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6 Best Strimmers For Brambles – Quickly control thorny stems

Last updated on January 2nd, 2024

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Over the years, I have used many different kinds of strimmers and I really love this McCulloch TrimMac 25cc Petrol Grass Strimmer, especially how lightweight it is for a petrol strimmer, it might actually be the lightest petrol strimmer you can buy or at least I never used a lighter model. When it comes to cordless tools, I have also loved using this Black + Decker 36v Cordless Strimmer which is probably just as good but maybe lacks the raw power of the Petrol McCulloch Petrol Strimmer.

The thing is, these strimmers are great for general strimming as shown in the picture below, but with these strimmers, which use nylon strimmer line, they definitely have their limits.

Petrol strimmer I often use for cutting back tall weeds and brush but it doesn't quite has the power needed or line thickness for brambles

I have found those limits are when it comes to brambles and young saplings that have taken root. These strimmers, don’t get me wrong, are great. However, as good as they are, they’re simply not up to the job of brambles, so this brings me to what I use for cutting back brambles. Strimmers with hardened steeled blades instead of nylon line, also known as brush cutters.

With all this on my mind, it was time to review what strimmers are the best for brambles and which models I use myself.

My Best Pick – Also part of a garden multi tool

BU-KO 52cc Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool Including Brush cutter/Strimmer
This really is an amazing piece of kit for the price and it makes light work of brambles when using the brush cutter attachment, actually it makes light work of anything it comes into contact with so take care when using this model. What I personally really like about this model is that for the price, it even comes with attachments for a heddge trimmer, ideal for taller hedges, a long reach chainsaw and standard strimmer which can come in very useful for general strimming. Overall, its an amazing piece if kit and if you're looking for a decent strimmer for brambles and can make use of the extra attachments, this is well worth considering. It really is a good quality piece of kit

Best Cordless Pick

Greenworks 40v Cordless Strimmer & Brushcutter
The Greenworks 40v Cordless Lawn Trimmer is another amazing piece of kit and is both a strimmer and brush cutter tool as it comes with a strimmer head with nylon line for general strimming and brush cutting blade which makes light work of brambles. The working end is powered by a 40V Lithium-ion battery thats last around 25 minutes and takes around 60 minutes to recharge. However, it does come with two of them plus the charger, just make sure you don't select tool only and buy the whole setup. Ergonomically placed on the single main handle is the variable speed control (slower makes the battery last longer and sometimes better for general strimming), while the secondary handle gives you more control and adds stability to the strimmer. The telescopic shaft means that you don’t have to bend over to much but also makes it easier to store too. The brush cutter blade or Scythe as its also known, rotates at up to 5,300rpm cuts a 25.4cm swath through brambles etc. This Greenworks Cordless Strimmer/brush cutter is a great choice for a quiet and mobile strimmer for brambles as well as general strimming. Its just lower maintance and easier to use than a petrol model but the fact thats it's battery powered, does mean it has its limitations. However, if you like cordless tools for convience, this is a great choice which is well worth considering.

Best Petrol Pick

Ryobi 25.4CC 2-in-1 Petrol Brush Cutter
The Ryobi 25.4CC 2-in-1 Petrol Brush Cutter is a good alturnaive to my best pick by BUKO, if your just looking for a strimmer and brushcutter only and not the extra attachments. The TriArc cutting blades are 26cm wide and create a fair swath through bramble and other thick brush. The cutting path of the grass trimmer is a generous 46cm. A big plus point of this powerful petrol brush cutter is that its compatible with Ryobi's Expand-it range of garden tool attachments so if in the future you decide you need a hedge trimmer or pole chainsaw, you do have the option to buy the attachment. This is a great choice if you're looking for a petrol driven brush cutter from a brand that us well respected.
Cutting back thick brambles on nursery to clear an area for planting using the Buko brush cutter with its steel blades to cut thick branches
Clearing area of thick brush including brambles with the brush cutter attachment on the BUKO multi tool

My personal favourite strimmer or brush cutter as they are also known for when I need to tackle thick brambles is this BUKO 52cc Petrol Brush Cutter which you can see in the picture above which is part of my BUKO Garden Multi Tool Kit which I have also reviewed here, for the price I paid, this really is a steal and what an incredible machine for cutting back brambles.

