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6 Best Hammock Hanging Chairs for your Ultimate Outdoors Relaxation

Last updated on February 15th, 2022

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If you don’t have two trees in your garden to string a hammock between or don’t want a full-blown hanging egg chair, consider a hammock chair for the same gently swaying, relaxing experience. Our review looks at the different types of hammock chairs from structured adult chairs to kid’s hammock pods. We list each model’s pros and cons and discuss their features. We also give our recommendation as to the best use of each chair. Our Buyer’s Guide discusses how to select the style of hammock hanging chair that’s best for you.

Choosing a hanging hammock chair for your garden

All but one of the models in our review are for one person, as double hammock chairs seem to sag too much for two people to be comfortable. Check out our review of the Best Hanging Garden Egg Chairs for our recommendations for great double swinging outdoors chairs.

We have also reviewed some great garden hammocks in this review with frames included, no trees needed!


TecTake 800708 Hanging Chair
Unlike hammocks themselves, many macramé hammock chairs take on a structured form. This TecTake macramé chair is no exception, having a powder-coated steel frame (in black) that consists of two rings. One is for the seat and the other gives structure to the back and sides. Between and within these two rings, black natural cotton rope is knotted in a diagonal grid pattern to form the chair. Four braided hanging cords attach to various parts of the chair and to two rings that fit over one or two hanging hooks, depending on whether you want to spin or swing the chair. This model comes with a thick polyester cushion that covers the back, seat and sides of the chair so you’re not sitting on the rope. The TecTake Hanging is a stylish and comfortable macramé hammock chair for you to sit or curl up in and relax.


Greenstell Hanging Chair with Hanging Kits and Cushion
The Greenstell Swing Chair is another macramé frame chair that’s similar to our Best Pick. However, its frame is made of stainless steel that’s lightweight and easy to hang. And this time, all the hardware you need for hanging the chair indoors and outdoors is included in your package. The handmade cotton rope is in a very neutral light grey colour (instead of black) so will fade into the background, whatever your patio décor is. This Greenstell hammock chair can take slightly more maximum weight than the TecTake hammock chair (148kg vs 100kg) but only comes with a cushion pad for the base of the chair. This is a great choice if you have cushions of your own to use and don’t want to worry about what hardware you need to buy.

Best Hammock Hanging Chairs Reviews

1. TecTake 800708 Hanging Hammock Chair


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tectake® Hanging Egg Chair with Cushion, Suitable for Indoor Bedroom Decor, as a Swing Chair or Outdoor Use as Garden Furniture, Balcony Furniture, and Rattan Chair, Supports 150 kg - black

The TecTake 800708 Hanging Chair is a stylish macramé hammock chair made of a powder-coated steel frame covered in black cotton cord. The powder coating paint makes the frame rust and weather-resistant under the cord. You don’t have to worry about the chair getting wet as long as the paint doesn’t chip off and expose the metal underneath. (Repaint the bare metal bit if this does happen.)

The seat is made of the same cotton knotted in the traditional diamond pattern of most macramé garden chairs. The seat diameter is 60cm (2FT) which fits most bodies comfortably, and the maximum weight limit is 100kg of person so plenty of capacity. You may even be able to curl up in this comfy chair, especially as a black polyester chair cushion comes with your purchase. The generous 6cm-10cm thick cushion is one piece but has sewn segments for the seat, back, headrest and arms. It doesn’t seem as if the cushion cover is removable for washing, though. But it’s made from polyester so you can probably sponge it down, but test this out first on a hidden part of the cover.

The four braided hanging cords are of the same black cotton as the rest of the chair and are in two pairs. Each pair is attached to a ring. This gives you the option of putting both rings on the same hanging hook or putting each ring on a separate hook and truly making this chair into a swing. And look for the fringes hanging down from the bottom of the chair that makes for a casual and boho appearance.

Find a storage place easily for this TecTake hammock chair when you take it down for the winter as it folds flat. Just slide it against your shed or garage wall, behind all the other stuff you have in there.

The same link gives you the option to buy this chair in beige, grey or pink if black isn’t your style.


