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Top 5 Best Felt For Sheds That Are Durable and Long Lasting

Last updated on May 2nd, 2021

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Laying shed roofing felt is the most reliable way of protecting your garden shed against torrential rain as well as UV damage but it needs to be fitted correctly with quality felt. In addition, felt can also be used to protect other outbuildings such as hutches, summerhouses, and kennels. Roofing felt is pretty much affordable compared with other forms of shed roofing solutions. Best of all, installing felt is a fairly easy task, though you will need an extra hand to help you handle the felt with care.

That said, the wide range of shed felts in the UK leaves many people wondering which model to purchase. Not at least because a £10 price difference can be the split between a product with a 5-year life expectancy and another one with a 15-year lifespan. 

So if the UK weather has taken its toll on your shed roof or you’ve noticed some leaks, it is high time you purchase new roofing felt. Our top recommendation would be the Ashbrook Roofing Super Grade Polyester Reinforced Shed Felt. This polyester-reinforced felt has a 15-year lifespan, as well as being tear-resistant for extra protection from the elements. 

If you want something even better, though at a higher price, look no further than the Rose Roofing Heavy Duty Shed Roofing Felt. Its 25-year life expectancy is unrivalled by any other felt on the market. 

But these two are just among our 5 select shed felts we have reviewed in this post. Read on to see what other models have to offer, and later on go through our buyer’s guide for information on how to choose the best roofing felt for sheds. 


Ashbrook Roofing Super Grade Polyester Reinforced Shed Felt
The Ashbrook Roofing felt is a 10m roll of felt that is tear-resistant, robust and super durable. The product has a decorative green mineral finish and it is particularly suitable for long-term waterproofing of sheds, hutches, kennels and other non-inhabited structures. Being a polyester-reinforced felt, it offers 3 times protection as long as standard grade shed felt. Better still, this product is manufactured in the UK to stand up to the harsh British weather, and it comes with a free pack of nails. Overall is a good combination of quality with a 15 year lifespan and relatively affordable too.


Rose Roofing Green Heavy Duty Shed Roofing Felt
Each roll of this shed felt is 10m x 1m and comes with nails and a tube of adhesive to kick start installation. The product is available in either green or black, and it has more durability and tear-resistance than regular polyester-reinforced felt. The major selling point is the felt’s 25-year life expectancy, but this is only achievable with proper installation. Overall if you just want to do the job once, this is the felt to use but this does come at a more expensive price.

Top 5 Roofing Felts For Sheds Reviews

1. Ashbrook Roofing 10m Super Grade Polyester Reinforced Shed Felt


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Ashbrook Roofing 10m Super Grade Polyester Reinforced Shed Felt

The Ashbrook Roofing Chesterfelt is one of the best in terms of durability, with a lifespan of up to 15 years it’s a middle of the range felt with a good combination of quality, lifespan and price which is why it is our Best pick.

Ideally, it’s something that you install and forget. The material is made up of bitumen and polyester and then finished with a decorative and protective green mineral, creating a robust, tear-resistant and super-durable felt at a more affordable price while being much better than standard grade felt usually pre fitted to sheds on the first place. 

In addition to acting as a long-term waterproofing layer on roofs of sheds, this felt is also good on hutches, kennels and other outdoor structures with a roof pitch of more than 20 degrees. The product is sold in rolls of 10m and it will do an impressive job keeping water out. 

Each roll comes with a packet of nails to help with installation right away. Now the nails may or may not be sufficient for the job you need to do, but it’s still something to appreciate. You have to be careful with this felt though as 10m is quite heavy but it is expected with it being more of a premium grade, any shed felt that is light has to raised concerns about the quality. 


  • Lasts an incredible 15 years; 3 times as long as standard quality felt.
  • Quick and easy to install, thanks to the necessary supplies. 
  • Made in the UK for the British weather. 
  • Good value for investment. 


