The Best Makita Hammer Drill Reviews – My Top 5 Picks

Last updated on October 12th, 2023

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The Makita brand has been around for as long as I can remember and it is one you can trust and depend on for your power tool needs. It is used by millions of people from professionals to home user. The Makita brand is popular for its high-quality power tools and energy-saving mechanisms. The company that began back in 1915 has grown into a force to be reckoned with in the industry. With employees running into the tens of thousands, you can be sure that your favourite power tools are always available.

In the world that we live in, convenience is as important as reality itself. You want to buy multipurpose tools that let you save money for two functions in one. The hammer drill is another multi-purpose tool that the Makita brand provides. There are several factors to consider when trying to pick the best Makita hammer drill for your needs. These factors shall be discussed in detail below.

Before we get into our favourite models, we would like to announce the winner of our ‘Best Pick’ for the best cordless hammer drill which is the Makita HR2630 3 Mode SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill. Overall it is a great choice for the professional and DIY enthusiast alike and comes with three functions, making it ideal for a wide range of drilling jobs and it comes at a very affordable price for such a good drill.


Makita HR2630 26 mm 3 Mode SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill
Our best pick just had to be the Makita HR2630 Rotary Hammer Drill, thanks to its three functions it is ideal for a multitude of drilling jobs. It has been designed with variable speed settings and a torque limiter, and for better control when using it features a depth stop as well as a forward/reverse function. An affordable price for such a good drill.

The best Makita hammer drills to buy from the corded and cordless models

  1. Makita HR2630 26mm 3 Mode SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill – BEST PICK
  2. Makita DHR202Z 18V Cordless Li-ion SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill
  3. Makita DHR202RM1J 18V SDS Cordless Hammer Drill – BEST CORDLESS PICK
  4. Makita HP347DWE 14.4V Cordless Hammer Drill – BEST HOME-USE PICK
  5. Makita DHR242Z 18V 24mm Cordless Li-ion SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill


Makita DHR202RM1J 18V SDS Cordless Hammer Drill
The Makita DHR202RM1J 18v SDS Cordless Drill set comes as a complete set with everything you need including a decent 4Ah capacity battery. With the speed and features provided, it can handle constant use and is an impressive model that won't disappoint. This is a great alternative to our 'Best Pick' and has a very similar performance with the bonus of being cordless.

The Top 5 Makita Hammer Drill Reviews

1. Makita HR2630 3 Mode SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill


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Makita HR2630 26 mm 3 Mode SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill,Blue

The Makita HR2630 3 Mode SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill is one that is adapted to masonry and is a good all-rounder thanks to the 3 rotational models. They include rotation only for standard drilling, rotation with hammering for drilling into harder materials such as brick and concrete, and finally hammering only for use with the chisel attachment. The SDS drill has a maximum chuck capacity of 26mm and a powerful 800w motor that produces enough power for the most demanding jobs.

This Makita model is armed with a depth stop so that you can choose how deep you want to drill into the material which we feel is very useful. Together with a trigger that is designed to control the speed, you can work with different materials comfortably assuming you have the correct type of drill bits. It has a no-load speed of 0 – 1,200 rpm and an impressive impact rate of 0- 4600ipm.

When it comes to removing and installing the bits, Makita has ensured that this is quick and easy. It has a one-time mechanism that holds the bits in place and you can simply slide the sleeve to insert the bits. With this model, you also have access to 40 different bit positions and we feel that this gives you a wide range to choose from.

This unit also comes with a forward and reverse function (as you would expect). This corded hammer drill also comes with detachable handles so that working in tight spaces will be a bit easier and you have a firmer grip when drilling into harder materials. All these parts can be stored in the carriage box provided. It is worth noting the carriage box is of excellent quality and will store the drill to keep it safe and making carrying it from job to job easier. 


