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8 Best Chicken Coops and Runs For Keeping Chickens

Last updated on May 8th, 2024

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As a child, I was always around chickens as my dad always kept a few small bantams and cochins along with rabbits, guinea pigs and even pigeons, and that was when we lived in a terrace house. My dad was always into keeping animals, and was definitely passed on to my brothers and me!

Fast forward almost 40 years, and my dad still keeps chickens along with guinea fowl, a few sheep, a few pigmy goats, two shetlands and one cob. It’s actually more of a family affair these days. We are lucky enough that my mum and dad now have a small holding with plenty of space, so we now have more animals than ever, with chickens playing a large part in the animals we keep.

It’s safe to say we all caught the bug and are now involved with keeping chickens. It’s worth noting that my family also owns a small family-run garden centre in Manchester; for a few years, we even sold chickens and coops. Sadly, we stopped selling chickens for various reasons, but we never stopped personally keeping them; keeping chickens and collecting fresh eggs is such an enjoyable hobby and so rewarding!

My Omlet automatic chicken coop door – click the image to see my review

These days, we have converted a few little sheds into chicken coops, installed perches and nesting boxes, and fitted automatic chicken coop doors, which I talked about here. However, over the years, we have had our fair share of chicken coops as well as chicken runs, both aluminium and wooden runs. These days, our chickens roam free, but we do have an electric fence to deter the foxes, which I’ve filmed on our trail cameras, as well as some fox repellers, and it seems to do the job.

Anyway, in this review of the best chicken coops, as well as a couple of chicken runs, I want to provide some of my recommendations for those looking for their first chicken coop or runs, or maybe you are upgrading. Some things to note: chicken coop and run manufacturers are very generous regarding the number of birds they recommend that can be kept in them, and most seem to provide their recommendations based on smaller chickens. I always recommend that you keep one small or medium-sized bantam or chicken for every 1ft x 1ft of coop floor space.

Chicken after being let of the chicken coop

Regarding perches, you need around 1ft in length for every bantam or medium-sized chicken. So, if your perches are 3ft long, that is enough space for three chickens to perch on. Also, ensure nesting boxes are lower down than the perches; if the perches are lower, it encourages the chickens to perch in the nesting boxes, which you don’t want.

Now, we always let chickens roam as free range chickens. As mentioned, we currently have an electric fence around the boundary to keep the foxes out, but it doesn’t necessarily keep the chickens in, but they never go too far. The main thing to remember is that the chickens are in before dark, locked away safely in the coop, out of harm’s way from foxes and badgers. You will find they do this naturally as the light goes down. If keeping them in your garden, you need at least a 5ft fence, which should be enough to keep them fenced in (most anyway).

If you can’t keep them fenced in, consider a coop with an attached run or even a large walk-in run big enough to put a coop inside. I quite like the walk-in Galvanised chicken runs and have used them in the past. Some of the better runs can be as long as 3 meters long, so around 10 feet by 4 meters wide and tall enough to walk in. They’re excellent for use with a chicken coop and allow the chickens a lot more space than most built in runs with coops attached.

Before I get into my detailed reviews of the best chicken coops and chicken runs or even my buyer’s guide, I want to mention some chicken coops and runs that I think are worth considering, depending on what setup you are looking for.

Pets Imperial® Savoy Chicken Coop With Double Nest Box - 6 Individual Nesting Spaces - 150 cm (W) x 100 cm (D) x 96 cm (H) (Coop + 1.4m Run)

If you are just getting started with 2-3 chickens, then the Pets Imperial Savoy Chicken Coop with the run is well worth considering. It’s a decent size overall, so it has plenty of space for when you decide to get a few more (trust me, you will).

Overall quality is good compared to alot of similar alternatives. It’s well thought out with six nest boxes and enough space for around 6 to 8 chickens, maybe a few more if you have smaller bantams. There is also plenty of space with four roosting perches. What I really like is how easy it is to clean with the galvanised metal pull-out tray. Then, you can easily access nesting boxes through the roof to collect the eggs. Overall, it’s a great little setup for anyone just starting out keeping a few chickens for the price.

omlet Eglu chicken coop that we have been testing over the last few months

More recently, the Eglu chicken coops by Omlet have caught my attention. Although I’ve never used one, I have got their automatic chicken coop doors, which are excellent, by the way. Anyway, from what I’ve heard, the Eglu coops with the run are a fantastic bit of kit. They are double-insulated as the shell is double-skinned with proper ventilation, and they have an easy-to-clean pull-out dropping tray; you can even remove the top of the coop to get full access to the inside for cleaning.

