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Black + Decker 36v Cordless Strimmer Review After 12 Months

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This review is my experience with the Black + Decker 36V Cordless Strimmer after using it for over 12 months. I have also been using the more expensive Dewalt DCM561P1S Li-Ion XR Strimmer as well which gives me a premium model to compare it to. Straight off the bat, the DeWalt model is obviously more durable for professional work, better for cutting thick brush such as brambles (also some with steel brush cutter), however, this is where the advantages stopped when I compared it to the Black + Decker 36V Cordless Strimmer.

Testing the Black + Decker 36V cordless strimmer around the paddock
Testing the Black + Decker 36V cordless strimmer around the paddock

Quick overview

My rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

For those looking for a quick overview of the Black + Decker cordless strimmer, it’s been a fantastic cordless strimmer and I have no issues recommending it. I still use this very model most of the time over the DeWalt model which I talk about why further down. The Black + Decker model is a 36V strimmer so have plenty of power when you need it. In ECO mode, it gives me around 35-40 minutes of strimming time under normal strimming conditions, more than enough for my medium-sized garden. In TURBO mode, which you can quickly switch to using a thumb dial on the handle, this does reduce it to around 20-25 minutes but that not bad considering what it’s strimming through while running at 8500 RPM on full power.

Black + Decker 36v cordless strimmer side view
Side view of the 36v cordless strimmer with telescopic shaft and large loop handle

The top features I like with this model is the telescopic handle to adjust the shaft length, the loop handle also moves up and done which I find useful and finally, the strimming head can rotate for doing the edges of your lawn, something many alternatives can’t do including the more expensive DeWalt model I have. Obviously, the performance is also great running off 36V and you can recharge the battery in only 90 minutes which is not bad. Nearly forgot, there is also a battery level indicator built into the battery, this is useful too for quickly checking how much charge I have left. Overall it’s a brilliant strimmer, well built, powerful, durable, flexible. I think it one of the best models currently available for the price for domestic use.

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For a more detailed review and look at this Black + Decker 36V Cordless Strimmer, read more below.

Detailed Review

To be clear, I WAS NOT given this strimmer for free or asked to review it. I ordered and paid for it off Amazon and it arrived quickly, no surprise there, don’t we just Amazon for that Prime Next Day Delivery. So when it arrived it was almost ready to use, just had a couple of parts to attach and it was ready to use.

Watch my video review below to see it in action!


  • Powerful 36V 2Ah Battery with power level indicator, simply press the button on the battery to see the power level.
  • Runs for an impressive 35-40 minutes in ECO mode, excellent for general strimming of the lawn.
  • TURBO model gives you around 25-30 minutes of powerful strimming time for more demanding jobs such as nettles, long grass and even brush.
  • Fast charging in only 90 minutes means you don’t need to wait long to get going again.
  • Featuring Black + Deckers E-drive technology – a high-torque gear system that can power through the toughest overgrown areas quickly and without clogging.
  • Telescopic shaft for getting the best position for strimming depending on your posture and height.
  • Adjustable and comfortable loop handle to ensure it’s well balanced.
  • Simply converts from strimmer to lawn edger in seconds, simply press the button and rotate the head and it’s ready to do the edge of your lawn.
  • 2-year warranty for full peace of mind when you register online.

Assembly – very minimal, ready to use in minutes

So it comes with just a couple of parts to attach before it can be used. All you need to do is attach the strimmer head cover, this simply slides on and there one tiny screw to screw in which holds it in place. To be fair, even without the screw I don’t think it would come off, it clicks into place and is really sturdy and tight.

Then all you need to do is attach the loop handle and it’s ready to use. So the battery was fully charged when it first arrived so I didn’t even need to charge it first. I could get straight to trying out my new toy. Fast forward over 12 months, it’s had plenty of testing and is just as good now as it was when I purchased it.

Build quality

Black + Decker 36v strimmer after using on lawn against raised bed

Before I get into this review, let me just tell you my overall thoughts on Black + Decker to give you some context, to put it bluntly, I’m not a big Black + Decker fan. I think that years ago, Black + Decker was well respected and manufactured some good quality tools, my dad has owned lots of them in the past. However, I don’t think they are as respected as they use to be, their tools just don’t seem to have the quality they use to. For example, I recently tested one of their mid-range portable workbenches and the Bosch workbench which I also tested, just had it beat hands down on everything. So why did I buy this black + Decker strimmer model? Well, it had great reviews on Amazon, and two, I wanted to test it for this site but I also wanted to see if they have made at least one tool I would buy myself. Let me say, I was very surprised. This model actually beats most of the competition within its price range hands down and the other brands could learn a lot from it.

Black + Decker handle of the 36v cordless strimmer
Comfortable handle and light weight at only 3.5kg

I got a little off-topic there but the quality is very good, all the plastic parts are very strong good quality materials. The main handle and the loop handle, even the quick clip for extending the shaft, all really good quality parts that’s don’t look like they would break easily. The whole strimmer just feels well made, especially when you take the price into consideration. It puts some of the other alternative models to shame, no names mentioned but if you do a search on Amazon and filter by cheapest first you will see what I mean.