My only niggle I have with the BUKO Brush Cutter is that it’s a fairly heavy piece of kit, not too heavy for me but not something granny could use. However, when I compare it to this Greenworks 40v Cordless Strimmer/Brush Cutter you will notice the difference in weight. I also love how quiet the Greenworks cordless brush cutter is as it’s powered by a 40v lithium battery as petrol engines are obviously much noisier but they give more freedom as they can be refuelled with petrol 2-stroke mix in seconds. Basically, both petrol and cordless models have their own pros and cons but if I had to choose just one, wouldn’t probably have to be a petrol model, you just can’t beat the power.

The two most common types of brush cutting blades for cutting thick brambles or other thick brush such as young trees
The two most common types of brush cutting blades for cutting thick brambles and other thick brush such as young saplings

So you might be wondering what the difference is between a strimmer and brushcutter. While brush cutters are usually more powerful which is what makes my BUKO Multi Tool with the brush cutter attachment a good machine. The business end, instead of using the standard strimmer head with strimmer line, they also come with a separate brushcutter attachment which is a hardened steel blade as shown in the picture above which is actually the brush cutter blades from my BUKO Brush Cutter.

Let me tell you, those hardened steel blades make light work of even the thickest brambles and combine that with the powerful 52cc engine and I have one of the most powerful brush cutters I have ever used. Its also been easy to start and reliable, something that can’t always be said for some petrol models, although I must admit, sometimes this is down to the user incorrectly trying to start them.

Best Strimmers For Brambles Reviews

1. BUKO 52cc Garden Multi Tool With Brush Cutter Attachment

BUKO 52cc Garden Multi Tool With Brush Cutter Attachment

This is the BUKO 52cc Garden Multi Tool and it’s the only model in my review that isn’t just a brush cutter/strimmer. Now I know this won’t suit everyone, however, it’s been such a good brush cutter when I have used it on brambles that I thought it wouldn’t be right for it to not be included, simply because it comes with extra attachments.

BUKO Garden Multi Tool with all its attachments including chainsaw, hedge trimmer and strimmer and brush cutter

So in case you don’t actually know what a garden multi tool is, I have also reviewed them here in more detail here. It’s basically the engine unit of a strimmer/brushcutter but it also has extra attachments which include a hedge trimmer, pole chainsaw and a normal strimmer head with nylon as shown above. Some people will find these attachments useful if you also have hedges or trees to maintain.

Quick slide in and a spring pin connect make it easy to switch attachments in seconds
Quick slide in and a spring pin connect make it easy to switch attachments in seconds

To be honest, you can get all these extra tools for not much more than buying just a brush cutter so the value of money is amazing too even if you don’t use them all.

Heavy duty strimmer head with thick nylon line

What was impressive about this particular model when compared to other strimmers, as well as coming with the two hardened steel blades as shown in the picture below, it also includes a heavy-duty nylon line attach as shown above which is fairly thick in diameter which I also found cuts through brambles as long as they’re not extremely thick so sometimes you don’t even need to switch to the blades.

Two brush cutter blades that will make it easy to cut back brambles
The two hardened steel blades that come with the BUKO Garden Multi Tool

The blade I actually find makes light work on brambles is the 40 tooth blade pictured below, it really does cut through them with ease and those teeth are super sharp so do take extra care. You definitely need to be wearing safety shows with steel toecaps.

40 tooth brush cutter blade from cutting back thick brush
40 tooth brush cutter blade which makes light work of brambles and thick brush in general

Overall, the BUKO Garden Multi Tool is very well built, it’s no Stihl or Ryobi but it’s also not got their price tag but it is still well built overall. It’s always been easy to start, it always starts the first time and has never let me know.

The trick is to use full choke and try to start the engine, it will try to start but won’t. Simply then move the choke halfway closed and pull the recoil cord again and it will fire up no problem. Leave it a minute and then turn the choke off and it’s good to go.

