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Best Mouse Trap Reviews – Mice trouble? – We compare snap traps, live catch & electric traps

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Top 10 Best Mouse Traps

When we think about mice, it is usually with mixed reactions. Some of us think mice are the cutest animals on the planet, while some of us shriek in horror. While I can relate to their cuteness, I cannot overlook the harm that they cause especially when they overbreed.

Mice in cities have adapted to scourging for food whenever and however it comes. If you have spotted a mouse in your home be sure that very soon, you’ll be overrun by these creatures. Their high breeding rate is very worrisome. Mice can cause a lot of property damage if left unchecked and if you have a nice green house full of seedling they can devour them overnight. They also eat basically through anything chewable, including your electrical wiring system.

For home owners across the world, they have learnt to appreciate and love mice traps. People have invented numerous ways of dealing with the pesky rodents. Mouse traps/repellants have remained a favorite, luckily, whether you want to kill them humanly or simply catch alive a remove them there is a trap for you.

Through our wide and extensive search, we came to a consensus that the MLG Quick Response Mouse Trap is the best mouse trap for most people. We love the fact that it is a very efficient, fast and humane mechanism for disposing of mice. This product can be usable in almost all, mice infestation cases.


MLG Quick Response Mouse Trap

Through our wide and extensive search, we came to a consensus that the MLG Quick Response Mouse Trap is the best mouse trap for most people. We love the fact that it is a very efficient, fast and humane mechanism for disposing of mice. This product can be usable in almost all, mice infestation cases.

  • Reusable for extra value
  • Quick capture through sensitive triggers
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Comes in 6 traps per package



MLG Mouse Trap
Pest-Stop Trip-Trap (Single)


MLG Mouse Trap
Through our wide and extensive search, we came to a consensus that the MLG Quick Response Mouse Trap is the best mouse trap for most people. We love the fact that it is a very efficient, fast and humane mechanism for disposing of mice. This product can be usable in almost all, mice infestation cases.


MLG Mouse Trap
The Big Cheese Ultra Power Electronic Mouse Killer (Quick, Humane Electric Mouse Trap)
The Big Cheese Ultra Power Mouse Trap Kit (Lockable, Baited, Protects Children and Pets from Traps)


The Big Cheese Ultrapower Trap Kit for Mice

  • Lockable mouse trap
  • Unique totally enclosed design
  • Baited trap
  • Indoor / Outdoor use
  • Safe around children and animals

Mouse Trap Buyer’s Guide

To take you through the different parts at play when selecting a mouse trap, you first have to understand the different types. This way you get to have a less frustrating time picking out from hundreds of choices.

Types of mice traps

These are some of the available traps on the market. Depending on the method that attracts you most, you can decide to do it messily or otherwise.

  • Glue traps - While cost effective and easily accessible, this method of capturing mice can be considered quite inhumane. The mouse just stays there till its body runs out of food and water. It is not an instantaneous death. It can be a really messy way to get rid of carcasses that usually don’t smell so good. We do not recommend these traps all though they are effective for obvious reasons.
  • Snap traps - The usage of these mouse traps has been recorded as early as 1534 according to current resources. Although the designs have changed to increase efficiency, these remain to be the classics. Most of them work with a spring system that is offset to release a snapping mechanism to ensnare the rodent.
  • Electronic traps - Powered by batteries or direct current, electronic traps are efficient. The rodents are lured in and trapped inside. Once this occurs, a high voltage strikes the mouse down. Poof! It’s dead and gone. The traps include mechanisms that can be used to check if there are dead mice inside the trap for immediate disposal.
  • Humane traps - This method is preferred for those cannot stand to watch animals get harmed. Using these live traps gives you a chance to release the rodent after you have snared it. The goal is to release them away from the property. The further the better. No blood and no carcasses on sight, your children can be saved from the horror and help catch and release the mouse. Ultrasonic mouse repellants can also be considered as a humane way to repel mice.

Factors to consider when selecting a mouse trap

  • Overall approach - Like I said before, there are those of us who want to get rid of these rodents as humanely as possible. Depending on your view, you can use less harsh products like ultrasonic repellants or employ the use of live catch mice traps. For those who just want to rid of them, no matter the method, you have many options available in the market.
  • Efficiency - The success rate of these traps vary according to type. If you are dealing with large infestations some are more suitable than others. Products like ultrasonic repellants can only cover limited wide range. Also, you have to consider if these traps can catch and secure the mouse till disposal. Some inferior traps have weak components, to that effect, they can snare the mice but cannot hold them for longer. If not sure, you can use a combination of available products to increase efficiency.
  • Ease of use - When dealing with these mice infestations no matter how small, you don’t want to be dealing with a trap that you cannot understand. This only seeks to add up to your frustration. Some manufactures complicate things by using complex setup manuals. Some even come with accompanied diagrams to make installation easier. To avoid headaches on this subject matter, you can check online. 
  • Durability - The quality and assembly of your preferred mouse trap should be of high standards. Why? You don’t want to keep going back to the store to get new traps. It is a waste of your hard earned money. Invest in a product that can serve you for years to come. Mice can be conniving little creatures, especially if you own a food establishment. In this case price is directly proportional to the quality of traps available in the market. You can find a number of companies offering guarantees.
  • Cleaning - Once the culprit has been caught, are the disposable processes messy? Is it hard to clean all the blood and wastes amassed on the traps surface? If not, then you might want to find yourself a better choice. A trap that has bits of mice remains and grime start to gather a certain stink overtime.

