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The UK’s Best Garden Love Seats – Comparison and Review

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I’ve tested and reviewed many garden furniture pieces over the years to see which truly offers the most relaxing experience. I’m a big fan of garden hammocks, zero gravity chairs, and even egg chairs. However, when it comes to relaxing with a loved one, in my case, my wife, having a love seat is hard to beat, especially if you like to have a drink or read a good book.

My Lafuma Relax Rt2 Zero Gravity Chair a good alternative to love seats

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Lafuma Relax Rt2 Zero Gravity Chair pictured above and my Vivere Double Cotton Hammock for relaxing, but you can beat a comfortable chair with a table, especially if it also doubles as a rocker like this Outsunny Glider Love Seat, especially for reading or even just plain up relaxing with a bottle of wine (or a cup of tea) for that matter.

When choosing the best garden love seat, it’s not just about the look and feel, although this is important. For me, it’s about longevity, practicality, and the time you might spend maintaining or assembling it. Whether it’s the rustic charm of wooden love seats, the modern elegance of the steel powdered coated frames, or the all-natural appeal of Rattan love seats, I’ve got it all covered in my guide.

Before I get into my detailed love seat reviews and buyers guide further down, I want to highlight some of my favourite models.

Homme UK Built love seat and comes assembled
Homme UK Built love seat and comes assembled

My personal favourite love seats are, without a doubt, traditional wooden love seats. They bring a certain timelessness to your garden and will often complement other pieces of garden furniture you have. I’ve considered many wooden love seats over the years, without a doubt, one of the best models if you’re looking for an unbeatable combination of comfort, build quality, and convenience has to be this Homme Wooden Twin Set Love Seat. What an amazing piece of garden furniture!

Homme love seat that is handmade in the UK and delivered assembled
Homme love seat that is handmade in the UK and delivered assembled

It’s crafted from premium Scandinavian Redwood and proudly hand-built here, in the UK. One of the big advantages is that this Homme love seat by Staffordshire Garden Furniture also comes fully assembled, saving you at least the 1-2 hours usually required for flatpack models. That’s more time for you to relax and enjoy your garden!

Henley Hardwood Love Seat that comes fully assembled and a good alturnative to the Kexmy

It’s a close one between this and the Henley Hardwood Love Seat pictured above. It’s also hand built in the UK, but it’s also the most expensive. Both are fantastic love seats. However, this Kexmy Wooden Twin Set Love Seat definitely offers better value for money. The downside, which goes for all wooden love seas, is that they need staining every year or two to keep them looking amazing.

VonHaus Rattan Jack & Jill Love Seat is one of the best rattan love seats

If, like me, you’re also a big fan of rattan furniture and its synergy with other garden furniture (I have some of Moda furnishings rattan furniture, for example), this VonHaus Rattan Style Jack & Jill Love Seat is well worth considering. It’s super low maintenance, simple to clean, and most will find it reasonably easy to assemble. Plus, with no yearly wood treatment/staining to worry about, it’s all about enjoyment without the fuss.

There are a couple of rattan love seats that tick all the boxes for me. I love that Ratten is low maintenance and only requires a quick wipe down or light rinse off with a pressure washer or hose pipe with a decent hose spray gun.

Outsunny powdered coated steel Garden Double Glider Love Seat
Outsunny powdered coated steel Garden Double Glider Love Seat

Finally, metal love seats offer another alternative, and the rocker models are trendy. I really like this Outsunny Garden Double Glider Love Seat. It combines the elegance of a powder-coated steel frame and the comfort of quick-drying textilene fabric. I’m a big fan of this fabric, its comfortable, dry quickly, and easy to clean. My zero gravity chairs also use the same type of fabric.

What I really like about this love seat is that it even rocks, bringing an added layer of relaxation. You either love or hate it; I find it so relaxing in a rocking chair.

My VonHaus Steel Textoline Love Seat

If you’re after a sleeker, more modern look, this VonHaus Steel Textoline Love Seat is also a stunning and comfortable alturnative. While it may not be a rocker like the Outsunny model, it certainly doesn’t compromise on style. Both steel love seats feature powdered coated steel frames, which protects them from the British weather, although I still recommend getting a good garden furniture cover.

With that out the way, below you will find my more detailed reviews on the models already mentioned plus a handful of other alternative love seats I think are well worth considering.

