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Best Edging Shears For Your Lawn – Chosen by a professional gardener

Last updated on April 14th, 2022

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The best edging shears for giving your lawn those final finishing touches and for reaching places that your lawnmower doesn’t

Landscaping is becoming increasingly expensive and for some of us, these are unnecessary bills. You have your trusted lawnmower to keep the lawn trimmed and you can use your scarifier to scarify your lawn. What most trusted lawnmowers don’t do, is allow you to access tight corners or down the edges of the lawn. The best way to approach this and keep the edges manicured is by using a good pair of edging shears.

There are many variations of edging shears making their way onto the market. They have different designs, mechanisms and additional features that can help you make the garden chores a little bit easier and a little bit more accessible.

When immersed in the search for the best garden shears or best edging shears there are a few basics that you need to grasp. These basics are not here to complicate matters but rather set out to help you make easier choices. We have done the investigation and research for you, so read on to see what edging shears stand out from the rest.


Spear & Jackson 4870RS Razorsharp Edging Shears
After studying all the edging shears provided on the market we have come to the final conclusion that the Spear & Jackson Razor-sharp edging shears were the best edging shears in this review. The reason is that we love its lightweight body but razor-sharp blades. These edging shears come with tube-shaped steel handles that are both lightweight and strong, with the carbon steel blades provide an excellent cutting performance.

The 7 best edging shears for your lawn, that we have included in our review are listed below:

  1. Spear& Jackson Razorsharp 4870RS Edging Shears – BEST PICK
  2. Carl Kammerling G5051 Legend Heavy Duty Edging Shears – BEST PROFESSIONAL PICK
  3. Bahco P75 Edging Shears – RUNNER UP
  4. Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Edging Shears
  5. Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Steel Telescopic Edging Shears
  6. Bosch Isio Electric Trimmer – BEST MULTI-TOOL PICK
  7. WOLF-Garten RIGC Professional Single Hand Grass Shears


Carl Kammerling G5051 Legend Heavy Duty Edging Shears
These edging sheers are far more superior than other models we have ever reviewed, the quality is above and beyond what most gardeners expect. These garden shears have a drop forged, tempered and hardened blade. These blades are self-sharpening. Also features excellent quality hardwood handles.

Our Top 7 Edging Shear Reviews

1. Spear & Jackson 4870RS Razorsharp Edging Shears


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Spear & Jackson 4870RS Razorsharp Edging Shears

The sharp blades on these edging shears will make you excited every time you go out to tend to your garden. As iterated before, sharper blades make for neater and more beautiful lawns. The blades on this product are made from carbon. Carbon is used as it gives off a light feel and will always be supple enough to withstand the constant wear and tear. Now you can spend hours grooming your garden/lawn without feeling like you are completely exhausted. Your arms will thank you for this.

Due to the fact that edging shears are used outdoors, it is crucial that they are able to survive the weather conditions pertaining to your area of residence. The Spear and Jackson razor-sharp edging shears have weather protection measures. They have been slathered with layers of polish and lacquer. The layers will deflect moisture that usually causes rust and eats away at the sharpness of the metal. You can be sure that your edging shears will last for many years to come.

Whilst working you don’t want to have blisters on your hands. After a long day maintaining and grooming around your garden, you want to be able to still use your hands. These Spear and Jackson edging shears are designed to offer you a soft grip that won’t make your hands rough with blisters. The tubular handles have been created this way to offer more support whilst working and to provide a comfortable fit. It is easy for your hand to go around the handle and move in any given direction that is required.


  • Razor-sharp blades.
  • Tube shaped steel handles that are both lightweight and strong.
  • Very strong carbon steel blades that are hardened and tempered.
  • Lacquered PTFE coated and polished blades for extra protection against the elements and a better cutting performance.
  • Soft grip handles for extra comfort.
  • Lightweight at only 1.4kg.
  • An overall length of 915mm (36-inch).


  • May be more difficult to use for smaller gardeners.

Our recommendation

For such an affordable price you get yourself a pair of quality edging shears that really are hard to beat.

Overall they are brilliant and this is probably why they are one of the most popular pairs on Amazon. We really like them and have no problem recommending them.

These are a great choice for most gardeners which is why we named them our ‘Best Pick. However, smaller gardeners might want to consider the telescopic model that we have reviewed further down as they may find this model a little difficult to use because of its overall length.

