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Top 8 Best Outdoor Sofa Set Ideas

Last updated on June 9th, 2022

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Shopping for outdoor furniture should get the same energy we pour into shopping for indoor furniture. This is because how the outdoor looks is still an extension of ourselves. The better it appears, the better we feel.

In the spirit of creating beautiful and relaxing outdoor spaces, we present you with a review of the best garden sofa set models available on the market for your approval. Below are 8 of our favourite picks, all stunningly different in their own way. 

The models presented herein are of good quality so you will not be disappointed with whichever one you choose.

We have already gone ahead and selected our best sofa for gardens in the form of the Evre Rattan Outdoor Furniture Set.

The Backyard Furniture Copenhagen 4 Seat Lounge Set is a close alternative and we will reveal why below in more detail. 


Evre Rattan Outdoor Furniture Set
This furniture set is well constructed and is available at an affordable price which helped it win our 'Best Pick' spot. The comfortable rattan furniture looks good and it requires little maintenance to retain its appearance, justa little soap and water and you can through the cushion covers in the wash. You can choose the colour of rattan you want from the ones provided to match your garden theme, grey looks awesome. The positive reviews from the customers on the furniture set’s performance solidified our trust in the quality of the product. Overall a stunning garden sofa with the bonus of a table to finish it off.


Backyard Furniture Copenhagen 4 Seat Lounge Set
Designed to take up less space than many other models, it makes a great choice for small gardens. This set is easy to use and requires little maintenance. A stunning granite table accompanies the furniture set giving you some space for that glass vine or cup of tea. It costs less than our best pick and it comes with free weatherproof covers to protect the furniture from harsh weather conditions which is a plus. Overall, we find that it provides good value for money in terms of overall structure and durability and is well worth considering if it's to your taste.

Best Outdoor Sofa Sets Reviews

1. Evre Rattan Nevada 6 Seater Sofa with Coffee Table


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Evre Rattan Outdoor Garden Furniture Set

Kicking off our list is the Evre Rattan Outdoor Furniture Set which consists of a coffee table and three seating elements. The furniture pieces are made from a strong metal frame and synthetic rattan that is weatherproof and extremely easy to wipe down and keep clean. You can use the furniture all year round outdoors as long as you keep the cushions out of the rain. We recommend maybe storing them in a garden storage box or shed.

This 6-seater model is equipped with polyester cover cushions that are easy to clean. These 7cm cushions offer some padding from the frame and they allow you to relax comfortably. The cushion covers are removable and they can be machine washed for easier cleaning which is a big plus, no hand washing needed.

A beautiful glass-top table completes this set and it measures 75cm x 75cm so there is plenty of space for a light lunch or a few drinks.

This set comes flat packed, thus it requires assembly before use. Once the set is assembled (which should be a fairly straightforward and easy process) little maintenance is required. Therefore, you can go about enjoying your time in the garden.


  • Features a complete set of furniture made from a robust long lasting material.
  • Available in three stunning colours, black, brown and our personal favourite, grey.
  • The synthetic rattan used is weatherproof, meaning it will not fade and it is easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Comes with 7cm cushions that have removable water-resistant covers.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The quality offers good value for money.


  • Cushions could be thicker.

Our recommendation

The Evre Rattan Outdoor Furniture Set is ideal if you have a large garden and are looking for a rattan longer set. The 6-seater set looks good, is very stable and will easily accommodate people of all sizes.

The materials used can keep up with the outdoors so there is little maintenance required, however, we do recommend covering with a cover to protect it over winter and storing the cushions somewhere dry. 

Overall, it is a presentable furniture set that you can place on your patio without looking out of place. The price is not so bad considering that the quality of the furniture is very good and its a fairly large piece of garden furniture.

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2. Backyard Furniture Copenhagen 4 Seat Rattan Wicker Garden Lounge Set


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Backyard Furniture Copenhagen 4 Seat Rattan Wicker Garden Lounge Set

The stunning Backyard Furniture Copenhagen 4 Seat Lounge Set incorporates durable rattan and robust hardwood to create beautiful pieces of garden furniture. This 4-seater set is accompanied with a beautiful granite-top table where you can place food or drinks as you relax.

The hardwood used is treated to prevent rot or warping because this would alter the appearance of the furniture. You can leave the furniture outside without the rattan fading over time because it is UV stable and extremely well made.

