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Best Garden Shed Reviews – Plastic, Metal and Wooden Models Compared

Last updated on August 15th, 2021

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Choosing The Best Shed

Here in the UK, the presence of garden sheds is as normal as the air we breathe. These garden sheds provide shelter and protection for our various garden tools and equipment. They come in various designs and shapes, with adequate features and capabilities that suit your daily gardening needs.

If you are out to buy a garden storage shed for the first time, the choices can be confusing. We all have different needs and garden sheds are also designed to suit different situations.

For you to pick the best garden shed, you need to know the amount of storage space that you want, type of shed, shed roof type, amongst other factors. As a matter of fact, your budget can determine the kind of shed that will be delivered to your doorstep. How many times have you been in a situation that you said “Aaaargh, if I’d had enough cash I could’ve gone for that?’’ Not once. Right?

We searched for the best garden sheds in the UK and here we provide detailed reviews of the sheds. Our garden shed reviews explore the features and specifications of the products from where you can choose your ideal shed or simply learn further information for future references.

Below is the winner of our ‘Best Pick’ which is the Keter Plastic Storage Shed. It is low maintenance, easy to build, fairly secure and available in a range of sizes. We think this would be the best shed for most people assuming you are happy with a plastic shed.


Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed - 6 x 6 feet
The Keter Factor Outdoor Garden Shed is a virtually maintenance-free shed that is built from a durable UV resistant resin that will not be damaged by sun or rain. A heavy-duty floor panel is included that will help to support the weight of your stored items really well. The two doors offer easy access in and out for larger items. Natural light can reach inside the shed via the window and skylight, this, in turn, will help to reduce moisture build-up and condensation.

Below are what we have found to be the best garden sheds and those that are included in our review:

  1. Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed 6×6 – BEST PICK
  2. Duramax Woodside 10×8 Vinyl Storage Shed
  3. Palram SkyLight Shed
  4. Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed 4×6
  5. Waltons 8×6 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed
  6. Forest Garden 8×6 Apex Overlap Garden Shed
  7. Forest Garden 10×8 Apex Overlap Garden Workshop Shed
  8. Charles Bentley 8x10ft Metal Shed
  9. Outsunny 4x6ft Pent Roofed Metal Garden Shed
  10. Yardmaster International 1013GEYZ 10x13ft Deluxe Metal Shed

Allow us to now introduce you to the best sheds in the UK. We have categorised them into three categories, plastic, wooden and metal sheds. So if you have a specific material you would prefer your shed to be made from, you can find them all grouped together, making your search much easier.

Plastic Shed Reviews

Plastic sheds are the most flexible garden storage buildings because they come in all sizes and designs. They are also one of the most practical due to the fact that they are maintenance-free. With so many to choose from, picking your best shed here can be daunting. On this site, we bring to you 4 plastic sheds from reputable makers in the UK that have proven to be a cut above the rest. The only real downside to plastic sheds is they are not the most secure.

1. Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed 6x6ft


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Keter 17197898 Factor Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, Beige, 6 x 6 ft

Keter is a leading manufacturer of quality plastic products for outdoor use and we have reviewed their products before and always found them to be excellent. Their garden sheds offer a range of storage solutions for your garden and the sheds come in a variety of sizes and styles. The Keter Factor 6x6ft Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed is one such sufficient shed that is perfect for storing garden tools such as lawnmowers, BBQs as well as camping equipment, bikes and more. Yet, there is a lot that makes this shed stand out for more than just ‘storage’.

Let’s start with building the shed. The Keter Factor 6×6 comes with assembly instructions that are straightforward and easy to follow. Depending on your DIY skills, it will take you about 6 to 7 hours to build. Have a set of pliers, a screwdriver and probably a cordless screwdriver to fix every bit into place. This shed stands at 6 feet 10 inches tall so a set of ladders will also come in handy. Make sure that you have an extra hand on the ground – probably someone who doesn’t get too upset when you yell at them (only kidding!). Once fully assembled, the shed measures 1.78 x 1.76 x 2.08m (W x D x H) which is plenty of room for the average person.

How about the construction quality? The shed feels sturdy and hardwearing when set up. You can tell that the design has been well thought of, with an integrated floor that prevents water from penetrating underneath the box. There is a window and skylight to allow the natural light through, however, the glass panel could easily be cracked by thieves or kids with a ball so bear this in mind. In addition, there are air vents for air circulation and preventing moisture build-up as well as condensation.

The shed is made from durable plastic that is weather-resistant as well. In fact, plastic sheds are by far more resilient than wood and metal sheds. The Keter Factor shed is no exception – it can withstand harsh conditions, doesn’t wobble and it will not fade. However, due to the fact it is lightweight, we recommend anchoring it in place to cope with the extremes of our British weather especially if you don’t have much stored inside it.

