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The Best Shed Base – Includes plastic grids, wood frames and even a Jack style design for uneven ground

Last updated on February 19th, 2022

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Shed Base Reviews | How to Buy and the 6 Best Shed Bases Compared

A garden shed gives you a place to store your tools and equipment, but having a solid base beneath can significantly increase the lifespan of your shed. Standing between the shed and the ground, the base provides stability and protects your shed from water, dampness and rot, especially for wooden sheds. A shed erected on bare ground is also likely to become unstable over time due to soil movement and that makes having a base almost an indispensable thing, with some bases even designed to adjust in height depending on whether the ground is level or uneven.

So what is the best shed base available on the market? Truth is, it comes down to your individual needs such as the size of shed, the type of shed and whether it’s plastic or wooden, as well as product features like waterproofness, ease of assembly and how versatile it is. We’ve reviewed some of the top-rated shed bases in the UK with the goal of helping you buy a model that suits your needs.

After comparing our six finalists, we concluded that the ECO Deck Garden Shed base is the winner of our “Best Pick”. Made from recycled plastic, this model can support tonnes of weight for years. The product is UV stable and comes with a 25-year warranty and is probably the easiest to set up with minimal effort. Find out more from the in-depth reviews section and feel free to engage with us afterward.


A great choice for most large sheds, this base is simple and quick to install thanks to connectors that seamlessly lock in position. The model is also available in different sizes so you can choose anything south or north of this 8 x 6 base. It’s manufactured from recycled British materials with heavy-duty membrane and sturdy plastic grids, making it an environmentally-conscious option. This premium quality shed base comes with a 25-year warranty so rest assured you’ll be investing your hard-earned money in the right place.


QuickJack Shed Base System
Unlike most shed bases with plastic grids, this comes with metal jacks that you plant into the ground and fix a frame of your choice onto them. The jacks are adjustable and suitable for surfaces with up to 8 inches of slope. Installing them doesn’t require any tedious preparation or special equipment either. This product can also be fixed on a solid floor. Better still, the whole thing is covered by a 10-year warranty for peace of mind, though many find it an expensive option especially because it doesn’t come with a frame.

Our top 6 sheds that we have reviewed, including our top picks:

  1. Eco Deck 8×6 Garden Shed Base – BEST PICK GRID
  2. Quick Jack Shed Base System – RUNNER UP
  3. Waltons Pressure Treated Wooden Portabase Shed Base Kit – BEST WOODEN SHED BASE
  4. True Products 6ft x 4ft Eco Shed Base
  5. Hawklok 6 x 4 ft. Plastic Base Kit
  6. Forest Timber Shed Base

Buyer’s Guide

How large should your shed base be?

Ideally, it should be almost the same size as the floor of your shed. However, there are those who like to build their bases slightly larger than the shed’s floor. This helps to keep weeds and grass away from the shed walls. It also allows for cleaner access and space to empty out tools and equipment onto a hard-standing area. On the downside, it may foster dampness by allowing raindrops to bounce off the projecting section of the base and up onto the side panels.

What type of shed base should you install?

Sheds were traditionally built on concrete bases or placed on top of a paved area. The only problem with these methods is that they are time-consuming, labour-intensive and cost so much more money. The alternative to this heavy work is to install a plastic or wooden shed base.

Plastic shed bases

Plastic shed bases are usually made from recycled plastic, which is also great for the environment. They are ultra-lightweight, allowing you to install them without even an extra hand. A plastic shed base is usually made of interlocking tiles that look like puzzle pieces and these pieces are designed to fit together smoothly for easy and quick assembly. You will need to fill the spaces in between with a filler material such as pea gravel or sand.

Even with gravel infill, a plastic shed base allows airflow to ensure that the bottom of your shed won’t rot or corrode. The plastic base itself is not susceptible to rot and won’t crack under the stress of the load standing on it. The plastic is also usually UV stabilised to prevent stiffening or becoming brittle from exposure to the sun as regular plastics do.

Plastic shed bases also sit directly on the ground and they don’t have protruding sections where rain may hit and splash onto the walls of the shed. This ensures that your wooden shed won’t get wet.

That said, a plastic base is a great fuss-free, cost-effective and long-term option for creating a solid foundation for your shed or any other garden structure. Whether your shed is plastic, wood or metal, you can count on a plastic base for years.


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Wooden shed bases

Most people use wooden bases for their sheds. They are very easy to construct because all you need to do is to cut the timber to size and screw them together. Whilst you can lay your wooden shed base on bare ground, it is not such a good idea. Contact with the wet ground can cause the timber to rot faster than you can imagine. Of course, you can lay pavers before the wooden base and protect it from moisture damage but this will cost a lot more money and time.

