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6 Best outdoor furniture covers after testing

Last updated on September 30th, 2022

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I recently updated my review on BBQ covers after a few of years of testing. In that review, I explained that the 600D oxford fabric was without the most durable fabric for bbq covers because of the sharp edges. So I decided, it was finally time to update my guide on the best outdoor furniture covers for patios.

A few of the different outdoor furniture covers I have been testing over the last 2 years
A few of the different outdoor furniture covers I have been testing over the last 2 years

What I have found after a lot of user testing over the last few years is that a lot of patio furniture sets are large, including my own 8-piece garden wicker furniture set. This meant the cover really needs to be lightweight but also durable, and of course, 100% waterproof. Nearly forgot, and you are able to tie them down to the furniture legs easily, so they can’t blow away. This is a big one! I also have a very comfortable hanging egg chair, so a decent cover for this was also important.

My protective waterproof cover for swinging egg chair
A protective waterproof cover for a swinging egg chair made from polypropylene

It amazes me how many furniture covers I have purchased in the past have been absolutely rubbish and, quite frankly, not fit for purpose. For me, I use my garden furniture covers not only to protect the furniture themselves but to also (from spring onwards) store all 18 of my cushions underneath throughout the summer months to keep them clean and dry.

My top recommendations of the best outdoor furniture covers after some personal testing

  1. EnZeno 420D Furniture Covers – One of the best covers for the price, I have personally tested this for a little over 2 years.
  2. Ankier Garden Furniture Cover – Also another cover I have used and been impressed with.
  3. Bosmere Protector 6000 Modular L Shape Dining Set Cover – This is a great premium cover.
  4. Dokon Garden Table Cover
  5. Glorytec Garden Furniture Cover
Using the EnZeno outdoor furniture covers to protect cushion over summer and wicker furniture over winter as well
Using the EnZeno outdoor furniture covers to protect cushions during the summer and the wicker furniture over winter as well as the summer

During winter, I move them into the loft out of the way. Plus, if you leave them out in winter, it’s a sure way to get mice making the cushions their home for the winter and trust me, you don’t want that.

Comparing 400D oxford fabric (left) and 600D oxford fabric (right)
Comparing the 420D oxford fabric (left) and 600D oxford fabric (right)

Let me begin by saying, there are a lot of different types of materials out there that outdoor furniture covers are made from. This includes my favourite, 420D oxford fabric as long as it is also sealed with a polyurethane coating, usually called PU and also PVC lined on the inside and double stitched and sealed with waterproof tape.

400D oxford fabric, which is double stitched and sealed with waterproof tape
420D oxford fabric, which is double stitched and sealed with waterproof tape

If any of these processes are missed (often to create a cheaper cover), it will not be fully waterproof or at least not for long. That has just been my experience with covers.

Velcro straps hld the cover on tight and velcro ties on the corners connect to the feet
Velcro straps on the Enzono cover hold the cover on tight and velcro ties on the corners connect to the feet

A good example of a waterproof furniture cover made from 420D fabric is my EnZeno Heavy Duty Oxford Fabric Cover, which you can see pictured above. I have been really impressed with this cover. This has proved to be extremely well made, it’s lightweight, which means it is easy to pull it over the large furniture set. Not only that, but it has ties that fasten around the feet to hold it down and then large straps on the side so I can pull the cover tight around the furniture.

EnZeno cover has velcro straps to hold the cover on tight, and velcro ties on the bottom corners connect to the feet
The EnZeno cover has velcro straps to hold the cover on tight, and velcro ties on the bottom corners connect to the feet

I use this cover with my outdoor furniture cushions underneath it, and it’s kept them dry. It has been through storms and heavy rain and not once has it leaked. If there was one cover I will be buying again, this is it. I also think these Ankier Garden Furniture Covers are also well-made covers I have and they are worth considering if EnZeno wasn’t available for any reason. That being said, I prefer my EnZeno Heavy Duty Oxford Fabric Covers.