Performance – powered by 36V Lithium Battery

So when it comes to performance, it’s powered by a 36V 2Ah lithium-ion battery and this shows in the 8500 RPM. It obviously has the power but the running time is better on some of the models with a higher capacity battery. However, the 40 minutes running time still beats most models.

ECO mode last 30-40 minutes under general use

ECO mode gives around 40 minutes of running time

To give you an idea, on most strimmers a 2Ah lithium battery will get you around 30-40 minutes on the lower speed setting, for this Black + Decker strimmer, this is around 40 minutes when I have been using it for general strimming around the lawn.

A larger capacity battery, say 4Ah will give you around 60 minutes. However, this is how most models keep the cost lower, by providing lower capacity batteries and this is what Black + Decker has done. You can of course buy a second spare battery but it would be nice to have the option to buy a larger capacity battery than 2 Ah which I couldn’t find. However, if you buy a second 36V 2Ah battery, between the two this still gives you up to 80 minutes of strimming which is plenty for most people.

Lawn before stirmmer with Black + Decker strimmer
Before strimming
Lawn after stirmmer with Black + Decker strimmer
After strimming using as strimmer and lawn edger

Back to the battery, what Black + Decker has done that most other domestic models don’t, provide it with a 36V battery rather than 18V so that you can at least have more power when needed. However it really depends on how long you intend to be strimming for, and for the average garden, you will get around 40 minutes on ECO mode which for me is more than enough running time.

TURBO mode gives you around 26-30 minutes of strimming

Black + Decker TURBO mode
TURBO mode gives around 20-25 minutes of high powered strimming

However it does also have a TURBO mode which I have used for strimming thick brush and nettles, the only downside is that it only last around 20-25 minutes in Turbo mode, sometimes even slightly less. Again this is long enough for me so not a problem.

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Build in battery level indicator and fast charge in only 90 minutes

Battery level indicator on 36v battery of Black + Decker cordless tool
Press button to see battery charge status

Since we’re talking about the running time, might as well take this opportunity to talk about charging. First, a feature I do like is that the battery has a charge level status, simply press the small button on the battery and three LED lights will indicate the level of charge left.

It also comes with a fast charger which takes around 90 minutes to fully charge which is also not bad, some models can charge in only 60 minutes but 90 minutes is more than fast enough.


Aluminium telescopic shaft of cordless strimmer
Shaft easily extends to the perfect height for you

Light weight aluminium telescopic shaft

So there are a couple of features which I really like, the first is the telescopic shaft. This has two advantages for me and the wife. Firstly, you can alter the length depending on how you want to hold the strimmer. For example, I have it fully extended but my wife prefers it a little shorter.

The second advantage of the telescopic shaft is that it makes it more compact for storage which also helps. While talking about the shaft, its made from really good quality aluminium and the plastic clip to fix it into position is also well made too. So being aluminium it also helps keep the strimmer light weight and its also rust proof.

Loop handle that moves up and down to get the right position for the user
Loop handle and strimmer in lawn edger position

Sliding loop handle

Another feature I like is that the loop handle can also be easily moved up and down the shaft. Again this is great for getting it in the right position for you so that it’s well balanced and puts less strain on your arms and back. It’s a simple feature but one that worth its weight in gold and really improves user experencing.

Strimmer head rotates to turn in lawn edger

Now there is one feature I really like that the DeWalt model doesn’t have as well as other models I have also tried in the past. The strimming head can rotate so that it switches from a strimmer to a lawn edger in seconds.

You simply press a button on the strimmer head and it rotates into the edging position. This is great for finishing off the edge of the lawn and saves me so much turn not having to do it with some edging shears.

Features a plant protector that folds down

Nearly forgot about the plant guard feature. It has a simple wire plant protector that folds down. This is great if you want to strim around trees, other plants, furniture, basically anywhere you want to strim right against but not risk do any damage to what you’re strimming against.


  • 36v 2Ah lithium-ion battery
  • 8500 RPM speed in turbo mode
  • 30cm cutting swathe
  • Sound Pressure: 80 dB(A)
  • Weight: 3.5kg

Final Conclusion

Me strimming the edge of the lawn before extending my lawn

So I have now been using this strimmer for over 12 months on my own garden which is small/medium as well as my dads large garden and I have used it a few times on the paddock for strimming nettles and long grass around the edges.

For the lawns, its great and for the paddock is ok but the battery drains too quick. I don’t think it would be up for strimming brambles (This is when the DeWalt DCM561P1S Li-Ion XR Strimmer comes out) but for long grass and nettles, it cuts through them no problem.

Overall, I think the quality is really good and I’ve been very impressed with it. For general use and for the price, I’ve not seen many strimmers I would rather use. If you just have an average lawn then I highly recommend it. The battery lasts around 40 minutes which is great and the lawn edger feature has saved me so much time. If you’re looking for a strimmer for a smaller or medium-sized garden, then I can’t recommend it highly enough, you won’t be disappointed.

Where to buy

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