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Top 6 Best Chicken Coops, Runs & Buyers Guide

Last updated on May 7th, 2021

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Best Chicken Houses and 6 Top Models

A form of subsistence farming that is growing popular in the UK by the day is keeping your own chickens. This way, people can enjoy fresh nutritious produce straight from your back garden. Most will rear the chickens as pets with the added benefit of daily fresh eggs, nonetheless, you need a chicken coop.

Getting the best chicken coop is important for the well-being of your chickens, it has to be large enough, while this sounds simple enough it also depends on what size chickens you have. Then there is the build quality, is the timber pressure treated, how easy is it to collect he eggs and clean out next boxes.

Chicken after being let of the chicken coop

Here are a few pointers that may make purchasing the right chicken coop that little bit easier. We look at the important facts to recommend what we consider to be some of the best chicken houses worth considering.

Before we get into our buyers guide and reviews, below we have highlighted our ‘Best Pick’ which is the Pets Imperial Savoy Chicken Coop which we think is a great choice for most people just getting started, plenty of space for several chickens too.

Best Pick

FeelGoodUK Chicken Coop with Internal Roosting Perches
For budgetary reasons, we felt that the FeelGoodUK Chicken Coop with internal roosting perches would be accommodating. The price is fair considering that the chicken coop can only handle a small number of animals. If you find the unit rather small, you can purchase an affordable extension. The extension provides you with more room and hopefully will keep foxes at bay. If you are tied down space-wise, then this model would fit the limitations that you may have but it also limits the number of chickens.

Best Metal Cage

FeelGoodUK Galvanised Cage - 2 x 3 x 2m
It is a strong structure that can stand the test of time. The cage is made from thick galvanized steel tubes covered with a mesh. The mesh is strong and the doors are lockable. The doors are lockable to keep the animals’ safe which is needed. The roof is made of fabric and therefore you may need to get creative with better roofing but it does its job. This combined with a good hen house is perfect for those with more chickens than a smaller run can hold.

6 Best Chicken Coops and Runs

The market is flooded with products but here you find six chicken coops that meet the standard. These products offer different features to fit different functions that you may be looking for. Read further and decide the best chicken house for your domestic fowls.

1. Pets Imperial Savoy Large Chicken Coop With 1.4m Run


Pets Imperial® Savoy Large Chicken Coop With 1.4m Run Suitable For up to 10 Birds Depending on Size With Double Nest Box - Easy Clean Leaning Tray

Quick overview: Spacious, secure and durable, this chicken coop will keep your chickens comfortable and keep them away from foxes. It also offers some perches and nesting boxes that are easily accessible and lockable. Perfect for up to 10 smaller chickens and 4-5 larger birds.

The Pets Imperial Savoy Large Chicken Coop with its 1.4m (140cm) Run is suitable for up to 10 birds depending on size and comes with a double nest box. it also features an easy-clean leaning tray and has everything that you need to get started with starting chickens. At 4ft 9″ (W) x 3ft 2″(D) x 3ft 1″ (H), this chicken house and run offer you all the features including a sizeable chicken run giving them space to roam.

To get the best out of their day, chickens need to walk around. The 1.4m chicken run provided will give them the freedom to do this. The wood used in this product has been treated and is animal-friendly. Your birds will not get sick after prolonged exposure to the chemicals used.

As for accommodation, it is quite spacious offering 4 removable perches and 2 nesting boxes. The boxes are spacious and contain 6 compartments the chickens can lay eggs in. The nesting boxes can be opened and locked from the outside which is very handy for collecting eggs.

Need to get to those red mites? The roof is your way in. This roof that can be opened is convenient when you need fast access to the chicken house for cleaning etc. 

The unit will arrive flat packed accompanied by assembly instructions. The instructions are clear and therefore assembly should not be hard. it also comes with a removable dirt tray for you to make use of. Clear the tray out regularly to avoid odour accumulation and keep your chickens healthy.


  • Very well made from treated wood and perfect for up to 10 smaller birds and around 5 larger birds.
  • Ergonomically designed and well-structured.
  • Features secure doors and latches to keep foxes out.
  • Offers 2 nesting boxes and removable perches.
  • Comes with a 1.4-meter run to offer more roaming room.
  • Easy to assemble – Tip: use an electric screwdriver it’s much easier and faster.
  • The roof can be opened to provide easy access inside the chicken house.
  • Features a removable dirt tray for easy cleaning.


  • Holds fewer chickens than some might think, says suitable for 10 birds but they would gave to be smaller bantams. 4 or 5 larger hens but still better for 3-4 larger hens and giving them more space.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Pets Imperial Savoy Large Chicken Coop With its 1.4m run is suitable for up to 10 birds depending on size but is probably the best chicken coop and run for most people.

