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Best Garden Furniture Sets to make the most of summer and 11 top picks which are designed to last

Last updated on April 22nd, 2021

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Spending time outdoors makes us connect with nature, spend time with family and generally feel relaxed. Instead of paying fees to access recreational centres, you can make your own haven in your garden. The right garden furniture set will allow you to relax in your garden without any problems. You can choose to host a lunch for your friends or just sit alone with a book. All that matters is that you are comfortable and relaxed.

There are different kinds of garden furniture in the marketplace, including wooden, metal and plastic designs. For you to select the best garden furniture set, factors such as durability and functionality are to be considered.

Below we have compiled the top 8 garden furniture sets that meet different needs in terms of size, construction materials and comfort. But before you get to the in-depth reviews our select models, allow us to present our best pick – Harts Premium Rattan Dining Set. It seats up to 8 people and would last long owing to its strong aluminium frame. Moreover, it includes a rain cover for added protection and a 2.7m parasol. The set requires no assembly and it has a 2-year warranty.

Best Pick

Harts Premium Rattan Dining Set
This set is designed to be light and fit into your garden with ease. The set consists of 4 high back chairs plus 4 stools, all constructed from aluminium frames so you can be sure of strength and durability. The rattan covered set provides adequate space for eight at an affordable price compared to some other premium outdoor furniture sets.

Apart from providing comfortable sitting, this set is accompanied by a rain cover and a 2.7m parasol. This means that you have everything you need to relax by the pool or anywhere in the garden right out of the box. Providing good value for money, this set is hard to ignore.


Lazy Susan Ivy Round 2 Seater Set
This one is worth the mention because of its durable small-sized design and affordable price. Made from aluminium, this small set can sit two comfortably under a parasol to provide a relaxing time in the garden. The aesthetically pleasing set needs no maintenance as it’s designed to survive in any weather, thanks to a powder coated frame. It certainly adds a bit of style to the garden and offers good value for investment.

Some helpful tips

  • Look at the finish of the chair or table legs. Rubber stops are recommended to avoid damaging the grass/patio surface.
  • Wood furniture should be topped with a protective coating regularly to avoid warping or fading.
  • Avoid the use of harsh chemicals on wooden furniture. It may erode the protective coating providing an uneven appearance.
  • Furniture with woven fibres should be packed indoors during winter/heavy rains to avoid moisture damage that happens over time.
  • Regular cleaning and paint touch-ups will maintain the furniture’s appeal.
  • If you have furniture that is using natural wood that is going dry. Buy compatible protective oils to keep it looking like new.
  • If you can get cushions designed of polyurethane foam the better! These will allow your pillows to be in good shape even after getting rained on.
  • If you have nowhere to stack your furniture when it rains, buy loads of high-quality rain covers. They will keep the furniture in good condition. Outdoor storage boxes might be worth investing in.

Built to last

Rowlinson Plumley 6-Seater FSC Hardwood Garden Dining Set
This furniture will last a lifetime id looked after correctly since its made from 100% hardwood. There's a hole in the middle of the table to support a parasol and the chairs can fold down to take little space in the storage box.

Bistro choice

Bentley 3 Piece Cast Aluminium Bistro Set
Made from tough cast aluminium, which provides great balance in weight and fends off strong winds. The set features a decorative pattern that adds a bit of elegance to the garden. With its compact design, it takes very little space. A perfect fit for small gardens.

Top 11 Garden Furniture Reviews

1. Harts Premium 8 Seater Rattan Dining Furniture Set


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Harts Premium Rattan Dining Set Review

The Harts Premium Rattan Dining Set gives you enough room to wine and dine outside. If you have a party of eight or less, the rattan based furniture will prove more than adequate. The seats and the stools are covered with a comfortable 6-8cm thick cushion to give the seated enough support.

The frame of the furniture pieces is made from aluminium which is a strong and affordable material. You can be sure it won’t rust and you can easily pick it up to move it. Working with 1.2mm of aluminium, the frame is covered by polyethene rattan. This waterproof material is durable and friendlier on your pocket than natural rattan. It also makes it very easy to clean and looks very authentic.

In the middle of the table stands a parasol that is made to shade you from the sun and rain. The grey parasol will be easy to integrate into your garden as it is of a neutral colour. You need worry, not of the parasol flying away on windy days, it is fully supported by the table.