The seats have comfortable cushions that provide padding from the hard surface and most will find them extremely comfortable. These polyester cushions have removable covers that are machine washable. This is a big bonus because it saves on the hand washing and just makes maintenance overall much easier.

They are not waterproof and so you will need to use the weatherproof covers provided to shelter the furniture from rain/snow over winter. This set features two armchairs, a table, and a two-seat sofa that needs assembling before use, and this is the only real downside.


  • Features durable hardwood and synthetic rattan to produce this stunning set.
  • Offers a granite-top coffee table.
  • Provides thick cushions for comfort with machine-washable covers.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Accompanied with durable weatherproof covers.

Our recommendation

If you are looking for an outdoor rattan furniture sofa, then the Backyard Furniture Copenhagen 4 Seat Lounge Set is well worth considering. This set comes with durable seats that require little maintenance once assembled. 

The garden set comes with a cute easy to clean granite garden table to hold whatever you need nearby as a little bonus, always good to have a matching table for your drinks. There are fantastic weatherproof covers provided to help protect the furniture from the elements thus elongating the years of use. Overall a stylish piece of outdoor furniture.

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3. Strandgut Polyrattan Three-Seater Sofa with Cushions

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Strandgut Polyrattan Three-Seater Sofa with Cushions

The Strandgut07 Polyrattan Three-Seater Sofa presents you with comfort and style. This three-seater sofa features a strong frame and is a very well made traditional sofa design that looks stunning with the rattan finish.

The polyrattan weaving is UV-stabilised therefore, the sofa can stay outside and won’t start to fade like the cheaper models do. As for the frame, the powder-coated finish protects the aluminium from rusting/corroding hence its ability to survive the outdoors while the aluminium frame ensures it’s not too heavy to move around.

Measuring 90cm L x 201cm W x 75cm H, this model comes fully assembled so there is no need to bring out the tools, this alone is a big advantage because most other models come flatpacked.

The three-seater sofa possesses thick cushions to provide you with comfort as you relax too, much better than most other cushions to match the premium sofa design. As a plus, the cushions have removable covers to make cleaning a straightforward process. You will find foot caps that assist the sofa in remaining stable on uneven surfaces.


  • Comes already assembled.
  • Features an aluminium powder-coated frame and UV-stable polyrattan for durability.
  • Possesses thick comfortable cushions.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • Requires little maintenance.


  • Cushions are not waterproof, so they will need to be covered when it rains.

Our recommendation

The Strandgut07 Polyrattan 3-Seater Sofa looks good and there is no doubt about it. If you have been looking for a three-seater sofa, you might want to consider this model. It is made from quality materials hence its robustness. The sofa also features thick cushions for comfort and it comes already assembled to save you time. 

Overall, this sofa isn’t very expensive, therefore, it is easily attainable for many.

4. Rattan Park Winchester Large Corner Sofa Set with Rising Table and 2 Benches

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Rattan Park Winchester Large Corner Sofa Set

The Rattan Park Winchester Large Corner Sofa Set can seat several people at any given time thanks to its size. This model features a durable powder-coated lightweight aluminium frame and easy to clean PE rattan that has been weatherproofed to provide durability outdoors.

The set features three seating sections that are attached with clips to form the corner sofa. There are also two benches with cushions and a rising glass-top table to complete the look.

The table’s height can be adjusted from 46-74cm to suit the user’s height while sitting which is a nice feature usually only found on the high end furniture sets.

In addition, the corner sofa is fitted with both back (20cm) and seat cushions (12cm thick) for comfort. These cushions also have removable covers that are machine washable, again making cleaning much easier. This easy to assemble furniture set comes with a 1-year warranty in case you run into any problems with the product, which should give you a little more peace of mind.


  • Features quality PE rattan and powder-coated aluminium frames for durability.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Offers thick cushions with removable covers.
  • Able to seat 10 people easily.
  • Comes with a glass-top table whose height is adjustable.
  • Accompanied by a 1-year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Cushions are not waterproof, therefore, they need to be covered when it rains.

Our recommendation

If you have a large family or you like throwing parties, the Rattan Park Winchester Large Corner Sofa Set would serve you well. It can comfortably seat ten people and it comes with a sizeable rising table, perfect for all those snacks and drinks. 

We find that this set offers good value for money because it looks good, it is comfortable to sit on thanks to the thick cushions, and it is robust. This set would be perfect for those looking to fill out some space in a large garden. You can add a cantilever parasol to complete the furniture set and enjoy your summer days.

