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My Review of The Best Garden Sprayers For Spraying Weedkillers, Pesticides, Moss killers and Patio Cleaners

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Moving on from the review I have recently done on the best knapsack sprayers here as well as the best fence sprayers where I tested the very impressive Wagner Fence & Decking Paint Sprayer on my new fence, newly renovated garage door and some large 8ft troughs I made from some recycled half round wooden rails.

Testing garden sprayer

So in this review, I thought I would share my experience with some of the best gardener sprayers, some I have used for years in the nursery, and some are relatively new sprayers to me, I say new I have still used them for a couple of years but I have found them to be better suited for use at home.

Cooper Pegler Classic CP15 15L Knapsack Sprayer which I use around the nursery for spraying pesticides, fungicides and weedkillers.

I will get straight to the point, for professional horticultural spraying, I have used my Cooper Pegler Classic CP15 15L Knapsack Sprayer pictured above. It really is hard to beat, I have owned two of them for over 15 years, one for pesticides, one for weedkillers and they really are made to last. You can’t beat the build quality and reliability but they are expensive, no getting around that but they are well worth paying extra for if you’re going to be using them often and get your monies worth out of them.


Cooper Pegler Classic CP15 15L Knapsack Sprayer I use for spraying weeds
Cooper Pegler Classic CP15 15L Knapsack Sprayer I use for spraying weeds
Cooper Pegler Classic CP15 15L Knapsack Sprayer
I have used these Copper Pegler Sprayers for years and the reason is simple, the build quality is unmatched and they last for many years. They can take a beating in a professonal setting where they are being lifted on and off vans, in and out of greenhouses, being knocked over, dropped etc. Basically, they can take abit of a beating. To look at, there nothing special but the reliability comes from what you can't see, the distinctive diaphragm pump and its integrated pressure control system all of which is manufactufed from UV stabilised polypropylene. Overall, if you need a sprayer that will stand the test of time and be reliable, the Copper Pegler range of sprayers are all well worth considering but I realluy like the CP15 model. The only downside is they are a little pricey but you get what you pay for.

I have reviewed the CP15 sprayer in more detail on my best knapsack sprayer guide here

Spraying lawn with Hozelock backpack sprayer with Sulphate of iron to kill the moss on the lawn
Spraying iron sulphate to kill moss on the lawn with a Hozelock sprayer

I also use this Hozelock Pulsar Plus 16L Comfort Backpack Sprayer as pictured above. It is much more affordable and the build quality is also really good too and it’s proved very reliable over the last couple of years for me. What I really like is the innovative design which makes it such a good option for me to keep at home, more on this in a moment.


Hozelock Pulsar Plus 16L Comfort Backpack Sprayer
This is probably the garden sprayer I would recommend to most people. In fact, I use this sprayer myself at home as its so easy to use and has some clever inovative features even the more expensive Cooper Pegler sprayer doesn't have. I have used it for everything from spraying my lawn with iron sulphate to kill the moss, to spraying Patio Extreme XP patio cleaner to clean my patio and driveway of dirt, algae and moss. There are a few features I really like but my favorite is the adjustable spray nozzle that allow you to switch between the 3 differennt spray patterns in seconds instead of having several differnet nozzles that are easy to loose. Design wise, it has the two handles which makes tipping out the liquid during cleaning easier, the spray lance secures to the handle for storage.Overall the build quality is fantastic and its comfortable to wear. I really can't speak highly enough about this Hozelock sprayer, such an improvement on the older model and well worth considering, you won't be disapointed.
1.25L Hozelock mist sprayer, great for spraying plants with pesticides or fungicides
1.25L Hozelock mist sprayer, great for spraying plants with pesticides or fungicides

If you don’t need a larger backpack sprayer but still want a good quality sprayer, then you can’t go wrong with this Hozelock 1.25L Spraymist Pressure Sprayer I am using to spray my Hollyhocks. This is such as good little sprayer and I use this for mixing small amounts of weedkillers or pesticides for spraying greenflies as well as applying fungicides, mainly on my roses but it’s an excellent choice for smaller gardens where you won’t get the use out of a larger backpack sprayer plus it’s much easier to store. It’s a good quality piece of kit, much better than all those cheap alternatives DIY stores like B&Q try to flog you. It’s easy to measure out in litres, the adjustable spray nozzle gives a nice spray, it’s easy to pressurise, is easy to remove the spray nozzle for cleaning. Overall, if you need a smaller handheld garden sprayer, you can’t go wrong with this sprayer.