Harts Premium Rattan Dining Set, Cube 8 Seats Garden Patio Conservatory Furniture inc Rain Cover & Parasol (Brown)

As for the parasol, which is 2.7 meters in diameter, the crankshaft is what you will use to open and secure the parasol. The parasol can be tilted at an angle to protect you from the moving sun. When the parasol is not in use, cover it using the rain cover provided. It will keep the parasol from suffering unnecessary damage.

This set comes with a 2-year warranty for full peace of mind. The dimensions per item are as follows: Back chairs- 55 x 55 x 68cm, table-120cm x 120cm x 75cm, stools-45 x 45 x 36cm. They come already assembled and thus you can just kick back and relax.


  • Accompanied by a parasol and its cover for adequate shield and protection.
  • The parasol is easy to pry open and remain open for as long as needed.
  • Made from aluminium and PE rattan promising long service.
  • checkCan seat a number of people in one session.
  • Comes with comfortable cushions with colour-fast material and are easy to clean.
  • Built tough to stay grounded in windy weather.
  • Comes pre-assembled and backed with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. 


  • Those in windy areas will have to secure the base of the parasol pole when you tilt it. This is just to prevent the parasol from flying off. However, this is the case for most parasols.

Thoughts and recommendations

The quality of the Harts Premium Rattan Dining Set is worth every penny. This is because structurally it is supported by strong materials that affect durability. The colour is easy to blend into different garden settings while still offering the set an elegant look. The parasol is a good addition and it is unbelievably hard to clean.

If you have a large family, or you enjoy throwing intimate dining experiences, then this will do. You can use the stools to raise your feet after a large sumptuous meal, and enjoy the conversation. The quality is dependable for years to come and the 2 years warranty is a further bonus.

After much consideration, we decided that this model was worthy of our ‘Best Pick’ spot and we are sure you won’t regret it. Overall a great furniture set that stands out from the crowd.

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2. Lazy Susan Ivy Round 2 Seater Sand-cast Aluminium Garden Furniture Set


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Info about image for alt text

The Lazy Susan Ivy Round 2 Seater set is perfect for a quaint garden. The set is intended to sit two people which makes it adaptable to a small family. The set comes with two chairs and a 64cm diameter table. Both the chairs and the table are made of aluminium which has been given a bronze powder-coated finish. This finish helps make the set look more attractive and protects the metal from the elements all year round.

One thing this set promises is low maintenance. Once you assemble the set, you don’t have to keep hovering over the set. The surface of the garden furniture is designed to survive all weather conditions and you do not have to lay a cover over the set. It even comes with a hole in the middle of the table where you can install a parasol. Make sure the parasol is stable to prevent ant toppling over.


  • It is a sturdy and durable set.
  • Made of aluminium which is strong and will not succumb to the elements.
  • The set has a bronze powder coated finish which protects the furniture from the elements.
  • Takes little time to assemble.
  • Perfect for a small-sized garden.
  • Makes provisions for parasol installation.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty.


  • The chairs might be small for larger sized users.

Thoughts and Recommendations

For a relaxing time in the garden for two the Lazy Susan Ivy Round 2 Seater set is appropriate. The small set can fit in the corner without taking up too much space. The advantages of purchasing this set are that the set is durable and requires little upkeep. If you are one who is never at home, you can travel knowing that the furniture set will survive the outdoors. Additionally, the price is affordable making it a worthy purchase. If you need something that looks vintage too, this set will provide the aesthetic feel with ease.

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3. Rowlinson Plumley 6-Seater FSC Hardwood Garden Dining Set

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Info about image for alt text

The Rowlinson Plumley 6-Seater set comprises of four side chairs, a table and two armchairs. This provides adequate seating for six people with some space in between for manoeuvrability. The set is made of hardwood and therefore, you are assured of durability over the years. The eucalyptus hardwood wood has been stained to protect it from the elements and maintain its colour.

When delivered, the garden furniture set is flat packed and assembly will not require much time. When finally assembled the table measures 73cm (h) x 140cm (w) x 85cm (d). The planed edges of the table remove any dangerous sharp edges and provide a smooth finish. Remember that both the table and the chair are foldable to make storage simpler.