  • Macramé basket chair has a powder-coated steel frame covered in black cord.
  • All cord is made of cotton rope.
  • Black, one-piece, 10cm thick polyester cushion has a seat, a back and two arms.
  • Other colours available are beige, grey and pink.
  • Four braided hanging ropes are two per steel loop.
  • Dimensions: 60cm (seat diameter); 80cm (seat width); 107cm (height from seat to top of rope); and 18cm (fringe length).
  • Holds up to 100kg of people at one time.
  • Folds flat and you only need to hang it up to assemble it.


  • Need to buy ceiling hook and fixtures separately.
  • Pillow not thick enough. (Common complaint.)

Our recommendation

The TecTake 800708 Hanging Chair is a traditional frame hammock chair whose style matches its comfort. The black powder-coated steel frame and the black cotton cord for the seat, fringe and hanging ropes are all strong and durable. The thick cushion adds to the match of functionality, style and comfort that this hammock chair provides.

The TecTake 800708 Hanging Chair is the Best Pick in our hammock chair review. It’s a sturdy chair that adds style and comfort to any garden just remember to buy some additional attachments to hang it up.

I have also reviewed some hammocks stands in this guide so you can choose your own hammock

2. Greenstell Hanging Chair with Hanging Kits and Cushion


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Greenstell Swing Chair, Hanging Chair with Hanging Kits and Cushion, Comfortable Sturdy Macrame Hammock Chair for Indoor Outdoor Patio Yard Garden,330LBS Capacity (Grey)

The Greenstell Swing Chair is another macrame hammock chair that’s built on a metal frame. In this case, the frame is of stainless steel and the cotton cord is in a light grey colour. This very neutral colour blends into the background in any garden or patio colour scheme. This Greenstell chair is similar in style to our Best Pick, but it comes with all the fittings and fixtures that you need to hang the chair and immediately relax in it.

We review the standard size of this chair, although a larger size is also available. Stainless steel doesn’t rust, so even if the handmade cotton rope covering the frame gets wet, no harm comes to the metal. The seat is knotted in the familiar open diamond pattern and the four hanging ropes are knotted in an attractive twisted spiral pattern. Those who don’t like too much fuss in their decor will appreciate that there are only a few tassels hanging from the seat of the chair.

The hanging ropes are in two pairs of two, each pair connected to its own hanging ring. Hang all the ropes from one hook for a chair that you can go round in circles with, or from two separate hooks for more of a swing chair. And the maximum weight capacity of this Greenstell hanging chair is an impressive 148kg of person and pet. (The large size chair can hold up to 158kg.)

Everything you need to use this chair comes with the kit. There’s just a fairly thin seat pad, so you probably need to buy more cushions. But you do receive screws for wood and concrete ceilings, hanging chains, carabiner hooks and a loop plate for the ceiling. If you plan on hanging this chair from a tree, you may have to improvise though.


  • Light grey macramé hammock basket chair on a stainless steel frame that’s easy to hang.
  • Comes with all the fittings and fixtures you need.
  • Polyester cushion pad, also in light grey, covers the seat of the chair.
  • All cord is in light grey, handmade cotton.
  • Four braided hanging ropes are in two pairs to give you hanging options.
  • Not too many fringed tassels hang from the bottom of the chair.
  • The maximum weight load of 148kg of bodies at one time for the standard size.
  • Comes in two sizes where the seat and back have different measurements.
  • Dimensions:
  • Standard size: 61cm (seat width); 70cm (seat depth); 81cm (width) and 122cm (from bottom of fringe to top of rope).
  • Large size: 83cm (seat width); 90cm (seat depth); 102cm (width) and 128 cm (from bottom of fringe to top of rope).


  • Cushion pad is thin.

Our recommendation

The Greenstell Swing Chair, Hanging Chair with Hanging Kits and Cushion is a macrame hammock chair on a stainless steel frame with grey handmade cotton cord in attractive knotted patterns. It comes with everything you need to hang and use this chair. You may want to purchase additional cushions, but there are many affordable choices for sale on the Internet.

We’ve made the Greenstell Swing Chair the Runner-up in our Best Hammock Chair review. We like that it’s unobtrusive and that you don’t have to worry about collecting up all the screws, chains and hooks you need to hang it.

