Top 7 Best Garden Sprayers & Perfect for weedkiller & pesticides

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Top 7 Best Garden Sprayers & Perfect for weedkiller & pesticides

Top 7 Best Garden Sprayers & Perfect for weedkiller & pesticides

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Whether you're spraying pesticides or weedkiller, we look at 7 of the best garden sprayers from small handheld models to larger knapsack sprayers and everything in-between

Garden sprayers are another piece of garden equipment that all gardeners (whether amateur or professional) need. There are many good quality brands selling them at reasonable prices that won’t break the bank then it may be worth paying that little extra to guarantee that you have a good quality garden sprayer that will last for many years.

Below is the winner of our 'Top Pick Award', the Hozelock 10 Litre Plus Pressure Sprayer which is the best garden sprayer for both amateur and professional gardeners alike due to its high quality construction and size.

Our Runner-up models is the Solo 417 Comfort Electric Garden Sprayer which we think is an amazing model if you do a lot of straying to do as it makes life much easier as it provides consistent pressure, especially for garden centres and nurseries.

Be sure to read our full guide to learn more about the features available and how to decide which garden sprayer would be suitable for your own needs.

Best Pick

Best Garden Sprayer - Hozelock 10 litre sprayer

This is a quality product that does have many useful features as well as being very well made. Ideal for amateur gardeners who want a quality sprayer as well as professional gardeners.

  • Multi-purpose sprayer with built in pressure release valve.
  • On/off flow control, for continuous spraying with adjustable spray nozzle with last drop technology.
  • Includes 3 year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

Best For Professionals

Solo 417 Comfort Garden Sprayer

Among the features that professionals will appreciate from the Solo 417 Comfort Garden Sprayer is the large capacity tank that can handle different types of chemicals whether it be spraying pesticides, herbicides or just general spraying . Furthermore, the reliable pump and 50cm adjustable lance allow the user to get the required results as it provides a consistent and even spray which is important when applying any type of spray.

For those looking for a silent garden sprayer which takes minimal effort, this model would also fit into that bill. It has a decent running time thus you can be sure to get the work done in no time. The sprayer is somewhat expensive, but we think its worth the extra expense for professional spraying.

So what makes a good garden sprayer

With lots of choice available in garden centres and online shops it is hard to know which are good quality sprayers and which simply don’t make the cut. So what do you need to consider when buying a garden sprayer? That it is made from quality materials including good rubber seals that won’t perish as this will result in low pressure and poor performance. Has it been made from strong plastic that can handle lots of use and won’t crack when accidentally dropped? Is it fitted with a brass fitting which are built to last? does it have different spray setting? And finally is it easy to clean?

What to use them for and the different sizes available

Garden sprayers are commonly used for spraying pesticides, fungicides and weedkillers that can be purchased as concentrates which you dilute with water as it is far more cost effective than using ready-to-use products. There are many sizes of garden sprayers from small 2 litre hand sprayers which are ideal for spraying a small plant or weeds to medium size sprayers usually around 8 litres for spraying larger areas to even bigger back pack sprayers that hold 20 litres for spraying even larger areas, these are usually used for spraying large lawns or spraying weedkiller on industrial sites.

Comparing garden sprayers

Below is a selection of the best garden sprayers in all sizes. So whether you are looking for a small sprayer for spraying your prized roses or a larger sprayer for killing the weeds off your drive or patio there should be one that will do the job.

For each size sprayer which include 5 litre, 8-10 litre and 12-16 litre knapsack sprayers we have recommended the best model for amateur use and the best model for professional gardeners. Naturally the garden sprayers ideal for professional use cost more but still offer value for money whilst the cheaper models suitable for amateurs are cheaper but still good quality garden sprayers.