The reasons are simple really, it offers adequate space for the chickens to live and roam. There are a number of perches and nesting boxes provided for use. These spaces are accessible to you and can be locked after you are done. The unit is designed to offer security and keep the animals safe.

Overall it’s well made, should last for years and offers plenty of space, a great choice overall for anyone serious about keeping a few chickens.

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2. Pets Imperial Wentworth Large Chicken Coop

Pets Imperial® Wentworth Large Chicken Coop Hen Ark  House Poultry Run Nest Box Rabbit Hutch Suitable For Up To 4 Birds - Integrated Run & Cleaning Tray & Innovative Locking Mechanism

Quick overview: It is simple and affordable. The sizeable chicken coop is good to look at and can house four chickens comfortably.

The Pets Imperial Wentworth Large Chicken Coop is a design we have seen copied again and again and that’s because the design works giving a little extra space under the house itself. It has wire mesh covering all the unprotected openings. Your chickens can walk free and enjoy their day without having to worry about foxes. The galvanised mesh is strong enough to keep foxes away.

Structure-wise, the unit is obviously made of wood. Wood is known to manage weather conditions better as long as it’s treated. Wood is also able to trap heat and ensure that your chickens are not too cold. The timber is treated to protect against rot which is a must to even make it onto our list of recommended chicken runs.

This structure provides enough room for 3-5 birds depending on their size. There is a pull-out tray that is intended to make cleaning a short process and much easier. The tray is easily accessible and easy to keep clean and is one of the better design ideas we have seen.

The windows and doors are reinforced to prevent foxes from easily getting inside. The well-ventilated unit comes flat packed as do most runs these days. There should be clearly illustrated instructions for you to use while assembling and its fairly straight forward to build with all holes pre-drilled making it easy to line all the sections up. The unit measures 203cm x 75cm x 103cm.


  • Ideal for 3-5 birds depending on the size]
  • Reinforced galvanised mesh and fox proof.
  • Made from treated wood which guarantees durability.
  • Properly ventilated and accompanied by a chicken run.
  • Features secure locks to keep your chickens safe.
  • Easy to put together with simple instructions.
  • Provides a removable tray for easier cleaning.


  • A little smaller for larger chickens so more suited for smaller bantam type birds.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Pets Imperial Wentworth Large Chicken Coop is such an affordable piece. The quality matches the price of the unit. It is not the biggest or best-built unit but it ideally for a few smaller birds.

Those with a small back garden will appreciate this unit and don’t want to spend too much but still want something that looks the part and will last at least a few years.

If you need something that offers more room you may look at the Pets Imperial Savoy Large Chicken Coop With its 1.4m run. However, if you have a few small bantams then this will be more than adequate.

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4. Pets Imperial Marlborough Large Chicken Coop Suitable 6 to 8 Birds

Pets Imperial Marlborough Large Chicken Coop Review

Quick overview: Another great product from Pets Imperial offering lots of space for your chickens. The open roof plan gives you easy access so that you can keep an eye on your animals. Very well made, timber could perhaps be thicker but adequate. lots of space even for larger hens.

The Pets Imperial Marlborough Large Chicken Coop is suitable for 6 to 8 Birds and will even house large hens and is designed to last for years as the timber is treated. The wooden chicken coop offers more room than the smaller chicken coops available in the market but you do need a run as it is only a chicken coop, not a full setup. We think it’s able to house 6 chickens comfortably.

This is one very secure structure that is one of the standout features. The foxes do not have a chance at getting to your chickens. The frame and flaps are reinforced to keep them strong which is a little reassurance. The unit provides 2 nesting boxes and 4 perches for the birds to utilize. The nesting boxes provide 6 compartments where your hens can lay eggs in peace and there easy to collect too.

What makes this product even more interesting is the roof. When fighting infestations or just doing regular maintenance, an open roof is an advantage. The open room gives the owner access to the inside of the coop. whether it is red mites or you just want to fix something, this feature is indispensable.

To make matters easier on you, there is a galvanised dirt tray presented. The tray is removable to make cleaning a breeze. Overall the durable structure puts forth an attractive picture in the garden. The easy to assemble model measures 150cm (W) x 100cm (D) x 96cm (H) which is plenty big enough even for bigger hens.


  • Perfect for 6-8 chickens and fully fox proof.
  • Made from durable, treated timber to prolong the coop’s use.
  • Secured and reinforced to keep predators like foxes at bay.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It features two nesting boxes with 6 compartments and four removable perches.
  • Provides a removable dirt tray for hygiene maintenance.


  • Chicken run purchased separately.
  • The roof is made from felt which we try to avoid.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Pets Imperial Marlborough Large Chicken Coop is a great choice for those looking for just the house. The space provided would be adequate for 6 normal sized chickens at maximum. This unit has nesting boxes that are accessible from the outside which is good if you are picking eggs.

