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5 Best Rattan-style Storage Boxes For Your Garden

Last updated on June 14th, 2021

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If all the garden tools and unused seat cushions cluttering up your lawn and patio are bugging you, you need a storage box to house them in. Perhaps a rattan-style box that can sit proudly and stylishly as part of your patio furniture set.

We review a selection of rattan-style storage boxes in a wide range of sizes, from one that doubles up as a coffee table to one that is over 152cm long. For each box, we give its pros, cons and features and then present our recommendation. Our Buyer’s Guide identifies the key elements to look for in the Best rattan-style storage boxes.


Starplast Outdoor Garden Rattan Style Plastic Storage Utility Chest 535L
If your pile of garden items to hide away is imposing, the 535L Starplast storage chest could be the answer. This large storage space is easily accessed due to the piston assisted lid hinge that opens the box smoothly and easily with minimal effort from you. While the sides of the box are black rattan-style woven resin, the top is one solid piece that gives it strength to hold up to 200kg of people. The lid of this box is weatherproof and all the resin is protected from UV rays. With handles but no wheels on the box, you need two strong people to carry it when it's fully filled. We recommend this Starplast chest for those with piles of stuff who want a storage space that can stay put.

Best Rattan-Style Storage Boxes Reviews

1. Deuba Garden Box 290L Storage Deck Chest


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CASARIA® 290 Litre Rattan Effect Garden Storage Box | Plastic Outdoor Patio Parcel Tool Chest Log Store | 117x47x60cm | Wheels Lockable Water-resistant Weatherproof | Anthracite

The Deuba Garden Box 290L Storage Deck Chest is in the middle of the size range we cover in this review. It’s made of dark grey polypropylene that has the usual properties of such a strong plastic – water-resistant, lightweight and durable. This Deuba box is also treated to be resistant to harsh UV-rays that might fade the colour and make the plastic brittle over time.

The woven rattan pattern is long and narrow, and on all sides and the top of the box giving a flat appearance. All the edges of this box are slightly rounded for a softer look. Even though the lid is flat, all sides are sloped down so that the rain runs off.

Two long recessed handles in the short sides enable you to lift up the box and pull it along on the six wheels hidden underneath the base. Having more than the regular number of wheels lets you move the box easily even when it has your garden gear in it. However, the hinges that lift the lid aren’t piston assisted so opening the box is all up to you manually. The lid catch is built to be secured by a padlock that you provide.

You can use this Deuba storage chest as a seat as long as the combined weight of the people on it doesn’t exceed 100kg. However, online reviewers recommend that you be careful when doing this as the lid sometimes sags a bit.

The box uses Deuba’s SmartClick system to click everything together without needing tools. Online users report that this mostly works well except for putting on the lid, so you might need a screwdriver to lever the lid in.

This Deuba storage box is also available in brown is grey doesn’t fit your garden décor plans.


  • Rectangular storage box in dark grey (anthracite) polypropylene.
  • Capacity is 290L.
  • The lid and all sides are in a woven rattan pattern.
  • Long indented handles in each short side allow you to pick up the box with a good grip.
  • The lid is lockable but the box doesn’t come with a padlock.
  • Six wheels on the bottom of the box let you move it easily, even with stuff inside it.
  • Slightly rounded edges in the design give some style to this box.
  • The storage box is weather-resistant and UV-protected.
  • Can put items, including people, on the lid up to 100kg.
  • Easy to assemble with the SmartClick system.
  • Dimensions (external): 114cm (length); 48cm (width) and 60cm (height).


  • Not easy to put together, especially the lid.
  • Hinges for the lid aren’t piston assisted.

Our recommendation

The Deuba Garden Box 290L Storage Deck Chest is a useful mid-size box, looks stylish with a great rattan-weave pattern, has well-designed handles and many wheels, is lockable and is also an additional seat for your outdoor gatherings.

The Deuba Garden Box 290L Storage Deck Chest is our Best Pick of the rattan-style storage boxes we review. It’s a great size for most domestic gardens with many of the best features we expect.