Finally, you have a nesting box with easy access by removing a side panel to collect the eggs. You also have the run that attaches to the front of the coop, which is made from good quality thick gauge steel with an anti-tunnel skirt that sits flat on the ground and prevents animals from digging in. The only downside is the price; it’s expensive compared to most wooden coops with runs. If it’s within your budget, though, it’s definitely worth considering.

PawHut Walk In Chicken Run Galvanised Chicken Coop Hen Poultry House Cage Rabbit Hutch Pet Playpen Garden With Water-Resist Cover, 3 x 4 x 2m

I talked earlier about larger aluminium runs, well I have two I recommend. The first one is the PawHut Walk-In Galvanized Chicken Walk-in Chicken Run, which measures 3m x 4m x 2m. It’s a good quality run with plenty of space to have a chicken coop and let your chickens roam safely inside.

FeelGoodUK Walk in Pet Cage 1.4m x 3m Galvanised Chicken Run Chicken Coop Rabbit Run Dog Pen Dog Kennel Enclosure Shelter

The other run is the slightly smaller FeelGoodUK Walk-in run, which is 1.4m x 3m and is again fully galvanised and ideal if you want to provide full protection and keep them enclosed but have enough space for a coop inside.

The best chicken coops and runs that I have included in my review are listed below:

  1. Omelet Eglu Classic Chicken Coop and Run – Expensive, but what a setup. It’s a double-insulated coop, easy to clean, and probably the best plastic coop money can buy
  2. Pets Imperial Savoy Large Chicken Coop Suitable 6 to 8 Birds – Perfect for just starting with enough space to add more chickens later. Great quality for the price
  3. PawHut 3m x 4m x 2m Galvanised Walk-In Chicken Run – A great option if you need a walk-in run with enough space for a separate coop inside. Fully secure enclosed run
  4. PawHut Chicken Coop with Run – A perfect little setup for a couple of chickens, one of the most affordable coop and run setups
  5. Cocoon Large Chicken Coop – This is not a bad size, and is unique. If you are looking for something a little different, it is worth a look
  6. Pets Imperial Clarence Chicken Coop – This is better quality than most other small coops and runs and is a good alternative to the larger Savoy with the same great features and build quality
  7. FeelGoodUK Chicken Coop This raised coop with the run underneath makes use of extra space, providing almost 6ft of space for the chickens to roam
  8. FeelGoodUK Galvanised Cage – 1.4 x 3m – Another galvanised, fully enclosed walk-in run with space to add a standalone coop

Chicken Coops and Run Reviews

1. Eglu Classic Chicken Coop and Run

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Eglu Classic Chicken Coop and Run probably the best modern plastic chicken coop available
Eglu Classic Chicken Coop and Run is probably the best modern plastic chicken coop available

The Eglu Classic Chicken Coop is a design classic and is one of my favourites – it’s even featured in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s permanent collection. This bright green plastic chicken house is curved in shape.

Although there are a few different similar models, including some with wheels fiitted to move it around the garden, the classic comes with a tunnel-shaped chicken run with a predator skirt and is the original plastic chicken coop. It’s a  contemporary design for your favourite chickens.

Honestly, this coop is extremely well designed from the double insulated walls with good ventilation to the built-in egg collection egg nest box, plus the overall design. It’s a fantastic bit of kit; the only downside is the price!

I think it’s fairly expensive, especially when compared to similar-sized wooden coops such as the Pets Imperial Marlborough, another chicken coop I’m a fan of, but around half the price.

This Omlet chicken house is functional as well as stylish. As mentioned, the double-walled to keep the interior cool in summer and warm in winter. The smooth flat surfaces are easy to clean – just hose them down inside and out with your garden hose or even a pressure washer. There are no corners or tricky nooks to worry about getting into, which also makes cleaning so much easier, and it resolves the common issue of spider mites with some wooden coops.

