of the models we've reviewed, the Cobra MT975 PMR446 Walkie Talkie Radio Twin Pack has the longest maximum range at 12km, more than any other model. However, keep in mind that the range usually varies due to a number of factors including atmospheric pressure and other environmental factors.

Nonetheless, the Cobra MT975 does a good job when it comes to transmission in various conditions. It has some brilliant additions too such as the baby monitor function and desktop rapid charger. It offers 8 channels plus 121 privacy codes, making it a great option for passive and serious activities.

If you looking for something a little more advanced then one of the Motorola models would be a great alternative. If you need a full waterproof model then you will need to invest in the Motorola Waterproof Tlkr T92 H20 PMR446 2-Way Walkie Talkie.

What to look for in a good quality walkie-talkie

When shopping for a walkie talkie, base your purchasing decision on the following factors:

  • Range - This is a top consideration in a walkie-talkie and the very first thing to find out in any device of your choice. Every brand states a maximum specific range their walkie-talkies should reach under ideal conditions, but which are  usually not the real-life scenario in most circumstances. You can find models ranging from as low as 3km to more than 20km. Again, this is usually the case in open surroundings. If you take a look at walkie talkie reviews, you can learn what previous users are saying about the operating range of a particular model. 
  • Channels - These are pre-selected radio frequencies that allow walkie talkie users to communicate with each other. Frequencies are managed and assigned differently governments, and walkie talkies should use lower frequencies since they offer good long range communication. Some gadgets have the ability to alternate channels in order to avoid unnecessary interference, while others have private channel security codes. In any case, walkie talkies are always receiving radio signals by default. To communicate with another person, simply press the button, hold and talk. 
  • Power - This is not only a major factor in a walkie-talkie's transmission range but also a determinant for the device transmission power. Again, more watts implies longer range, vice versa. 
  • Weatherproof - This is a serious factor to consider if you plan to use your walkie talkie in camping, mountaineering, hiking, or any other activity that might expose you to the rain. Depending on the environment you intend to use the device, a waterproof walkie talkie might end up being a must-have.   
  • Weight - It ought to be light for you carry around comfortably. If you plan to use the device for traveling or hiking adventures, then might will matter significantly. The weight of a walkie talkie is determined by the materials used in construction. Plastic devices will generally be lightweight, whilst metal-made walkie talkies will be on the heavy side. 
  • Emergency features - Walkie-talkies with emergency features can be life-saving. For hiking, trekking, and backpacking, for instance, make sure you get a device with emergency features. The features here include built-in flashlight, sirens, SOS flashing and emergency alerts that can be sent to other devices within range. The models we review here include some if not all of these features. 
  • Batteries - Here you may look at various aspects; type of batteries used and battery life. Walkie talkies on the lower end tend to use AA or AAA batteries, while most tow-way devices use Li-ion, NiCad or NiMH batteries. Walkie-talkie batteries are usually rechargeable and manufacturers supply these gadgets with charging accessories. Manufacturers also give estimates of the battery life under normal use of the device, but again you can rely on walkie talkie reviews for battery life information. 
  • Warranty - One characteristic that is usually associated with the highest rated walkie talkies is the manufacturer's warranty. The standard warranty for any product is 1 year but if you find a device backed with a 3-year warranty, then you can trust that brand. 

Our Top 6 Walkie Talkies and Reviews

Proster Rechargeable Walkie Talkies Two Way Radio 16 Channels with Voice Prompt


Proster 3 pairs Walkie Talkie Review

The Walkie Talkies Two Way Radio from Proster offer a great level of convenience to communicate seamlessly over a long range. To be fair, this is a perfectly-balanced communication device when we it comes to features as well as the price range. 

A pair of these device allows two individuals to connect each other within a maximum range of 2 miles, depending on your surrounding. This makes it a handy tool for security guards, bikers, and those working in large areas such as malls and construction sites. 

The device uses UHF 446MHz frequency, which is the civil frequency in the UK. It's totally free to use in the UK - no airtime charges, no contract or bills to pay. The 16 channel memory is also a decent value for a single band radio. Proster has included DCS and CTCSS functions to shield external signal interference and minimise noises. 