5. Panana Rattan Garden Furniture 4 Piece Set

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Panana Rattan Garden Furniture 4 Piece Set

The Panana Rattan Garden Furniture 4 Piece Set is simplistic in design and comfortable to seat on any day. This set comprises of PE rattan that has been weatherproofed to contend with the elements without any actual damage. The PE rattan weave is supported by a strong metallic frame that has also been weatherproofed to avoid rusting.

Ideal for year-round use, the seats come with cushions for comfort. The cushion covers themselves are splashproof and they are machine washable for straightforward cleaning.

Another piece of furniture that is easy to clean is the glass top table that is supplied together with the seats. The glass used has been tempered thus its robustness is guaranteed.

You can choose from the rattan colours available to match your house colour scheme. The furniture set comes flat packed with clear instructions for assembly.


  • Features an attractive, simplistic design.
  • Offers different coloured rattan for your selection.
  • Comes with a sizeable glass-top table.
  • Sold at an affordable price.
  • Provides splashproof removable cushion covers that are machine washable.


  • Challenging to assemble because of misaligned assembly holes.

Our recommendation

The Panana Rattan Garden Furniture 4 Piece Set might be hectic to assemble but at least it is affordable. This set consists of two individual chairs and a 2-seater chair to comfortably seat four people. 

The set has a minimalistic design so it is easy to incorporate it into the décor after selecting a suitable colour. It comes with a nice table that ties the whole set together providing a complete aesthetic. For those working with a tight budget, this set will be more than suitable.

6. TecTake 800693 Rattan Lounge Sofa

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TecTake 2 Seater Rattan Lounge Sofa

The TecTake 2 Seater Rattan Lounge Sofa is designed to provide maximum comfort for two people. A large stool with a cushion (that can be used as a bench or a footstool if required) accompanies this sofa. The sofa is made from a powder-coated steel frame and synthetic rattan hence its ability to be used year-round without rotting/rusting.

There are stainproof cushions that are provided to keep you comfortable. The polyester cushion covers are removable and machine washable for hygiene purposes.

This set does come flat packed therefore assembly is required but it should be too difficult if you are DIY minded.


  • Provides a spacious and comfortable seat for two people to relax.
  • Features a powder-coated steel frame and synthetic rattan for durability.
  • Comes with easy to clean and machine washable cushion covers.
  • Sold at an affordable price.

Our recommendation 

The TecTake 2 Seater Rattan Lounge Sofa is not a bad product for its price. It is made from quality materials but we wish it was built a bit sturdier for heavier-set people. We, however, appreciate the cushions provided because they make the sofa comfortable to sit in and relax. 

You can sit with your partner on the sofa but it will probably be a tight fit so make sure you’re sharing it with the right person. This sofa would be more suited for children or small-bodied people but this also makes it ideal for smaller spaces. All in all, it is suitable for occasional use rather than daily use.

7. Castain Rattan Garden Furniture Set

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CASTAIN Rattan Garden Furniture Set

Introducing the Castain Rattan Garden Furniture Set which includes a sofa and two chairs whose design is attractive and breathable. On warm summer days, the design of the chair allows the user’s back to be caressed by the breeze.

This set consists of two chairs, a two-seater chair, and a tempered glass coffee table.

To provide you with even more comfort, the seats have 6cm thick cushions with removable covers for easy cleaning. The showerproof cushions covers are easy to clean but they need to be taken indoors when not in use.

Alternatively, you can purchase weatherproof covers to protect the whole set from the elements. This set comes flat packed and it will require two people to assemble the set, it can be assembled by one person it’s just much easier with two.


  • The design is attractive and breathable.
  • Features 6cm thick cushions that are splashproof with removable covers.
  • Made from durable PE rattan and steel.
  • Comes with a tempered glass coffee table.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • Takes some time to assemble.

Our recommendation

If you adore bistro-style furniture, then you will love the Castain Rattan Garden Furniture Set. This well-designed set would be suitable for sunny weather because the design is very breathable. 

It comes with a glass-top table to hold drinks and food among other things that you may have at hand. You can be sure the PE rattan will not fade nor weaken over time because it is UV-stable. Altogether, we appreciate the minimalistic but elegant design and it will serve you for years.

