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Best Patio Tables with Fire Pits

Last updated on April 28th, 2021

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Stay warm in your garden and have somewhere handy to put your food and drink with a patio table with a fire pit (aka fire tables). And why stop there? How about actually cooking that food on the fire pit as well? We review the best patio tables with fire pits, some of which do have BBQ features. We discuss the features of each model and follow that with a brief list of pros and cons and our recommendation for each product. Our Buyer’s Guide highlights the elements to look for in the best patio table with a fire pit for your outdoor dining and entertaining needs in the cooler hours.

Best Pick

Peaktop Rattan Gas Firepit
This square propane fire pit table is an intriguing combination of rustic and modern. Its woven brown rattan structure, on a metal frame, works alongside the concrete table top textured as wood for a rustic appearance. But when you add in the low transparent perspex wind and spark screen on all four sides of the fire bowl, it takes on a modern vibe. And an all-round view of the gas flames. This is the tallest fire table in our review and you hide the gas bottle underneath it. Although it doesn’t come with an inset piece to convert into a full table, the ledge around the fire bowl is wide enough for glass, plates and other outdoor entertaining necessities. You do need to provide your own propane bottle and gas, but the regulator gas come with your purchase. This is a fire table that you can comfortably relax or eat around.


Bestfire 3 IN 1 Garden BBQ Fire Pit
The 3-in-1 functions of this round fire pit table add barbequing food to the usual table surface and warmth features. The three curvy metal legs support a table top of ceramic tiles, beautifully arranged in a traditional compass rose pattern in neutral colours. Taking out the centre piece of the table top reveals the metal fire bowl underneath. Along with the usual poker, your purchase includes a grill rack for BBQing food. Use the half-dome metal mesh screen with the fire to keep sparks in and when you’re grilling your burgers to stop fat splashing out. The coffee table height of this fire table lets you comfortably lean forward and poke your food to see if it’s done. This is a great, affordable, fire table for those who love flame-cooked food while relaxing.

These are the patio tables with fire pits we review:

  1. Peaktop Firepit Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Rattan, Cover, Easy Ignition HF34501BA-UK, Dark Brown
  2. Bestfire 3 IN 1 Garden BBQ Fire Pit For Wood, Fire and Cooking Charcoal Barbeque Grill Kit
  3. Peaktop Outdoor 35-Inch Square Retro Finish Propane Gas Fire Pit, Light Wood
  4. AGYH Wood Fire Pits Outdoor Imitation Stone
  5. MDA Designs FUSION Dark Grey Lavish Garden & Patio Gas Fire Pit with Eco-Stone Finish

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Best Patio Tables with Fire Pits Reviews

1. Peaktop Rattan Gas Fire Pit HF34501BA-UK

Best Pick

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Teamson Home Propane Gas Fire Pit Table, Fire Pit with PVC Cover and Spark Screen, Smokeless Firepit, Outdoor Fire Pit with Lava Rocks, Stone Finish

The Peaktop Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table has a modern rustic look with a base of dark brown rattan in a woven style and a concrete tabletop. Although square, its shape doesn’t have a geometric vibe with these natural-looking materials.

At 70cm high, this table is the tallest one in our review as most of the others we found are more of a coffee table height. This extra height doesn’t require you to bend down to use the table. This model is the only fire pit table in our review that’s high enough to hide the gas cylinder underneath in the compartment accessed by a full size door. As always with gas-powered heat sources, the flames are adjustable. The electronic ignition and the heat adjustment are also hidden away in the control section, leaving the lines of this table fire pit clean and undisturbed.

Instead of the usual metal mesh spark/wind screen, this Peaktop model gives you four transparent acrylic screens that fit into a frame around the fire bowl. You can use one, some or all of them depending on the wind to keep the sparks in and the flames going upwards. This does give a modern touch to the design as well as not hiding the flames from your 360-degree view.

Your purchase includes the gas regulator and 3m of hose, though some online reviewers state that they didn’t receive that length. You may want to pick up some extra when you go to buy your gas bottle as that’s not included either. But you do receive 3kg of lava rock to start you off.

Unfortunately, though, the table top is just a ledge around the fire bowl as this model doesn’t come with an inset to place over the fire pit to form a complete table. However, a couple of online reviews state that they had a clear perspex cut to fit the fire bowl opening to use this model as a complete table top when the fire pit is not in use which is. a good idea.


