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8 Best Fire Pits – Buyer Guide & Reviews

Last updated on February 27th, 2023

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Gathering around a fire pit on a cold day or night is very rewarding. There is something about watching flames consume fuel for the heat that is quite relaxing. Instead of digging holes in our garden for bonfires, fire pits provide the perfect solution without damaging the surroundings. They can also be used as barbecue grills if you find a sizable grilling plate. This makes them dual-purpose items that add value for your money.

Finding the best fire pit is not complicated. Consider the size of the fire pit and the material used to construct the fire pit. From there, the rest is as easy as the ABC’s. The detailed reviews and buying guide will prove that fire pits can be simple purchases. For example, our best pick is made from durable cast iron and it is affordable. This makes it attainable to many and it will last for a very long time. Read on to find more insight into the other models.


Gardeco Elidir Cast Iron Fire Bowl
This model is made from durable cast iron and has an impressive diameter of 45cm, which is enough to hold a decent amount of firewood/charcoal. It radiates heat and therefore you are assured of warm surroundings. Although it lacks handles for easy mobility, the fire pit makes it up with a strong structure. You can use the fire pit to barbecue making it a multipurpose tool and it is easy to clean. For such a durable model the price asked is fair as it is hard to get such excellent quality.


Decoras Daytona Fire Pit
This fire pit is designed for those looking for something traditional and sizable. The steel fire pit is stable and very sturdy. The fact that it comes with handles makes it easier to move around. This model also comes with the option to use it for grilling if you can find a suitable swivel grill. It may lack a lid but that is something that you can purchase if you require it for cooking. Other than that it is a premium product for a premium price.

The 8 best fire pits and bowls which we have reviewed are listed below:

  1. Gardeco Elidir Cast Iron Fire Bowl – BEST PICK
  2. Decoras Daytona Fire – RUNNER UP
  3. Indian Fire Bowl Set – BEST ECO-FRIENDLY PICK
  4. VonHaus Geo Fire Pit Bowl with Spark Guard & Poker
  5. Saltillo 3 in 1 Fire Pit With BBQ Grill Kit
  6. Harbour Housewares 87cm Cast Iron Garden Fire Pit
  7. Czaja Stanzteile 80cm Fire Bowl
  8. Landmann 28335 Big Sky Moons and Stars Fire Pit


Indian Fire Bowl Set
We chose the Indian Fire Bowl Set as the eco-friendly model and is very well made which means it will be around for years to come.

It has a large bowl that can be used to provide heat to everyone around it. It also comes with a cooking grate making it multi-function.

Overall it very well made and perfect for those looking for a larger model while keeping the environment in mind.

Our Top 8 Outdoor Fire Pit Reviews

Good quality fire pits come in various sizes and designs. Below are some of the kinds of fire pits that the market has to offer which are worth investing in. If you look through you will identify the different functions available and decide which of them work for you. We start with the ‘Best Pick’ fire pit, which doubles as a grill and table, super cool!

1. Gardeco Elidir Cast Iron Fire Bowl


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Gardeco Elidir Cast Iron Fire Bowl

The Gardeco Elidir Cast Iron Fire Bowl is made of cast iron and is probably one of the best, what we would call mass-produced fire bowls available. Because it is made from cast iron, this means that it is heavy, won’t rust easily and it will serve you for years to come. If you look at the fire pit base you will find decorative but functional feet that produce unwavering balance.

The bowl diameter of 45cm and height of 35.9cm won’t hold much charcoal or firewood but it will definitely radiate adequate heat around. On top of the fire bowl sits a grate that can be used for barbeque or charcoal grilling applications. This grate can be removed if not in use. To clean the fire pit just tip over the bowl and you are done.


  • Made from 99% cast iron except for the grill and screws that screw the legs on.
  • Heavy and durable so is able to last a long time.
  • Features an attractive and functional leg design.
  • It has a removable grate that can be used for cooking.


  • Fire bowl lacks handles for easy movement.
  • Would be better with the legs welded to the bowl, this is obviously not done so that it can easily be shipped. However, alternative screws are sufficient.