To prevent the wood from splintering, occasional wood treatments are required especially for those who leave their furniture outside round the year. The set blends into the patio or garden area with unbelievable ease. It does not stick out like a sore thumb and when it gets really hot, you can attach a parasol and escape the heat.


  • Made of durable wood thus provides longevity.
  • The chairs come with padded cushions to keep users comfortable.
  • Stained to protect the wood surface colour from fading.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The table features a hole intended for parasol use.
  • The chairs and the table are foldable to promote easy storage.


  • Without some maintenance, the wood may splinter over time.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Rowlinson Plumley 6-Seater set offers enough room to sit a number of people making it perfect for parties or family lunch. The price of the set is worth the durability being provided by the quality of materials used. It is a convenient set to have around because it can be easily put away when it is not needed. The foldable feature of this set allows you to protect your furniture from harsh winter conditions. If you are in search of a premium garden furniture set that can sit a large group there is no way you can go wrong with this set.

4. Abreo 4 Seater Garden Rattan Furniture Set

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Abreo Garden Rattan Furniture Patio Set 4 Seater Review

The Abreo Garden Rattan 4 Seater Furniture Set seats four very comfortably and is available in a few different colours. If you enjoy having your tea/coffee outside, this makes for a pleasant experience. The set consists of one 2-seater sofa, a coffee table and two chairs.

When you look at the construction of the pieces, you will find that steel and poly rattan. This makes this set very easy to clean and maintain. The materials are able to maintain their appearance in both rainy and sunny conditions.

In the case that you need a parasol, you will have to purchase it independently (see our reviews here). The cushion covers won’t be damaged when it rains or if you spill your coffee. The covers can be easily removed using the durable zippers provided. You will also find that the cushions provide enough comfort and support as you sit.

To place your drinks and food, a tempered glass table is provided. Also provided is a rain cover that can be used to protect the furniture. The furniture sports rubber feet so as to protect the surface that the furniture is sitting on.


  • Provides adequate seats for four.
  • A rain cover is provided to keep the furniture dry.
  • Constructed from steel and durable synthetic rattan to foster long service.
  • The cushions are comfortable and easy to clean.
  • The tempered glass used is heavy enough to weigh down the table providing stability.


  • May take a bit of time to assemble.

Thoughts and recommendations

For a party of 4-less, the Abreo Garden Rattan Furniture set is perfect. The price range is also within grasp making it a great choice for most peoples budgets. We were impressed with the rattan weave pattern as it affected easy cleaning. You can add a parasol to make it more comfortable in hot/rainy weather but it will be an additional cost to you.

For short people, the furniture set shouldn’t be very problematic when seated for a long time. For taller people, they might find the short furniture straining to their backs and feet after a while so just something to be aware of. Other than that, there isn’t much to get frustrated at. It is strong and will definitely be around for the longest time. The price is not so bad either.

5. EBS Garden Furniture Set – Table Chair and Sofa For Conservatory Patio Garden

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EBS Garden Furniture Set Table Chair and Sofa Review

The EBS Garden Furnit??ure Set looks great! The simple colour and raised base give the set almost a holiday feel. This set cam comfortably sits four. The four pieces of the set include a double chair, a table and two chairs to comfortably seat a party of four.

Same as the best outdoor furniture sets, a strong frame and appealing cover are needed. You will find that all the furniture pieces contain a steel flame. The frame is then covered with black rattan which will maintain its appearance over the years.

For the top of the table, you will find tempered glass that is heavy and sturdy. This will ensure that the table holds even when supporting a lot of utensils. If you want to get a parasol to protect you from the sun it is possible. The parasol will have to have an independent base so that it can be moved around depending on the user’s needs.

The cushions are comfortable are will provide enough support. They are covered in waterproof cases but it is recommended to keep them covered during bad weather. This is to see that the original condition of the cushions is retained.

As for the measurements they are as follows, the double chair measures: height 79cm – Width-106cm, depth-61cm. The single seats measure height- 79cm, width-59cm, and depth- 61cm each and the table measures in width- 71cm, depth-40cm, and height- 39cm.


  • Comes at an affordable price. 
  • Made of strong durable materials.
  • Lightweight, therefore, can be moved from location to location.
  • Offers comfort for the users due to the soft cushions.
  • Well-finished, easy to clean, and easy to maintain the overall appearance.