The Enzeno which is made from 400D oxford fabric is 100% waterproof
The Enzeno is made from 420D oxford fabric and is 100% waterproof

I mentioned earlier that I also have covers made from 600D oxford fabric. Now, this fabric is, without a doubt, a good fabric. However, I have found that for larger furniture sets, it can be a little difficult to pull over the furniture, for smaller sets, it’s perfect. Think of single chairs or smaller 4-seater furniture sets. Just like 420D fabric, you still need double or premium stitching (as they sometimes call it), waterproof sealed tape over the seams and then a PU coating on the fabric or PVC lined.

600D oxford fabric is much thicker and durable than 400D fabric but its much heavier
This 600D oxford fabric is much thicker and more durable than 420D fabric but it’s much heavier

What 600D does have going for it over 420D fabric is that it’s a lot thicker and more durable. If you have a cat like me, it’s also less likely to make holes in the cover. Luckily my cat doesn’t climb onto the covers, but it is something worth considering before purchasing.

Personally, I have found that these Bosmere Protector 6000 furniture Covers are probably the best. They are made from 600D Fabric, coated with what Bosmere call ‘BosGuard’, it’s just a PU waterproof layer and then they also have a waterproof backing. Basically, they have three waterproof layers. I also love that they have heavy-duty bungee ties, something that I think is slightly better than the velcro straps my other covers have. I think they also come with a 6 year guarantee from memory too.

polypropylene cover are cheap but only last a season or two

Now you can also get some covers made from polypropylene like the one in the picture above by RICHE, and this is a fairly good material. However, I have found it doesn’t last more than a season or two, but it’s affordable. I have found that anything thicker than 120gr/m2 seems to be pretty good, but even this is maybe thinner than you might expect.

Now, something I have not mentioned yet is that all the above points you need to consider, the fabric type, double stitched seams, waterproof tape and protective underlayer. All this is of no use if the cover has not been treated with UV protection. Without it, the sun will fade and start to crack, peel the cover and then obviously leak. Now all the furniture covers I recommend have UV protection. If you choose a different cover or brand, check it has UV protection, this is easily overlooked.

One last thing I have learnt and forgot to mention, ideally you want the cover to be slightly raised up off the floor as shown in my picture above. This lets the airflow underneath the cover and helps keep moisture out but also prevents mould. Just something to think about.


Just a few little tips I have learnt when it comes to cleaning and keeping them waterproof. I usually clean mine with warm soapy water and a scrubbing brush. I have also in the past sprayed them with a waterproof spray too, one designed for fabric.

My Best Pick – 420D Oxford Fabric

EnZeno 420D Furniture Covers
Out of all the furniture covers I have had over the years, this 420D oxford fabric cover by EnZeno is probably my favourite. Its not the most durable (600D fabric is more durable), however, its more than good enough for garden furniture but its the manufacturing quality that stands out. Those doubled stitched seams and waterproof seal tape plus that PU layer. Then there are the drawstring cords to tighten the cover up tight around the base on the front and back. But it the large velcro straps that make it able to withstand the storms plus the velcro starps the go around the legs. Overall, I've just been so please with the performance and quality of this cover over the last few years. It's worth noting that it is available in many sizes too.

Runner-up – 420D Oxford Fabric

Ankier Garden Furniture Covers
The Ankier Garden Furniture Cover is a great alturnative to the Enzeno cover as its very simular. This cover is available in a range of sizes to fit most people’s outdoor furniture. The cover is nylon 420D Oxford fabric with another rubber type layer underneith. This is slighly different than the EnZeno in that respect and its even perhaps a little heavier too. The elastic hem drawstring allows you to pull the cover taut around the garden furniture so this works well. As well as fitting regular-shape furniture, this is a good choice if your outdoor set is a non-standard shapes. Overall, this is an excellent cover to keep your furniture nice and dry. Its a close one between this and the EnZeno covers.

