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Top 5 Best Gas Fire Pits, Comparisons & UK Reviews

Last updated on May 12th, 2021

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The only thing better than a fire pit in your garden on cooler nights is one that heats up instantly. Gas fire pits do just that and most produce flames with just the push of an electronic ignition button. We review a wide range of gas fire pits, listing their pros, cons and individual features before recommending their best use. Our Buyer’s Guide tells what your choices are, as well as reminding you of the advantages of this type of fire pit.


Homeology Fireology KALUYA Bronze Lavish Garden & Patio Gas Fire Pit
This circular gas fire pit has a definite “in the countryside” feel with its faux stones wall and top that is made to resemble a traditional rural stone wall. This fire pit is made of Eco-Stone, a composite material that takes on the looks and properties of natural stone. This makes for a strong and long-lasting fire pit. Although there’s a wide ledge surrounding the fire pit bowl, it looks too rocky to safely put glasses and plates on if you’re eating outside. This Fireology fire pit puts out a significant amount of heat (40,000 BTUs) to keep you warm in cool times. However, there’s no room under the fire pit to place the gas bottle. The Homeology Fireology KALUYA Bronze Gas Fire Pit suits most domestic gardens.


Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Pit Table
Combining a fire pit with a complete table, though not at the same time, this square gas fire pit is made of iron with an antiqued look to it. It’s tall enough, standing at 66cm, for you to open the door and hide the propane tank inside. Start this gas fire by pressing the electronic start button and a maximum of 50,000 BTUs of heat are at your fingertips. Your outdoor guests will never be cold on your patio. They won’t have to juggle plates and glasses either as the ledge around the fire pit is wide enough to put them on. Or use this model as a dining table instead by putting the table insert in over the fire pit. The BALI OUTDOORS Gas Fire Pit Table is a great fire pit to dine around.

5 Best Gas Fire Pits Reviews

1. Homeology Fireology KALUYA Bronze Lavish Garden & Patio Gas Fire Pit

Best Pick

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Homeology Fireology KALUYA Bronze Lavish Garden & Patio Gas Fire Pit with Eco-Stone Finish – Fully Assembled

The looks of the Homeology Fireology KALUYA Bronze Fire Pit remind you that sitting around a fire pit is a back-to-nature thing to do. This round gas fire pit is made of Eco-Stone which is a mixture of cement, sand and hard aggregates that is processed to resemble natural stone in looks, properties and colour.

The style of the fire pit wall is modelled on the rural stone walls that you see dividing fields in places like the Lake District. The realistic-looking stones have a red, yellow and bronze tinge to them. You get the country-side feeling just pulling your chair up to this model.

A fairly wide ledge surrounds the fire pit bowl. As it has the same 3D stone-like structure as the wall of the pit, it’s not quite flat enough to safely put your glasses and plates on.

The height of this fire pit is 24cm, and that’s not enough room to hide a propane bottle on. You have move the gas bottle off to the side and then connect it up with the 3m hose and regulator (included). Make sure to put the gas canister somewhere safe and arrange the hose out of the places people walk.

Starting up this gas fire pit is easy with the electronic ignition and the dial control lets you adjust the height and hence the temperature of the flames. At 40,000 BTUs, this Fireology gas fire is not the most powerful model in our review, but this is plenty of heat on all but the coolest evenings.

This fire pit comes ready assembled so there’s really nothing to do to get it ready except to hook up the gas. To keep the fire pit looking good, make sure to use the provided waterproof cover when you’re not staying warm around it.


  • Round fire pit made of Eco-Stone composite fibre.
  • Uses propane gas.
  • Fire pit looks like real stones and is modelled on traditional rural stone wall.
  • Top ledge of the fire pit is fairly wide but not flat enough to use as a table.
  • Certified to CE standards and gives you 40,000 BTU of heat.
  • Electronic ignition is easy to use and the control also adjust the flame height and the temperature generated.
  • Three metre hose and a gas regulator are included as are red lava rocks.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Comes with a waterproof protective cover.
  • Dimensions: 70cm (diameter) and 24cm (height).

Our recommendation

The Homeology Fireology KALUYA Patio Gas Fire Pit is an affordable propane fire pit with a traditional rustic charm. Modelled to look like a traditional stone wall, this fire pit produces 40,000 BTUs of heat to keep you warm on most cool evenings.

The Homeology Fireology KALUYA Bronze Lavish Garden & Patio Gas Fire Pit is our Best Pick of gas fire pits. We like that it comes fully assembled, has a rustic appearance and is big enough to seat more than a few friends around it.

