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Top 6 Best Hanging Garden Egg Chairs For Relaxing In Comfort

Last updated on June 14th, 2021

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As well as being the epitome of coolness, hanging garden egg chairs are the ultimate way to relax in your garden, feeling safely cocooned while you swing lightly to and fro. We bring you reviews of the best, and some of the latest, outdoors egg chairs, whether you want to go solo or with a friend. We list the pros and cons of these single and double models along with their features and our recommendations. Our Buyer’s Guide explains the key features of the best hanging outdoors egg chairs.

All of the models we review come with a stand to hang them from.

Best Pick

Yaheetech Rattan Swing Chair Indoor Outdoor Egg Chair
If you imagine what a hanging garden egg chair looks like, chances are the Yaheetech Rattan Swing Chair is what you visualise. This iconic-shaped white PE rattan hanging chair has the traditional weave on its wall in a swirling pattern across a grid. The grey polyester cushions are plump and inviting so use them all – the seat and back cushion, the two arm rests and the head rest. Looking after this chair is easy as the cushion covers are removable for washing and then you just hose down the basket and the stand. But stability and durability are just as important. The iron stand consists of a single pole and a circular base, along with the hook and strong spring. All the metal parts are powder coated with white paint for rust and weather resistance. This Yaheetech Rattan Swing Chair suits everyone and every patio décor and is well worth considering.


SunTime Brampton Luxury Rattan Hanging Egg Chair
This double hanging outdoor chair may look like a squished egg but you still feel safe and cocooned within it. This style gives you maximum seating or lying down room. The stand and the base are made of powder-coated (dark brown) tubular steel for long life and strength. Tubular steel is also fairly lightweight so you can move your egg chair around your garden. Stability is addressed by hanging this double chair on two poles with heavy-duty springs which also makes for a smooth swinging experience. The thick polyester cushions are of a light grey colour and are flame retardant to UK standards. So feel free to relax near your fire pit. The SunTime Brampton Luxury Rattan egg chair is for those who like to relax with a friend or to stretch out all by themselves. If your after a double egg chair, this is one of the best ones currently available.

Best Hanging Garden Egg Chairs Reviews

Single garden egg chairs

1. Yaheetech Rattan Swing Outdoor Egg Chair

Best Pick

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Yaheetech Rattan Swing Chair Hanging Garden Patio Indoor Outdoor Egg Chair with Stand Cushion and Cover,White,150kg Capacity

The Yaheetech Rattan Swing Egg Chair is the traditional egg chair that people think of. It’s all white basket, stand and chain that offer a neutral background to the plump grey cushions so that it fits into any indoor or outdoor decor.

The basket is made of lightweight, strong and durable PE rattan. This material is used in most egg hanging chairs as its such as good material to use, strong and easy to clean. The poly rattan (as it’s also known) in this model is of a single layer woven into a swirling pattern across a grid.

The single-pole stand is made of iron that’s been powder coated in white paint to make it rust and weatherproof. While iron is one of the more heavier metals, its weight gives this basket chair stability in case of kids not sitting quietly in it (as if!) or if there’s a high wind. And be sure to not have more than 150kg of people and pets in the chair at any one time but that’s a lot of weight it handles.

This egg chair is the kind of easy-care garden furniture that we like. The polyester cushion covers have a zipper in them so you can remove the covers to wash them when they’re dusty or grimy. While the cushions are off the basket, just hose the basket and stand down or wipe them with a damp soapy cloth.

And speaking of cushions, your comfort is assured with a base cushion that has a back to it, and also two arm cushions and a head rest. The manufacturer recommends that you place the zipper in the cushion covers in the centre of the back of the chair so that the zippers don’t break.

This egg hanging chair doesn’t come with a cover to use when you’re not relaxing in it, so be sure to buy one, and use it.


  • Single person PE rattan egg chair for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Poly rattan is white in a single layer swirl pattern weave.
  • The shape is a wide egg-shape with a soft-pointed tip.
  • The single pole stand, and the circular base, are of iron that’s powder-coated in white to match the rattan.
  • Plump soft cushions are grey polyester with zippers so they can be removed for cleaning.
  • Easy assembly of the flat-packed parts if you have two people to put it together.