Our recommendation

The Gardeco Elidir Cast Iron Fire Bowl is the one to pick if you want to barbeque too, don’t want a great big fire bowl and still want something that will last. The simple structure of the bowl allows easy lighting of fuel and heat radiation. Being that the grate is removable, you can always finish cooking then continue to sit by the warm fire. 

It is certainly not the most expensive cast iron unit but it serves adequately. This is especially for those who do not want to own a large fire pit or are limited to space. It doesn’t have a lid so make sure you order a cover for it.

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2. Decoras Daytona Fire Pit


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Decoras Daytona Fire Pit

The Decoras Daytona Fire Pit is a large steel model that gives off a traditional vibe. The simple fire pit can be used for barbecue purposes if a swivel grill is attached. This makes this fire pit multipurpose and therefore, adds value for money. The 80cm diameter model is large but you can always get the model in a smaller size.

Made from untreated steel, this model is durable and would blend perfectly in the garden or the patio. The fire pit is stable and it can burn charcoal or wood comfortably. It additionally features handles to create easy manoeuvrability from one location to the next. It is simple but will cost you more than some of the other models featured here.


  • Made of untreated steel therefore it is strong and durable.
  • It is stable and comes with handles for mobility.
  • Features a wide diameter that is able to supply heat over a large area.
  • It can be used with a swivel grill.
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


  • Lacks a mesh lid to prevent fire sparks from spreading.

Our recommendation

If you are looking for something more traditional looking then this model would be a good fit. The large 80cm diameter is sure to hold more fuel to burn for heat. You can get a smaller sized model if this one is too big for you. It is a very stable and sturdy model and therefore, you will be able to make use of the fire pit for a long time. The paint might chip off and because of this, some maintenance is required if you don’t want it to rust.

3. VonHaus Geo Fire Pit Bowl with Spark Guard & Poker

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VonHaus Geo Fire Pit Bowl

The VonHaus Geo Fire Pit Bowl with Spark Guard & Poker is made of steel and because of this, it will last longer. The 66.5cm diameter fire pit is large enough to provide warmth for a couple of people. It comes with a nice pattern that gives the fire pit a decorative feel if you are looking to spruce up the garden or patio.

Burning charcoal or logs, this model consists of protective mesh that keeps fire spits at bay. It also comes with a fire-resistant poker that will assist you in keeping the fire going. The poker is insulated against heat and therefore, you will not burn your hands.

The 9.5kg model is lightweight and possesses handles to make manoeuvrability possible. It comes with a 2-year warranty that indicates that the manufacturer is comfortable with the quality of the product. If you get a grill grate that can fit across the diameter you can use the fire pit for barbecue.


  • Made from strong steel that offers years of service.
  • Comes with handles to move from one location to the next.
  • It is a large fire pit and therefore provides heat over a large area.
  • Features a heat resistant poker.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty for quality assurance purposes.
  • Easy to assemble and keep clean.


  • Lacks a drainage hole.

Our recommendation

The VonHaus Geo Fire Pit is an affordable option for a large fire pit. The 9.5kg model will suit those looking for aesthetically pleasing fire pits. The fire pit additionally comes accompanied by a heat-resistant poker and a spark guard adding more value for money. Although it lacks a drainage hole, this is not something that can’t be handled. Get a drill and create a drainage hole and you are good to go. Durable and affordable, there isn’t much more you can ask for.

4. Saltillo 3 in 1 Fire Pit With BBQ Grill Kit 

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The Saltillo 3 In 1 Fire Pit for Garden with BBQ Grill Kit is one to marvel after. It is aesthetically pleasing and provides you with three functions in one. This fire pit can be used for cooking, as a decorative patio table or simply as a fire pit to sit around and keep warm in the evening. The decision of function lies in your hands.

The mosaic fire pit rests on beautifully curved cast iron legs that facilitate the stability needed. For the function that this fire pit performs, it always has the right covering for it. If it is the table function you find a mosaic waterproof lid that will keep the unit protected. If it is the fire fit or the cooking grate, there is a protective cover to keep things away from the hot fire.

The 15kg unit is not very large and has a diameter of 75cm making it ideal for several people to sit around. This table would make a good addition to any patio or garden because it is rather easy to clean and maintain.


