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8 Best Garden Hammocks For Relaxing – My Favourite Models Put To The Test

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You can beat relaxing in the garden with a good book and a nice cold drink, especially when you have something to relax in and drift off to sleep. When it comes to relaxing, there are a lot of choices, from sun loungers to egg chairs. I recently discussed testing different zero-gravity loungers with their health benefits and why I love my Lafuma Relax Rt2 Zero Gravity Chair. However, when it comes to relaxing, the best garden hammocks beat them all for pure relaxation, or at least thats been my personal experience.

Hammock fixed between 2 posts
Hammock fixed between 2 posts

I first got into garden hammocks over ten years ago, starting with a cheap £80 one. What I have noticed is that even though they can look very similar (especially the steel-framed ones), it’s the quality of the wood, the actual thickness (gauge) of the tubular steel and the cloth quality that separates the cheaper models from the more expensive models (In most cases, not all). As with most things, you do get what you pay for and this is especially true for hammocks

My top pick when it comes to garden hammocks, the  Vivere double hammock
My top pick when it comes to garden hammocks the Vivere double hammock

So my favourite is probably this Vivere Double Cotton Hammock With its Space Saving Stand pictured above and below. I have had this particular hammock for around 3 years now. I’ve used it in the garden a lot. I’ve also taken it to centre parcs on holiday, camping trips to Shell Island in Wales, to the beach and to BBQs at my mum and dad’s house when we have family get-togethers. Let’s say it is well-used and still in great condition.

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock after 3 years

Overall it’s just well designed and manufactured hammock. Has a decent sturdy but lightweight steel frame, is super portable, can be assemabled in around a minute, is very comfortable, is easy to adjust how tight the hammock is and comes with a handy storage bag.

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with its Solid Pine Arc Stand

Now if you like garden hammocks with wooden frames as I do, then this Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with it’s Solid Pine Arc Stand is my favourite. Excellent quality solid pine timber. I love how it has some adjustability in how tight you have the hammock as you can move the position of the hooks (not the case with most similar wood models). The only downside is that it’s not portable, as you cannot quickly take the frame down, and it ideally needs a coat of teak oil once a year to keep it protected from the weather like all wooden framed hammocks. It’s also expensive.

However, another alturnative is this VonHaus Garden Hammock with Larch Wood Stand. For the price is amazing, however, it’s not perfect especially if you compare it to the Vivere wooden hammock. I don’t think the Larch wood is quite as good (although I am being picky, if I’m honest), and you can’t adjust the hammock as the hooks are in a fixed position. For the price though, I don’t think you will find a better option.

Ok, so I recently tested a swinging hammock chair, of which I was impressed with this VonHaus Hanging Hammock Chair, so I thought I would include it here. It’s super affordable and of excellent quality. It’s actually 100% cotton and gives you lots of options for hanging (you could hang it from a tree, pergola, even frame from an old children’s swing, porch beam, basiclly to whatever can support your weight.


Vivere Double Cotton Hammock With Space Saving Stand
Whether it’s about relaxing in your garden or going for a camping trip, this model is a lifesaver and my favourite pick, I absolutely love it. The portable space-saving stand makes it incredibly reliable and eliminates the need for trees which is obviously the big advantage. One of the most affordable hammocks on the market, I can set it up in less than 60 seconds and take it down even faster back into its carry bag which is included.
The hammock gives a snug feel as if you’re being embraced in a cocoon and it's more than big enough for two people. Being 100% cotton, the fabric also dries quickly when washed and the powder-coated steel frame is also really good quality while not being too heavy either even though the frame seems quite a heavy gauge. Overall I highly recommend this model and I have no regrets about buying this model. Highly recommend.

Premium pick

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Solid Pine Arc Stand
The Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Solid Pine Arc Stand stands out because of its solid pine frame and strong cotton fabric but its obviously less portable than my best pick. The fact that it can be erected outdoors or indoors makes it a year-round place for you to relax. It supports an adequate amount of weight making it possible for many people to use this model. For those who appreciate a good quality product, this model provides good value for money. If you maintain it well, you may even be able to pass it down to your children making it a sort of heirloom. Overall a great garden hammock and probably one of the best currently available.

