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7 Best Garden Deck Chairs for Modern/Traditional Style and Relaxation

Last updated on June 10th, 2021

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Bring the relaxation and excitement of seaside trips into your garden with one (or more) of the Best Deck Chairs in our review. We start with traditional deck chairs but then move to more contemporary versions, including a deck chair for two, one with a canopy to keep you out of the sun, another with a perfect drinks holder, one just for kids and yet another you can personalise with your own logo or message. After listing the pros and cons of each model, we discuss the features and our recommendation. Our Buyer’s Guide highlights the features available in the modern ‘traditional’ deck chair.


Harbour Housewares Traditional Adjustable Garden/Beach-style Deck Chair - Set of 2
This Harbour Housewares deck chair is for traditionalists who smile whenever they see a picture of these chairs on a beach. Our recommendation comes in a set of two matching chairs, although individual chairs are also available but in a limited selection of colours. The two-chair set has frames made of beech wood certified as eco-friendly. The woven polyester and cotton fabric is a strong and water-resistant material and comes in a variety of solid colours or stripes. You can lean back securely into three positions as the reclining grooves have safety locks on them. Your arms might dangle a bit as this chair doesn't have armrests. This is a deck chair style from the good-old-days.


Relaxdays Deck Chair - Set of 2
The Relaxdays deck chair also comes in a set of two. Don't be put off if blue and white stripes aren't in your outdoors colour scheme as the chair also comes in red and white stripes. This is a traditional design with modern comfort features. The frame is of eco-friendly bamboo and the polyester seat is weatherproof and long-lasting. The matching neck pillow cradles your head and the armrests help your shoulders to relax by supporting your arms. You don't have to reach far for a cold beverage with the drinks holder literally at hand which is a nice feature. Recline in one of four positions which is one more position than our best pick for the ultimate chill-out session. This deck chair is traditional but with a modern (comfortable) twist.

Best Deck Chairs Reviews

1. Harbour Housewares Traditional Adjustable Garden/Beach-style Deck Chair – Set of 2

Best Pick

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Harbour Housewares 2x Cream Wooden Deck Chair Traditional FSC Wood Folding Adjustable Garden/Beach Sun Lounger Recliner

The Harbour Housewares Traditional Adjustable Garden/Beach-style Deck Chair is what most people imagine when they think of a beach deck chair. Although this listing is for a cream colour version, this deck chair is available in four solid colours and three striped fabrics, all at slightly different prices when we were shopping around. You should find a colourway that matches your patio décor.

Your purchase is for a set of two matching deck chairs. The frame of each is made of beech wood that’s certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council to be from an environmentally managed source which is important to me and many other people. You can laze on these chairs in your garden knowing you’ve done a bit for the planet. The seat is made of a woven polyester and cotton blend that produces a strong material that’s resistant to tears. The seat fabric is hydrophobic; it gathers water into globules that can simply be wiped off the seat. You can remove the seat easily and wash it in your washing machine which is also a big plus and something not possible with all deck chairs.

With this Harbour Housewares traditional deck chair you have the choice of three positions to recline in. You’re safe when you lean back as the reclining bar locks into safety hooks at each position, keeping the back of the chair securely at that angle. You do need to find somewhere to put your arms though as the chair doesn’t have armrests but it’s not a big issue for me.

Note: You can also buy a single deck chair by Harbour Housewares in a more limited range of colours.


  • Pack of two beech frame (FSC certified) deck chairs with cotton/polyester woven seats.
  • Adjustable to three reclining positions with safety hooks to keep the seat in place.
  • Seat is removable and easy to clean.
  • Comes in four solid colours and three colours that are striped with white.
  • The maximum person weight load is 120kg.
  • Assembly is easy and good instructions are on the sales page.
  • Folds flat for ease of transport and storage.
  • Dimensions: 56cm (width); 33-44cm (front height); and 78-106cm (rear height).


  • No armrests.

Our recommendation

The Harbour Housewares Traditional Adjustable Garden/Beach-style Deck Chair (2-pack) is a delightful throwback to a traditional deckchair design but with the added safety of the hooks that hold it in position. It additionally has a modern polyester fabric for ease of cleaning thanks to it being washing machine suitable, and a range of colours for you to select from.

