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best garden incinerators, we compare four of the best from large barrel incinerators to value for money 90 litres to mini incinerators which are great for space saving

Choosing the best garden incinerator

Garden incinerators are an effective way to expose of garden waste as they are designed to burn efficiently at high temperatures. They are commonly used to burn allotment waste including

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felco secateurs review

Felco secateurs, which model is the right pair for you?

Felco secateurs review Felco secateurs are appreciated by novice and professional gardeners alike. They are renowned for being the best in the world. The Swiss made pruners are built from

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best long reach hedge trimmers

Best long reach petrol hedge trimmers

Comparing long reach petrol hedge trimmers Long reach hedge trimmers (which are sometimes known as pole hedge trimmers) are suitable for cutting taller hedges to a height of approximately 12ft, where

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best telescopic tree pruners

Best Telescopic Tree Pruner – Top 5 Models Reviewed

Comparing the best long reach tree pruners for reaching them hard to reach branchesOne garden tool that is essential, for the safe pruning of tree branches, specially at height, is

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best garden loppers

Best Garden Loppers – We review 7 of the best models

The time has come to utilise your garden loopers to keep your trees in good condition. If you do not own a garden looper then cutting off those thick or

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