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Best Cat Water Fountain – Top 5 Models Reviewed & Buyers Guide

Buyer's Guide and Best 5 Drinking Fountains to Consider

Cats can be fussy when it comes to their drink. You have probably seen your cat come running to the sink the moment it heard you turn on the water faucet. On the other hand, you might have noticed your cat give a weird look to that bowl of water you placed down for it to drink from. 

Never be surprised! Cats simply like flowing water and they would rather not drink stagnant water. It's in the cats nature to drink from a stream, tap, shower or anything that provides running water. When some smart people observed this behaviour, they created a cat water fountain. A simple device that flows water, where cats can drink from. 

You may still question why cats prefer running water to still water. For one, cats perceive still water as unclean, contaminated and, therefore, not good for their health. At home, water from a tap is usually cooler and more oxygenated, which improves the taste for our cats. 

So if you have a cat at home or planning to get one, you should also think cat water fountain. These devices are pretty much affordable and come in a variety of styles and sizes. Obviously, you want to get the best water cat fountain for your kitty. This article brings you some of the best cat fountains that you can consider, which we address in our cat water fountain reviews section. We also explore the things to consider when shopping and how to choose the best cat drinking fountain. 

After an extensive research and comparison of the 5 products we review here, we concluded that the PetSafe 5 Litre Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is the best overall. Take a look at the highlights below before moving to the buyer's guide. 


PetSafe 5 Litre Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain Review
  • Features a patented Free Flowing Stream which entices fussy felines to drink more water.
  • Has a reservoir cap to prevent accidental spills.
  • Comes with a charcoal filter which removes bad tastes and odors from water, and catches any particles before they get to the pump. 
  • Easy to clean due to its dishwasher safe design.
  • Includes a two year manufacturer's warranty for full peace of mind. 

Our top 5 recommended best cat water fountains 

  • 1
    PetSafe 5 Litre Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain
  • 2
    Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain for Cats and Small Dogs
  • 3
    HoneyGuaridan W25 Smart Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dispenser 
  • 4
    YOUTHINK Silent Pet Fountain
  • 5
    PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Pet Fountain 

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Our Buyers Guide

We have come to accept that cats crave flowing water and it's our duty to help them meet their needs. A cat water fountain will not only ensure that your cat drinks enough water but also in a healthy manner. 

Below we look at various aspects around cat drinking fountains and what to look for in a cat water fountain. 

Where to place it

Before you go out looking for a cat water fountain, determine where you will locate it in your house, in terms of practicality and aesthetics. 

Cats are generally neat and that's the same way they like their surrounding. Make sure to place your cat water fountain away from their food bowl because felines do not like their water tainted with food which is a common problem with standard cat bows that have both a food and water bowl combined, let alone waste of any kind. The smell coming from their food bowl can also put your cat off drinking. 

Your cat's water fountain should also be away from fires or radiators to ensure that the water does not become unpalatable. If your cat is a timid type, be sure to place the cat water fountain away from disturbances such as active appliances and far from high traffic zones. When you are first getting your cat used to its new water source, try to have the pet fountain near another flowing water source. This will give your cat another option in case she doesn't drink well from the water fountain but we found they soon catch on. 

The above might sound like strict rules and regulations yet they're only simple instructions to get your cat drink like she would do in the natural wild. 

When it comes to aesthetics, some styles do not offer themselves to noteworthy placement within living areas. If you buy one of these designs, find some place out of sight but still comfortable for your cat to use it. 

Best Budget Model

Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain Review

If you are looking for the best cat drinking fountain for a reasonable price, the Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain is the ultimate choice. It is not surprising that many people love this pet fountain because it looks like a huge bargain for its quality. It's multi-level drinking heights allows both cats and small dogs to drink with ease. It is also quiet and easy to clean.

Material: Metal, Plastic or Ceramic?

The material that makes a cat water fountain has a significant impact on the freshness and taste of water. 