Keter has ensured that your items will be safe in the shed by having a fastening for a padlock on the front of the shed. The product requires low maintenance upkeep from time to time, which virtually just involves cleaning it with a sponge, a soft brush and a garden hose. In addition, Keter offers a 10-year warranty on this shed which is excellent. I suspect even after the 10 years are over, this product will still last you well into the future.


  • Virtually maintenance free – all that is needed is a simple wash when the shed is dirty.
  • Highly resilient to harsh weather conditions and it does not fade, crack or suffer from dents.
  • Has a tough floor that endures the weight on top and well-tapered to prevent water entering underneath the shed.
  • Safely houses your items due to its lockable front.
  • Contents stay damage-free from the effects of moisture or condensation because of good air circulation within the shed.
  • 10 years warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Must be anchored in order to increase stability.

Our recommendation

The Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed is a solid, strong and weather-resistant garden storage shed that would safely store your items in any outdoor condition. It’s designed to look like a wooden shed so it will look nice in a traditional or contemporary garden.

It has some great features, with its lockable door, air vents, window and skylight. Even the assembly is not stressful despite the fact that you have to set aside up to 7 hours for it. Don’t forget to anchor it in place. Whilst the Factor Outdoor Plastic Shed is a little expensive, you can rest assured of the quality.

All in all, this is an impressive storage shed that would be a great choice for anyone looking for a durable and spacious garden shed. After taking everything into consideration including price we decided after much debate that it should win the spot for ‘Best Pick’

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2. Duramax Woodside 10×8 Vinyl Storage Shed

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Woodside 10 x 8 Vinyl Storage shed with Foundation and three fixed window

The Duramax Woodside 10×8 Vinyl Storage shed (with its foundation and three fixed windows) offers excellent storage space for any garden with a whole host of items that need a place to stay. It additionally offers plenty of headroom to move around as you organize your belongings. There are indeed decent sheds out there but not all of them give enough headroom and that alone gives enough reason to consider this shed.

What’s more? Its roof has an apex design that not only prevents rain from finding a way inside the shed but it also looks fantastic. Duramix could have created a flat roof for the shed but they opted to mould the plastic and make it look like a slate roof, resulting in what we think is a brilliant design. In addition, the roof is made from strong PVC vinyl clad plastic and is supported by a steel frame underneath it.

Garden sheds ought to be solid to stand up to harsh outdoor conditions. The Duramax Woodside shed is made from some decent PVC which on paper may not be the top choice for making a shed, however, it is quite sturdy and surprisingly thick and will not allow any rain inside. In addition, the plastic has been moulded into a shiplap style often seen on wooden sheds to give it a fantastic appearance.

The body of this shed is built around a galvanized steel frame and this further increases its stability. There are sheds made of plastic but don’t usually make use of a frame, therefore, it is often prone to wobbling. By incorporating a sturdy frame on this shed, Duramax has ensured this shed will be firm on the ground for many years to come.

Inside the 10×8 Woodside shed is a floor that has been made to handle more weight than you can throw at it. A set of large doors makes it easy to get your items into the shed without any problem. At 6ft high by 5ft wide, this is a door that you’ll find very useful. This shed includes some air vents that do a good job of circulating the air.

The shed doesn’t come with a lock and this may be a major safety concern. However, one of the doors has an internal locking mechanism to which you can simply add a padlock and rest assured your valuables are secure. The privacy it offers due to the lack of windows also ensures that your nosey neighbour cannot see what you have inside the shed.

Another thing we love about this shed is that it is low maintenance. The PVC plastic used in construction will never rust, rot or decay. You won’t need to treat the shed once a year or do any form of maintenance, simply wipe it down with a wet cloth or wash it with a pressure washer on a low setting.

Duramax stands fully behind this shed and this is evident by the 15-year warranty offered on this product. The Duramax Woodside 10×8 will surely last through the warranty period and even many more years after.


  • Offers more than enough storage space for your belongings.
  • Built to offer enough headroom for you to move around inside it and organise your items.
  • Easy to install, however, it needs at least two people to build.
  • Constructed from tough PVC plastic that is sure to beat the test of time – it will not rust or show any signs of decay.
  • Requires very little maintenance – simply wipe down or wash the shed using a hose.
  • Offers excellent value for money. It is not an expensive shed yet it provides a large amount of space and will last a lifetime.
  • 15 year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Difficult to build the shed. It takes more to construct it than just what is mentioned in the instruction manual.
  • Doesn’t come with a lock mechanism.

Our recommendation

The Duramax Woodside 10×8 Vinyl Storage shed with its Foundation and three windows make a fantastic garden shed. The selling point is the space. If you take a closer look at the entire shed and its price, you will see it comes at a great price when all factors are considered.

We like the PVC plastic used on this shed and the fact that the material is not susceptible to the effects of outdoor elements. It’s only disappointing that you cannot customise the colours of this shed as it only seems to be available in one colour.