  • Offers three functions under one roof – table, grill for cooking and fire pit.
  • Features a mosaic pattern that is frost proof and complements different surroundings.
  • Supplied with lids, a poker and a grate that you can use depending on the currently operating function.
  • Designed with a wide diameter to provide more room for fuel and heat dispersion.
  • Comes with free cover to protect from the weather when not in use.

Our recommendation

The Saltillo 3 In 1 Fire Pit for Garden with BBQ Grill Kit is the kind of fire pit you get when you need more than basic functions. This fire pit can be used as a table, a barbeque grill or just as a fire pit to sit around and keep warm. This makes it versatile because it can be used in different seasons. What we especially appreciate is the mosaic pattern as it gives the fire pit a new dimension. 

For the price that is charged for this unit, we think that it offers excellent value for money. Not to mention that it comes with extra accessories like the poker that you can make good use of.

Overall, we think this is a great choice and very well made, certainly one of the best we have come across and very well designed, not to forget it comes with a free cover that you usually have to buy separately.

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5. Indian 80cm Fire Bowl with grill & stand


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Indian 80cm Fire Bowl

The Indian Fire Bowl Set helps you help the world. What we like about it is that its made from recycled materials and it’s hard to ignore the large size of the item. The bowl sits on top of a cast-iron stand that supports it and lifts it off the ground. This unit weighs a whopping 28kgs so you can tell how substantial it is.

It can be used for two reasons, cooking and heating. The fire pit is supplied with a large cooking grate that fits its 80cm diameter. The steel bowl will not give in to an early demise because it is robust and can transfer heat well. It is made from steel that is 1.2 to 1.8mm thick, similar to that used in Indian cooking (Kadai/karahi) bowls ceremonies and for cooking tasty, ever popular, street food in India.

For easy use, the fire pit has been fitted with robust handles that are used to move the bowl. The handles are not padded so it might be prudent that you use protective gloves and not to move it around when hot for obvious reasons. Another recommendation is to use sand at the base of the fire and cover the draining hole with a piece of pottery. This is to prevent premature clogging.


  • Manufactured from steel that is 1.2 to 1.8mm thick, and made to last and withstand the British weather.
  • Offers two functions under one roof thanks to the included grill (grill & Fire Bowl).
  • Made from recycled material therefore eco-friendly which we love.
  • Large 80cm diameter bowl with handles for easy relocation.
  • It has a draining hole which is perfect for draining.


  • As with most fire pits, no instructions are supplied for use.

Our recommendation

The Indian Fire Bowl Set is large enough to keep you occupied for many years to come and overall is very robust and has clearly been made to a high standard. We like the fire pit, especially because it is very eco-friendly. The fact that it is made from recycled material that is so durable it definitely adds value to money.

If you need a large fire pit that will last you a few barbecues and late nights for many years to come, this is the model to consider. Overall, very decorative and one of the best fire pits currently available.

6. Harbour Housewares 87cm Cast Iron Garden Fire Pit

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Harbour Housewares 87cm Cast Iron Garden Fire Pit

The Harbour Housewares Cast Iron Garden Fire Pit is a traditional burner that can be picked up at an affordable price. For the price we were very impressed with what our research found. The 15kg unit measures approximately 38.5cm in height and 87cm in diameter so is fairly wide. This means that you can pile up your firewood or charcoal and light it without worrying about overflow.

This cast-iron model is durable and strong. The three legs featured give the unit a stable stance even in strong winds. The handles are made of metal so be wise and don’t try to pick it up after it has just gone out, they get very hot.

This durable fire pit can blend easily in your garden and you don’t have to worry about rust as such. The Allen key provided will make assembly over with in a matter of minutes because all you need to do is fix the steel legs. Just make sure that it is well placed to avoid tipping over. With effective heat radiation, both you and your family can have a little fun by the fire.


  • Made from cast iron that is durable and made to last.
  • Features handles to help move the unit.
  • Wide diameter to hold more fuel for heat production.
  • Sold at affordable prices and thus attainable for most people.


  • No problems found, would be better with cast iron legs but not a deal-breaker.