  • The square table has a modern rustic look.
  • Fueled by natural gas in a canister up to 13kg that fits under the table, hidden away.
  • Steel frame base with woven rattan sides in dark brown, with one door.
  • The top and bowl is made from concrete.
  • Comes with a gas regulator and a 3m hose.
  • The four-part spark screen is made of transparent, heat-resistant acrylic and fits around the sides of the fire bowl.
  • Lava rocks (3kg) are included.
  • Dimensions: 86cm (width) x 86cm (depth) x 70cm (height).


  • No table top section to place over fire bowl opening.

Our recommendation

The Peaktop Gas Fire Pit Table is an unobtrusive piece of garden furniture that has two tasks – to keep you and your guests warm and to give you somewhere to put your drinks and food. It does those well, from its square structure that’s taller than most other fire pit tables to its transparent spark screen that gives an unobstructed view of the flames to the table ledge around the fire pit.

The Peaktop Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table is our choice for the Best Pick of the patio tables with fire pits. It’s easy to assemble and use this gas fire pit table that’s instantly ready for your warmth.

2. Bestfire 3 IN 1 Garden BBQ Fire Pit For Wood, Fire and Cooking Charcoal Barbeque Grill Kit


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3 IN 1 GARDEN BBQ FIRE PIT For Wood, Fire and Cooking Charcoal Barbeque Grill Kit, Large Round Mosaic Ceramic Table Top, Outdoor Space Heater, FIREPIT Bowl for Patio Heating with Rain Cover

The Bestfire 3 IN 1 Garden BBQ Fire Pit is a contrast in many ways to our Best Pick. It’s a complete patio table, a wood fire pit and an open flame BBQ. This round unit has a metal stand with three legs and a table top of large ceramic tiles in a traditional compass mosaic pattern in muted colour tones. Just take away the middle table segment to access the fire pit/BBQ.

This a wood-fueled fire pit so you can add charcoal nuggets for your BBQ in the same way you would to a charcoal stand-alone BBQ unit. You’re in charge of how hot the fire gets or how high the flames rise by poking and prodding the wood (there’s an included poker) or adding more fuel.

A nice design touch if you’re cooking food on this model is that the BBQ grill is open for about 1/4 of its diameter so you can reach the poker down to the coals or wood beneath without having to move the food aside or even take the grill completely off.

Prolong the life of your patio table/fire pit by always putting the (included) cover over it (once it’s cooled down of course) when it’s not in use. This keeps rain and dust off it and helps it to remain looking in good shape. Some online reviewers remark that, even though the paint on the legs is heat resistant, it has been of poor quality and the frame rusts. You may want to put an extra coat of similar paint on, especially if the paint flakes off and exposes the metal underneath.


  • A round patio table with a fire pit is used for fire and for barbequing.
  • Three metal legs, in a wrought shape, and the fire bowl are of metal, as is the mesh spark screen.
  • Table top is of large, mainly triangular, ceramic mosaic tiles in cream, brown and muted blues.
  • The Centre table top section fits into the fire bowl opening to form a complete table.
  • Takes wood and cooking charcoal briquettes or nuggets as fuel, and includes a grate to put them on.
  • Tools for barbequing include a grill and a poker.
  • Purchase includes a waterproof cover.
  • Dimensions: 70.5cm (dia) x 41cm (height).


  • Finishing (paint and grouting) can be of poor quality.

Our recommendation

The Bestfire 3 IN 1 Garden BBQ Fire Pit For Wood, Fire and Cooking Charcoal Barbeque Grill Kit is a great choice if your idea of a fire pit includes a table and cooking out. This grill kit comes with the tools needed to grill basically, and you can use the unit as a complete, attractive ceramic-topped table when the fire pit is not in use.

Our Runner-up is this Bestfire 3 IN 1 Garden BBQ Fire Pit For Wood, Fire and Cooking Charcoal Barbeque Grill Kit. It’s affordable and wonderful for leisurely cookouts on cool evenings and you don’t have to put your plates, glasses, food and utensils on the grass or patio floor.

3. Peaktop 35-Inch Square Retro Finish Gas Fire Pit

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Teamson Home Outdoor Garden Propane Gas Fire Pit Low Table Burner, Smokeless Firepit, Patio Furniture Heater, Wood Effect with Lava Rocks and Cover

The Peaktop Outdoor 35-Inch Gas Fire Pit has a low and chunky style with a strong presence that won’t be overlooked in your garden or on your patio. Its coffee table height gives this table a relaxed feeling.