Premium Pick – 600D Oxford Fabric

Bosmere Protector 6000 Furniture Cover
The Bosmere Protector 6000 Cover is a good selection if you have L-shape furniture to cover but they also do other sizes like most manufactures do. Although this tailored cover is designed for the Bosmere brand of garden sofa, they will fit any similar shapes or sizes. Available in a range of sizes, the Bosmere dining set cover is also available for left-and right-handed sofas which is what first brought it to my attention. These covers are made from 600D oxford fabric so are more heavy duty making better for any garden furniture with sharp edges, think steel sets with right angled edges. They obvously can't cut the user but they could rip a lower quality cover in a storm. This is when I think this is a better choice.

Top Outdoor Furniture Covers Reviews

1. EnZeno 420D Furniture Covers

Best Pick

EnZeno waterproof Furniture Cover
EnZeno waterproof Furniture Cover

I think I already talked quite a bit about why I think the EnZeno 420D Furniture Cover is an excellent choice and why I’ve been so pleased with it. With this in mind, I’ll try and keep this short and just expand on why it’s such as good cover.

As I’ve already mentioned, the material is 420D oxford fabric, treated on the top with a PU cover, which I assume is sprayed onto the surface of the actual oxford fabric to make it more waterproof as well as provide some UV protection. Then underneath the oxford fabric, there is another waterproof silver lining. This means it’s actually made up of 3 protective layers which work together and do a really good job at keeping water out.

Waterproof 420D fabric with a silver lining underneath for extra protection
Waterproof 420D fabric with a silver lining underneath for extra protection

It isn’t as thick as the 600D oxford fabric some of the other covers have, so it’s not as durable. However, it is, without a doubt, durable enough, and I’ve had no issues. The advantage is that because it is not as thick or heavy, it’s much easier to put over and secure to the garden furniture. The 600D type covers are great for smaller furniture sets but can get a little awkward with larger covers.

I also like the velcro strap design that one connects to the feet, but then there are two very large straps on the side with pull the cover tight around the sides. Then to ensure it’s very secure, there is also a drawstring on the front and back that pulls it tight around the bottom.

Drawstring to secure the cover to the bottom of the furniture
Drawstring to secure the cover to the bottom of the furniture

Don’t forget it also has double-stitched seams that are further protected with waterproof tape to make sure they are 100% sealed to prevent water from seeping through.

Our recommendation

If I had to recommend just one cover, this is it. Hands down, for the price, the quality is up there with the more expensive covers and this is better than some of them. It’s the attention to detail in the design and materials used. The double stitching, waterproof taped seams, this is always where the cheaper alternatives nearly always cut corners.

The only time I wouldn’t recommend this is if you have metal furniture with sharp edges, then I would choose a cover made from 600D oxford fabric as it is more durable. If this is the case, then the Ankier Garden Furniture Cover or Bosmere covers are your best bet, both of which are reviewed further down.

2. Ankier Garden Furniture Cover   


Ankier Garden Furniture Cover

The Ankier Garden Furniture Cover is a universal furniture cover meaning it is designed to fit furniture of different sizes and types. Available in a range of sizes, the outdoor cover I have reviewed is square and just the right size for a patio table and six chairs. This is what I had previously used it on before I updated my garden furniture.

The black cover is made of nylon 420D Oxford fabric that is waterproof, dustproof and UV protected which is important. It also has a rubber-type inner layer too.

The size of the cover I had was 125cm in length, 125cm in width and 74cm in depth. Any furniture, or groups of furniture items, under these dimensions, can be protected by this cover, including a round table up to 122cm in diameter. It’s also the right shape for cube-shaped sets of furniture. That being said, it is worth noting that you can get many other sizes and shapes too.

You secure the cover using an elastic cord in the lower hem. Each end of the cord has toggles to draw it tight, although it would of be slightly better if I could have gotten it slightly tighter.


  • A universal cover that protects all furniture up to a patio table and six standard chairs to keep your outdoor living area spotless. 
  • Black high-quality 420D Oxford fabric that is water-resistant, anti-dust and resistant to UV rays.  
  • The size is 125cm in length, 125cm in width and 74cm high so fits a circular table if need be. 
  • Elastic hem cord with toggles to ensure the cover fits securely.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes for your different items of furniture
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 6-month warranty. 

