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6 Best Rattan Sun Loungers – Easy To Clean & Comfortable

Last updated on January 7th, 2022

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The UK winter can be a long one but once the sun comes out, sun loungers are back in business! People can relax in the garden, even by the pool if your lucky enough to have one or on balcony as they get their dose of natural vitamin D. Gone are the days of white plastic sun loungers with the new rattan style sun loungers which look very attractive in any outdoor scene because they come in a variety of colours and styles. 

You can find the best rattan sun loungers as easily as you find regular foldable sun loungers, as long as you know what features you are looking for. In this review, I present some sun loungers that we have come across and find both stylish, comfortable, durable and worth your money. 

Before jumping right in, consider my top picks below like the Backyard Furniture Barcelona Rattan Sunlounger that is a customer favourite, and then read on to our more detailed reviews and buying guide.


Backyard Furniture Barcelona Rattan Sunlounger
The Backyard Furniture Barcelona Rattan Sunlounger is the top pick simply because it is well made, looks amazing, comes with a weather-proof cover and if that wasn't enough of a reason, it also backed by lost of positive reviews online too. This synthetic rattan and steel sun lounger present a simple design that would blend in with most gardens, especially if you already have rattan furniture as I do. Although it has no armrests, it comes with good quality thick padded cushions for comfort, and five reclining positions for convenience which are easy to adust. This model offers good value for money because it has a durable and robust build that is easy to assemble while still being what I would consider affordable.


Outsunny Garden Recliner Rattan Sun Loungers
Taking up my second spot is the Outsunny Garden Recliner Rattan Sun Lounger that offers an attractive design at a premium price but you do get a set of two and a sizeable table. This means you can have company over for drinks or snacks as you lay in the sun debating the world. The sun lounger set is made from PE rattan and it has a steel frame with aluminium feet to keep rust at bay. In addition, the sun loungers also have wheels for manoeuvrability and armrests for the perfect level of relaxation. Overall if you looking for a set of two, this set is well worth considering and slightly cheaper than my best pick when you take into account you get two loungers and a centre table.

My Rattan Sun Lounger Reviews

1. Backyard Furniture Barcelona Rattan Wicker Sunlounger


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Backyard Furniture Barcelona Rattan Wicker Sunlounger with Cushions and Weatherproof Furniture Cover

So I decided to start with my favourite, the Backyard Furniture Barcelona Rattan Sunlounger which also comes with a weatherproof cover to protect it from the elements, finding covers that fit sun loungers can be difficult to its nice to see this come with one.

The sun lounger features a durable steel frame and handwoven polyrattan that is low maintenance and easy to clean just like all PE rattan. This 198cm long and 60cm wide model has plenty of space, an attractive appearance which I love, ist just so modern and it is comfortable to lie on, thanks to the thick padded cushions.

Additionally, the cushion covers are UV stable and machine washable; therefore, it is easy to keep them clean and for me, I always look for covers that are machine washable, especially for outdoor furniture.

You can also choose how far back you want to recline by tweaking the adjustable height settings provided, I think there are around 5 positions. The sun lounger also features a head cushion to prevent straining of the neck muscles and finally clear instructions for assembly, take your time, most people should be it easy enough.


  • Features a weatherproof steel frame and handwoven polyrattan.
  • Offers an attractive modern rattan design.
  • Comes with 5 reclining height adjustable positions so you can get just the right position for you.
  • Possesses thick cushions with machine-washable covers.
  • Features a head cushion for comfort.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes with a waterproof cover included for durability.


  • No armrests.

Our recommendation

The Backyard Furniture Barcelona Rattan Sunlounger is a robust model that is also comfortable and it’s my personal favourite. The cushions provided are thick enough and easy to keep clean, so you should not have an issue with maintenance. I do think this sun lounger is an affordable model for those who want a quality product that offers value for money through comfort and durability. It’s certainly not cheap but I wouldn’t say it’s expensive either.

I like that it also provides 5 height-adjustable features so that you can find the perfect position easily. Overall I think this model is well worth considering if you like the design, you won’t be disappointed.