  • Features high-quality construction and 3 in 1 mode, so you can work differently depending on the job at hand.
  • Is able to drill, drill and hammer for drilling into harder materials and hammer only to use with a chisel bit for any chasing or breaking work which can be rotated between 40 different positions.
  • Max in concrete (Diamond core): 80mm, Max in wood: 32mm & Max in steel: 13mm. mm. 
  • Fairly lightweight for an SDS drill at only 2.8kg.
  • It can handle heavy-duty work thanks to its power and speed.
  • It comes with a torque limiter and carrying case which is handy when transporting.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • 3 years warranty when you register online.


  • It will only work with SDS drill bits but you can buy an attachment to use standard drill bits.
  • No LED lighting but this may not be a problem for everyone.

Our recommendation

The Makita HR2630 3 Mode SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill is a powerful drill that is very versatile making it perfect for all types of work and is a great choice for professional and home users alike. It is probably one of the best hammers drills we have reviewed and this is partly due to its very affordable price.

It can handle heavy-duty work with ease but maybe too much for everyday use for simple lighter chores where a smaller model would be a better choice. 

We really like that it comes with all the required features such as a depth stop and speed control, torque limiter and the fact that it comes with a case as most models don’t. 

Overall, we love the fair pricing and the high-quality features provided as well as the high performance it provides. It is easy to see which it has so many reviews on Amazon and has proven to be a very popular drill. After careful consideration, we came to the conclusion that this model is the one model we would recommend without hesitation which is why it has been awarded our ‘Best Pick’ Award.

If you are looking for a similar model with the advantage of being cordless, we highly recommend the Makita DHR202Z Cordless SDS Plus Hammer Drill which is reviewed next and is a great cordless alternative.

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2. Makita DHR202Z Cordless Li-ion SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

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Makita DHR202Z 18V Li-Ion LXT 20mm SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer - Batteries and Charger Not Included

The Makita DHR202Z Cordless Li-ion SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill is a great cordless alternative to our ‘Best Pick’. The unit is powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery which is available in either a 4Ah or 5Ah capacity for longer run times. These batteries are compact and store energy effectively as they are the latest in lithium technology which means recharging does not take long, therefore, makes them even more convenient. The battery can either be purchased separately, as a set with the drill or if you already own Makita tools and have compatible batteries you could buy the bare tool and save the cost of extra batteries.

Like most hammer drills in this range, it comes with three functions in one, just like our best pick. The three functions as we have already mentioned include hammering- rotation for drilling into hard materials such as brick or concrete, rotation for drilling into less demanding materials such as plastic and wood and hammering only to use with a chisel bit for chiselling into walls etc.

The unit also comes with variable speed and torque control. Without torque limitations, you might find yourself damaging the working surface.

One feature this model does have that our best pick doesn’t is LED lighting to make the work area more visible. This feature comes in handy when working in light deficient areas. As you would expect from a good drill, the handles have been ergonomically designed to make certain that you have a comfortable grip, even when wearing gloves, there is something about the feel of a drill in your hand that makes all the difference.

The lightweight model comes with a key-less bit attachment system and uses a one-bit sliding chuck to change drill bits with ease. The No-load speed that the motor can support is 0 to 1100 rpm with a blower per minute rating of an impressive 0-4000 bpm. They work shoulder to shoulder to make sure that you have the maximum force you need and can drill up to two times as fast as they are synchronized together for efficient drilling.


  • 3 Models in 1 – Drill only, drilling and hammer together and hammer only to use with a chisel.
  • Designed for drilling through steel, wood and masonry with ease.
  • 360-degree chisel rotation design so you can rotate the chisel to the right angle and not the drill for better use of the drill.
  • Faster drilling thanks to the synchronized RPM and BPM which means you can drill two times as fast.
  • Freedom of cordless drilling.
  • More compact at only 330mm long and a LED job light for better visibility.
  • Fairly lightweight construction at 3.5kg for a cordless SDS drill.
  • It comes with an electric brake and torque limiter.


  • You have to purchase the batteries and charger separately unless you buy as a set.
  • Does not come with a carriage box.
  • Fairly expensive model.