If you want to go for a wooden shed base, make sure it’s made of pressure-treated timber. This trick helps the wood to resist decay and last for many years. You will find that most pressure-treated wooden models are warranted for 10-20 years, but that’s because of the treatment.

Another modern technology method that works with wooden shed bases is the use of QuickJacks. These are galvanised metal jack systems designed to attach onto the bottom of a wooden frame and then drilled into the ground to a given depth. They are a doodle to fit and extremely long-lasting. Most importantly, they are independently adjustable allowing you to set a level base, even on sloping grounds.

Even after your shed has been assembled, QuickJacks can be adjusted up or down, making them perfect for unstable areas that may be prone to sinking or for adding new building properties. Because they are mainly used in conjunction with a wooden frame, QuickJacks are ideal for wooden structures such as sheds, log cabins and summerhouses. They can also be compatible with metal or plastic buildings if you build a decked surface on top of the frame.

Basically, the choice is between a plastic base shed and a wooden shed base. Having addressed their pros and cons, let’s look at the options available for you.

Top 6 Best Shed Base Reviews

1. Eco Deck Garden Shed Base Grid


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The Eco Deck 8×6 Garden Shed base Grid comes with a membrane sheet and plastic grids. The kit comes complete with everything you need to build a base for a shed measuring 8ft x 6ft and extra sizes are available too. This grid is also designed for driveways and paths that are ideal for pushchairs, wheelchairs, mobility scooters and cars. It strengthens the ground so that vehicle and foot traffic can pass over it with maximum stability.

This shed base is made here in the UK from local recycled materials, so it’s a more eco-friendly choice than concrete. Quick and easy to install, it offers load spreading support for structures that rest on it and it is strong enough to support tonnes of weight. It also helps to prevent damp and, in turn, lengthen the durability of the structure it is supporting.

Important to note is that the installation area must first be made level. After that, you can simply lay down the membrane and connect the grids together. The product comes with connectors that simply lock in position for tool-free assembly. Instructions are also supplied to guide you through the process. Some customers reported that they used heavy-duty cable ties instead of the supplied connectors and they did the trick too. For extra stability, fill the grids with gravel or sand, though the base is solid enough on its own and has enough drainage and ventilation holes.


  • Made from recycled materials, therefore, an environmentally-conscious option.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty membrane and durable plastic grids.
  • Easy to construct thanks to connectors that simply lock into position.
  • 25 years warranty for lifetime peace of mind.

Eco Deck offers a 14 days moneyback guarantee, not to mention their industry-leading 25 year warranty on this product. Should you have any issues or questions, their customer service is just a phone call away and they will be happy to help. Overall, this Eco Deck model is one of the most affordable 8 x 6ft shed bases on the market and is sure to last for many years to come.

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2. Quick Jack Shed Base System


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The Quick Jack Shed Base system is available in different kits, so you can pick the one that meets your requirements the most. The various options range from a 6 x 3ft shed base to a 12 x 10ft, with other sizes in between including 8 x 6ft, 8 x 8ft and 10 x 8ft.

These shed bases are marketed for soft surfaces and they come with the necessary components for installation including brackets, adjustable bearing plates, screw piles, cross plates and screws. However, QuickJack does not supply timber frames shown on Amazon pictures. Instead, they require you to construct an ideal size frame out of 4 x 2 timbers to which you will then attach to their “Quick Jacks”. No groundwork nor equipment is required at all and the supplied Quick Jacks will help to anchor your structure.

Thanks to the adjustable bearing plates, the Quick Jack shed base is easy to level on ground with up to 8 inches of slope. The built structure will help protect your shed from damp and water ingress, making sure that the items inside the shed are in top-notch condition as long as they’re in there.


  • An adjustable base system that fits even surfaces with up to 8 inches of slope.
  • Easy and quick to fit using the supplied components.
  • Includes commercial-grade components with a 10-year warranty.
  • No groundwork required to install the shed base.

Made from heavy-duty components, this shed base system is sure to support serious loads that may be thrown at it. The 10-year warranty offered on this product also gives substantial assurance of its quality. If you have some odd-shaped sheds that you would like to support, consider one of the shed bases from Quick Jack.

3. Waltons 8x6ft Pressure Treated Wooden Portabase DIY Shed Base Kit


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Here is a wooden shed base with a 15-year anti-rot warranty. The Waltons 8 x 6ft Wooden Portabase is crafted from pressure treated timber to ensure years of solid support for any structure standing on it. This sturdy base can be assembled in minutes. The task involves mounting the wooden frame onto the supplied galvanised steel spikes, which secure the base to ground, to create a raised platform on which to install your shed. A raised shed benefits from better airflow and drainage, meaning a minimal risk of wood rot.


