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Best Garden Tool Storage Solutions – Rack and Roll

Last updated on August 11th, 2021

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If you can never find your rake or fork in your jumble of garden tools, we have a garden tool storage solution that’s right for you. Our review looks at storage solutions that neatly line your garden tools up on your garage wall as well as those that hold all your garden tools tidily on a mobile shelving unit you wheel into the garden with you. We check out each model’s pros and cons and their specific features before we make our recommendation. Our Buyer’s Guide presents questions to answer to ensure you choose the best garden tool storage solution for your particular gardening needs.

My Best Wall-mounted Rack

Wallmaster 15 PCS Tool Storage Rack
The Wallmaster 15 PCS Tool Storage Rack comes with five powdered-coated (glossy black) steel wall panels and 10 hangers of assorted styles and sizes. All of this adds up to a customisable wall-mounted storage rack that holds up to an amazing 190kg of garden tools, both long-handled ones and garden hand tools. There’s plenty of room to place the tools either heads-up or heads-down in the best organisation arrangement for you. Whether you build one long storage rack or use the sections in different places in your garage, this Wallmaster Storage Rack has room for the many garden tools you’ve acquired over the years.

My Best Tool Carts

KCT Garden Tool Rack Storage Trolley with Wheels
The KCT Garden Tool Rack Storage Trolley with Wheels is a storage unit that lets you easily keep your garden tools tidy - and then take them with you in one trip when you go out to garden. After you’ve finished using them, put them back in their places on the cart and wheel it back to your storage shed or garage and you’re all done. This heavy-duty green plastic cart has different shaped storage holes for your various tools. Your gardening hand tools and your extension cable also have places on the cart, as do your gloves and a cold drink. This is a garden tool storage solution for those who hate having to go back to get tools they’ve forgotten to bring out.

Best 6 Garden Tool Storage Solutions reviews

1. Wallmaster 15 PCS Tool Storage Rack

Best Wall-mounted storage rack

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Wallmaster 15 PCS Tool Storage Rack, Garage Storage Wall Mount Organizer Garden Tool Heavy Duty Racks Broom Holder Hooks Hangers Max 420lb for Rake Shovel Lawn Garden

The Wallmaster 15 PCS Tool Storage Rack is a customisable tool rack in which you select its length, the best kind of hook for each tool and where to place each hanger. Your purchase includes five lengths of steel rail that fit closely to the wall, each 41cm long. This gives a total of just over 2m of hanging space for you to organize.

The heavy-duty powered coated (in glossy black) steel rails can fix to the studs in your walls, with just a bit of fiddling. The powder coating makes the unit rust-proof, just in case you live in a humid climate or your garage or shed unfortunately leaks. The screws and wall anchors for plasterboard are included but you have to provide your own fittings for any other kind of wall. The close fit of the steel rails to the wall allows for the maximum weight of tools to be hung – that’s 190kg (420lbs), the most weight that any of the racks we review can take.

With this Wallmaster storage rack, you receive a set of 10 hangers in eight different styles. Some are straight and best for tools with loops at the end of their handles and others have curved end pieces to hold the tools in. Some of the hangers are long enough to hold more than one tool and other hangers are suitable for short-handled hand tools. This is all good news for the dedicated gardener with garden tools for every purpose.

The hangers are easily snapped into the placement holes with one hand, and you can slide them along the rail until you find the right position for them. You can space out whatever garden tools you have for their best fit. Don’t worry about scratching the tools as all the hangers are completely covered with rubber sleeves.


  • Customizable wall mounted garden tool rack made from heavy-duty steel powder coated in a glossy black.
  • Five steel rails for the wall and a 10-piece set of hangers of eight different styles and sizes.
  • Hangers have rubber-coated sleeves so they don’t scratch your tools.
  • Hangers snap into visible pre-drilled placement holes easily.
  • Holds up to 190kg of tools.
  • Comes with wall anchors and screws for wood studs and plasterboard.
  • Easy installation needs an electric drill and a level.
  • Dimensions: each of five plates: 41cm (length); 10cm (height) and 1.75cm (depth).
  • Overall length: 205cm.