On the downside, this shed proves hard to construct so be ready to spend a considerable amount of time fixing screws to put the pieces together. The lack of a lock on the door also means that you have to visit your local hardware store for a padlock.

The Duramax Woodside 10×8 garden shed is one we highly recommend for anyone looking for a large shed to store all their outdoor items. This shed will look practical in any garden whilst providing a great storage solution.

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3. Palram Skylight Shed 6x3ft

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Palram Skylight Tool Shed Grey 153.5 x 185.5 x 217 cm

The Palram 6 x 3ft SkyLight Shed is a standard-sized shed that will be big enough for storing and organising your outdoor essentials. It will also look majestic in any garden and bring benefits that make it practical housing.

The most attractive feature of this shed is the build itself. It is made with polycarbonate panels and a reinforced aluminium frame. The polycarbonate exterior is UV-resistant which means that it will remain to look great for many years to come. This material is known for its flexibility and thinness but the shed will look sturdy and durable once fully assembled. Even the skylight of this shed is made with polycarbonate and it still allows a decent amount of natural light into the shed.

Ventilation panels on the front and back of the shed promote air circulation to help prevent dampness. Looking at the interior 6 x 3ft dimensions, it is obvious what the shed lacks in depth, it makes up for in width. This ensures that you can store your items effectively. If you need to add extra storage, there is an option to buy a separate 3x1ft shelf to cater for your smaller items.

Having a good overview of your items in the shed is essential. The Palram Skylight shed’s door measures 127.5cm which not only ensures a great view but also allows easy access to your belongings. A lockable latch encourages smooth opening whilst the floor is anti-slip to ensure no accidents in there. For securing your items, the door comes with a pad-bolt where you can add a padlock to lock the shed, although you will have to purchase this separately.

This product arrives flat packed, so home assembly is no discussion. It comes with all the panels, fittings and fixtures that you will need for building it up. You will require a basic set of tools for the job and have a friend on site. You will also need to have a spare day to build your garden storage. It comes with a clear set of instructions and on these, there are straightforward diagrams to follow. The assembled dimensions are 1.88 x 1.10 x 2.15m (W x D x H).

One thing you will never worry about is its maintenance. In fact, simply hose it down with water during weekends to keep it looking new all the time. The Palram Skylight shed enjoys a 10-year warranty, so you can put aside any doubts whatsoever.


  • Maintenance free; just wash down with a hose once a while to keep it looking tip-top.
  • Allows natural light inside it via a tinted light transmitting roof which, in turn, prevents damp and mould growth that may damage your items.
  • Allows excellent air circulation through front and back air vents.
  • Includes an anti-slip floor with ground anchoring option for increased firmness.
  • Easy access with heavy equipment due to its low floor threshold.
  • 10 year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Seems a little flimsy despite the frame so we would recommend it for a sheltered position.

Our recommendation

It is easy to find quality garden sheds that come with just a few niggles but the Palram SkyLight Shed 6x3ft has good, bad and ugly aspects.

On the good side, we like the general attributes that you will find in any decent shed such as good air circulation, access to natural light, anti-slip floor and low maintenance. The idea behind the polycarbonate material used here is also brilliant.

However, it is disappointing that the shed turns out to be a little weaker than we might like and we wonder how it will cope with the rough British weather in winter. Even if you anchor the floor, it still seems that the body may be vulnerable.

Having said that, we think the Palram Skylight Shed is ideal for areas with mild weather or a more sheltered position. This shed doesn’t bring serious completion among the best garden sheds in the UK due to its weakness. Everything else is great so you can buy with it without any major caution.

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4. Keter Factor 4x6ft Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

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Keter Factor Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, Beige, 4 x 6 ft, 17197902

Keter seem to have a wide range of sheds for garden storage and in the Keter Factor 4 x 6ft Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed, they have a solution for those with smaller spaces.

The assembled external dimensions of this shed are 189 x 129.5 x 216.5cm (L x W x H) whilst the internal dimensions are 172 x 112 x 209cm (L x W x H). If you do the math right, you can tell that this shed is thick enough to stand up to the wind. In addition, it is made from a durable, weather-resistant resin and finished with an attractive wood-like texture. The exterior is UV-resistant and neither sun, rain nor snow can harm the shed.

This shed has a large, heavy-duty floor panel that makes it easy to store and handle the weight of items on it. The door measures over 4ft in width, making it easy for standard-sized and large garden equipment to go through – mowers, bicycles, garden power tools such as strimmers, camping equipment, just to name a few. One feature we appreciate on the door is the lock mechanism that enables you to keep your items away from little mischievous hands.

With built-in ventilation, the shed allows decent air circulation inside it with the benefits of preventing condensation and moisture build-up. A secondary window additionally allows natural light into the shed which further reduces any chances of mould growth. Let’s not go into the effects mould will have on your items.