My Love Seat Reviews

1. Homme Wooden Twin Set Love Seat


Kexmy Wooden Patio Twin Set Love Seat

This Homme Hand Built Wooden Love Seat, for the money, is definitely one of the best wooden love seats which is why it’s at the top of my list. It’s actually manufactured by Staffordshire garden furniture and manufactured in their own workshop. What separates this from most other wooden love seats is one, the price. I would say it’s worth more than they charge for these, amazing quality but they also arrive almost fully assembled. Most other models are flatpack, not a deal breaker but they’re not always the easiest to assemble, especially for the less experienced. This, however, comes assembled!

This set is made from a premium Scandinavian Redwood that has been treated for durability purposes and really is a good sturdy set. The wood is sourced from sustainable sources, and therefore, the environment remains protected which is something I always like to see. 

If you do not wish to use the wooden tray, you can easily remove it in a matter of minutes.

It already has a base coat that allows you to paint the furniture the colour they want, but I highly recommend treating it with a coat of oil or varnish and maintaining the natural look.


  • Made from robust FSC certified Scandinavian Redwood.
  • Comes with a detachable tray which makes it easier to store or easy to use just as two chairs.
  • Delivered already assembled direct to your door, no long hours fixing it together.
  • Sold at an affordable price.

My recommendation

This Homme Wooden Patio Twin Set is perfect if you are looking for an already assembled love seat and I love that it’s made by a British company, that being Staffordshire Garden Furniture and delivered directly to your door. No cheap China alternatives here!

It comes with a removable tray that allows the seats to be stored individually without taking up much space. It does not have a hole to set a parasol which is a shame, so if you need shade you will have to get a cantilever parasol or perhaps attempt to drill a hole yourself but probably not advised.

Overall, it’s a good combination of quality and price, especially when you take into account the price and that it comes assembled, most would probably pay extra for this alone and yet with this set you actually pay less. An amazing piece of garden furniture, for the price I don’t think you will find better.

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2. VonHaus Rattan Jack & Jill Love Seat


VonHaus Rattan Jack & Jill Love Seat on my patio

I’m a big fan of wicker garden furniture, of which I own quite a few pieces. Most love seats are manufactured from wood like the one I just reviewed above and although I’m a big fan of the timber garden furniture, it’s nice that VonHaus also sells this Rattan Style Jack & Jill Love Seat. 

What I love about these PE rattan love seats is their low maintenance. All they need is a quick wash with some warm soapy water and a hose pipe or a quick blast-off with a pressure washer. Compare this to wooden love seats that ideally need a protective treatment every year or two; you really start to appreciate how low maintenance they are.

This VonHaus Rattan consists of two single high-back seats connected by a table with a top glass table in the centre. As already mentioned, it’s made of easy-to-care-for PE plastic which is easy enough to wash once you have removed the cushions and the glass table top or wipe it with a damp cloth.

The seats have quite straight backs, so you won’t be lounging in this set. For that, I’ve recommended my favourite zero-gravity loungers here that are perfect for this. However, they each have an outside armrest, and the central table acts as the other armrest. Each seat has a removable padded bottom cushion. 

VonHaus Rattan Jack & Jill Love Seat cushions that are machine washerble proof

The main concern I have with any furniture sets with cushions is, keeping them clean. This set comes with two removable and fully machine washable cushions. I used to put my cushions in the loft over winter, but I’ve now found that if you have good quality furniture covers, then you can leave the cushions on over winter. Thats being said, this only has two cushions, so it’s much easier to find somewhere suitable for them indoors if need be.

The only other item you need to clean is the glass top of the table. This is made of heat-resistant tempered glass, so you can set your coffee safely down there as well as any other beverage of choice; my go-to drink is English tea. I drink well too much of it! Just clean the glass in your usual way, and your loveseat will look as good as new.

VonHaus Rattan Jack & Jill Love Seat on my patio

The table is conveniently two-tiered, with the bottom tier as a storage place or shelf. However, the openings to this are just to the sides – it’s not accessible from the front. You need to slide things in and out of it from the seats.

When it comes to assembly, this is what lets it down a little. It could be better and takes a good 90 mins to 2 hours to put together. A little tip is screw in all the screws but doesn’t fully tighten then. Once you have fully assembled the bench then, tighten up all the screws. If you don’t do this, is can be difficult to align the screws up.


