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Top 5 Best Garden Storage Benches

Last updated on June 8th, 2022

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They say you cannot have your cake and eat it, but with garden storage benches, this is very much possible. Storage benches offer a relaxing space whilst still providing storage for items you need in the garden. These convenient furniture pieces can transform a plain space into an elegant space when compared to using a standard and sometimes unsightly garden storage box.

In this review, we took our time to find five of the best benches with storage. These storage benches are made from different materials and designs so you will have an inkling of what is available on the market. 

We hope by the time you are done reading through the reviews and the buying guide, you would have identified the best garden storage bench for your home.

Before we start, let us introduce our best picks, the low maintenance Keter Eden Bench, and the more traditional Rowlinson Rattan Storage Bench, which is an option for our rattan-furniture lovers.


Keter Eden Bench With Storage
The Keter Eden Bench is a robust model with a sizeable 265-litre capacity and the plastic bench has an attractive design that would suit most gardens. It has a lockable storage bench that is waterproof thus; all the contents will remain dry even under heavy rain. It's important to know that not all models are waterproof. The bench can comfortably seat two people and it has proved to be a fan-favourite because of its high quality construction and modern design. It is also affordable hence, it can be accessible to many people. Overall one of the best garden benches with storage currently available


Rowlinson Rattan Storage Bench
A great alternative for those who do not want to deal with plastic or already have rattan garden furniture. It has a smaller capacity of 150-litres making it ideal for smaller gardens. This storage bench is made from attractive rattan and hardwood so it should last for many years offering excellent value for money. It is a bit pricey compared to the others but the elegance it offers is priceless.

Top 5 Garden Storage Benches

1. Keter Eden Bench With Storage


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Keter Eden Bench With Storage

First on this list is the Keter Eden Bench which is made from durable weather-resistant plastic. We are a fan of all Keter products due to their quality build in comparison to other plastic alternatives. This model offers a storage box with a capacity of a very impressive 265 litres where you can store anything from children’s toys to furniture cushions and even books. It is a robust bench that can seat two people comfortably without the need for cushions although it wouldn’t hurt to get a couple of cushions for a little extra comfort.

Measuring 140cm x 60cm x 84cm, this bench weighs around 13.4kgs so it is light enough to move from one position to the next. The contents of the storage can remain safe because the model comes with a padlock slot, we wouldn’t really call it thief-proof but it is good enough to keep kids out.

This wooden panel design bench does not require maintenance because it is weatherproof thus it can keep up with year-round use. You can select the colour you want from the three choices of brown, grey, or beige.


  • Available in different colours with a wooden panel design.
  • Comes with a spacious 265-litre storage box that is fully weatherproof.
  • It requires no maintenance, simply wipes down with soap and water.
  • Features a locking feature for keeping children out.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • Some people may find it challenging to assemble but if you take your time shouldn’t be too difficult.

Our recommendation 

The Keter Eden Bench is a perfectly sizeable model offering a sizeable amount of storage. For those who are looking for a bench that can seat one or two people with ease, this model would be perfect.

We love the fact that the storage box is completely waterproof unlike a lot of other models, so you can leave things in there like cushions or books without having to worry about the rain getting in.

For the price that you can buy this superb bench for, you get quality features that give good value for money. Overall, we think it’s probably one of the best garden storage benches currently available which is why we named it our best pick.

2. Rowlinson Rattan Storage Bench


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Rowlinson Rattan Storage Bench

The Rowlinson Rattan Storage Bench consists of a hardwood frame and synthetic rattan weaving which really finishes it off nicely. The hardwood frame is treated to prevent rot and moisture damage that may cause warping.

It also features synthetic rattan that is weatherproof for year-round use without fading or tearing unnecessarily while still looking like the real thing. The rattan is easy to keep clean requiring only a little soap and water. Unlike most benches, it also comes with a seat pad to ensure comfortability.

This bench measures 120cm x 60cm x 90cm so slightly smaller than our best pick and it weighs 23kgs once assembled, so not too heavy should you need to move it around.

It has a fairly good storage capacity of 150 litres where you can keep various things that you need nearby as you relax in the garden. Take note though that the storage box is not completely waterproof so for outdoor toys and tools that won’t be affected by water it should be fine, however, for cushions, it’s not really suitable unless you take extra protection for heavy rain such as investing in a cover to put over it.