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Best garden hammocks to buy include:

  1. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock With Space Saving Stand
  2. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Solid Pine Arc Stand
  3. VonHaus Garden Hammock with Larch Wood Stand
  4. VonHaus Hanging Hammock Chair
  5. AmazonBasics Fabric Hammock with Stand
  6. VonHaus Hammock with Metal Frame
  7. Charles Bentley Free Standing Garden Hammock
  8. Kronenburg Handel Hammock

Best 8 Garden Hammock Review

1. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand

My Best Pick

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The Vivere hammock being tested for durability and comfort
The Vivere hammock being tested for durability and comfort – and they call this working!

Features & Spec

  • Includes hammock, 9ft steel stand and carrying case.
  • Hammock bed measurements: 63 x 94 inches, with a total length of 130 inches.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 450 pounds (204kg).
  • Easy, tool-free assembly.
  • With adjustable hammock hooks for deciding how high or low to rest.
  • Safe assembly indoors due to rubber end caps that won’t scratch the floor.
  • Available in a myriad of colours.

Watch my video review below

This Vivere Double Cotton Hammock is my favourite model, so in my review you will learn why I choose this model for my garden and days out. A Brazilian-type hammock with a simple design yet very strong and durable, and it can hold two adults at the same time.

All the parts laid out that make the Vivere hammock
All the parts laid out that make the Vivere hammock
Vivere hammock made up and ready to use

This model is available in three different fabrics; cotton, polyester and Sunbrella. My favourite and the one I have on mine is the 100% cotton version because it doesn’t smell even if you sweat under the hot summer sun although I don’t (honestly). I believe the other fabrics are comfortable to lie on but the 100% cotton hammock is super soft and easy to wash with just warm water and mild soap without using strong chemical-based cleaners.

Close up of the 100% cotton hammock
Close-up of the 100% cotton hammock

It comes with a sturdy steel stand that will keep you suspended in the hammock. This stand extends up to 9ft in length and offers solid support for up to 205kg of body weight.

The stand is easy to set up and takes me less than 60 seconds to get set up and it’s just as quick to take down too. There are only five sections that slot together and then screw into place using the bolts.

Building the hammock frame - attaching legs to centre bar

Start by attaching the two feet sections to the centre poles as shown below. Something I will point out here that is not the case with all hammocks is the centre pole is just one piece and not made from two poles that slot together. I have noticed that it seems to make the frame more stable and maybe even stronger, being made from just one piece. I have no way to test this, but that is what I thought when comparing them.

Attaching the feet to the centre pole using two bolts

Next, you need to attach the two side poles the hammock will hang over and insert the bolts to hold them in place.

Attaching the side piles to the feet of the hammock frame

Almost done, all you need to do is insert the two hooks on each end of the frame, these can be set at different heights depending on how you prefer the hammock to be positioned. I like to have it positioned in the second hole down but the lower down you go the tighter the hammock will be. Then simply fastened the hooks into place using the wing nuts.

Inserting the screws the hammock will hook onto.

That’s it, hook the cotton hammock over the u-shaped frame sections onto the hooks as shown below and it’s ready to relax on.

Attaching hammock to hook on frame
Hammock not attached to the frame and ready to use

The whole thing weighs around 14kg, which isn’t that heavy to carry to the beach, and it comes with a carry case which all the frame and hammock easily fit into as there is plenty of space. It’s not like one of those models once you take it out of the carry bag is almost impossible to get it back into it again.

Vivere garden hammock all folded down and packed into carry back

It’s worth knowing there is also a wheel kit that can help you easily move the stand as you chase the sun or shade throughout the day. The 6-inch wheels attach in minutes with two bolts and two nuts. I’ll be honest here and say you don’t need the wheel kit. It’s light enough to move around with one person.

The frame itself seems to be very strong and is powder-coated to protect it from rust, I do expect the stand to last for years, but only time will tell, but up to now, I’ve had no problems.

So finally this hammock is available in a variety of colours including denim, oasis, desert, moon, tropical, gold coast and oasis, and they should be able to retain their colours, the colour I have if you like it is the tropical one. It’s hard to find a model at this price range that provides plenty of adjustability features with a great level of durability, but I think this model has managed just that

Thoughts and recommendations

So as you might have guessed, I really do love my Vivere Double Cotton Hammock that can be used anywhere in the garden because it doesn’t need to be tied to any trees, but use its sturdy steel stand.

Me relaxing on the Vivere garden hammock

As this hammock is made from what I consider to be premium materials, it can last much longer than other cheaper models on the market I also considered. The entire thing can quickly be wrapped up into a carry case for transport and storage, as mentioned earlier, which I like.

The hammock offers a snug feeling like being inside a cocoon whilst providing enough strength to hold two adults comfortably – something for couples to consider, although my wife is greedy and prefers it to herself. Overall I wouldn’t really recommend another model within its price range. I do like the wooden version, but it’s just not as portable, although it does look amazing too.