  • Needs careful work to place on wall studs.

Our recommendation

The Wallmaster 15 PCS Tool Storage Rack lets you customise your storage space to all the many and varied garden tools you have lying around your garage or shed. With five wall panels and 10 varied hangers (different styles and sizes), all your long-handled or hand garden tools are corralled in one place – or several if you split the panels up. This steel wall-mounted storage rack holds the most, and heaviest, tools of all the racks we review.

The Wallmaster 15 PCS Tool Storage Rack is our Best Pick of the garden tool storage solutions – wall-mounted choices we review. We really like its versatility, especially its ability to be one long storage rack or several shorter ones placed around your garage or shed.

Looking for a wall-mounted system to store your DIY tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, spanners, drills?Check out this guide here!

I have recently also compared some of the best power tool organiser systems in this guide!

2. StoreYourBoard Tool Storage Rack Plus Overhead Shelf

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StoreYourBoard Tool Storage Rack Plus Overhead Shelf, Home and Garage Organizer, Adjustable Wall Hanger System

The StoreYourBoard Tool Storage Rack Plus Overhead Shelf provides both a wall-mounted storage rack for your garden tools plus an attached overhead shelf for those tools and garden accessories that can’t be hung up. This arrangement is made from powder-coated solid steel and aluminium for maximum strength and durability.

The hanger rail is 117cm long and there’s a set of six hangers to fit in this space. With four long and two short hangers, these straight hooks let you double-up or even triple-up on the tools you place in them. Place your tools heads-up or –down between the two prongs of each hanger or hang them by their curved handles. As long as the tools don’t weigh more than a combined 90kg, the storage rack is safe as the hangers lock into place with a gated pin.

The attached shelf can hold another 45kg of your garden stuff as long as you evenly distribute the weight across it. Place smaller items there in buckets or containers for maximum storage and organisation. You have 0.45m2 to fill within the allowed weight limit.


  • Customizable position hanger tool rack with a built-in shelf on top.
  • Made of heavy-duty steel and holds up to a total of 135kg of tools and other stuff on the hangers and the shelf.
  • Six hangers, four long and two short ones, with 45 mounting holes to put them in.
  • Dimensions:
    • Hanger rail: 117cm (width);
    • Shelf: 117cm (width); 39.5 (depth); 30cm (above hanger rail); and 81cm (between legs).
    • Hangers: long: 30cm (length) and 5cm (width); short: 15cm (length) and 6.3cm (width).

Our recommendation

The StoreYourBoard Tool Storage Rack Plus Overhead Shelf, as its name identifies, gives you wall-mounted storage space with an attached shelf. Hang your garden tools and place the smaller garden bits, neatly of course, on the shelf above. That’s a good place to store the tool bag of hand tools you take with you on your gardening tasks. Don’t be put off by the relatively short length of the hanging rack as you can put two or three tools on each hanger.

We recommend the StoreYourBoard Tool Storage Rack Plus Overhead Shelf for those who want all their many garden tools and other garden bits and pieces corralled into one place.

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3. Koova Modular Garden and Garage Tool Organizer Kit

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Koova Garden Tool Organizer for Garage | Rake Holder Wall Mount | Garage Hanging Storage Rack | Broom Rack & Yard Tool Organizer for Garage | Garage Shovel Holder Wall Mount | Garden Tool Holder | USA

The Koova Modular Garden and Garage Tool Organizer Kit is part of the customisable Koova Strut System. This kit comes with two wall bars and nine assorted hangers to which you can, at a later date, add further bars, hangers and shelves to build up your garage or wall organisation. You’re free to put the hangers wherever you want on the bar and the over and under system encourages you to store the tools efficiently.

Unlike the other wall-mounted storage racks we review, the Koova System has a “one-holder, one tool” design philosophy. While this does have the advantage that you don’t have to move a tool to get at another tool stored behind it, it does reduce the number of tools you can hang from the rack.

The hangers are of various sizes and all have straight prongs to place your tools between or from. Some hangers have prongs on the bottom edge (under) and others have their prongs on the top edge (over). The advantage of this is that you can stagger the heights of the tops of the tools and place them closer together, even overlapping some. This saves some horizontal space for more tools.