  • Made from durable treated hardwood and synthetic rattan.
  • Robust and comfortable enough to seat two people.
  • The rattan is weatherproof, so it won’t fade.
  • Easy to assemble and lightweight to move around.
  • Offers a fairly decent storage capacity of 150 litres.


  • The storage box is not fully waterproof.

Our recommendation 

The Rowlinson Rattan Storage Bench is a small but robust rattan bench that can fit in a small garden. It is made from durable materials so it is guaranteed to last for a long time to ensure good value for money but it is not without its faults.

If you already had rattan furniture, this piece would tie in perfectly with the rest. This model is easy to assemble and it needs little maintenance to retain its appearance. The issue is that if you need a completely waterproof storage area, for example, for cushions. It’s not really ideal unless you put a cover over it.

Overall, it is a good-looking bench that would be perfect for relaxing on the garden/patio on those hot summer days but also need a little storage, perhaps for hose pipe, garden tools and toys.

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3. Deuba Wooden Garden Bench 2 Seater With Storage Chest

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Deuba Wooden Garden Bench 2 Seater With Storage Chest

This Deuba Wooden Garden Bench gives us something different to work with design-wise. The all-wood bench not only looks good but it is made from durable timber to make it last longer.

Instead of offering a lift-up storage box design, this model comes with a storage box that can be open from the front. This allows the user to get what they need from the box without having to rise from the seat, ideal if you place a few cold drinks in there.

This acacia wooden bench can seat two people comfortably and the wood has been treated to resist rot. The bench features a padded polyester cushion with a removable cover to make cleaning easier.

The waterproof cushion protects the storage box from getting wet, especially under light rain, however, we recommend putting the cushion in the storage box and buying a cover for it when not in use and over winter.

Measuring 120cm x 59cm x 90cm, just over 4ft wide, this bench weighs 22kg when fully assembled. This process can take a while and although not complicated to build, it certainly doesn’t come with good instructions so some experience building flat-pack furniture will come in handy.


  • Made from treated African acacia wood.
  • Features a storage box that opens easily from the front.
  • Comes with a padded polyester cushion for comfort.
  • Sold at an affordable price offering excellent value for money.


  • Challenging to assemble because of the instructions provided.

Our recommendation

This wooden model is affordable and it is pretty to look at. The Deuba Wooden Garden Bench comes with storage space to keep various things as long as they do not take up too much space. This is because the storage section is not designed to hold big items. It is easy to assemble once you figure out instructions and it requires occasional maintenance to keep its intactness.  

For those looking for a light bench for occasional use, this bench would do. It is not the best quality on the market, but we couldn’t find a better wooden alternative and when you take into consideration the price, it offers excellent value for money.

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4. Keter Brushed Grey Storage Bench

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Keter Brushed Grey Storage Bench

Another one from Keter, this Brushed Grey Storage Bench version is slightly smaller in size than the Keter Eden Bench. Measuring 61.2cm x 132.7cm x 89cm, this model offers a storage box capacity of 260 litres. You can easily store items inside without the fear of getting wet because the seat acts as a waterproof lid. That being said, it might not be quite 100% waterproof because some water can leak in during extreme weather. The bench is made from resin that is durable and the material will not fade even if left out in the sun.

It is easy to secure your items because the storage box has a lock feature. All you have to do is purchase your preferred lock from a reputable brand and fit it in. Again like all models, it’s not what you would call thief-proof, but it is good enough to keep kids out so perhaps ideal for a caravan site situation well as at home. This model weighs about 16.9kg and its build is robust enough to support the weight of two people.


  • Low maintenance plastic bench that looks like wood.
  • Offers a lockable storage box with an ample capacity of 260 litres.
  • The material is weatherproof.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • Not 100% waterproof, a little water may get during heavy rain.

Our recommendation 

The Keter Brushed Grey Storage Bench is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and it comes with a sizeable storage box. It is a great alternative to our best pick for someone looking for a slightly smaller plastic storage bench.

Take your time during assembly to avoid minor issues like mismatched parts. Altogether, we find that it is robust and it offers good value for money.

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5. Norfolk Leisure Iceni Waterproof Storage Bench

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Norfolk Leisure Iceni Waterproof Storage Bench

Finally, yet not ant less important, we have the Norfolk Leisure Iceni Waterproof Storage Bench. This resin bench is a sight to see because of its wood-like design and rich dark brown colour.