I have also reviewed some of the best hammock stands so you can choose your own hammock

2. VonHaus Garden Hammock with Larch Wood Stand

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VonHaus Garden Hammock with Larch Wood Stand

Features and Spec

  • Stand-alone hammock doesn’t require tree support.
  • Wooden frame of larch wood supports one person of up to 110kg weight.
  •  Soft cotton and canvas polyester hammock.
  • White hammock offsets the deep sheen of the larch wood.
  • Stand-alone frame has a curved support and curved legs.
  • Two-year warranty, minimum.
  • Dimensions: 120cm (height); 120cm (width); and 310cm (length).

This VonHaus Wooden Garden Hammock is a beautifully designed garden hammock, and it’s an excellent alturnative to the very similar Charles Bentley wooden hammock. In fact, it’s almost identical; it could even be made at the same factory when you compare the two. Its elegant white hammock and choice of larch wood really make it stand out. The overall build quality is also very good for the price. I would recommend giving it a coat of oil to keep the Larchwood frame in good condition and give it some extra protection from the weather, especially in the UK.

As briefly mentioned already, the stand is made of solid larch wood and consists of two curved parts that bolt together just above the curved legs. While it is a bit heavy (a good thing as it keeps it stable), assembling the stand is still a straightforward process. However, unlike the steel frames on metal hammocks, which slot together easily with just one person, these heavier wood frames are much easier to put together with a second pair of hands to help. Once the stand is assembled, attaching the one-person hammock is pretty simple as it just hooks onto the hooks on either side. When it comes to the actual hammock materials, it’s constructed from durable cotton and canvas polyester materials. What I would recommend doing is bringing in the actual cloth hammock (not the stand) when in use. The wood stands are okay outside all year round. Just remember to apply a new coat of oil once a year to protect the wood.

VonHaus Garden Hammock with Larch Wood Stand close view

When it comes to the actual size, the hammock is reasonably spacious for a one-person hammock. It’s around 120cm (4ft) wide and 200cm long (5.6ft). Most people will find that size about right. In terms of the maximum weight limit, I think it’s about 110kg, so plenty for an adult or even two children, as well as my two kids love playing in the hammock.

The hammock stand is made of natural wood (Larchwood), so it requires some maintenance to keep it in good condition. I recommend applying teak oil to the wood at least once a year, ideally twice a year. This helps keep it moist during dry periods and protects it from rain.

My recommendation

Overall, this VonHaus Garden Hammock with its Larch Wood Stand is an excellent investment for anyone looking for a good quality but affordable wooden garden hammock. I prefer the Vivere Double Cotton Hammock as I prefer the solid pine Stand but maybe more importantly, how the fabric hammock drapes over the frame and can be adjusted by moving the position of the hooks. That is something that is not easily done with this stand. This VonHaus Garden Hammock has a hook at each end fixed permanently. Just something to be aware of but not a deal breaker.

3. VonHaus Hanging Chair – Blue & White Striped Garden Hammock Chair

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VonHaus Hanging Hammock Chair

Features and spec

  • An upright hanging chair for one person requires a support.
  •  Loop at the top to hang from a hook on a support or a tree.
  • Braided rope structure and wooden pole for the horizontal hanging of the seat.
  • Seat and two 45cm square cushions are of a blue and white striped cotton.
  • Maximum weight is 120kg.
  • Dimensions: 95cm (width) and 130cm (length).
  • Comes with instructions.
  •  Easily taken down and packed up.
  • Minimum two-year warranty.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and well-made garden hammock chair rather than a laydown hammock. Then this Hanging Chair hammock made from 100% cotton by Vonhaus is worth considering. For the price, it’s really well-made and comfortable, much cheaper than any garden hammock or those hanging egg chairs.
This hanging chair is made with thick and 100% durable cotton, strong ropes and a well-made timber crossbar that provides stability and comfort. It doesn’t include any straps to hang it with, so I recommend buying a karabiner-style clip from Amazon to hang it from for a few quid.

When it comes to the ‘where to hang it’, really anywhere sturdy enough to hold the weight when in use. We have one hanging from our garden pergola as an extra seat, and it’s proven to be very comfortable, but you could easily hang it from a tree. I have a friend who hung one from an old swing frame the kids have outgrown as it was made from thick timbers. This was a really good idea as it already had a metal swing attachment where they unclipped the old swing.