  • Basket: 98cm (wide) and 111cm (internal height)
    • Stand: 94.5cm (base diameter) and 196cm (tall).


  • Doesn’t come with a cover.
  • Maybe a little smaller than expected (a common problem with egg chairs).

Our recommendation

The Yaheetech Rattan Swing Egg Chair is a choice for the purists who want a traditional egg hanging chair that looks stylish. It’s sturdy and durable and easy to maintain.

The Yaheetech Rattan Swing Egg Chair is our Best Pick for a single hanging egg chair because of the quality materials, easy to build and stylish which also explains why it’s a popular choice on Amazon too. Overall, for most people, this is well worth considering.

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2. Verona Hanging Wicker Egg Garden Chair

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Verona Hanging Garden Chair - Wicker Egg Garden Chair- in Grey - D044

The Verona Hanging Garden Egg Chair is one of a very few hanging egg chairs we found that isn’t the traditional egg shape. We include it as it has a particular feature that serves the needs of several different groups of people. It’s also our most affordable choice.

The unique feature of this Verona model is that this hanging chair has no sides to it. There’s a seat and a slightly curved back but no enclosure – you’re out in the open. This is great if you don’t like being cocooned by your furniture but want a hanging chair with an egg-shaped base. It also works for people who are too tall to fit into the limited vertical space of regular egg chairs.

This hanging garden chair, like the others we review, is made of PE rattan. Easy to maintain, lightweight and durable, this is the most popular material for natural-looking garden furniture. It’s grey colour and matches the stand and hanging chain.

The stand is a single powder-coated steel pole in grey atop a circular base. Like the PE rattan, this material is durable and easy to maintain, as long as the paint stays on the metal. Some reviewers state that the paint is prone to flake which leaves the exposed metal open to rusting. Watch out for this and repaint any bare spots you see. This is actually a problem with most powder-coated garden products so is probably no more of an issue than with any other model.

The two cushions – the seat one and the head/backrest one – are of a lighter grey than the basket. The polyester fabric is easy to clean although the manufacturer doesn’t state whether the covers are removable. You may have to just sponge them down.


  • Single person PE rattan egg-like chair for use outdoors as well as inside.
  • Poly rattan is grey and woven in a single layer in an organic diagonal pattern.
  • The shape is a narrow egg shape seat and back but has open sides.
  • The single pole stand, along with the circular base, is of grey powder-coated steel to match the basket colour.
  • The plump seat cushion is in a lighter grey along with a narrower head/back rest cushion.
  • Budget-friendly option.


  • Basket: 87cm (wide) and 115cm (height)
  • Stand: 105cm (base diameter) and 210cm (tall).
  • Seat from ground: 55cms


  • Paint sometimes rubs off fairly easily.
  • Doesn’t include a cover.

Our recommendation

The lack of sides of the Verona Hanging Garden Chair makes it non-traditional but solves the problems of those too tall to fit into a regular height garden egg chair and those who don’t like being surrounded on three sides by their furniture. It’s also more budget-friendly than our Best Pick – Single Model and again is a model that is well worth considering.

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3. CGC Brown Hand Weaved Rattan Egg Swing Chair

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CGC Lighting Brown Hand Weaved Rattan Rust Proof Egg Swing Chair Large Grey Luxury Cushion Round Shape Outdoor Garden Patio Indoor Hanging

We include the CGC Brown Hand Weaved Rattan Egg Swing Chair briefly here although it’s very similar to our Best Pick, theYaheetech Rattan Swing Chair.

The CGC model differs in two main ways:

  • The colour of the stand and basket is brown instead of white.
  • The dimensions of the CGC basket are slightly larger, especially the basket height.
  • This model has a cast iron base which means it’s very sturdy and bottom-heavy. Perhaps a better choice for children.

All other features seem the same so please refer to our Best Pick (above) for details. This model

Our recommendation

If you like our Best Pick but it seems too small (particularity the sitting height) or comes in the wrong colour, check out this CGC Brown Hand Weaved Rattan Egg Swing Chair as an alternative. As mentioned, the base on this model is also cast iron which is very heavy, this means it’s very sturdy too perhaps making it a better choice for those who have children who will be using it often.