Read next – easy to set up and super comfortable, check out the best bean bag chairs for outdoors

3. Ohuhu Hammock Swinging Chair

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Swing Chair with Hardware Kit: Ohuhu XL Portable Hanging Chairs with 2 Cushions Detachable Metal Support Bar Side Pocket for Indoor Outdoor, Hammock Chair for Patio Bedrooms Teen Girls Room Decor

The Ohuhu Hammock Chair Relax Swing Chair is for those purists who feel that a hammock chair shouldn’t have a frame. This is a beige fabric hammock chair that hangs from a spreader bar and moulds itself to your body. It doesn’t have a frame, it’s just a shaped piece of fabric.

You’ll notice that this Ohuhu chair is not a macrame model, though. This is because most of the reviews we read of macrame free-form hammock chairs state that they quickly stretch with use and often end up touching the ground. So, we decided not to include them in this review.

Your comfort with this fabric hammock chair starts with the fabric itself. It’s soft polyester cotton, which is weather-resistant and durable. It doesn’t matter if it gets wet, as long as you ensure that it dries out thoroughly. Place the (included) two matching cushions (seat and back) in the chair and snuggle down while the fabric wraps itself around you. Don’t worry about sitting on your phone, book or glasses as there’s a side pocket to safely keep them in.

Beige cotton ropes attach all along the sides of the chair and meet on the spreader bar. they’re knotted together there to hang the chair. The ropes don’t slip off the ends of the pole as two stoppers on each end of the pole keep them on. A great safety feature is that the pole is made of powder-coated iron and so won’t snap or rust under most normal circumstances. A few matching tassels swing from the bottom of the seat as decoration in the same rope.

You do receive all the fittings and fixtures to install this fabric hammock chair, indoors or outdoors. However, some online reviews state that they didn’t receive this and had to purchase the screws and so on themselves.


  • A beige fabric hammock chair hangs from a spreader bar and moulds to your body.
  • An iron spreader bar is 99cm wide and has a slot stopper so the ropes don’t slide off.
  • Two braided ropes rise from the iron pole for you to place over the hanging hook.
  • Soft polyester cotton cloth is comfy, weather-resistant and durable.
  • All hanging cords and tassels are made of xxx and in the same beige colour.
  • Comes with all the fixings and fittings for complete installation.
  • Side pocket in one side of the chair to keep things close and tidy.
  • Comes with matching two cushions for the seat and the back of the chair.
  • Tassels hang from the bottom and side of this hammock chair for a casual look.
  • The maximum load weight is 150kg of adults, kids and pets.
  • Dimensions: 99cm (width of the pole); 86cm (from pole to bottom of seat); and 38cm (from pole to hanging hook).


  • Fabric stretches a bit.

Our recommendation

The Ohuhu Hammock Chair Relax Swing Chair resembles a hammock in that it’s a shaped but unstructured fabric chair that hangs from a pole. It comes with two cushions for your comfort and a handy side pocket for your bits and pieces. All the hardware to install it is included.

We recommend the Ohuhu Hammock Chair for those who want to sink into their chair in their own way and not feel knotted rope anywhere.

4. AMANKA Hammock Seat for 2 People

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AMANKA Hammock Seat 2 people 150Kg XXL swinging cloth chair 100% cotton 185x130cm hanging fabric swing incl swivel 360° Dark Green

The AMANKA Hammock Seat 2 People is as close to a hammock as we can find. It’s similar to the Ohuhu Hammock Chair Relax Swing in that it’s a fabric chair, but the Amanka chair has even less structure. It really is a hammock that’s been shaped to have a slight back to it. And it’s advertised as being for two people, which makes it the only double hanging chair in our review.

The fabric is a heavy (320g/m2) 100% natural cotton that you can wash in the machine. Natural cotton is soft and “breathable” which make it very comfortable to sit on. It absorbs water and takes a long time to dry, so you may want to take the seat inside if you’re expecting rain.

The hammock looks like a drawstring back. The hanging cords are white natural cotton ropes that go from the “sides” of the chair up to the wooden pole where they’re knotted. Some online reviewers remark that the cords are too long and had to be shortened. Be aware that the spreader pole is made of wood and so has the potential to snap if m re than the recommended maximum weight of 160kg of people sit in the chair.

Being very unstructured, the Amanka chair gives you the freedom to sit or lay in it as you wish. Slide right down as you swing back and forth, or lay crosswise in it. If you use the metal swivel hook that comes with your purchase, you can even swing the chair round in a circle. You’re on your own for the rest of the hanging hardware but it is available online.