Our recommendation

The Harbour Housewares Cast Iron Garden Fire Pit will serve you well if you just need a pit for heat. If you want to cook or prepare a quick roast, you will have to look for another model as it does not include a grill, which is a real shame.

Being that it is made from cast iron, you can be assured of the quality and durability. The three-legged stance is stable, however, they are made from steel and not cast iron which would have been better. Apart from that, this is a simple fire pit that can easily blend in with your environment and can be purchased at what looks like an incredibly good price.

 7. Czaja Stanzteile 80cm Fire Bowl

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Czaja Stanzteile 80cm Fire Bowl

The Czaja Stanzteile 80cm Fire Bowl is very similar to the Harbour Housewares model we just reviewed but slightly small and is made from 3mm steel instead of cast iron. The fire bowl is supported by three legs and can contain firewood to produce adequate heat. The diameter of the bowl is estimated at 80cm, which compared to smaller models, can cover some ground.

Being that the unit is fully metal it cannot be placed on flammable surfaces because it will scorch. Due to the design cleaning, the 18-inch bowl is easy because you just need to scoop the ashes out. On the side are handles that can be used to move the unit to the appropriate location. The handles are not insulated so be sure to wear protective gloves when the metal is still hot or simply wait for it to cool overnight to be safe.

The unit weighs 17.5kgs so is substantial and the total height is approximately 32cm with a diameter of 80cm as we have already mentioned. Because it is made from regular steel it will rust if left exposed so be sure to get a good cover for it. If you can get a protective chemical layer, it will save you from a rusty looking fire pit.


  • Large firepit that can contain large amounts of firewood.
  • Features handles for easy transportation.
  • Can be accompanied by a lid, however, this is sold separately.


  • Easily rusts if left unprotected.

Our recommendation

The Czaja Stanzteile Fire Bowl is a fire pit that you can use to keep you warm on those cold nights. It is big and wide enough to get wood piled enough for the heat. Being that it is made from ordinary steel, it will rust so be sure to get a cover and you can get a lid but this will have to be purchased separately.

If you are in search of a simple, thick and affordable fire pit, put this one down on your list of considerations.

8. Landmann 28335 Big Sky Moons and Stars Fire Pit

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Landmann 28335 Big Sky Moons and Stars Fire Pit

The Landmann Big Sky Moons and Stars Fire Pit provides functionality, ambience and looks very decorative giving you something a little different. The moon and star cut-outs shine brightly in the night light as the charcoal continuous to burn which makes it a real talking and focal point. Made from cold-rolled steel, it is finished off with Georgia clay sand paint. This gives it durability and prevents it from losing originality.

Supported by three legs, the fire pit sits stable and ready for use. The fire pit diameter is around 60cm which is not small. There is a ring going around the bowl that can be used to move the unit when needed. It also acts as a safety ring but how effective this is we aren’t so sure.

For cooking applications, a cooking grate has been provided. You will also find a mesh lid that can keep the food protected. This unit measures 74.9cm w x 58.4 hcm and comes with easy to understand assembly instructions.


  • Provides two functions in one BBQ and fire pit.
  • Supplied with a cooking grate and mesh lid for convenience.
  • Made of durable material with a protective finish.
  • Provides a good ambience on dark nights.


  • Rusts easily if left exposed to the elements.
  • Lacks water draining holes.

Our recommendation

The Landmann 28335 Big Sky Moons and Stars Fire Pit is a good choice if you are in search of a simple but decorative fire pit to use. Being that it comes with a cooking grate, you can easily have a camp meal and tell stories throughout the night.

This unit is quite heavy therefore it cannot be moved around that easily, however, it is resilient. Apart from rust, there is nothing major to frustrate you with this unit.

Overall, another good fire bowl worth considering that is made to last.

Our Buyer’s Guide

Check out our latest review on the best tables with fire pits built-in

Made from different kinds of materials and designs, fire pits have become essential in creating bonds between family and friends. The warmth draws people closer to the heat and facilitates easy conversation. To select the best one that your money can fetch, you have to be knowledgeable on the different features and factors. Let us explore some of the most important considerations that are to be made.