I have also used the other attachments and found them to be up to the job and well built, it’s perhaps a little plasticky if I’m trying to find something to complain about but it doesn’t affect its performance in any way.

The hardness which takes the weight of the heavy duty brush cutter and makes it easier to use

In terms of specifications, it’s got plenty of power and has a 52cc 2-stroke engine (pretty standard for strimmers). This means you do need to mix petrol with 2-stroke oil but it does come with a mixing bottle to make this easy. I usually mix a 5 litre container with two-stroke and then it’s easy to keep refilling the petrol tank when needed.

It certainly, doesn’t feel underpowered but it does feel a little heavy, however, the harness helps even the weight out so it’s not too bad. The thing is, when it comes to weight, it’s down to the engine. At 52cc, it’s a powerful engine but this is what makes it so effective at cutting through brambles as it’s a 3HP engine that produces 2.2Kw at 7500rpm.

It’s worth noting, that it also comes with PPE, harness and tool kit for user safety which is a nice touch as many people may not already have these essential much-needed accessories. 


  • Petrol driven Garden multi tool with a brush cutter attachment with 2 hardened steel blades.
  • Powered by a powerful 3HP 52cc engine thats produces 7,500rpm.
  • An easy starter system is installed.
  • Comes with 2 brush cutter blades.
  • Also includes attachments that include a hedge trimmer, pole chainsaw and strimmer plus an extension pole.
  • The grass strimmer cutting width is 45cm.
  • Quick release split shaft makes it easy to change attachments.
  • Includes a double shoulder harness, a fuel mixing bottle and a tool kit plus PPE.
  • Controls are easily accessible on the hand grip making it easy to use.
  • Warranty is one-year for peace of mind.


  • I fairly heavy piece of kit

Our recommendation

The BUKO garden multi tool when used with the brush cutter attachment really is a great piece of kit. If you can make use of the extra attachments like I do which includes the long reach hedge trimmer, chainsaw attachment and standard strimmer then this really is a steal for the price.

If you don’t need the extra attachments which some people might not then a great cordless alternative is the Greenworks 40v Cordless Lawn Trimmer but if you still want the raw power petrol engines provide, then the Ryobi 25.4CC 2-in-1 Petrol Full Crank Grass Brush Cutter will do some serious damage to brambles and is extremely reliable and a top quality product too so its a good choice for professionals where reliability is essential.

2. Greenworks 40v Cordless Strimmer/brushcutter

Best Pick

Greenworks 40V Cordless Brushcutter with Brushless Motor, Adjustable Height, 40cm Cutting Width, Bump Feed 2mm Nylon Line or 25cm Blade, 2 x 40V Battery & Charger, 3 Year Guarantee GD40BCK2X

The Greenworks Cordless Lawn Trimmer 40V is a cordless garden tool that clears brush and brambles, and keeps your lawn even and trim. This dual function tool is part of Greenworks 40V series of power tools whose batteries are interchangeable. But I do review here the option that comes with two 40V, 2Ah batteries and the battery charger but you can get it as a bare tool if you have other compatible Greenworks tools.

This Greenworks brush trimmer has much to recommend it. First up is comfort and convenience. The variable speed trigger is on the single stem handle, right where you can reach it without moving your hand too much. Select the speed, up to 5,300rpm, you can best work at for control and efficiency. Plus the handle rotates, so you can reach any angle without squirming around.

Greenworks 40V Cordless Brushcutter with Brushless Motor, Adjustable Height, 40cm Cutting Width, Bump Feed 2mm Nylon Line or 25cm Blade, 2 x 40V Battery & Charger, 3 Year Guarantee GD40BCK2X

Then there’s the secondary handle a little way below the main handle. This wrap-around handle is for your non-operating hand to help control and balance the strimmer. This is the hand that really directs when the strimmer goes.

Still part of the ergonomics is the telescopic aluminium shaft. This comes apart for ease of storage and transportation. But while it’s together you can adjust its length however you want so that you’re not bending over in an uncomfortable position to do the trimming and cutting.