  • Putting it together may take a while.

Thoughts and recommendations

The EBS Garden Furniture Set is a very affordable and elegant set. The colour is very easy to blend in and the quality is reliable. You will find that the design avails adequate back support for those who may have some back problems. At the price that you fetch this, it is a very fair deal as the set is guaranteed to last for many years if well maintained.

Are you looking for a simple set that can sit in your garden without fading fast? The EBS Garden Furniture Set might be the best option for you. Buy a cover and parasol to ease cleaning and maintenance for you.

6. Keter Corfu 2 Seater Balcony Garden Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set

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Keter Corfu 2 Seater Balcony Garden Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set Review

The Keter Corfu 2 Seater Balcony Garden Outdo??or Rattan Furniture Set is an affordable two-seater that you can purchase. If you do have a lot of space, then this will fit in perfectly.

Since it uses synthetic rattan it will last longer than models made of natural rattan. It is easier to clean and maintain too. The frame is fashioned from durable plastic, therefore, can take more impact and bad weather. Weatherproof abilities come in handy huh?

As for the cushions, they are not too thin nor are they too thick they just right for the job. Even if your children spill something on it, the covers are removable and cleanable which we think is a simple but important feature.

Hardwood floors tend to look unpleasant with scratches on them. To remedy this, rubber feet are installed to protect your surfaces. The grass will benefit from the balance of pressure. Hollow feet tend to sink and clog over time.

It would be preposterous to have chairs without a table. Placing things on the floor is a recipe for spilling unprecedented cleanups. The table is of the adequate height measuring 59cm x 59cm x 33cm. The synthetic rattan can be cleaned using cloth, some water and a bit of soap.

For the chairs, the dimensions given are 75cm x 70cm x 79cm each. The great thing about this product is that it is lightweight and easily storable.  It also comes with a 5-year warranty which is longer than many manufacturers are offering. If you look at the price, the quality matches.


  • Lightweight and thus easy to move around.
  • Simple to put together and use.
  • The plastic used is strong to support varying amounts of weight.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Easy to clean and maintain due to the synthetic rattan used.

Thoughts and recommendations

On a cool Saturday morning, you can sit on the Keter Corfu 2 Seater Furni?t?ure Set and have breakfast. No-fuss, no muss. The comfortable chair will keep you feeling relaxed as you enjoy your time.

If you have been looking for a simple outdoor set for two, pick this one. The price is within range and the quality is reliable. You may have to purchase a rain cover if you live in predominantly wet areas. This will save you some time having to grab the cushions from outside every time it rains.

Overall this is a great set and we also noticed that on Amazon this set has over 800 reviews which further confirms the quality. A great set at a great price.

7. Bella Life 8 Seater Rattan Cube Garden Furniture Set

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Bella Life Seater 10 Rattan Cube Garden Furniture Set Review

The Bella Life 8 seater Rattan Cube Garden Furniture Set provides ample room to sit and compact storage. The set comprises of 4 chairs, 4 stools and a supporting table. The high-quality set comes in a space-saving design.

When the stools are not in use, you can remove the cushion and fix it into the cavities underneath the chairs. Part of the chairs back is collapsed to provide a compact fit when packed in. placed in the same height as the table, it forms a compact structure that can be covered from the rain.

In the usual fashion on modern outdoor furniture, durable materials are needed to construct a dependable structure. This set comprises mainly steel and PE rattan. These materials hold a great reputation for being durable and sticking through bad weather. You can leave them outside all year long with less damage compared to the natural woven fibres.

Bella Life Seater 10 Rattan Cube Garden Furniture Set cushions under table

For those who desire to have a parasol, there is no provision for that purpose. You will have to purchase an independent standing parasol for that. The base has to be stable and hold the parasol steadily even during harsh winds. The dimensions of the pieces are as follows: the table is 110x110cm, each chair- 53x51x86cm and the stools 43x43x36cm each. Assembly is very straightforward and won’t need a lot of effort.

The cushions provided can be removed for cleaning purposes.  The material is colourfast and not liable to stain easily. You will find this set to be the perfect company for a full dinner of four or cocktails for eight. It just depends on how you with use it.