We reviewed the green Amanka chair but, at the same link, you have your choice of six other solid colours and three striped combinations. All round, this is a fun hammock chair.


  • Two-person fabric hammock chairs that’s only slightly structured.
  • Hangs from a wooden bar that’s 185cm wide and has a knob at the end as slip protection.
  • Fabric is heavy-duty (320g/m2) 100% natural cotton and is machine washable.
  • Comes in 9 other colours, including striped.
  • Hanging cords are attached to the sides of the chair and are white natural cotton.
  • Sit in the chair facing forwards or lay in it sideways.
  • Comes with a metal swivel hook to attach to a hanging frame of a ceiling hook.
  • The maximum load capacity of 160kg of bodies.
  • Dimensions: 180cm (maximum width) and 155 cm (base of seat to hanging point).


  • No cushions.
  • No fittings or fixtures but are available online.
  • Ropes sometimes shred.

Our recommendation

The AMANKA Hammock Seat 2 People is as close as a hammock chair can be to a lay-down hammock. This 100% cotton chair is comfortable and machine washable for your convenience. Its very unstructured nature lets you relax in the position you choose, not that dictated by the chair’s shape. And it can hold two people under the maximum weight load.

We recommend the AMANKA Hammock Seat 2 People for those who really like to lounge around in the garden in their own way.

5. JKsmart Swing & Hanging Chair

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JKsmart Swing&Hanging Chair,Knitted by Cotton Rope with Romantic Fringes Macrame Hammock Swing Chair for Indoor/Outdoor, Patio, Deck, Yard, Garden,Bar,265 Pounds Capacity(White)

The JKsmart Swing & Hanging Chair is another macrame hammock chair that’s constructed on a frame. We include it as an option to our Best Pick and Runner-up because: it’s the only white model; it’s slightly shorter, and it’s a “bare-bones” model.

This JKsmart hammock chair is made of tubular iron (another difference from the other two macrame models). We couldn’t find confirmation, but we suspect that the metal is powder-coated in white paint to make it rust-resistant and durable. White cotton rope, 0.5cm in diameter, covers the frame, creates the diamond pattern macrame seat, and forms the fringes and the four hanging cords. This hanging chair looks fresh and neat in the sunshine.

This is a basic package and that makes it one of the most affordable options for this style of hammock chair. You just receive the chair with attached hanging ropes. You have to source your own cushions, but there’s a wide selection on the Internet at affordable prices. You also have to figure out what hardware you need to hang the chair and how to do that. This is a little more difficult but that’s what YouTube is for.


  • Hanging macramé basket chair with circular frame rings made of 0.8cm tubular iron.
  • Macramé seat and back and hanging ropes are of high-strength, white 0.5cm diameter cotton rope.
  • Four woven hanging ropes offer several hanging choices.
  • Takes up to a maximum of 120kg of a person or pets.
  • Fringes on the bottom of the chair add a further bohemian touch.
  • Packs flat and no assembly required beyond placing the hanging hook(s).
  • Dimensions: 60cm (width of seat); 80cm (width of top frame); 54cm (height of chair); and 115cm (from seat to top of ropes).
  • One year warranty.


  • Comes without any cushions.
  • Doesn’t include installation hardware.

Our recommendation

The JKsmart Swing & Hanging Chair is a straight-forward macrame swing chair on a frame. Its selling point is that it comes without any cushions or installation hardware, making it a little more affordable. The manufacturer’s claim that it has some upgraded features, including an iron frame and 0.5cm cotton rope. Plus it’s the only white coloured model in our review.

We recommend the JKsmart Swing & Hanging Chair if you want to supply your own plump and extremely comfortable cushions and are confident in figuring out what screws, hooks etc. you need to install the chair in your outdoors space.

6. Sfeomi Kid Child Pod Hanging Chair

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The Sfeomi Kid Child Pod Hanging Chair Swing Seat Hammock is a pod-like hammock especially for children, aged three years and older. The pod/teardrop shape has a large opening that comes to a point in a wide strap for hanging. Kids have fun clambering into the pod, which can be easy or challenging depending on how high you hang it.