The floor of the chicken house is slatted, and that allows the droppings to fall through to the plastic tray underneath. You simply remove the tray to clean it from the rear of the house. What I really like is that the entire top of the chicken house is removable if you want to do a deep cleaning of the inside.

The nesting box is integrated inside the chicken house. A door on the side of the house is removable to allow you easy access to the eggs that your chickens lay. There’s also a perch for your chickens to roost on in the nighttime, so it’s perfectly set up with everything you need if you are new to keeping chickens.

And don’t worry about your chickens not getting enough fresh air when they’re in the house overnight. The front of the house has draught-free ventilation holes for air to flow through. And there’s a door that you can leave open or closed between the house and the run which you can open without entering the run.

And speaking of fresh air, the 2m long chicken run is made of fox-resistant mesh. It has a dark green coating to offset the bright house. You yourself can access the run through a mesh door at the end. And use the included summer shade to protect the chickens outdoors on sunny days.

While the length of the run gives your chickens space to wander, it does make it difficult to clean the entire length of the run. And there are no handles or handholds with which to lift up the run to move it to a different place in your garden, so it can be a bit of a struggle to do this.

It also includes two drinking and two feeding bowls for your chickens too. These bowls clip to the mesh of the chicken run.


  • Plastic chicken house (bright green) with 2m chicken run.
  • Suitable for two to four chickens.
  • Made from modern polymers that don’t need ant treatment over time.
  • Double wall insulation in the chicken house.
  • Chicken run made from strong steel welded mesh in a tunnel shape with vertical sides.
  • Chicken run has a dark green coating to blend in with your garden.
  • End panel of the chicken run opens.
  • Roosting bars for the chickens to perch at night.
  • Fox-resistant chicken run.
  • Has a slatted floor through which the droppings fall.
  • Integrated and curved nest box.
  • Egg port opens from the outside.
  • Dropping tray in the chicken house slides out for cleaning.
  • Chicken house lid is fully removable.
  • Includes feeder and drinking bowls, and 10 Omlet egg boxes (4 egg spaces each). Plus a summer shade for the chicken run.
  • In the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert museum.
  • Dimensions: 3m (length); 1.55m (width) and 78cm (height).


  • Difficult to move around your garden (you can get a model with wheels that makes this easier).

My recommendation

Even though the Eglu Classic Chicken Coop is definitely of a contemporary design, it also delivers in all the functionality the best chicken coops have. The double-walled chicken house and the ventilation offer coolness during the summer and warmth during the winter. The chicken house is super easy to clean, though the chicken run is more difficult to keep fresh. The long chicken run gives your chickens space to feel free and the included feeding and water bowls lets them help themselves when they’re hungry or thirsty. And the sun shade lets your chickens be comfortable outside even on the sunniest days.

The Eglu Classic Chicken Coop is a great choice if you like contemporary design and are looking for a full setup and looking for the full kit.

2. Pets Imperial Savoy Large Chicken Coop and 1.4m Run – Suitable 6 to 8 Birds

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Pets Imperial® Savoy Chicken Coop With Double Nest Box - 6 Individual Nesting Spaces - 150 cm (W) x 100 cm (D) x 96 cm (H) (Coop + 1.4m Run)

This Pets Imperial Savoy Large Chicken Coop with the included 1.4m run is ideal for around six to eight birds and will even house large hens. Compared to many similar models from other brands, this is definitely the better choice, and Pets Imperial just seems to have gone for better-quality materials, including the better-quality timber with the felted roof rather than just the tong and groove slats open to the weather.

It is designed to last for years as long as the timber is treated, which I always recommend with wooden coops. It does come pretreated, but I would add another coat of wood preservative. This wooden chicken coop also offers more room than the smaller chicken coops available, so there is plenty of space if you are just starting with a couple of chickens with room to add a few more. I think it’s able to house six chickens comfortably and maybe 8 if you have smaller breeds.

This is one very secure coop, and that is one of its standout features. It is about as foxproof as you can get, but this comes with decent build quality. The frame and flaps are reinforced to keep them strong, which is further reassurance. The coop has two nesting boxes, one on each side, but each nesting box has 3 compartments, so it has 6 individual nest boxes as well as four perches for the birds to utilise. The nesting boxes provide six compartments where your hens can lay eggs in peace and they are easy for you to collect too from the outside.