Bella Life 11 Piece/10 Seater | PE Rattan Cube Table, Chair, Stool Set | Garden Furniture (no parasol, Brown)


  • Can be packed into a cube form for simplified storage and rain coverage.
  • Made from strong reliable materials that are able to withstand the weather.
  • Features adequate space and tempered safety glass to hold whatever is placed on the table.
  • Offers comfortable cushion and chairs for comfortable sitting.
  • Easy to clean and maintain due to weather-proof abilities.
  • Includes clear instructions for straightforward assembly.


  • Both the parasols and rain covers are purchased separately making it inconvenient for the user.

Thoughts and recommendations

In the case that you are in search of a furniture set that provides adequate space, the Bella Life Rattan Cube Garden Furniture Set can make a great purchase. The quality of the materials used is high and therefore you do not have to contend with frequent repair and maintenance. This set is more of an investment because the price is a bit up there if you add the parasol and rain cover expenses.

However, once you buy it you can forget about outdoor furniture for a while. Not to mention that the set looks elegant and well worth the money. Easily storable and spacious, it is well worth the wait.

8. Bentley 3 Piece Cast Aluminium Bistro Set – Table & 2 Arm Chairs

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Bentley Garden Furniture 3 Piece Cast Aluminium Bistro Set Table & 2 Arm Chairs

The Bentley Garden Furniture 3 Piece Cast Aluminium?? Bistro Set Table & 2 Arm Chairs is a metallic set that we are sure you will appreciate. The beautiful set made from cast aluminium which provides the right weight balance and the strength needed to contend with the harsh weather. Those with small gardens will appreciate the design as it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Both the chairs and the 24inch diameter table have a beautiful design that we are sure will be appreciated by those looking for decorative pieces. Featuring two chairs and a table, two people can comfortably sit and enjoy each other’s company.

To ensure that you are not left out in the cold rain or hot sun, the manufacturers made provisions for parasol fitting. The hole in the middle of the table will provide enough support for a sizeable parasol. If you need a large parasol, you might have to purchase the free-standing ones. The weight of the base will be able to support a sizeable parasol without tipping the table over.

For comfort purposes, cushions never miss in comfortable outdoor furniture. The cushions are made from weather-proof materials meaning that they can survive a bit of harsh weather. Those who are worried about permanent stains can relax. This set is very easy to clean.

The pieces need assembly before being used. The rubber feet provided ensure that your surfaces remain protected during assembly and while in use.


  • Constructed from the sturdy non-rusting material.
  • Features a beautiful design adding to the decorative essence.
  • Offers enough space and comfort for two people.
  • The furniture set comes with rubber feet and a smooth finish to protect your surfaces.
  • The table is able to support a sizeable parasol.


  • Assembly may take more time than expected.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Bentley Garden Furniture 3 Piece Cast Aluminium Bistro Set is an affordable two-seater that many can access. The build of the chairs will be sufficient to support varied weight sizes and provide comfort.

Since it is made from cast aluminium it is not light and therefore, won’t be carried off by the wind. It has no glass and therefore no breakages can be experienced. The parasol installation feature makes the furniture set even more usable.

We would recommend this for those who have a small garden and they need a quality metallic set that is decorative. When the paint starts to chip over time, protective coats are recommended to maintain the appearance of the furniture.

9. Beliani Garden Outdoor Set Sofa 5 Piece

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Info about image for alt text

The Beliani Garden Outdoor Set Sofa is simple but durable. The 160kg set comes with four chairs and a low wooden coffee table. Perfect for a medium-sized garden this set’s chairs can be arranged however you want. This is made possible by the individual design of every seat that comes together like a puzzle piece.

The wood used to make this furniture set is FCS certified. This means that the wood is sourced from renewable and environmentally conscious areas. You can be sure that the wood is durable and that the furniture set will be in use for a long time. Whether you have a modern or traditional themed garden, the style of the sofa set seems to blend in seamlessly. The set comes flat packed and needs some assembly. The manual provided shows how to put the set together effectively.

There are 12cm padded cushions provided to keep the user seated comfortably. The cushions are covered in a polyester fabric that is removable for washing. The cover material is not fully waterproof and therefore, you will need to get an all-weather proof cover to keep the set from getting wet. The furniture set is UV resistant allowing both the fabric and the wood to maintain their appearance.