What we like about Keter sheds is the amount of headroom they offer. The ceiling of the Keter Factor Outdoor 4 x 6ft is high enough for a 6ft adult to walk around with no trouble. The apex roof design further increases the centre height by a few inches and allows rainwater to flow down the sides without collecting on top or finding a way inside the shed.

Keter takes pride in manufacturing virtually maintenance-free plastic products and the Factor Outdoor 4 x 6ft shed is no exception. It is only reasonable to clean the shed with a wet cloth from time to time or simply wash it down using a hose, otherwise, you don’t need to do anything else on this shed. Assembling the shed will take some hours and the good thing is that you have instructions (included) to follow. It is also worth mentioning that Keter offers a 10-year limited warranty for this particular shed.


  • Weather-resistant shed – does not rust, rot or decay, keeping it a low maintenance garden storage solution.
  • Allows in natural light via a window and proper ventilation through built-in mechanisms in order to provide a safe environment for stored items.
  • Has a heavy-duty floor that effectively handles the weight of items.
  • Provides enough headroom for an adult to move around with ease.
  • Has a large door that increases the shed’s accessibility and entry of large items such as bicycles and lawnmowers.
  • Easy to assemble the shed using simple household tools and following provided instructions.
  • 10 year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Doesn’t come with the shelves that are designed for it.
  • There are problems with packaging not being the best so check all panels if you order online.

Our recommendation

The Keter Factor 4 x 6ft Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed is a top quality and affordable garden shed and is really just a smaller version of our ‘Best Pick’. As you would expect of Keter, it’s made out of durable plastic that is UV-resistant and virtually maintenance-free.

The shed is also easy to build and requires no painting whatsoever. It is a compact Keter shed designed to take advantage of small spaces whilst providing safe storage conditions for your items. Its tall front door makes it easy to transport things in and out of the shed whilst the floor can handle whatever you throw on it.

Probably the major issue with this shed is the lack of shelving options. We also found complaints about some parts missing and others broken upon arrival of this package but then maybe yours won’t have any problem.

Overall, a great storage option for homeowners with limited space in the garden.

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Wooden Shed Reviews

Wooden sheds are the most traditional garden structures of them all and they are still as popular today as they were many decades ago. There is a wide range of wooden sheds on the market and in this list, we have picked three top products that we thought were the best in major aspects and believe us when we say there are some cheap wooden sheds that are certainly not made to last and are very poor quality.

5. Waltons 8×6 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed

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Kicking off in this category is the Waltons 8×6 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed. This medium-sized shed will keep your items safe, dry and offer enough space for your requirements. As much as we don’t know your size requirements, we are convinced that this shed would be ideal for most gardens.

It comes flat-packed for you to do the construction work using the supplied fixings and following instructions to the letter. The assembly could be a little daunting if this is your first garden shed. Make sure you have a buddy on the ground to help you with passing components and picking up fixings that drop accidentally whilst you struggle with a piece of timber and impact driver. The job will take roughly 6 hours. It could be less or more depending on your DIY skills.

The full dimensions once assembled are 1.79 x 2.37 x 1.94m (W x D x H), with an eaves height of 1.47m. It sounds a bit on the small side when you look at its depth, but it compensates the figure with a larger width, allowing you enough space for storing bulkier items.

This wooden garden shed has a single door as well as one window. Waltons have made the window out of 2.5mm Styrene plastic, ensuring that it can take the impact of a football kicked against it by troublesome kids. The idea behind the plastic also means that there will be no shattered glass in the shed or on the garden in the event the window breaks due to a tremendous force.

The roof is made from strong sheet board, 8mm thick to be precise, and covered in sand felt. Every shed owner fears going in to find their items soaked in water. The sand felt covering on the roof will help ensure that your valuables stay dry throughout. The floor is also made of a 10mm thick sheet board, which adds to the sturdiness of the shed.

Waltons has also featured an 8mm thick overlap cladding on this shed to help prevent water ingress and increase the shed’s general strength. In any case, this is not the most solid garden structure but it will last the test of time and Waltons stand behind it with their remarkable 10-year warranty. However, you must treat your shed at regular intervals and using the right paint for it to stay within the warranty. In any case, that is something you will want to do to keep it in top condition.


  • Quite a sturdy structure due to the solid sheet on the roof and the floor plus 8mm thick overlap cladding.
  • Protected well against rain due to its sand felt roof.
  • Arrives pre-treated, so you will only have start to treat it after a period of time.
  • Includes a shatterproof window that withstands impact well.
  • Covered with a 10-year anti-rot warranty.


  • Comes unpainted which means you will have to incur some extra cost to customise it.
  • Requires treatment after given periods of time to keep in good shape and for the warranty to stand.