What makes this product even more interesting is the roof. When fighting infestations or just doing regular maintenance, an open roof is always an advantage. The open room gives you access to the inside of the coop; whether it is red mites or you just want to fix something, this feature is welcomed.

To make cleaning easier, it also has a galvanised dropping tray. The tray is removable from the outside to make cleaning a breeze. This easy-to-assemble model measures 150cm (W) x 100cm (D) x 96cm (H), which is plenty big enough, even for bigger hens plus the run which is 140cm long.


  • Perfect for 6-8 chickens and fully fox proof.
  • Made from durable, treated timber to prolong the coop’s use.
  • Secured and reinforced to keep predators like foxes at bay.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It features two nesting boxes with six compartments and four removable perches.
  • Provides a removable droppings tray for hygiene maintenance.

My recommendation

The Pets Imperial Savoy Chicken Coop and Run is a great choice for those looking for a coop and run with plenty of space. The space provided would be adequate for 6 normal-sized chickens at maximum, maybe 8 if you have smaller bantoms. This coop has nesting boxes that are accessible from the outside, which is good if you are picking eggs.

Overall, it has a great design and fairly good quality for the price; there are lots of these Chinese chicken coops, but Pets Imperial definitely sells some of the best ones. Well worth considering for the price. The run may be a little small, but if you let them roam out during the day, you should be ok. If you only have a couple of chickens, the run will be fine.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

3. PawHut Chicken Coop with Run

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PawHut Chicken Coop Hen Poultry House with Nesting Box Outdoor Run Patio Wooden

This PawHut Chicken Coop with Run offers a natural look with its chicken coop and run. This is easily one of the nicest-looking coops, and for the price, it offers amazing value. However, it’s on the smaller size when it comes to coops and only suitable for 2 chickens at the most. Quality is also not as good as the Pets Imperial coops, but it’s good enough and does the job.

Made of pine wood, it looks like a little cottage with an asphalt roof. To keep the chicken house weather-proof, the wood is coated with waterproof paint, but I still recommend giving it another treatment before it’s built so every part of it is treated. This chicken coop supposedly holds from two to four chickens, but I think that it’s more comfortable for the birds if you only have two of them.

The chicken house has an attached nesting box that’s also made of pine and accessible from the outside. The roof is covered with asphalt and opens completely on a hinge. This is how you access the eggs inside the divided nesting box. You can use a padlock to lock the lid for security or get some sort of clip thats fox proof.

The chicken house itself has an area of 0.4m2. The door on one side has a window so you can see inside. All the framing and the walls are made of pine. So is the floor, as this is a raised house; it doesn’t sit on the ground, which is important. This keeps the chickens warmer in the house and protects the coop from rotting.

As for cleaning the chicken house, the floor of it is actually a tray that slides out the side of the house like most models. You can do this whenever you want to clean the droppings off of it.

The run outside is also framed in pine while the walls and roof are wire mesh. The large door on one side is also wire mesh. The door is large enough to let you enter the run in order to fully clean it out.

As the house is raised above the ground, the chickens need some way to get down to the run. And this is clever. The door that is in the opening between the house and the run flaps down to form the ramp down which the chickens walk. At night time, when all the chickens are in the house, just raise the ramp (like a drawbridge) into the opening, and the chickens are safe inside.

There is some security built into the PawHut Chicken Coop with Run. The outside door on the chicken house, the door in the chicken run and the lid on the nesting box can have padlocks on them. However, these locks could be better and you might want to replace them yourself.


  • Raised solid pine wood chicken coop with chicken run and nesting box.
  • Looks like a little cottage with an asphalt roof.
  • Pine wood is treated with a waterproof paint.
  • For two to four chickens.
  • Chicken house and attached divided nesting box made of pine.
  • The frame for the chicken run is also of pine with steel wire mesh walls and roof.
  • Doors into the chicken house and into the side of the chicken run, and the lid to the nesting box are lockable.
  • Roof of the chicken house is fully removable.
  • Nesting box lid hinges open and is also lockable.
  • Tray slides out from under the chicken house for cleaning the droppings.
  • Built in ramp/door from the chicken house down to the chicken run.
  • Dimensions: 196m (length); 63.5cm (width) and 97cm (height).