Our recommendation

This Ankier Garden Furniture Cover is large enough to fit a patio dining table and six chairs, or a circular table. It comes in a variety of sizes for most types of outdoor furniture so you can likely find a size to fit your garden furniture.

This may be the outdoor furniture cover for you if you have awkwardly-shaped furniture. Overall I find it a good alternative to the EnZeno 420D Furniture Covers. I’m also a fan of it not using velcro as it works just as well using clips instead.

3. Bosmere Protector 6000 Modular L Shape Dining Set Cover   

Premium Pick

Bosmere Protector 6000 Modular L Shape Dining Set Cover

The Bosmere Protector 6000 Modular L Shape Dining Set Cover is, as it says, made especially for the Bosmere Modular L-shape dining set. This set consists of an L-shaped sofa and a low coffee table, both of which you receive a cover for. Its cover set comes in various sizes to match all the sofas within this line. However, you can use it for any L-shape sofa that fits.

The black cover set is made from 600D oxford fabric and has a waterproof backing plus it’s treated with a water repellent layer on top of the fabric. It really is a well-designed and good piece of kit. What I was really impressed with was to securely tie down this cover it actually has heavy-duty bungee cords and you thread them through the brass-covered eyelets. For more security on windy days and in storms, I would wrap the cord around the legs of your furniture. You may have a problem with this if your furniture has short, or even no, legs.

The dimensions of the model we discuss here are: 

For the sofa: Height: 82cm, depth 76cm, length 260cm and 210cm for the long sides, 184cm and 132cm for the inside of the L-shape.    

For the table: 155cm (length) by 95cm (width) by 68cm (height).


  • Tailored cover for the Bosmere 6000 Large L Shaped Modular Set Cover – Right Side Long.
  • Seems to be fully waterproof.
  • Made of 600D oxford fabric that is waterproof and UV-ray resistant for the protection of your furniture in all weathers.
  • Two covers included: one for the table and the other for the L-shaped sofa. 
  • Covers have a second layer for more protection for your furniture.
  • Ties with heavy-duty bungee cords (included) through brass-coated eyelets to keep the cover securely in place.
  • A limited warranty from the manufacturer is for 6 years which is impressive for a cover.  


  • “Fiddly” tie and lock system. 

Our recommendation

The Bosmere Protector 6000 Modular L Shape Dining Set Cover is a perfect fit if you have a matching dining set. You receive two covers that fit the L-shaped sofa and the matching low table. The covers have a PVC lining to protect your furniture from scratches and scrapes, which is a feature most cheaper covers simply don’t have, with the exception of most of my other picks.

The tailored fit and unusual shape make this an expensive garden furniture cover, but the quality is simply unmatched by most other alternatives.

4. Dokon Garden Table Cover

Dokon Garden Table Cover

The Dokon Garden Table Cover is the only circular outdoor furniture cover in my review and is also one of the best in terms of quality, but again this comes at a little extra cost. It’s made from heavy-duty rip-proof 600D Oxford Fabric. This weight of the material is heavier than that used in other furniture covers but it’s actually very commonly used for BBQ covers. The cover in this review is 190cm in diameter and 80cm in height.

The cover has an inner layer and together, the two layers make this cover waterproof, windproof, tear resistant, fade resistant and UV resistant. The inner layer is PVC.

Tying down the Dokon Garden Table Cover is by using the four click-close straps on the bottom edge of the cover.

A notable feature is that the cover has hidden vent pockets covered in mesh. This allows air to go underneath the cover in a controlled way and stops mould and mildew from forming, something most other covers simply don’t have. In addition, it helps stop the cover from billowing if high winds occur.


  • A circular universal cover in black comes with a storage bag to keep it clean during storage.
  • Made from heavy-duty rip-proof 600D Oxford Fabric. It is a heavier and sturdier fabric than that usually found in outdoor furniture covers.
  • Waterproof, windproof and UV resistant as well as tear-resistant and fade resistant for full protection.
  • Two layers; inner scratchproof PVC lining complies with EU Environmental 7P Standard and is environmentally friendly. 
  • Ties by four click-close straps at the bottom, specially designed to keep the cover on your furniture in windy conditions.
  • Hidden air vents covered with mesh prevent the wind from billowing under the cover and maybe having it flying off.  
  • The size is 190cm in diameter and 80cm in height.
  • 1-year guarantee.