The perches will have to be positioned a bit high to lure the birds into using them. You may have to perform a few tweaks here and there but nonetheless, it is a good product. Overall great design and fairly good quality.

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5. Cocoon HALF MOON Chicken Run


Quick overview: It’s all about design and security. This good-looking product offers great features to keep your chickens safe and comfortable. Very well made and simply looks amazing.

The Cocoon HALF MOON Chicken Run looks amazing. Its half-moon design lets you gain access to the coop with ease while keeping the predators at bay. The wooden structure has its doors located at the top where humans can reach it easily. The doors can be locked to avoid a breach.

The coop also features a nest box that is integrated into the frame of the coop. The nest box can be accessed from the outside and locked again. The design incorporates a chicken run to give your birds more room to move around. The mesh is thick and therefore animals will have a hard time chewing through it to get to the birds.

A night shutter is present. The shutter is situated between the run and the living area. This allows the chickens to sleep better and keep them relaxed. The removable plastic floor makes hygiene achievable. Some people use chicken droppings as manure and the tray provides a better way of doing this without getting your hands murky.

The unit measures 167cm x 102cm x 85cm. It can accommodate 3-4 chickens depending on their sizes.


  • Aesthetically appealing.
  • Features lockable round doors to keep predators at bay.
  • Offers a chicken run to give the chickens some leg room.
  • Features a plastic removable dirt tray for straightforward cleaning.
  • Provides a night shutter to create a preferable environment.
  • The strong wooden frame is durable.
  • Features an accessible nesting box.


  • The wood needs a protective coating to prevent it from the weather.
  • It is quite small and looks bigger in pictures.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Cocoon HALF MOON Chicken Run is what you need if you are looking for a coop with a bit of pizzazz. The design of the chicken coop is appealing to the eye and it is easy to access as a user. You can open the doors and lock them without having to struggle. 

We would recommend this product to those who are not shy about spending a bit more to get quality and style. Your 3-4 chickens may not have the words to say thank you but rest assured they will appreciate the space.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

6. FeelGoodUK Galvanised Cage – 2 x 3 x 2 m

FeelGoodUK Galvanised Cage Review

Quick overview: This is a durable metal cage that will keep your chickens safe. It offers good ventilation and security.

The FeelGoodUK Galvanised Cage is well structured and provides adequate space but putting a hen house insde and giving your chickens plenty of space. The structure is created from galvanised steel. This ensures that the unit doesn’t rust or get damaged with ease. The steel frame utilises 38mm tubes that provide 0.8mm wall thickness.

Covering the frame is a hexagonal wire mesh. The wire mesh has also been galvanised to enforce strength. The 1.1mm galvanised mesh will deter foxes and other animals from getting through. It also provides ventilation to keep the animals cool. The lockable cage door will see to it that no unauthorised contact is made with the animals within the cage.

On top of the cage lies a fabric roof. The fabric is made from polyester fabric. The fabric has been treated to keep harmful UV rays at bay.

The 2 x 3 x 2 m unit can hold a small chicken coop inside. This gives the animals a protected environment that they can exist in for long periods.


  • It is a strong, durable structure.
  • Features a thick wire mesh to keep predators at bay.
  • The polyester fabric roof is UV protected.
  • Well ventilated and spaced.
  • Easy to put together.
  • The metal cage door can be secured with a lock.


  • In rainy or snowy conditions, the fabric roof collects liquid that may be hard to dispense.
  • Wire mesh may rust after some time.

Thoughts and recommendations

The FeelGoodUK 2 x 3 x 2m Galvanised Cage is one spacious cage for your chickens to roam around. The cage is simple but strongly built. The galvanised metal will work for a while before nature takes its course.

The unit can hold 3-4 chickens comfortably. You will need to include a chicken house inside the cage to create a complete chicken coop.  There are a few kinks to work out on this product but nothing constraining. It is a quality product that offers good value for your money.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Chicken Coop Buying Guide

You have finally decided that it is time to get a chicken coop. How do you select one product from the millions that are on offer? Below you will find a number of considerations that will help you pick the right model for you. Take a look and feast your eyes on some amazing chicken coops and runs further on.

Construction material

Wood is the most popular material that is used in making chicken houses. This is because they can withstand harsh weather and they are appealing to the eyes. Wood may need to be coated with a preservative to prevent splintering and warping. Many of the models in the market are made of treated wood to keep to help prolong the life of the chicken run, a well treated chicken house should last 10-15 years if treated every year or two.

Another available option to chicken house buyers is plastic. Plastic is durable and may last longer than some wood models. The issue may set in when summer comes along and the temperatures soar. Plastic does not ventilate well which might be a problem for your domestic birds. The good thing is that plastic can easily be cleaned and disinfected. Personally we prefer wood as it looks more natural.