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Double garden egg chairs

4. SunTime Brampton Luxury Rattan Wicker Outdoor Hanging Cocoon Egg

Best Pick – Double

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SunTime Brampton Luxury Rattan Wicker Outdoor Hanging Cocoon Egg Swing Chair with Grey Cushions (Double) with Cover

The SunTime Brampton Luxury Rattan Hanging Cocoon Egg is a double hanging chair that has plenty of room for two people to sit, or one to layout. I simply love this chair and based on the Amazon reviews, so do lots of other people, it’s just so spacious.

The shape of this egg chair – an elongated base – while not immediately totally recognisable as that object, offers more seating space than most more traditionally shaped egg chairs.

Also known as a cocoon chair, this double size of the garden chair still encloses you comfortably and lets you swing gently back and forth. But if you’re prone to a little nausea with that motion, your purchase comes with a strap to attach the basket to the stand to make that all movement just stop which is a nice feature.

The tubular steel stand and oval base of this unit are powder-coated in a dark brown colour while the plump cushions are light grey polyester. The removable cushions – two headrest cushions and a single seat cushion that pushes up the sides of the chair to form arm and backrests – are fire retardant to official UK standards which is super important..

A feature not found in other hanging egg chairs we looked at is the double layer of woven brown PE that forms the basket. This double layer – in a diagonal diamond pattern – offers more stability and privacy than a single layer does. It also gives a more solid appearance to the chair. The heavy-duty springs on each of the two poles also add to the comfort level whether you’re swaying in the chair or just lying still.

This model also comes with a waterproof cover unlike most other models so there’s nothing you have to buy before relaxing in this SunTime garden hanging chair.


  • Double PE rattan egg chair holds two people with ease.
  • The basket has two layers of brown poly rattan, each woven in a diagonal criss-cross pattern on a grid.
  • The shape is a sideways elongated egg with curved sides and a flat top.
  • The double pole stand is on an oval base, both made of powder-coated (dark brown, heavy tubular steel.
  • Plump grey polyester cushions are flame retardant to UK Fire Safety regulations.
  • All cushions have zippers so they can be removed for cleaning.
  • Heavy-duty springs for security and stability.
  • Includes waterproof cover, and strap to stop the swinging motion.
  • Easy to assemble if you have two people to put it together.


  • Basket: 128cm (wide); 67cm (deep) and 120cm (internal height)
  • Stand: 135cm (wide); 105cm (deep) and and 195cm (high)

Our recommendation

The appearance of the SunTime Brampton Luxury Rattan Outdoor Hanging Cocoon Egg may not instantly remind you of an egg, but this double-size hanging garden chair definitely cocoons you and a friend, with plenty of room or perhaps you just want it all to yourself like me. In addition, the double layer structure offers stability, durability and some privacy.

The SunTime Brampton Luxury Rattan Hanging Egg Chair is our choice for Best Pick of the double models in our review.

5. Lewis Rattan Hanging Egg Chair

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Rattan Hanging Egg Swing Chair - Rattan Garden Furniture - Garden Furniture, Outdoor Cushions, Hanging Basket, Egg Chair, Garden Accessories, Garden Swing Seat (Double, Grey)

Looking for a double egg chair that’s a little more open. The Lewis Rattan Hanging Egg Chair is a double-size garden egg chair, with a more traditional shape than our double Best Pick. The wide base moves around and up into curved sides, ending in a point at the tip of the chair.

This chair is made of woven PE rattan, as are all the other models in our review. Easy to care for, strong and durable, this plastic is often the material of choice for outdoors furniture. In this model, the grey poly rattan’s weave is very open and airy and can’t be seen easily from a distance. What viewers see are the thick vertical ribs around the chair from the tip to the seat. The pale grey polyester cushions also add to this feeling of openness rather than being enclosed in a cocoon.