  • Made from high-quality pressure treated timber to ensure maximum durability.
  • Offers a strong and sturdy level base for Waltons garden sheds.
  • 15 year warranty against wood rot.
  • Quick and straightforward to assemble.

Bear in mind that the ground on which to place your shed base must be level or at most have a gradient of 65mm across the length or width of the structure. In any case, this base solves the problem of sloping or uneven ground. Also, note that this particular shed base is intended for use with only Waltons garden sheds. It may not be suitable for sheds from other brands due to the nature of the bearer design.

With dimensions of 180cm W  x 45cm H x 234cm D, this shed base is a provides a quick and simple alternative to concrete and decking.

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4. True Products 6ft x 4ft Eco Shed Base

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True Products 6ft x 4ft Eco Shed Base

The 6ft x 4ft Shed Base Kit by True Products consists of 24 TruePave Grids that are quick and easy to put together. You can then choose to fill the assembled structure with materials like soil, gravel, stones, sand or grass turf to give it enough strength to support the shed that would sit on it. Each grid measures 33 x 33 x 4cm, with every 9 of them giving a square metre coverage and strength of up to 250t/m². Better still, you can create a smaller size of base if your shed isn’t that big.

This product is made in the UK from 100% recycled material redirected from landfills. The material is eco-friendly and weatherproof so it can survive the typical British weather throughout the year. Moreover, it comes complete with weed fabric that is good quality and sufficient for the job. The larger size of this base also makes it perfect for larger sheds and is also suitable for other outdoor structures such as a greenhouse soakaway, private lanes, green car parking areas and construction sites.


  • Comes with 24 TruePave grids, giving you so much flexibility.
  • Robust, weatherproof and a doddle to install.
  • Can be filled with various materials; sand, gravel, stones and more.
  • Suitable for a variety of uses including a base for garden sheds and decking, patio, pathways and more.

Overall, this would make an excellent choice if you need something flexible in terms of the shed you can use it with. As long as you install it on level ground, this shed base is sure to offer stability and support for years.

5. Hawklok Plastic Base Kit

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Hawklok Plastic Base Kit

The Hawklok 6 x 4ft. Plastic Base Kit is supplied with membrane and six tiles, enough for a 6 x 4ft garden shed. This base is also perfect for small outdoor structures, children’s playhouses or sheds, small greenhouses, log cabins and many more buildings. The membrane prevents grass and weeds from growing through the base and allows ventilation as well as drainage to ensure the area stays dry. This is another eco-friendly base constructed from 100% recycled material to reduce the carbon footprint in your garden.

This shed base is very easy to use thanks to its lightweight construction. Once you level the area, installation takes about half an hour and that includes laying out the membrane and connecting the pieces together. The design of this base eliminates the need for lengthy excavations and laying slabs or concrete.


  • Eco-friendly – made from 100% recycled plastic materials.
  • Comes with a weed and grass suppressing membrane.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • Self-ventilating and free draining to ensure a dry area.

All in all, this 6 x 4ft shed base offers a painless, fuss-free, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way of supporting structures.

6. Forest Timber 8x6ft Shed Base

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Forest Timber 8x6ft Shed Base

Another 8 x 6ft wooden shed base with metal spikes, this Forest Timber Shed Base is quick and easy build. It requires minimal DIY skills and takes less than an hour to build. This wooden shed base will do away with the hassle of laying concrete bases and slabs, which is usually a backbreaking job. The wood has been pressure-treated to ensure great resistance against rot. Forest is so confident that this product will beat the test of time that they offer a 15-years anti-rot warranty.

Once constructed, the shed base provides a level and sturdy base that is slightly raised off the ground to protect the shed floor from damp. The metals spikes are meant to secure the shed base into the ground.


  • Made from high-quality softwood that has been pressure treated to last a long time.
  • Includes metal spikes that secure the base firmly in the ground.
  • Guaranteed for 15 years.

This 8 x 6ft model is Forest’s largest in their range out of 6 models that are currently available and it really offers a hassle-free solution to garden sheds and garden buildings. The dimensions of this shed base are 38cm x 233cm x 176cm. Please be aware that this product is only recommended for use with Forest sheds of a similar size. The shed base is a bit expensive compared to other 8 x 6ft models, however, it is a long-term investment that will pay dividends.

Final Conclusion

It’s hard to point out one specific model as the best shed base because our needs are all so different. The thing we like about our best pick – ECO SHED Shed Base – is that you can get it in different sizes including 8 x 6ft, 6 x 6ft, 7 x 5ft, 10 x 8ft and 12 x 8ft. So no matter the size of your garden size, there’s something for you in this model. Don’t forget durability when deciding between models because you don’t want to be in the market for another base again after the next winter. We hope this guide has been insightful enough for your decision making.

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