The table ledge surrounding the fire bowl is wide so your beverage bottles and glasses and dining plates won’t topple off. As this is a propane gas fire pit, the gas regulator and 3m of hose come with your purchase. However, that length of hose may not be long enough. Unlike our taller Best Pick gas fire table, this patio table is too low to put a gas canister underneath it, so you have to position it away from the table, preferably out of everyone’s sight line for aesthetic and safety reasons. That may require a longer hose.

However, the controls for ignition and adjusting the flames are hidden away underneath the lip of the table top and don’t spoil the geometric lines of the design. Included with the table fire pit are 3kg of lava rocks so once you’ve bought the gas you can get started. And do use the protective cover you also receive to keep the patio table looking fresh.


  • Square coffee-table height patio table with fire pit has a chunky retro rustic style.
  • A propane-powered fire table is made of ceramic material and textured to look like light-coloured wood.
  • Electronic ignition and adjustable flame controls hidden under the overhang of the table edge.
  • Comes with a gas regulator and 3m hose.
  • No assembly needed.
  • Lava rock included (3kg) for a quick start.
  • Comes with a protective cover.
  • Dimensions: 89cm (width), 86 cm (depth) x 29cm (height).


  • No spark/wind guard.
  • No room to store gas bottle.

Our recommendation

The Peaktop Outdoor 35-Inch Square Gas Fire Pit is a low patio table and fire pit that can create a relaxed atmosphere in a corner of your patio. Be sure to pick a spot near which you can hide the gas bottle, perhaps behind a plant. And safely run the hose to the table so no-one trips over it. This patio table doesn’t convert into a full table but the ledge around the fire bowl is wide enough for bottles, glasses and food plates.

We recommend the Peaktop Outdoor 35-Inch Fire Pit Table for anyone with an relaxed and fairly rustic outdoor space.

4. AGYH Imitation Stone Fire Pit

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Wood Fire Pits Outdoor Imitation Stone Terrace Backyard Outdoor Firewood Brazier, Garden Fireplace BBQ Grill Table Set, 75cm/29.5' (Color : Kit-3)

AGYH Fire Pit table is a premium patio table fire pit that gives true meaning to the term “multi-functional”. It goes above and beyond the regular requirements of a flame table and operates as a fire pit, a full table, a brazier (with coals), a BBQ, a grill and a plate for cooking a hot pot or boiling water for tea. Its fuel source is wood supplemented by charcoal for when you’re cooking or for when you want to use the unit as a brazier.

This fire pit etc. table is made of panels that include magnesium oxide. This is a standard material used in building construction for its anti-freezing and non-heat-conducting properties. It’s also resistant to high temperatures. Used here, it makes this fire pit safe, durable and strong.

The panels of the structure are textured in a stone brick pattern reminiscent of ancient buildings while the table top looks like wood grain. This style fits well in more rustic gardens and, surprisingly, in more modern decors as well. The ledge all the way around the 50cm wide fire bowl is a comfortable 12.5cm wide, large enough for dinner plates and drinking glasses. There’s a matching insert to put into the bowl opening to make this into a complete table top.

As for the multi-functionality of this model, beyond the usual fire pit and table, you can BBQ on the stainless steel grid, grill on the flat surface that has solid and slatted areas and an open centre space, or use a saucepan or hot pot on the tray insert for the flat surface. All these cooking accessories are included in your purchase, so you never get bored sitting around the fire table watching your foods cook. When you’re tired of flames from wood, heat up coals and create a brazier that’s good for controlled heat and also for roasting chestnuts in the winter holiday season.

If you use the space in the bottom of the table to keep some wood stacked, you always have fuel, and the (included) poker, to adjust the heat as necessary.

Please note that we review the most expensive kit – two others with fewer accessories are available on the same web page at a lower cost.


  • Premium wood fire pit patio table kit with everything included for multi-functional use, including barbequing and grilling.
  • Square structure made of magnesium oxide material that doesn’t conduct heat.
  • The base is styled as imitation stone bricks and the top is imitation wood for a solid and ancient appearance.
  • Uses wood as a fuel source as well as charcoal nuggets.
  • Raised grill ensures superb airflow and stabilises the frame.
  • Functions include fire pit; grilling; barbequing; brazier; hot put; and full table.
  • Rectangular mesh lid as spark saver/wind screen.
  • Space in the bottom of the unit to stack wood.
  • Easy assembly of three pieces.
  • Dimensions: 73cm (width), 75cm (depth) and 45cm (height).


