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Top 5 Best Zero Gravity Chairs for Relaxing In Comfort

Last updated on June 9th, 2022

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When it comes to lounging in your garden after a long day at work, nothing beats the luxurious comfort of a zero gravity chair. Ideally made of a steel frame and adjustable supports, as well as a breathable mesh, a zero gravity chair allows you to recline to an almost horizontal position and distribute weight evenly throughout your body. Resting horizontally on the chair creates a zero-gravity feeling that can relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation. 

If that sounds like something you want, there’s definitely one zero gravity chair on the market that would be nice for you. The only problem is that there are a plethora of options to choose from, and instead of going through trial and error, it makes sense to get some guidance on the best zero gravity chair. 

And so we did the homework for you and compiled the top 5 zero gravity chairs in this post.

Top of the list in the form of our best pick is the Garden Market Place Padded Garden Sun Lounger, which is sold as a pair at a very good price.

Coming in second is the AmazonBasics Outdoor Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair, another pair with each chair accommodating up to 135kg and with a nice cup holder for a drink.

But what else is special with these two and the others? Find out below:


Garden Market Place Padded Garden Sun Lounger
The thing that makes this pair a top selection is that they are of high quality, yet very affordable. They are made of a powder-coated steel, weatherproof textiline fabric with 20mm polyester padding for enhanced comfort, and include a detachable headrest. Additionally, they have an infinite number of reclining positions and are lockable in position. Be sure to take them inside during the winter and they will serve you for many years to come.


AmazonBasics Outdoor Padded Zero Gravity Chair
A set of two zero gravity chairs, it comes in multiple colour choices including blue, red, tan, and black. It boasts a sturdy design thanks to a steel frame combined with Oxford cotton fabric for improved cushioning. Moreover, this thing can be folded for space-saving storage. It makes a great addition to a patio, poolside, balcony or campsite, and the inclusion of a cup holder is a bonus. There’s also a removable headrest. There’s surely plenty to be desired with this chair and it’s another solid pick for a couple.

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Top 5 Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

1. Garden Market Place Padded Garden Sun Lounger (Pair)

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Garden Market Place Padded Garden Sun Lounger

Introducing first, our best pick, the Garden Market Place Padded Garden Sun Lounger, which as the title suggests come in a pair. These are some really comfortable loungers thanks to their 20mm polyester padding that is thicker than many other alternatives. 

The chairs feature a textiline construction, making them weatherproof and durable sometimes that is important to cope with the UK weather which is often hit and miss. They can actually be left out in the summer and they won’t even fade thanks to the UV protection. And when winter comes, simply fold them and store them in your garden storage box or indoors. 

The fact that they come in a pair makes them great for couples. Each chair has a dependable adjustment mechanism for lowering or raising the backrest depending on your needs. Then there’s a knob for locking your ideal position for hassle-free relaxation, although the knob can be a little awkward to turn sometimes. 

With the frame constructed from powder-coated steel, you can expect a sturdy lounge every day from a solid chair, despite the arms and fixtures being made from plastic. Its bronze colour brings a touch of elegance to your outdoor space too. In terms of weight capacity, anyone well below 90kg will be able to comfortably lounge on these chairs. Moreover, they don’t sag as a result of heavy use; they just hold their cool incredibly well. 


  • Features extra-thick polyester padding which is more comfortable than standard textiline chairs. 
  • Durable powder-coated steel frame and textiline construction thus can be left out during summer.
  • Folds up compact for easy, space-saving storage. 
  • Adjustable backrest with multiple locking positions. 
  • Comes at a good price and offers good value for money.


  • The knob for adjusting the backrest height is a little difficult to turn sometimes. 

Our recommendation

These chairs are well-constructed, comfortable, and value for money because they are sold in pairs. Any couple or families who need high-quality loungers should consider these ones. The chairs score very well in many aspects including ease of use, sturdiness, comfort, durability, and overall value. These are by far one of the best zero gravity chairs currently on the market. 

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2. AmazonBasics Outdoor Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Beach Chair


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AmazonBasics Outdoor Padded Zero Gravity Chair

Another offering that comes as a pair (from a brand you will without doubt of heard of) the AmazonBasics Outdoor Padded Zero Gravity Chair is something that will make you feel weightless because of its convenient design. This chair is perfect for outdoor use and it’s pretty lightweight, making it a breeze to transport. 

In addition, this pair is superbly strong thanks to a stainless steel frame that can support a huge weight capacity of 300 pounds. This frame benefits from powder coating that makes it highly resistant to rust so it can provide years of service and won’t rust away after just 1 year like cheaper alternatives.

There’s also a padded headrest to enhance comfort while you lay back on the chair. Moreover, the headrest is easily removable for cleaning or should you opt not to use it. 

It is paramount to have optimum relaxation and this features a double bungee support system to make that possible. The fabric is premium quality Oxford cotton, which provides superior cushioning and strength. A nice addition to the design is a side cup holder so you can keep a cool drink within reach. 