The Harbour Housewares Traditional Adjustable Garden/Beach-style Deck Chair (2-pack) is our Best Pick for its old-time look, quality eco-friendly build and modern features.

2. Relaxdays Set of 2 Deck Chair with Drink Holder


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Relaxdays Deck Chair Set of 2, Beach Lounger with Drink Holder, Bamboo, Armrests, Folding, Blue Stripes

The Relaxdays Set of 2 deck chairs takes the traditional deck chair design and adds modern comfort and convenience features. This is also a set of two chairs but this time the frames are made of bamboo wood. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly wood that regrows quickly. The frames have rounded edges and ends that not only look stylish but prevent kids from hurting themselves on sharp edges and stop the chair feet from gouging deep into the ground.

The fabric of the seat is made of polyester. This durable fabric is lightweight and waterproof, and dries quickly. You have a choice of blue and white striped fabric or red and white stripes, both classic and still classy looks. The fluffy and removable neck pillow is in the same fabric and saves you having to rest your head on the top of the chair frame.

Your comfort is further provided for by the wide armrests, on which you can also place your phone or book for safekeeping. In the right-hand armrest is a drinks holder that’s large enough for a can or a fairly large beverage bottle.

You have four relaxing positions to recline too, which is one more than most other deck chairs. Although the grooves that the reclining bar fits into are fairly deep, make sure to carefully place the bar there. This deck chair doesn’t come with safety hooks to hold the bar in place.


  • Set of two deck chairs with bamboo frames with rounded edges and ends.
  • The fabric cover is made of polyester that’s strong and durable.
  • The detachable neck pillow is in the same polyester fabric.
  • Choice of blue and white stripes or red and white stripes.
  • Has armrests with a holder (10cm in diameter) for a beverage container or bottle in the right side one.
  • Four reclining positions to relax in.
  • A removable seat that’s easily cleaned.
  • Easily foldable for carrying about.
  • Dimensions: 100cm (length); 71.5cm (width) and 65.5-85.5cm (height).


  • No safety hooks to hold reclined chair in place.

Our recommendation

The Relaxdays deck chairs have a cheerful blue and white striped polyester seat and an eco-friendly bamboo frame. Its four reclining positions let you relax with ease as does its neck pillow, armrest and drinks holder. It’s a little more expensive than the more basic deck chairs, but these are premium features and the overall build quality should be too.

The RelaxdaysDeck Chair is the Runner-up in our review. We like that it still keeps the traditional design but adds in quite a few modern comforts.

3. Outsunny Outdoor Garden Wood Frame Folding Deck Chair with Canopy + Footrest

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Outsunny Outdoor Garden Wood Frame Folding Deck Chair with Canopy + Footrest Set Adjustable Backrest

The Outsunny Outdoor Garden Wood Frame Folding Deck Chair with Canopy + Footrest caters to those people who like to really lay back to relax and to stay out of the sun.

The frame of this Outsunny deck chair is constructed of Acacia wood. This is a hardwood that’s eco-friendly and grows so fast that in, some places, it’s considered to be an invasive species. What’s better than relaxing and doing a bit for the environment at the same time? The frame has been stained a dark teak colour. However, I still recommend that you re-stain or oil the wood at least annually to keep it looking its best.

The sling seat is made of cream coloured polyester that deflects the heat. The integrated canopy at the top of the frame and the footstool are made of the same materials. The canopy folds out to cover your face and neck and protect you from harsh sunlight and drizzle. You can always fold it back if you do want some sunlight falling on your upper body.

The stool is separate from the chair and lets you lay out more fully in the lowest of the four reclining positions open to you. Even in this quite prone position, you’re safe as the grooves the reclining bar fits into have safety hooks to hold it firmly in place. The armrests of this chair allow you to relax even your tired shoulders. However, be careful as you get up from the chair as some online reviewers state that it’s quite close to the ground.


  • Acacia wood frame deck chair that’s polished and has a teak coloured finish.
  • Sling fabric is cream coloured and made of polyester.
  • The integrated canopy at the head of the seat pulls out to protect your sunlight and light rain.
  • The back of the chair adjusts to four different reclining positions, with safety hooks to keep the seat firmly in place.
  • Matching footstool lets you put your lay back and put your feet up.
  • The seat and canopy are removable for easy cleaning.
  • The maximum weight load is 160kg for the chair and 40kg for the footstool.
  • Some assembly is required but it’s straightforward.


