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Top 5 Best Outdoor Patio Coolers For Your Garden

Last updated on November 12th, 2021

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What’s better than relaxing in the garden with a few friends and family enjoying some ice-cold drinks, whether it’s a bottle of coke or an ice-cold beer. The issue is that to keep them cool, you need to keep going in and out of the house to get a cold drink from the fridge.

Solution? An outdoor patio cooler. We dived into the sea of patio coolers, did a lot of research and comparisons, and compiled the five finalists that you can choose from this year. Gone are the days when you could only get simple box style coolers although we did include one or 2 here, delve into the stylish designs that now double as tables in this guide.

Our top pick is the Keter Pacific Rattan Table Garden Cooler. This 3-in-1 model is designed to function as a cooler, a party table or a coffee table. So you get much more than just an ice box. It has a 30-litre capacity so plenty of space for keeping those drinks ice cold. 

And if you need more space, consider our Runner-up, the Blumfeldt Springbreak Beverage Cart Terrace Cooler with its impressive 80 litres capacity. This patio cooler is also on wheels, so you can easily relocate it from the patio to the garden and beyond. 

We have in-depth reviews of these models and others in this article, and we believe you’ll find the best outdoor patio cooler that suits your needs right here. Now let’s dive into the finer details. 


Keter Pacific Rattan Style Outdoor Ice Cooler
This patio cooler is practical in multiple ways and will enhance the ambience of any outdoor living space right away. You get a 30-litre ice cooler with an adjustable lid that can be moved up to create a nice table for you to place your drinks. When the cooler the shut, it forms a compact coffee table for a couple to enjoy themselves whilst relaxing in a chair.

The product is made from polypropylene resin to form a rattan style design, which is durable, weather-resistant, maintenance-free and easy to wipe clean. It also has a drainage plug to keep spills to a minimum. Although on the expensive side, this model is popular with many people, and it will be an amazing addition to any garden and is well worth considering.


Blumfeldt Springbreak Beverage Cart Terrace Cooler
When it comes to capacity, nothing beats with beverage cart with a whopping 80-litre volume. Along with its size, it comes with four wheels to ease transportation around your garden and you will need it with the amount of drinks this model can hold. The exterior of the cart is crafted from durable and weatherproof rattan just like our best pick, allowing it to be left outside without worry.

The cover is made in the form of two hinged doors, allowing you to open one side when you want to access drinks without totally opening the whole thing and let cold air out. Another cool feature is the side handles, which can help you lift up the cart. There’s also a useful drain plug at the bottom to let out melted ice, you be amazed the number of models we saw without a draining plug. If you need something that's perhaps a little larger as you like to host large parties, this is well worth considering. Nearly forgot, also has a built-in bottle opener on the side too, super handy but simple feature.

Top 5 Patio Cooler Reviews

1. Keter Pacific Rattan Style Outdoor Cool Bar Ice Cooler

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Keter Pacific Rattan Style Outdoor Cool Bar Ice Cooler

Coming at the very top is the Keter Pacific Rattan Style Outdoor Cool Bar Ice Cooler. It’s an inexpensive and entertaining table that can fit perfectly in any outdoor setting that features rattan or wicker furniture. Being that rattan furniture is very popular, this makes it a great option for many people.

The cool bar is made from polypropylene resin that’s used within the injection molding process, making it totally recyclable, It is also double insulated which means it’s very efficient and keeps your drinks cooler for much longer than cheaper alternatives with a single insulating layer. To give you an idea, you can expect the ice to last around 7 hours and even the water inside should be cool until the following day. Not forgetting it also drains well to easily get rid of the water afterwards.

The tabletop is around 20 inches in diameter which is just over 50cm and this offers plenty of space for all your drinks and snacks. Even the cooler compartment with a 30-litre capacity provides ample room for drinks.

One nice thing about the top is that it can rise smoothly from 57cm to 82cm in total height, and it locks into place to prevent it from falling when topped with stuff. What we have noticed is that teh part that secures the table in position could be perhaps made a little better, seems a little cheap but still gets the job done.

Surprisingly it is lightweight at around 7kg when empty, obviously much heavier when filled, however, this allows you to relocate it anywhere hassle-free.

In addition, the patio cooler is easy to assemble and maintain, while the fact that resin is a weather-resistant material means the peace can be left outside without worrying about decay, rust and other weather-related damage but we do recommend finding cover for it.


  • Made from weather-resistant resin material, good quality and well designed.
  • Just the right height when standing when fully extending but low enough for use when say down when used as a coffee table.
  • Looks classy and matches any garden with rattan furniture. 
  • Easy to put together, clean and maintain. 
  • Lightweight and portable, so you can relocate it anywhere. 
  • Versatile patio cooler; acts as a cooler, coffee table and bar table. 