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2. Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Pit


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BALI OUTDOORS Gas Fire Pit Table, 28 inch 50,000 BTU Square Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table with Lid and Blue Fire Glass

The BALI OUTDOORS Gas Fire Pit Table is a square and tall fire pit table made entirely of iron. Its shape and material are two of the features for which we chose this Bali model to contrast with our Best Pick. The iron has some raised decorative lines on all four sides of the fire it and the metal has been finished for an antique look. This is a gas fire pit that looks sturdy and as if it’s been around a long time.

The height of this Bali Outdoors fire table is 66cm. This gives you plenty of room to hide your gas tank inside the internal compartment. One of the sides of the table is really a door into this and closes with magnetic snaps. You don’t have to worry about finding a safe out of the way place to put your tank or worrying about people stepping on the hose.

After you use the electronic button starter to power it up, this Bali Outdoors fire pit puts out an impressive 50,000 BTUs of heat. This generates quite a high temperature around the fire pit and some online reviewers state that the highest setting for the flames is too hot. But that’s not a bad “problem” to have.

Quite a few online reviews say that the electronic starter becomes problematic after a while and stops working. However, they use a simple solution to this problem and just manually light the fire pit.

The top of the table is a ledge that runs around the square fire bowl. The ledge is flat and quite wide. With its slightly raised gridded design, your glasses and plates won’t slip and slide off. If you place the (included) lid insert into the fire pit opening (when it’s not lit), this model converts into a solid table for use during the day or when you’re dining outside. They also say that, even on the lowest setting, you can feel the heat 2m away.


  • Gas fire pit table made of iron that’s finished to look antique with some decoration.
  • The square enclosed form is 66cm high and tall enough to hide your propane bottle within.  
  • Functions also as a full table when you put the lid inset over the fire bowl opening.
  • CSA certified and heats to 50,000BTU.
  • Push-button Piezo ignition is simple and convenient for starting the fire pit.
  • Comes with lava rocks.
  • Some tools required for assembly as you screw everything together.
  • Dimensions: 71cm (width and depth) and 66cm (height).
  • Weighs: 19.5kg.


  • Electronic starter can be problematic.

Our recommendation

The Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Pit Table gives you a square and quite tall fire pit that you can also use as a full dining or work table in your garden. It packs a powerful heat punch and the gas bottle is conveniently hidden away inside the table.

This BALI OUTDOORS Gas Fire Pit Table is the Runner-up in our review. We love that it’s made of iron and looks antiqued, plus we like the idea having too much heat outdoors on a cold evening.

If you like the idea of having a fire pit and table in one, we also review the Best Fire Pit Tables.

BALI OUTDOORS Gas Fire Pit Table
See availability from the best retailers

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3. Peaktop Firepit Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Stone

Best Premium Pick

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Teamson Home Outdoor Garden X-Large, Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Burner, Smokeless Firepit, Patio Furniture Heater with Screen, Lava Rocks, Cover

The Peaktop Firepit is our premium choice in this review. It comes from a company that’s world-renowned for both the style and the high quality of its products. This rectangular fire pit’s appearance is in sharp contrast to the more rustic styles of the other models we review. It’s made of concrete that’s finished to look like sleek, light grey stone. It really has a contemporary look.

Using propane for fuel, this fire pit puts out an impressive 50,000 BTUs. This is a long fire pit (107cm) but everyone around it can be as warm as they want. You receive 5kg of lava to put into the fire pit and a heavy PVC cover to se to keep the fire pit in its best condition.

The sides and top of this table are perfectly smooth and have an uninterrupted surface, except for the long, narrow fire pit in the top and a recess in one of the long sides. The recess contains the controls while the fire pit houses the long flame bar.

The controls are easy to find and to use and you adjust the flame height/temperature by turning a knob. The long gas bar gives a length of flame rather than the usual circle, adding to the sleekness of this unit.

Unlike many other gas fire pits, this Peaktop model comes with a spark/wind screen. The transparent Perspex, four-sided screen encloses the entire fire pit. It stands up from the ledge top, giving everyone a full view of the flames and keeping sparks in and the wind out.

Although this Peaktop model is not technically a flame table, the flat ledge around the fire pit is wide enough to contains glasses and plates, especially on the wider parts at the short ends.


  • Rectangular gas fire pit made from light grey concrete for a sleek and contemporary look.
  • Uses propane gas for fuel and puts out 50,000BTU of heat.
  • Purchase includes a CE-certified 3m gas hose and regulator.
  • Electronic ignition button and control knob to adjust the flames are housed in a recess in one long side of the structure.
  • Gas burner is a long pipe down the centre of the fire pit.
  • Ledge running round fire pit is wider at the two short ends with plenty of room for glasses and dinner plates.
  • Transparent Perspex spark screen adds to the model’s look as well as keeps the sparks and flames contained.
  • Comes with 5kg of lava rock and heavy duty PVC cover.
  • Dimensions: 107cm (width); 51cm (depth) and 37.5cm (height).