There's a built-in flashlight that can help expose your current location and call for during an emergency. Powering this device is a Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 1500mAh. It is coupled with a USB charger to ensure that you stay connected wherever you are, every time. A low battery alarm is available to let you know when the charge runs out and most USB ports like the ones in cars or PCs will charge the Li-Ion battery. There's also a power saving function in case you need to minimise power usage. 

Another thing that you will appreciate is that this device comes with its own earpiece, which not only allows loud and clear communication but also enhances private communication in whatever environment. In the box you will also find 2 x belt clip and 2 x sling, which we also think are useful in handling the device. The Proster Walkie Talkies come in a pair, 2 pairs and 4 pairs so you can choose depending on the number of people you need to communicate with. 


  • Easy to use - simply turn the two devices to the same channel and push a button.
  • Has a built-in LED flashlight that helps in emergency rescue missions.
  • Integrates DCS and CTCSS functions for protecting against external signal interference and minimising noises.
  • Offers a wide range of applications.
  • Has a long connection range of 2 miles.
  • Includes a low battery alarm feature that keeps you on check about battery life. 
  • Supplied with a USB charger that virtually allows charging from any USB port.
  • Comes with a belt clip and sling, which allow you to carry the device while you work hands-free. 
  • 18 months warranty for full peace of mind.


  • No set up instructions. 
  • Not effective in noisy environment.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Proster Walkie Talkies Two Way Radio is designed to meet the needs of individuals in various sectors. We feel it performs better in shorter distances as opposed to the stated 2 miles but as with most walkie talkies, range if effected by obstacles etc so this is probably expected. Besides that, it boasts some handy features for everyday use such as low battery indicator, power saving function, and built-in LED flashlight. 

It has its flaws but if they don't bother you they are not really flaws. Lack of instructions, for instance, will be a big deal for first time users but professionals can always find their way around. To be honest they are very easy to use anyway.

That said, the Proster Walkie Talkies Two Way Radio is a decent outdoor communication device offered at a good price. If you want something to use in open fields, then you can never go wrong with this one. 

They are also available as a set if 4 here and a set of 8 here on Amazon.co.uk

If your looking for a good set of walkie talkies for children then a better choice would be the Binatone 100 Walkie talkies reviewed below.

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Binatone Latitude 100 Black/Yellow Twin Pack Walkie Talkie

Binatone Latitude 100 Twin Pack Walkie Talkie Review

The Binatone Latitude 100 twin Walkie Talkies are of simple and quality build making them perfect for children as well as adults. They come with a molded grip on the handsets for convenience and are light enough to hold, even for small children. For when you are constantly on the move, there are clip belts as well that help to keep them in place.

The Binatone latitude offers great communication for a distance of up to 2 Miles (3 kilometers). Making them ideal for use at home or for various outdoor activities, such as a day in the park, bike riding, dog walking, or simply for children playing.

For optimum connection, the radios are sold with eight channels to avoid clashes on frequency, and with the channel scan function, they are easy to change from one channel to another. The sound is very clear when in range and the volume is adjustable with the integrated volume control feature.

These radios do not come with fitted batteries or recharging units. However, they do take standard and rechargeable batteries meaning you can recharge the batteries if you invest in a set of rechargeable batteries. Once batteries are fitted and fully charged, they will last you a few days before you have to recharge. In addition, they have incorporated a low battery indicator feature that gives you a warning when the batteries are running out. This is good to avoid a cut-off in the middle of communicating with your kids or other people.

Another good feature is the ring function that alerts someone that you want to speak to them and great for getting the kids' attention when needed.

The Radios come with a 12-month warranty from the retailer and a 2-year one from the manufacturer in case you are dissatisfied with the product.


  • The two devices have a great signal reception.
  • Has a simple yet quality build.
  • Fairly priced walkie talkies that does the basic communication job just like high-end models.
  • Features a low battery indicator to let you know when to recharge the device. 
  • Have a button for adjusting the volume.
  • Includes a low battery alarm feature that keeps you on check about battery life. 
  • Easy to use thanks to their simple design and straightforward instructions. 
  • Comes with a belt clip and sling, which allow you to carry the device while you work hands-free. 