My top picks when it comes to garden sprayers:

  1. Hozelock Pulsar Plus 16L Comfort Backpack Sprayer – BEST PICK
  2. Cooper Pegler Classic CP15 15L Knapsack Sprayer – BEST PROFESSIONAL PICK
  3. Hozelock 1.25L Spraymist Pressure Sprayer
  4. Solo 417 Comfort Garden Sprayer – BEST CORDLESS PICK
  5. Faithfull 16 Litre Knapsack Sprayer
  6. Hozelock 5 Litre Pressure Sprayer

Top 6 Garden Sprayer Reviews

1. Hozelock Pulsar Plus 16L Comfort Backpack Sprayer


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Hozelock Pulsar Plus 16L Comfort Backpack Sprayer I use for home spraying

I feel that Hozelock along with other companies such as Gardena, another brand I respect are always trying to innovate and in the process, they almost invent features you don’t actually need.

1. Hozelock Pulsar Plus 16L Comfort Backpack Sprayer stores the lance and handle for easy storage

However, with the Hozelock Pulsar Plus Sprayer I think they have done a great with the new adjustable rotating nozzle, the way the design contours with your back to make sure it’s comfortable as well as the way the handle and lance all attach in an upright position so it’s easy to store when not in use as shown above.

The 3 in 1 sprayer nozzle on the Hozelock Pulsar Plus 16L Comfort Backpack Sprayer
The rotating nozzle had 3 spray patterns from a most to a heavier spray

So I really like the nozzle design as shown above in the picture, it had 3 different spray patterns from a gentle mist to a standard spray which I like to use to apply pesticides, fungicides and weedkillers.

spraying plants in tunnel  with 1. Hozelock Pulsar Plus 16L Comfort Backpack Sprayer
Spraying conifers to control pests
Spraying Hozelock Pulsar Plus 16L Comfort Backpack Sprayer to show spray width

The 3rd spray pattern is perfect for applying patio cleaner but it is also great for applying moss killer on lawns as shown below when I recently applied iron sulphate to the lawn to help kill the moss before scarifying but also green up the lawn.

Spraying lawn using Hozelock Pulsar Plus 16L Comfort Backpack Sprayer to apply iron sulphate to kill moss
spraying moss killer on the lawn

So another unique feature this sprayer has is the pressure regular on the lance itself as shown in the photo below (the red bit). I have found that this works really well at regulating the pressure at the lance at 1 bar so that the spray itself is consistent. This I have noticed has made it easier to evenly spray, this for me is important so that the area I’m spraying gets the recommended application which means more consistent results.

pressure regular on lance on Hozelock Pulsar Plus 16L Comfort Backpack Sprayer
Pressure regular on the lance ensures a consistent spray

Something to note, this is actually sold as a 16 litre sprayer. For me, you wouldn’t want it any larger because of the wait and remember 1 litre of liquid is a 1kg but the tank actually holds 14 litres, not 16 litres.

two handles on Hozelock Pulsar Plus 16L Comfort Backpack Sprayer makes lift and emptying tank easier
Two handled design for easy lift and emptying

Finally, I like the way it has two handles, one at the top and one at the bottom, this makes it easier to lift and tip excess liquid out which is handy for cleaning and rinsing out. This is something that is often overlooked with most other sprayers including the Cooper Pegler Classic CP15 15L Knapsack Sprayer I review next. Also an amazing sprayer but there very expensive.

My recommendation

The Hozelock Pulsar Plus Comfort Backpack Sprayer is my top recommendation because it’s the one I now use at home in my own garden. The build quality is excellent, I really like the design of the 3 in 1 nozzle and it’s comfortable to use with the two padded straps.

I’ve never had any issues in the 2 years I have used it now. Overall, if you looking for a decent garden sprayer for the garden, you won’t be disappointed with this sprayer. It’s not the cheapest sprayer but it’s not expensive either. End of the day you get what you pay for and if you’re looking for a quality and reliable sprayer, this is well worth considering.