  • Made of Acacia mangium and auriculiformis wood for durability’s sake.
  • Comes with 12cm padded cushions for comfort.
  • The wood used to make the set is environmentally friendly and FCS certified.
  • Features removable cushion covers that can easily be cleaned.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Blends into traditional or modern garden settings well.


  • Lacks provision for parasol attachment.

Thoughts and Recommendations

This set would suit a family/gathering of four well. Like we mentioned before, the Beliani Garden Outdoor Set Sofa is simple. If you are looking for a simple wooden set then this would do perfectly. The pricing is a bit high but if you don’t mind the cost, this set will provide years of service. You can always get a freestanding parasol if you need protection from the elements. Because it is a wooden set, make sure you tend to the wood to avoid any recurrent damage. Store the sofa set away from rain and winter conditions to extend longevity.

10. Woodside Terracotta Mosaic Garden Table and Folding Chair Set

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Woodside Terracotta Mosaic Garden Table And Folding Chair Set Review

The Woodside Terracotta Mosaic Garden Table and Folding Chair Set is another beautiful set in this review. Made from durable metal this furniture set can be fetched for affordable prices. The metal used is believed to be iron which is quite heavy and stable.

The interesting thing about this set is the intricate mosaic design. The mosaic design can be found in other colours to fit your decorative needs. In the case of a small garden, this set becomes even more attractive. Why, you ask? This is because the chairs are foldable. If you are pressed for space you understand how important that is.

Woodside Terracotta Mosaic Garden Table And Folding Chair Set Outdoor Dining Furniture

As for the feet of the chairs and table, rubber feet are present to ward of any surface damage. The rubber feet also prevent the metal from digging into the ground. As you will notice, the seats lack cushions. This provides you with the best opportunity to select your preferable cushions.

Other than that, assembly and cleaning this set of furniture is a breeze. The dimensions for each chair is 47cm x 37cm x 40cm. The table has a diameter of 60cm and a height of 70cm. You will find assembly quite easy.

Woodside Terracotta Mosaic Garden Table And Folding Chair Set Outdoor Dining Furniture


  • Features beautiful mosaic pattern for decorative effects.
  • Made from heavy durable material so as to withstand the weather elements.
  • The chairs are foldable and therefore provide easy storage.
  • The set provides adequate room and a steady table for use.
  • The furniture set is affordable.


  • Needs to be handled delicately when transporting the set otherwise, you may find missing mosaic pieces.
  • exclamation-triangleIf left outside with no protection, rust is a likely enemy.

Thoughts and recommendations

If you are into decorative mosaic patterns then the Woodside Terracotta Mosaic Garden Table and Folding Chair Set is the model for you. Honestly, it is quite a simple set that is decorative. We would recommend this set to those who don’t want to spend a lot of money for a fancy set and they are tied down for space.

If you need a parasol or cover then you will need to purchase them separately. Make sure that the parasol has its own base, as there is no hole in the table to support it.

11. Monaco Luxury Large Brown Rattan Garden Sofa Set

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Info about image for alt text

The Monaco Luxury Rattan Garden Sofa Set is sold in two colours of brown and grey. The luxurious garden sofa set comprises of ten pieces which make up a large sitting area. The set comes with five modular seats, three ottomans, a coffee table and a 3m parasol. This basically comes with everything you may need to host company in your garden. The 10-piece set can seat a large number of people comfortably throughout the day/night.

This garden sofa set is made from individual metal frames covered in synthetic rattan which is easy to clean. The polythene rattan is weatherproof and therefore, should be able to keep up with the elements. For comfortability, covered padded cushions are provided. The seat cushions are thick and bouncy therefore keeping the user in a relaxed state. Also included are scatter cushions which are covered in water-resistant fabric. These cushion and seat covers are removable for cleaning.

To prove that the quality of the garden sofa set can be trusted, the manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty. Furthermore, this set is also accompanied by a 30- day money-back guarantee and because of this you can try and see if it is the right fit for you.


  • Clips in to provide a large sitting area.
  • Made of durable material and thus longevity is guaranteed.
  • Comes with thick cushions that offer luxurious comfort.
  • Features a 3m parasol and furniture cover for free.
  • Cushions are covered by water-resistant covers that are removable for cleaning.
  • Offers a 12-month guarantee and a 30- day money-back guarantee for ease of mind.
  • Requires no assembly.