Most gardeners though will appreciate them not being too short.

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2. Bahco P75 Edging Shears


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Bahco P75 Edging Shear

Your garden or lawn might be designed in such a way that you have to work your way around pathways. The grass that grows on the edges of these pavements cannot be groomed efficiently by your lawnmower and this is why the Bahco P75 Edging Shears can be a great help around the garden.

The blades are designed for the harder to reach areas. You can trim your edges neatly and stand proudly at the beauty of your lawn. The blades have been treated to withstand the abrasive conditions that the weather presents over time. The steel has been hardened and tempered and this is an assurance that the blades will perform under stress and not break. They are coated with the compound Xylan that acts as weather resistance and a form of lubrication that helps to prevent jamming when in use.

In addition to the sharp blades that are able to cut through things with ease, the Bahco P75 has an amazing locking mechanism. The nut and the buffers do have a retaining self-locking mechanism that prevents them from becoming loose, a problem commonly associated with cheaper models.

The blade is able to absorb the physical shock or impact when the blades come into contact. Jarring can usually make working uneasy because you have to brace yourself for impact all the time. 

We all know that working at certain positions may cause strain on the different parts of your muscles. You end up with a sore back at the end of the day due to stooping too much. Stooping can be caused by using edging shear handles that are too short. The Bahco has handles that are appropriate enough for most people to operate comfortably. Your hand can enjoy a comfortable grip as you manoeuvre through. At 1.6kg, it is not too heavy to cause you physical distress while working which is a bonus.


  • Can access harder to reach places.
  • Hardened and tempered blades.
  • Coated to protect from rust and reduce friction.
  • Self-locking mechanism to prevent blades becoming loose.
  • Comfortable grip handles.
  • Handle length of 90cm.
  • 20cm cutting blade.
  • Lightweight at only 1.6kg.


  • During our research we noticed that some gardeners had commented on the the joints holding the blade can sometimes get loose and need tightening. This was not a common occurrence but something worth looking out for.
  • The blades may not be efficient enough to cut long grass effectively, so they are best used on lawns that are cut regularly.

Our recommendation

The Bahco P75 Edging Shears are affordable edging shears that will provide you with good service if they are looked after correctly.

They are budget-friendly which is why they are our runner up model. Overall, we do really like this model which is why we have included them in our best-edging shears list. 

What we do like is that if the blades become loose, you can tighten them again using the self-locking retaining nut. This is something you cannot do with some other models, meaning once they are loose, they are loose with no option to tighten them which seriously impacts their performance.

Overall a great pair of edging shears, it’s worth noting that Bahco is also well known in the trade for their quality.

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3. Carl Kammerling G5051 Legend Heavy Duty Edging Shears


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C.K Classic C.k 5051 Legend Heavy Duty Edging Shears

The C.K 5051 edging shears are very interesting. You might wonder why so let us explain. The shears have very sharp blades that are capable of handling heavy-duty work with very little effort. The blades have undergone several treatments to make them stronger and durable than most other models.

You need blades that have been hardened, tempered and drop forged to get a premium cutting performance.

The blades on the CK 5051 are hollow ground and these types of blades are usually found on very sharp, expensive knives. That is what makes them so expensive to buy, and often why most manufacturers don’t use this type of blade. If the blades are too heavy, they exert unnecessary pressure on your muscles thus unnecessary strain. Hollow blades weigh less and can be manoeuvred easily and are super sharp.

The blades have also been plated with amour chrome coating as a protective feature. The blades will be under constant exposure to different textures and conditions. The rain is an enemy for most gardening tools when left overexposed. When working sometimes you need different tension to cut through different plant materials and you will find you enjoy the adjustment settings on these edging shears. You can easily set the amount of tension you need.

The handles are made of hardwood that is durable and can withstand a few bumps and bruises as well as being very strong, unlike some plastic handles.

These edging shears weigh a bit more than the rest but it is worth the trade-off when you take into account the exceptionally high quality and cutting performance. This may be due to the fact that these edging shears are on the heavier side and are more capable of handling tough work, making them ideal for professional gardeners who use their tools a lot and want to invest in the highest quality garden equipment.