3 Years Running

Best Garden Sprayer - Hozelock 10 litre sprayer

If you are looking for a pressure sprayer that is capable of spraying larger areas whether it be weedkiller or pesticides but without the need of a larger a bulky garden back pack sprayer then this could be just what you need. Capable of holding 10 litres and has many features which you would expect from a quality product including pressure release value to avoid over pressurisation, on/off flow control to make continuous spraying easy and efficient. Other features include last drop technology to ensure every last drop of liquid is used

Our recommendation

This is a quality product and although more expensive than most other sprayers it does have many advantages and is very well made and robust and even comes with a 3 year guarantee. Ideal for amateurs who want a quality product and professional gardeners.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Solo 417 Comfort 18 Litre Battery Back Pack Garden Sprayer

**Professionals Pick**

Solo 417 Comfort Garden Sprayer

This Solo 417 Comfort Garden Sprayer runs on a 12V 7.2 Ah battery that powers a built in pump that can support a maximum water pressure of 62.4psi on setting 2 or 35.7psi on setting 1 for when a lower pressure is needed.

This garden sprayer is designed to handle both outdoor and indoor jobs well. For those with greenhouses, conservatories or kitchen gardens, this sprayer will deliver impressive work and ensure the areas are treated evenly. The battery is rechargeable and it’s supplied with the sprayer and takes a few hours to charge.

The garden sprayer comes with a 50cm wand/lance that is adjustable depending on the area you want to cover. The lance comes with a standard nozzle that is able to deliver a spray volume of 1.42l/min or 1.07l/min. It features two variable speeds that will determine the spray volume released from the wand which we mentioned previously, this is what controls the spray volume.

This model also comes with an 18 Litre plastic tank that has been treated to withstand UV rays. This tank can be used with most chemicals without reacting to the contents. The tank has a large capacity so that the user can cover a considerable area before requiring a refill. In addition, the tank has a gauge that you can look at to determine the remaining liquid and if you need to refill it soon.

For convenience, the garden sprayer possesses a long 150cm hose for an easy reach around the garden. It weighs 7.6kgs while empty and that is why the backpack feature is important. The handles are comfortable and they are wide enough to prevent the weight of the sprayer from digging into your shoulders, it also has a nice padded back support.

Generally, it is a quality sprayer with a large capacity tank that would suit medium-large gardens. It has a 2-year domestic warranty which is a little disappointing as it may not be covered if used in a professional setting and let's be honest, this will be most people who use this type of sprayer because of the higher price point and investment needed.

Our recommendation

The Solo 417 Comfort Garden Sprayer is a great choice if you have a large area to work with. The sprayer is designed to handle heavyweight tasks and it has a fairly large tank making it ideal for professional use too. We appreciate that the battery delivers a decent running time of 2.3-3.7 hours depending on the speed you are operating on which is perfect for nurseries, garden centres or anyone with a lot of spraying to do.

Additionally, it operates quietly causing no disturbances in the environment. All in all, it would be suited for those looking for a large capacity garden spray that is powerful and comfortable to use and wants to upgrade from the manual pump models.


Faithfull 16 litre pressure sprayer off excellent value for money and is ideal for spraying large areas with chemicals such a pesticides, weedkiller, herbicides, and other liquid products, The built is rebust and designed to last and even comes with a 12 month warranty

Looking for larger sprayer to make light work of a big job, made from very strong materials which are both shatter and frost proof, this large nap sack sprayer offers value for money. Features the quick release value to avoid over pressuring the container, continuous spraying trigger to help reduce strain on your hand while spraying over longer periods

Our recommendation

For the price, we really advise it as being for the amateur garden for use around the garden and is designed for spraying any garden chemicals from weedkiller to pesticides. Cannot really comment on any bad things about this, one tip be sure to tighten up all nuts before use to ensure no leakages.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below



kingfisher 5l pressure sprayer, ideal for gardeners who want to spray the drive way a couple of times a year or spray a couple of time a year in the gardener. A good quality product but professionals would be better looking for a better more robust product.

If you are looking for a slightly larger sprayer for spraying your patio with weedkiller a couple of times a year or spraying your plants with pesticides or fungicides then this Kingfisher sprayer could be for you. Very cheap for the quality and it features a strap for easy carrying and the pump action ensures enough pressure to spray larger areas effectively. Cannot be faulted and a steal for the price

Our recommendation

This is great for amateur gardeners who plan to spay only a few times a year, all though it is robust and good quality professional gardeners would be better spending the extra and getting a better model but if you are an average gardener this will do the job.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below



Hoselock 5 litre pressure sprayer is made with quality in mind, more expensive than other  sprayers but designed for extensive use.  Its has last drop technology to ensure every last drop of liquid is used.  Ideal for professional gardeners or someone looking for a very high quality product

Hozelock are known for their quality garden products and this garden sprayer is one of the best when it comes to garden sprayers. So what makes it so good? Firstly it is a multi-purpose sprayer and can be used for insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, water soluble feeds as well as weedkiller.