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2. Hozelock 1.25L Spraymist Pressure Sprayer

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Hozelock 1.25L Spraymist Pressure Sprayer

If you are just after a good quality small hand garden sprayer, something you can mix 500ml to a litre of spray, maybe you got some roses that need spraying for blackspot or you want to spray a few weeds on your patio, then this Hozelock 1.25L Spraymist Pressure Sprayer is well worth considering.

spraying plants with the 2. Hozelock 1.25L Spraymist Pressure Sprayer

I personally use this for spraying pesticides and fungicides on roses and plants that easily get rust such as the hollyhocks above and occasionally I use it for weedkillers but whatever you do, make sure you give it a good cleaning and rinsing before using it to spray plants once you have used it for weed killer.

pushing trigger to lock the pressure in the on position for consistent spraying
trigger lock on the sprayer

As you can see in the picture above, it has a trigger lock switch which you can slide forward to lock the sprayer on which is useful so you don’t need to constantly press the actual trigger, it just makes it that little more convenient to use.

In the picture below you can see the pump you use to pressurise the tank, simple and easy to use. You simply slide the lever up and down until the tank is fully pressurised and to alter the spray you simply rotate the nozzle. It’s also worth noting that you can also remove the nozzle to remove any blockages or clean the nozzle occasionally.

pumping spraying to pressurise tank
Pump to pressurise the tank easily

My recommendation

When it comes to small handheld sprayers and once you have weeded out the cheaper models that won’t last even a season, there are not many left worth buying. Personally, I think this is an excellent little sprayer, plenty big enough for a small garden and occasional spraying. Again this is a sprayer I actually use so have no issues recommending it.

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3. Cooper Pegler Classic CP15 15L Knapsack Sprayer

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Cooper Pegler Classic CP15 15L Knapsack Sprayer

The Cooper Pegler Classic CP15 15L Knapsack Sprayer hasn’t changed over the years but is by far one of the best garden sprayers. It’s just so reliable and well made they are literally bulletproof.

The only issue for some people is they are really expensive but if you are a professional gardener/landscaper you will get your money’s worth and it’s well worth considering.

To give you an idea, at the nursery my parents own, we have had two of them for around 15 years, one for pesticides and one for weedkillers and they get regular use and are still going strong. You can get spare parts too.

I have reviewed this CP15 Model in another review here if you need to know more.

4. Solo 417 Comfort 18 Litre Electric Backpack Garden Sprayer


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Solo 416LI Pro 20 Litre Battery Powered Back Pack Sprayer

This Solo 417 Comfort Garden Sprayer runs on a 12V 7.2 Ah battery that powers a built-in pump that can support a maximum water pressure of 62.4psi on setting 2 or 35.7psi on setting 1 for when a lower pressure is needed.

This garden sprayer is designed to handle both outdoor and indoor jobs well. For those with greenhouses, conservatories or kitchen gardens, this sprayer will deliver impressive work and ensure the areas are treated evenly. The battery is rechargeable and it’s supplied with the sprayer and it only takes a few hours to charge.

The garden sprayer comes with a 50cm wand/lance that is adjustable depending on the area you want to cover. The lance comes with a standard nozzle that is able to deliver a spray volume of 1.42l/min or 1.07l/min. It features two variable speeds that will determine the spray volume released from the wand (which we have mentioned previously), this is what controls the spray volume.

This model also comes with an 18-litre plastic tank that has been treated to withstand UV rays. This tank can be used with most chemicals without reacting to the contents. The tank has a large capacity so that the user can cover a considerable area before requiring a refill. In addition, the tank has a gauge that you can look at to determine the remaining liquid and if you need to refill it soon.

For convenience, the garden sprayer possesses a long 150cm hose for easy reach around the garden. It weighs 7.6kgs whilst empty and that is why the backpack feature is important. The handles are comfortable and they are wide enough to prevent the weight of the sprayer from digging into your shoulders, it also has a nice padded back support.

Generally, it is a quality sprayer with a large capacity tank that would suit medium-large sized gardens. It has a 2-year domestic warranty, we feel that this is a little disappointing as you may not be covered if using it in a professional setting and let’s be honest, this will be the majority of people who have purchased this sprayer.

Our recommendation

The Solo 417 Comfort Garden Sprayer is a great choice if you have a large area to work with. The sprayer is designed to handle heavyweight tasks and it has a fairly large tank, making it ideal for professional use too. We appreciate that the battery delivers a decent running time of 2.3-3.7 hours depending on the speed you are operating with, which is perfect for nurseries, garden centres or anyone with a lot of spraying to do.

