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5 Best Cordless Pressure Washers – Comparison & Reviews

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With a cordless pressure washer, you no longer have to grab a bucket of soapy water and a sponge to wash anything outside that’s far away from a power outlet or a source of water. We review the Best Cordless Pressure Washers that come with their own power and water, so you no longer have an excuse not to wash your car that’s parked down the road. After we list each model’s pros and cons, we discuss their features and offer our recommendation of their best use. Our Buyer’s Guide addresses the most common online complaints about cordless power washers by making sure that you know exactly what you’re buying.


WORX WG620E.2 20V Max Cordless Hydroshot Portable Pressure Cleaner
This WORX WG620E.2 cordless pressure washer lets you clean whatever, wherever. It uses water from any source – the tap, pond, garden hose and so on – and you either connect the hose up, put the end of the hose into a bucket of the water or into the water source itself. The 20V lithium-ion battery and charger come with your purchase (or buy without) so you’re ready to be mobile for your cleaning tasks. With 30 minutes of run time and a choice of five spray patterns, dust, dirt and grime will vanish before your eyes. Or use without water to just blow light particles away. The WORX WG620E.2 Cordless Hydroshot Portable Pressure Cleaner is for anyone who doesn’t like their cleaning appliances tethered.


Bosch Fontus Battery Outdoor Cleaner
The Bosch Fontus is a cordless pressure washer that solves the problem of frequently having to refill your water bucket. It has a built-it 15L water tank that lasts through quite a long cleaning session. Don’t worry about filling the tank with water from a natural source (pond, etc.) as there’s a filter that strains out any solid bits. Peek through the transparent window in the tank to see how much water is left. This unit is not the most powerful washer in our review but the 12 spray settings give you options to attack your dirt and grime precisely. And you have the convenience of being able to pull this power washer around on its wheels like an upright carry-on suitcase. The Bosch Fontus Battery Outdoor Cleaner is great if you’re really off-grid and need to clean.

Best Cordless Pressure Washers reviews

1. WORX WG620E.2 20V Max Cordless Hydroshot Portable Pressure Cleaner

Best Pick

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WORX WG620E.2 18V (20V Max) Cordless Hydroshot Portable Pressure Cleaner-Full Kit w/Fast Charger

The WORX WG620E.2 20V Max Cordless Hydroshot Portable Pressure Cleaner is one in a series of cordless pressure washers in a range of prices. This version is a full-kit model and comes with a battery and a charger. The battery fits all the power tools in the WORKX PowerShare series. If you already have some of those power tools, buy the bare unit model without the battery and charger.

The WORX WG620E.2 power washer provides 22 Bars of water pressure, which is standard for cordless washers. The fully charged battery gives you a credible 30 minutes of working time which isn’t bad for this type of cordless garden tool.

The nozzle at the end of the long lance rotates to give you five different spray types. Select the one that’s best for the job at hand from 0º, 25º, 40º, shower and mist. The first choice is a straight stream of water, the next two are fan patterns and the shower and mist are specialist options that you can use for watering plants. These choices should cover the cleaning and watering tasks that you need to do.

You can draw the water from any nearby source including rivers, lakes and ponds by putting the end of the 6m water hose into the water source. Or you can fill up the collapsible bucket (included) with the water and dunk the end of the hose in that. You’re completely mobile with this power washer and can easily go off the water infrastructure grid.

Or if you stay close to home, there’s an easy connection at the end of the hose to your garden hose or an outside tap. This pressure washer self primes so there’s no need to suck on the end of the hose to draw water up along it. You also have the choice of using this power cleaner without any water and just blowing dust and grime away.

The WORKX Hydroshot range has quite a few packages available, all of which are different combinations of a power washer and accessories. We’ve mentioned the bare tool package above, but you also find a kit that comes with two batteries so you can keep one fully charged, and a similar power washer with a brushless motor that’s more powerful and efficient.