One downside I found was that the cushions that come with the chair are a bit small and thin, maybe even a bit floppy, but they’re comfortable once you settle in place. My friend actually replaced them with larger and thicker ones. However, I would say this is a minor issue (if even an issue at all) that doesn’t take from the overall quality of the chair.
The chair itself is made with braided and woven ropes that connect to the horizontal pole made of wood.

Although the chairs are made from cotton thats naturally mould-resistant and breathable, it’s not waterproof, so you should make sure it’s easy enough to unclip and store indoors. This is why I recommend using a karabiner clip. The lightweight seat and ropes make it easy to move the chair indoors in case of bad weather.

VonHaus Hanging Hammock Chair

Thoughts and recommendations

Overall, if you’re looking for a comfortable and well-made garden hammock chair that’s easy to set up and move around, this VonHaus Hanging Hammock Chair is a great choice. Its attractive design and durable construction make it a great addition to any outdoor space. For the price, it really is a great piece of kit. You could even have a couple of hanging places for it and move it around if you wanted.

4. AmazonBasics Fabric Hammock with Stand


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Features & Spec

  • Package includes a hammock, heavy-duty steel stand and carrying case.
  • Accommodate two persons, 400 pounds maximum weight.
  • Fabric is made from a combination of polyester, cotton, rayon and nylon.
  • Easy assembly without using any complicated tools.

The AmazonBasics Fabric Hammock with Stand is another hammock that comes with a stand, eliminating the need for trees. Its 9ft tubular steel stand comes in three durable sections which are constructed from thick metal formed in precise contour. The segments have an integrated lock that can be loosened or tightened to enhance setup.

This durable, double hammock provides 2-person capacity with a maximum weight capacity of 181kg. The bed measures 330cm end to end, allowing you to dangle your feet over the edge or lie lengthwise, whether you’re alone or with a partner. Its heavy-duty steel stand provides dependable strength and stability, and firmly secures the hammock, whilst its wide base ensures safe placement. The fabric construction is a blend of 53% polyester, 33% cotton, 11% rayon and 3% nylon, providing top-notch comfort and durability combo.

Supplied with this double hammock is a carrying bag for convenient portability. You can easily pack the item and take it with you to the beach or campsite. It also comes with all the necessary parts for assembly with no additional tools required to finish the job. The product is backed by a one-year limited warranty against defects in workmanship.

The not so good!

The 181kg weight capacity may not be enough for two heavier folks.

Thoughts and recommendations

This product has received several positive reviews from customers, and we strongly believe it is one of the best garden hammocks one can buy. The fabric material is of the highest quality, and the sleek, strong steel frame offers good support when you’re lying on the hammock. AmazonBasics says it can carry two people, but if you have to use it with a partner, be sure to know how much you weigh before jumping in it. Besides that, the AmazonBasics Fabric Hammock with Stand is worth the price.

No products found.

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5. VonHaus Hammock with Metal Frame

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VonHaus Hammock with Metal Frame

Features & Spec

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy metal frame.
  • Made from natural woven cotton.
  • Integrated with wooden stabilizer bars for non-tipping.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 100kg.

We’ve chosen the VonHaus Hammock as our best hammock, and the very first attribute that we like about it is the ease of assembly. The metal frame comes together in about two minutes and can be moved around the garden while following the sun. While that much lightweight, we also find it quite sturdy and capable of holding a maximum weight of 100 kg. The hammock attaches easily to the frame with the help of the 2 included steel “S” hooks, allowing you to be lying down sipping your cocktail within a few.

The hammock’s body is made from natural woven cotton which makes it cool and breathable throughout the summer days and soft and comfy in the evenings. The hammock has wooden stabilising bars at either end which make getting on and off easy and safe while evenly spreading the weight to reduce the chances of tipping.

The ease of taking this hammock down is something all of you will appreciate. It unhooks easily from the frame to be stored away in case rain catches up with you or simply at the end of your day. Even more, the VonHaus Hammock is a great accessory to have in your gear for camping trips because you can use it without the frame. Just tie it between two trees and unwind with the birds flying nearby while in the woods. It also comes with a 2-year warranty which we think it’s better than most products which offer 12 months.

The not so good!

  • The hammock has literally no drop in it, making it strain quite tightly between the bars. You might need to add some ties to the rope to make it dip in the middle. It’s also somehow narrow, so balance is needed.