  • Chair: 126cm (length); 70cm (width); 28cm (height at front) and 94cm (height at back).
  • Stool: 41cm (length); 39cm (width) and 32cm (height).


  • Some may find it a little low to the ground.

Our recommendation

The Outsunny Outdoor Garden Wood Frame Folding Deck Chair with Canopy + Footrest provides some built-in shade and more laid-out relaxing in your garden. The eco-friendly Acacia wood takes a little annual upkeep but all outside wood furniture does really.

I recommend the Outsunny Outdoor Garden Wood Frame Folding Deck Chair with Canopy + Footrest for those concerned with sunburn and those who want to really lay back.

4. Valdern Wooden Folding Decking Chair for Kids

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VALDERN Teddy - Wooden Folding Decking Chair for Kids Outdoor Garden Patio Balcony Camping

The Valdern Wooden Folding Decking Chair for Kids is a deck chair especially for young people from ages three to seven. This kid’s chair has an untreated natural beech frame, so I recommend staining or varnishing it before you use it.

The seat is made of a very practical polyester that’s lightweight and easily cleaned of any garden grime or food spills. The design of this model is a Teddy Bear on a background of multi-coloured dots. It’s also available with a shark on a blue background for those kids who prefer their deck chair design to be a little more exciting.

There’s three reclining positions for your child to play with but no safety locks to hold it firmly in any one position. (But the grooves are quite deep). The maximum weight that this child’s deck chair can handle is 35kg at one time ao it’s fairly sturdy too.


  • Kid’s size deck chair with a natural beech frame.
  • 100% polyester seat with a teddy bear printed on a multi-colour dot pattern.
  • Also available with a shark design. Click here to view on Amazon
  • Three reclining positions for your child’s comfort.
  • Recommended for children ages 3 to 7 with a maximum weight of 35kg.
  • Easily foldable for storage and transporting.
  • Dimensions, sitting up: 71cm (length); 32.5cm (seat width) and 72.5cm (height).


Our recommendation

The Valdern Wooden Folding Decking Chair for Kids is a basic beach or garden chair for children ages three to seven. Choose from a teddy bear or a shark design and let your little one relax alongside you when you’re in your own deck chair.

5. Charles Bentley FSC Eucalyptus Wooden Double Deck Chair

Best two-person deck chair

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Charles Bentley FSC Eucalyptus Wooden Double Deck Chair for Outdoors and Garden FSC Wood Polyester

The Charles Bentley FSC Eucalyptus Wooden Double Deck Chair is a traditional deck chair with one unique difference – it seats two people side by side. This is really a two-person deck sofa with a maximum weight total of 320kg. I also recently reviewed my two-person hammock with a frame by Vivere you can read about in this review here.

It’s confusing as to what the wood is that the frame is made of. Even the manufacturer’s own website states in the chair’s title that it’s eucalyptus and then in the description they say that it’s acacia. Both of these woods are strong, hardwoods, are rot and water-resistant, and are eco-friendly. Either way, the frame is strong and durable.

The seat is made from polyester in a beautiful teal colour that will look great around any water feature, such as a fountain, garden swimming pool or hot tub. Polyester is lightweight and water-resistant, as well as being easy to clean.

This double deck chair reclines to any one of three positions and both people must agree which to choose. Make sure that the reclining bar is placed firmly in the grooves, though, as there’s no safety hooks to keep it firmly in place. With no armrests, you have to figure out where to place your arms comfortably.


  • Double folding deck chair for two people to sit side by side.
  • Frame, with rounded ends, is made of FSC approved acacia or eucalyptus wood.
  • Polyester in a teal colour is used for the sling seat is washable.
  • The maximum weight load is 320kg of people combined.
  • Reclines to three positions.
  • Dimensions: 105cm (length); 112cm (width); 96cm (width of seat); 44cm (height at front) and 95cm (height at back).


  • Doesn’t have safety hooks to hold the chair in a reclined position.
  • No armrests

Our recommendation

The Charles Bentley FSC Eucalyptus Wooden Double Deck Chair provides enough seating space for two people to sit side by side and have a warm chat or to watch the sunset together.