  • The mechanism that left the table could be improved but it does the job. 

Our recommendation

This Keter Pacific Rattan Style Outdoor Cool Bar Ice Cooler is a pretty versatile product that acts as a patio cooler, bar table and outside coffee table simultaneously. This means it can be used all year round and not just as an ice cooler so offers better value for money. Its resin body is sure to withstand the weather outside as well as last for many years to come but we would recommend getting a cover and obviously storing it somewhere dry over winter. 

The patio cooler does its job efficiently and will keep drinks chilled for up to 12.5 hours, of which your party will be over by then. As mentioned, the ice actually lasts around 7 hours but the water will be ice cold until the following day. You’ll also find it easy to move thanks to its lightweight construction. Some may even consider it expensive for what it is but remember it’s not just an ice cooler. Overall, this combo piece is sure to be a permanent fixture in your patio if you’re seeking a side table that also doubles as an ice cooler. 

If you’re looking to purchase the best ice machine maker then please check out my review here where I review ice maker machines that can make ice in mere minutes

2. Blumfeldt Springbreak Beverage Cart Terrace Cooler

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Blumfeldt Springbreak Beverage Cart Terrace Cooler

Next up is the Blumfeldt Springbreak Beverage Cart Terrace Cooler, which offers a massive amount of space for small and big parties alike so if you need something that is large but doesn’t look that your traditional cool box, this is well worth considering and will be a real talking point. We’re talking about an 80-litre capacity product in which you can keep a number of bottles, cans, perhaps a sneaky bottle of wine and the needed ice packs or you can opt for using ice. 

In terms of construction, this one is available in two variations. One is an ice cooler with a rattan décor housing, perfect if you already have rattan furniture and the other is a beverage cart with stainless steel housing, looks great next to a stainless BBQ grill. The rattan option is cheaper than the latter, and it also blends readily into any outdoor décor. 

The beverage carts, however, feature hinged doors on both sides for easy access without having to fully open the cold box. They also have four rollers so you can easily move it around the patio and the legs can be locked in place with two parking brakes for secure setup. With especially love that it comes with a bottle opener on the side which saves you looking for the bottle opener you can never find.  

What’s more? Just under the cooler, there is a sizeable 67cm x 35cm shelf where for instance you can keep empty bottles and cans. And when party time is over, the patio cooler can be easily cleaned. Simply open the drain plug to remove water from melted ice and open both top doors to clean the interior, it’s as simple as that. 


  • Choice of two stylish designs, rattan and stainless steel.
  • Offers a huge amount of space (80 litres) for plenty of drinks. 
  • Easy to clean thanks to detachable lids and a drain plug. 
  • Comes with a big storage shelf for emptied cans or bottles. 
  • Includes 4 rollers and handles on both sides for easy pulling to where it’s needed. 


  • A bit pricier than other patio coolers. 

Our recommendation

This is one patio cooler that keeps drinks chilled using cold packs or you can just empty bags of ice into the box. Its 80-litre capacity is one of the largest you can get and that makes it ideal for big summer parties so if you like to entertain, this is for you. It’s refined, streamlined housing of dark rattan also fits any outdoor décor but you also have that stainless steel option.

The overall construction is nice, with hinged doors on both sides for easy access, rollers with parking brakes for secure setup and a drain plug for letting out melted ice. more importantly by all accounts, its also very well made, perhaps the most important thing to note. Everything is well thought out with this one and even the price isn’t too bad either. If you after a large cooler, we would highly recommend considering this model. 

3. Keter California Allibert Ice Cube Cooler

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Allibert by Keter California Ice Cube Cooler

The Allibert Ice Cube Cooler by Keter California is designed to be a multi-purpose product that’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The ice-cool box is perfect whether placed outdoors in your garden on a warm summers day or even used indoors, such as in the conservatory for example. Thanks to the insulated walls, you can easily expect to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours, even if the ice melts, you will find that the water is ice cold the following day.

Something we really like is multifunctional items and this ticks some of the boxes, have a few friends popped round and you need an extra seat, no problem the cool box also doubles as a seat, want a smaller table, perhaps too use as an outdoor coffee table. No problem, it also works well for placing your drinks and snacks on too. You could even go as far as using it as a footrest. Don’t forget even when not filled with ice, it’s a great place to use as a mini-storage box too.

This thing is sleek and sophisticated with a rattan-style weave all around for toughness, durability and low maintenance. It is lightweight and portable with handgrips on two opposite sides for easy carrying. This one doesn’t have legs or rollers, but it does offer an impressive 40-litre capacity to store some drinks. 