  • The rattan quality could be better.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Monaco Luxury Rattan Garden Sofa Set is definitely a looker and it will cost you a pretty penny. The luxurious set is spacious and it comes with a cute glass coffee table. The parasol provided is a tad flimsy but nonetheless effective. You need to secure the parasol well to prevent accidents in windy conditions. We also like the water-resistant covers as they make maintenance easier. This is for those who need a luxurious comfortable set in their sizeable garden that can sit a large number of people. If your budget can allow you to spend on this set, we don’t see why you shouldn’t.

Garden Furniture Buyer Guide

Garden furniture is exposed to the elements on a daily basis especially when you take into account the British weather is ever-changing. It is only appropriate to acquire furniture that is of high quality and provides you with value for money. Since the climate patterns are diverse in different regions you may find some furniture sets more suitable than others.

With a few additional accessories like parasols, your furniture can stay safe from the rain and damaging sun, and, you don’t have to be displaced every time the sun moves. Below are other mindful factors to consider.

What is the expected function?

There are varied reasons as to why people need furniture in their gardens. Some need a place to dine on weekends when the family is over, some just need decorative pieces to fill out space and some just need a place to kick back and relax in the afternoon sun. Whatever the reasons that you have, it is a good place to start. Once you know why you need garden furniture, picking out a style/design will be straightforward.

Garden Space

Space is an important thing for those who live in an urban area because we know how limited space can get. People who own large gardens will not have issues as to the number of furniture pieces to be included. Their only Struggle is to ensure that the furniture is not too scattered or too small that it looks out of place.

Those with limited space, on the other hand, will have to look for the right size of the furniture. Larger sets like sofas are likely to take more space than the simple metal chairs and tables. You want to have enough space to move around the garden without bumping into things. The secret is to consider how many people might be seated at a time and pick out space-saving designs. Fold-out furniture is a probable choice for people with small gardens/patios.

Noting down the measurements of the appointed space will make it easy for you to compare with the furniture set measurements provided by the manufacturer. If you have a good eye and a photographic memory then you are among the lucky ones.

The Weather

Since we are at the mercy of Mother Nature, a bit of protection won’t hurt. The furniture material you select will also be affected by the climate in your area.

Those who live in sunny areas mainly further south in the UK should be able to acquire furniture sets that are protected from damaging Ultra Violet rays that decrease material strength over time. Those who are stuck in rainy areas such as the North should definitely seek furniture sets with waterproof and mould resistance abilities. Wood furniture needs varnish to maintain its appearance while metallic furniture needs to be made of rustproof material to ensure a prolonged life.

Some metallic furniture sets are cheap and the quality of the metal is not able to ward off rust by itself. In this case, seek furniture with protective coatings that are not liable to peel off easily. Customer reviews offer more insight into the quality of the protective finish if manufacturer details are skimpy. As a simple rule, if the furniture set is cheap then there’s usually a reason and it usually comes down to quality.

Construction materials

There are a lot of replicas of products out there and you have to be careful. First, you need to be aware of the furniture-making material that is out there. Only then will you be able to tell the difference between quality and cheap sets that look the part but simply won’t last. According to your personal preference select a durable material that fits your property’s personality and style.


A gift from Mother Nature to grace and blend-in into your garden. Depending on the quality of wood, you can experience a few mishaps here and there, but, none that cannot be managed. You have a choice between softwood and hardwood. Softwood works wonderfully and will be more pocket-friendly compared to hardwoods like teak but they are usually more expensive.

In the case that you have to tighten your purse strings, pine that has undergone pressure treatments can be found in the marketplace. Cedar is a popular option as it is strong and not easily damaged by pests. If you live in rainy areas, you will have to consider cedar furniture that has been stained so as to prevent fading over time.

Teak is one of the expensive choices out there, but, it makes it worth the while due to the years of service expected. Teak is great for outdoor furniture as it is sturdy and the pests are kept at bay. Teak is adaptable for both indoor and outdoor activities. The natural oils present to see to it that the wood retains its appearance and you won’t see mites gobbling it up.

If you need an exotic appeal, Eucalyptus Marginata aka Australian Jarrah is always available. The wood presents a beautiful range of colours between red and brown. The wood just like teak has excellent durability and will last for as long as you want.