Our recommendation

The Makita DHR202Z 18v SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill is probably the best cordless alturnative to our ‘Best Pick’ and in terms of quality and performance is just as good, however, being cordless it is also more expensive overall as you would expect. 

This cordless unit comes without batteries, a charger or a carriage box. This will raise the bottom line of your budget but it can be purchased as a set if you don’t already have compatible batteries or a charger. Consider the extra costs before deciding to purchase this unit but if you need a cordless model then this is probably the best affordable option.

We love the 360- degree chisel rotation to make matters easier for the user and this is a feature most models do not have. It is small compared to some models but is still effectively powerful.

If you have the budget for this model, you won’t be disappointed and it is an excellent choice for both people in the trade and the DIY enthusiast. 

Overall this is the best alternative to our ‘Best Pick’ for someone looking for a cordless hammer drill and is a great choice for busy tradesmen.

If you looking for a model with more power for even more demanding tasks, then the Makita DHR242Z (reviewed next) is a great choice.

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3. Makita DHR242Z 18V 24mm Cordless Li-ion SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

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Makita DHR242Z 18V LXT Brushless 24mm Rotary Hammer SDS-Plus - Batteries and Charger Not Included

The Makita DHR242Z 18 V 24 mm Cordless Li-ion SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill is another cordless entity and a great model for those looking for a little more power. It relies on 24 volts to run effectively and can handle heavy-duty applications that the smaller Makita DHR202Z cordless alternative (which we have just reviewed) might struggle with. Most noticeable is that it can drill larger holes in concrete as it has a rating of 24mm compared to 20mm and has a bigger bpm rating of 4700bpm compared to 4000bpm.

Just like the other hammer drills presented, it comes with the 3 in 1 function. You can select between drill, drill and hammer and hammer only for use with a chisel SDS bit.

The model comes with a speed of 950rpm which is slightly slower than the above model but as previously mentioned it has a higher 4700 bpm rating. This is an adequate speed for most applications.

To give you an idea of what this drill can do, it can drill through 27mm in wood and 13mm in steel and 24mm in concrete For home applications, it will do well. Forward and reverse functions have been availed for use as you would obviously expect.

It is compatible with SDS plus bits, therefore you will need SDS bits and can’t use standard bits unless you use a converter but we would recommend sticking with SDS plus bits. The chuck mechanism is also very easy to use as you simply slide the sleeve.

The handles have also been designed in such a way that you have a firm comfortable grip at all times in any operation, even in upright positions. 

This model comes with depth control which is important since some jobs need shallow holes. The handles can be detached to increase reach in tight spots. This model has two features we really like, the first point is that the tool body is separated into upper and lower housings at the foot of the handle portion where the houses are jointed with vibration absorbing cushion rubbers. The rubber joint construction reduces the amount of vibration to the battery terminals and this helps to avoid battery failures or poor electrical contact when in use, especially when you are using the hammer action.

Another advantage this model has over the other Makita drills (and the reason for its higher price tag) is that it has a brushless motor which is more efficient and helps prolong the life of the drill.

This model does not come with a carriage box or batteries and you need to purchase these separately, so be sure to take this into account when comparing prices.


  • Good quality construction and brushless motor increase the life of the drill and reduced energy loss by up to 30%.
  • Larger drilling capacity of 24mm in concrete.
  • Ideal for intensive drilling jobs where extra drilling power is needed.
  • Ideal for chiselling into brick and concrete and has a higher bpm rating of 4700.
  • Powerful enough for handling most applications and it’s quite lightweight for its size which is ideal when carrying it from job to job.
  • 3-year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Batteries and charger will need to be purchased separately.
  • Lacks a carrying case.
  • Lacks LED functions.
  • One of the more expensive models

Our recommendation

The Makita DHR242Z 24 mm Cordless Li-ion SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill is expensive but it has plenty of power and is perfect for those looking for a drill that can handle the more intensive and demanding jobs. The only problem we have is that it is a bit pricey considering that you still have to buy the battery and charger. Apart from that, it is a good tool that you can depend upon.

We love the lightweight design for such a large drill as it makes it very easy to manoeuver.