  • Safety - I bet some of us identify with the pain of having your finger/ toe caught by a mouse trap. To remedy this, choose mouse traps with additional protective and safety features for the handler. And they make it safer just in case your children start playing with it, The Big Cheese mouse trap we have reviewed have got a good solution to this problem. Read the review further down to learn more.

We all wish we did not result to this option, but then again, we cannot live with these mice in our homes, can we?


MLG Mouse Trap Quick Response Sensitive Trap Review


Through our wide and extensive search, we came to a consensus that the MLG Quick Response Mouse Trap is the best mouse trap for most people. We love the fact that it is a very efficient, fast and humane mechanism for disposing of mice. This product can be usable in almost all, mice infestation cases.
  • Stain and odor resistance.
  • Manufactured from quality steel and polystyrene.
  • Reusable, bait again and use straight away.
  • Quick capture through sensitive triggers which kills the mouse instantly.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Comes in 6 traps per package.

The MLG Mouse Quick Sensative Trap is very popular and very cost effective in dealing with mice. It is made of steel which does not rust, and polystyrene which is odor resistant. We all know that getting rid of mice can be a dirty affair. However, cleaning this product is very easy. Just use warm water and a disinfectant and it will be ready for the next usage. Or you can just use regular sanitizers.

This product eases the strain of dealing with squirming mice waiting to die. The trapping bars have sensitive triggers that set them off immediately, once a mouse steps in. the action is quick and the mouse is dead in seconds. These sensory mechanisms inspire fast response which is good if you have a large population to deal with. Remember to constantly dispose and to keep away from children.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors at any given time. The number of traps in one package provides you with good coverage. Use these traps in the areas where you usually see a lot of mice activity or dropping within your property. The faster you get rid of them the better. They reproduce at very alarming rates.

  • This product may have just one little flaw. When setting it up, please watch out for your fingers. Those triggers are really sensitive. However this is also a big plus.

Our recommendation - The MLG Mouse Trap is a high quality product and it will serve you accordingly.

Remember to keep them away from locations where children and pets cannot access. Trips to the emergency room are to be avoided.

You can use grease to offset the movement of rigid parts. All in all, we love this product.

Pest-Stop Trip-Trap Review

**Best Humane Trap**

Pest-Stop Trip-Trap (Single)
  • Automatic trap doors.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Clear/transparent structure.

The Pest-Stop Trip-Trap is a very bloodless and efficient way of dealing with mice, especially in minimum populations. The trap is fitted with automatic trap doors that fall once the mouse goes inside for some food. Once shut, the doors are designed not to let the mouse out again till you come to release it. Remember to put enough bait to attract the mouse but not too much. Mice like finding things in sizable bits.

This product is very simple in assembly and maintenance. The light weight material makes it portable and makes assembly a short process. It has two components that are easily connected and disconnected. This way it won’t be a hustle to get the animal out when you find the right location. Also since it's plastic it is easy to wash clean and maintain making it a reusable product.

The design of the structure is to trap them safely but still reduce the stress that usually goes with captivity. It has efficient ventilation to keep the mouse alive. The clear structure is aimed at helping you identify if, there is a mouse that is caught. This should prompt you to take action. It is not advised to leave a mouse there for too long as its causes needless stress.

They also come in a pack of 6, so that you can cover all your bases around your home. These products are relatively safe. They do not have any threatening features, so you can relax when you have children around.

  • It might not be efficient for controlling large infestations.

Our recommendation - The Pest Stop Trip Trap is an excellent way to gently be rid of mice especially, those in small populations. For example, people who live in country areas.

It might come short if you are dealing with mice that keep coming back and are causing harm to your property. You’ll have to seek stronger measures. Its also nice to see a Live catch mouse trap and it's currently a best selling mouse trap under 'Rodent Control' on, you can see it on Amazon by clicking the button below.

Aspectek Mouse Trap Instantly Quick Response

**Proficient in dealing with repetitive mice infestations**

Aspectek Mouse Trap, Reusable and Easy To Use Snap Traps, Pack of 6
  • Preformed bait cup.
  • Stain and odor resistance.
  • Constructed from strong steel and polystyrene making it very robust.
  • Instant response mechanisms for quick capture and instant death.