Construction materials

The material that you select should be able to fit your environment and your decor. Depending on the construction material used, you will experience different outcomes. Below are some of the popular styles you might find:

  • Steel – steel is easy to find and mould into different structures. While steel is popular it can rust easily therefore it is prudent to make sure that its stainless steel. The more intricate patterns a steel fire pit has, the more it is likely to cost. Most fire pits are manufactured from steel so you will see plenty about.
  • Aluminium & Cast Iron – The main differences between the two is weight and rust capability. Aluminium pits are lighter but will rust quickly if left unprotected. Cast iron pits are rust-resistant, durable and much heavier. According to the money that you have available you can select either of these models. Cast iron models are fairly popular and will last a long time.
  • Stone/ceramic/marble – these will definitely cost you more than the average fire pit. The advantage to these kinds of fire pits is that they are aesthetically pleasing and very durable. Because they are not subjected to damage from the weather elements, they will last a pretty long time. These can be made in different patterns and shapes and because they are heavy, they cannot be moved easily.
  • Copper – these kinds of fire pits can be used for generations to come due to its strength and ability to ward off rust. They even form that eye-catching green patina that most antique collectors rave about. You will definitely have to spend more when getting one of these fire pits but by the end of a few decades you would have gotten value for money.

Heat source

There are many ways to skin a cat and there are also a couple of ways to get that fire roaring. It may be due to where you live or just general preference but fire is fire. The heat sources that can be used in fire pits are as follows:

  • Wood– wood has been faithful to man and it will continue to do so. Wood gives off heat even when there are embers and doesn’t cost much to replenish stock. Woodfire pits are generally used outdoors and when the smoke dies down it can be used to toast marshmallows. If your wood is not dry, you will have a hard time getting that fire up. After the fire dies down, be ready to clean the ash out.
  • Coal – coal can be purchased in bags and is a great way to keep your fire pit going and is especially good for cooking over (if your fire pit has a grill) because they don’t flame-like wood. Coal also burns for longer but it usually doesn’t give off the intensive heat that wood does.

Consider purpose, placement and size

What is the reason that you want to get a fire pit? Is it for bonding with family? Do you want it permanently fixed or mobile? These are just some of the questions that will help you figure out what size and type of fire pit to get. Small fire pits (22-24 inches) will do for patio occasions. Large fire pits will do well when you have family around bonding at the gazebo.

Remember that the larger the fire pit the heavier it will be. If you are in search of a moveable pit look for small-medium sizes with handles. Larger ones will be tasked to move, especially if cemented or fixed to the floor.

The location where you place your fire pit should be clear of anything flammable. Trees, bushes and dry vegetation should be far from the pit. In the case that you own a smaller fire pit, be sure to secure it to prevent children and pets from knocking it over.

Available functions

Everyone has different tastes and that is completely acceptable. There are a couple of functions that fire pits can accomplish in your home. Whether you are artsy or serious like a rock, you will find a model that can satisfy your needs.

  • Fire pit table – This style of fire pit includes a flat surface where other things can be placed on top. In the case that you have company over, the fireplace can be a good place for cocktails and appetisers. You can have these tables in different sizes and decorative designs.
  • Grill fire pit – as the name suggests, this kind of grill is perfect for barbeque applications. You can grill anything from vegetables to juicy prime steaks. They usually have a cover and grilling grate that is used to ensure that the core temperature is steamy and hot.
  • Art oriented fire pits – these can range from sculptures to family names, the field is full of possibilities.  Here your imagination has the power to create whatever you want to be made.

Accessories supplied

Brands feel generous most times and offer tools for use. When it comes to fire pits, you can get a cooking grate, lid, igniter and poker. This, however, depends on the model that you have in mind and the quality of these accessories. They may be free but of poor quality, therefore, check the quality before purchase. Online reviews are helpful if you can’t assess the product physically before purchase.

Final Conclusion

From all the information above, you can see why the Gardeco Elidir Fire Bowl and the Decoras DAYTONA Fire Pit made it to the top of the list. They are both durable and sturdy fire pits that can act as barbecue grills. If you are in search of reliable models, you cannot go wrong with these fire pits. If you did not find one that suits your fancy, worry not! There are new models appearing on the market daily and we are sure you will find one after your own heart.

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