Best Garden Multi Tool – We compare & review the best 5 models for 2017

Best Garden Multi Tool – We compare & review the best 5 models for 2017

Best Garden Multi Tool – We compare & review the best 5 models for 2017

Top 5 Best Garden Multi Tools 

When the four seasons of the year are upon us, we use different ways to make sure that out gardens survive and prosper. Especially in summer when our gardens are busy blooming, there is a lot of landscaping to be undertaken. If you are landscaping yourself, it can be hard going back and forth to the tool shed. After a long season of landscaping you can find your tool shed stacked and disorderly.

To save you all this hustle, manufacturers have discovered new ways of multi-tasking. If you have yourself a garden multi tool, you are in a position of leverage. Your multi-tool, houses all the essential tools supported by a main structure. All you have to do is select the tool you need and just screw them on to the main body.

These tools offer you range and distance coverage. Depending on the brand you select, it is crucial that you acquire a high quality multi tool with all the right features. This way, you make a credible investment for your garden maintainace needs.

Below is the winner of our 'Top Pick Award', the Aosome Petrol Multi Tool which is the best garden multi tool for both amateur and professional gardeners alike due to its high quality construction, great performance and attachments. 

AOSOME 52CC Petrol Multi Function Garden Tool Review


AOSOME 52CC Petrol Multi Petrol Multi Function Garden Tool

Comes complete with 4 cutting tools which include a hedge trimmer, brush cutter, strimmer and chainsaw/pruner.

  • Ideal for strimming, brush cutting, hedging trimming and pruning.
  • Includes safety goggles, ear defenders & Gloves.
  • Powerful 52cc petrol engine.
  • 2 Year warranty for extra peace of mind.


Bosch AMW 10 Multi-Tool review

AOSUME 52cc Multi Tool


AOSOME 52CC Petrol Multi Function Garden Tool Review

AOSUME 52cc Multi Tool



AOSUME 52cc Multi Tool

Garden Multi Tool Buyers Guide

We continue to explain the factors surrounding these amazing multi tools below.

Benefits of garden multi tools

To look at why these tools have become so popular, we would have to look at the benefits.

Below are some of the main benefits:

  • Saves you time - When it is hot, nobody likes to be in constant motion. The heat leaves our bodies in uncomfortable positions. Back and forth movements to your garden shed waste precious time and it is a waste of energy. With the multi-tool you can assemble all the attachment tools in one place and go about your garden maintainance.
  • Portable - Considering that all the tools just require one power source, you can easy pack them up. If you are a professional landscaper this is a good investment that saves you time and space.
  • Storage Space - The simple fact that there are different attachments and a single engine, you save so much space. Imagine your tool shed with just one power tool that covers all of the bases.
  • Versatile - The market is fully engaged in making high quality landscaping tools. By getting a multi tool you get to perform all your gardening from one tool. You can trim your hedges, cut your grass, and trim trees and many more.
  • Low maintenance costs - The multi tool runs on one engine. This means that you save money that you could have used fuelling and maintaining different garden tools and their individual motors, you only have to service one motor instead of 4 for example.

Critical Considerations

When getting a multi-tool kit for your garden, there are a few things to keep in mind. Below are a few helpful tips.

  • 1. Source of power - Depending on your preference and budget you can choose to select engines that run on electricity or petrol, with the latter being the most popular choice. Being that the world is getting more conscientious about pollution; the electric tools are gaining popularity but the different attachments usually have to be purchased separately. The scale of work to be covered also determines the power source you can access. Electric powered tools offer more range in distance coverage and sustainability. Petrol powered multi tools are known for their power output and are usually great for small gardens and larger gardens. Petrol models are usually much better for portability as you can just keep refueling on jobs.
  • 2. Essential tools - Most of us tend to different styles of gardens. Some power tools may be more efficient in certain situations than others. There are manufacturers who sell the engine and the assorted tools separately. This way if you require only the chainsaw, hedge trimmer or brush cutters the only, that is what you get. There is no need of acquiring tools you may never use, and you get to save a little bit of money. Overall electric multi tools do not include every tool while most petrol models come with all tools included.
  • 3. Weight - Weight that a person can handle varies according to factors such as body weight, height, among other things. When selecting a multi tool for your gardening needs, choose one that is not too heavy, as it might exhaust you quickly. There are tools made of lighter materials like aluminium that make portability an advantage. Weigh your options, literally. Petrol based engine tools are the heavier but offer more robust power. Generally the more expensive petrol models are lighter, hence the higher price tag.
  • 4. Length - According to the amount of coverage you are dealing with, you might require a longer extension pole. Especially in areas where there is overgrowth, and in tree pruning, the length of the trimmers should really be considered. If you are working on a regular garden you will need something of a normal height. Put in mind the longer the lengthy, the harder it is to manoeuvre.
  • 5. Quality of tools - The materials used to construct the tools are to be of the highest quality. Why? It will save you a lot of maintenance costs and the tools will last you decades. The quality and finish of the product is essential. Using blunt tools only seeks to create untidy work. Untidy gardens can never be a site to behold. Working with low quality tools us usually much harder.
  • 6. Safety - Does the multi tool you are seeking have safety features? Are they efficient? Your safety, and of those around you should be a primary concern. You should be sure that the assorted tools have the right fit for secure attachment. These locking mechanisms prevent these tools from being propelled of in any direction, and causing grievous bodily harm.