  • Only big enough for two large or three small chickens.

My recommendation

This PawHut Chicken Coop with Run is a good choice if your garden has a traditional or rural landscape theme and you only have a couple of chickens and looking for a budget coop and run. This pine wood, cottage-like chicken coop works well with the rustic idea of keeping chickens.

4. Cocoon Large Chicken Coop

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This Cocoon Large Chicken Coop Hen House is unique in my review of chicken coops as it doesn’t have an outside chicken run. Both the chicken house and run are inside the structure. However, the run part has windows on three sides to let light and air in. I think you will agree, it’s a really nice design.

This chicken coop is made of fir wood in a curved design. It’s separated into two halves –  the chicken run and the chicken house. The chicken run part sits on grass and has two sides of wood-framed mesh walls. In one of the walls is a full-size door so you can get into the run.

The third outside wall of the run has mesh in its lower part for extra ventilation. The rest of this wall is wood to give the chickens some shade on the sunniest days. The two mesh walls are across from each other so the chickens will definitely get cross-ventilation of air to keep them cool.

The second half of the chicken coop is the chicken house where the chickens go at night-time. This part has a removable rubber floor for easy cleaning. There’s several entrances to this section.

Firstly, at the top of the same side wall as the door is in is a mesh porthole. This is for ventilation into the house and also to let you peep in at your birds. At an angle below this is a wooden porthole. This opens to give you access to the interior of the house.

Then on the opposite wall to this, in the lower half, is a large wooden door. This flaps down so you can access the interior but more specifically the divided nesting box for the eggs.

Also inside the house part of this Cocoon Coop is a perch for the chickens to sit on at night, a closable entryway between the house and the run, and a mesh porthole between the house and the run for light and ventilation.


  • Fir wood chicken coop in a curved design.
  • Interior chicken run.
  • Full height mesh door in a wooden frame on front to access inside.
  • Mesh porthole to see inside the chicken coop.
  • Wooden porthole to look into inside at night time and for cleaning.
  • Full size angled mesh windows on front and back to view the interior. 
  • Large lower wooden door on back to access the two (removable) nesting boxes.
  • Long perch in the chicken house for the chickens to perch.
  • Night shutter between the chicken house and the run.
  • Removable rubber floor for easy cleaning.
  • Dimensions: 1.76m (length); 50cm (width) and 82.5cm (height).


  • Only fits two or three chickens comfortably.

My recommendation

If it’s unsafe for your chickens to be wandering around in an outside chicken run, the Cocoon Large Chicken Coop Hen House is the choice for you. Both the chicken house and the chicken run are safely enclosed within a sturdy fir wood cocoon coop.

This chicken house has everything that you expect from the best poultry house. The chicken run has two cross-walls of metal mesh for light and ventilation with a sturdy fir frame, with some more mesh in the third wall. Your chickens will be comfortable without needing to go outside at all.

5. PawHut Walk In Metal Chicken Run

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PawHut Walk In Chicken Run Galvanised Chicken Coop Hen Poultry House Cage Rabbit Hutch Pet Playpen Garden With Water-Resist Cover, 3 x 4 x 2m

This PawHut Walk-In Chicken Run is different to the other chicken coops in this review in that it’s basically a chicken run – a place for your birds to safely explore the outdoors with room to position a coop inside. This model offers 12m2 of floor space so plenty of pace compared to most runs included with coops.

This chicken run is made of zinc-coated galvanised steel which is important as it makes it weatherproof and rustproof. You can can keep 8 to 12 chickens, depending on their size and how well they get along. It really goes without saying that this is made for outdoor use.

In one of the shorter walls is the only way into this chicken run. There’s a full-size galvanised metal-framed door that’s lockable. Both the door and the walls of this run are made of hexagonal steel mesh. This is the same metal used in the roof. You have full access to the entire space of the run to look after your chickens and to clean up after them.

When assembling this chicken run, you tie everything together with white cable ties (supplied).

It also comes with a tarp to provide them with shade and shelter. The tarp covers half of the roof span, lengthwise. That’s a lot of comfortable shade for your birds.