You receive two wall bars each 32cm in length which you can place together, or apart to form storage spaces in different parts of the wall. Online reviewers report that this is not very long storage space, especially with the one tool per hanger design. But if you intend to expand your kit into a full-fledged storage system, buying more wall bars will be part of your plan anyway.


  • Customisable heavy-duty steel alloy wall-mounted storage rack with black powder coating.
  • Comes with two bars and nine assorted hangers that can be placed anywhere along the bars.
  • Hangers are of various sizes and have straight prongs in a unique over and under design.
  • Part of Koova Strut System with optional additional hangers, hooks and shelves to expand.
  • Slotted rail design makes for easy installation.
  • Dimensions: 32cm (length of each of two wall bars).


  • Some difficulty putting hangers on bar.

Our recommendation

If organising your garden tools is just one part of your much wider clutter-busting plans, the Koova Modular Garden and Garage Tool Organizer Kit is a suitable start to your storage system. The two bars and nine “over and under” design hangers can be supplemented with other shaped hangers, hooks and shelves. This is an efficient way to hang your garden tools of all shapes and sizes.

We recommend the Koova Modular Garden and Garage Tool Organizer Kit for those who see the organisation of their garden tools as just the start of a wider tidying-up-and-putting-away quest.

4. KCT Garden Tool Rack Storage Trolley with Wheels

Best Pick – Storage Cart

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KCT Garden Tool Rack Storage Trolley with Wheels - Holds Over 30 Tools

The KCT Garden Tool Rack Storage Trolley with Wheels lets you store all your long-handled gardening tools neatly in your garage or shed and then just wheel them along with you when you go out for a gardening session. And there’s also places for you to keep your most-used hand gardening tools as well as your electric extension cord.

This Keter storage trolley is made of heavy-duty plastic and has upper and lower shelves. The top shelf has indented slits for your handled tools, each long enough to hold several tools at once. Slots of various sizes let you carry tools with thinner handles and the smallest ones are suitable for hand tools. Some of the slots are close enough together to form a shelf that you can even put your gloves and a beverage on – gardening should be fun after all.

On one side of the bottom shelf is a series of holes that match those on the top shelf. These keep the tools in those holes especially stable in transit. The rest of the shelf is a grid on which the other tools coming down from the top shelf rest. This is useful when you’re wheeling the storage trolley down your garden path as no handles fall through onto the path and stop your progress. On the opposite side of the top shelf are two hooks for coiling your extension cord on for the power tool part of the program.

The two wheels are at one side of the bottom shelf and are offset by a pulling handle on the opposite side of the top shelf. Some online reviews (even the good ones) report that it’s difficult to roll the cart when it’s full of heavy tools, so you may want to just take those you think you’ll be using in that particular gardening session.


  • Mobile storage cart made from a heavy-duty plastic in green.
  • Has slots and holes for long-handled tools plus spaces for hand tools and hooks for extension cord.
  • Two wheels in base and pulling handle on top makes this cart mobile.
  • Grid in bottom shelf stops tool handle falling through to ground.
  • Low maintenance, just hose down or wipe down with damp cloth.
  • Dimensions: 78cm (depth); 36cm (width) and 59cm (height).


  • No assembly instructions included.
  • Wheels cannot support a full cart.

Our recommendation

The KCT Garden Tool Rack Storage Trolley with Wheels provides a way to keep your tools organised and fewer trips back to your garden shed to get tools you’ve forgotten to take out with you. As long as you return all the tools to this heavy-duty green plastic cart at the end of each gardening session, just wheel it out again the next time and you’re ready to go.

5. KCT Corner Tool Garage or Shed Storage Station

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KCT Corner Tool Garage or Shed Storage Station

The KCT Corner Tool Garage or Shed Storage Station is a handy solution if you’re short on space or budget. This is an affordable corner tool storage unit made of green heavy-duty plastic for the top and bottom shelves with black connecting posts. Despite its compact size, it holds up to 19 long tools, and a batch of smaller tools or garden accessories.