  • The supplied nails may not be enough for every roofing but there cheap enough to buy online or from a DIY store such as B&Q. 


The Ashbrook Roofing Chesterfelt is a long-lasting shed roof solution that’s made in the UK for UK weather, we like British made on this website. The fact that it comes with free nails means you’re ready to install after delivery, though you may need more if the job is too big.

It will surely look the part on your shed due to its decorative and protective fine green mineral finish. The shed may be costlier than another standard grade felts, but unlike the cheaper options, this one offers an unbeatable lifespan and has been made to last, standard felt just doent compare. For that reason, it nicked our ‘Best Pick’ spot and is probably the best option for most people. 

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2. Rose Roofing 10m Green Heavy Duty Shed Roofing Felt


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Rose Roofing Green Heavy Duty Shed Roofing Felt

If you want a shed that’s even more durable than the Ashbrook Roofing Chesterfelt, this Rose Roofing Heavy Duty Roofing Felt is worth looking at. It offers up to 25 years’ life expectancy, which is literally a lifetime in shed terms!

The roll comes with nails and a tube of adhesive to make it quick and easy to install, and the material is very thick so it will last for decades if installed correctly with an underlay. 

This one is also made here in the UK, intended specifically to combat the UK weather, that is, a lot of rain and wind. With superior waterproofing, you can rest assured that items in your shed will be in proper condition throughout. The felt can be used on both sloped and flat shed roofs, and it has a nice green finish appears conventional and aesthetic in any garden. 

The product is sold in rolls of 10m and it is available in green and black. As with al felts its also suitable for a wide range of projects including hutches, kennels, summerhouses, and of course, sheds. The felt is also noticeably bulkier than standard grade felts, yet it isn’t much more difficult to install. Better still, this felt does not rip and is also tear-resistant, even under some shear stress. The material is bitumen with heavy-duty polyester reinforcement, making it as durable as it is. 


  • Supplied with nails and adhesive for easy installation. 
  • Comes in 2 attractive colours; black and green. 
  • Unparalleled life expectancy – 25 years when used with an underlay. 
  • Protective and decorative at the same time. 
  • Ideal for a variety of projects; sheds, kennels, summerhouses and hutches. 


  • Quite pricier than other felts. 


The quality of this Rose Roofing Green Heavy Duty Shed Roofing Felt exceeds that of every standard or even ‘premium-quality’ sheds, albeit being too pricey. This felt is thick, tough and tear-resistant, making it the perfect item to face the UK weather. 

Add to the fact that it comes with a packet of nails plus adhesive and you’ll find that even though you pay more, there’s plenty of value out your investment for those who just want to do the job once.

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3. BillyOh 10m Premium Green Mineral Shed Roofing Felt

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BillyOh 10m Premium Green Mineral Shed Roofing Felt

On the lower end of the price, enters the BillyOh Premium Green Mineral Shed Roofing Felt, which is also designed with durability in mind. This felt is suitable for garden sheds and outdoor buildings in need of some extra protection. It provides protection for 5 years, which is a lot less than the two models above, yet 5 years may be ok if your shed in a more sheltered position or you don’t intend to worry about the shed after 5 years, for example, if you plan on moving house within a few years but still need to get that shed fixed. Moreover, you a lot less to get this BillyOh felt. 

The product is manufactured in the UK and it comes with all the necessary tacks for quick and easy installation. It has a waterproof formula that starts protecting your shed immediately after installation. Just like many other felts, this one has a distinct green-grey shade unlike many other green felts. 

Although the title has the word ‘Premium’ in it, this one is a standard grade felt but better than many other ‘standard grade’ alternatives. It can actually tear under stress so you have to take care when installing it. The felt isn’t as flexible as many others, and generally speaking, it’s somewhat on the stiff side. 


  • 5-year life expectancy. 
  • Supplied with a pack of nails to ease assembly. 
  • Affordable and of good quality. 
  • Offers very good waterproofing. 
  • Has a distinct ‘green’ hue, unlike other green felts. 