We would recommend steel or ceramic cat fountains as they do not flavour the water. Even so, most cat water fountains are made of plastic as they are cheaper to manufacture. Plastic fountains have one big problem - they are likely to accumulate scratches, which are hard to clean, therefore can harbour harmful bacteria that can affect your pet's health if not cleaner properly. We think they can also impact the flavour of water to some extent. 

But, if you want to buy a plastic cat fountain for whatever reasons, be sure to check that it's BPA free. BPA chemical is used in manufacturing of plastic and research has indicated that sometimes it contaminates liquids or foods stored in containers made with BPA. 

Ease of cleaning

Your cat water fountain will need some cleaning after a few uses. Find out how much task it is to properly clean the cat fountain of your choice. Literally, it should be easy to clean, otherwise, it may harbour bacteria and contaminants which are not good for the cat. This brings us to another deciding factor - filtration system. 

Water filtration

Cat water fountains integrate filtration systems and there are two types of these; mechanical filtration and chemical filtration. 

In mechanical filtration, there's a sponge or foam filter which water flows through before its pumped out into the reservoir. This process goes on and on as much there's water in the container. As it happens, the sponge filter traps any debris or cat hair from entering the pump, thus ensuring the water that comes out for your pet to drink is dirt-free. 

On the other hand, chemical filtration consists of carbon (activated charcoal), which absorbs water impurities and toxins. The good thing with carbon is that it can be ingested by pets with no ill effects. Carbon filters can also remove unpleasant taste that may result from the material the cat fountain is made of. Don't forget that that the filters require once-in-a-while cleaning too and replacement. A decent carbon filter should last for a couple of months. 


Most cat water fountains should last for a couple of years and some even a lifetime. However, some components such as filters and pumps will need replacing occasionally. Even so, pumps should last for years and the best pumps are at least warranted for one year. The body of the cat water fountain also ought to be top quality to withstand any rough treatment. 

At the very best, the above aspects should be key to determining the best cat water fountain for your pet. 

Now take a look at the top 5 cat water fountains available in the market today:

Cat Water Fountain Reviews

PetSafe 5 Litre Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain 


PetSafe 5 Litre Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain Review

PetSafe 5 Litre Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

The PetSafe 5 Litre Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is an ideal choice for your finicky companions that only want to drink flowing water. Featuring an adjustable Free Flowing Stream, this cat fountain encourages pets to drink from fresh running water. The receiving ramp is additionally designed to reduce the amount of splash from the stream as well as the sound of running water, thus allowing your cat to adapt to the fountain. 

Another thing you will love about this cat fountain is the ease of refilling. It comes with a removable reservoir that allows quick topping plus there's a cap that reduces any chance of spills. 

Cleaning the fountain itself is a breeze because the components can be taken apart and assembled back together. If manual cleaning is a job for you, just pop the components into a dishwasher, except the pump and pump housing, and everything will be sparkling clean in a few minutes. 

As far as pure water is concerned, the PetSafe Platinum includes a charcoal filter that does a great job absorbing water contaminants. Make sure to rinse the charcoal filter in water before first use. Any other precautions associated with the cat fountain can be found in the operation manual. The box also includes a plug and cord power. 

In addition, this cat water fountain is designed with rubber feet in order to prevent slippage. And if you pay attention to details, the cat fountain dimensions are 40.38cm (L) x 26.92cm (W) x 26.67cm (H), and it has a capacity of 5 litres. It is also warranted for 2 years.


  • Operates silently due to the submersible pump. 
  • Has a reservoir cap to prevent accidental spills.
  • Features a patented Free Flowing Stream which entices fussy felines to drink more water.
  • Comes with a charcoal filter which removes bad tastes and odors from water, and catches any particles before they reach the pump.
  • Easy to clean due to its dishwasher safe design.
  • Has an anti-splash receiving ramp which reduces splashing of flowing stream.
  • Fitted with rubber feet to prevent accidental sliding.
  • Comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty. 


  • Quite an expensive product. 