8. TecTake Faro Seating Set

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TecTake 403214 Faro Seating Set

The TecTake Faro Sofa Set takes comfort to a completely new level. This set’s structure comprises of a lightweight aluminium frame with 8cm thick cushions. The set features two sofas to form one corner sofa and a glass-top table measuring around 2ft x 2ft. One of the sofas has a reclining feature that you can adjust to find a comfortable position which is a nice touch to the design.

It is a versatile set so you can arrange the set to suit your preference. The cushions presented are thick to provide adequate padding and they have removable covers. These water repellent cushions are machine washable which save you time and energy.


  • Made from a weatherproof aluminium frame.
  • Comes with 8cm cushions for comfort.
  • Cushion covers are water-resistant and machine washable.
  • Offers a 6-position reclining feature.
  • Can be arranged in different ways.
  • Easy to clean and comes with floor protectors.

Our recommendation

The TecTake Faro Seating Set is suitable for those looking for a metallic outdoor sofa. Assembling this model is not a hard task so it should not take you too much time. 

We love the reclining feature because you can transform the sofa into an outdoor lounge chair, perfect for reading.

Buyer’s Guide

As always, this is the section where we sing like canaries about some of the things you need to consider when shopping for the best sofa for your garden.

We all have different taste hence some features may be more suited for some than others. Let us not waste any more time and dive in:

Size of the garden

What is the size of the garden? How much space can you spare? Asking these questions determines the size of furniture you can get. You can choose to have lounge chairs because they take up less space or settle for a larger set of outdoor sofas to fill up the space. It all depends on the amount of space you are working with. We recommend marking the dimensions of the sofa on the floor in chalk before buying to give you an idea of space.

Number of furniture pieces

You can get a single piece of furniture as easily as you can get a complete set with ottomans, a large table and a parasol. Even when you are working with a small space, it is possible to get a model that features a small table to complete the set. There are many choices on the market, hence you have the freedom to select what suits you best.

Construction materials

Outdoor furniture has to deal with the elements on a daily basis therefore, the quality of the material cannot be flimsy. Whether it is a metal frame or synthetic rattan, manufacturers go to a great length to ensure that their products meet industry requirements. The steel or aluminium frames are either galvanised or powder coated to prevent rust/corrosion. Also, check for any scratches and we recommend painting with some metal paint if needed, especially if its a section you can’t see anyway.

As for the synthetic rattan, it needs to be waterproof, easy to clean and UV-resistant. This way it can survive days of intense heat or cold. Purchase a weatherproof cover to protect your furniture from the harsh elements so that it will last longer. If you opt for wooden furniture, it pays to treat the wood once a year with a coat of oil to protect the wood.


Cushions are there to provide a comfortable space for you to relax. The thickness of the cushions is also important because the more padding provided the more luxurious and comfortable the seats feel.

The cushions usually come with covers that should be splashproof and there are brands that offer waterproof covers which makes them easy to clean. As long as they are machine washable, cleaning should not be a problem but always check first as some are hand wash only.

To prevent unnecessary slipping of the seat cushions, the best sofa for gardens comes with Velcro or string ties. Some brands offer textured cushions that reduce the slippery effect against the frame.

Adjustable features

If you happen to run into a model like the TecTake Faro Seating Set, you want to ensure the reclining feature is well constructed. An easily accessible lever would give the user a seamless transition between the different positions.

Then we have models like the Rattan Park Winchester Large Corner Sofa Set that has a rising table. This type of structure permits you to adjust the height of the table to meet your sitting preference which is a nice touch. There are many more models that offer a height-adjustable tables with different designs if you want to expand your taste.


It is safe to say that many brands offer warranties with their products but many people do not follow it up. Always ask your supplier if the product has a warranty before you purchase so that if something goes wrong, you have not wasted your money.


Nowadays many of the furniture sets for outdoor use require little maintenance because the quality of materials is good. The best sofa for gardens is built to survive the outdoors without getting damage that will require constant attention so in this case, there is no need to worry.

Final Conclusion  

The UK weather tends to be unpredictable sometimes so if you can enjoy some time outside you should take advantage of the opportunity. With some love and some care, your best garden sofa set will be part of your memories for years to come. 

You can enjoy family Sundays with our best pick the Evre Rattan Outdoor Furniture Set or go with the Backyard Furniture Copenhagen 4 Seat Lounge Set for a more intimate feel with a close friend.

We hope you have enjoyed this review because it has been a joy for us to present it to you. 

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