Of course, you’re welcome to put whatever shelter and shade you need for your birds inside this large chicken run. Chicken houses, nesting boxes and perches, and food and drink bowls will be appreciated if this is to be their home.


  • Galvanised (zinc coated) steel chicken run.
  • Holds eight to 12 chickens.
  • Galvanised metal frame and hexagonal steel mesh walls and roof.
  • Made for outdoor use.
  • Lockable, full size steel mesh door at one end of the run.
  • Includes removable cover that fits one half (lengthwise) of the roof area.
  • Dimensions: 3m (length); 4m (width) and 2m (height).

My recommendation

If you have more than a few chickens and would like them to have enough space to run around happily, this is a great option. You can make this their home by adding shelter and food, nesting boxes and perches; any of the other chicken coops in this review would fit inside this chicken run. Or can just use this as their outdoor area and give your chickens extra space to run around.

6. Pets Imperial Clarence Chicken Coop

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Pets Imperial® Clarence Chicken Coop Hen Ark House Poultry Run Nest Box Rabbit Hutch Suitable For Up To 2 Birds - Integrated Run & Cleaning Tray & Innovative Locking Mechanism

The Pets Imperial® Clarence Chicken Coop Hen is a smaller chicken coop, suitable for 1-2 bantam chickens. This wood (unknown type but animal-friendly) coop has a run and a nesting box attached to the main chicken house.

Starting with the chicken house, this is raised off the ground. But the designers have intelligently used the area underneath the house as an extension of the chicken run. This gives a cosy, sheltered and safe place for the chickens to hang out.

When fully opened up, you see that the chicken house looks like a 3D-puzzle. The floor slides out the front as a tray so you can clean off the bird droppings. The door that covers half the front wall hinges open for you to access the inside. The window just above this slides open for your viewing pleasure. And the roof hinges open in two parts so you can access all the interior space at one time.

Inside the chicken house are two perches for the birds to rest on at night-time. And there’s yet more entryways. The lower half of one wall is open to the divided nesting box. This is very easy access for the hens to go there and lay their eggs.

And on the opposite wall is an opening that lets the birds go out into the run. But if you remember, the house is off the ground so there’s quite a drop. This is solved by the door to this opening folding down like a drawbridge. The chickens can then safely walk down it to the run and back up it into the house. You open and close this drawbridge door using the metal wire handle on the outside front of the coop.

As for the nesting box of this Pets Imperial® Clarence Chicken Coop Hen, it’s off to the side of the main house. It’s divided in two so several hens can use it at the same time. The lid hinges open for you to access the eggs.

The run is on the other side of the house and has a door on one side. This lets you get in to access the chickens in the day time (if need be). But it also lets you clean the grass as frequently as you wish.


  • Wooden chicken coop with run and nesting box.
  • Suitable for 1-2 birds (bantams).
  • Raised chicken house over a sheltered part of the run.
  • Nesting box off to the side of the chicken house.
  • Lid/roof of the nesting box hinges upward to access the divided interior.
  • Slide out tray under the chicken house to collect droppings.
  • Slide wood window to see the inside area and the run.
  • Wood door/ramp to access the inside area.
  • Roof of the chicken house hinges upwards in two parts to access all the interior space.
  • Two perches inside the house for night-time use.
  • Two ventilation holes in the back wall of the house.
  • House, run and nesting box doors are lockable.
  • Dimensions: 153cm (length); 69.5cm (width) and 93cm (height).


  • Terrible assembly instructions.
  • Roof leaks.

My recommendation

If you have just a couple of chickens (bantam size) and not much space to keep them, the Pets Imperial® Clarence Chicken Coop Hen is a good choice. The raised chicken house is a good use of space as there’s an additional run area underneath. The nesting box doesn’t take up floor space. In addition, it’s easy to keep everything clean with so many ways to get inside the chicken house, nesting box and run. Plus it’s an attractive wood design that fits any garden landscape.

7. FeelGoodUK Chicken Coop


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FeelGoodUK Windsor Chicken Coop and Run Medium Hen House Poultry Ark Nest Box & Slide Out Tray 175cm Width 66cm Depth 100cm Height

The FeelGoodUK Chicken Coop with its Internal Roosting Perches looks good and can house two chickens very comfortably and four small Bantams max. Designed to feature a roosting patch, your chickens can sleep at night without any worries.