Thoughts & recommendation

If you are thrilled by relaxing outdoors in a lightweight hammock that you can shift from one location to another, the VonHaus Hammock with metal frame will be an excellent buy. You’ll also love the quick assembly and takedown of this hammock, let alone affordability.

6. Charles Bentley Free Standing Garden Hammock


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Charles Bentley Free Standing Garden Hammock

Features & Spec

  • Self-assembly required.
  • Curved arc stand.
  • Freestanding – no trees required.
  • Solid and durable frame.
  • Adjustable hammock height.
  • Maximum user weight – 150kg.
  • Stand material: larch wood.
  • Hammock material: 56% polyester, 27% cotton, 17% viscose.

The Charles Bentley Free Standing Garden Hammock is practical and comfortable for relaxing and lounging in the garden. It features a curved arch stand that would be eye-catching and stylish in any garden. The stand is made from solid, long-lasting larch wood while the hammock features a blend of materials including polyester, cotton and viscose.

Assembling this hammock is easy though a second person is needed to help in fixing the wooden pieces together. It weighs 25kg which we think is quite a lot when it comes to moving the hammock from one location to another. The hammock height is adjustable allowing you to stay as high or lounge close to the ground. It comes in a free-standing design meaning you don’t need trees to relax in the hammock.

With a maximum user weight of 150kg, we think this Charles Bentley is only enough for a single person also considering the 100cm width.

The not so good!

  • The assembly instructions are a bit inadequate and there are minor issues with the packaging too. We also find it very pricey.

Thoughts & recommendation

Charles Bentley’s design eliminates the need for trees making it a great companion for relaxing anywhere. The weight might be an issue though but if you just want to use it within your compound then it won’t be a big deal. We find it quite expensive for a one user hammock but durability is unbeatable.

7. Kronenburg Handel Hammock Review

**The Best Hammock For Several People**

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Kronenburg Handel Hammock

Features & Spec

  • More people hammock.
  • Comes in different nice colours.
  • Both longitudinal side and diagonal lie down with ease.
  • Hand rolled braids at the ends for durability.
  • Maximum load capacity: 300kg.
  • Lying surface: 210x150cm.
  • Total length: approximately 320cm.

This hammock by Kronenburg Handel winds up our list as the best in terms of capacity, with the capability of taking up to 300kg. It’s as good as calling it a family hammock as two adults, a child and toddler can sneak in comfortably for many hours of fun. If you want to hang out alone you’ll appreciate the roomy interior for extra comfort and relaxation. It’s worth noting that you can comfortably lie in a longitudinal side or diagonally in this hammock, of which most of you will find interesting.

It comes without a stand so definitely you’ll need somewhere to hang it such as trees. But, that’s not a big deal with most gardens and it gives it an advantage of mobility; you can take it to the beach with you, camping or even use it as an extra sleeping space for your travel. At the hammock ends are hand rolled braids which are quite strong to support the weight and last for years. Consider extending the ends using additional ropes if the distance between where you want to hang is wider than what the hammock can offer.

The different colour designs are eye-catching and a sure bet that most people will love it. The hammock features a blend of cotton (65%) and polyester (35%) and the properties of the combined materials make for a high-quality fabric.

The not so good!

  • The drawback with this hammock is that you need two perfectly spaced trees to hang it.

Thoughts & recommendation

Assuming you have a perfect location, this hanging chair is perfect for relaxation whether alone or with family. There are no assembly issues involved with this, simply tie it between two trees, jump in and let your minds unwind. Enjoy the generous space of the Hammock for Several People which all comes at a very affordable price.

8. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Solid Pine Arc Stand

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Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Solid Pine Arc Stand

Features and Spec

  • Measurements: 102L x 47W x 41H inches.
  • With an 8ft solid pine stand.
  • Double cotton, breathable material.
  • Adjustable hooks for setting the hammock high or low as needed.
  • Assembled weight: 25.5kg.
  • Available in a variety of colours.
  • Accommodates two adults – 204 maximum weight capacity.

This Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Solid Pine Arc Stand is an amazing example of state-of-the-art workmanship and beauty at its finest. It combines a solid pine stand in medium brown stain and a densely woven double cotton hammock to provide an outdoor nest for two. This style eliminates the discomfort that can happen with conventional knotted net hammocks. The product can be assembled and taken down with ease and it’s recommended that you store it indoors to keep dry and clean whilst maximizing its lifespan.