If you are looking for something with a lightweight design but powerful, this is the hammer drill for you. If you are looking for something a little less aggressive you can try the Makita DHR202Z 18v Cordless Li-ion SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill.

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4. Makita DHR202RM1J 18V SDS Cordless Hammer Drill


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Rotary Hammer 20mm with 1x 4.0Ah Battery and DC18RC Charger in a Makpac case

The Makita DHR202RM1J 18 V SDS Cordless Drill is powerful and the reason we included it in our review is the fantastic value for money that it offers and the fact that it includes a 4Ah battery, charger and case making it ideal for those looking for the complete cordless hammer drill setup.

The unit is not light and can be adapted to working heavy applications. It is powered by an 18V lithium-ion batteries to support the speed of No-load speed of 1100rpm and an impact rate is 4000 bpm. The power that is harnessed by this unit will provide adequate performance for the home user and DIY enthusiast.

The handles are padded for comfort and are designed so whether you have large or small hands, this model will fit comfortably in your hand. 

This hammer drill has the capability of 20mm in concrete, 26mm in wood and 13mm in steel. It comes with an electric brake so as to facilitate the effective control of the speed. You can also control the forward and reverse motion of the bits.

The unit is equipped with an LED light to illuminate your working surfaces. Convenient for those dull rainy days where light is minimal or when your working in a dimly lit area. The chisel can rotate up to 360 degrees giving you more reach in different positions when in hammer only mode.

When delivered, you should expect to see a depth rod, a battery charger, 4Ah battery and a decent carrying case. You have all your essentials under one roof and for a good price.


  • Includes everything you need, 4Ah battery, charger and even comes with a carrying case for easy transportation.
  • Perfect for drill into wood, using the drilling and hammering action combined to drill into brick and concrete, and the hammer action for using with a chisel.
  • Equipped with LED light which illuminates the work surface for accurate drilling in dimly lit areas.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Only compatible with SDS drill bits

Our recommendation

The Makita DHR202RM1J 18 V SDS Cordless Drill is perfect for a workshop and is actually a variant of the DHR202Z (which we also like) and is the second drill we reviewed but comes with a charger,  4Ah battery, charger and carry case making it the best choice for someone looking for the complete setup without the worry of having to choose compatible batteries etc.

It is heavy enough to handle heavy-duty applications and is well constructed but it is compatible with only SDS drill bits so you would need to invest in a set if you don’t already have some.

We like that the unit comes with the convenience of a carry box for easy storage and transportation. The price may be too high for those who are looking for units to use occasionally but if this is the case the corded model would be a better fit. 

Overall a fantastic drill we would highly recommend.

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5. Makita HP347DWE 14.4V Cordless Hammer Drill


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Makita HP347DWE 14.4 V Cordless Hammer Drill Driver - Blue/Black

The Makita HP347DWE 14.4 V Cordless Hammer Drill is another cordless hammer drill but for more multi-purpose use and lighter jobs when drilling into masonry and is the perfect drill for around the home. It depends on the compact energy that lithium-ion batteries provide and it uses the new G series batteries which are not compatible with the other drills in our review. A charger is also provided together with this drill, the batteries and the carry case. This saves you the extra cost you may incur if you purchased separately.

This unit operates with two gears that you can switch between. You can control your impact rate from high to low. The impact rate stands at 21000ipm at maximum and 6000ipm on the minimum. The speed will also be affected as such ranging from 400rpm at minimum and 1400rpm at maximum. It can drill up to 25mm in wood and 10mm in steel and masonry.

The hammer drill has 16 torque settings at your disposal. You can adjust accordingly depending on the material you are working with and helps to avoid driving in the screw too far. Like the other drills in our review, it also features a keyless chuck that will facilitate easy bit exchange.

As we have previously mentioned, the carrying case makes storage and maintenance a breeze. The Makita carrying case is made of plastic that seems to be very durable. To add to the ease of use, the handles are ergonomically supported to ensure comfortability.