    Also, the inclusion of protective gear like gloves and face protection masks are an added plus in avoiding cuts and grazes and strongly recommended if not essential. Prevention is after all, is better than cure.
  • 7. Cost - Following a budget is a very financially aware decision. Your spending power might also affect the kind of features you can be able to access. Do not worry, this does not mean you get inferior products if you are on a tight budget. The secret is to look for the multi tool that offers you the best features in that price range.
  • 8. Reputable brands - Ratings and reviews have become the new scoring board when it comes to businesses. Before purchasing any product, take your time and look through the reviews of those who have experience with the product, Amazon is a great place to check reviews. There are popular brands that are trusted. These brands offer their customers warranties and guarantees. That way if something goes wrong with the multi tool, you know where to direct your queries.
  • 9. The neighbours - If you live in serene and quaint places, it would be unfair to put your neighbours through incessant noise. Petrol powered garden multi tools tend to be very noisy. If you have touchy neighbours, it’s wise to lean more on the electric or battery powered machines or use petrol tools at a considerate time.

With these tips you cannot go wrong. Feel free to read our detailed reviews of 5 of the best garden multi tools to see which model might be best for you. We covered the best models within every price range and budget to help you make the right decision.

Garden Multi Tool Reviews

AOSOME 52CC Petrol Multi-Function Garden Tool Review


AOSOME 52CC Petrol Multi Function Garden Tool Review

AOSOME 52CC Petrol Multi Function Garden Tool

  • Features a 5 in 1 Garden Tool including strimming, brush cutting, hedge trimmer, Pruning Chainsaw and extension pole for reaching them hard to reach places.
  • Includes safety goggles, ear defenders & Gloves.
  • CE and EMC approved for safety and peace of mind that you are uses a safe tool.
  • Powerful 52cc petrol engine.
  • Maximum power output of 2.2 kW running at a very impressive 7500 rpm.
  • Large fuel tank capacity of 1200ml so ensure more trimming and less filling.

Our 'Best Pick' is an incredible durable Aosome Multi Function Tool which is highly powered with a powerful 52cc engine that produces a very impressive 7500 round/min. It works well on those tougher heavy duty maintenance jobs.

Value for money is definitely a consideration when getting this multi-function garden tool. With this garden multi tool, you could work on your entire garden or farm, from trimming over grown bushes with the brush cutter, to sorting out grassy edges with the strimmer, to tidying your hedges with the hedge trimmer and taking on the stronger and thicker branches using the chainsaw attachent..

There’s an extension pole that reaches up to 3.44m (11ft) when attached to the hedge trimmer and 3.27m (10.7ft) long when worked with the pruning saw.

The hedge trimmer consists of a tough steel double sided blade which is 45 cm along with the included extension pole. On the other hand, the long reach chainsaw or pruning saw features a chainsaw blade of 30cm (12 inches), chain lubrication (auto adjustable oiler), and a chain adjustment. The strimmer has a length of approximately 1.86m and features a 3T metal blade.

It also comes complete with a Bosch spark plug, safety goggles, protective gloves and ear defenders, padded shoulder strap, funnel, fuel mixing bottle, toolkit and 1 user manual.

With its unmatched versatility the 5 in 1 package is definitely an asset for effective garden work that effectively covers the entire garden.

Possible concerns

  • Assemble can be a little complicated at first until yet got the hang of it.

Our recommendation - The Aosome Garden Multi Tool comes with a  free safety kit which includes the gloves, ear defenders and goggles which makes it comfortable to use for longer periods of tme. This machine needs substantial strength when operating as it has a lot of power. It’s the perfect machine for large gardening areas and landscapers alike.

Overall an amazing piece of kit that offers excellent value for money specially when you consider what is included which is why we named it our 'Best Pick'.