  • Batteries running time could be better.
  • Doesn't come with batteries, so you must buy separately but it does take rechargeable batteries. 

Thoughts and recommendations

The Binatone Latitude 100s are small, light and allow you to keep constant communication with other parties at a considerable distance. They are Perfect for using occasionally as well as great when you need to keep tabs on your kids.

If you are looking for an affordable, simple yet effective walkie-talkie, we would recommend the Binatone Latitude 100s since they are essentially inexpensive but still reliable and easy to use which makes them perfect for children to use.

The only downside to this model is that it does not come with rechargeable batteries or a base to charge so you have to invest in rechargeable batteries or just use normal batteries but this could become expensive. 

Our next model below the Bitatone 150 is nearly identical but comes with rechargeable batteries and a charging base for the walkie talkies so are probably a better choice, specially is you use them regularly.

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Binatone Latitude 150 Twin Pack Walkie Takie With Rechargeable Batteries

Binatone Latitude 150 Twin Pack Walkie Talkie Set Review

The Binatone Latitude 150 Twin Walkie Talkies provide free communication over a range of up to 3km (1.8 miles) and are a slightly higher spec than the Binatone 100 we have just reviewed as they include chargeable batteries and a charging base. This makes them perfect for a wide range of uses such as keeping in contact with you kids playing in a large garden, mountain biking, going camping, among other outdoor uses. 

It benefits from 8 channels which encourage maximum communication with your partner plus there's a channel scan function that allows you to find other users on the same channel. 

The device requires 6 AAA batteries to function and the good thing is that they come included in the package. It also comes with a rechargeable battery with charging pod, which can greatly save the cost of purchasing new batteries. The battery life is estimated to be 89 hours which we think is very impressive. When the charge is going down, a low battery indicator will notify you when to recharge or replace the batteries just to ensure you are on constant communication with your companions. 

Volume control is another feature that many will appreciate, especially in places with noisy surroundings. Basically you can adjust the volume to what suits you at whatever time. In addition, there's a talk confirmation or rather a Roger beep that indicates when other users are ready to talk, while an LED signal strength indicator does exactly what it says. 

Another thing we observed in this walkie talkie is its compact design, which also features a moulded grip for easy handling. Both devices come with a belt clip to allow easy storage when on the move. There's also a keypad lock that helps prevent your radio settings from being changed accidentally. 


  • Features a scan function that allow users to locate other devices on the same channel.
  • Includes rechargeable batteries and charging base.
  • Has volume control feature that lets you adjust the volume at the touch of a button.
  • Includes a low battery indicator that advises you when to recharge the batteries. 
  • Includes a keypad lock for guarding your preset radio settings. 
  • Lets other users know when they can speak thanks to the talk confirmation tone. 


  • Does not support headsets.
  • Could be better over long range. 

Thoughts and recommendations

The Binatone Latitude 150 Twin Pack Walkie Talkie is a robust and easy to use device that can be useful in a wide range of applications and are a great alternative to the Binatone 100 Walkie Talkies if your looking for a model with the same spec but come with rechargeable batteries. 

We find it ideal for domestic and short range outdoor uses but not for professional jobs. One major selling point here is the battery option - you can use a rechargeable battery using the included charging base.  All in all, a good choice for those looking for a low-budget device without having to worry about buying new batteries or going to great expense.

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Motorola Tlkr T92 H2O PMR446 2-Way Walkie Talkie Waterproof Radio Twin Pack with Travel Case

Motorola Tlkr T92 H2O PMR446 2-Way Walkie Talkie Waterproof Radio Twin Pack Review

The Motorola Waterproof Tlkr T92 H20 PMR446 2-Way Walkie Talkie comes with a travel case and has a rugged build that makes it distinct from other models on the market. On top of that, it has a weatherproof rating of IP67 meaning that it is submersible in water up to 1m deep for a maximum of 30 minutes. As a matter of fact, this device will float if dropped in water so you may have little to worry about in case that happens. making it great for boating / kayaking, fishing, life guides etc.