Our recommendation

With its sleek and smooth appearance, the Peaktop Firepit Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Stone more than satisfies the style requirements of anyone who wants contemporary garden décor. Its 50,000 BTUs keep even the chilliest of people warm on colder nights.

If a premium fire pit falls within your budget, this is a great model to check out.

However, if you’d prefer a circular fire pit in the same series – same finish and features, and 92cm in diameter – then we recommend you look at the Peaktop Outdoor Round Stone Gas Fire Pit.

4. Glow Warm 12 kw Outdoor Portable Gas Fire Pit

Best Portable Pick

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REALGLOW Firebowl Outdoor Portable Gas Fire Pit - 12KW for Home and Camping

The Glow Warm 12 kw Outdoor Portable Gas Fire Pit is at the other end of the spectrum from our other fire pit selections in many ways, including its heat output. Surprisingly, this portable gas fire bowl claims to put out a massive 58,000 BTUs of heat. This makes it the most powerful fire pit in our review.

This deluxe fire bowl is made of stainless steel that’s powder-coated in a glossy black high-temperature paint. This gives weather protection to the unit as well as making it look good. The fire bowl is coated in enamel for durability. The burners and fasteners are all stainless steel as well. And remember that stainless steel doesn’t rust and is generally weatherproof.

Adjusting the flame height and temperature is done as usual by twisting a knob. But this one is ergonomically designed for comfortable use with a rubber grip over stainless steel. However, you do have to start this fire pit yourself with an electronic lighter as there’s no automatic start button to push.

What’s of interest to campers is that this Outland fire bowl has been certified as safe to use during most campfire bans. You may have to host dinners for your fellow campers who rely on wood fires if such a ban comes into effect at your campsite.

Take your fire bowl with you by covering it with the (included) lid and using the carry strap provided. (A full carrying case is an optional extra.) And just in case you want to stay put in your garden with this deluxe fire bowl, you can purchase an optional CSA-approved natural gas conversion kit.


  • Alloy steel fire bowl powered by propane fuel or natural gas.
  • Small and light enough to be portable to places outside your garden.
  • Puts out 58,000 BTUs of heat to keep you really warm.
  • CSA approved fire bowl that’s safe to use during most campfire bans.
  • stainless steel burn and fittings, with high-temperature powder coating in glossy black.
  • Comes with 3m pre-attached hose with regulator and 9kg of natural lava rock.
  • Easy to assemble and you don’t need tools for the job.
  • Includes a lid to cover the fire bowl opening when not in use and a carrying strap.
  • Ergonomic knob with rubber grip to adjust the flame height.
  • Optional extras are the natural gas conversion kit (CSA approved), the carry bag and the propane tank cover.
  • Dimensions: 47cm (diameter) and 25cm (height).
  • Weighs: 3.2kg.

Our recommendation

The Glow Warm 12 kw Outdoor Portable Gas Fire Pit is a great choice if you’re going back to nature to some extent but still want to stay warm all the time. It’s also a good choice for use at home as it can be hooked up to your outdoor gas outlet (with a conversion kit) and so be cheaper to use. This deluxe portable fire bowl may be small, but it’s powerful, convenient and exceptionally well made.

5. Coals 4 You Stainless Steel Gas Fire Pit

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Santos Outdoor Gas Fire Pit, Stainless Steel, H160 x W420 x D420mm, SANTOS1

The Coals 4 You Gas Fire Pit is for the absolute minimalist. This is basically a square stainless steel box on very short legs. To make it more interesting, however, you do also receive some lava rock for the base of the fire, some large rocks to put on that, and a few ceramic logs to top it all off with.

But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this design. This is a fully-fledged fire pit and at the lower end of the price range. This fire pit puts out 6.5kw of heat, using a different measurement to most other gas heaters.

The Living Flame Gas Air Combustion System may have something to do with the heat output of this fire pit. This is the same combustion system used in all Coals 4 You indoor gas fires, so it’s well-proven. It certainly helps with the economical use of propane; the manufacturer claims that you use less than 0.5 kg of gas per 30 minutes of run time.

The usual 3m gas hose which is actually a meter longer than more other models have and a regulator are included in your purchase.

As an interesting note, this Coals 4 You fire pit was used as a prop in the final season of the Game of Thrones TV series. That’s how timeless this design is.