The curved sides of this traditional egg shape do, however, reduce the seating space available from that found in our Best Pick Double, the SunTime Brampton model. This Lewis chair looks more like a small love seat than a full two-seater sofa. Two people sitting in it snuggle together in the centre of the seat rather than out at the edges. The one seat cushion is for sharing, though each person has their own headrest.

The matching grey stand is a single pole, unlike other double egg chairs which hang from a double pole. The maximum user weight recommended, however, is the same as any other double model – 180kg. The stand is made of metal powder-coated in grey paint to match the basket colour. It’s rust- and weather-proof so you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance.

I’m not sure of the size of this garden chair as the dimensions given on the sales site are those of a single-seat chair. However, other similar models of double egg chairs are between about 125cm to 136cm wide.


  • Double-size grey PE rattan egg chair also available as a single-size chair.
  • More traditional shape with a wide base, gently curving up to a soft point at the top.
  • Poly rattan is a single layer with a very open weave on visually thick vertical ribs.
  • The single pole stand and the oval base are metal that’s powder-coated in grey to match the rattan.
  • Thick grey polyester seat cushion forms back cushions; also two separate headrest cushions.


  • Dimensions unknown.

Our recommendation

The Lewis Rattan Hanging Egg Chair is a new model of egg chair on the market so I don’t know too much about it just yet though I love the open design. We place it here for those who have their heart set on a traditional shaped double egg chair. This model seems as sturdy as any other hanging garden chair but be aware that it’s supported by only one pole.

6. Harrier Hanging Egg Chair Swing

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Harrier Hanging Egg Chair Swing – 2 Sizes | Indoor Outdoor Patio Garden Chair – Freestanding Rattan Egg Chair With Stand (Double Seat Only, Black/White)

The Harrier Hanging Egg Chair Swing is our premium double-size model in this review, although it’s not outrageously expensive. It’s for those people who are a bit put-off by the somewhat rustic designs of the other egg chairs we discuss. This Harrier model is of a contemporary design yet doesn’t lose any of the features of the best hanging egg chairs, even though it’s billed as a “bird’s nest” style chair.

The shape of this recently introduced chair still resembles an egg but a more rounded. organically styled one. The shallowly sloping sides don’t take away any of the seating space (as with the Lewis Rattan Hanging Egg Chair). In fact, the dimensions of this double chair are very close to those of our more elongated Best Pick, the SunTime Brampton Luxury Rattan Wicker Outdoor Hanging Cocoon Egg.

Another element of contemporary style is the design of the basket itself. Made of the now-familiar PE rattan, but a heavier duty version in a dark brown colour, the wall is not traditionally woven. It looks like a mesh material but with two differently sized circular holes cut into them. This still brings light in and gives a feeling of enclosure, but with much more privacy than with a more open woven wall.

The frame consists of a double pole stand and a base in the shape of part of an elongated arch. The entire stand is made of 42mm tubular steel that’s powder-coated in a dark brown colour and is rust and corrosion-resistant. Plus it’s stable and strong, which is just what you need in a double-width hanging chair.

The high quality of this premium chair is continued into the cushions which are 12.5cm thick. The grey polyester cushion covers, fire retardant to UK standards, are removable for ease of laundering. You receive one very puffy seat cushion for the entire seat, with two puffy armrest sections in it. The equally comfy backrest has a curved headrest section. You can just visualise yourself sinking down into this surface.


  • High-density PE rattan egg chair with a contemporary design.
  • The basket is dark brown poly rattan in a more curved egg shape that ends in a curved roof rather than a typical point.
  • Basket rattan material resembles mesh with small circular openings instead of a weave.
  • The double pole stand is made of durable zinc plated steel and is rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • The stand is powder coated in dark brown paint to match the basket.
  • The base matches the stand and is shaped like half of an elongated arch instead of the usual circle.
  • Plump soft cushions are light grey polyester with zippers to take them off for washing.
  • Two cushions – seat cushions with armrest flaps; back cushion with headrest part.
  • Easy assembly of the flat-packed parts if you have two people to put it together.
  • Max user weight is 180kg.


  • Basket: 130cm (wide); 65cm (deep) and 120cm (high)
  • Stand: 135cm (wide); 105cm (deep) and 195cm (high)


  • Cover costs extra.