Thoughts and recommendations

It's sole purpose notwithstanding, the PetSafe 5 Litre Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is graced with style and design. With its Free Flowing Stream, this fountain will encourage your pet to drink more fresh water and feel happy. We like the ease of use in terms of refilling and maintenance. Almost everything with this Platinum is positive except its hefty price. Even so, it is a great investment for those fussy pets that refuse to drink water from a bowl. 

Compare prices from available retailers

Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain for Cats and Small Dogs

Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain Review

Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain

The Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain for Cats and Small Dogs is one of the most popular cat water fountains in the UK, and there are enough reasons as to why. 

First and foremost, this pet fountain is intended to be used by both cats and small dogs. It could be that this kind of flexibility has led to its prominence in several homes. The Cat Mate fountain has closed more than 2,000 sales on Amazon UK alone, announcing its status as the go-to pet fountain for many homeowners. 

It is essential for your pets to stay well hydrated and this cat fountain has been carefully designed to encourage your pets to drink. It has multi-height drinking levels, which increase the appeal of drinking falling water. The manufacturer says the pump is exceptionally quiet so your pets, especially cats, will not be put off from drinking as its usually the case with noisy pumps. The pump also benefits from low power supply along with a power consumption of only 2 watts, so it doesn't add a dime to your electricity bill. 

The Cat Mate fountain comes with one replaceable activated carbon filter cartridge that keeps the water free from odours and bad tastes. Note that the cartridge should be replaced every month or even sooner if need be. 

The receiving ramp is perfectly inclined to reduce splashing while minimising water loss. Furthermore, the pump's output can be adjusted to achieve a gentle flow so there can be no splashing. 

With a capacity of 2 litres, this fountain will sufficiently provide for up to three cats and one small dog with clean, fresh water on a daily basis. The self-contained cat fountain is easy to top up and there are clear markings that shows the maximum and minimum levels. One important thing to keep in mind here is to never let the water level to go below the minimum mark. 

Cleaning and maintaining this cat fountain is no-brainer. The bowls are dishwasher safe while the cartridge slides out/into position when being replaced. The pump should also be disassembled and cleaned in every couple of weeks to prevent limescale build up and prolong its lifespan. 

Last but not least, you will find an instruction booklet in the box that guides on complete use of the cat fountain. Also included is a 3m power cord for ease of placement. The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty on this product, however, the pump has a 1-year guarantee. 


  • Serves cats and small dogs with flowing water as they like. 
  • Fitted with a carbon filter cartridge that helps remove odours is easy to remove and replace. 
  • Easy to clean due to dishwasher safe components.
  • An adjustable pump output plus inclined ramp helps reduce splashing and water loss.
  • Efficient power consumption.
  • Designed with multi-level drinking heights increase the appeal of drinking. 
  • Has a 3-year warranty. 


  • Requires frequent cleaning especially with the pump.

Thoughts and recmmendations

The Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain is loved by many for the way it serves a range of pets and its affordable price. We like its design especially the multi-level drinking heights, which is a good thing for pets. Customers can also enjoy the benefit of minimal energy consumption as well as effortless maintenance. The pump is reasonably quiet but the problem is that it requires frequent cleaning that some might find a nuisance. Overall, the Cate Mate fountain is a great solution to drinking issues for fussy pets. 

Compare prices from available retailers

HoneyGuaridan W25 Smart Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dispenser 

HoneyGuaridan W25 Smart Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dispenser Review

HoneyGuaridan W25 Smart Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dispenser

Just like the name suggests, the HoneyGuaridan W25 Smart Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dispenser is a brilliant device with 3 built-in operating modes. These are infrared induction mode, continuous mode and intermittence mode. These modes are designed to help you customise the flow of water as per your needs. 

A simple press of the power button turns on the pet fountain and selects a particular mode. Infrared induction mode is the smartest in our opinion. When it's on, the cat fountain dispenses water the moment the infrared sensor detects your pet within 1.5m. Continuous mode dispenses water full time and so your pets can drink whenever they need to. In intermittence mode, water circulates for 1 hour and the fountain shuts down for another 30 minutes. 