  • Two single seats separated by an attached table.
  • Made from polyethylene in a two-tone grey, rattan basket weave finish.
  • Each chair has a beige padded removable seat cushion.
  • Centre table is two-tiered, with a shelf open to the sides as the lower tier.
  • Table top is covered with heat-resistant tempered glass.
  • Dimensions: 151cm (width); 55cm (depth); and 89cm (height).
  • Two-year warranty for full peace of mind.

My recommendation

This VonHaus Rattan Loveseat is a strong and durable piece of garden furniture and is an excellent example of a wicker love seat. I like the neutral two-tone grey finish that fits any garden décor. This VonHaus Rattan Loveseat is a great choice of garden loveseat if you’re looking for one that’s compact and low-maintenance, especially if you prefer the wicker style design or maybe already have wicker garden furniture as I do. Just remember to leave all the screws loose until it’s fully assembled, and then tighten them all up afterwards. Trust me, this will make assembling so much easier! Overall a nice set worth considering.

3. Outsunny Garden Double Glider Love Seat


Outsunny Garden Double Glider Love Seat

This Outsunny Garden Double Glider Rocking Chair is slightly different from all the other garden love seats I’ve reviewed. This love seat glides – well, each of the two seats glides independently. You might not know this unless you have had one of these before! Some models look very similar but don’t glide independently. They basically glide together, which is not always ideal. Something else I’ve noticed with some models is that the table glides with the chairs too. This is not ideal if you have drinks placed on the centre table!

Anyway, with this Outsunny Garden Double Glider Rocking Chair it’s been well thought out, so both chairs slide independently, and the table is fixed in position, no spilt drinks! I just thought this is something you need to just consider when comparing similar models you might find.

A couple of things worth mentioning, it’s easy to assemble with easy-to-follow instructions (usually not the case), and it’s comfortable thanks to the textilene fabric similar to that on my zero gravity loungers. It also drys quickly after rain, and there are no cushions to bring inside when not in use.

Imagine relaxing and gently gliding back and forth. This is such a relaxing movement that your eyes may close and you may nod off. And as the gliding motion is separate for each seat, as already mentioned, your other half can do their own thing.

When it comes to the frame of this love seat, it’s made from a grey coloured alloy steel, super strong, long lasting and weather proof. This is the same as the textoline in the previous review – just a different spelling to reference a more generic material. The texteline is a woven polyester which is breathable, rust-and mould-resistant, doesn’t colour fade and is long lasting.

It’s easy to clean the entire loveseat by wiping down everything with a damp cloth. You may need to use a little dishwashing soap or glass cleaner on the tempered glass table top if it’s really grimy.

The seats are angled towards each other like a traditional love seat with a table between them. In this case, there’s only the tabletop, no shelf beneath it like with the Vonhaus wicker love seat. The table stands on delicate legs that attach to the frame, which connects the two chairs together. 

The table is 50cm wide at the largest part so there is plenty of space. That’s quite a bit of room to put your phone, your beverage, your suntan lotion, sunglasses and any other essential item for your relaxation session.


  • Garden love seat with gliding seats.
  • Seats are angled to each other with a table between them.
  • Alloy steel frame, texteline seats and tempered glass table top.
  • Two armrests on each chair.
  • Chair backs are angled for support.
  • Easy to clean everything with damp cloth.
  • Dimensions: 195cm (width); 81cm (depth) and 92cm (height).

My recommendation

This Outsunny Garden Double Glider love seat is worth considering if you find the movement of gliding in a chair relaxing like I do. As each of the two seats in this love seat operates independently, each person can set their own motion and rock to their own rhythm.

And as each seat has its own armrests as well, you don’t have to worry about bumping elbows with the other person. The table between you is plenty big enough for you both to use at the same time. This Outsunny Garden Double Glider love seat is well worth considering. Being steel, its also low maintenance.

4. Henley Hardwood Love Seat

Henley Hardwood Love Seat

This Henley Hardwood Love Seat is what I recommend if the Homme Wooden Patio Twin Set Love Seat I reviewed earlier isn’t available, or maybe you just didn’t like the look of it. The downside is that you need to assemble it, which takes time but no more than any other flatpack love seat. However, the quality is as good as the Homme love seat which is made from Scandinavian Redwood. This is made from hardwood, although I’m not 100% which type, but it’s of a high grade.