  • Portable cordless power washer and cleaner (without water) in one garden appliance.
  • Takes one 20V Lithium-ion battery that’s used throughout the WORKX PowerShare series of tools.
  • Comes with a battery and a charger.
  • Draws water from a nearby source of water – bucket, pool, river etc – or you can use the (included) bucket.
  • Quick connection to garden hose or outside tap as an alternative source.
  • The nozzle at end of the wand rotates to five different spray patterns from a fine mist through to a pulsing jet stream for different cleaning tasks.
  • Provides a maximum of 320psi/22Bars of water pressure and 120L/hour of water flow.
  • Thirty minutes of run time from the fully charged battery and takes three to five hours to charge.
  • Comes with a regular 6m hose.
  • Lightweight and compact at 4.0kg.
  • Full kit includes battery and charger, collapsible bucket, washing brush, soap bottle, bottle adapter.
  • Other models and combinations of washer and accessories available in the Hydroshot range.


  • Shorter run time than some might expect.

Our recommendation

The WORX WG620E.2 20V Max Cordless Hydroshot Portable Pressure Cleaner is our Best Pick in this review of cordless power washers.

It has the average power output of this type of power washer but you can also use it just as a cleaner without water. It takes any type of water, from the mains or from a natural source, and you have five different spray patterns with which to clean. And, it’s priced competitively with most other cordless washers.

2. Bosch Fontus Battery Outdoor Cleaner


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Bosch 06008B6000 Fontus Battery Outdoor Cleaner (1 Battery (2.5 Ah), Max. Pressure: 15 Bar, 15 L Water Tank, 18 Volt System, in Box), Green, 64.5 cm*32.0 cm*39.5 cm

The Bosch Fontus Battery Outdoor Cleaner is a cordless power washer that looks like an upright carry-on suitcase attached to a garden hose gun. This appearance is because the Bosch Fontus has an integrated 15L water tank. As the “suitcase” is on wheels and has an extendable handle, it is easy to wheel around, even with the additional weight (15kg) of all that water.

This is not the most powerful cordless pressure washer in our review. You can adjust the water pressure from 1 Bar to 12 Bars, which falls a bit below the average 22 Bars of most of our other choices. However, 15L of water takes some time to use up when you’re cleaning, so you don’t have to keep returning to base and refilling the tank.

The tank has a filter to remove all the bits you find even in water from the mains. Keep track of how much water is left through the see-through window on the front of the tank. You cannot bypass the water tank and use water from another source though, as there’s only the tank connection.

This model comes with an 18V battery and a charger. At 2.5Ah, it lasts slightly longer than the regular 2.0Ah batteries you find on other power washers. The battery life matches the long cleaning sessions given by the water tank as a fully charged battery should last for a 60-minute session. The battery in this model is the same one used in most Bosch power tools, so if you’re already a Bosch fan and have their 18V battery, you can keep that charged to swap in if the first one runs out of juice.

Unlike most other power washers, the Bosch Fontus doesn’t have a lance; it comes with a hand gun that has trigger controls on it. Rotate the spray head to choose from a selection of 12 cleaning settings. These include a pencil jet to get at stubborn stains, a 15° fan jet and a 50° fan jet, and a gentle shower jet. The (inlcuded) SmartBrush attachment helps to scrub away any really stubborn grime and mud.


  • Portable cordless power washer that has an integrated water tank.
  • Adjustable water pressure from 1 bar through to 12 Bars depending on your task.
  • 18V Lithium-ion battery (2.5Ah) and fast charger included with purchase.
  • Has a gun with trigger controls rather than a lance.
  • The handle on the base unit is height adjustable and makes it easy to haul the washer around on its two wheels.
  • The tank holds 15L of water and has a window to view the water level.
  • Choose from 12 cleaning settings on the spray head.
  • The storage compartment in-unit holds all accessories and brushes.
  • Comes with a smart brush attachment and a spray attachment.
  • Battery run time is 60 minutes and is used in most Bosch power tools.
  • Weighs 11.8kg, including the battery but without the water.


  • Construction quality not up to usual Bosch standards.
  • No connection for water supply other than the tank.

Our recommendation

The Bosch Fontus Battery Outdoor Cleaner is our Runner-up selection in this review. We like the longer life of the battery plus the large size of the water tank. Even though it doesn’t have the power of some of the other models we review, you can clean for longer sessions without having to stop and refill or recharge anything.