If you want something a little cosier with a friend or loved one than sitting in two separate deck chairs, the Charles Bentley FSC Eucalyptus Wooden Double Deck Chair is a great choice.

6. VidaXL Bamboo Deck Chair with Footrest

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vidaXL Bamboo Deck Chair with Footrest

The vidaXL Bamboo Deck Chair with Footrest offers something a little different to the traditional deck chair. First of all, it’s made entirely of bamboo – the seat and all – giving a natural and “safari-like” look to the chair. It also comes with a detachable footstool, also all of bamboo, to put your legs upon. Bamboo is an eco-friendly wood with excellent durability and weather resistance.

Don’t be concerned by this all-wood design. The frame is made of bamboo poles but the seat is made of bamboo slats that are hung together in a flexible arrangement from the frame. Think of a large bamboo place mat. This serves to flex the seat horizontally to your contours when you sit down and gives a kind of zero-gravity feel. This is an ergonomic design that lets you settle into your most comfortable position.

You have a choice of four positions to lay back in. The reclining bar sits up against long bamboo pegs to keep it in position. The downside of an all-wood chair is that it’s heavier than other deck chairs and not as easy to pick up and move.


  • Single-person deck chair made entirely out of bamboo.
  • The frame is from bamboo poles while the seat is from bamboo slats.
  • Comes with a detachable bamboo footstool.
  • Four adjustable reclining positions fit against long bamboo pegs.
  • Dimensions: 152cm (length); 59cm (width) and 80cm (height).


  • A little heavy to unfold and carry.

Our recommendation

The vidaXL Bamboo Deck Chair with Footrest is an all-bamboo chair that offers a different type of sitting and relaxing experience. Stylistically, it fits into any garden or patio décor and is sure to draw attention. Ergonomically, the seat is designed to shift with you as you move around.

If the idea of a deck chair with a more flexible seat appeals to you, then the vidaXL Bamboo Deck Chair with Footrest is definitely worth considering.

7. Ferocity Deck Chair with Armrest and Drink Holder – Personalised

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Ferocity Deck Chair Wooden Folding Lounger Chair with Armrest and Drink Holder Garden Beach Chair Design Personalised Your Black Text [119]

The Ferocity Deck Chair Wooden Folding Lounger Chair with Armrest and Drink Holder lets you move beyond personalising your deck chair by choosing the colour to customise your chair by choosing a message, name or picture to print on the seat which also makes it a great gift idea.

By itself, this Ferocity deck chair offers more than a basic model. The birch wood frame has a natural finish so you may want to paint or stain before using the chair for the first time. The fabric seat is constructed from woven polyester that’s lightweight and removable for cleaning. It’s also interchangeable with the seats from any other single-person deck chair from this manufacturer. The armrests are an added feature, though they are quite narrow. The left armrest widens at the end into a drinks holder for your cold beverage on a hot day. Lean back and relax at three different reclining angles.

It’s the seat itself that provides the customisation possibilities. You can choose from a number of fabric colours on which to have your thoughts or artwork printed. Add your name to avoid any misunderstandings as to which chair is yours, or perhaps your favourite saying with or without a background picture; or even just a photo of a memorable sunset. Check and double-check the spelling of any words that you use, though.

Online reviewers report that the quality of the digital printing of the seat customisations is very good. They do, however, have some concerns over the flimsy quality of the wood frame but I suppose it depends on what you expect for the price. Personally, most people will be very pleased with it.


  • Birch wood frame deck chair with a natural finish.
  • The fabric seat is 100% waterproof polyester that’s removable and interchangeable with other deck chair frames from the same manufacturer.
  • Has narrow armrests and a cup holder in the left one.
  • Three reclining positions for your relaxation fit into curved grooves.
  • Folds easily for transport and storage.
  • Available in a selection of colours for you to put your custom message and/or picture on.
  • Holds up to a maximum weight of 120kg of person.
  • Dimensions: seat: 109cm (length) and 45cm (width); 29-34cm (height from ground).


  • No safety hooks to hold reclined chair in place.

Our recommendation

The Ferocity Deck Chair Wooden Folding Lounger Chair with Armrest and Drink provides the basics of a deck chair along with narrow arm rests and a drinks holder. But you make it truly yours by personalising the seat with a message and/or picture of your choice on a background you choose from a range of colours.