You house the smaller tools in the removable green canvas bag that fits onto the curved front of this unit. Eight expandable, fairly deep, pockets are large enough for your trowel or other hand tools, as well as a place to store packets of seeds, row markers or the gardening gloves that always seem to disappear. You can even take off the canvas bag to carry just your small gardening tools out to the garden with you.

The actual storage unit itself contains holes of various shapes and sizes to fit a wide assortment of long garden tools. It doesn’t matter if you have a wide-handled rake and a slim gardening fork; each will find a suitable place in which to fit. The base of the unit has matching holes so you don’t have to jiggle the bottom of the tool around to find the right place so it stands upright. The holes in the bottom though don’t have a backing so if you do lift this unit up to move it, the tools will slide down.

This is a lightweight storage unit and online reviewers report that it does fall forward from the weight of the tools in it. To avoid this, place the heavier tools towards the back of the storage unit and lean them backwards. Better yet, secure the unit to the walls on either side of it. But doing this does take away the “mobile” feature. Just wipe this storage unit down with a soapy cloth or hose it down to clean it.


  • Corner storage unit of heavy duty plastic has a compact footprint and is easy to assemble.
  • Holds up to 19 long-handled tools.
  • Has a removable canvas storage bag with eight fairly deep pockets for smaller tools.
  • Matching holes in the top and bottom shelves in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for all styles of tool handles.
  • Can be secured to the walls to stop the unit tipping over.
  • Dimensions: 43 cm (radius); 56cm (front width) and 60cm (height).


  • Tips over unless secured to the wall or carefully loaded with tools.

Our Recommendation

The KCT Corner Tool Garage or Shed Storage Station is an affordable and compact corner storage solution for all your garden tools. It holds up to 19 long-handled tools, plus eight pockets worth of hand tools and other gardening bits and pieces in its removable canvas bag. Just secure it to the wall or carefully arrange the heavier tools at the back for safety.

We recommend the KCT Corner Tool Garage or Shed Storage Station for those who have garden tools to store but are short on space or funds.

6. Suncast RTC1000 Premium Garden Tool Storage Cart Rack With Wheels

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Suncast RTC1000 ® Premium Garden Tool Storage Cart Rack With Wheels Suitable For Small & Large Tools

The Suncast RTC1000 Premium Garden Tool Storage Cart Rack With Wheels is the premium model in our range of garden tool storage carts. It’s heavier than the other models we review as it’s made of durable plastic on a steel core. This plus the four caster wheels (one at each corner) allows you to easy wheel the cart even when you have several very heavy tools aboard it.

The top shelf of this cart consists of a rack that has side access tool slots on each side. Altogether they hold about 20 tools. As the slots are separated by a central rack, your tools don’t interfere with each other, become tangled or batter each other. You also don’t have to move one tool aside to get to any of the others. Some online reviewers complain that all the tool slots are the same width and their garden tool handles aren’t, so only some fit securely.

The central top rack has 12 holes in it for you to insert your hand tools or other slim long tools. A knob at one end is the perfect place to wind your extension cord around for your power tools. And at the other end of the rack is a hook made especially to hang a hand power tool, such as a strimmer, from.

The bottom shelf of this Suncast RTC1000 cart is a solid shelf that gives a firm surface for all your long tools to rest on. As you place the tools in the handle upwards, the working end of the tool is safely pointing downwards and away from causing anyone accidental harm. This heads-down position works with the steel core to give a low centre of gravity to the cart and makes it easy to move when loaded.

This is quite a large cart and so may not fit into a small garden shed. Check the dimensions of both the cart and your storage space carefully.


  • The Premium garden tool storage cart has a steel core covered with durable and strong plastic.
  • Four casters and a low centre of gravity allow for easy and smooth movement.
  • Back to back storage slots allow for heads-down tool placement and easy access to tools.
  • Twelve storage holes provide spaces for hand tools or slim long tools.
  • Holds up to 17 small and 20 large tools, including an extension cord and a long power tool.
  • A solid base allows the working part of tools to be safely away from people.
  • Dimensions: 109cm (length); 50.8cm (width) and 94cm (height).