  • Uses a powerful 52cc 2-stroke engine.
  • Power: 2.2 Kw @ 7500 rpm.
  • Extension Pole length - 1000mm.
  • 5 in 1 multi tool, includes chainsaw, strimmer, brush cutter and hedge trimmer and extension pole for extra reach.
  • Easy to start and use
  • Approved by CE and EMC for full peace of mind.
  • Includes tool kit.
  • Light weight at only 5.7kg
  • Spare parts available just in case

This Trueshopping petrol engine garden tool is powerful, reliable and easy to start and operate. It’s the perfect accessory for trimming hedges and cutting those difficult to reach overgrown branches.

The air cooled single cylinder engine features a 2-stroke system and has a displacement of 52cc for maximum power. It also uses petrol which assures about its reliability. The engine’s transmission method is powerful thanks to the auto centrifugal clutch bevel lever with a maximum speed of (min-1): 1500 and a maximum power of 2.2 KW / 3HP. More than enough for home garden users.

Talking of the combined tools, the brush cutter features a metal T3 prolonged blade with a cutting diameter of 30cm. This cutting diameter is quite large enough to cut through thick branches efficiently. The Pruning Saw features a chain guide bar gauge and a chainsaw bar/blade is about 30cm. The hedge trimmer features a hardened steel blade (double edged), with a length of 435mm and can adjust to different cutting angles for ease of use.

The extension pole which comes in handy when targeting the hard to reach branches is 1000mm in length.

The strimmer has a cutting diameter of approximately 40cm and it is the perfect tool for taking care of grassy edges.

The package is all inclusive of a protective Guard, mixing bottle, one Shoulder Harness tool kit & manual instructions, Plug spanner and an adjustable handle.

It comes with a very impressive 2 year warranty and the spare parts are available and full spares back up service as well.

Reading and understanding the instructions is key, to avoid inconveniences during set up, storage and maintenance.

Possible concerns

  • The machine is a bit heavy for use over longer periods of time making it not the best choice for trade use.

Our recommendation - Due to its weighty nature, precaution is advised when operating the machine but due to its lower price point and affordability, this model is the ideal choice for home users.

Overall the Trueshopping Multi Tool offers excellent value for money and thanks to the spares backup surface and 2 year warranty, it really is a great choice for the home owner. This is perhaps why its one of the most popular models currently on with over 500 reviews.

eSkde 52cc Petrol 5 in 1 Multi Tool Review


eSkde 52cc Petrol 5in1 Multi Tool Review

eSkde 52cc Petrol 5in1 Multi Tool

  • 5 in 1 kit designed for outdoor tasks.
  • Includes Hedge trimmer, chainsaw, strimmer and brush cutter attachments.
  • Includes safety goggles, ear defenders & Gloves.
  • Comes with 1m extension pole for reaching those hard to reach places.
  • Powerful, reliable 52cc, 2-stroke petrol engine.
  • Supplied with free safety kit which includes safety helmet / Visor, protective gloves and Harness for easy use.
  • Weight 5.9kg
  • Includes 2 year warranty & full spares backup options.

This eSkde 52cc Multi Tool is an ultimate 5 in 1 gardening kit designed for all sorts of outdoor jobs. It includes a chainsaw that measures 30cm, a hedge trimmer with a 55cm articulated blade, brush cutter attachments which measure 87cm long and a strimmer.

If you are using an extension pole, the length adds to 98 cm on all dimensions whether vertically or horizontally. The eSkde 52cc can be used to prune, trim and cut out branches with less effort.

The machine runs on a powerful 2-stroke 52cc petrol engine which is also air cooled. The engine and the first drive measure 105cm long and works with a bevel gear centrifugal clutch which is efficient at controlling the speed of operating the multi tool.

The box contains a free safety kit consisting of a full face Visor, safety helmet, rugged gloves, mixing bottle, one shoulder harness and an additional extension pole together with the user manual.

There are also quick connected fixtures chains which come as a combo set. The tools do not need much technical knowledge; anyone could literally use this machine. However, pre assembling of tools is necessary before you start to know what goes where and avoid future assembly frustrations.

With flexible tools such as the 55cm cutter blade and a 75cm shaft hedge trimmer, one can adjust to a huge range of about 270 degrees while cutting out on high hedges, twigs and branches without having to twist an arm. The outcome is also quite neat and impressive and is a massive improvement on some cheaper models..

The pricing is relatively affordable for this set of combination tools. It comes with a 2 year warranty for extra peace of mind, spare parts and a full spares back up service.