  • Not that flexible. 
  • Can tear more easily.


This is truly a good quality standard grade felt for sheds. It is a lot more affordable than most other models yet just as great, and maybe even somehow better on one or two counts. The product provides adequate waterproofing and a 5-year lifespan isn’t that bad either.

With felt tacks included, it should be easy to install, however, you’ll need to be careful with it as it can cope under stress. All in all, the BillyOh Premium Green Mineral Shed Roofing Felt is an amazing value pick. 

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4. IKO 8m Super Shed Felt

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IKO 8m Super Shed Felt

Available in either black or green, the IKO 8m Super Shed Felt is a solid product with a life expectancy of 15 years making it a good alternative to our ‘Best Pick’. The model is made of fibre-based bitumen coating for added waterproofness and tear-resistance. With its outstanding lifespan combined with an affordable price, this felt is an economic way to protect sheds, hutches, kennels, and other outbuildings. 

The 8M felt is a super grade felt with polyester-reinforcement that makes it more robust and difficult to warp. You get a free pack of nails with every roll, allowing you to set up without additional cost. A single roll is enough to reroof a shed of not more than 8ft x 6ft. The traditional style felt will look good in any garden due to its gorgeous black or green mineral finish. It also comes with clear installation instructions. 


  • Highly effective felt designed for sheds and other outbuildings. 
  • A cost-effective means of protecting your shed. 
  • Waterproofs garden sheds efficiently throughout the year. 
  • Elegant black or green finish gives will give your garden plenty of character. 
  • Quick and easy to install as it comes with step by step instructions. 


  • May not enough nails supplied with it. 


The IKO 8m Super Shed Felt offers many years of protection at a lower initial investment than out Best Pick but our its also slightly smaller at 8 meters compared to the 10 meters the Ashbrook Roofing Chesterfelt comes in.

It does come with a pack of nails, but some customers said either the nails were not enough or were too short. You may be better off purchasing galvanised felt nails. The overall feeling is that people like it and we would recommend it to anyone seeking a highly robust felt for their shed or if for some reason you don’t feel like our Best pick is for you.

5. IKO 10 Meter Standard Shed Felt

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IKO 10 Meter Standard Shed Felt

The IKO 10 Meter Standard Shed Felt is the lower class of the IKO 8 Meter Super above, but it’s, by all means, a good product. It has a 5-year life expectancy and it’s designed to provide year-round waterproofness to your garden shed. Combined with an easy installation, it makes this product incredibly cost-effective and is best used with sheds positioned in more sheltered positions. 

Now, this one lacks the polyester reinforcement that makes other premium felts extremely robust and able to last 15 or so years, but it still works. It is able to withstand the harsh British weather over the course of its lifetime. In terms of the finish, it comes in an elegant red or black finish, making it a standout thing in almost any garden. 

The felt is easy and quick to install, with instructions for straightforward application included in the package. A free pack of nails is also included. Even the most inexperienced DIYers can complete the installation process. 


  • Available in multiple colours. 
  • An economic protection against the elements for outdoor structures. 
  • Comes with a free packet of nails. 
  • Quick and easy to install.


  • Not that much durable as other felts. 


Now, we don’t know why someone would opt for this model and get just 5 years’ protection instead of the IKO 8 Metre which offers over a decade of protection, yet they both cost almost the same price but remember this has more meters on the roll. There’s just a slight difference in construction between the IKO 8 and IKO 10. If you’re not sold of the 15-year life expectancy of the IKO 8, then just settle with the IKO 10 Meter Standard Shed Felt alternative. 

Buyer’s Guide

First things first, let us understand what exactly is a shed felt. A shed felt is a roofing material that’s manufactured by soaking matted card fibre or compressed cloth in bitumen. The base is designed to be strong and flexible, whilst the bitumen makes the felt waterproof. The other side of the felt is normally coated with a coloured mineral finish, which not only makes the felt look nice but also prevents the sun from melting the bitumen. 