The hardwood seats are comfortable to sit on because they are spacious and have a smooth finish. You know when some seats are comfortable and some aren’t, well this set is even without cushions. Measuring around 180cm x 60 x 90cm, which is around 6ft wide, this love seat comes with shelves where you can place books, drinks, and any other items you need nearby which is handy. I do live that the shelves have a 5cm diameter hole where you can attach a parasol to shade you from the sun or, being that I’m in the UK, the rain.

To protect the product from the wet British weather, the wood comes already treated with protective oil. However, after a while, you will have to reapply the protective oil to prevent any damage to the love seat, I recommend treating with oil once a year and perhaps even giving it a coat of varnish which may last longer.

It is advisable to get a protective cover during harsh weather to maintain the structural integrity of the love seat.

The love seat comes flat packed in two boxes with instructions for fairly easy assembly, this is much easier with a spare pair of hands and you will need Allen keys.


  • Made from tropical close grain hardwood that is robust.
  • Includes shelves for additional storage.
  • It features a 5cm diameter parasol hole.
  • Wide enough and comfortable to sit in at just under 6ft wide.
  • Easy to assemble with two people with clear instructions.

My recommendation

This Henley Hardwood Love Seat is a good-looking seat that is also what I think of as premium quality. Although it is not cheap, it gives good value for money because it will last long and is made from decent hardwood timber. The rectangular love seat is wide and deep hence people of all sizes can sit comfortably so their plenty of room. 

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5. VonHaus Steel Textoline Love Seat


VonHaus Steel Textoline Love Seat
VonHaus Steel Textoline Love Seat

If you’re looking for a steel garden love seat and not keen on the glider style Outsunny Glider Love Seat I reviewed previously (I love the idea of this, but I know it’s not for everyone), this VonHaus powder-coated steel framed textoline love seat is probably one of my favourite alternatives when it comes to metal outdoor love seats.

VonHaus Steel Textoline Love Seat

This VonHaus Textoline Love Seat has a stunning contemporary grey steel-and-glass design that fits in with any modern garden landscape and patio décor. Made from a powder coated alloy steel, mesh-like textoline and tempered glass, this love seat can all be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or even a pressure washer on lower pressure.

VonHaus Steel Textoline Love Seat close up of table

I also love that the back of the seats are angled to give some support to your back. They’re not overly high, so they shouldn’t dig into your neck, which is a problem I’ve had with my most recent patio set I purchased.

So each chair has an armrest on its outside side, with the central table serving as the other armrest.

The textoline fabric I mentioned previously has proven to be an extremely durable fabric tightly woven from polyester. This makes it rust and mould resistant as well as having breathability and being colourfast, so it shouldnt fade. Plus, as I’ve already mentioned, it’s straightforward to look after. What I like about this fabric is that their no need for cushions! Not like my wicker garden furniture set, where I had 13 large cushions to find winter storage for. No cushions, no extra storage needed! If you are short on storage space, that is a big plus.

VonHaus Steel Textoline Love Seat steel frame

The table in the middle of the two chairs has elegant steel legs at each corner which lets you access the storage shelf from all sides. The top of the table is made from heat resistant tempered glass that makes it safe for you to put very cold or very hot things on. Hot tea or cold beer will be safe there. I also love that it has a shelf under the table, perfect for keeping a book or anything else you have to hand stored.

I’ll admit, I’m a fan of Vonhaus products and own several of them, mostly gardening equipment I purchased to review for this site but many I still use. They make decent quality products at what I think are affordable prices. However, their instructions are not the best. With this in mind, remember to not mix the different bags up with the screws! And take your time; you should have this assembled in less than 2 hours, even if you’re not really in flatpack furniture.


  • Contemporary style garden loveseat with central table.
  • Constructed of grey alloy steel frame and textoline seats.
  • Two-level table made of grey tinted glass.
  • Both table levels are open from all sides.
  • Heat-resistant tempered glass tabletop.
  • Easy to clean with damp cloth.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • Dimensions: 147cm (width); 69cm (depth); 89.5cm (height).

My recommendation

Suppose your garden landscape and patio décor leans towards a more contemporary style. In that case, this VonHaus Steel Love Seat is well worth considering, especially if you don’t want the yearly maintenance of treating/painting a wooden love seat. 