Greenworks 40V Cordless Brushcutter with Brushless Motor, Adjustable Height, 40cm Cutting Width, Bump Feed 2mm Nylon Line or 25cm Blade, 2 x 40V Battery & Charger, 3 Year Guarantee GD40BCK2X

Secondly are the cutting elements, both of which are on the tool at the same time. You don’t have to take one off to use the other. The brush blade is like a scythe and creates a 25.4cm cutting path. Admittedly there’s only one blade and not three as in most other brush cutters but it does the job.

The grass trimmer has a bump feed head that allows you to get more strimmer line without having to stop the strimmer by simply bumping the strimmer head on the ground.

Thirdly, this will be of interest to those who want a truly multi-function garden power tool but prefer to buy them as needed in the future. You can buy other useful garden tools as attachments for your Greenworks lawn trimmer, including an edger, a pole hedger attachment and a long reach chainsaw attachment similar to that which comes with my BUKO model I previously reviewed.


  • Cordless brush cutter that also trims lawn as it comes with strimmer attachment.
  • Brushless motor for efficiency.
  • Comes with two 40V, 2.0Ah batteries and the battery charger.
  • Batteries are compatible with other Greenworks 40V power tools.
  • Variable speed trigger on the top handle.
  • Secondary wrap-around handle for more control.
  • Brush blade has a 25.4cm cutting path.
  • Grass trimmer cuts a 40cm path through grass.
  • Bump feed head to cope with an uneven lawn.
  • Automatic thread feed of the grass trimmer line.
  • Two-part telescopic aluminium shaft for stability and comfort.
  • Speed is 5,300rpm.
  • Weighs 5.5kg.


  • Instructions difficult to follow.

Our recommendation

The Greenworks Cordless Lawn Trimmer 40V has a thoughtful ergonomic design in its handles, variable speed control placement and telescopic shaft. The brush cutter and grass trimmer are on the shaft at the same time so you don’t have to take one off to use the other. This bramble strimmer comes with two batteries and a charger.

The Greenworks Cordless Lawn Trimmer 40V is my Best PIck of the bramble strimmers in this review for those looking for a cordless model for ease of use and low maintenance.

3. Ryobi 25.4CC 2-in-1 Petrol Brush Cutter


Ryobi 25.4CC 2-in-1 Petrol Full Crank Grass Brush Cutter with ergo handle

The Ryobi 25.4CC 2-in-1 Petrol Grass Brush Cutter is a strimmer for brambles and a grass trimmer in one. It’s petrol powered which makes it one of the more powerful models in my review and probably the best alternative to my BUKO Brush cutter if you strictly just want a brush cutter. The 25.4cc engine has clean engine technology to help limit the emissions produced when you use this tool but more important its easy to start and very reliable.

This Ryobi brush cutter is fully compatible with the Ryobi ONE+ Easy Start system. Instead of starting this petrol brush cutter in the usual way by pulling a cord, you can buy the Easy Start system. This is a separate push button battery powered starter that comes with the battery and charger. It’s a simpler and easier way to start your bramble strimmer and is something I recently discussed on my best self propelled lawn mower guide as it also had this same feature too.

Ryobi 25.4CC 2-in-1 Petrol Full Crank Grass Brush Cutter with ergo handle

The ergonomic design of this brush cutter is for your comfort and convenience. There’s the usual shoulder strap so you can take the weight of the tool onto your body. The handle lets you access all the controls without moving your hand.

You change the cutting heads to switch from trimming the lawn to cutting brambles. The bramble cutting blade is three blades in one with a 26cm wide cutting path. The grass cutter cuts a path that’s 46cm wide. These are generous widths that get your work done quickly.

Ryobi 25.4CC 2-in-1 Petrol Full Crank Grass Brush Cutter with ergo handle

This Ryobi strimmer is expandable with different tool attachments, including a hedge trimmer, from the Ryobi Expand-it range. Just something to keep in mind.


