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top 5 best secateurs for all round pruning

Top 8 Best Secateurs – Tried & Tested Models With Reviews

What to look for in the best pair of pruners and why Felco and Okatsune are our first choice every time.  Nothing beats a pair of secateurs when it comes

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Best Garden shredder Reviews - Top 6 Models for Woody and green garden waste

The Best garden Shredder for shedding garden and kitchen waste and 7 top picks

When it comes to shredding, papers are not the only things on the list, there is a whole pile of garden and kitchen waste to consider as well! Time and

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best garden sprayers - garden sprayer reviews

Top 7 Best Garden Sprayers & Perfect for weedkiller & pesticides

Whether you’re spraying pesticides or weedkiller, we look at 7 of the best garden sprayers from small handheld models to larger knapsack sprayers and everything in-betweenGarden sprayers are another piece

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Best Garden Fork - After hours of research, see which made the grade

The Best Garden Forks – We compared 5 Border & Digging Forks

There was a time when a garden fork would last a life time and even would be passed down to the next generation, with so many cheap imports now available,

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Gtech Cordless Lawnmower 2.0 Review

Gtech Cordless Lawnmower 2.0 Review – Updated for 2020 to see how it compared with the latest upgrades

Gtech is renowned for its innovation and simplicity with the Gtech vacuum cleaner range. Their latest cordless lawn mower, the Gtech Cordless Lawnmower 2.0, continues this goal. The Gtech cordless

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Best Garden Multi Tool Reviews

Top 6 best garden multi tools – Petrol and electric models with reviews

With so many things to cut, trim, and prune in the garden, most gardeners find themselves needing to purchase all sorts of tools to effectively maintain their gardens. While it’s

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Best Wheelbarrow - We compare 10 models and bring you the best 5 models

Top 6 Best Wheelbarrows Reviewed – All Models Compared

Which is the best wheelbarrow? We compare everything from build quality to affordability as well as some innovative features you never knew existed Possibly, one of the most useful and

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Best petrol leaf blower

Best Petrol Leaf Blower – 6 Top Models Compared & Reviewed

PETROL LEAF BLOWER REVIEWS 2020 If your’e fortunate enough to be able to watch the beautiful leaves, as they change colour in the Autumn, then your probably no stranger to

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cordless leaf blower reviews

Top 6 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers For Clear Leaves

CHOOSING THE CORDLESS LEAF BLOWER AND WE REVEAL OUR TOP PICK Autumn. A time of warm colours – of scarlet and russet, burnt orange and rich yellow – before the

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best cordless hedge trimmer

Top 9 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers

A well-manicured hedge is one of the most satisfying scenes for every homeowner, but only the best cordless hedge trimmer can give you the freedom to trim every corner of

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