  • Ideal for those lighter jobs but still has the power to drill into masonry when needed.
  • Perfect for driving in screws in a range of materials.
  • Includes 2 x G series 1.3Ah battery and 60-minute charger. 
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Carrying case provided to help in storage and transportation.
  • It is designed with 16 torque settings, which you can adjust appropriately to suit the material you are working on.
  • Provides two mechanical gears for better control.


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty drilling into masonry.
  • Does not have a hammer only function so cannot be used with chisel bits.
  • Lacks LED lights.

Our recommendation

The Makita HP347DWE 14.4 V Cordless Hammer Drill is good for simple tasks and is more used for screwdriving and lighter drill jobs where the hammer action is only needed for odd jobs.

It lacks the versatility and strength that comes with the larger units. We, however, appreciate that the unit is solid and well-constructed. It is lightweight and thus easy to use even in tight corners. We also appreciate that it provides 16 torque settings that we can select from and thus recommended this tool for DIY tasks.

We like that a carrying case has been provided for easy mobility and storage. If you need one that packs a heavy chance you can settle for the Makita HR2630 3 Mode SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill.

Overall a great drill to have around the house but not designed for intensive hammer drilling tasks but a great all-rounder.

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Our Makita Hammer Drill Buyer’s Guide

Selection can be a conundrum if you don’t understand what features are appropriate to the amount of work and jobs you want to do. To understand the different features is to narrow down your choices. The hammer drill which is at times related to a rotary hammer drill is effective when you need to drill holes in hard materials such as stone, concrete and brick, some models also have an SDS chisel bit for creating channels in brick or breaking up concrete.

These are some of the features that you will have to look out for:

Models available

As it is the market is flooded with hundreds of different hammer drills, and with Makita also having a large choice, you are likely to run into two major models. The differences are minimal but they may make a huge difference depending on the work you are handling.

Hammer drill model – these models provide the simple hammering action directed at the drill bit. They are good for small jobs that do not need chisel function. These drills are also great for drilling into other materials like wood (that don’t need the hammer action) and you have the option to turn the settings between drilling, hammer drilling and sometimes just the hammering action.

SDS hammer model – these models are known to provide more intensity than the standard hammer drill. They also happen to have a chisel feature added so as to aid in masonry activities such as chasing out channels in brick or concrete. SDS drill bits have a different fitting than standard drills and use special SDS bits that click into place. These models are best for very intensive drilling tasks and usually have the most power to deal with the most demanding drilling jobs.

Power functions

Depending on the scale of work and the material you are dealing with you may need different levels of power. You will find that the higher the capacity of the lithium-ion batteries on cordless models the longer you can drill from a single charge. You can work indoors or outdoors without having to worry about electric cords. Most models range from 18V-20V with a battery capacity between 2Ah and 6Ah. This will be sufficient to get work done before needing to recharge the batteries. If you need industrially sized models expect the power range to be a lot higher. The downside of cordless models is that they are usually more expensive compared to similar corded models.

Corded models are an excellent choice for where access to plug sockets is not a problem, they are also the most affordable and a great choice for the home user and professionals and you don’t need to worry about charging batteries.

The amperage of the model you get will affect the speed that it operates on and the torque. Usually, the speeds may range from lower than 1000rpm to above 2000rpm. The higher the speeds you seek the heavier the unit will be. Also, the higher the torque the more twisting power is available for use.

Size and weight considerations

This is another important factor since you do not want to have a hard time handling this tool. The fact that ergonomics is an important feature makes it essential for the tool to be manoeuvrable. For light tasks, it is recommended to pick smaller sizes. Heavy-duty work will require more speed and more power and in turn, this increases the size of the motor, which in turn affects the price and usually the weight.

The material used in construction will affect the weight of the model. Lighter metals like aluminium are used often. Rubber is added to provide grip and offer a decorative effect. 

Price and ease of use

When you are interacting with any tool, you want it to be easy to use. Complex features can be frustrating even for the best of us. That is why most manufacturers design tools with an easy interface. Lock-off mechanisms let the hammer drill stay inactive until it is needed. Needless to say, it prevents accidents too.