2. Starplast Outdoor Garden Rattan Style Plastic Storage Utility Chest 535L


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Starplast Outdoor Garden Rattan Style Plastic Storage Utility Chest Cushion Shed Box With Sit-On Lid Container New 535L Litre 66-811 Black

The Starplast Outdoor Garden Rattan Style Plastic Storage Utility Chest is the largest storage box in our review. It stores an amazing 535L of cushions, toys, garden tools and whatever else you want to be handy when you’re outside.

The woven rattan-style plastic of this box is of a wide style in keeping with its length, over 152cm. The sides and the top of the box are all woven plastic and the manufacturer states that only the top of the box is waterproof. The plastic itself is waterproof but there are gaps between the woven strips. However, some online reviewers report that everything in their Starplast boxes stays dry in rain showers, even though water accumulates on the flat lid.

The lid is large enough and strong enough to hold up to 200kg of people and items, spread evenly across it. However, test this out gradually as the full underside of this large lid doesn’t have one large support. And with this size lid, the piston-assisted hinges are welcome as they help you lift the lid smoothly and easily. You can lock the lid to keep everything inside safe if you have your own padlock that fits.

Handles on the sides of the box give you the grip to lift it, but you’ll need two people to carry it whether it’s empty or full. This large Starplast storage chest doesn’t come with wheels so rolling it around is not an option.

Online reviewers suggest that you take your time when you put this box together as it’s quite tricky. You need a Phillips head screwdriver to fix the pistons but no other tools.


  • Rectangular polypropylene storage box in black.
  • The capacity is 535L.
  • The sides of the box are resin in a woven rattan pattern and the top is solid resin.
  • The lid is strong enough to sit on with up to 200kg spread across the surface.
  • Lift up lid has piston-assisted hinges for easy opening.
  • Handles on the sides help you to move the box with minimal effort.
  • The lid is weatherproof and stops the rain and snow from entering the box.
  • The lid is lockable with your own padlock.
  • Assembly is fast and needs only a Phillip’s head screwdriver.
  • Easy to clean – just wash down.
  • Dimensions: 157.5cm (length); 75cm (width) and 63.5cm (height).


  • Only the lid is stated to be waterproof.
  • No wheels.

Our recommendation

The Starplast Outdoor Garden Rattan Style Plastic Storage Utility Chest has a huge amount of space for your outdoor items. Its black colour means that it won’t blend into the background so you might as well use it as part of your patio furniture.

This is the Runner-up in our rattan-style storage chest review. It’s for those who like having all their patio and garden equipment close to hand.

3. ATR ART TO REAL Outdoor Patio Wicker Storage Container Deck Box

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ATR ART TO REAL Outdoor Patio Wicker Storage Container Deck Box Made of Antirust Aluminum Frames and Resin Rattan (22.4' L x 22.4' W x 17.7' H)

The ATR ART TO REAL Outdoor Patio Wicker Storage Container is the opposite of our Runner-up choice – it’s the smallest storage box we discuss. But it still has all the features that identify it as the Best box, plus it’s the perfect size and style for a coffee table.

This is a square storage box in brown resin (plastic) with an all-over rattan-weave pattern. It’s especially sturdy and strong due to the powder-coated aluminium alloy frame that supports the resin from the inside. Aluminium doesn’t rust, just in case you leave it open and rain gets in.

In addition, there’s a full-size aluminium alloy plate inside the lid that supports the 90kg (manufacturer’s information) of people or coffee table items that you put there. The lid, even though it’s quite small, runs on piston-assisted hinges. This lets you open the lid easily and cleanly, with minimal effort. Some of the larger boxes in our review don’t have this extra high-end feature.

The high-density resin is waterproof as well as resistant to the harmful effects (fading and brittleness) of UV rays.

This box is 45cm high which is a perfect height for a coffee table. It’s on wheels so you can move it closer to your guests if needed.


  • Square High-Density Polyethylene storage box in brown in an all-over rattan/wicker pattern.
  • The capacity is 91L.
  • Box frame is a powder-coated aluminium alloy that’s rustproof, lightweight and durable.
  • Weather-resistant and protected from UV-rays with a special coating.
  • The lid has a full coverage aluminium board for support and weatherproofing.
  • Four casters on the bottom include two that are individually lockable.
  • Pneumatic piston hinges let you open the lid effortlessly and smoothly.
  • The lid can hold up to 90kg safely.
  • Dimensions (external): 57cm (length and width) and 45cm (height).