Our recommendation

The Waltons 8×6 Overlap Apex Wooden Garden Shed is ideal for those looking for their first storage shed without spending a fortune. Its overlap cladding combined with the solid sheet floor and roof makes for a robust structure.

The sand felt roof together with overlap clapping will help keep your items safe and dry. It comes pre-treated and backed with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee. If you choose this shed, you are looking at several years of happy storage from the structure.

Overall a great wooden shed that will not disappoint.

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6. Forest Garden 8×6 Apex Overlap Garden Shed

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Forest Garden 8x6 Apex Overlap Garden Shed - Pressure Treated

The Forest Garden 8×6 Apex Overlap Garden Shed is pressure treated and is a classic storage shed that is built to last. It will help keep your garden clutter-free as well as provide a safe place for you to store your garden items. The 8x6ft Overlap Garden shed is also very eye-catching with its fine cladding, vertical clad doors and two fixed windows, this shed will look impressive in any garden.

This shed is made out of straight cut boards that are overlapped to allow for seamless movement of the timber in order for it to adjust to the varying weather conditions. Its polycarbonate windows are fixed with security screws and they will not become yellow or brittle over time. Its floor features a pressure treated timber board that allows storage of heavy items like lawnmowers and compost bags.

One impressive feature of this shed is its double Z framed door. Supported by double Z framing, it can be hung on either side of the opening in order to suit the shape of any garden. It also has hidden hinges that make it quite solid. A hasp and staple latch can be used on this door for security purposes. In addition, the front of the door features vertical cladding that looks very impressive.

Unfortunately, retailers don’t have customisation options for this shed. So if you want to change the appearance of the shed then consider using some coloured wood treatment. This is the best way to protect the smooth cladding and give the shed a brighter or darker look as you would wish. As a matter of fact, the parts come pre-treated but this is usually for short-term protection. To protect the wood against rot, you should give it a coating of wood treatment shortly after building the shed.

Speaking of assembly, the Forest Garden 8×6 comes with all fittings, fixtures and felt required to construct it along with easy-to-follow instructions. The shed comes with a 10-year guarantee that covers against rot and decay. It sounds quite a good deal but bear in mind that the warranty applies to those only who look after their shed.


  • Looks attractive in any garden due to its amazing looking cladding.
  • Has a strong overall design that will stand up to elements such as wind and snowfall.
  • Offers a great amount of space for storing both large and smaller garden items.
  • Has two windows that let in a decent amount of natural light in order to prevent mould growth.
  • Comes with a 10 year guarantee for full peace of mind.


  • Requires treatment shortly after construction.

Our recommendation

The Forest Garden 8x6ft Apex Overlap Garden Shed is not a popular garden shed but we found out that it’s one of the best garden sheds made by Forest Garden. We picked this one in particular because of its decent size – not too small nor too big – and the price is also just right.

It will be eye-catching in any garden because of its smooth cladding and furthermore, you can customise its appearance to complement other items in your home. It has a very classic design combined with contemporary, strong and durable materials, resulting in a nice looking shed.

The only problem is that you will have to treat the shed after assembly and probably several days after. This will not help in keeping it in great condition but also a requirement for its warranty to stand. Therefore, our final word, pick this item if you are ready to invest some time in maintenance from time to time.

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7. Forest Garden 10×8 Apex Overlap Garden Workshop Shed

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Forest Garden 10x8 Apex Overlap Pressure Treated Double Door Wooden Garden Shed

This is the bigger brother of the Forest Garden 8x6ft shed we have just reviewed. It maintains some of the design features such as double Z door framing and build material, with obvious alterations in size, number of doors and windows, and price. Let’s take a closer look at the Forest Garden 10×8 Apex Overlap Garden Workshop Shed.

It comes flat-packed for home assembly, with all fittings, fixtures and instructions included. The instructions are a bit light on detail but you are certain to complete the job in a matter of hours. Unlike the Forest Garden 8×6 shed, you will not have to treat this one as it has been pressure-treated by Forest to eliminate the need for annual treatment.

The Forest Garden shed is marketed as a workshop because of the vast amount of storage space. It makes for a structure that is not only good for storage but also offers a generous workspace as it easily accommodates shelves and workbenches inside. It even offers enough headroom for you because it stands just over 7 foot high along the ridge. That means you can work comfortably in there for long hours and close the workshop by the end of the day with your items stored safely for another day’s job.

It has an apex roof that is made with strong sheet boarding – 8mm thick – and covered with weatherproof felt. During wet seasons, the felt ensures your items will always be safe and dry. Its timber boarded floor is 16mm in thickness and it’s made to handle a large weight of items. This floor will also feel sturdy when you are walking around inside the shed.