  • A stainless steel square gas fire pit gives you just a basic box.
  • Has legs and sales photo shows the unit standing on decking.
  • Comes with lava rock, ceramic logs and pebbles for a full-fire appearance.
  • Uses propane as a fuel source, burning less than 0.5kg per hour.
  • Includes a 3m hose and an LPG gas regulator.
  • Adjustable heat control and ignition switch on the side of the unit.
  • The gas-air combustion system, along with the flame failure device, keep the flames coming.
  • Comes with a protective cover.
  • Dimensions: 42cm (width); 42cm (depth) and 16cm (height).
  • Weighs 15.6kg.


  • Some flames come out of the corners of the fire pit surface.

Our recommendation

The Coals 4 You Gas Fire Pit, Stainless Steel doesn’t draw attention to itself but lets you focus on the flames and the heat it puts out. It stands on little legs so it shouldn’t heat up the ground underneath it. This is a good fire pit to consider if you are a no-fuss-no-muss type.

Buyer’s Guide

Our Buyer’s Guide covers the main points to consider in your gas fire pit purchase decision. There aren’t many, so we’ve also included a reminder of the advantages of a gas fire pit in case you’re wavering.


Gas fire pits usually take propane as their fuel with a few being able to convert to natural gas if you buy a conversion kit and hire a plumber. You generally receive a 3m hose and a gas regulator with your purchase. Check what kind of gas bottle your regulator fits as regulator only smaller gas bottles.

If you, so need to place your gas tank separately from the fire pit, consider buying a cover for it – perhaps a neutral-coloured fabric cover or a new structure to house it in.

Gas fire pit being used


You have a wide choice of materials from which gas fire pits are made, each with its own pros and cons. Metals, including steel and cast aluminium, are durable but unless they’re powder-coated (most are) they rust. Cast iron is heavy but takes on a wonderful patina over time.

If you’re looking for a contemporary style fire pit consider one made from concrete. These structures are often finished in a way that’s sleek and smooth in geometric shapes. The concrete is somewhat heavy but stands up well to all weathers for a long time.

Polyresin of one sort or another, that’s some kinds of plastic, is what to choose if you’re looking for either a more lightweight fire it or one that has a faux finish. Resin can be moulded to resemble wood planks or stones, for example. Plastic is naturally resistant to sun, mould, rot and rust and lasts a long time.

Shape and size and style

These choices are entirely up to you and where you want to place your gas fire pit. Your main shape choices are round, square and rectangular, with a few models as hexagons or ovals. Don’t forget to consider the height of the fire pit as well. Coffee table height ones are great for lounging around but you have to put the gas bottle elsewhere and run the hose along the ground. Taller fire pits are more difficult to find but they hide the propane tank away inside their structure.

Gas fire pit styles run the gamut from simple metal box to faux stone wall rocks – and that’s just in our review. There really is a fire pit style that fits your patio décor, from antique to contemporary.

Gas fire pit being tested on patio area


As always, take all the necessary (and more) precautions around an open flame, especially with kids, pets and drinking adults.


  • Precise control of the heat precisely by (generally) turning a knob that’s usually hidden from your guests’ sight. This releases a small amount of fuel, or decreases the flow, to change the heat coming out.
  • Environmentally friendly as the gas flames are clean burning and don’t produce any harmful by-products
  • Instant heat with push-button spark/electronic ignitions (most times) or by using a Piezo lighter or even a match (but be careful).
  • Convenient as you only have to buy and hook up a bottle of gas. Plus there’s no soot or ash or anything else to clean up afterwards.
  • Customizable with lava rocks, fire logs and fire glass in all shapes, colours, sizes and textures. Your fire pit becomes an accessory in your patio design.

Final Conclusion

Having instant heat and watching the flames are the main reasons why gas fire pits are so popular in people’s back gardens. The gas fire pits in our review have a wide range of styles and prices, even including a fire pit table and a portable model you can take to the lake or the campsite. It’s not difficult to extend your time out in your garden on cool spring or autumn evenings when you have a source of instant heat.

Our Best Pick is the Homeology Fireology KALUYA Bronze Lavish Garden & Patio Gas Fire Pit. With its appearance that mimics a rural stone wall and its construction of composite fibre, this fire pit produces plenty of heat for the cooler times in your garden.

Our Runner-up is the BALI OUTDOORS Gas Fire Pit Table. This model gives you a powerful heater as well as a complete table for dining or the cocktail hour, all in an iron structure.

We also have a Best Premium Pick with a contemporary style, the Peaktop Firepit Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Stone. And we include a portable fire bowl that puts out an amazing amount of heat, the Outland Firebowl Deluxe Portable Propane Fire Pit.

If you decide that a gas heater with open flames, such as a fire pit, is not a safe choice for your household, take a look at our Best Patio Heaters, Best Electric Patio Heaters and Best Gas Patio Heaters reviews.

We can also help if you need new furniture to put around your gas fire pit. How about some Garden Rattan Furniture or a new Outdoor Sofa Set.

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