The entire pod is constructed from heavy cotton canvas which is breathable so the air inside doesn’t get musty or stale. In the model we review, most of the pod is a bright blue and the nylon trim is lime green. Two other colour combinations are also available, so multiple kids can have their own unique hammock chair.

Each pod comes with an inflatable PVC cushion in the same colour as the trim. The cushion is removable and you can inflate it fully for a hard seat or part way for a softer cushion. The cushion cover has a zipper so you can take off the cover and wash it when necessary.

Although this child’s hammock pod comes with a hanging hook with springs, the rest of the hanging hardware isn’t included.


  • Hanging pod-like hammock chair just for kids.
  • Pod shape comes to a point into an extra-wide strap for hanging.
  • Constructed from heavy and sturdy breathable cotton canvas in a choice of bright colours.
  • Holds up to 75kg of excited children.
  • Edged with premium nylon in a contrasting colour.
  • The hanging hook has galvanised steel springs for durability.
  • Comes with a contrasting PVC seat cushion that’s inflatable and removable.
  • The cushion cover has a zipper and is removable.
  • Dimensions: 70cm (diameter of seat) and 150cm (height from the bottom of the seat to tip of hanging strap).


  • Hanging hardware not included.

Our recommendation

The Sfeomi Kid Child Pod Hanging Chair Swing Seat Hammock is a cross between a hanging tent and a hammock chair that lets children swing and spin while providing them with their own hide-out. Made of durable and easy to care for heavy cotton, this hammock chair adds a bright touch to your garden or patio.

No products found.

Buyer’s Guide

Your main decision when you purchase a hammock chair is how you want to sit or lie down. This affects the style you choose. The hammock chairs in our review run the gamut from a structured chair to a chair that’s just a bit more structured than a drawstring bag. Our Buyer’s Guide describes the styles in this review along with some others that are available.

Search the Internet for “hammock chair” and most of the results are the macrame frame chairs that we review three of here. These generally have metal frames and knotted bodies and hanging ropes made of natural cotton. They limit how you can sit or curl up in them.

Outdoor hanging hammock chair hanging from tree in garden

Less structured are the hanging hammock chairs made from fabric (see the Ohuhu Hammock Chair in this review). These are fabric pieces shaped with backs, with or without cushions, that envelop you when you fold into them. The backs offer some support. You can also find these chairs made of macrame. However, online reviewers complain that the cotton rope stretches and many times the chair seat ends up reaching the ground.

We also found, though didn’t review, a fabric hammock chair with a raised part. This is the Woodside Swinging Garden Hammock Chair. The Bonnlo Upgraded Hammock Hanging Swing Chairs, again not reviewed, doesn’t have hanging cords but a kind of coat hanger arrangement to suspend it. In addition, it has a separate but attached leg rest.

Then there’s basically the “drawstring” fabric chair (see the AMANKA Hammock Seat 2 People in this review). This has something of a back to it but you can curl up or lie down in this style, even crosswise. In addition, this particular model is billed as being for two people to a maximum combined weight of 160kg.

Hanging hammock chair hanging from outdoor porch

And for children, most of the hammock chairs are a hanging pod. This gives the child a kind of swinging tent, for fun and privacy. These hammock chairs are usually made of machine washable natural cotton with a nylon trim to hold everything together.

However you arrange your body when relaxing, there’s a hammock chair for your comfort.

Final Conclusion

Swinging back and forth (or even round and round) in a hammock chair on a lazy summer’s afternoon has to be one of life’s great little pleasures. From structured macrame hammock chairs through to drawstring bag chairs, our review presents options for sitting, lying down and positions in-between. All the hammock chairs we review can be used indoors in the winter months, making them a year-long use that’s a great investment.

Our Best Pick is the stylish TecTake 800708 Hanging Chair, Hammock with Seat Cover. This is a one-person, black macrame hammock chair on a metal frame that comes with comfortable cushions for your relaxation.

The Greenstell Swing Chair, Hanging Chair with Hanging Kits and Cushion is our Runner-up choice. It’s also a single macrame chair on a frame, but it comes with a cushion and all the hanging hardware that you need.

If you change your mind and really want a hammock, check out our Best Hammocks review. You might also like something in the middle, such as Zero Gravity Chairs or a Sun Lounger.

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