On the front of the workshop are 2 impressive doors that measure 5ft 3 in. high and 3 ft. 6in. wide. They offer enough room to get even the most awkward large items in and out of the workshop. These doors are supported by strong hinges and feature double Z framing that will provide strength for several years. There are four fixed windows along one side of this workshop, this will allow plenty of natural light into the workshop. They are crafted with 1.5mm thick styrene to enhance their solidness.

This workshop is covered by a 15-year anti-rot guarantee which means you can enjoy many years of maintenance-free service.


  • Requires no treatment whatsoever as it comes pressure treated with 15 years anti-rot guarantee.
  • Offers an immense amount of storage space as well as workspace.
  • Has a solid boarded floor that handles the weight of items really well.
  • Has a top quality build – its thick and strong so it will last a lifetime.
  • 15 year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Takes long to build due to its colossal size.

Our recommendation

The Forest Garden 10 x 8ft Apex Overlap Garden Workshop Shed is a very impressive structure in that it offers both storage space and a decent amount of workspace. The cladding and the floor are magnificent and the materials are long-lasting.

We feel this shed offers great value for investment because of the high-quality design combined with storage space. You could get a 10x8ft garden storage for a cheaper price but it won’t stand the test of time. This one, however, is guaranteed for 15 years and could be in good condition for many more years after this. Furthermore, you don’t need to treat it annually as is the case with other wooden sheds.

Those looking for a no-maintenance storage shed can find joy in the Forest Garden 10 x 8 workshop by just spending a little upfront.

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Metal Shed Reviews

Metal sheds are a fantastic alternative to traditional wooden storage sheds. They are stronger, more durable and sometimes even cheaper than wooden models.

There are many of them on the market and we have spent hours searching for the best metal sheds and ended up with these top three metal sheds. Read on to learn more.

8. Charles Bentley 8x10ft Metal Shed

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The Charles Bentley 8x10ft Metal Shed is a relatively larger shed in comparison to most other modern sheds and it is sure to satisfy your garden sheds’ storage desires and also provide ample space for your DIY bench work. Its assembled dimensions are W 261 x L 301 x H 198cm (8ft x 10ft), the door height measures approximately 157cm and it weighs 92kg so despite its size it is fairly lightweight.

You can rest easy knowing your outdoor garden tools, furniture and other valuables are well stored away and safe as The Charles Bentley 8×10 Metal Shed is built using tough galvanised steel that will help keep burglars out. Not to mention, it is rodent free, rust, fire and weather-proof as it resists corrosion. It also has 4 vents that give it plenty of ventilation to avoid condensation that might otherwise ruin your stored wares.

The shed comes with easy, self-explanatory instructions for its assembly. This is a two man job that will take approximately 3–5 hours to complete. When carefully done and with proper maintenance, it is quite sturdy and will last you many years to come.

This shed comes with a floor framework that has tabs on, to easily and firmly slide into and secure the main shed framework. It has two sliding doors, made of the same material as the frame, that open as wide as 4ft for easy entry especially with your larger tools.

It has an Apex roof that helps in draining rainwater and snow off your shed, not to mention offers a timeless beautiful look for your garden.


  • Offers great, ample space for organising your valuables.
  • Immensely strong and durable to last many years.
  • Has a strong floor foundation to withstand the heavy weight of items.
  • Highly resilient from all types of elements.


  • Does not come with padlock.

Our recommendation

The Charles Bentley 8×10 Metal Shed is a breath of fresh air for someone looking to have plenty of great storage space, durability and somewhere to store garden tools and furniture. This is achieved due to the use of galvanised steel that is amazingly strong and wear resistant and for the price offers excellent value for money.

Having said that, however, we all want a complete packaged product that does not need additional components and you will need to by a padlock.

Even so, this does not deter from the fact that the Charles Bentley is a great shed and you will surely get value for your investment. Overall a great affordable shed that is easy to build.

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9. Outsunny 4×6 ft Pent Roofed Metal Garden Shed

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Outsunny 7 x 4ft Outdoor Garden Metal Storage Shed, Tool Storage Box for Backyard, Patio and Lawn, Light Green

The Outsunny 4x6ft Pent Roofed Metal Garden Shed has a steel construction that is quite smaller in size with its dimensions being 195L x 122D x 180H cm.

It comes with overlapping sliding doors, moving away from the conventional door designs that takes up unnecessary space. The doors come with lockable handles that use a padlock to secure the shed, all you need is the correct size of padlock to fit in them. In addition, they have a special feature in anti-tamper bolts that deter unauthorized access or theft.

The shed has two air vents in the roof area to avoid condensation, making it great in storing all sorts of wares that might get ruined as a result. It also comes with free sturdy foundation base with anchor fixings to give it that strong reinforcement.

This shed is easy to construct as it comes with a fully detailed assembly manual. It takes two people and approximately 2 to 3 hours to put it up. It offers a long service life as the painted surface is rust resistant and absolutely water and rain proof.