And when you’re done lounging outside, this piece of furniture is designed to fold to a compact size so you can store it in your garden shed. Choose from many colours, as tan, red, blue or black, and take your relaxation to a whole new level. 


  • Reclines to several positions for optimal lounging. 
  • Offers safe and comfortable support due to a solid steel frame with a high-quality Oxford cotton fabric. 
  • Comes with a removable headrest pillow. 
  • Includes a cup holder to keep your drinks nearby. 
  • Foldable design for easy transport. 


  • Takes a while to dry so ideally should not be left out in the rain.

Our recommendation

This chair will ease the stress out of you right out of the box. Apart from boasting a stylish design, the weatherproof chair can effectively be used both outdoors and indoors. The lightweight construction and foldable design make it easy to transport anywhere in your garden, and you can always depend on the sturdiness of the steel frame for support.

Comfort itself is top-notch due to thick padding, a headrest, and armrests. Overall, everything in this chair seems right and nothing should stop you from getting one. 

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3. DQCHAIR Outdoor Reclining Zero Gravity Chair (Single chair)

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DQCHAIR Outdoor Reclining Zero Gravity Chair

The DQCHAIR Outdoor Reclining Zero Gravity Chair is a high-quality single chair that looks very comfy even without you resting on it. With dimensions of 75cm x 72cm x 80cm ( L x W x H), it’s quite a larger and wider chair than most of the competition. This makes it perfect for some of those taller folks. It still can fold compact to 72cm x 98cm x 15cm (L x W x H) for space-saving storage. 

The weight capacity is an impressive 200kg, which is huge for a single chair, and that’s due to a strong steel frame. In addition, the pearl cotton fabric of this chair is UV resistant and well ventilated in summer to reduce sweating, while you can add cushions to it in the colder seasons to lock in some warmth. 

There’s a removable pillow on which you can rest your head instead of lying totally flat and you can always take it off when you sitting upright. Armrests will also provide that much needed comfort in your zero gravity position, whilst a utility cup holder on the side will allow you to have a bottle of beverage with you. 

Another nice touch is the dual fingertip aluminium alloy locking system that allows you to lock the chair in any reclined position. This chair arrives ready to use with no assembly required and it is ideal for poolside relaxation, on the patio, deck, balcony, or for campsite use. 


  • Premium UV resistant fabric, so won’t fade in the sun.
  • A solid steel frame ensures great weight support. 
  • Larger and wider chair, perfect for big individuals. 
  • Multiple reclining positions with a locking system in place. 
  • Foldable for easy transportation. 
  • Suitable for a variety of places; patio, balcony, campsite, etc. 


  • Cushions are perhaps thinner than you might expect from seeing the picture.
  • Quite expensive for a single chair. 

Our recommendation

This chair is perfect for heavier individuals thanks to its large and wide design along with a cushion for extra comfort, although they may be a little thinner than you might expect, so bear this in mind.

It’s very sturdy and can stay outside in the summer. Moreover, it suits a variety of places. Though there are no instructions on how to use it, especially in regards to reclining, the chair is still pretty good. The only deal-breaker could be the price, yet the weight capacity is impressive. 

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4. Lafuma R Clip Loungers and Recliner

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Lafuma R Clip Loungers and Recliner

Made in France by a leading manufacturer of high-quality outdoor furniture since 1930, the Lafuma R Clip Loungers and Recliner is a true zero gravity chair. They are expensive but the quality is not comparable to most other models because they are that good.

When reclined at its ideal position of 127°, it aligns your heart and knees in such a way that eases heart rate and fully supports your spine, and makes your body free of its own weight. 

In terms of technology, this model excels in it. First is the patented clip suspension system that utilises clips to connect the fabric to the frame for enhanced ergonomics, optimal back support, comfort, and a longer lifespan (more robust than laces). 

Secondly, Lafuma uses what it calls Batyline technology to make a strong and stylish fabric that’s specially designed for outdoor use because it combines UV, rip and abrasion resistant properties. This fabric has also been reheated under tension so it will never sag and has high tenacity. In addition, the fabric is quick-drying and cleaning is only a matter of detaching it from the frame and soaking it in warm soapy water. That means it’s also easy to replace the fabric in the future. 

The weight capacity for this one is 140kg, making it suitable for most folks. Enhanced comfort is provided by an adjustable and removable headrest cushion, footrest, and footpads. The chair reclines back by simply placing your feet on the bar and pushing back. 


  • Designed to recline to a great zero gravity position of 127°. 
  • Patented clip suspension system that strongly connects fabric to the frame. 
  • Comes with an adjustable and removable headrest pillow. 
  • Weather-resistant, UV resistant and quick-drying fabric. 
  • Available in a range of colours. 


  • No issues to report, maybe a little difficult to get out of because they are so comfortable.

Our recommendation

This Lafuma R Clip Loungers and Recliner is brilliantly designed and has some tech-advanced features such as Batyline fabric and a clip suspension system.

It makes for a near-perfect zero gravity feeling when angled at exactly 127°, aligning the body and reducing tension in the lumbar section. The outdoor lounger totally supports the body very well and has an adjustable headrest pillow, armrests, and foot bar for added comfort. 