Shed felts are available in many styles and colours, and so you can always select one that suits your home and garden. Felts are also the most cost-effective means of protecting outbuildings from the elements. Laying felt on shed roofing is an easy process and the job can be completed using the most basic hand tools. 

As you’ve probably seen from the product reviews, the life expectancy of your felt can vary from about 5 years up to 25 years. Correct installation is paramount towards ensuring that your shed lives up to expectations. 

Now, let’s answer a few questions below to help you find roofing felt that lasts. 

How many rolls of felt do you need?

Most garden sheds are 6ft x 4ft in size and that converts to one 8m x 1m roll of felt. Therefore, a single roll of felt measuring 8m x 1m should be sufficient for your needs. If your garden shed is larger than standard, then you may need 2 or more rolls for proper installation. 

What do you do with the old felt?

It’s best to remove the old felt from your shed roof and any other nails and imperfections to be removed before laying new felt. When it comes to disposing of, your local council tip should accept it in most cases. 

However, some people argue that there’s no need to remove old felt as it will not affect the functionality of new felt. This might be true, but you will find it easier to lay new felt by first removing old felt. Just remove the old felt we would recommend.

How many years does shed roofing felt last?

This largely depends on the quality and thickness of the felt you choose. A top quality economical roofing felt should last about 5 years. Super-premium quality shed felts will have a lifespan of up to 25 years. 

‘Medium’ quality felts will provide decent coverage for a number of years, but so much depends on where the outbuilding is, and whether or not it will itself last. To put into perspective, an exposed shed roof has to deal with driving rain and strong winds on a day to day basis. In this case, you’ll have to invest in the best quality shed felt to help the shed combat the elements. A shed that isn’t much in the open should be fine with a cheaper felt and both will surely last for many years. Felt has to be fitted properly to last a long too. If loose, wind can easily rip the felt from the shed.

Why do you need adhesive for shed felt?

Normally, shed felts come with nails that you’ll use to install them. Others include adhesive in the package. While nails should do the job sufficiently, adding adhesive brings extra peace of mind by boosting waterproofing. In addition, the adhesive comes in handy when overlapping the felt around corners and it will lessen the risk of the felt coming away from the shed roof in high winds. 

Will the holes made by nails allow rainwater in?

The short answer is no because the bitumen used to manufacture felt will seal around the clout nails after they have been nailed in. This characteristic of bitumen means you don’t have to worry about leaks. However, restrain from using too many nails around the same place as this may hinder the ability of bitumen to seal well, thus allow leaks into your shed. 

Other things to keep in mind when laying roofing felt

Just like any other DIY work, you’ll need to ensure that you wear appropriate clothing, including thick gloves and a hard hat. 

You’ll have to use a step ladder or a work platform, ensure that it is properly secured. In short, safety should be in your mind, and you’ll want to avoid standing on a sloping shed roof. 

Another thing to have nearby is a box for storing old nails so they don’t pose danger on the ground. You may even want to reuse some of them. 

Final Conclusion

Shed felts are some of the easiest products to deal with and are pretty much affordable, yet their purpose is indispensable to the durability of your garden shed and the items inside it. If you have a new shed or your current shed roof looks tired, you definitely need to lay a felt onto it. 

As to what is the best roofing felt for sheds, well, the Ashbrook Roofing Super Grade Polyester Reinforced Shed Felt wins it in our opinion. This thing is built to last 15 years, it’s easy to install and being 10 metres long, it offers great coverage. 

Coming in second is the Rose Roofing Green Heavy Duty Shed Roofing Felt, which is also 10 metres long and comes with nails and adhesive. With this one, you get what you pay for in that it’s expensive, but it’s the very best quality felt on the market with a 25-year lifespan. 

That said, we strongly believe that you have found roofing felt that last from our select products above. Let us know your experiences in the comments section.

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