  • Petrol powered trimmer for brush cutting and for grass trimming.
  • Engine is 25.4cc with clean engine technology.
  • Compatible with the ONE+ EasyStart system.
  • Ergonomic design includes the handle and the shoulder harness.
  • Cutting path is 46cm wide.
  • Brush cutting blade is TriArc+ hardened metal and 26cm wide.
  • Grassing trimming head has dual 2.4mm HD lines.
  • Comes with a wrench and the shoulder harness.
  • Compatible with EXPAND-it garden tool attachments.
  • Assembly required.
  • Weighs 8kg.


  • Bottle to mix oil and petrol isn’t supplied but I personally don’t use these anyway, I just get a 5 litre jerry can, fill up and then mix 125mm of 2-stroke oil which gives me the 40/1 mix ratio I need for my 2 stroke tools.

Our recommendation

The Ryobi 25.4CC 2-in-1 Petrol Grass Brush Cutter is a two-in-one bramble strimmer and a grass trimmer. The two cutting heads are easily swapped out and in. This petrol powered garden tool produces fewer emissions than many of its competitors although I don’t have anyway to check this so I take Ryobi’s word on this.

It’s also fully compatible with Ryobi’s Expand-it range of garden tool attachments. This is a good choice if you don’t want a too powerful petrol model that you can expand to other garden tools or after a model that is perhaps a little lighter than some of the alternatives including the BUKO model.

Now if you want to ideally get a Ryobi brush cutter as you already have some of their 18v power tools like I do (I have their brushless chainsaw, it’s amazing), my next pick below could be for you.

4. Ryobi OBC1820B 18V ONE+ Brush Cutter

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Ryobi OBC1820B 18V ONE+ Brush Cutter [Zero Tool], 18 V, Green

The Ryobi OBC1820B 18V ONE+ Brush Cutter is a dual purpose strimmer that runs on there 18V Lithium-ion battery (not included). It cuts brambles as well as trims the edges of your lawn so it’s a good versatile tool.

As this Ryobi model is part of the extensive (100+tools) series of power tools, if you already have another tool in the range like me, then you already have a battery that will fit. All the tools in the ONE+ series use interchangeable batteries.

If not, then you can instead purchase the brush trimmer with a 5.0Ah battery or the trimmer with the battery charger, but, surprisingly, not with both the battery and the charger so you need to purchase one of them separately.

The brush cutter has a hardened steel blade with 3 blades. Each of these TriArc blades as they call them is 20cm long for a medium-width of cutting. The grass trimmer line is 30cm in length and that’s quite a generous cutting path although not the biggest I seen.

The Ryobi OBC1820B is ergonomically design so you can cut brush and trim grass with minimal fatigue. The handles are designed like bicycle handlebars. They have a soft grip that reduces the strain on your hands too which is a nice touch.

The (included) shoulder harness lets you distribute the weight of the whole strimmer across your back and shoulders. Bear in mind that you’re also carrying the weight of the battery pack but it’s still what I would consider a lightweight strimmer.

The variable speed control is by your hand on the right handle so you don’t need to take your hand off to adjust it which is nice. Select the best speed for the job and you are good to go. Bearing in mind that slower speeds run the battery down more slowly and this is better used for general; grass strimming rather than trying to cut through brambles.


  • Battery (cordless) brush cutter that also has a standard strimmer head.
  • Part of the Ryobi 18V ONE+ series of power tools.
  • Brush cutter has three blades each 20cm long of hardened steel.
  • Grass trimmer line is 30cm long.
  • Handle is shaped like a bicycle handle for comfort.
  • Variable speed control for better control when strimming.


  • Doesn’t come with the battery or battery charger.
  • The harness is a little difficult to figure out but once you done it a couple of times its easy enough.

Our recommendation

The Ryobi OBC1820B 18V ONE+ Brush Cutter trims your lawn edges as well as cuts your brambles down and is a great cordless model to consider, especially if you already have Ryobi 18v tools. It’s battery driven (18V Lithium-ion) and ties into the Ryobi ONE+ range of power tools with interchangeable 18V batteries. I reviewed the bare tool (without battery), so you don’t have to buy yet another battery if you’re already invested in some of the other 18v tools like I have.

My 18v Ryobi Brushless drill which batteries are also compatible with the Ryobi OBC1820B 18V ONE+ Brush Cutter

This is a good choice for those looking for a cordless bramble strimmer who already have Ryobi ONE+ garden power tools like myself.