The 18kg bench comes with a 265 litre storage box to hold anything that you might need to store for easy accessibility. The storage box can be secured using your favourite padlock to keep the items away from curious hands.

You can leave the bench outdoors without worrying because the material used is a resin weatherproof plastic as well as is treated for UV rays to prevent fading and it becoming brittle. This model measures 59.99cm x 140cm x 84cm once assembled and it comfortably seats two people.


  • A robust bench that is suitable for the outdoors.
  • It looks good and it is comfortable to sit on.
  • Features a sizeable 265 litre storage box.
  • The storage box is lockable for security.
  • Easy to assemble.

Our recommendation

The Norfolk Leisure Iceni Storage Bench is suitable if you want a bench to sit in shaded areas like the patio/balcony. It’s perhaps not quite as well made as to the Keter alternative.

Other than that, this model offers sizeable storage that is waterproof. You can store anything from pet food to cushions and secure the storage box with a padlock.

All in all, you do get value for money because it is a robust bench whose design is attractive and a great alternative to the Keter models.

Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for the best benches with storage, this is where we show you some of the few points of consideration. The marketplace is already teeming with storage benches so you have to know how to differentiate the best garden storage benches from the bad ones which usually comes to build quality and whether they are waterproof or not.

We hope that by the end of the guide, you will have become more conversant with the features available.


Most of the garden benches presented here are made of plastic, wood, and rattan effect resin because these materials can keep up with the elements better and are generally low maintenance.

Your storage box ought to be made of high-quality materials that can stand the test of time for many years without looking run-down. It is preferable that the materials used are waterproof and UV resistant to prevent fading in the sun. All models are generally UV treated but not all benches are waterproof so you can either not store items that need to be kept dry or invest in a good quality cover.

See our review on the best garden furniture covers

Size of the bench

Do you want a bench that can seat a few people or do you need a bench just for you and a friend? By figuring out how many people will be sitting on the bench at a time, you can select a bench of a suitable size.

Also, consider the robustness of the bench, especially if you are larger to avoid preventable accidents. The benches in our review will at least comfortably seat two fairly large adults with ease.

Storage box

You want to buy a storage bench because you want to store items in the bench. Before you purchase a model, you might want to consider what you want to store and the space required. If you do not want things in the storage box to get wet, then it is paramount that you look for a waterproof storage bench. Always look at the product description to see if the manufacturer has provided the storage capacity specifications.

For easy accessibility, you can choose a bench whose storage box opens from the front instead of from the top.

Storage benches with front lids are perfect if you do not want to get up to get something from the box, a “legs up everyone” kind of situation. Their only downside is that you cannot guarantee that the items inside will remain dry.


Nobody wants to spend hours on end assembling a garden bench because it can be frustrating. There is only one way to find out if the bench is easy to assemble without purchasing it first is to read the customer reviews.

This way you can understand what to expect if you choose to go ahead and purchase the item. Read the assembly instructions before attempting to put the bench together so that you avoid any assembly errors. In general, the models in this review are really easy to assemble with the exception of the wooden bench.


Some materials need more maintenance than others so be careful with the model you select. The best benches with storage will require little maintenance, a little soap and water are usually sufficient.

Plastic and synthetic rattan based storage benches do not require much maintenance because they are not affected by the elements the way wood and metal are. We recommend treating wooden benches once a year to keep them looking like new and protect them from the elements.


Can you get pre-assembled storage benches?

Yes, it is possible to get pre-assembled storage benches. You can inquire if your supplier offers assembly services where you will be charged a small fee. Some suppliers may do it free on request. That being said, most models purchased online are flatpack but easy to assemble so don’t let that put you off.

How do I take care of my storage bench?

Wipe your storage bench regularly with soapy warm water to remove any dirt build-up. If you have a wooden storage bench, you can add protective coatings to prevent the wood from moisture damage and add an extra layer of protection. You can purchase a weatherproof cover over winter to prevent any damage.

Final Conclusion 

The storage bench can be neglected, especially if it is not used regularly. Always make some time to clean out the storage box and rearrange the items in case it is cluttered.

Even the best garden storage benches can lose their appeal if the storage box is always cluttered. 

Before you go, let us do a quick summary of our top performers, which include the Keter Eden Bench which is our best pick and the Rowlinson Rattan Storage Bench which is our runner up.

These benches are both fantastic it is only that the designs are suited for different tastes so we leave it down to personal preference.

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