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2. Outsunny Garden Rattan Sun Lounger


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Outsunny 3 Pieces PE Rattan Patio Lounge Chair Set, Outdoor Recliner Lounge Chairs with Wheels, for Outside with Cushions, Headrest, Coffee Table for Garden, Poolside, Brown

The Outsunny Garden Rattan Sun Lounger is a beautiful set made from premium materials and is my Runner-up pick so let’s talk about why. The PE rattan and galvanised stainless steel frame ensures that furniture pieces can contend with the weather which is important for within the UK but I also recommend getting a cover as it doesn’t come with one. Check out my review where I compared some of the best outdoor furniture covers here.

This easy to maintain model is fitted with 180g/m2 waterproof polyester fabric cushions for comfort, and it offers armrests for added relaxation which my best pick doesn’t, great if you prefer to sit up in a more upright position most of the time.

The maximum weight supported by the sun loungers is 160kgs which is reasonable and with five adjustable positions, it is easy for you to set the backrest at a comfortable level.

At 200cm long, it’s also great for tall people but it also 57cm wide so has plenty of space to relax. It also comes with a little table you can place small items. The 40cm wide by 40cm deep by 40cm high table has a 5mm tempered glass top that is easy to clean and hard to break.  

Another interesting feature in this model is the fitted wheels that make it easy to move the seats when required which is a nice feature to have.  The outdoor set comes flat packed; therefore, assembly is required before use but it shouldn’t be too challenging for most people, especially if you are used to IKEA style furniture.


  • Features a robust galvanised steel frame with aluminium-oxide feet that are rust-resistant.
  • Made from easy to maintain PE rattan.
  • Comes with a 5mm tempered-glass top table.
  • Supports a maximum weight of 160kgs.
  • Offers 5cm thick cushions for user comfort with 180g/m2 waterproof polyester covers.
  • Features a 5-position adjustable headrest.
  • Has wheels for easy manoeuvrability. 


  • Takes time to assemble with having two loungers and a table.

Our recommendation

The Outsunny Rattan Sun Lounger uses premium materials like galvanised steel and waterproof PE rattan and quality padded cushions that are also weatherproof and UV-protected.

It is costly, but it comes with two loungers and a small table that have an attractive design. When you take this into account I really do think it still offers excellent value for money. After all I looked at some sun loungers that were more expensive such for a single lounger.

This set is easy to maintain, and although it takes some patience to assemble, it is worth it in the end and well worth considering.

3. Birchtree Rattan Day Chair Recliner Sun Bed Lounger

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BIRCHTREE Rattan Day Chair Recliner Sun Bed Lounger Wicker Outdoor Garden Furniture Terrace Patio SRL01 Grey

If you liked my prevous pick but don’t really need two loungers or a table then this could be a great alternative. An affordable and robust lounger is the Birchtree Rattan Day Lounger that features quality waterproof PE rattan wrapped around steel tubes that make up the frame. The UV resistant material will not fade under the sun and will be easy to clean. This sun lounger’s 5cm thick cushions offer comfort and safety as they are filled with a fire retardant sponge, something not all sun lounger manufacturers mention.

The cushions are kept clean by removing the polyester covers for a fast machine wash, no handwashing needed here, unless you want to of course. At 210cm long by 56cm wide its a good sized rattan sun lounger and also has wheels for easy manoeuvrability which some people will find useful.

This sun lounger also provides four adjustable recliner positions and armrests for maximum relaxation. It also comes flat packed with instructions for quick assembly.


  • Made from durable steel tubing and PE rattan which is UV-protected.
  • Comes with thick 5cm cushions and washing machine friendly covers.
  • Features armrests and a head cushion for added comfort.
  • Offers four height-adjustable positions.
  • It has wheels for easy transportation.
  • Comes in two colours.


  • Poor assembly instructions but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Our recommendation

The Birchtree Rattan Recliner Sun Bed Lounger has a simple design and it is affordable for those working with restricted budgets. The model features thick cushions and easily accessible recliner positions. It is a bit challenging to assemble due to poor instructions, but once completed, the sun lounger is stable and robust. I would recommend this model to those looking for a lightweight, but more affordable model with armrests and anti-slip feet.