It does have a few flaws, though not really bad ones as even the overall rating on Amazon is very good. So all in all, this Lafuma is one to consider on your search for the best zero gravity sun lounger. 

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5. VOUNOT Garden Textilene Relaxer (Pair)

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VOUNOT Garden chairs are sold as a pair. Each measures 65 x 44 x 25.6 inches in its full size and can hold a maximum load of 100kg each. These are great pieces of furniture for sitting and chilling in your garden, lounge or living room. 

Designed with a comfortable headrest cushion, armrests and footrests, these chairs are superbly comfortable and you will have a weightless experience when reclined almost horizontally.

In fact, you can adjust the angle as desired and can always lock your preferred position. For added stability, they have been designed with non-slip feet. 

The frame is made of steel and the fabric is textilene, making them durable and weather-resistant. The fabric is additionally UV resistant to ensure a long lifespan out in the sun. Moreover, according to the manufacturer, the use of ecological materials helps reduce the potential toxicity of the chair. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this chair is easily movable because of its light weight. 


  • Suitable for a variety of places; living room, garden, lounge, poolside, etc. 
  • Comes with a headrest, armrests and footrests for added comfort. 
  • Easily adjustable as needed. 
  • With non-slip feet for improved stability. 
  • UV- and corrosion-resistant fabric for longevity. 


  • A bit lower on weight limit compared to many. 

Our recommendation

If you want to enjoy the sunshine without spending that much on a zero gravity chair, this pair is a great choice. You get two chairs for the price of one like some of the other models, and they are well designed to provide absolute comfort thanks to a headrest, armrests and footrest. 

The cool mesh fabric will allow your skin to breathe whilst you relax, and the steel-coated frame ensures maximum durability. You can even transport the fun to your picnic or camping trip. They do have some flaws, but we still consider them to be the best low-cost zero gravity chair.

Buyer’s Guide

Zero gravity chairs have become more popular than ever and they are now available in many homes across the UK. It’s easy to spot one in your neighbour’s patio, garden, balcony, or even in the living room. And they do offer many benefits, among them: 

They get you in a position of total relaxation, helping you ease muscle tension in that weightless position. This type of chair can also improve blood circulation due to the way it elevates your legs above the heart. 

A zero gravity chair also makes a great reading chair and is good for watching TV or even gaming. Some portable versions can be folded and transported elsewhere such as a beach or park for lounging there too. 

When looking for the best zero gravity chair, there are a number of factors that will influence your decision. Let’s break them down below.


Well, this is probably the main reason why you want a zero gravity chair. The fabric should be easy on your skin, especially for those folks who like removing their tops when it’s hot. Mesh fabrics are some of the best because they’re breathable and can help keep you cool during the peak of summer. 

For added comfort, think about headrest pillows, footrests, and armrests, which combined do the magic to offer limb support, particularly for taller people. Cushions would be a welcome touch but go for ones that are easy to clean by just wiping down.


As you would expect, zero gravity chairs are all adjustable, but there’s a slight difference between one model and another in terms of the number of reclining positions. If you’re planning to share the chair with members of your family, the more adjustable positions the better for all of you. In addition, there’s always a locking mechanism that lets you lock your desired position in place. 


Many zero gravity chairs are lightweight and portable, so if you are intending to take your piece of furniture on trips, be sure to confirm the dimensions and weight. The ability to fold the chair makes it easy to transport and store, so check if the design of a chair allows that to happen. 

Weight capacity

As you have seen from the model reviews above, every chair has a certain weight limit. It’s up to you to decide the chair that will suit your need in that respect. Extra-large chairs are ideal for big or taller people, and the DQCHAIR Outdoor Reclining Zero Gravity Chair with its 200kg capacity is a good choice, for instance. Anything with a weight limit of 100kg should suffice for most adults. 

Construction materials

Materials and build quality are crucial factors as far as durability of your zero gravity goes. Most chairs are made of steel frames, which are obviously very strong. Those with powder coating can last even longer because they are highly resistant to rust and corrosion as long as the finish is done well. 

Non-slip feet are a good thing because they improve stability, while the fabric should be weatherproof as well as quick-drying, just in case it gets wet. A cup holder is always a plus if available.


Zero gravity chair manufacturers tend to provide anywhere from 1 to 2 years warranty, which covers all parts. Thing is, these chairs have no complicated moving parts, so as far as you use them for their right purpose, there’s little chance of anything going wrong. Nevertheless, make sure to go through the terms and conditions of a warranty to know what’s covered. 

Final Conclusion

We have come to the end of this review and we believe you’ve learned a lot here. We bet you’ve found the best zero gravity chair that’s perfect for your body and budget.

In our view, the Garden Market Place Set of 2 Padded Zero Gravity Chairs are the best all-round due to their good quality along with an unbeatable price. 

A top alternative would be the AmazonBasics Outdoor Padded Zero Gravity Chair. We really like the addition of a cup holder and the fact that they have a considerably high weight limit. They are sturdy and convenient to transport between locations. 

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