Made of wood, this model will be able to keep up with the changing weather. It will last longer if the chicken coop is treated every year or so. There is a mesh covering the open areas creating a secure chicken run for your birds. It is also possible to buy an extension so that your chickens have more room, which I would strongly advise because it is on the smaller side.

This model features a nesting box that can be accessed from the outside which is handy. The nesting box has a lock to keep foxes out. There are also more locks positioned on the model to ensure the maximum security for your birds.

As for the roof, it is felt free which is good. No more dealing with pesky red mites and time-consuming repairs. The unit boasts a removable dirt tray. The steel dirt tray is simple to keep clean and keep away from accumulating pests. As a whole, the unit weighs 16.5kg so is fairly weighty and measures 175 x 66 x 100cm.


  • Provides roosting perches for a better sleeping environment.
  • Assembly is straightforward.
  • It is affordable.
  • Light enough to be moved around the garden.
  • Can be linked with an extension to provide even more room for your chickens.
  • Well-sealed seeing that no cold drafts seep through in bad weather.
  • Features a removable dirt tray for hygiene purposes.


  • It is quite small and does ideally need to be used with the extension which is sold separately.

My recommendation

If you were looking to house two chickens then the FeelGoodUK Chicken Coop will do, however, we still recommend investing in an additional extension. It is small enough to fit in a small garden which will be handy for some.

This model is not the most expensive coop there is and therefore do not expect it to be as durable. If you are to take up chicken rearing as a hobby, you may need to get a bigger coop. For a starter coop, this is perfect. If the product pleases your pocket and the number of chickens you want to keep, this is a good bargain and you can always buy the extension if you get more chickens. If you’re just starting with two it’s perfect.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

8. FeelGoodUK Galvanised Cage – 1.4 x 3m

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FeelGoodUK Walk in Pet Cage 1.4m x 3m Galvanised Chicken Run Chicken Coop Rabbit Run Dog Pen Dog Kennel Enclosure Shelter

The FeelGoodUK Galvanised Cage is well structured and provides adequate space by putting a hen house inside and giving your chickens plenty of space. The structure is created from galvanised steel. This ensures that the unit doesn’t rust or get damaged with ease. The steel frame utilises 38mm tubes that provide a 0.8mm wall thickness.

Covering the frame is a hexagonal wire mesh. The wire mesh has also been galvanised to enforce strength. The 1.1mm galvanised mesh will deter foxes and other animals from getting through. It also provides ventilation to keep the animals cool. The lockable cage door will see to it that no unauthorised contact is made with the animals within the cage.

On top of the cage lies a fabric roof. The fabric is made from polyester fabric. The fabric has been treated to keep harmful UV rays at bay.

The 2 x 3 x 2m unit can hold a small chicken coop inside. This gives the animals a protected environment that they can exist in for long periods.


  • It is a strong, durable structure.
  • Features a thick wire mesh to keep predators at bay.
  • The polyester fabric roof is UV protected.
  • Well ventilated and spaced.
  • Easy to put together.
  • The metal cage door can be secured with a lock.


  • In rainy or snowy conditions, the fabric roof collects liquid that may be hard to dispense.
  • Wire mesh may rust after some time.

My recommendation

The FeelGoodUK 2 x 3 x 2m Galvanised Cage is one spacious cage for your chickens to roam around in. The cage is simple but strongly built. The galvanised metal will work for a while before nature takes its course.

The unit can hold 3-4 chickens comfortably. You will need to include a chicken house inside the cage to create a complete chicken coop.  There are a few kinks to work out on this product but nothing constraining. It is a quality product that offers good value for money.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Chicken Coop and Run Buyer’s Guide

You have finally decided that it is time to get a chicken coop. How do you select one product from the millions that are on offer? Below you will find a number of considerations that will help you pick the right model for you. Take a look and feast your eyes on some amazing chicken coops and runs further on.

Construction material

Wood is the most popular material that is used in making chicken houses. This is because they can withstand harsh weather and they are appealing to the eyes. Wood may need to be coated with a preservative to prevent splintering and warping. Many of the models on the market are made of treated wood and this will help to prolong the life of the chicken run. A well-treated chicken house should last 10-15 years if treated every year or two.