You mind about trees? The 15ft pine wood is responsibly harvested according to FSC standards, encouraging thriving, healthy forests. The hammock itself comes in vivid colours that you love, in the form of natural, tropical, blue lagoon, cayo reef, oasis and retro. Moreover, each colour comes at a different price, so if you can’t spend north of £300 to get our ‘natural’ favourite, you can always get the other versions at cheaper prices. However, this model is a lot more expensive than hammocks with steel stands because of the aesthetic pine wood. This thing can be set up in your patio, deck or balcony.

Thanks to adjustable hooks, the hammock can go as high or low as you want. The weight capacity is 450 pounds and the breathable fabric provides superior comfort for snoozing under the sun. One thing for sure is that the vegetable-dyed cotton will last for years and so is the hard pine wood. The package arrives with the hammock, stand, hardware and manual, and the product has a 1-year warranty.

The not so good!

This hammock is very expensive. You can purchase two other models at the price of this Vivere version. Another thing is, it’s difficult to tighten the bolts on the frame.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Solid Pine Arc Stand is a truly eye-catching model that would add a classic touch to a nicely manicured space. Made from 100% breathable cotton, you can expect a great level of comfort even on the hottest days. Its weight capacity is enough for two and you can easily adjust the height of relaxation. If you can always store it indoors during inclement weather, this thing will surely last for years. An excellent choice for anyone seeking a unique garden hammock.

Outdoor Hammock Buyer’s Guide

The hammock is among our favourite pieces of garden furniture. For you to choose the hammock that best suits your space, it is important to be conversant with the small details. There are usually two common types of garden hammocks. The first group is those hammocks that are supported by straps which wound around trees. Then there are those supported by independent stands, which make them portable and a favourite among homeowners in the suburbs.

Your preference in style may completely be up to you, but here are some of the few nitty-gritty to look out for, whether you want a hammock with or without a stand.

  • Weight – If you are looking for a freestanding hammock, then the weight of the frame plays a key role in determining the overall hammock especially if you plan to be moving it around. The last thing you’ll want is a heavy freestanding hammock that you cannot move. The stands and frames usually come made with steel, coated steel or aluminium and weigh up to 15kg.
  • Cost – To acquire yourself a hammock, you do not have to discard your budget. There are many affordable hammocks available from anywhere £40 to £250. You would be surprised at the variety of styles and designs you can get if you shell out a few bucks. These days you don’t have to move from your home, you can just order online, detailing the right dimensions, and there you have it! You can decide to spend once and get a durable hammock to last you for decades.
  • Robustness – How often do you intend to use the hammock? You need to select hammocks made of a durable material like nylon or duracord that are able to withstand the terrors of turbulent weather and overall constant use. You want to invest in hammocks with fitted safety straps to avoid unnecessary injury. If you want a freestanding hammock, look for one with high-quality stands, mostly made from aluminium or resin steel. The aim is to be safe and save money in the long run.
  • Coverage & Capacity – According to the number of people known to comfortably house the hammock and the geographical location, the size of the hammock will greatly affect this. Larger hammocks are famous for their snug and comfortable fits, while the smaller ones are selected for their sturdiness and portability. You want to pick out a hammock that compliments your home.
  • Function – There are hammocks designed for different functions. You can choose to buy a hammock to use on the beach or star gazing at night. Their different locations require different fabrics and different guidelines when it comes to repair and maintenance. Hammocks made of duracord are known to be water-resistant; they are especially preferred for relaxing on pool sides. Rope hammocks are preferable for patios and beaches, especially tropical climates. They are good at constant air circulation.
  • Safety – The safety of the people you care about or even yourself is of utmost priority. Hammocks are required to support the weight of a number of people without snapping. The straps used for attachment have to be made of durable material. They should be able to withstand the weather elements and have a firm grip. For freestanding hammocks, the stands ought to be firm and have smooth finishes to avoid snagging.
  • Fabrics used – When looking to purchase a viable hammock, remember that the weather conditions are an important consideration. Different fabrics allow for different degrees of wear and tear. Also, in terms of fabrics, comfort is variable. The commonly used materials include cotton, nylon, Duracord, outdoor polyester, dry core mesh, and olefin, just to mention a few. All these fabrics have different advantages. For instance, duracord is known to be the most durable material.

Final Conclusion

Using a hammock in the garden is a fun way to connect with nature and loved ones without having to go far. Those with steel stands are easy to set up and take down, as well as lightweight enough to move between spots. Hammocks with wood stands are usually expensive but their aesthetic appeal is hard to beat. They may be tedious to move though. All in all, think about your needs and how much you want to spend on a hammock before buying one. We hope this guide has been helpful in your search for the best garden hammock.

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