  • No drawstring at bottom of the cover.

Our recommendation

You could use a rectangular or square patio furniture cover for a round table but it won’t fit properly. The Dokon Garden Table Cover is the only cover in this review that’s designed particularly for circular tables. This cover is made from sturdier fabric (600D Oxford Fabric) than most covers and has two layers to protect your furniture from all weather.

Take a look at the Dokon Garden Table Cover if you have a circular table or another piece of furniture. It’s also fully waterproof.

5. Glorytec Garden Furniture Cover

Glorytec Garden Furniture Cover

The Glorytec Garden Furniture Cover is a universal cover that is larger than any of the other outdoor furniture covers in this review. Its size is 250cm (length) x 210cm (width) x 90cm (height). It covers an extra-large piece of furniture or several small ones stacked neatly together. 

This cover is made of 120gr/m2 polypropylene so is the only cover in this review made from this material but it is resistant to UV rays and is fully waterproof. It’s a dark green colour, making a change from the black of most other covers.

Tie down this Glorytec furniture cover with the extra-long and extra-thick cord that threads through eyelets. This method of securing the cover is easier to pull through than a drawstring. 


  • A universal cover for extra-large patio furniture or several items stacked up.  
  • UV resistant and weather resistant to protect your outdoor furniture in all weather.
  • Made of 120gr/m2 polypropylene instead of 100gr/m2 which gives extra strength to the cover.
  • Ties with an extra-long and thick cord woven through metal eyelets for secure and easy tying down. 
  • The size is 250cm (length) x 210cm (width) x 90cm (height). 


  • Not waterproof as the manufacturer claims.  
  • Not long lasting. 

Our recommendation

The Glorytec Garden Furniture Cover is a universal cover that’s extra-large to fit your biggest pieces of furniture. Or you could stack several pieces of furniture together under it.

If you’re looking for a lighter weight, large cover for all weather, check out the Glorytec Garden Furniture Cover. Just bear in mind that this is a cheaper cover and will realistically only last a season or two.

Outdoor Furniture Cover Buyer’s Guide

Patio furniture covers are specially designed to protect your outdoor furniture from the weather and environmental hazards when the furniture is not in use. We strongly recommend that you clean your furniture thoroughly and dry it before you cover it up.

Here are the main features to look for.


Universal covers fit many styles of outdoor furniture, as long as your furniture items are of the same size or smaller than the cover. Buy one very large universal cover to protect all your furniture at once or several smaller ones to protect your items individually. 

Tailored covers are custom covers specifically made for particular furniture lines. These are the correct size for the manufacturer’s lines of patio sets and fit perfectly. You can also use tailored covers for any furniture that is the same shape but smaller. 

Make sure you know the accurate measurements of your furniture before you buy the covers.


Comparing different fabric covers

The material of the patio furniture coverings should be effective through the changing seasons, keeping the furniture below safe from outside damage. Here are the most popular fabrics used:

Marine polyester is designed to handle water so it’s water-resistant. This fabric can be coated for UV protection and resistance to mildew.

Marine vinyl is durable and resists water and UV light. 

Canvas is a natural fabric so it needs coating for sun protection, mould and mildew resistance. This is a strong fabric and may be machine washable. 

Polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are both plastics but differ slightly in their makeup. Polypropylene is one of the most neutral and common plastics while PVC has more strength and durability.

Consider an outdoor furniture cover that is of strong and heavy material. Thinner covers may rip or tear easily. To compensate for this, look for reinforced seams that strengthen the covers against ripping and tearing. 

The right size and how to measure for it

It’s important that you order the right size covers for your patio set. Sometimes covers can be too long and they’ll drag on the floor, catching dirt and water. Or they could be too tight to stretch fully over the furniture piece.