  • Sturdy and secure with special features such as anti-tamper bolts.
  • Good design and easy to assemble in a matter of 3 hours.
  • Fairly priced, which makes it a cost-saving option.
  • Durable and easy to maintain.


  • Does not have a large entry way.
  • The assembly manual has legibility issues.
  • The steel is on the thin side, would not advise for storing expensive items such as drills etc but perfect for storing less desirable items like chairs, BBQs, lawnmowers, rakes, spades etc.

Our recommendation

If you are looking to store simple and small quantity of your garden tools but on a budget, then look no further. The Outsunny 4x6ft Pent Roofed Metal Garden shed is undoubtedly for you. It will give secure storage for your tools, take up relatively small space in your garden and give you good value for your money.

You might need to have some knowledge around tools as the assembly manual is quite all over the place to exactly understand what it reads.

Other than that, the Outsunny Garden shed is an outstanding product and we highly recommend it. This being said, it is not very secure, so is not suitable for keeping unwanted people out, it is more to keep the rain out and your items dry. Storage at a cheap price.

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10. Yardmaster International 1013GEYZ 10x13ft Deluxe Metal Shed

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Yardmaster 6 x 4 ft Deluxe Apex Roofed Metal Shed - Green

The Yardmaster International 1013GEYZ 10x13ft Deluxe Metal Shed is a large building with dimensions of W 303cm by Depth 396cm, Eaves Height of 163cm and Ridge Height measures 202cm. The door size is 125cm x 159cm giving you plenty of pace to get larger items such as a BBQ in and out. Its gables come with extra height to give plenty of headroom to the taller folks. It also has internal, well braced panels that strengthens the shed, provide resistance to wind forces and other external elements.

You do not have to worry about securing your stored items as it comes with easy sliding double doors that have lockable handles fitted neatly on the inside to give it a clean finish. However, you will need to hunt for a suitable padlock that fits well with the handles as it is not included in the package.

Yardmaster has gone ahead to improve on this structure by securing its walls in adding (in and out), galvanised steel painted wall cladding. We all want to see extra effort made on our investments. This brings us to the 12 year anti-rust guarantee as well as the stainless steel rust-free screws that come with it.

To have a stable structure, it is recommended to firmly anchor your shed to the ground, so it is a good thing The Yardmaster International 1013GEYZ 10x13ft Deluxe Metal shed comes with anchor fixings to that effect. The only downside is it has no floor so ideally it needs placing onto a concrete base and sealing around the edges.

To help in the construction of this structure, a well detailed DIY assembly manual is included as well as a UK helpline for customers with queries. This is a job where you will need two (or maybe more) pairs of hands to get it fully built and it should take about 6-10hrs to put it up.

One of the downsides with this package is the exclusion of a vital accessory to this shed which is the base frame or floor that will require you to put in extra work and time. However, this can be ordered as a separate accessory that suits your requirements.


  • Has a quality build that’s covered with a 12 year anti-rust guarantee for peace of mind.
  • It has tall gables for extra headroom, allowing you to walk around freely.
  • Supplied with easy-to-follow instructions, making for a straightforward and quick setup.
  • Comes with an anchor kit to help secure the shed firmly on the ground.
  • 15 year warranty for peace of mind.


  • Does not allow enough ventilation.
  • Doesn’t come with a base frame.
  • Steel is a little thin making it feel less stable and less secure.

Our recommendation

This structure has an impressive improvement on the gables height that allows for extra headroom, it may seem like an insignificant feature but it plays a big part when accommodating tall people. It has a simple and detailed assembly manual and is easy to put up for two or more people. The instructions could certainly be improved as they are not that clear.

Its construction materials are adequate but again the steel seems a little thinner than we might prefer to see. You will also need to consider getting a level concrete or wooden base to make it firm and durable before you build it. You will also need to constantly keep checking on the shed’s corners to avoid a distorted structure and difficulties in roof placement.

The Yardmaster International 10x13ft Deluxe Metal shed has ample space to securely store your tools and give your garden a refreshing and organised look.

In conclusion, this is a fairly good structure and at a great price for its size. We would recommend it for someone who is looking for a larger shed on a budget. 

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Garden Shed Buyer’s Guide

Our gardens offer a way to connect with nature in our busy urban lives. We tend to them with utmost love and care. In the spirit of looking after our gardens, we need a place to store all the landscaping equipment. Garden sheds (in their different shapes and designs) are perfect for keeping your expensive equipment safe from the elements. Selecting a garden shed is very simple, here are some factors you need to keep an eye on.

Consider build material

Garden sheds from the past years have been mostly constructed of wood. Wooden sheds are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and not that expensive. The wood used is mostly pine, spruce, cedar or Douglas fir. The sheds constructed of cedar are popular due to the rot-resistance feature. The only downside is that it is a bit costlier compared to models constructed from the pine tree. If constructed well and treated to resist damage, the wooden sheds can last you up to 10 years.