5. Ryobi RBC1226I 1200w Electric 2-in-1 Brush Cutter

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Ryobi RBC1226I Electric 2-in-1 Brush Cutter, 1200 W , Green

 The Ryobi RBC1226I Electric 2-in-1 Brush Cutter is the only electric strimmer in my review. This is yet another tool that cuts brush as well as trims your lawn. But this time it’s powered by mains electric so you are tethered to your power outlet by means of the power cord (and an extension cord if needed). This is the lightest strimmer in my review as it doesn’t need to carry a power pack around with it.

As far as trimming capability, this Ryobi electric model is on par with all the other models in this review. The brush cutter is a TriArc blade with each blade of 26cm length. The 38cm cutting width of the grass trimmer competes favourably with any other trimmer. And the one on this unit has a bump feed feature that doesn’t twist the line or stop the motor when encountering a less-than-flat part of the lawn.

The ergonomic features include the power controls being conveniently situated on the main single handle on the shaft. The wide secondary handle is for your non-operating hand and gives you more control and directional guidance of the unit.

The whole thing is designed to be well balanced, especially if you use the (included) shoulder strap to help balance the centre of gravity of the strimmer. However, some online reviewers report that this model does produce fairly strong vibrations that your hands and shoulder will feel.

As this is a Ryobi unit, it’s compatible with other tools in the Expand-it range. These include a hedge trimmer and blower. You can make this brush cutter into a really multi-function garden tool. You may also want to purchase the extension pole for an extra 63cm of reach. And the SmartTool technology maximises the performance of these Expand-it attachments, operating at their most effective and efficient level.


  • Electric brush cutter that also trims grass.
  • Motor provides 1,200W of power and 93.7dB of sound.
  • Grass trimmer spool, 38cm cutting width, has a bump feed feature.
  • Brush cutter has a TriArc blade of 26cm length.
  • Compatible with the EXPAND-it set of attachments of garden tools.
  • Secondary handle increases your control and reduces vibration.
  • Ergonomically designed to be well balanced.
  • Includes shoulder strap and grass trimmer spool.
  • Split shaft for transporting the trimmer easily.
  • Weighs 5.1kg.


  • Strong vibrations.
  • Cutting blade reported to come loose.

Our recommendation

The Ryobi RBC1226I Electric 2-in-1 Brush Cutter, 1200 W, is a two purpose trimmer that handles both your brambles and your grass. As it’s powered by mains electricity, it’s lightweight and easily moveable, though you are tethered by the electric cable. It’s part of the Ryobi Expand-it system, so you can add on other attachments in the range for many of your garden tasks.

The Ryobi RBC1226I Electric 2-in-1 Brush Cutter, 1200 W, is the choice if you’re looking for an electric model for fairly light to medium trimming and strimming tasks.

6. Parkerbrand 52cc Petrol Brush Cutter

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52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter, Grass Line Trimmer

The Parkerbrand 52cc Petrol Brush Cutter, Grass Line Trimmer is another dual purpose garden power tool that keeps both brambles and lawn edges in line. This petrol driven model boasts a powerful 52cc engine that’s two stroke. And you do receive a bottle in which to mix the fuel and oil together.

This petrol bramble strimmer starts with the usual pull cord, so it’s not difficult to figure out. Online reviewers state that it’s also easy to assemble and it does come with the appropriate tool kit. And the maximum speed is a respectable 7,500rpm for efficient trimming.

The ergonomic design includes bull-horn/bicycle handlebars. These are handles that bend in an upright direction to keep your shoulders well aligned during the cutting task without too much effort. The included shoulder harness lets you distribute the weight of this unit (don’t forget it contains a relatively heavy motor) across your back. I like that the harness has a safety clip to keep it in place securely. But some online reviewers state that it’s a bit difficult to put on the harness correctly.

The bramble strimmer blade is three blades in one but I couldn’t find out from either the sales website nor the manufacturer’s site how wide it is. The grass trimmer has a bump-feed spool that lets the trimmer continue to cut even when it hits an uneven spot in your lawn. You don’t have to worry that your lawn isn’t quite flat.