  • Wheels not very strong.
  • All tool holders are the same width.

Our recommendation

With its steel core and four wheels, the Suncast RTC1000 ® Premium Garden Tool Storage Cart Rack With Wheels provides a very strong alternative option to our Best Pick. This Suncast Cart rack lets you store your tools in a heads-down position and easily access them by just pulling them out of the storage slot. It also has ample storage for small gardening tools as well.

We recommend the Suncast RTC1000 Premium Garden Tool Storage Cart Rack for those gardeners with a heavy load of many garden tools that they need to wheel about.

Buyer’s Guide

Buying the best garden tool storage solution for your needs boils down to answering a few basic questions, and doing just a little work.

What and how many garden tools do you have?

This is the painful part and a process you’ve been avoiding by just placing your garden tools in a heap and/or leaving them wherever in your garage or shed. Collect all your gardening tools, big and small and, yes, for now, place them neatly side by side. And while you’re at it, bring in gardening accessories, like your gloves and garden stool or knee pads.

Then separate your tools into sections: long-handled tools; power tools used by hand (e.g. strimmers);  hand garden tools; garden accessories.

And while we’re here, take a slight detour and look at whether your tools need cleaning or maintaining – and then do so. We have advice for doing this in our How to clean garden tools correctly – Step by step Guide.

Divide each section into “frequently” used and “not used much” sub-sections. This indicates the tools that you should have upfront and in view all the time. Now you know the size of garden tool storage that you need.

Wall-mounted storage and/or rolling cart storage?

We present wall-mounted garden tool storage as a separate option from rolling cart storage, but there’s really no reason why you can have both. They each serve different functions after all. You could have all your frequently used garden tools in the rolling cart and the less frequently used ones hanging on the wall in your garage or shed. You swap them from one place to another depending on what you’re doing in the garden, and you still have to make only one journey out to the garden with your tools.

Another consideration is what to do with your garden hand tools. We don’t cover the options for storing and transporting these in this review, but you can purchase storage bags/caddies/belts that you easily carry with you or hook onto your rolling storage cart to take outdoors. Store them on the cart when you put it away or hang from your wall storage rack. The same goes for your garden accessories.

What’s your storage space like?

Almost everyone still has some clear wall space in their shed or garage and maybe some floor space as well to put a storage trolley. But is there a clear path to these? If you have to clamber over piles of out of season stuff on the floor to reach your wall-mounted rack or, even worse, move things out of the way to roll out your garden tool storage trolley, chances are you won’t use them fully.

Plan exactly where you’re going to put your storage solution and make mark out a “no-stuff” zone to get to them.

Discipline – how much do you have?

An important part of buying the right garden tool storage solution for you is to honestly evaluate how much discipline you have to put your tools away properly. Using a mobile storage cart makes you put your tools back on it before you wheel the cart back to its storage place. Organization is part of the process.

However, it’s all too easy with a wall-mounted storage rack to just put all the garden tools back just inside the garage or the shed door, saying that you’ll get around to putting them in the rack later. And that puts a big dent in your organisation plans and leaves your storage rack somewhat unused.

Final Conclusion

Whether you choose your garden tool storage solution to be static on a wall or mobile on a storage cart, you won’t regret being able to find the right tool at the right time for your gardening tasks. Of course, you need to be vigilant about putting the tools back where they belong, but all the storage solutions we chose for this review make that as easy as possible.

Our Best Pick for wall-mounted garden tool storage is the Wallmaster 15 PCS Tool Storage Rack. This customisable storage solution is a generous 2m long and comes with 10 assorted hangers.

Our Best Pick of storage cart/trolley is the KCT Garden Tool Rack Storage Trolley with Wheels. Store your garden tools tidily on the trolley and just wheel them out to the garden when you need them.

Of course, your garden tool storage solution is only useful if your garden tools are in good shape. We recommend that you read our How to properly maintain your garden tools article as well as the How to clean garden tools correctly – Step by step Guide to keep your tools in their best condition.

And, check out our recommendations in the Top 6 Best Wellies For Gardening review for the best and most comfortable boots for your outdoors tasks.

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