Our recommendation

The Harrier Hanging Egg Chair Swing is a more contemporary design of a traditional garden egg chair but I still personally love the design. It’s a double-width chair whose gently sloped walls don’t lose any seating space and whose mesh-like rattan basket offers more privacy than other hanging egg chairs.

We highly recommend this premium hanging egg/bird’s nest style chair if you have a contemporary outdoors decor.

Buyer’s Guide

There’s not much to buying a hanging garden egg chair as you don’t have many decisions to make. Our Buyer’s Guide informs you of the key features of the Best garden egg chairs and lets you know what choices (if any) you have.

Very little choice


The stands of garden egg chairs are usually made of metal that’s been powder coated to protect it from weather and rust. Your choices are usually tubular steel or iron. Iron is heavier but gives greater stability, while the lighter steel is easier to move. If the powder coating paint flakes off or chips and exposes the underlying metal to weather, the metal will rust. Check for chips and repaint when necessary.

Garden egg chair for one person and cushions

The baskets of all the best hanging egg chairs are made of polyethylene plastic (PE), though our premium choice, the Harrier Hanging Egg Chair Swing, is made of the stronger high density PE. This material is naturally waterproof, lightweight and mould proof. It’s extruded into a string and usually woven across a grid to form the wall of the chair. The Harrier egg chair, however, has a more mesh-like wall for a contemporary feel.

The cushions of the chair are usually made of polyester fabric. This is a water-resistant synthetic fabric that doesn’t easily fade in the sun. It’s also hard-wearing and long-lasting, and can be washed which is super important for outdoor furniture.

Stand and base

Each hanging chair comes with a particular stand. One-person egg chairs come with a one pole stand and most double hanging chairs are hooked onto two poles. The exception on our review is the double chair from Lewis which hangs from a single pole, though it seems to be a bit smaller than other double size chairs.

The shape of the base that the frame pole stands on is set for each egg chair. It’s usually circular for a single chair and an oval shape for a double size egg chair. The one exception in our review is the Harrier hanging double chair which has an arch-shaped base.

garden egg chair in garden

Some choice

People weight

You can choose the size of your hanging egg chair depending on the weight of the people to use it. After all, who says you have to have two people on a double hanging chair? The maximum recommended person plus pet weight is around 150kg for a single chair and 180kg for a double egg chair.


You have some control over the colour of your garden egg chair as some models do offer some variation in the colour of the stand, if not of the cushions as well. If one brand doesn’t have what you want, look around and you may find a similar chair in a different colour from another brand, as with our Best Pick for single egg chair and the very similar but differently coloured CGC model.

It’s all up to you


Of course, what size of hanging egg chair you buy is entirely up to you. All the models we review come with stands so you just need to find room for the size of the base’s footprint.


Double garden swinging egg chair

Yes, you’re stuck with the cushions that your chosen chair comes with. But there are numerous choices of cushions to purchase on internet sales sites, in all shapes, sizes and colours and at reasonable prices. If you don’t like the cushions you get – size, shape, thickness, colour and so on – just go ahead and buy some more. The wrong cushions shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Final Conclusion

Swinging gently back and forth while feeling comfortably cocooned in an egg chair is one of the best ways to relax in your garden. Whether you do it alone or with a friend, the hanging garden egg chairs in our review all provide this experience while being easy to look after.

Our Best Pick for Single garden egg chair is the Yaheetech Rattan Swing Chair. The iconic look of this all-white model has a powder-coated iron stand that stands there, strong and sturdy, for a smooth swing.

Our Best Pick for a Double chair is the SunTime Brampton Luxury Rattan egg chair. This spacious garden hanging chair hangs by tough springs and sturdy hooks from two tubular steel poles as you lay back on thick cushions.

If you’re hesitant to try a hanging egg chair, perhaps because of the swinging motion, look into our review of the similarly relaxing Best Zero Gravity Chairs.

Or for the ultimate in outdoor napping, consider the Best Garden Day Beds.

However you relax in your garden, you won’t want to move so think about getting a patio cooler to put by your side.

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