This Motorola also stands out of the crowd because of its extended range of 10km. The walkie talkie will keep you connected to your family members and friends over a long range unlike most of the competition which gets to 3km. 

The Motorola T92 comes with almost everything you need to stay connected while in your wild adventures. These include 4AAA rechargeable batteries, USB car charger, belt-clips with an integrated whistle plus a tough carry case. There's also a built-in torch with a bright light and the good thing is that it activates automatically when it comes into contact with water - an important aspect for a rescue operation.

In fact, if you are caught up in a tricky situation, you can make use of  dedicated orange emergency alert button. By pressing the emergency alarm button on your radio, you can activate a hands free call that goes out to all open handsets and sound a loud warning tone to let others know that you are in danger. 

Another nice feature of this device is the free PMR446 radio - no contract, bills or airtime charges required for using this walkie talkie. It also works over 8 channels plus 121 codes and it has the ability to scan for other similar devices within its range. Along the same lines, there's a nuisance channel delete for eliminating unwanted channels which is another great feature. 

It's easy to lose your radio settings by accident but the Motorola T92 has a keypad lock to ensure your settings remain intact always. A battery level indicator is present, while a micro USB charging port will be useful in recharging the walkie talkie.

Some other features include; vibrate alert, hands-free VOX option, LCD display with backlight, time out timer, priority scan, and single pin headset connector. Most of these features are just add ons that come into use when there's need. It's good that they are available but you may never make use of all of them.


  • Great weatherproof design - the device boasts IP67 rating and it floats if dropped in water.
  • Includes a built-in LED torch which becomes useful at night. 
  • Perfect for using in risky environments due to the incorporated security features such as emergency alert button, loud warning tone, built-in whistle and hands-free VOX call. 
  • Supplied with rechargeable batteries, thus saving on cost of replacing batteries. 
  • License free PMR446 radio; no airtime charges, bills and contracts required to use the device. 
  • Battery level indicator is available to advise users when to recharge the device. 
  • Extended connection range of up 10km.


  • Speaker doesn't work effectively when wet until dried out. 

Thoughts and recommendations

The Motorola Tlkr T92 is jam-packed with features, making it a solid choice for those who like sophisticated devices. In any case, it's a Motorola product - what do you expect? It scores high marks when it comes to the connection range and the overall design. Again, most of the added features in this model can only be useful once a while. Yet, we appreciate features like battery level indicator, built-in LED torch, integrated whistle, rechargeable battery and USB charger. 

From the look of it, this is a perfect choice for those outdoor risky activities such as thru-hiking, camping in remote areas, skiing and large field surveillance. At not much under £100 these are one of the most expensive set on our list but the are worth every penny for someone who can make use of the extra features and range, 

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Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme Two-Way Radio - PMR

Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme two-way radio Review

This is another great walkie talkie from the Motorola company and one that retails at a slightly lower price. The Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme Two-Way Radio boasts a maximum talk range of 10km, just like the Motorola T92 model. Speaking of talk, it has a two-way radio display information which helps in knowing where the other person in case of an emergency. 

The box include several accessories which make up for the functioning of this walkie talkie. You will find a hand strap, headphones, belt clip, hand case, power adapter and dual charging stand. 

Using the channel scan, you can choose from 8 channels of communication plus there are 121 sub-channels that work with this device. The walkie talkie uses 4 AAA Alkaline rechargeable batteries, which have a run time of up to 16 hours. A headset jack helps you connect the provided headphones to the walkie talkie and this can help you talk privately especially when in public spaces. 

Featuring a push-to-talk button (PTT), the device allows instant connectivity between users as well as helps in keeping messages secure. PTT is also known to be clearer than cell phone devices, which is also why you will need a walkie talkie to use outdoors and not your phone. 

This device has a whetherproof construction but you must be careful on this note. While it may not be affected by splashes of water, it cannot be immersed and survive. Additional features that may be useful at some point include stop watch, flashlight, clock, and babyphone for room monitoring. 