3. Yard Force 22Bar 20V Aquajet Cordless Pressure Cleaner

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Yard Force 22Bar 20V Aquajet Cordless Pressure Cleaner with 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, Charger and Accessories LW C02

The Yard Force 22Bar 20V Aquajet Cordless Pressure Cleaner is the only model we review that has an Eco-mode to reduce your water and battery power consumption.

The Aquajet cleaner is another model that comes with both a 20V Lithium-ion battery and a charger. The Samsung 2.5Ah battery gives you a little extra runtime than a basic 2.0Ah battery. A digital charging level indicator on the battery lets you know when you’re running out of juice.

Selecting the Eco-mode is simply done by flicking a switch. This mode uses less water and power but you do receive a lighter clean and water spray. Consider using the adjustable pressure control as an alternative way to save water. The upper speed maxes out at 22 Bars of pressure, so the lower speed will put less water through the hose.

There are three nozzle spray patterns for you to choose from. The jet spray is a wide, fan-shaped spray for regular cleaning; the turbo spray concentrates the stream into a higher-pressure spiral spray for more intense cleaning, and the low-pressure spray is for a lighter clean. However, online reviewers report that the nozzle is difficult to rotate between the positions for these choices.

For your comfort, the rear handle on the ergonomic short lance can be set in two positions. This lets you easily reach into tight corners and high places without stretching your body into unfamiliar positions..


  • A cordless pressure washer with an ergonomically designed short lance.
  • One 20V (2.5Ah) Samsung Lithium battery and a charger are included with this pressure washer.
  • The hose is 6m long and is usable with any water source.
  • Jet nozzle adjusts to three sprays: jet, turbo and low pressure.
  • Adjustable pressure control with two speeds reaches a maximum of 22 Bars of pressure.
  • The rear handle is rotary for you to control your options and can be set in two positions.
  • The water flow maximum is 270L/hour.
  • Eco-mode uses less water and power with a lighter cleaning.
  • Comes with a battery and charger, collapsible bucket, brush, foaming bottle and a storage bag.
  • Weighs 4.45kg.


  • Nozzle difficult to adjust to the different spray options.

Our recommendation

The Yard Force 22Bar 20V Aquajet Cordless Pressure Cleaner is an efficient pressure washer that gives you the option of an Eco-mode to save water and power. The slightly longer than usual life of the battery is welcome, along with the three spray patterns that cover the basic cleaning tasks that cordless power cleaners are designed to do. This is a good choice for those who have small and light cleaning tasks to carry out.

4. WESCO 18V 2.0Ah Home/Car Cleaner

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Cordless Pressure Washer, WESCO 18V 2.0Ah Cordless Power Washer, with 6M Hose, 4 Spray Nozzles, Carry Bag, Extension Lance, Battery Pressure Washer for Garden, Pet, Car and Outdoor Cleaning /WS8800

The WESCO 18V 2.0Ah Home/Car Cleaner is a standard cordless power washer with which the 18V Lithium-ion battery and the charger are included. But this model has a welcome safety feature if you have kids around who always want to play with water. There’s a double protection switch to start the washer so it can’t be accidentally started or turned on by little ones who are used to just pressing a button.

You have the best of two worlds with the reach of this power washer as it comes with a short lance for a more controlled and close clean. However, you can extend the lance to reach further away or higher up. Nothing is beyond your cleaning enthusiasm with this unit.

The maximum water pressure produced by the Wesco Home/Car Cleaner is 320psi, which is the standard 22 Bars. However, the water flow is a little slower than other models at 120L/hour. This does mean that you use less water and that’s good for both the environment and your water bill. You can use your outdoor tap or your garden hose as the water source, or fill a bucket and put the end of the hose in that if you need to move freely.

Five spray patterns are available for your cleaning needs. they are: 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and spray.  0° is a single stream of water and 40° is a wide fan pattern. The spray option is useful for watering flowers or, as the full title of this model says, for gently hosing down the dog.