Another available option to chicken house buyers is plastic. Plastic is durable and may last longer than some wooden models. The issue may set in when summer comes along and the temperatures soar. Plastic does not ventilate well and this might create a problem for your domestic birds. The good thing is that plastic can easily be cleaned and disinfected. Personally, we prefer wood because it looks more natural.

Metal cages are also available for use as chicken runs. The metal frame supports mesh and a roof to keep your animals in a safe environment. Metal is the most durable material. Most people buy wooden chicken coops and put them inside metal cages to give the animals a more protected living environment.

Number of chickens

3 small chickens heading back to chicken coop

The number of chickens that you intend to keep is crucial. It determines the size of the chicken coop that is ideal for you. If you are keeping two chickens, there is no need for a big coop but it doesn’t hurt to invest in a larger coop and run to give them extra space. Select a small spacious one and you are good to go. In the event that you have a large number of chickens, the unit in use should offer adequate space and nesting boxes for use. Bear in mind that when chicken coops say how many birds it’s for, it might actually take less if you have bigger hens than it would if you had Bantams.

Also, check to see if there is room to place your feed and water drinkers. The more chickens you have the more feeders you will need.

Nesting boxes and roosting perches

In the same way that humans enjoy a good night’s sleep, chickens like their sleep too. Roosting perches are not provided in every chicken coop model. One has to look at the product specifications to see if any are provided. The thickness of the roosting perch matters too. It should not be too thin because chickens don’t wrap their feet around the perch.

Nesting boxes are crucial for laying eggs. Two chickens can comfortably share a nesting box so there is no need to get individual nesting boxes for all your chickens. These nesting boxes should be accessible from the outside and be locked when not in use. The nesting box protruding from the rest of the structure should bear no gaps. When it rains, water and cold drafts may seep in.

Chicken run

Chickens like walking around. That is their thing and you cannot avoid getting a chicken run. The chicken run allows them to walk around without being vulnerable to predators. The size of the chicken run matters too because you don’t want to restrict their movements too much.

Look at the strength of the mesh provided. Can animals like foxes chew through it? The thicker the wire used the better for you.

Roofs and floor

While felt roofs were a good idea sometime back, now they are frowned upon. The work that it takes to get rid of red mites is made more frustrating by felt. It is so easy for them to hide. Avoid felt roofs and seek sustainable roofs. Some use wooden or plastic roofs while some feature coagulated roofs. It all depends on how much you can spend.

There are models that have roofs that can be opened. These types of models make cleaning a very easy job. Make certain that the open roof can be secured back into place with a locked latch. You do not want devious animals around your brood.

Removable trays are convenient features. Whether plastic or metal, these removable trays make cleaning an easy task. You just slide them off, clean them and slide them back in. Simple as pie. Try not to force the tray off, it may damage the rail and cause the tray to get stuck every time.

Security measures

Even if you don’t use them as much. Your house features a number of locks. When you are sure that your locks and hinges are strong, you feel protected. Do the same for your chickens too. Find them a house with secure hinges that won’t be chewed out by foxes. Get secure locks so that they remain safe even at night when you cannot keep an eye on them.

Proper ventilation

Oxygen is the stuff of life. The planet cannot survive without it. The chicken coop needs ventilation. Many models feature windows that are covered with fine mesh. The mesh allows air to flow through even on hot days.

Weather protection

Being exposed to the elements is not an easy task. Wooden structures need protective coatings to make them waterproof. Investing in protective coatings will allow the structure to last for many years. Metallic structures also need protection to retain their strength. Galvanised metals seem to be popular as well as using non-rust metals. Depending on where you live and the climate present, select wisely. We think it’s a good idea to treat your chicken coop with a stain before building just to give it a little more protection.

Final Conclusion

There is a lot of misleading information out there. Some brands will state that their models offer space for a specific number of birds but that may not be the case, especially if you have larger chickens. The reviews above have been prepared from an honest point of view so you know exactly what you are taking home. It’s hard to point out the ultimate best chicken house as every one of them has its good points and some bad ones as well.

Now it is time to get your hands dirty and enjoy the good life that comes with rearing your own chicken and getting daily fresh eggs.

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