The cool box is obviously made in a wicker design which complements various lounge sets. It also includes long-lasting, weatherproof and fade-resistant properties within its plastic build for low maintenance, simply wipe clean and you’re done. Moreover, this high-quality piece of furniture has a 3-year warranty for peace of mind. 


  • Multi-purpose cooler, which can also function as a side table or as an extra seating area. 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry on its hand grips. 
  • Constructed of tough and durable 7mm thick rattan weave. 
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance required. 
  • Decent 40-litre capacity to keep a number of beverages, around 21 440ml cans and 5 330ml. 
  • Great value for money.


  • Water tends to sit on top of the seat instead of running off and a little can seep into the box when you open the lid.

Our recommendation

Now, this Allibert Ice Cube Cooler by Keter is the cooler you need if you looking for an ice cooler to match your wicker furniture but don’t want a cool box that is overly big or expensive.

Constructed in an eye-catching wicker design, the patio cooler complements any garden setting and is easy to relocate thanks to side hand grips plus at just under 6kg it’s lightweight too. The product also doubles up as a side table as well as an additional seating area which is a big plus, although we do recommend getting a cushion if used for seating for any length of time.

All in all, this is an affordable patio cooler that thousands of outgoing people are happy with, and you’ll have no regrets about joining the company. We will say that Keter is known for its quality plastics and they did a great job with this ice cooler.

4. Suncast DCCW3200 Portable Outdoor Cart Cooler with Wheels

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Suncast DCCW3200 Portable Outdoor Cart Cooler with Wheels

Here’s another big patio cooler with a capacity of 73 litres and some super handy storage underneath. Because of its size, the Suncast DCCW3200 Cart Cooler also comes with four wheels to help with movement from one location to another, nothing too special about this but it does have two lockable wheels which are handy if you have a patio on a slight slope.

It features a decorative wicker-style construction that not only offers the perfect complement to any garden but is also weather-proof for year-round use and easy maintenance, a quick wipe down with a cloth and you’re done. 

The massive capacity on offer allows you to store up to six large 2-litre bottles or for those who drink cans it will easily store 72 cans, ensuring that your family and friends will always have more than enough refreshments at their disposal. There is a wire basket on one side to provide storage for party cups, and a drop-leaf extension on the other to offer additional serving space which is super handy. 

The patio cooler also has a drain plug that exits from the back and it helps to get rid of water from melted ice. There is even a large shelf under the ice cooler which is super handy for a few extra bottles, perhaps snacks, or any other items you need close at hand. 


  • Made from durable resin material; perfect for year-round use. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain, simply wipe down with a cloth. 
  • Includes a drop leaf extension to provide an additional serving area. 
  • Comes with a wire basket for a little extra storage. 
  • It has four wheels (two locking) for easy mobility. 
  • Massive capacity to store up to 72 cans.
  • Extra enclosed storage underneath.


  • Quite pricey. 

Our recommendation

This piece of furniture is well-built and is suitable for those who need plenty of space to keep those drinks cold owing to its large capacity. With two locking and two non-locking wheels, relocating and parking this patio cooler is really easy, this may not seem important but on a sloped patio, and many are it will roll off if the wheels didn’t lock.

Its resin construction is reliable as far as the weather goes, while the addition of a wire basket, drop leaf extension and an extra storage shelf takes convenience to a whole new level. 

Although this product is an expensive commitment, it’s certainly one that excels in space and organization. It does have its downsides but no matter how many guests you’ll have; you can always count on this Suncast DCCW3200 Portable Outdoor Cart Cooler. Overall its a great product and a good alternative to our Runner-up.

5. Coleman Cool Box Xtreme

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Coleman Cool Box Xtreme

Coleman is a leader in outdoor camping gear and equipment and in this Cool Box Xtreme, they have a large cooler that you can take to your camping trips, beach trips, and other outdoor days out. If you’re looking for a model you can use in your garden but also get additional use, this is a great choice.

It has a large 66-litre capacity, enough for around 100 330ml cans, and get this, will keep the ice frozen for up to 5 days, none of the other coolers can even come close to that. Now for using in your garden, this is probably a little overkill, however, if you want a model you can also take camping, this is a great advantage. 

The standout element of this cooler, which makes it so efficient and able to retain ice for so long, is the technology behind its design and construction. It features premium insulation technology, which keeps drinks and food on ice for days. There’s additional insulation in the lid and roof, which is where most of the cooling is lost, this combined with thinner walls, means cooling lost is not kept to a minimum.

The box itself is very robust and has solid handles for easy portability and assured durability. There are handy cup holders moulded into the lid and it also doubles as a very strong seat.