The ease at which you cut the grass on your lawn may not be applicable when dealing with slightly thicker textures. The blades have a low friction mechanism that makes cutting a breeze. With the right tension, you can achieve grooming your property and sharpening the edges of your lawn with your new favourite edging shears.


  • ‘Drop forged’, tempered and hardened blade.
  • Amor coat chrome plating included.
  • Self-sharpening.
  • Hollow ground blades that are super sharp.
  • Blade tension adjuster.
  • Hardwood handles.
  • Weight: 2.2 kg.
  • Total height – 95cm.


  • These high performance edging shears are of very good quality. The only disadvantage is that they can be quite heavy compared to other models, however, you are trading weight for quality and cutting performance which we think far outweighs the weight.
  • People with smaller frames may struggle manoeuvring these edging shears around.

Our recommendation

The price of the C.K 5051 Edging Shears will make your eyes widen a little bit but they are worth every penny if they are within your budget.

These edging sheers are far more superior than other models we have ever seen, the quality is above and beyond what most people would expect. If you are looking for some premium edging shears and have a large budget then these truly are unbeatable and will probably be the last pair you ever buy.

Overall, if you’re a professional gardener then these are worth the investment, as a casual gardener, you may want to consider our best pick unless you have a larger budget to play with and want only the best.

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4. Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Steel Telescopic Edging Shears

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Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Steel Telescopic Edging Shears 4912RSS

The Spear & Jackson edging shears have taken into consideration the comfortability of your posture as you work. This brand of edging shears has adopted a telescopic handle feature and that means whether you are short or tall, you have the ability to use these shears. The handles are very accessible and can extend up to 1.14m. You can escape doing garden chores for a while and let your spouse handle it.

The handles are of tubular design so that you can move your wrist around comfortably to tackle those harder to reach corners. The edging shears are not heavy to work with and they are even light enough for you to transport them around if you are a professional landscaper.

The blades on these shears are very commendable. They are made from a C50 carbon-steel combination that makes them light and manoeuvrable for use. The blades are light enough to access plant material that is usually hiding under thickets.

You can trust that these blades will give your lawn the manicured look you are striving for. To protect the edging shears just in case you leave them outside, they are polished and lacquered. These materials are meant to protect the blades from dust and rust.

The product comes with a lengthy 10-year guarantee, this is to signify that Spear & Jackson (as a manufacturer) trusts in the quality of the product they are putting out there. 


  • Razorsharp blades.
  • Telescopic handles.
  • Hollow ground blades.
  • C50 carbon steel blades.
  • Lacquered and polished blades.
  • Tubular handles.
  • 10-year guarantee.
  • Weight: 1.6kg

Our recommendation

The Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Steel Telescopic Edging Shears are a good investment. They do not cost too much and they are considerably lighter in weight than some of the brands featured here.

They are perfect for around the garden and we really like the telescopic handles that can be set to your desired length. This is great for anyone who needs to share them and between them, they all require different handle lengths.

Overall an excellent buy and good all-round pair of edging shears with the added bonus of a 10-year guarantee.

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5. Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Edging Shears

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Spear and Jackson Razorsharp Lawn Shears

Like most of the edging shears in this review, the blades have been made from the best material available on the market currently. The blades are durable and strong enough to handle most of the grooming activities around your property. The blades can be easily sharpened and cleaned.

Dirt is amongst the top reasons why blades lose their sharpness over time. Just as a precautionary measure, the blades were passed through more treatments and they have been coated with PTFE which acts as rust forming a barrier. You can enjoy smooth cutting thanks to this coating.

The Spear & Jackson edging shears have long handles, which is a very encouraging thing for people who are average or taller in height to hear. The handles are made of durable and high-quality material that can withstand consistent daily use. The handles are of tubular design just like most of the shears in this review.

When it gets hot our bodies have to dispel the heat somehow. The skin around your palms tends to be the first area the skin uses to dispel heat, and this means sweaty palms. Sweaty palms make gripping handles a bit tricky and if your shears are heavy, you might have a hard time holding onto your shears. Spear & Jackson have put measures in place to prevent this as the handles have non-slip material around them. So you can continue to work in the garden with sweaty hands without struggling.


  • Hardened and tempered carbon-steel blades.
  • Weather resistant (PTFE coating).
  • Long comfortable handles.
  • Non-slippery grip.
  • Weight:1.4kg.
  • Overall length of 915 mm (36-inch).