Metal garden sheds are the next option. These sheds offer durability due to the strong metals used. They offer more protection, security and you need not worry about rot or pest infestation. Low quality metal construction will cost you in the end since rust and wear are prevalent. Higher density metals will offer more service but will cost you more to purchase.

Plastic garden sheds are the last option. If you don’t need the vulnerability of wood structures or the heftiness of metal structures, select plastic structures. They are growing in popularity simply because of their inexpensive lightweight and durable structure. The only downside is that they may not be attractive to the eye, especially after a few years.

What is your garden size?

First things first, no one wants to have shed that takes up too much space. This is especially if your lawn is not so large. Measure the size of your garden and consider the equipment and other things to be stored. Once you do this, you will have a rough estimate of the shed size to select. If you have a lot of things to store, consider hanging hooks and shelves to maximize the space. If you have adequate space, you can acquire any model size that you need.

Roof, floor, windows and doors

Different kinds of roofs come with different benefits depending on your requirements. Here are some of the roof types you are likely to meet.

  • Apex roofs are ideal for those who need more head room in their shed. The v-shaped roof is amongst the popular kind, if you have adequate space.
  • Pent roof types are adaptable to gardens with little space. The back of the roof fits against the wall whilst the slanted side covers the rest of the shed. In the case of heavy rain and slow, the roof won’t hold onto the water due to sloping design.
  • Canopy roofs are another popular type. They create an extension around the structure in order to protect the area around the shed. The canopy provided can be used to store things like wood that need constant access.
  • Curved roofs are rare but attainable. They are for those who need their shed to be unique and appear somewhat like summer houses.

Floors are a common feature in sheds because they protect the shed from being in direct contact with the ground. Wooden sheds especially benefit from having floors as any moisture from the ground ruins wooden sheds over time. Ensure that the flooring is secure and stable to prevent the unit from leaning to one side.

Depending on the style of the shed that you select, you will find different kinds of doors fitted. There are single, double and stable doors available. Single doors may prove problematic when moving in large equipment. Double doors offer more room into the shed whilst stable doors offer limited access to children. Select a door height according to your personal preference.

Windows are another personal preference. You can select to have a shed with or without windows. If you decide to have windows, you need to select the right positioning in the case that you have potted plants. The strength of the windows will depend on the building materials. Polycarbonate windows are preferred since they are unbreakable and secure.

Accessories provided and pricing

Accessories are pleasant as they offer much needed value for money. They also make life a bit easier. The following accessories are availed by most manufacturers.

  • Shelves are supplied to help you organize your potted plants and equipment in an easy to reach manner.
  • Ramps can be supplied for the easy loading of wheeled equipment.
  • Lofts can be supplied to help you create more room for larger equipment, such as mowers.
  • Windows, together with skylights, are optional but available. Those with potted plants will appreciate this feature.
  • Work benches can also be provided so as to give you adequate space to work.

Whichever shed you decide to buy ensure that quality is prioritised. The longer the shed serves you, the more value for money you get. Stick to a precise budget as it will allow you to narrow down the kind of shed you can afford. Remember that the larger the unit, the more you will have to pay for it.

Final Conclusion

As you can see from the guide, selecting a shed is a simple process. You just need to know what you need the shed for and the features that complement it.

They say information is the key to many doors. You can also read other garden shed reviews to collect all the relevant information on prospective purchases. With that said, go ahead and grab yourself a worthy shed.

Having compared all the plastic, wooden and metal garden sheds above, we concluded that the Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed, is the best shed. From the quality of the build material to the assembly and the storage space available, this shed ticks in all boxes. In terms of space, we can say it’s just standard for any garden requirements.

It has a nice wood-like finish and will be centre of attraction whatever place you locate it in your garden. That doesn’t apply to burglars as it has a lockable door but being plastic is not 100% secure.  Its air vents will promote air circulation whilst the window and skylight will do a great job to eliminate condensation and moisture build-up. The Keter Factor Outdoor shed simply combines everything you want in a storage shed. It’s fairly priced and backed with a generous 10-year warranty and is almost maintenance free.

If you have decided that the classic wooden sheds are the way to go, the Forest Garden 10x8ft Apex Overlap Garden Workshop Shed. It offers more than enough storage space and perhaps allowing extra space for work if you want. Put items you are not using on side and a workbench together with tools on the other side and you can work inside a safe place, out of the rain and wind.

The construction material for this shed comes pressure treated and you will never bother to do any kind of treatment. That is the selling point since most other wooden models require once a year wood treatment. It’s then guaranteed for 15 good years.

It has 4 windows and double doors with Z framing. The Forest Garden 10×8 workshop is the real deal if you want an fairly maintenance-free, spacious and durable garden shed.

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