  • No handles (in photos).

Our recommendation

The ATR ART TO REAL Outdoor Patio Wicker Storage Container Deck Box has all the features of much larger boxes in a size that’s great for a coffee table or an extra seat in your patio furniture set. Store sofa rugs, tissue and other small outliving supplies there so they are always nearby.

We recommend this ATR storage deck box as an multi-functional addition to your patio and garden furniture set.

4. Keter Borneo Outdoor Plastic Storage Box 416L

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Keter Borneo 416L Outdoor 60% recycled Garden Furniture Storage Box Brown Rattan Effect | Fade Free | All Weather Resistant | Safe and Secure | Zero Maintenance | 2 year Warranty

The Keter Borneo Outdoor Plastic Storage Box is a brown rectangular outdoor storage box made of heavy-duty plastic. It has a different look to our other rattan-style boxes in that the sides of this Keter box are in a very narrow rattan-weave pattern but the top is in a combination of weave and wood grain patterns. The corners of the box are in the same wood grain pattern and give an interesting look to the unit.

The plastic has all the usual properties of this material, making the box waterproof as the inside is solid plastic. We especially like that Keter makes this particular storage box out of 60% recycled materials, keeping plastic out of the landfill.

This is quite a large box so the piston-assisted hinges assist you in opening the lid easily and evenly. The lid can comfortably hold two adults sitting on it at the same time. But, as always, test this out gradually as some boxes are stronger than others. Keep everything in the box secure by fastening your own padlock through the metal loop on the lid closure.

Moving this box is a bit of a hassle as it doesn’t have any handles by which to pick it up. It also doesn’t have any wheels to just push it along. You probably have to take most of the items out, open the lid, grip the sides of the box and pick it up.

This Keter Borneo box is also available in medium grey if brown isn’t in your colour plans.


  • Rectangular plastic storage box in brown.
  • The capacity is 416L.
  • Plastic is made from 60% recycled materials.
  • The sides of the box and the top of the box are in a narrow, single strip, weave pattern within a solid wood grain pattern frame.
  • The lid is hinged and piston-assisted so that it opens smoothly and easily.
  • Enough room and strength to seat two adults on the lid.
  • Lockable with the padlock that you supply.
  • The entire box is waterproof.
  • Dimensions (external): 129.5cm (length); 70cm (width) and 63cm (height).


  • No handles.
  • No wheels.

Our recommendation

The Keter Borneo Outdoor Plastic Storage Box is a fairly large space in which to store your outdoor items. It’s fully waterproof with a unique visual design, but it’s difficult to carry.

We recommend the Keter Borneo box if you need this much storage space and intend to keep the box in one place for a long time.

5. Mazali 350 litre outdoor garden patio plastic storage box

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350 litre outdoor garden patio plastic storage box chest container multi box with lid

The Mazali 350 litre outdoor garden patio plastic storage box is right in the middle of our range of storage box sizes, at 350L. This time the plastic box comes in black with a woven rattan style that looks flat, on all sides and the top of the box. The plastic is, as usual, waterproof and has been treated with a UV-protection coating. The black colour shouldn’t fade fast and the plastic should not break or shatter over time.

The box easily clips together and you don’t need to have any tools to do this.

Although the plastic itself is waterproof, the design of the box is problematic in this regard. The two side handles are slots cut into the box, leaving openings into the interior for the rain to blow in. Some online reviewers state that the items inside still stay dry, while others have put duct tape over the handles to stop water from getting in. The flat surface of the lid lets water accumulate there which could also be a problem.

Opening the lid is you manually lifting it up – there’s no piston assist on the lid hinges. But there are wheels on the box for ease of pushing or pulling it from place to place.  The sales blurb for this Mazali doesn’t say that you can sit on it, and online reviewers report that the lid is too flimsy to use as a seat.