Possible concerns

It is not a light piece of equipment and the engine gets heavier after prolonged use. Making proper use of this machine should allow the equipment to balance properly and make the task more comfortable using the included harness,

Our recommendation - The machine is not noisy at all when copared to cheaper models with screaming engines making it a great option for a home garden to trim out outgrown branches and hedges at comfortable angles.

Both young and old individuals could use it, provided the harness is properly placed. Overall, a better machine than the Trueshopping model but at an extra cost, however if its still within your budget, its probably worth spending the extra cost because at least you get the extra safety equipment as well.

That being said, you may find the our 'Best Pick' would be the best choice at around the same price as it also comes with safety equipment.

Bosch AMW 10 Multi-Tool Review


Bosch AMW 10 Multi-Tool review

Bosch AMW 10 Multi-Tool

  • Powerful 1000 watt motor delivers outstanding performance.
  • Quick change attachments - attachments sold separately or as a set.
  • Low maintenance design, no oil to change, filters to clean or engine maintenance.
  • Buy extra attachments if needed to save on cost, no need to buy hedge trimmer if you don't have a hedge etc. Only buy the attachments you will use.
  • Weight 9kg with hedge trimming attachment.

This 3 in 1 package combines a heavy duty grass trimmer, hedge cutter and tree prunner when purchased with all attachments. It is easy to carry and manoeuvre and switching between the tools is a breeze as no screwdriver is required. This machine boasts an ergonomic design and a power unit that includes a padded strap and an adjustable handle for extra comfort. The adjustable handle is ready to adapt to various arm lengths and complete your desired tasks.

The Bosch AMW 10 multi tool is extremely light weighing only 4.2kg (around 9kg including attachment). Additionally, the machine has a short length of around 1m plus a hook that gives you the option to hang up the device and store while saving on ground space. Yet, when the trimmer is attached it expands to 1.7m long for extra reach and versatility. The supplied shoulder strap along with the angled drive shaft makes even trimming easier.

If you thought you had an overgrown garden, the 3.5mm thick plastic cutting sticks have no match when it comes to cutting grass. The trimmer’s wide cutting diameter of 36cm also ensures quick progress that saves on time by covering large surface areas within the shortest time.

The tree pruner attachment weighs 1.3 kg and has a cutting length of 25 cm, 2.10m long without extension and 2.80m extension included. And there are two ways of attaching it; click it directly into the separately-bought power unit or click into an extra extension. The unit has an auto lubrication system which ensures that the chain never runs out of oil.

As for the hedge cutter, no need for ladders when working on horizontal surfaces, the blade can be swiveled a whole 180 degrees, enabling it to adapt to any given situation. It has a blade length of 43cm and a tooth opening of 15 ml to cut through even the thickest branches. When clicked to the power unit, the overall length of the tool is about 2.30 m. It has a superb click-stop position mechanism that increases it efficiency and saving time.

The 1000 watt motor unit delivers outstanding cutting performance and it’s quiet, lightweight and convenient. It sounds like the ultimate tool for anyone looking for an alternative for petrol. It also features an auto oil system that prevents running the pruner dry and this enhances maintenance of the multi tool and increases cutting performance.

Possible concerns

  • You have to be careful when using it as the cutter arms on the strimmer attachment wear out quit easily and may fly out and cause harm. The tool also gets heavy with prolonged use.
  • When purchased with just one attachment it offers great saving as you don;t need to purchase attachments you won't use, However, it you need all the attachments it can become expensive as each attachment is around £50-£60.

Our recommendation - The Bosch AMT Multi Tool is not noisy at all and we recommend it for specific outdoor chores such as pruning, trimming and cutting out hedges in your garden.

We would recommend this garden multi tool for less heavy duties since the tool can get heavy with time and is really designed for casual home use.

Its the only garden multi tool where you have to purchase all the attachments separately?. This is great if you only need a hedge trimmer or one of the other tools, however it can get expensive if you want to buy all the attachment tools.

Overall its a great choice for home owners who don't want the hassle of petrol powered garden tools and all the maintenance that come with petrol tools, this electric model requires next to no maintenance, specially when compared to there petrol counterparts.

Wolf Creek 52cc Petrol Multi-tool


Wolf Creek Multi-tool 58cc

Wolf Creek Multi-tool 58cc

  • Powerful 58cc 2-stroke petrol engine.
  • Interchangeable tool heads.
  • 5 in 1 garden multi tool.
  • Tool kit included.
  • Comes with shoulder strap for ease of use
  • CE quality certification for full peace of mind.
  • Weight - 6.5kg

The Wolf Creek Multi-tool is 5-in-1 garden equipment which offers exceptional performance and reliability for all your strimming, trimming and pruning needs around your garden. The most outstanding feature of the Wolf Creek is it allows for interchanging heads for the hedge trimmer, strimmer, brush cutter and pruner. It has a very reliable  58cc 2-stroke petrol engine which is very powerful for even the most demanding jobs.