  • New product (as at April 2021) so no reviews yet.

Our recommendation

We think we should emphasise that the AGYH Wood Fire Pits Outdoor Imitation Stone is a premium product and that’s it’s much more expensive than the other fire pit patio tables we review. It’s an extreme example of how far manufacturer’s can push the functions of a fire table. But if cooking out on an open fire (or brazier) is an important part of your outdoors home and entertaining life, this product is certainly worth a long look.

If you have the budget for a truly multi-functional patio table and usually eat outdoors all summer and autumn, consider investing in the AGYH Wood Fire Pits Outdoor Imitation Stone. Other less expensive kits, with fewer accessories, are available on the same web page as this model.

5. MDA Designs FUSION Dark Lavish Gas Fire Pit with Eco-Stone Finish

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MDA Designs FUSION Dark Grey Lavish Garden & Patio Gas Fire Pit with Eco-Stone Finish Fully Assembled

The MDA Designs FUSION Dark Grey Lavish Garden & Patio Gas Fire Pit with Eco-Stone Finish has all the sleekness of their design aesthetic as seen in their indoor furniture. This patio table with fire pit is the very essence of minimalism and is a true contrast to the more rustic aesthetics of the other models in our review. We review the dark grey model but it’s also available in light grey from Amazon.

Constructed of composite stone, this propane-powered model is both lightweight and durable. The base and the table top are in one piece and look sleek and smooth. Nothing interrupts the single surface except two vent openings at the sides and an alcove for the electronic ignition and the dial for adjusting the height of the flames.

This unit doesn’t come with an insert for the fire bowl opening to convert it into a full table. However, the 12cm ledge around the fire bowl is certainly wide enough for almost anything you want safely near you when relaxing around the fire or just sitting around it during the warm days.

As with most propane fire pits, you need to supply your own gas bottle, though the regulator and a 3m gas hose come with the fire pit table. There’s nothing to assemble with this model so, once you have the gas in place, you’re ready to get warm.

As with the Peaktop Outdoor 35-Inch Square Retro Finish fire table, this MDA model is too low to hide a propane tank underneath. Find a nearby unobtrusive and safe spot to out the gas tank and ensure that the gas hose is long enough to comfortably reach the table.


  • Round fire pit table with a sleek and smooth minimalist appearance.
  • Made of composite stone for lightweight and long life.
  • Propane fueled with the regulator and 3m gas hose included.
  • Dimensions: 77cm (dia) x 29cm (height).


  • No insert to make a complete table.
  • No spark/wind guard.
  • No cover.

Our recommendation

The MDA Designs FUSION patio table with fire pit is a round model fueled by propane gas. It’s slightly larger than our round Runner-up model so you can get more people around it. It really is in a super-minimalist style and is lightweight as it’s made of composite stone. You do not have a wind screen so be sure to place this table in a sheltered position, but we think that works for the elegance of this fire table.

If you prize minimalist design and want a gas table fire pit, the MDA Designs FUSION patio table with fire is a strong contender, whichever shade of grey you choose.

Buyer’s Guide

A fire pit table provides light, warmth and a table surface to put things on. Some even provide a basic grilling function for that perfect outdoors tasting food.

Deciding which patio table with a fire pit is best for you is a combination of considering which table you need plus which type of fire pit is suitable for your outdoors space and lifestyle. Our Buyer’s Guide briefly identifies some considerations before you make your choice.

Fuel source

Your choices for fuel source are generally natural gas, propane canisters, and wood along with charcoal.

Natural gas units need to hook up to a natural gas outlet outside your home. While conveniently you never run out of fuel, you can’t move the fire pit table away from its assigned place on your patio.

Propane is the most popular fuel choice. Often, though not always, there’s enough room under the table to conceal the gas bottle and you can move the table from place to place. You do have to remember to check if you have enough gas left in the bottle and it can be expensive to refill.