The Aspectek mouse trap has earned all the positive reviews for its efficiency. The mechanism used, is meant to ensure that the mouse gets caught without maiming it in the process. The vertically placed space bar is really fast in response to triggers. Then the larger trip paddle and strike bars catch the mice and trap them. You do not have to get your hands messy when it comes to the disposal. It is easy to discard of the dead mouse.

The reusability of traps is unavoidable, since mice never stop coming around humans. Sometimes traps that have had a few usages start to develop an odor. The material the traps are made of is unable to retain orders. That is why nowadays you find good quality polystyrene traps instead of wood. This way even when the mice get closer to your trap, they cannot smell anything fishy and take the bait. You’ll have a durable mechanism to rely on for a many usages to come.

The preformed bait cup feature catalyzes the trapping process. Once the mouse takes bait; the space bar then moves in really quick to trap the mice, as they distracted by the food. This trap can be able to cat sizable rodents. Since they come in packs of 6, you can use several traps at once thus increasing efficiency while still remaining simple and easy to sanitize.

  • Sometimes they can prove hard to set up since the materials can be very rigid at first. Be careful not to have your fingers snapped at. Although efficient, it is a very harsh way to deal with the mice.

Our recommendation - The Aspectek mouse trap is very proficient in dealing with repetitive mice infestations. When strategically placed they will be sure to work very well. Its quick response, efficiency and easy to maintain features, endeared us to this product. It will do you a great service.

Overall it very similar to the MLG Traps? reviewed above, both are great traps.

Rentokil Advanced Mouse Trap Review


Rentokil Advanced Mouse Trap,  Pack of 1
  • Preformed bait cup.
  • Easy set and release metal bars.
  • Materials: hard plastic and steel.
  • Quick response mechanism.
  • Reusable and easy to clean.

The Rentokil Advanced Mouse Trap comes in packs of two. These products include a preformed bait cup that is designed to stall the mouse as the trigger goes off. This trap is actually rated as among the most humane way to kill mice. The snap bar is fast enough to trap the mouse and kill it quickly enough. Disposing of the mouse is simple; just release the bar, and the mouse falls off.

The material used in creating this product, is of high quality, ensuring that you can be able to reuse it. Plastic does not retain odors especially if cleaned often. And steel does not rust even when the trap is left outdoors. This means that you can place them anywhere and let them do their work. The catch is that you have to keep checking and emptying the traps before odor gets bad.

For those not looking to acquire a set of many traps, this product comes in a single pack contain 2 traps. You get to save on cost and get what you wanted. These traps are good at dealing with minimum infestations around small properties. When setting up, ensure that you use bait as recommended, this increases the chances of luring the little guys out of their holes.

  • Some consumers complain that it’s too light to catch heavier set mice.

Our recommendation - Although the Rentokil Advanced Mouse Trap is effective, the product needs a few adjustments. The spring systems should be strong enough to enable the bars to hold grip overtime. Also maybe increase the weight so as to support captivity of these rodents.

However if you just need a couple of traps, this should be just fine and get the job done.?

The Big Cheese Ultrapower Trap Kit


The Big Cheese Ultra Power Mouse Trap Kit (Lockable, Baited, Protects Children and Pets from Traps)
  • Secure locks to avoid children opening trap.
  • Baited trap.
  • Quality plastic construction.
  • Perfect Indoor and outdoor use.

Well, you can see why we love this product. It is just efficient and the structure is very humane in handling mice. The trap has a lockable feature, which acts as a protective feature to ensure your children or pets do not come into contact with the mouse. The mouse also can be saved from the distress that comes with being manhandled by curious children. Also since it’s lockable, the tiny components that can be broken off, that may be choking hazards, can be kept away from children.

The mechanism uses the baiting method. The aim is to slowly raise the curiosity of the mouse through tiny amounts of food. Once the mouse is lured into the trap, it cannot be removed, unless the trap is opened. Since it is made of plastic, the mechanism is easy to clean and does not collect odors. This way you can keep reusing the trap for years to come.

Also the dimensions of the trap can handle a specific range of mice sizes. Some products have everything right apart from getting the right dimensions. Depending on your residence, mice types may vary greatly.

Our recommendation - We love the Big Cheese Ultrapower trap. It has all the great markings of a good mouse trap.

The most impressive thing is the overall design. They made sure to create an effective product. The only thing we may not completely agree with is the entrance dimensions. They should be enlarged just a bit to catch bigger mice but i'm sure they will still squeeze through.