The hedge trimmer is a multi-positional head that is completely adjustable up to 10 distinct positions and can rotate from 120 to 270 degrees. It has a maximum length of 93 inches when attached to the engine and up to 126 inches when the extension pole is connected to the machine while the cutting shears measure 18 inches.

The strimmer head features a twin nylon line which measures 18 inches in diameter and it offers a large cutting area. As you would expect there’s also a cover that protects against debris when in use. The strimmer is 90cm in length and 222 cm when connected to the engine unit so you have plenty of reach even for taller users. With the extension pole included, it stretches to a impressive 320cm.

The pruner or chainsaw is especially made for tackling small and medium branches from shrubs and trees. Featuring the famous Oregon chain, the pruner measures 116cm and this extends up to 222cm when connected to the engine. When the extension pole is connected to the engine, the total length is 320cm for reaching even the tallest branches with ease.

There is a 3T double sided steel blade brush cutter which is used cutting thick branches, brush, nettles, shrubs and other thick overgrowth you come across. The blade is 1.4mm thick with a cutting width of 25.5 cm. The 84cm long reach extension pole is a snap in/out design which allows easy all around use.

The Wolf Creek comes with a tool kit which includes; 13mm & 19mm spanner heads Sockets, spanner with 8mm & 10mm head, 4mm hexagonal spanner, and a Flat blade screwdriver. Also inclusive are; padded protective shoulder Strap with adjustable stainless steel clip, Eye Protector Goggle with elastic strap, Fuel mixing bottle, and thick cotton gloves Ear Defenders. The tools are incredibly durable if well maintained as you would with all machinery.

Possible concerns

  • It can be a bit cumbersome when assembling the tools especially for a first timer. Read assembling manual real careful to ensure smooth start, storage and maintenance for the multi tool. This however improves with frequency of using the tool as with other models.

Our recommendation - We recommend this garden multi tool for gardens with really high edges, branches, weeds and long thick grass. It works well in large areas, saves on time and the power is strong enough to bring down outgrown elements in your garden that are out of reach.

Value for money is exceptional; at time of review it was going for less than £200 for a high quality brand of tools.

Overall not a bad tool but would probably recommend over 'Best Pick' other this model and it is slightly cheaper. 

Final Conclusion

As you’ve learned, garden multi tools come in different designs. For the primary chores around your garden, most of them pack crucial component tools such as brush cutter, hedge trimmer, chainsaw prunner, strimmer and an additional extension pole.

Apart from these functionalities, the best garden multi tool should be easy to use and comfortable to work with. Our garden multi tool reviews include 5 of the best products in the market and we recommend following our guide in finding your best match.

Our Best Pick

AOSOME 52CC Petrol Multi Function Garden Tool Review

AOSOME 52CC Petrol Multi Function Garden Tool

The AOSOME 53cc petrol Multi function garden tool is our best garden multi tool. With a strimmer, chainsaw, hedge trimmer and brush cutter, along with a long reach pole, this multi tool ensures that you can take care of all sorts of tasks in your garden including the high and hard to areas without the need for a ladder.

It is powerful, comes with spare parts for maintenance and the machine is CE and EMC approved. It also comes with safety accessories and a user manual to help with the basics.

Overall a great choice for home users and professionals alike and at a even better price.?

Best Electric Multi Tool

Bosch AMW 10 Multi-Tool review

Not fancy the machine maintenance that comes with a petrol garden multi tool. Not want to keep refilling petrol and cleaning air filters not to mention servicing.

From our garden multi tool reviews, it’s obvious the Bosch AMW 10 Multi-tool is the perfect electric mutli tool, we looked at several but only the Bosch model seemed worth researching further.

This machine features a 1000 watt motor unit known for exceptional cutting performance no matter the job. however as standard It’s supplied with no attachments but this means you can just invest in the attachments you need.

You can see the latest price with the head trimmer included her??e

AOSOME 52CC Petrol Multi Function Garden Tool Review


AOSOME 52CC Petrol Multi Petrol Multi Function Garden Tool

Comes complete with 4 cutting tools which include a hedge trimmer, brush cutter, strimmer and chainsaw/pruner.

  • Ideal for strimming, brush cutting, hedging trimming and pruning.
  • Includes safety goggles, ear defenders & Gloves.
  • Powerful 52cc petrol engine.
  • 2 Year warranty for extra peace of mind.

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