Teamson Home Outdoor Garden Propane Gas Fire Pit Low Table Burner, Smokeless Firepit, Patio Furniture Heater, Wood Effect with Lava Rocks and Cover

With both natural gas and propane, it’s easy to adjust the flame and the temperature of the fire pit. You usually just turn a knob on the unit to ignite the flames and they’re instantly hot and adjustable. The BTUs identified on each gas fire table tell you how much heat they can pump out.

Wood is the most basic fuel you can burn in your fire pit. It takes quite a while for the temperature of the wood to put out enough heat to warm you up or to cook on.

Charcoal produces an even heat which is great for cooking in. Like wood, it takes a while to heat up enough to use.

3 IN 1 GARDEN BBQ FIRE PIT For Wood, Fire and Cooking Charcoal Barbeque Grill Kit, Large Round Mosaic Ceramic Table Top, Outdoor Space Heater, FIREPIT Bowl for Patio Heating with Rain Cover

Both wood and charcoal burn up and produce ash as a residue which you should, periodically, clean out of the fire bowl. Our solution to this is to invest in an ash vacuum which we also review in this guide.

Other, less popular, fuel sources include a fuel gel and bio-ethanol fuel.


Where will you use your table fire pit? If you plan on using it on your deck or patio, be sure to also buy a heatproof mat for under the table. This protects the floor surface from burns and sparks. Check also that the fire pit gas hose can reach the natural gas outlet or the propane canister if the table is too low to hold it.

Teamson Home Propane Gas Fire Pit Table, Fire Pit with PVC Cover and Spark Screen, Smokeless Firepit, Outdoor Fire Pit with Lava Rocks, Stone Finish

And, please, look up from the spot. Is there an overhang from the roof or a gazebo or a tree? Think several times if you plan on putting a fire pit with an open flame underneath something that can burn. Gas and charcoal models are not too bad but buying wood can great much larger flames.

And don’t forget that you also need room to place your patio lounge furniture around the fire table. What good is all that warmth and light without somewhere to sit and appreciate it?

Size and shape

The size and shape of your table depend, in part, on where you are going to place it. The most popular choices are square, rectangular or circular tables. A wide variety of widths are available and the size of the fire bowls they contain is proportional to the table size. Most fire tables seem to be around coffee table height, though our Best Pick is a little taller than most.


Your first question to answer in what material to choose for your fire pit table is whether you want it to be mobile. Can you see yourself moving it from your patio to your lawn on occasion, especially if you have a large party? If so, don’t buy one made of cast iron or concrete.

Your other choices include aluminium, steel (powder-coated), stainless steel and rattan. The table tops may also be ceramic.


Given that fire tables provide heat, light and a surface to put stuff on, you may also want this amazing piece of garden furniture to also:

  • become a full table during the day (not all do)
  • be an ice bucket on hot summer days
  • let you BBQ food
  • let you grill food
  • let you fondue, create a communal hot pot meal or boil water for a cup of tea
  • become a brazier to gently cook food in glowing coals


As always, your safety is of concern to use. Most wood fire pit patio tables come with a poker to move around the wood and charcoal, so be sure to use it. We also recommend investing in a pair of heatproof gloves, especially if you’re cooking on your fire pit.

And we haven’t explicitly said this, but don’t BBQ anything on a gas fire pit table. And take all the usual precautions for adults, kids and pets around open flames

Final Conclusion

If you (like us) love multi-functional garden furniture, a patio table with a fire pit will warm you through cooler hours give you a place to put your drinks and snacks. While not all the models we review convert into a complete table top for daytime use, they all have wide enough ledges around the fire bowl to put dining-related items, books, toys and other outdoor necessities. Choose from natural gas, propane or wood as the fuel source depending on your inclination and whether you intend to grill food over the open fire.

Our Best Pick is the Peaktop Rattan Gas Fire Pit. This taller-than-usual fire pit table has space underneath to hide the gas tank and has a transparent spark/wind screen to give an all-around view of the flames.

The Runner-up in our review is the Bestfire 3 IN 1 Garden Fire Pit BBQ. This wood/charcoal-fueled round patio table supplies fire for warmth as well as lets you grill your food over the open flame on the included BBQ grill.

We have other reviews for those who decide that they don’t really need a table to surround their source of outdoors heat. We also review and recommend the Best Fire Pits, the Best Chimineas and the Best Outdoor Fireplaces. You can also take a look at the best patio heaters here.

Whichever source of open flame outdoors heating you choose, please be careful about safety. Check out our review of the Best Stove Gloves to keep your hands safe.

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