It features a built in pressure release valve to avoid you damaging the sprayer by putting it under too much pressure and it features an ergonomic handle for pressurisation. The nozzle spray is adjustable and can be changed from a jet spray to a fine mist which makes it ideal for many spraying situations the professional gardener may come across.

Finally it has a translucent bottle with measuring marks on for accurate and easy filling to ensure the mix is correct when filled. Finally it features of what Hozelock call ‘Innovative last drop technology’ to ensure every last drop is used.

Our recommendation

Ideal for those looking for a quality garden sprayer, the quality is above what most would expect and this really is built to last and is what a professional gardener what expect from a quality product. It comes with a 1 year guarantee.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below


Am-Tech's 8 litre pressure sprayer is ideal for spraying larger areas and is ideal for home use. Its everything you would expect from a garden sprayer with a robust built and is excellent value for money. Not suitable for professional use.

Am-Tech 8 litre sprayer is ideal for spraying larger areas a few times a year and offers value for money and is built with the amateur gardener in mind. For the price it offers value for money whilst still keeping quality in mind and is designed to withstand typical use. It features what you would expect including a shoulder strap for ease of use, adjustable trigger sprayer and measurement marking on the translucent container for easy measuring.

Our recommendation

If you are looking for a garden sprayer to spray weedkiller around your patio a few times a year or to spray plants in your garden then this would be ideal and it even comes with a 12 month guarantee. If you do regular spraying or are a professional gardener then we would not recommend this model as it is not designed with excessive use in mind.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below



This large 12 litre knapsack sprayer by Greenkey is ideal for spraying chemicals such as pesticides and weedkillers and is designed for extensive use. Very high quality product designed for professionals and landscapers.

Greenkey’s 12 litre knapsack sprayer is perfect for professional gardeners looking for a large capacity sprayer which is built for extensive use. Built to last with a 2 year warranty this pressure sprayer is made from quality materials and has many features not found on cheaper models. Most sprayers have one adjustable nozzle with limited spray types

This professional pressure sprayer comes with 4 different nozzles that can be changed depending on what you need to spray. The four nozzles include a fan jet for accurate spraying, cone spray which can be adjusted from a jet to a fine mist, a twin head nozzle which produces two cone shaped sprays and a four jet nozzle which is ideal for high volume spraying.

It comes with a long reach lance allowing you to spray them hard to reach places and the trigger has a built in lock trigger to reduce strain on your fingers during long periods of spraying.

Our recommendation

Designed for professionals to be used in many situations from spraying weeds on industrial car parks to pesticides and fungicides on large beds and borders. Also suitable for other spraying applications. A top quality sprayer which comes with 2 years warranty which is fantastic since most only come with 12 months warranty.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Which garden sprayer is best

All the garden sprayers above are of good quality and offer good value for money, in general you get what you pay for, and the more you pay the better a product you will get.

If you are an amateur gardener looking for a quality garden sprayer to use a few times a year, then one of the cheaper sprayers would be ideal and should offer years of use if looked after correctly and cleaned after each use.

If you are a professional gardener or looking for a very high quality garden sprayer to use extensively, then we highly recommend investing in a high quality branded model such as those built by Hozelock or Greenkey.

Their products are above the best in the industry and you will never be disappointed with them.

Our top tips for using a pressure sprayer

1. We recommend never using the same sprayer for spraying both weedkiller and pesticides or any other liquids sprayed on plants. There have been many cases where gardeners have failed to properly clean out sprayers previously used to spray weedkiller and then spraying plants with pesticides or fungicides only to find they have killed their plants. We would recommend having a second sprayer to spray weedkiller.

2. Always ensure all nuts and pipes are tight before use.

3. Only mix the amount you require to spray that day, many weedkillers and pesticides become less effective when left in sprayers over time.

4. Always mix the recommended dose as shown on the instructions.

5. Chemicals are dangerous and care should be taken including wearing protective gloves when mixing.

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