It features 10 call alerts, so you can choose the one you like. If you don't want a loud call alert, there's the option of a vibrating alert. Other extra functions include; keypad lock, low battery indicator, voice operated transmission, private group call, audible call alert, and talk confirmation tone. 


  • Two-way radio with push-to-talk button for instant connectivity. 
  • Has a waterproof construction that can withstand splashes of water. 
  • Comes with 4 AAA rechargeable batteries plus charging accessories. 
  • Has an extended talk range of 10km, which is superior than most models. 
  • Supplied with handy accessories for convenient use, such as headphones, carrying case, and belt clips.


  • Some users have said that the maximum range of 10km is debatable.
  • Cannot be submerged in water like the T92 model but are splash proof.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme two-way radio is a top quality device with the necessary features and functions you need for outdoor communication. Its weatherproof construction is a nice feature but then we don't think the device is fully waterproof which is the main difference between these and the T92 model so with this in mind if you need a waterproof walkie talkie set then you need to go for the slightly more expensive Motorola T92.

Even the talk range is good, however, many have found that it doesn't fulfill the advertised promise of 10km coverage, maybe you need to be on really flat land with no obstacles between. What you will like most are the supplied accessories that encourage easy use of the walkie talkie. 

On the downside, many people in the UK will be concerned about the lack of a standard UK plug but it does come with a 2 pin plug and 3pin plug adapter so not really a problem, the advantage of this of course is you could take them on holiday and still use them. Apart from that, the Motorola TLKR T80 works well and it's fairly priced when you take into consideration the features it packs. 

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Cobra MT975 PMR446 Walkie Talkie Radio Twin Pack

Cobra Walkie Talkie Radio Twin Pack

The Cobra MT975 PMR446 Walkie Talkie is a great way to keep in touch in many situations and has the longest range of any of the walkie talkies in our review, from family holidays to the great outdoors. It allows you to communicate with other users with a maximum range of 12km in open spaces which is the main standout feature and probably the best long range model we have seen. However, in hilly environments, the transmission range will decline to about 6km and in built-up cities, it will further decline to about 2km. Which is still a good scope of frequency considering.

The radios are handy with a clip to secure them on your belt when moving about. They even come with backlit LED screens that are clear and let you operate properly in the dark.

Each unit comes with eight channels along with 121 privacy codes with 968 privacy combinations. With so many frequencies. You will never struggle for a clear frequency nor run out of channels to talk on. You can choose to use the voice-activated transmission (VOX) feature that allows you to use them hands-free or the option of a push to talk switch.

In addition, the beauty of these gadgets is that you can monitor two channels at the same time which is another great feature.

When sporting, you will appreciate the VibrAlert feature that alerts you to an incoming call in a windy or noisy environment. In addition, the headsets are clear and the mics fit well in different types of helmets.

There is a Roger beep button that lets the other user know when you are done talking and it is their turn. It can also be switched off if need be. A key lock feature also ensures that you do not accidentally change the channels.

Cobra MT975 PMR446 also comes with a baby monitor function which comes in handy when traveling or when you need to keep an ear on your baby. Simply set the gadget on VOX mode and put it in the baby’s room, and it will pick up any sound.

These radios use four AAA rechargeable batteries that are replenished from the mains powered charging dock whenever they run low. The batteries have a long life and can go for up to eight hours on full charge. On standby, they can go for up to 24 hours. When you want to save on battery life, simply switch to battery power saver.


  • Long range for 12km.
  • Well built with compact design for easy carrying. 
  • Comes with a hands-free VOX features, which allows you to simply start talking with similar radios operating in the same channel. 
  • Includes a vibration alert.
  • Comes with AAA rechargeable batteries, so you don't bother replacing batteries now and then. 
  • Can monitor two channels simultaneously.
  •  Includes a baby monitor function, making it more than just a walkie talkie. 


  • Has a complicated manual. 
  • Not waterproof so cannot be submerged but are weatherproof so perfect for normal winter weather conditions. 

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Cobra MT975 PMR446 Walkie-talkies come with a whole raft of useful features ideal for a number of leisure and business activities. They come with complete with rechargeable batteries and a charging unit to you going for hours. The VOX mode feature is an added advantage for functions such as baby monitoring and for situations that require hands-free use.