Both modern and elegant, this mid-grey steel and glass structure offers an easy-to-look-after place to sit and sip on your beverage of choice on the hot days and warm evenings. The only thing that really lets it down is the assembling instructions. They could be much better! That being said, it’s enough to assemble if you take your time.

6. Huxters UK Jakarta Wooden Companion Set

Huxters UK Jakarta Wooden Companion Set

Another love seat that impressed me is the Huxters UK Jakarta Wooden Companion Set in an attractive brown colour that is similar in design to the Henley Hardwood Love Seat. This set is perfect for relaxing in the garden because it is spacious and comfortable.

It measures 89cm (H) x 160cm (W) x 63cm (D), so not quite as wide as the Henley seat, which is around 20cm wider, but it features two shelves where you can store different items. For those of you who like to use an umbrella for shade, the two shelves do have a hole in the middle where you can set up a parasol for shade. This is something I wished the Kexmy Wooden Patio Twin Set Love Seat came with.

Unlike the Vonhaus wooden option, this Jakarta hardwood set is easy to assemble thanks to the clear instructions attached and should take you around 15-30 minutes.

It does come flat packed; hence you will need tools for assembly but only basic ones more people have in their toolbox.


  • It is robust and stable thanks to the solid wood construction.
  • Comes with shelves for storage.
  • Features a parasol installation hole in the centre of both shelves.
  • Provides good value for money.
  • Easy to assemble in less than 30 minutes for most people.

My recommendation

If you are seeking a hardwood companion seat at an affordable price, then the Huxters UK Jakarta Wooden Companion Set is well worth considering. The seats together with the adjoining table are robust and comfortable to use.

It even has a parasol compartment to shade you from the elements. I like its smooth finish and easy assembly. It is within the same price range as some of the other picks so it all boils down to personal preference.

7. Riverco Trading Wooden Loveseat 

Riverco Trading Wooden Loveseat

Made in the Staffordshire Moorlands, the Riverco Trading Wooden Loveseat is handmade with care before being treated with oil and delivered fully assembled, it doesn’t get much better than that. This is similar to the Homme Wooden Patio Twin Set Love Seat which is also assembled but it’s a lot more expensive.

The simple set is made from Scandinavian Redwood that is known to be robust and easy to care for and often used for making quality furniture. As mentioned, the wood is treated with protective oils so it is designed to be waterproof and, more importantly, stand the test of time.

This 91cm H x 180cm W x 65cm D set includes a sizeable tray to hold food and drinks or any other items you need. As for the chairs, they are wide and deep, permitting the user to sit comfortably even without cushions. I particularly like the curve formation.

It does not have a parasol hole, but you can place the set under the shade to evade the sun or consider drilling a hole yourself if you are handy enough. Just remember to give the new hole a good coat of oil inside to protect the newly-sawn wood. 


  • Handmade from FSC certified Scandinavian Redwood.
  • Comes with a sizeable tray.
  • Arrives already assembled so not Ikea style building to worry about.
  • Gives good value for money.

My recommendation

The Riverco Trading Wooden Loveseat is robust and simple in design for those who don’t want a decorative set. It costs a bit more than the Kexmy Love Seat, but its robustness is worth it. Plus, don’t forget it gets delivered fully assembled and is handmade.

The set features a sizeable tray and comfortable seats for both large and small-bodied people. I recommend the wood is treated at least once a year to maintain the set’s appearance and keep it looking like new.

Riverco Trading Wooden Loveseat
See availability from the best retailers

8. Parcel in the Attic Murcia Solid Wood Outdoor Adirondack Chair

Parcel in the Attic Murcia Solid Wood Outdoor Adirondack Chair

Lastly is the Parcel in the Attic Murcia Outdoor Adirondack Loveseats. This set measures 175cm x 92 cm x 92cm and it is made from FSC certified wood. The wood is pressure treated to keep rot and pests away and is guaranteed for 10-years and doesn’t need treating again although we still advise giving it a coat of oil every few years. The beautiful set is decorative and it has a natural finish that can fit in any garden setting.

You will find the fixed table sizeable with a bottom shelf to store different times. This low-profile set can also be equipped with a side table or footstool but this is sold separately but it’s nice to have the option. The set comes flat packed hence it requires assembly but it shouldn’t be too difficult.


