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Best Plants For Hanging Baskets

Last updated on April 13th, 2022

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Hanging baskets plants

Using the best plants for hanging baskets can help transform your outdoor space and add tranquillity to an outside area but with so many different basket plants to choose from, which ones are really right for you? Hanging baskets planted in summer are usually planted with upright plants in the centre and trailing plants around the edge so that they trail over. Furthermore, you might want something with beautiful foliage to trailer over the back of the basket whilst you ideally need something at the front that elegantly trails over and is full of beautiful flowers.

Our recommended hanging basket flowers article will help guide you through the whole process so you know which variety of plants are ideal for planting in the basket. The same goes for if you planting containers and pots, so read on to see how to plant a basket that all the neighbours will be talking about.

If you’re looking for hanging basket ideas then read on.

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Upright hanging basket plants that are ideal to use as centrepieces

First on the list are upright growing plants for using as centrepieces in the middle of baskets and planters.

1. Geranium (Pelargonium) Height & spread: 40cm x 25cm

Geranium Pelargonium is one of the best hanging basket flowers. Ideal for the centre of your hanging basket.

Geraniums make excellent plants for placing in the centre of a hanging basket to add some vibrant colour. The flowers are available in many colours and appear on tall stems that raise up from the centre of the plant and can reach 40cm tall, just enough to be seen above the other beautiful plants. They date back to the Victorian times and are still as popular today as they were back then.

They will grow in dry soil and can also be used in tubs, planters and can also be used indoors as houseplants. They will flower throughout the summer and well into the autumn. Bring them indoors in winter and many will overwinter.

2. Bidens – varieties include ‘Golden Eye’

Bidens are perfect flowers for hanging baskets and there are trailing and bush varieties. Easy to dead head and are prolific flowering

Beautiful flowers for hanging baskets with their fern-type foliage and small yellow flowers that are sometimes sweetly scented making them great plants for hanging baskets. There are a few varieties, some compact, some more sprawling but they all are ideal for planting around the edge of baskets.

They flower from July and into October before the winter frost sees them off. Deadhead regularly to keep them free-flowering through the season.

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3. Upright Fuchsia

Bidens are perfect flowers for hanging baskets and there are trailing and bush varieties. Easy to dead head and are prolific flowering

Fuchsia are one of the most popular hanging basket plants and there are many upright varieties available that are ideal for planting in the tops of baskets. With so many varieties you will be spoilt for choice, some have large bell flowers while other varieties have delicate tiny flowers. There are also trailing varieties with more of the arching habit and they trail over the side of baskets beautifully. Try planting a basket with just Fuchsias and see how amazing they look.

4. Argyranthemum

These beautiful daisy-like flowers grow a little tall at 25-30cm so they may be best planted in containers for some gardeners. However, with a fairly large basket, they can be used as a centrepiece and will look fantastic if you have some hanging baskets that are low down and the flowers stand out. Easy to grow and they will flower through the summer. If you deadhead regularly, you will be rewarded with a nice show of colour.

5. Petunia – usually available in red, blue, white, pink and two-toned

Petunias make excellent bedding plants for baskets and containers and produce a mass of colour from the saucer-shaped flower. They are available in many varieties and look superb planted in hanging baskets. Deadhead faded flowers and they will flower right the way through summer.

Trailing plants for hanging baskets

Trailing varieties of hanging basket plants can be used to create a gorgeous cascading effect over the basket and provide masses of brightly coloured, vibrant flowers throughout the summer.

6. Surfinas

Surfinas are one of the best trailing plants for hanging baskets and are easy to dead head and very easy to grow. They look fantastic planted on there own in baskets

Surfinia is also known as ‘Wave Petunias’ and look very similar to standard Petunias. They are usually sold as individual plants and slightly more expensive but are worth every penny. They are renowned for their versatility, colours and weather resistance. The trailing branches often reach 3ft (90cm) and a modest 16″ basket can be filled with just 3-4 of these amazing plants. This will fill and trail over the basket to give the most beautiful display. They usually flower from around May and with a little deadheading (which are much less finicky than some other basket plants) they will flower well into October.

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7. Lysimachia (Creeping Jenny)

This creeping plant is also a hardy perennial and will grow in the ground but it makes an excellent plant for the back of hanging baskets where it will trail over to around 3ft (90cm) down the back of a basket as it does tolerate partial shade. Its usually grown for its foliage but does produce small yellow flowers.

8 . Bacopa (Sutera cordata)

Bacopa are perfect hanging baskets flowers and have small star shaped flowers, usually available on white or blue/purple. Finicky to dead head but the flowering do last and they give a fantastic show and look great when planted in baskets on there own.

Bacopa produces the perfect hanging baskets flowers and produces masses of tiny star-shaped flowered that are usually white or purple. They make excellent filler plants for filling in gaps. Hanging baskets filled just with Bacopa also look amazing when in full flower.

They flower from around June to October. Height x Spread:15cm x 45cm.

9. Milliona Bells (Calibrachoa)

These resemble Petunia and Surfinias as they are from the same family and are one of the best hanging basket plants. The saucer-shaped flowers are around half the size of Surfinias but they flower just as readily. They trail to around 50-60cm and are available in many colours.

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10. Trailing Fuschsia

We already mentioned upright Fuchsias but the trailing varieties are just as amazing. The bell-shaped flower colour combinations give you a rich and vibrant show all summer long. Height and spread: 40cm x 40cm.

11. Trailing Begonias

Trailing Begonias

Trailing Begonias are very versatile plants and will flower from early summer right the way through until October when the first frost returns after summer. The trailing blooms will even flower in a more shady spot, unlike most other basket plants. Height and spread: 30cm x 30cm.

12. Trailing Geraniums

Also known as Ivy Leaf Geraniums, these beautiful plants will trail 60-70cm and are great for using in one variety of baskets. They will grow well in dryer soil that can be an advantage in some planting situations

13. Trailing Tomato Hanging Basket

Growing tomatoes in hanging baskets are very easy and not only do they look fantastic, but you also have the added bonus of being able to pick the delicious fruit off them. Be sure to choose trailing cherry tomatoes, the most popular varieties to use are ‘Tumber’ and ‘Tumbling Tom’. Three plants to a basket will usually produce a really good crop, be sure to water daily when needed and feed every 2 weeks with tomato feed.

Top growing tips for creating an eye-inspiring hanging basket

  • The sooner you can plant your basket, the better. If you are lucky enough to have a heated greenhouse think about planting your basket around March. That way they will be established for the end of May when they can usually go outside once the risk of frost has passed. If you have not got a heated greenhouse, think about growing them indoors and putting them outdoors during the day in mild weather and bringing them in again at night. If this is not an option try to buy large plug plants that will establish more quickly.
  • Pay extra for quality hanging basket compost, it usually has more nutrients in it that will last longer and water storing granules to help retain water.
  • Deadhead faded flowers regularly, this will encourage the plants to flower more.
  • Feed your baskets every 2 weeks with hanging basket feed, there are a lot of plants in one basket and they will benefit hugely from regular feeding that will promote new growth and more flowers.
  • Try to display your baskets in full sun, most basket plants prefer full sun and won’t do as well in partial shade. If you do have a shadier spot, try planting trailing Begonias.
  • Never let your basket dry out, it’s difficult to revive a dry basket and it’s difficult to get water back into dry soil when it has completely dried out.

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