To measure correctly:

  • Measure the height of the item from the top to the ground (including its feet).
  • Measure the depth of the item from front to back.
  • Measure the width of the item from one side to another. If you have an L-shaped sofa, you have two widths to measure.
  • Measure the diameter of a round piece (e.g. circular table) from a point on one side to a point on the other side directly across from it.

Some pieces of furniture can be tricky to measure because they’re oddly shaped.  If this is the case, measure each different shape separately and add the numbers together.

Waterproof or water-resistant?

Testing how waterproof the furniture covers are

Waterproof covers keep out all the rain and water-resistant ones keep out a light drizzle and are more designed to protect from dust, bird dropping, leaves etc. Vinyl patio furniture covers collect beads of water and let them roll off harmlessly. The best waterproofing is likely to be found in vinyl furniture covers. Vinyl allows water droplets to bead up and slide down the furniture cover before it has time to soak through. However, if the cover dips in the middle, the water will pool up. A little tip is to get a children’s ball and place it in the middle of the table so there is a slight decline on the top so water runs off instead of pooling.

Nearly every patio furniture cover on the market claims it is waterproof, but when put to the test, most people find that “waterproof” means it only stands up to a light drizzle so they are really water-resistant or are sometimes described as weatherproof instead. When the rain really starts to fall, your furniture can get soaked. It is important that you pick a material that can withstand heavy downpours. With this in mind, we always recommend removing cushions before covering, that way if the rain does get through everything will still stay clean and will only be a little damp.

Some fabrics are coated with UV coating to protect against exposure to the sun, this is also important because this is usually the reason most covers degrade, from exposure to the sun.

Soft cloth backing

A soft cloth backing on your furniture covers stops it from rubbing against the furniture. Without this, the cover might rub away paint or whatever coating you’ve put on your furniture, leaving bare areas exposed to sun, rain and snow.

Tie downs

If the wind gets under your furniture covers, they will puff up and maybe race away across the garden. Tying them down solves these problems. Some covers have drawstring ties around the bottom of the cover to cinch it in around your furniture and stop the covers from leaving during high winds and storms. Other methods of fastenings are edging the covers with elastic, reinforced ties, straps with buckles, velcro and zippers


If moisture becomes trapped under your outdoor furniture covers, mould and mildew may develop on the furniture. You need ventilation to circulate the air. Some covers use fabrics that are breathable but these fabrics also let some water through.

Other covers have ventilation vents (usually covered with mesh) for air to pass through. Positioning the vent on a vertical side of the furniture makes the rain and snow roll off it rather than through it.

How do you measure patio furniture for covers?

Patio furniture covers should completely cover your furniture, but not reach the ground where they’ll soak up any water that is there. If you’re buying a universal cover, it must fit your furniture and not be too big or too small. Tailored covers for your furniture set will already be the right size.

Height: measure from where the furniture touches the ground (usually the bottom of the legs) to the highest part of the top of the item (including decorative parts).

Length: measure from one side of the piece of furniture directly across to the other side.

Depth: measure from the furthest point in the front of the item to the furthest point at the back.

Diameter: measure from a point on the edge of the circular piece to the point on the other side directly across to the point going across the centre of the item. For circular items, the length and the width have the same value.

Final Conclusion

Even though your outdoor furniture handles all kinds of weather and pollutants, it’s best not to ignore its care in the off-season. Using outdoor furniture covers in the late autumn and winter, or when you’re not using your garden furniture, keeps it looking smart and extends its durability. Treat your furniture well.

If you’ve invested your hard-earned money and effort to select your outdoor furniture, you can look after it so that it stays bright and lasts a long time. Outdoor furniture covers (in the right sizes) are easy to simply place over the furniture and tie down. Outdoor covers keep the rain, snow, dust, pollen and other outside hazards off your furniture. 

If you haven’t bought your outdoor furniture yet, our Best Garden Furniture Sets guides along with our Best Garden Awning guide give you valuable information and recommendations to create a welcoming and shaded outdoor space. I also recommend a good cantilever parasol to provide some shade but installing a shade sail can be a cheap way to provide some shade too.

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