  • It is a low-profile durable and attractive set.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Made from FSC certified pressure-treated wood.
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee.
  • Features shelves to hold several items.


  • Due to the low design, some people might struggle to get up from the seat.

My recommendation

The Parcel in the Attic Murcia Outdoor Adirondack Chair set is suitable for those who like low profile furniture. This set has a decorative design, which adds beauty to the garden space. It is created from robust wood thus; you can rest assured of durability. I find that it is fairly priced considering that it is accompanied by a 10-year guarantee.

Buyer’s Guide

We know that you are in the midst of finding the best companion seat for your garden and that is why this guide is essential. You will find valuable information on what to look for in terms of features and overall appearance. By the time you are through, we are confident that your ability to navigate the marketplace will be as smooth as butter.

Garden love seat which are ideal for reading and relaxing with a drink
Steel love seat

Quality materials

Love seats made from durable materials will serve you for longer compared to those made from cheap materials. Whether it is made of wood, metal, or rattan, the materials must be strong. A strong build will help hold people of different weights easier without collapsing. Wood is preferred because it blends in with the garden scene easily; however, do not limit yourself if you see a metallic design that you like. You will find that loveseat are nearly always made from wood which is why all the picks in this review are wooden loveseats.

Overall size

love seat overall sizes

One needs to consider the size of the chair that will fit their body size and that of their partner. This is crucial in finding love seats that are both robust and comfortable. Once you know the size of the seats you need, compare it to the product dimensions of the product to determine if it will fit. It is advisable to select a slightly bigger size so that there is enough wiggle room for comfort. If you fail to do this, you might find love seats with a tight fit, which will be a problem if you have guests with a larger body frame. Some love seats are simply smaller than you might expect, especially the cheaper models.


Some love seats come already assembled and some need assembly. People who enjoy putting things together will mostly gravitate to seats that come flat packed. As long as the assembly instructions are clear, putting together the love seats should be a straightforward process and for our picks assemble should be fairly straightforward or they come already assembled.

For those of us who are not good at assembling things, settle for the already assembled love seats. This will save you time that can be used for other things.

Parasol port

Parasol which can be placed in the centre of love seat using parasol hole.

Unless you place the love seat in a shaded area, you may want a parasol at a certain point. A good parasol will shelter you from the sun and light rain. Some love seats come with a parasol hole drilled through the table/tray for stability and coverage. If the model that you have lacks a parasol hole, create one or use a cantilever parasol.

Tray considerations

While sitting in the garden, what are you going to do? Do you plan to just converse with your partner or there is some food and drinks involved? If you enjoy eating in the garden, look for love seats with a sizeable tray. A tray/table that comes with a bottom shelf is good as it provides additional space.

There are models that come with a removable tray. These types are perfect if you want to take the love seats to storage during winter. They are also convenient if you want to move the chairs around independently, you do not have to drag the whole structure.


When it comes to design, the customer’s taste comes into play. We are attracted to different things thus, what looks good to one person may not translate to the other. If you like simple-looking or decorative garden love seats, you are free to select the design that you want. Just make sure that there is enough space for the design that you want.


How regularly should I use protective oils for wooden love seats?

Lady adding a protective layer of oil to loveseat

This depends on the wood used. Most manufacturers recommend using protective oils, especially for hardwood furniture at least once a year. If you notice that the wood is under attack from the elements, apply protective coatings more often. Pressure-treated timber doesn’t need treating but we still recommend giving them a coat of oil every few years.

Can I get a replacement if one of the set pieces arrives damaged?

Yes, as long as it arrived damage you can get a replacement. Talk to your supplier once you discover the problem and provide pictures for proof. Most will quickly send out replacement parts the next day.

Is it necessary to use a protective cover?

No matter how durable the companion seats are, the elements will inflict some damage especially if left outside year-round. Purchase a sizeable cover if you do not have a shed or alternative shelter. The good news is that they are not expensive.

How long do love seats last?

Lady maintaining a loveseat by sanding it down getting it ready to paint with oil

If the quality was good and you maintain the love seats regularly, they can last you for decades. If the quality was cheap then eventually, they will collapse and start to split.


Love seats are some of the easiest garden furniture to shop for because they have simple structures and no complex features. They are comfortable to relax in the garden and realistically, their prices are within reach. You and your partner can enjoy quality time whether day or night as long as the weather is not bad.

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