  • A cordless pressure washer with a short lance that can be extended.
  • One 18V (2.0Ah) Lithium-ion battery and a charger are included.
  • The maximum water pressure is 320psi and the water flow rate is 120L/hour.
  • Comes with five spray patterns for cleaning items and watering your garden.
  • Safety features include a double protection switch that prevents accidental starts.
  • The hose is the usual 6m long and is easily connected to your outdoor tap or garden hose.
  • Comes with an extension lance, battery and charger and a carry bag.
  • The warranty is two years.


  • Battery recharging time is long.

Our recommendation

The WESCO 18V 2.0Ah Home/Car Cleaner is a mainstream cordless power washer with a couple of features that we really like. It has five spray patterns which are more than enough for most light cleaning tasks. The extension lance lets you reach into far places without straining and over-stretching. And the safety ON switch is welcome for young families. This is a good choice if any of these features are on your “must-have” list.

5. Greenworks Cordless High Pressure Cleaner GDC40K25

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Greenworks Cordless High Pressure Cleaner GDC40K25 (Li-Ion 40 V 650 W Motor Power 70 Bar Pressure 300 l/h Flow Rate 20 Litre Tank 6 m Hose With 2.5 Battery and Charger)

The Greenworks Cordless High-Pressure Cleaner GDC40K25 is another power washer (like our Best Pick) that comes with an integrated water tank so you don’t have to keep filling up a bucket. The tank has a built-in filter to strain the water. This time the tank holds 20L of water, but remember that’s 20kg of weight that you have to take with you as you move around.

The Greenworks GDC40K25 has the most significant pluses and minuses of all the models we review. On the plus side, along with the water tank, is the 40V Lithium-ion battery. All the other models here each use one 20V battery. The GreenWorks battery is compatible with most other Greenworks’ power tools, so if you already have some of their tools, purchase the bare tool without the battery and charger.

This 40V battery generates 70Bars of water pressure; that’s more than three times the pressure of any other product we look at. This gives you an impressive 300L/hour of water flow. You can do medium size and quite heavy cleaning jobs with these numbers.

You also have a selection of spray patterns for your assorted power washing tasks. However, neither Greenworks’ website nor the sales site specifies what types of patterns or how many.

Now for the not-so-good news. Some online reviewers claim that the battery life is exceedingly short. We checked the manufacturer’s website and found these stats: the 40V 2.0Ah battery lasts 8 minutes. If you upgrade to the 4.0Ah battery, you get 16 minutes of use from this power tool. That’s not a long time to clean your bike/car/kid’s toys, but the high pressure and water flow take power to produce.

And you can only use water from the water infrastructure. Even with the filter, the manufacturer states that only water from a tap must be used; don’t use water from natural sources such as rivers or ponds.


  • A cordless pressure washer comes with a long lance and a water tank.
  • One 40V (2.5Ah) Lithium-ion battery and a charger come with this unit.
  • Battery works in many Greenworks power tools.
  • LED indicator in the battery shows how much charge is left.
  • The water tank holds 20L and the hose is the standard 6m in length.
  • The flow rate is a maximum of 300L/hour and the maximum pressure is 70 Bars.
  • The nozzle rotates to adjust the spray patterns (unspecified)
  • Comes with a high-pressure gun, a fixed-jet nozzle and a water filter.


  • Very short battery life (8 minutes) with 2.0Ah battery.
  • Can only use water from the mains.

Our recommendation

The Greenworks Cordless High Pressure Cleaner GDC40K25 is a power washer with a 20L in-built tank so you don’t have to keep topping up the water container. It produces an impressive 70 Bars of water pressure at a flow rate of 300L/hour. But that comes at a price of battery power – 8 minutes of use time for the 40V battery that the washer comes with.

If you’re looking for a powerful cordless power and can have several fully-charged batteries lined up and ready to go, this is a good choice.

Buyer’s Guide

We want you to be happy with your purchase of a cordless pressure washer so our Buyer’s Guide addresses the most frequent complaints that we read on Internet sales sites about them. Online reviewers seem surprised with their purchases, though all the information is there in the sales blurbs and elsewhere. We pull it together here for you.