  • Some gardeners have reported that the handles may be a little bit too flexible. However, most users have found them just fine.

Our recommendation

These Spear & Jackson edging shears will suit those who have been looking for edging shears that are going to last longer than most other cheaper alternatives.

Taller people may appreciate the long handles that this model comes with, making use slightly easier and more comfortable to use. Overall another great pair of edging shears.

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6. Bosch Isio Cordless Shears


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Bosch Cordless Edging Shear Set Isio (3.6 V, blade length 12 cm, tooth spacing 8 mm, in carton packaging)

Here comes another great product from Bosch. The Bosch Isio is a lightweight edging shear with cordless function and it makes for very convenient shrub and grass shears. What you need to do with the Bosch Isio is just turn it on and let the power work for you. The sharp blades run on a 3.6V Lithium-Ion battery so you have all the power needed in the palm of your hands.

The batteries offer you very compartmentalised and compact power for over 50 minutes. You can trim the edges of your lawn as well as shrubs with convenience and ease. At only 550g it isn’t heavy at all, so you don’t have to worry about repercussions on the muscles in your arms and wrist.

When working with lower levelled gardening shears you soon realise that making continuous individual cuts can be strenuous and time-consuming. With the Bosch Isio, you have shears that will offer you complete coverage and continuous cuts. The shears are designed with anti-locking mechanisms to reduce jamming and these mechanisms are in charge of getting rid of any blockages to guarantee a smooth finish.

For effortless attachment and detachment of the additional features, the Bosch Isio utilises a multi-click system. When looking to clean your shears, you can easily manoeuver around the blades but be careful not to cut yourself whilst cleaning your shears. The blades are made of a high-quality material that makes them strong enough to withstand constant use. You do not have to worry about the blades getting rusty as they have undergone treatments to make them weather-resistant and rust-free.


  • 50 minutes of running time from one charge.
  • Very lightweight at only 550g.
  • Patented ‘anti-blocking ‘system’.
  • Multi-click system for easy switching from grass blade to shrub blade.
  • Uses Lithium-Ion technology 3.6V which means the battery does not lose power over winter when not in use.
  • Sharp blades for an efficient cutting performance.

Our recommendation

The Bosch Isio Shears are expensive for such a small-sized product, but they can be a good choice for those who are involved in minimal grooming and older gardeners who may struggle with heavier handed tools.

We do like this Bosch trimmer and it is a nice little bit of kit that does have its advantages. It’s more suited to smaller jobs around the garden, a little tidying up of lawn edges and shrubs etc. And as mentioned above, older gardeners may find this electric grass trimmer a big help.

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7. WOLF-Garten RIGC Professional Single Hand Grass Shears

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WOLF-Garten RIGC Professional Single Hand Grass Shears

The WOLF-Garten gardening shears makes their debut with tremendous advantages. This grass shear is armed with razor-sharp blades that can easily cut through lawn edges with ease. The blades are arranged in such a way that will optimise levelled cutting.

While cutting away, the design of the shears deflects the cut clippings away from the shears. This way, you have continuous and fluid motions without stalling or blockages.

The WOLF-Garten shears also have an impressive feature that let you cut grass regardless of the angle. The shears have a head that can rotate 180 degrees with ease. Those hard to reach areas don’t have to be a source of contention anymore. The blades are coated with a non-stick material to aid in smooth cuts allowing the cut grass to just bounce off the blades. The non-stick material is very easy to clean and maintain. It gives your shears an extra layer of protection.

Whether for professional or personal uses, you have a 10-year guarantee if you purchase these shears. The shears are of the highest quality and the manufacturer just wants to reassure you more. Is there anything more you could ask for?


  • Sharp blades.
  • Non-stick blades for easy cutting and less jamming.
  • 180-degree rotating head for working at many angles.
  • Has a deflector for flicking grass slipping back onto the lawn.
  • Very lightweight at only 440g.
  • Amazing 10 year guarantee for full peace of mind.

Our recommendation

They are inexpensive and are sharp enough to do basic grooming activities. They are however not recommended for heavy-duty work for obvious exhaustion reasons.