LED lights are another bonus feature that we appreciate. It facilitates easy workings in dim light. Without the convenient feature, you may find it harder to see where you are drilling in dimly lit areas. This is worth considering if you find yourself drilling in areas such as inside cupboards, under the stairs or in situations where you may need to turn off the lighting before drilling.

Different models offer different chuck sizes. It is prudent that you ensure that the chuck size and the bit size and compatible. Check to see if the models come with a keyless attachment mechanism for easy bit replacement as this is a feature we find very useful. You will also come across indicators to show the battery status so you know how much battery power you have left in cordless models.

When drilling, you need some form of control depending on how deep you want to go. You will find Makita models that come with depth control. Handles that can be detached are a plus and this is because they will confine you in tiny spaces.

After you look at all the features presented and the quality of the features. Look at the price. Is it worth the quality? Depending on how much spending power you have, you can select from a wide range of Makita drills. In general, we find that due to their high quality, Makita tools offer excellent value for money as they are made to last. Finally, the Makita warranty is usually 3 years and gives you full peace of mind against defects.

Quick Tips

  • Eye protection is recommended to avoid dirt and debris from getting to your eyes.
  • For easier workings, you can rely on the burping pressure technique. This is to prevent dirt from building up on the bit. Drilling slowly and stepping back to clear the debris before proceeding further.
  • The quality of the bits has to be able to keep up with the amount of work to be done.
  • Look out for live wires and nails before drilling into a surface. This prevents any kickback and drilling into wires and pipes. You can use a stud finder to detect wires and pipes under the service.
  • Use different amounts of torque when managing sensitive materials. Too much torque may cause damage to the material. Start in a lower torque and increase as needed.
  • If you plan on using the hammer function for chiselling, be sure to invest in an SDS model that allows you to attach SDS chisel bits. Not all models have this feature.

Final Conclusion

Hammer drills are very convenient tools that we cannot ignore and Makita have one of the best selection of hammer drills in their power tools range.

As a buyer, all you have to put in mind is the scale of work you are dealing with. When you understand the scale you will be able to pick the correct size hammer drill with the right features.

Decide as to whether you need a corded or cordless hammer drill remembering that there is a significant difference in price between the two types and if you need the hammer action only feature as not every hammer drill has this feature and without it, you cannot use a chisel bit.

For our best pick, we have chosen the Makita HR2630 26mm 3 Mode SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill because of its affordability and multipurpose features and good overall performance. Makita provides the essential accessories that come with the unit without having to buy them independently. We love its simplicity and power since it is able to handle masonry applications at a larger scale for its size. We love the conveniences presented by the product as a whole and it is simply an all-round good hammer drill.

The title of ‘best home-use pick’ goes to the Makita HP347DWE 14.4v Cordless Hammer Drill. This is because of its size and lack of multipurpose functions. The unit lacks the complexity needed for complex heavy-duty jobs so it cannot be used with a chisel but it’s perfect for light applications such as drilling holes in wood and drilling into brick walls occasionally before screwing into the wall. The unit has been designed with 16 adjustable torque settings and a two-gear system for precise drilling.

All these features come at an affordable cost and it comes as a complete set including 2 batteries and a charger so you need not worry about buying extras apart from drill bits, it is also perfect for use as an electric screwdriver. For the DIY enthusiasts or for tackling odd jobs around the home, this hammer drill is perfect but don’t expect to start tackling very demanding tasks using the hammer-drilling action function.

The Makita DHR202RM1J 18v SDS Cordless Drill set comes as a complete set with everything you need including a decent 4Ah capacity battery. With the speed and features provided, it can handle constant use and is an impressive model that won’t disappoint. This is a great alternative to our ‘Best Pick’ and has a very similar performance with the bonus of being cordless.

If you already have batteries then we would recommend the Makita DHR202Z Cordless Li-ion SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill which is very similar but comes as a bare tool, however, this will save you a small fortune if you already have Makita tools with compatible batteries and charger.

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