  • Petrol driver brush cutter and grass trimmer in one unit.
  • Engine is 52cc, two-stroke.
  • Comes with shoulder harness (with safety clip), fuel mixing bottle and tool kit.
  • Starts by pull cord.
  • Speed is 7,500rpm.
  • TriArc brush cutter blade (unknown length).
  • Includes a bump-feed two line grass trimmer spool.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Weighs 10.7kg.


  • Poor customer service from ParkerBrand.
  • Heavy.
  • Harness tricky to get right.
  • Trimmer cord (included) doesn’t last long.

Our recommendation

The Parkerbrand 52cc Petrol Brush Cutter, Grass Line Trimmer trims your brambles and keeps your lawn edges neat. Its 52cc engine is the most powerful one in our review and starts by the usual pull cord. The grass trimmer can handle bumps in your lawn without stopping or tangling. Just remember that petrol strimmers for brambles are the heaviest of all the three power types, so make sure that you can carry that much weight around for a while.

The Parkerbrand 52cc Petrol Brush Cutter, Grass Line Trimmer is worth taking a look at if you’re in the market for a fairly powerful brush cutter.

Buyer’s Guide for strimmers for brambles

What is a strimmer for brambles?

an example of a strimmer that can be used with brambles with thick nylon line or steel blades

More commonly known as a brush cutter, this is a powered garden tool that handles the tougher trimming tasks in your garden. It’s like a grass trimmer but uses blades to cut through stems and branches rather than a nylon line. Most brush cutters have three blades (TriArc blades) that rotate, driven by the power source.

50 tooth harden steel blade on brush cutter ideal for cutting back brambles

The stem of the unit (the shaft)  is a straight pole, usually made of aluminium and sometimes telescopic. Many shafts spilt into two for ease of transport and storage. The handle may be of various designs (including handlebars) and the unit sometimes has a secondary handle to give further stability and control.

I found that most of the brush cutters come paired with a grass trimmer. This is a useful combination of garden tools, so do consider a dual purpose strimmer.

Cordless (battery) power

Cordless strimmer using lithium battery which gives extended running time and fast charging

Cordless models are driven by a Lithium-ion battery, often 18V or 40V. But it’s the ampere-hour (Ah) of the battery that determines how long it lasts. The higher the Ah, the stronger the battery. As most of these batteries provide less than one hour of trimming time (sometimes much less), it’s best to keep a second battery charged and ready to be switched in when the first one dies. Along those lines, look for a fast charge charger that can recharge a battery in an hour or so.

Battery strimmers let you be completely mobile as you’re not tethered to the power source. You carry it with you in the form of the battery pack, which does add some weight to the tool. Maybe practice carrying something the weight of the complete unit so you get an idea of how heavy it comes to feel over a period of time.

Cordless strimmers don’t emit noxious fumes, so you’re not directly negatively affecting the environment. In addition, many cordless bramble strimmers are fitted with brushless motors. These may cost a little more but these modern motors perform more efficiently and last longer than the older brushed motors.

My Ryobi 18v lithium-ion battery which powers my cordless strimmer

Some of the major power garden tool manufacturers have lines of products, including these trimmers, that use batteries interchangeably. If you’re already invested in one of these and have batteries in your shed, look to buy the bare tool without the batteries.

If you have a small to medium garden and your brambles are in a mostly inaccessible spot, then a cordless bramble strimmer is a good choice.

Electric power

Electric bramble trimmers are the most lightweight of all the powered models as you don’t have to carry your source around with you. You do, however, have to drag a power cord (plus maybe an extension cord) around the garden as your trim the brambles and grass. Because of their weight, these are a good choice for those unable to lift heavier tools for a length of time.

Electric brush cutters are low maintenance, another plus point for those who want to perform their garden tasks with little fuss and bother. They’re also on the lower end of the price range of strimmers and cutters but this does reflect their relatively limited performance.

You do have to be careful where and how you use the electric bramble strimmer. Make sure to not tangle the cord or drag it across sharp rocks of prized flower beds. Take special care if you’re using an extension cable as it might be out of sight.