Metal cages are also available for use as chicken runs. The metal frame supports mesh and a roof to keep your animals in a safe environment. Metal is the most durable material. Most people buy wooden chicken coops and put them inside the metal cages to give the animals a more protected living environment.

Number of chickens

3 small chickens heading back to chicken coop

The number of chickens that you intend to keep is crucial. It determines the size of chicken coop that is ideal for you. If you are keeping two chickens, there is no need for a big coop but it doesn’t hurt to invest in larger coop and run to give them extra space. Select a small spacious one and you are good to go. In the case that you have a large number of chickens, the unit in use should offer adequate space and nesting boxes for use. Bare in mind that when chicken coops say how many birds its for that it might take less if you have bigger hens than if you have bantams,

Also, check to see if there is room to place your feed and water drinkers. The more chickens you have the more feeders you need.

Nesting boxes and roosting perches

In the same way that humans enjoy good sleep is the same way chickens like their sleep too. Roosting perches are not provided in every chicken coop model. One has to look at the product specifications to see if any are provided. The thickness of the roosting perch matters too. It should not be too thin since chickens don’t wrap their feet around the perch.

Nesting boxes are crucial for laying eggs. Two chickens can comfortably share a nesting box so there is no need of getting individual nesting boxes for all your chickens. These nesting boxes should be accessible from the outside and be locked when not in use. The nesting box protruding from the rest of the structure should bear no gaps. When it rains, water and cold drafts may seep in.

Chicken run

Chickens like walking around. That is their thing. You cannot avoid getting a chicken run. The chicken run allows them to walk around without being vulnerable to predators. The size of the chicken run matters too because you don’t want to restrict their movements too much.

Look at the strength of the mesh provided. Can animals like foxes chew through it? The thicker the wire used the better for you.

Roofs and floor

While felt roofs were a good idea sometime back, now they are frowned upon. The work that it takes to get rid of red mites is made more frustrating by felt. It is so easy for them to hide. Avoid felt roofs and seek sustainable roofs. Some use wooden or plastic roofs while some feature coagulated roofs. It all depends on how much you can spend.

There are models that have roofs that can be opened. These types of models make cleaning a very easy job. Make certain that the open roof can be secured back into place with a locked latch. You do not want devious animals around your brood.

Removable trays are convenient features. Whether plastic or metal, these removable trays make cleaning an easy task. You just slide them off, clean them and slide them back in. Simple as pie. Try not to force the tray off, it may damage the rail and cause the tray to get stuck every time.

Security measures

Even if you don’t use them as much. Your house features a number of locks. When you are sure that your locks and hinges are strong, you feel protected. Do the same for your chickens too. Find them a house with secure hinges that won’t be chewed out by foxes. Get secure locks so that they remain safe even at night when you cannot keep an eye on them.

Proper ventilation

Oxygen is the stuff of life. The planet cannot survive without it. The chicken coop needs ventilation. Many models feature windows that are covered with fine mesh. The mesh allows air to flow through even in hot days.

Weather protection

Being exposed to the elements is not an easy task. Wooden structures need protective coatings to make them waterproof. Investing in protective coatings will allow the structure to last for many years. Metallic structures also need protection to retain their strength. Galvanised metals seem to be popular as well as using non-rust metals. Depending on where you live and the climate present, select wisely. We think its a good idea to treat your chicken with a stain before building just to give it a little more protection.

Our Final Conclusion

There is a lot of misleading information out there. Some brands will state that their models offer space for a specific number of birds but that may not be the case specially if you have larger chickens. The reviews above have been prepared from an honest point of view so you know exactly what are taking home. It’s hard to point out the ultimate best chicken house as every one of them has their good points and some bad ones as well.

We advise that you always make it a point to go online and look for customer reviews to confirm that the information usually provided is true. Previous and current users of products tend to be more honest about products. Choose a well-made product at a reasonable price. If you get good quality chicken coops, you save so much money in the long run.

We’re convinced that now you are able to select the best chicken coop from the sea of products available in the market. Now it is time to get your hands dirty and enjoy the good life that comes with rearing your own chicken and getting daily fresh eggs..

Best Pick

Pets Imperial Savoy Large Chicken Coop
This chicken coop is spacious and well structures. It has all the features you need to keep your chickens happy including nesting boxes and perches. Perfect for up to 10 chickens but we think 5-6 giving them more space.

  • Suitable for up to 10 hens.
  • Made from treated timber and very good quality overall.
  • Offers 2 nesting boxes with 6 compartments and removable perches.
  • Ergonomically designed and well structured.
  • Features secure doors and latches to keep foxes at bay.
  • Comes with a 1.4-meter run to offer more roaming room.
  • Easy to build.
  • The roof can be opened to provide easy access inside the chicken house
  • Features a removable tray for easy cleaning.

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