The product is made in the USA and the interior, in particular, is BPA free and compliant to the EU Food Stuff Regulation EN 12456. Therefore, the Cool Box Xtreme is safe to carry cold drinks, fruits and food. This is the boring bit but still, it’s worth noting.


  • Large storage capacity – 66 litres which hold around 100 330ml cans. 
  • Easy to move on its strong and robust handles. 
  • Very well insulated – keeps contents cool for up to 5 days.
  • Interior is made from BPA-free materials, thus safe for food. 
  • Big yet still affordable.


  • Design is not for everyone, certainly doesn’t blend in with your wicker sofa.

Our recommendation

The Coleman Cool Box Xtreme is a big, family-sized patio cooler that’s ideal for camping and days out but is also ideal for use in your garden. The cooler is pretty light when empty and can be moved about easily on its strong and comfortable handles.

It’s probably the best out there when it comes to ice retention and you can rest assured that your food and drinks will be fresh inside, 5 days of ice retention, no other model even comes close.

It’s really that simple with this Coleman and if you’re looking for a large patio cooler that you can also use on the road, this is as good as they get. 

Buyer’s Guide

If you want to keep your drinks chilled for a long time while hanging out with friends in your garden, a patio cooler is the way to go. Most models we reviewed are supposed to sit on your patio, hence the name patio cooler, but we did feature a few models that could be used more as portable ice coolers and taken anywhere really, including camping, to the beach or just on a road trip. Once you have it filled with ice, sit back and retrieve a cold bottle whenever you’ll feel like quenching your thirst.

Below we go other some of the features to consider when choosing an ice cooler.

What type of patio cooler should you buy?

Now, patio coolers are not made equal. Some are large, others small. Some come with wheels, others only have side handles. As such, patio coolers are categorised into three: rolling coolers, standing coolers, and bucket coolers. 

Rolling coolers are usually medium height rectangular storage boxes with lids and four wheels for transportation. They also include a drainage plug coupled with extra features that vary across models. These are good for larger garden parties because they offer so much storage space.

On the other hand, standing coolers generally act as fixed adornments of your patio. Although they are fixed, they are usually fairly lightweight and portable. These are ideal for shaded places of your garden. If you have a dedicated entertainment area in your garden, perhaps under a gazebo, opt for this kind of patio cooler to be a semi-permanent addition to the area.

Features to consider when buying a patio cooler


Your ideal patio cooler size depends on the number of guests you often entertain as well as the size of your patio. For a small patio, go for a compact cool box as you don’t want the thing to take up to much space. A model such as Keter Pacific Rattan Style Outdoor Cool Bar Ice Cooler is perfect for most patios. 

For a larger group, a medium-capacity cooler such as the 40-litre Allibert by Keter California Ice Cube Cooler should suffice. If you tend to throw big parties and space isn’t an issue, the Blumfeldt Springbreak Beverage Cart Terrace Cooler is all you need and they offer two great styles from the rattan design to a stainless steel model. 


The best patio coolers are well-insulated to keep drinks cool for several hours. However, the length of time varies across different models. Most patio coolers have an ice retention of 12 hours, of which any party should be well over by then. A few exceptions such as the Coleman Cool Box Xtreme have an ice retention of 5 days, meaning you can even store food in there that you intend to consume a few days later. This is great if you want to use it for camping or road trips too. 


The look of your patio cooler is important. Remember, it is there in the first place to entertain and improve the ambience of your outdoor space. A classic wicker like the Blumfeldt Springbreak Beverage Cart Terrace Cooler can add class to your patio, while the Allibert by Keter California Ice Cube Cooler blends in nicely with a simplistic décor. 

Additional features

A few add-ons here and there make any patio cooler even more desirable. Lockable wheels, a drainage plug that makes emptying the water much easier, additional shelves and a multi-functional lid are just some of those extra features. Some models such as the Blumfeldt Springbreak Beverage Cart Terrace Cooler even include a bottle opener which can be super handy. 

Final Conclusion

Whether you want to have a healthy conversation with your better half on the patio, throw a birthday or house warming party, a patio cooler is one essential product you’ll need to keep things going, perhaps not essential but you will certainly wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner. And as you have seen, patio coolers are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, so you surely can’t miss one that suits your needs. 

For us, it’s the Keter Pacific Rattan Style Outdoor Ice Cooler that ticks all the boxes. This cooler is just the right size for any patio and can comfortably entertain four people. In addition, we like how its lid can act as a coffee table or be raised to become a tabletop to hold your drinks. Better still, it can be left outside and withstand the elements thanks to its weatherproof construction. 

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