Additionally, it operates quietly causing no disturbances to the surrounding environment or neighbours who are close by. All in all, it would be suited for those looking for a large capacity garden sprayer that is powerful and comfortable to use and wants to upgrade from the manual pump models.

See more cordless sprayers I reviewed here

5. Faithfull 16 Litre Knapsack Pressure Sprayer


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Faithfull FAISPRAY16 Backpack Knapsack Pressure Sprayer 16 Litre. Service Pack and Assorted Nozzles Included

Are you looking for a larger sprayer that will make light work of a big job, made from very strong materials that are both shatter and frostproof? This large knapsack sprayer offers value for money. Features the quick release value to avoid over pressuring the container, continuous spraying trigger to help reduce strain on your hand while spraying over longer periods

Our recommendation

For the price, we really advise it for the amateur gardener, for use around the garden. It has been designed for spraying any garden chemicals from weedkillers to pesticides. We cannot really comment on any bad things about this sprayer, but one tip from us is to be sure to tighten up all the nuts before use to ensure no leakages.

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6. Hozelock 5 Litre Pressure Sprayer

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Hozelock 5 Litre Sprayer (Maximum fill* 3 Litre) for the Treatment of Plants using Herbicides, Pesticides, Fungicides or Applying Liquid Fertiliser

Hozelock is known for its quality garden products and this garden sprayer is one of the best when it comes to garden sprayers. So what makes it so good? Firstly it is a multi-purpose sprayer and can be used for insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, water-soluble feeds as well as weedkillers.

It features a built-in pressure release valve to avoid damaging the sprayer by putting it under too much pressure, and it features an ergonomic handle for pressurisation. The nozzle spray is adjustable and can be changed from a jet spray to a fine mist which makes it ideal for many different spraying situations that professional gardeners may come across.

Finally, it has a translucent bottle with measuring marks on it for the accurate and easy filling to ensure the mix is correct when filled. Finally, it features what Hozelock call ‘Innovative last drop technology’ to ensure every last drop is used.

Our recommendation

Ideal for those looking for a quality garden sprayer, the quality is above what most would expect and this really is built to last. It is what a professional gardener would expect from a quality product. It comes with a 1-year guarantee.

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So what makes a good garden sprayer?

With lots of choices available in garden centres and online shops, it is hard to know which are the good quality sprayers and which simply don’t make the cut. So what do you need to consider when buying a garden sprayer? That it is made from quality materials including good rubber seals that won’t perish as this will result in low pressure and poor performance. Has it been made from strong plastic that can handle lots of use and won’t crack when accidentally dropped? Is it fitted with brass fittings that have been made to last? Does it have different spray settings? And finally, is it easy to clean?

What to use them for and the different sizes available

Garden sprayers are commonly used for spraying pesticides, fungicides and weedkillers that can be purchased as concentrates which you dilute with water as it is far more cost-effective than using ready-to-use products. There are many sizes of garden sprayers available, from small 2-litre hand sprayers (which are ideal for spraying a small plant or weeds) to medium-sized sprayers that usually around 8 litres for spraying larger areas to even bigger backpack sprayers that can hold 20 litres for spraying even larger areas, these are usually used for spraying large lawns or spraying weedkiller on industrial sites.

Final Conclusion

All the garden sprayers above are of good quality and offer good value for money, in general, you get what you pay for, and the more you pay the better a product you will get.

If you are an amateur gardener looking for a quality garden sprayer to use a few times a year, then one of the cheaper sprayers would be ideal and should offer you years of use if it is looked after correctly and cleaned after each use.

If you are a professional gardener or looking for a very high-quality garden sprayer to use extensively, then I highly recommend investing in a high quality branded model such as those built by Hozelock or Cooper Pegler.

Their products are above the best in the industry and you will never be disappointed with them.


My top tips for using a pressure sprayer

  1. I recommend never using the same sprayer for spraying both weedkillers and pesticides or any other liquids sprayed on plants. There have been many cases where gardeners have failed to properly clean out sprayers they have previously used to spray weedkillers. They then go on to spray their plants with pesticides or fungicides only to find they have killed their plants. We would recommend having a second sprayer to spray weedkillers.
  2. Always ensure all nuts and pipes are tight before use.
  3. Only mix the amount you require to spray that day, many weedkillers and pesticides become less effective when left in sprayers over time.
  4. Always mix the recommended dose as shown in the instructions.
  5. Chemicals are dangerous and care should be taken, including wearing protective gloves when mixing.

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