It boasts a compact and patented design with a maximum height of 6.3 inches and a minimum of 5.5 inches, plus a 2.5L re-circulating system. The re-circulating system is made up of a broad and smooth slope that ensures its facing enough fresh air. As a matter of fact, this cat fountain stops working when there's not enough water and even alerts you to top up water by blinking LED light. 

The cat fountain integrates a carbon water filter that removes odours and tastes, thus keeping water fresh and helps prevent diseases in pets. The filter is replaceable from time to time, whilst the cat fountain can be dismantled easily for cleaning. 

When it comes to the build, this cat fountain is leading in health and environmental issues since it's made from BPA free and FDA approved materials. The fountain's power consumption of 2.6kWh maximum per month is also very friendly to homeowners. 

The manufacturer supports this pet fountain with a 12 months warranty and 2 months money back guarantee. Should anything happen to your HoneyGuaridan W25 pet fountain during the warranty period, the manufacturer will send you a free replacement. Customer satisfaction is indeed something the company values even if 1-year full support may seem little to some consumers. 


  • Features 3 adjustable working modes for custom use.
  • Has a compact patented design that takes up little floor space. 
  • Easy to take apart and clean.
  • Automatically stops when water is below minimum and reminds you to refill via LED light.
  • Includes a replaceable carbon filter that gets rid of odours and bad tastes.
  • Environmentally friendly due to use of BPA-free and FDA approved build materials.
  • Energy efficient model consuming a maximum of 2.6kWh monthly.
  • The manufacturer offers great customer support. 


  • Doesn't last that long.

Thoughts and recommendations

The HoneyGuaridan W25 Smart Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dispenser is a standout because of its smart working modes. It basically allows you to customise a drinking schedule for your pets. Some other things we love about this pet fountain include energy efficiency,  ease of cleaning, and compact design.

However, as good as this pet fountain looks, we found a few complaints about it not lasting long and some say it stopped working after some time. But don't fret, HoneyGuaridan have got you covered at least for the first year of purchase. So if you have cats and small dogs in the house, you might want to consider this pet fountain. 

Compare prices from available retailers

YOUTHINK Silent Pet Fountain 

YOUTHINK Silent Pet Fountain Review

YOUTHINK Silent Pet Fountain

The Silent Pet Fountain Auto Circulating 1.6L features 3 different water flow settings. One is Faucet-Like Stream, which is ideal for gentle pets. The other one is Faucet-Like Stream with Bubble Flowing Water Surface - ideal for naught cats. Thirdly, there's the Gently Bubble Flowing Water Surface, which gives a lot of water - perfect for pets who like to drink a lot. 

This pet fountain is made from top grade BPA free plastic, so you can rest assured that it won't affect the taste of your pets water. In addition, the pet fountain is easy to assemble and take part when you need to clean it. 

The Silent Pet Fountain comes with a carbon filter that removes impurities, pet hair and dust, ensuring that the water that's available for your pets is fresh and clean. Supplied along is a waterproof silicon mat that comes in handy in case water splashes onto the floor or it can be used as a food mat. 

Another thing about this pet fountain is that it's very quiet. This is so because its pump is submersible in water. The manufacturer also claims that the pump has a lifetime of 20,000 hours. When it comes to power consumption, the pet fountain uses only 1.5 degree a month. The power plug is CE certified and with an IP grade of 20, it does not get hot even when on for a long time. 

Apart from being a suitable pet fountain for cats and dogs, the Silent Pet Fountain can also serve as a bath for birds. Lastly, the manufacturer offers a 30 days replacement and money back guarantee in case you are not pleased with the pet fountain. 


  • Has 3 types of water flow settings, making it suitable for different pet drinking habits.
  • Includes a carbon filter that captures impurities, dust and pet hair, ensuring the water is clean and fresh.  
  • Easy to operate and clean.
  • Made from BPA free plastic, which does not contaminate the natural taste of water.
  • Silent operation and low power consumption, plus the pump has a long lifespan - 20,000 hours.


  • The build is low quality.