  • Rectangular storage box made of plastic in black.
  • The capacity is 350L.
  • The top and sides of the box are in a woven rattan pattern.
  • The box is both UV- and weather resistant.
  • The lid is flat and lockable with the padlock that you provide.
  • Cut-out handles in the two short sides give you a grip to lift or pull the box.
  • Wheels in the base let you pull or push the box from place to place.
  • Assembly is quick, easy and without tools as this box clips together.
  • Dimensions: 120cm (length); 52cm (width) and 60cm (height).


  • Not strong enough to sit on.
  • Lid hinges are not piston-assisted.
  • Handles are slots in the side of the box.

Our recommendation

The Mazali 350 litre outdoor garden patio plastic storage box is a mid-size storage box with a flat rattan-weave pattern in black. You can make it fully waterproof by covering the cut-out handles with tape. But it’s not suitable as a garden seat.

We recommend the Mazali 350 litre storage box if you’re looking for a box this size and style and don’t need extra garden seating.

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a rattan-style storage box is about considering both function and style. Our Buyer’s Guide discusses this and highlights what to look for in the best storage boxes.



This is the key element to get right. The most common complaint about storage boxes is that they’re smaller than expected. We suspect that that’s because people didn’t accurately assess how much stuff they want to put in them. Measure out the base dimensions of the storage boxes on the floor and pile your stuff up inside that. See how high it gets, and buy that size box – or a bigger one if you want to arrange your items neatly.

Be especially careful about the dimensions given for the boxes. They’re usually the outside measurements – the inside ones are a few centimetres smaller. This slight difference may mean that your fluffy cushions won’t fit after all.


All the storage boxes in our review are made of polypropylene or some other type of resin or plastic. This makes them naturally lightweight, waterproof and resistant to low temperatures; strong and long-lasting. However, if the rattan weave leaves gaps between the plastic strips or a handle is cut into the side of the box, this opens up gaps for water to get in. Check that the plastic has a UV coating as UV-rays over time fade the colour and dry out the plastic making it brittle and cracking.


Most plastic storage boxes are advertised as being suitable for use as a seat. Look at the pictures to see if there’s enough support on the underside of the lid to hold up this claim. A lid that’s made of woven strips with gaps isn’t as strong as one made of a solid sheet of plastic. The ATR ART TO REAL storage box is the smallest one in our review and has a solid aluminium plate under the lid for support. And, please, test out the weight limit slowly; don’t put two people on all at once.


Not all rattan woven patterns are the same. Some are raised and 3D-like and others are woven to lay flat. Some have three to five strands in each strip and others have only one strand. All of these give different looks, from rustic and natural to a more sophisticated finish. Choose a style that fits in with your patio furniture if the box is to be in view.

We came across mainly brown colour boxes, with a few black and grey models. The choice seems to be limited to a neutral hue to support the “natural” theme of the storage box.

Final Conclusion

We love multi-purpose garden furniture and most of the rattan style storage boxes in our review double up as seats or tables. They’re stylish enough to take their place alongside your patio furniture. We include a wide range of sizes of these boxes as even those with smaller outdoor spaces have garden items to put away out of sight, while those with larger gardens and patios have a wide variety of stuff that needs to be handy but out of view.

Our Best Pick for rattan style storage box is the Deuba Garden Box 290L Storage Deck Chest. This size of chest is suitable for most domestic gardens and it has all top-of-the-line features.

We chose the Starplast Outdoor Garden Rattan Style Plastic Storage Utility Chest as the Runner-up in our review. With a 535L capacity, this is the largest chest in this review and doubles as a two-person seat.

If you realise that you have too many garden items for these rattan boxes, our Top 6 Best Garden Storage Boxes review discusses and compares larger storage boxes.

And if that’s not enough and it now dawns on you that that you need something even larger to store your stuff in – say, a shed – we can help there too. Check out our shed reviews: Top 7 Best Plastic Sheds; Top 5 Best Metal Sheds; and Top 5 Best Small Sheds for Your Garden.

And whatever shed you’re thinking of, you need to know about a good foundation for it, and that’s where our review, The Best Shed Base, comes in handy.

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