4. TecTake Rattan Sun Lounger

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Whether you place the TecTake Rattan Sun Lounger in the garden or conservatory, it offers subtle elegance with its minimalistic design. The 196cm long and 66cm wide sun lounger possesses a stable rust-protected steel frame adorned by synthetic rattan of high quality to increase durability. 

This easy to maintain model has padded 100% polyester cushions and a headrest cushion for comfort purposes. The cushions are removable for cleaning manually or through a machine wash. Like other sun loungers, this model offers five reclining heights to help you maximise comfort while enjoying the warm sun.


  • Features quality synthetic rattan and lacquered steel and iron frame.
  • Offers comfortable polyester cushions.
  • Cushion covers are machine washable.
  • Provides five recliner positions.
  • Attractive design and easy to assemble.
  • Sold at an affordable price.


  • Cushions could be thicker.
  • No armrests.

Our recommendation

The TecTake Rattan day bed sun lounger is the most affordable option in this review. This simple but elegantly designed sun lounger would be perfect for those looking for a lightweight but durable sun lounger. This model does not have wheels or armrests, but it is stable enough to support a considerable amount of weight. 

Assembly wise, this sun lounger is not frustrating as you can get it assembled in an hour. Overall, it is a durable sun lounger that offers good value for money.

No products found.

5. Marbella Sun Lounger Rattan Set

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GGL Marbella Sun Lounger Set Dark Brown Rattan, Cream Cushions. Two Loungers & Coffee Table

The Marbella Sun Lounger Set is all about quality and comfort and if you don’t mind paying a little extra for a premium product, this is a sun lounger that smashes all other models out of the water.

first off, it features an aluminium frame covered in high-quality synthetic rattan. The low maintenance rattan is handwoven which gives it an even and attractive design. This set possesses two sun loungers and a small glass top table for placing your items. So the frame is aluminium, not steel and this makes a big difference in durability, simply put it’s much less likely to rust but aluminium is more expensive which is why it’s usually only used on premium models like this one.

The sun loungers are spacious measuring 200cm long by 73cm wide, and they are decked with thick cushions to provide user comfort. These 10cm thick cushions are spill-proof, and they have removable covers for machine washing. So the cushions are double the thickness of most other cushions on other models that are usually around 5cm thick. In terms of size, it again bigger and better, most models are around 185cm long do you have some extra space to place with. It’s also worth mentioning that most standard sun loungers are also 60cm wide, this model is 73cm.

The set does not require any assembly, which saves you time; you can start relaxing immediately after delivery. Nobody likes having to build a sun lounger and with this model, you don’t have to.


  • Spacious and comfortable set.
  • Features an aluminium frame and quality synthetic rattan.
  • Comes with a side table with a tempered glass top.
  • Comes with thick 10cm cushions with removable covers.
  • Offers five adjustable recliner positions.
  • Comes already assembled.
  • Provides good value for money.


  • Heavy with no wheels.

Our recommendation

Those looking for spacious sun loungers offering maximum comfort should consider models like the Marbella Sun Lounger Set. Admittedly, the set is expensive, but it is well and with every penny, at the end of the day you get what you pay for. In this case, it’s a pair of premium sun longers.

One thing I completely appreciate about this set is the 10cm thick cushions because not many models have such plush cushions. Additionally, the set comes already assembled; therefore, if you are not good at assembly, this might be an ideal option.

Buyer’s Guide

For most people, buying outdoor furniture is not a simple process because there are so many attractive options in the market.  Sun loungers, in general, have basic features, which makes them even easier to shop for. Below is information you will find useful while shopping for the best rattan sun loungers that will last for a long time.


Sun loungers come in different sizes; therefore, it is crucial to understand how much space you have to spare. If you have little space, you cannot buy an extremely wide and long sun lounger. Small spaces do well with narrow sun loungers that can be folded for storage.

twin set of rattan sun loungers

As a consumer, you also have to consider your height. If you are tall then you need to confirm that the length of the sun lounger will be suitable instead of relaxing with your feet hanging.

Weight restrictions

Every sun lounger comes with weight restrictions for safety purposes. Using a sun lounger that cannot support your weight will end up costing you money for a replacement, and in a worst-case scenario; injury to yourself. 