The pressure washer doesn’t have enough pressure

Alternatives to this include “isn’t as powerful as an electric one” and “won’t clean the weeds off my patio”. It’s all true.

Cordless pressure washers are designed to deal with small to medium cleaning tasks. Manufacturers are usually upfront about how much water pressure their models produce by giving you the pressure in Bars or pounds per square inch (psi). The average pressure from a cordless model is around 22 Bars and 320psi. The most powerful model in our review comes in at 70 Bars, and that’s the Greenworks Cordless High Pressure Cleaner GDC40K25.

Greenworks Cordless High Pressure Cleaner GDC40K25 (Li-Ion 40 V 650 W Motor Power 70 Bar Pressure 300 l/h Flow Rate 20 Litre Tank 6 m Hose With 2.5 Battery and Charger)

In contrast, electric power washers start at around 100 bars of pressure. That’s a huge difference so make sure that you do in fact want a cordless washer for small tasks such as washing a bike or kids’ toys, hosing down your dog, rinsing off a soapy car or watering your flowers.

The battery doesn’t last long

All the pressure washers in our review come with a battery and charger, so you’re receiving the battery that the manufacturer recommends. In one case the battery lasts 8 minutes but in most you get about 30  minutes of cleaning time.

Most of the batteries here have 2Ah or 2.5Ah of capacity charge. Some of the online reviewers report that they’ve upgraded their batteries to 4Ah or even 6Ah capacity and this gives them a longer run time. Before you do this, check with the instruction manual ofr the manufacturer’s website to see if it’s advisable to do this.

Bosch 06008B6000 Fontus Battery Outdoor Cleaner (1 Battery (2.5 Ah), Max. Pressure: 15 Bar, 15 L Water Tank, 18 Volt System, in Box), Green, 64.5 cm*32.0 cm*39.5 cm

You’re also at the mercy of the recharging time of the battery charger. One way around this is to have a second battery charged and ready to go when the first one runs out.

The cordless power washer uses the water quickly

With some models of cordless power washer you do have some control over how quickly the water is used up. The flow rate of the unit, given in litres per hour, L/hour, tells you how much water flows through the hose per hour. With most power washers, you can reduce the speed of the water flow or choose a spray pattern that uses water more slowly.

But this affects how strongly the water comes out of the hose and the width of the area it covers. You might use less water but will you have enough water pressure coming through to remove the dirt and grime that you want to clean off?

Yard Force 22Bar 20V Aquajet Cordless Pressure Cleaner with 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, Charger and Accessories LW C02

You could hook the washer hose up to a nearby outside tap but that limits the mobility which is one of the advantages of a cordless power washer. Alternatively, you could put the hose into a river or pond and have an endless water source. But for this, check that your unit has a good filter to take out all the bits and pieces in the water. One of our tank units, the Greenworks Cordless High Pressure Cleaner GDC40K25, has a line in its user manual that you can only fill the tank with water from the mains.

You may have to live with frequently refilling the water bucket or (less frequently) the tank or only doing short cleaning jobs.

Final Conclusion

A cordless pressure washer gives the freedom (and no more excuses) to pressure clean anything anywhere, away from electric power and a source of running water. Yes, these battery powered washers do have their limits. They’re low pressure, have a short run time and you still need some source of water. But when you’re faced with a very muddy mountain bike to put into your clean van or you need to water the flower beds in the very back of your long garden, your cordless power washer does the job well.

Our Best Pick is the WORX WG620E.2 18V (20V Max) Cordless Hydroshot Portable Pressure Cleaner. Use this as a portable power washer or a power cleaner without the water.

The Runner-up in our review is the Bosch Fontus Battery Outdoor Cleaner. With a 15L water tank, you don’t have to stop and get more water very often.

If you decide that a cordless power washer just doesn’t have the oomph that your cleaning jobs need, we’ve also reviewed the Best Petrol Pressure Washers. We’ve also looked at the Best Pressure Washers in general as well as the Best Portable Pressure Washers.

And if you look at the state of your patio or deck and despair, we have an article full of good advice on how to clean your patio with a pressure washer.

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