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Edging Shears Buyer’s Guide

The Babylonians were known for their beautiful gardens and most of us till today still continue to keep the tradition alive. Beautiful gardens have charmed even the dullest of souls. So in the maintenance of these gardens, we have to ensure that the tools we get are capable of doing the work.

When looking for good gardening shears here is what to look for:

  • Length of handle – As humans, it is obvious that we vary in shape and size. When selecting your edging shears keep in mind your height and any health limitations. It is advised that you measure your estimated height and work out the possible length of shears that feels comfortable for you. Taller individuals tend to stoop when they are using garden shears that are too short. This can cause back problems in the long run and can make the job much more uncomfortable.There are brands on the market that offer telescopic shears to their customers. This telescopic feature is there to make sure that the handle is adjustable. An adjustable handle provides convenience when working around your garden. It means that anyone who comes into contact with these telescopic edging shears can use them because they are adjustable. They usually operate within the range of 640mm to 1.71m and they are also easier to store.
  • Blade quality – We all appreciate the look of a crisp cut lawn that sprawls for days. To get this crisp cut means that the blades on your edging shears have to be very sharp. A well sharpened and maintained pair of edging shears do not need constant adjusting as the blades are made of the highest quality of material. This way, the shears can withstand the constant use and also the wear and tear that comes with climatic conditions. Blades that guarantee to be hardened and tempered in most cases, are of very good quality. This process of hardening and tempering is meant to harden the metal but still make it malleable and supple enough to survive tension. Some blades being marketed feature the ‘self-sharpening’ mechanism. The secret to these edging shears is that the blades are designed to be positioned at an angle. Whenever the shears are in use, the blades rub against each other and cast out any imperfections that may cause the blades to become blunt. Look out for the length of the blade because shorter blades are known to weigh less than the longer blades. On the flip side, however, these long and heavier set blades are excellent at handling longer grass. Longer blades have the added advantage of coverage so you get to finish your work sooner.
  • Weight – The material that fashions the edging shears that you are after should be light. Why? Because you do not want to get exhausted before the work is fully completed. Although heavier set edging shears provide support and sturdiness while working, they can damage your back and cause you to stoop. Aluminium made edging shears are known to be lighter. Materials such as wood and steel are generally more damage resistant but weigh considerably more.
  • Price – Your spending power pretty much sets what you can get or miss out on in this world. This is no different in the world of edging shears as there are brands on the market that offer you excellent shears but for a considerably higher price than others. The good news is that manufacturers design good products for every price range. What differs are the features available. Think about how much you are willing to spend and purchase the best edging shears within that price range. If money is not a problem, then you can have the best the market has to offer. A good pair will set you back around £30 with better models costing over £60.

Final Conclusion

All of the edging shears in our review have their advantages and which you choose will depend on your own needs and budget. Our best pick is probably going to be the best choice for the majority of gardeners as it offers both quality and great cutting performance without spending the earth.

As a professional gardener, you may choose to go with a more robust and heavy-duty pair that will stand the test of time and pay for themselves again and again.

Below is a quick roundup of our top recommendations.


Through the information that we conclusively analysed it is clear that the Spear & Jackson Razor-sharp Edging Shears are the best edging shears in our review for most people. They are affordable and provide crisp clean cuts. They are robust enough to handle major activities and they don’t weigh too much to cause discomfort when using for longer periods of time. For this reason, these are a great choice for anyone looking for a decent pair for home use.


In our educated opinion, the C.K 5051 Legend takes the award for best heavy-duty shears. These edging shears are strong enough and heavy enough to undertake some of the heavier handed lawn trimmings. They are weather-resistant, which is important for long term use in all weathers and the tension can be regulated for optimum performance.

If you are a professional gardener, these are ultimately the model that makes the most sense and will offer excellent value, despite the heavy price tag. These really are the best of the best.


This title is taken by the WOLF-Garten shears that can efficiently manoeuver its head to cut grass at whatever angle you need it to, which is an amazing feature on its own. They are inexpensive but also sharp enough to handle lightweight grooming in your property but robust enough for professional gardeners to use. They are the best edging shears without being motorised and won’t cost you the earth. We also like the 10-year guarantee for peace of mind.

We hope that this has been relevant and insightful to you. We hope we have helped guide you successfully to select the right edging shears for you.

That is all from us for now. Be sure to add any suggestions or information that might have been left out in the comments section below and give your thoughts and opinions.

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