Some products do not reveal the weight limitations in the product description; thus, feel free to ask your supplier or check the customer queries section. Alternatively, you can select a robust and heavy sun lounger hoping for the best.

Recline levels

The point of having sun loungers is to maximise the sun’s rays regardless of the sun’s position in the sky. You can easily adjust the lounger depending on the recline levels provided. While some sun loungers offer four or five height-adjustable levels, some do not lie completely flat. If you want the option to lie completely flat, then confirm from the supplier before purchase, if not specified in the product details.

Weatherproof materials

Sun loungers spend the majority of the time outdoors, unless in storage. For the sun lounger to survive being outdoors, the materials used need weatherproofing. The rattan itself should preferably be synthetic because it is easier to manage compared to natural rattan.

Rattan sun loungers with cushions

The rattan in use should also be UV-resistant so that it does not disintegrate or fade in the sun. Because most rattan sun loungers feature a metal frame, the frame should be galvanised or powder-coated to avoid rust. Steel and aluminium are favourable metals for outdoor furniture due to their strength and durability. With the right level of protection from the elements, you can trust the sun loungers will last for years.


Unlike regular seats, sun loungers need cushions for comfort. The thickness of the cushions determines how people of different weights will feel. Thick cushions can support people of different weights while offering maximum comfort. Thin cushions wear out fast and therefore, the user is left feeling the sun lounger’s hard frame beneath.

If you value maximum comfort, look for a sun lounger with thick cushions like the Marbella Sun Lounger Set. In addition to seat cushions, some manufacturers provide headrest cushions to give added comfort, especially for those with neck or back problems.

Another thing to consider in terms of comfort is the armrest feature. Armrests are great for those who want a place their arms in a resting position. Not all models come with an armrest feature, and you can tell from the advertisement pictures shown, you don’t have to ask the supplier.

Comparing quality of rattan sun lounger

Ease of use

Sun lounger features that make the product additionally user friendly is by incorporating machine washable covers and wheels. Machine washable covers are convenient because they are fast and easy to clean. Wheels, particularly on heavy sun loungers are essential to permit easy manoeuvrability from one location to the next.


As always, the much you are willing to spend will affect the sun lounger that you purchase. There are affordable sun loungers under £200, but you can seek premium sun loungers like the Marbella Sun Lounger Set.  Getting the best model depends on what you can afford, and the sun lounger style desired.

Sun loungers come in different sizes; therefore, it is crucial to understand how much space you have to spare. If you have little space, you cannot buy an extremely wide and long sun lounger. Small spaces do well with narrow sun loungers that can be folded for storage


How do I keep my rattan sun lounger clean?

Sun loungers especially those made with synthetic rattan are easy to keep clean. All you need to do is get some warm soapy water and a piece of cloth to wipe the dirt away.

Are sun lounger cushions waterproof?

Some cushions come with waterproof covers, but in most cases, sun lounger cushions are not waterproof. That is why I recommend purchasing a waterproof cover to keep the cushions dry and mould free. If you do not want the additional costs of purchasing a weatherproof cover, you can always remove the cushions for storage every time it rains, or purchase waterproof cushion covers.

Can damaged rattan sun lounger be repaired?

Yes, it is possible to mend damaged synthetic rattan that has snapped or developed tears. All you require is some epoxy resin and a sculpting tool to get the job done. Once you apply the resin and attach the broken rattan, give it 24 hours to harden. Ensure you work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhalation of harmful fumes.

Final Conclusion

Sun loungers are multi-purpose products because they fit in a wide range of settings, from the poolside to the conservatory. Rattan sun loungers offer attractive designs, and they are heavier compared to foldable sun loungers. Were you able to find the best rattan sun lounger in this review? If you found a suitable model, that is great!

If you are still weighing your options, you can always rely on our favourite models that include our best pick, the Backyard Furniture Barcelona Rattan Sunlounger. This model is affordable and comfortable for those seeking a simple sun lounger with high-quality construction. 

Another great option would be the Outsunny Garden Recliner Rattan Sun Lounger, which is our runner up pick. This set costs slightly more than our best pick, but it presents a beautiful design that will do well for those seeking a sun lounger that adds a decorative feel to the scene.

Stop procrastinating and select your favourite model to enjoy days on end underneath the warm sun!


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