Electric trimmers are designed for more lightweight trimming in small to medium gardens. A low-watt trimmer will quickly burn out if you use it on densely growing brambles or grass that you haven’t trimmed in months. However, if your brambles aren’t bunched together and you keep your grass short, electric trimmers do the job well, quietly and efficiently. The higher the wattage of the electric strimmer, the more you can cut.

Petrol drive

The petrol engine from the BUKO garden Multi tool

Petrol bramble strimmers are where the power is. They let you be mobile as you carry the motor with you on the unit. You’re not restricted by cables, nor are you limited by short battery times. Trim away until you run out of fuel. And if you carry your two stroke fuel mix in the (often included) bottle with you, just fill up the fuel tank and carry right on.

These trimmers cut through thick brambles quickly and efficiently. They’re a great choice if you have a large garden, smallholding or paddock with many brambles and other thorny bushes overgrowing the good parts. These machines are designed to cut thicker vegetation so don’t be afraid of approaching that thicket you can’t see into. And their design is usually ergonomic for your comfort and convenience. You often find bicycle-like handlebars as handles on these models.

Me cutting down thick brambles with my brush cutter during testing

But, as always, there are downsides to this power and convenience. Petrol brush cutters are noisy and produce environmentally harmful emissions. To keep them running well, you need to maintain them, regularly and annually. This takes time and can be messy.

In addition, if your engine is two stroke, you need to mix the fuel and oil correctly and use that in the fuel tank. And carrying the fuel tank as part of the strimmer does add significantly to its weight. This may affect how long you can work for if you have difficulty lifting heavy loads.

Final Conclusion

Easily trim your unruly brambles into shape with a brush cutter. whether you chose a model powered by battery, electric or petrol, make sure that you can carry it around for a length of time as you operate it. Except for one, the models in our review all come with a grass trimmer as well, so your lawn will be as neat and tidy as your bramble patch.

My best pick if you can make use of the extra attachments has to be to BUKO Garden multi tool when used with the brush cutter attachment with the hardened steel blade of which there are two. It’s been a great tool to use and one that is affordable.

BU-KO 52cc Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool Including Brush cutter/Strimmer
  • ✅ BU-KO - 52cc 5 in 1 Garden Multi Tool Petrol Hedge Trimmer Long Reach with 3 Extension Pole, Extendable up to 5.2m, Easy To Assemble, lightweight High Performance, Heavy Duty Powerful 3HP, Use 2 Stroke Oil, Mix 25/1 to keep the Engine Lubricated, Vertical Single-Cylinder; Power Supply: 2.2 Kw to 7500 rpm, CE & EMC Approved
  • ✅ Attachments: New Design Strimmer Attachment with Strimmer Heads (Petrol strimmers and Brush cutter, Grass Trimmer Head, 3 Tooth Brush Cutter Blade, 40 Tooth Brush Cutter Blade), Long Reach Chainsaw Attachment, Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Attachment and 75cm Extension Pole
  • ✅ Ideal for landscaping: Various Blades and attachments will allow you to accomplish the most gardening tasks with just one tool. Full double shoulder adjustable harness and adjustable position quick-release attachment for an ideal balance.
  • ✅ 12 Month Warranty & Instructions Included & FREE Toolkit, PPE Protection & Harness Included CALL US FOR ASSISTANCE! - BU-KO offers all who purchase live customer service support 7 days a week. We maintain a complete line of replacements parts as well as a full-service repair center and have dedicated a team of technicians that can troubleshoot any issues you may have over the phone.
  • ✅ Please read the Description Below for specification on each of the attachments

My Best Cordless Pick is the Greenworks 40v Cordless Lawn Trimmer. This battery powered model comes with two batteries and a charger to power the ergonomically designed grass trimmer and brush cutter.

The Ryobi 25.4CC 2-in-1 Petrol Full Crank Grass Brush Cutter is my Best petrol pick if the BUKO model is not for you. This is a powerful petrol driven model that fits fully into the Expand-it line of garden tool attachments, making it a potential multi-functional tool.

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