The Ferocity Deck Chair Wooden Folding Lounger Chair with Armrest and Drink is for those who want their chair to say something about who they are.

Buyer’s Guide

Our Buyer’s Guide looks at the basics of what makes a deck chair a deck chair, and then discuss the most popular extras that are now available.

The Basics

The basic elements of a deck chair as, we know it nowadays, are pretty simple. There’s a wooded frame and  a sling seat made of fabric. The chair is lightweight and can fold flat, making it easy to carry and narrow for storage. We also expect the deck chair to recline (safely) to several positions so the user can sit upright or lay back at various angles. Deck chairs are a common sight on the beach at the seaside.


Nowadays, the design of the basic deck chair has been expanded to include features that are environmentally friendly, give comfort or provide convenience.

Choosing a comfortable deck chair


Though most deck chair frames are still made of wood, the types of wood have changed to environmentally sustainable species. The woods of the chairs we review include bamboo, acacia and beech. Hard woods in particular are extremely durable and weatherproof, though they do need to be frequently oiled for them to maintain their colour and best appearance.

The best deck chairs use stainless steel fastenings to avoid introducing rust into the structure.

Some deck chairs are now available with metal frames. Powder-coated steel and aluminium both are weather- and rust-resistant, though aluminium contributes to a lighter weight frame. Personally, it’s wood all the way for me.


Woven polyester is the most popular seating fabric used. This synthetic material is of a light weight, is water resistant and is long lasting. It also is difficult to tear or snag. Most seats of deck chairs are easily removable and can be washed, often in your washing machine.

Deck chair frame and seat material choices

Sometimes a polyester/cotton blend fabric is used for the seat. This has the same properties as polyester but has a softer more natural feel. Some manufacturers use nylon as their fabric of choice. This material is thin and lightweight and is not reviews as well as other choices.

Whichever fabric you choose, check to see if it has a coating to protect it from UV rays. (none of the models in our review mentions this.) UV-rays can fade colour and make the fabric brittle over time. I expect all fabrics to be UV stable these days but it might not always be the case.


While laying back in a chair is a relaxing position, some deck chairs offer further ways for you to feel comfortable. Look for chairs with adjustable neck pillows and removable foot stools. Not everyone is the same length lying down or has the same length legs, so it’s useful to be able to move these items to the best place for you.

You can also find deck chairs with attached canopies to keep you out of the sun and to save moving your garden parasol around with you. Look in particular for chairs with arm rests so you have somewhere to stretch out your arms and release tension from your upper body.

Garden deck chair being used in park as easy to carry


At some point, you will have to carry your deck chair. The best models have an integrated handle slot at the top of the frame. Otherwise, just grab onto whatever part of the chair is the handiest to hold. And for ultimate convenience, a drinks holder in the armrest means you have to move your hand mere inches to imbibe your cold beverage.

Final Conclusion

The traditional deck chair still has a place on our staycations, in our hearts and in our gardens. Even the more recent interpretations of this British classic retain most of the well-known design and just add more features for comfort. The deck chairs in our review run from a traditional striped design to one you can customise by having your own logo, message or graphic printed. Armrests, canopies, neck pillows, foot stools and drink holders make your relaxation all the more enjoyable.

Our Best Pick is the Harbour Housewares Traditional Adjustable Garden/Beach-style Deck Chairs. This traditional deck chair comes in solid colours and stripes and has a safety feature that locks the chair in its reclined position. Although our Best Pick comes in a set of two chairs, it is available to buy individually.

Our Runner-up is the Relaxdays Deck Chairs that some in a set of 2. This takes the traditional design and adds some comfort elements. These include a removable neck pillow, armrests and a drinks holder.

Our extra interest is the Charles Bentley FSC Eucalyptus Wooden Double Deck Chair which is a deck chair for two people. Cuddle up with a loved one in this double-width chair that comes in a gorgeous teal colour.

If a deck chair turns out to be a little too old-school for you, try these other fun chairs to relax in in your garden. We have reviews for the Best Hammock Chairs, the Best Hanging Egg Chairs, and amazing Zero Gravity Chairs.

If you’re looking for something in which you can curl up and have a relaxing nap, consider a Garden Day Bed or a great Garden Hammock.

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