Basically, these are just examples. Depending on your area of residence you may have access to varied types of timber and thus more options for you. Just ensure that the furniture created bears long-lasting, insect-fighting timber.


Metal happens to be popular too and understandably for its durability. Metallic furniture will offer diversity in terms of patterns and designs. If done with the right materials, the furniture will be in use for a few generations to come. Let us peek at some of the preferred materials for metallic furniture in the current market:

Aluminium is one very versatile material. It is light, can take some scratches and definitely friendlier on the pocket compared to cast iron furniture. Aluminium won’t rust easily and thus makes a good choice for outdoor furniture. You can find models that have been coated with powder as they tend to be of low maintenance over time

Wrought iron happens to produce some of the more ornate metallic furniture pieces. If you are looking for decorative Victorian style pieces then this might be the best way to incorporate this. Wrought iron tends to be heavy and sturdy. In the case that you reside in windy areas, this would be a good idea as they won’t budge. There is a bit of rust to contend with but nothing that is unprecedented.

Steel is also a good choice but in rainy areas, it may take a toll on the appearance over time.  Not to mention, it is quite heavy to move around. Cast aluminium provides a good balance between the light aluminium and the heavy iron.

Natural and Synthetic woven fibres

Materials such as rattan or bamboo are beautiful natural fibres that are durable when treated to keep away pests and water damage. Furniture made from these materials blends into your garden without looking out of place. Those in sunny areas can enjoy furniture made from natural fibres. Those living in rainy areas will need to apply protective treatments to see the longevity of the fibres.

Synthetic imitations of natural fibres are available and also more durable. They are light, waterproof and can survive sun exposure. These plastic fibres according to quality will last for a few months or a number of years.

Plastic/Resin furniture

Are you on a very tight budget but you need a set of garden furniture? Plastic models are available for purchase. The thing to note about plastic furniture is that if the quality of the plastic used is low, breakages and bends are expected. That does not mean that it is impossible to get high-quality furniture, you just have to be seen. Check for material thickness to determine the overall strength of the material used.

Storage applications

As stipulated before space saving is essential while the furniture is in use and while in storage. If you do not plan on moving your garden furniture then storage should not be an issue. If you move your furniture outdoors depending on the seasons of the weather then you need a few features such as folding or easy dismantling. Furniture with foldable features is preferred as it takes a smaller footprint as compared to large outdoor sofas. If you have enough space, then this should not be a problem. In regards to rattan furniture sets then you at least need someone dry to store the cushions and the rattan furniture is usually ok left outside if covered with a cover.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Unless you are the kind to buy and toss furniture, you will have to put up with a bit of cleaning. If you have a furniture set with cushions, then the cushions should sport removable covers for easy cleaning. These covers should be durable, mould free and colour fast. If they can be thrown into the washing machine even better!

As for metallic furniture, it shouldn’t be hard to clean unless there is a lot of rust. Plastic/synthetic furniture is very easy to clean. You just need a clean cloth, some water and soap to get it done. In short, the easier the furniture is to clean, the easier it is for you. If it can be cleaned, it can be maintained for long.

Extra Accessories

Parasols are invaluable when you are trying to maintain the condition of your furniture. They provide excellent coverage when it rains or the sun is out to scorch. If you want to avoid moving your furniture often, then good parasols are the way to go. 

On hot days or cold nights, you can include things such as patio heaters. This is to help regulate the temperature as you enjoy your time outside. Some garden sets include hammocks, outdoor lights and other functional features like fire pits. Depending on your manufacturer’s choice you can get some of these for free or purchase them separately.


They say that money rules the world and that you get what you pay for. In terms of your budget, you can select from a wide range of materials. Aluminium may be more affordable than some hardwood models offered. Long-term service can only be fostered by high-quality material so in some cases, you will have to pay more but often you get better value for money over the years. Alternatively, you can wait for sales and promotions so as to get a good deal.

Our Final Conclusion

Your garden is your haven and you are allowed to do whatever it takes to feel comfortable. If the large luxurious furniture set seems appropriate to you then no one should stop you. If you are looking for a small simple set, then make sure the quality is not compromised. All in all, you are the final decision maker. Get a set that meets your relaxation and space requirements, from there the rest like set colour can be figured out later. Sounds simple yes? Well, it is.

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