These gadgets tend to struggle while transmitting in extremely built up areas giving a poor performance over longer ranges, say more than 2km. We would recommend using them in spaces with lesser buildings for maximum and clear frequencies so would be perfect for the great outdoors. Nonetheless, the radios certainly exceeded our expectations in terms of functionality and indeed look the part for that price. in reality they do have the longest range of any of our walkie talkies making them the best choice for long range communication over 10km and up to 12km in flat areas. Overall you will struggle to find better walkie talkies for the same price.

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Final Conclusion

Indeed, there are thousands of walkie talkies on the market, so choosing the best walkie talkie needs some research. You can be carried away by the highest rated walkie talkies with double figure range, yet you only need a basic model to communicate with your kids around the home. If you need something to use while in the country side, one of the top walkie talkies will come in handy. In short, assessing your needs is the key to choosing the best walkie talkie. 

Having looked at the good quality walkie talkies in this review, we hope you have a grasp of walkie talkie features and the benefits that come with various features.

Below is a summary of some of our favoute models for certain situations:

Our Best Pick

The Best Choice For most People

Proster 3 pairs Walkie Talkie Review

An easy to use device and boasting 16 channels, the Proster Rechargeable Walkie Talkies Two-Way Radio is the top walkie from our list and the most affordable making it a great choice for anyone.

The device meets some of the good features we mentioned in the buying guide section, including; a decent 2-mile range, built-in flashlight, rechargeable battery and low battery alarm.

It also packs some impressive accessories such as earphones, belt-clips, and slings, all which add to convenient use. In addition, these walkie talkies come at a decent price and offer a choice of up to 4 pairs. In our opinion, these offer great value for investment and helped win our 'Best Pick' spot.

These are great but are not suitable for using in rainy weather or over long range over 2km, in this case, specially for outdoors, the Cobra Walkie Talkies are a better choice below.

Best Long Range Model 

Cobra Walkie Talkie Radio Twin Pack

Out of the models we've reviewed, the Cobra MT975 PMR446 Walkie Talkie Radio Twin Pack has the longest maximum range at 12km, more than any other model. However, keep in mind that the range usually varies due to a number of factors including atmospheric pressure and other environmental factors.

Nonetheless, the Cobra MT975 does a good job when it comes to transmission in various conditions. It has some brilliant additions too such as the baby monitor function and desktop rapid charger. It offers 8 channels plus 121 privacy codes, making it a great option for passive and serious activities.

If you looking for something a little more advanced then one of the Motorola models would be a great alternative. If you need a full waterproof model then you will need to invest in the Motorola Waterproof Tlkr T92 H20 PMR446 2-Way Walkie Talkie.

Best Budget Model

Binatone Latitude 100 Twin Pack Walkie Talkie Review

This definitely goes to the Binatone Latitude 100 Twin Pack Walkie Talkie. It is simple with just a few handy features such as volume control, low battery indicator, scan function, and belt clip accessory.

It has a decent range of 3km maximum plus an ergonomic body that would fit nicely in your hand. The price here justifies what you pay for as you can't get anything better for slightly above £20. 

These are a great choice for children as they are so easy to use and very robust, just member to keep telling them to keep the button pressed in while there talking, the joys of teaching children how to use a walkie talkie, however it is a great way for children to get outdoors and have some fun.

Thats it for our walkie talkie reviews, we hope you have found our buyers guide and reviews very helpful and helped you choose the best walkie talkie for you. If you have any questions of comments on any of the walkie talkies above feel free to leave a comment below.

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Last updated on February 14th, 2021


Welcome to my site, my name is John and I have been lucky enough to work in horticultural nurseries for over 15 years in the UK. As the founder and editor as well as researcher, I have a City & Guilds Horticultural Qualifications which I proudly display on our About us page. I now work full time on this website where I review the very best gardening products and tools and write reliable gardening guides. Behind this site is an actual real person who has worked and has experience with the types of products we review as well as years of knowledge on the topics we cover from actual experience. You can reach out to me at john@pyracantha.co.uk

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