PestBye Advanced Whole House Mouse Repellent

**Best for repelling mice**

Pestbye® Advanced Whole House Mouse Repellent - Mice and Rat Repeller
  • Utilizes ultrasonic and electrical magnetic technology to repel mice.
  • Up to 2000sq ft. coverage, the equivalent to normal 4 bedroom house
  • Environmentally friendly and inhumane.
  • Easy to setup, plugin and it ready.
  • Safe and secure, no snap traps or dead mice to worry about.
  •  Very cost effective at less than 1.5p per day to run.

The use of ultrasonic waves can send mice into madness. The entire plan is to use ultrasounds that are usually too high for humans to pick up, but affect mice. To mice this is like a constant fire alarm that keeps going off. The combination of ultrasonic technology and electro magnetism is a win-win. The electromagnetic field that is created, does not allow mice to nest. Apparently, electromagnetic fields do not provide the correct habitats for mice to nest and breed.

These products when plugged in can dispense these waves effectively around smaller properties. To widen the range, you will have to spend a little more or get various units. There are the corded ones that allow movement and extra coverage. To place them, you need to think where your suspect or have evidence of destruction. 

These repellants are effective and cost efficient. You will not end up spending hundeds of pounds. The structure is very easy to clean and maintain. To add on, it counts among the nicer ways to deal with mice. Drive them crazy till they leave.

  • It can be really loud, especially if experiencing some problems. This noise can be very irritating whether day or night. Some consumers complain that the signal is not strong enough to wan off the mice due to coverage issues.

Our recommendation - We love the humanity of the PestBye Advanced Who House Repeller and its environmental friendliness.

However, if you are handling a large population of mice, this product may not be very helpful. The products need stronger waves and more coverage to make them more efficient. Repellents are usually effective in some cases but not all.

We want to point out that there are home owners who said they were not effective but there are many more who found them effective. It's a case of trail and error with this product.?

They seem more effective when using two at once or on a room by room basic for better coverage.?

The Big Cheese Ultra Power Electronic Mouse Killer

The Big Cheese Ultra Power Electronic Mouse Killer (Quick, Humane Electric Mouse Trap)
  • Kills the mouse fast for the most humane kill possible.
  • Transparent/clear windows for better visibility to check if a mouse has been caught.
  • Easy to dispose of mice.
  • Safe sealed structure to prevent electric shock.
  • Battery powered makes it mobile so it can be used anywhere.

We like this product simply because it’s fast, easy and safe, not to mention bloodless. The system employs the use of bait or commercial attractants. The bait lures the mice in and once in the product senses that there is a mouse in the box. Once the sensors pick up, the device releases voltage that electrocutes the mouse. This death is fast and odourless. To check if there is a dead mouse, the product has a transparent window used for viewing and that’s a big plus. To dispose of the animal, you just open the machine and dump the carcass.

Safe around children

Since it is battery powered, it saves on utility bills and, is safe around children. Children are curious beings. The structure of the product is enclosed. Meaning that the children or pets cannot access the inner workings of the machine, or get electrocuted. It turns automatically off when opened; this is an additional safety feature. This makes for easy setup and maintenance. You do not have to worry about simple injuries or choking hazards.

The product is also easy to clean and maintain. The covering shell is made of durable material that can stand a few uses. You can keep reusing this product until you replace your batteries again of which it takes 4 x AA batteries and its important to note recharge batteries are not recommended.

It is environmentally friendly and offers humane ways of killing of the mice.

  • Sometimes the voltage released may not be enough to kill the mice and if not well baited, the mice can completely ignore the structure.

Our recommendation - The Big Cheese Electronic Mouse Trap can be effective to a higher measure if only it could deliver enough wattage to kill of the mice, no matter the size. Otherwise it has a good concept behind it.

There is another electric trap we have not reviewed yet that is fairly expensive but seems to be a much better trap. It's the Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap and has many added features and a much higher kill rate?.

Which mouse trap would be recommend

We hope that our guide and product reviews information proves invaluable to you. We trust that you can now find the best mice trap for your home with less effort. For any more awesome product that you think we left out, please feel free to inform us on our comments section. Happy shopping!

Our Best Pick

Through our wide and extensive search, we came to a consensus that the MLG Quick Response Mouse Trap is the best mouse trap for most people. We love the fact that it is a very efficient, fast and humane mechanism for disposing of mice. This product can be usable in almost all, mice infestation cases.

After all that inspection and analysis, we have concluded that the best mice trap is the MLG Mouse trap. It combines the efficiency of traditional traps and modernity in design. It has proved to be a fast and humane way to be rid of mice. It has trigger happy sensors that are usually ready to snap and ensnare.

Humanity award

Pest-Stop Trip-Trap (Single)

We also give the Pest-Stop Trip-Traps. The most humane method available. Its simple structure and design won us over. No blood, no gut. You capture the mice and set them free to the furthest location you can be able to access. To add, they have easy setup and are very environmentally friendly.

Last updated on February 27th, 2020

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