Thoughts and recommendations

You can find great cat fountains on the lower end of the price and this YOUTHINK Silent Pet Fountain is one of those. It has 3 unique flow settings which makes it appeal to fussy felines. It is super silent and will also not add that much to your energy bill. We like the fact that it's made using BPA free material, which means a lot to our pets health. Additionally, there's a carbon filter to ensure the water is fresh and clean. 

On the downside, the quality of this pet fountain is questionable as we found some issues with it breaking down after a few months or so. Nice pet fountain in any case.

Compare prices from available retailers

PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Pet Fountain 

PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Pet Fountain Review

PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Pet Fountain

Last on our list is the PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Pet Fountain. It has an outstanding design featuring an elevated drinking bowl that makes it easy for large dogs and cats to drink from. It has two waterfall-like streams on either side, which encourage even the fussiest pets to drink the flowing water.

The fresh flowing water will also benefit pets with chronic kidney disease and Cystitis greatly. Speaking of that, this pet fountain features two filtration systems; foam and charcoal filter. The two combine to eliminate contaminants, food debris and odours whilst improving the taste of water for your pets. This pet fountain literally provides the cleanest and freshest water your pets can drink. Furthermore, the constant circulation of the water ensures that drinking water is well oxygenated for the benefit of your pets health. 

The body is made from ceramic, which helps keep the water cool. Ceramic is also easier to clean. However, you have to be careful when handling the cat fountain since the material is susceptible to cracking or breaking if it is knocked over, hit or dropped. Just make sure that you place the Ceramic Avalon out of the way. The good thing is that the bowl has a broad base so even large pets will struggle to tip it over. Being made from ceramic also means that the pet fountain is relatively heavier than plastic models. 

You will have to ensure that the pet fountain is topped up frequently because some pets may fail to reach the lower part of the bowl if the water falls below minimum. The PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon includes a 2-year warranty and many customers have reported that it's working well. 


  • Designed with an elevated drinking bowl to help large pets drink effortlessly. 
  • Has a broad base for enhanced stability and will remain grounded even with large pets disturbing the bowl. 
  • Fitted with both foam and carbon filters, thus ensuring top-notch water filtration and that pets drink super fresh water.
  • Made from ceramic material, which ensures that pet drinking water stays cool all the time.
  • Comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. 


  • It is very expensive. 
  • Cats struggle to drink from the bowl when the water goes very low. 

Thoughts and recommendations

This is a beautiful pet water fountain. It serves both cats and large dogs due to its elevated drinking bowl. The double filtration system is the major selling point here, however, we think it adds up to its hefty price. We like the ceramic build because it keeps water cool at all times for the fulfillment of pets. It has a few negatives but we think they are manageable. If you can match up the price of the PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Pet Fountain, then you would invest in a top quality fountain that'll provide for your domestic companions for a long time.  

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Our Final Conclusion

Vets have it that it's vital for your pets health to keep them well hydrated, and they have recommended cat water fountains to serve the needs of fussy pets. From our cat water fountain reviews, you have seen that these devices come in a different styles. Some are even intended to serve both cats and dogs (small or large). We believe we've done our best to guide you in your search for the best cat fountain. In fact, one of the models above should suffice, depending on the number of pets you have, their size and your budget. Check our recommendations below. Ciao!

Our Best Pick

PetSafe 5 Litre Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain Review

In our opinion, the PetSafe 5 Litre Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is the best cat water fountain. It's Free Flowing Stream encourages pets to drink from running water, making it ideal for finicky felines. We like its anti-splash ramp, easy refill and effortless cleaning. The price of the pet fountain is just fair and its 2-year manufacturer's warranty sums up the quality of the Drinkwell Platinum. 

Best Budget Model

Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain Review

If you are looking for the best cat drinking fountain for a reasonable price, the Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain is the ultimate choice. It is not surprising that many people love this pet fountain because it looks like a huge bargain for its quality. It's multi-level drinking heights allows both cats and small dogs to drink with ease. It is also quiet and easy to clean.

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Last updated on April 26th, 2021

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