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The Best Chainsaw Safety Helmet & Our 5 Top Picks

Last updated on November 28th, 2023

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What to look for when choosing the right chainsaw helmet and buyer’s guide

A chainsaw safety helmet is a must-have for anyone working with a chainsaw, whether you are planning on using it on a daily basis or even just once or twice a year. There are many hazards of using a chainsaw; chain snapping, flying debris, falling objects or even worse, you falling down from a tree whilst trimming a branch, just to mention a few. We can’t overemphasise the need to wear a safety helmet with such looming dangers in the field. 

So we went out of our way to bring you the best chainsaw safety helmets that provide the highest level of protection from flying debris. The models we selected have additionally great resistance to impact, have hearing protection as standard and are designed to adjust accordingly to suit different sized heads. We have the most affordable helmets to the ones on the high end of the price scale for professional everyday use. 

However, not all chainsaw safety helmets are created equally and each one scores differently in different departments. So after a tough comparison of the five safety helmets in our review, (which were narrowed down from over 20 different helmets), we settled on the Rockwood Chainsaw Safety Helmet as the best chainsaw safety helmet overall for most people. The helmet fits almost any size of the head thanks to a ratchet system that allows users to adjust the fit accordingly. Its still mesh visor is visible enough and leaves no space for any debris to pass through. The price of it is also within anyone’s reach which is one of the reasons it was awarded our top recommendation.

The rest of this article is dedicated to helping you buy a chainsaw helmet that suits your needs. Let’s start: 


Rockwood Chainsaw / Brushcutter Safety Helmet
Affordable, well-fitting and solidly built, this top-rated chainsaw helmet is perfect for sawing wood at home as well as DIY Tasks. The Rockwood Safety Helmet is designed with a 6-point internal harness that helps the user to create a comfortable fit. It is a one size fits all helmet with a rachet system. Comes with a highly visible steel mesh visor that can be twisted upwards and adjustable earmuffs that can also be positioned over the helmet when you don't need them.

Our top 5 chainsaw safety helmets for the home user and professional tree surgeons

  1. Rockwood Chainsaw/Brushcutter Safety Helmet – BEST PICK
  2. Oregon Yukon 562412 Chainsaw Safety Helmet – RUNNER UP
  3. Oregon Waipoua Professional Chainsaw Safety Helmet – BEST PROFESSIONAL PICK
  4. Husqvarna Classic 580754301 Helmet
  5. Stihl Aero Light Chainsaw Safety Protective Helmet – BEST LIGHTWEIGHT PICK


OREGON Yukon Chainsaw Safety Helmet
This is another affordable chainsaw helmet with a tough impact resistant body made out of polypropylene. Has a wider and long-lasting stainless steel mesh visor, it's very comfortable and breathable with 6 ventilation holes available. A 6-point adjustable harness ensures it fits virtually anyone's head. Great quality at a decent price.


Oregon Waipoua Professional Chainsaw Safety Helmet
This provides complete head protection including the neck area. You will likewise appreciate supplied earmuffs with a decent NRR of 27dB. Perfect for professional use and outstanding quality.

Top 5 Chainsaw Safety Helmets Reviews

1. Rockwood Chainsaw/Brushcutter Safety Helmet


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RocwooD Chainsaw/Brushcutter Safety Helmet c/w Chin Strap Pro

This popular safety hat is one size fits most and includes a ratchet system to help everyone get their best fit. Perfect for home use, but professionals would be better paying extra for one that’s a little more robust for daily use.

The Rockwood Chainsaw Safety Helmet is a top-rated product with plenty of positive customer reviews online to further confirming our findings. Many enjoy the comfort this helmet provides and we have to thank the folks at Rockwood for making it possible through a 6-point internal harness. You can work the harness accordingly to achieve a snug fit and furthermore the helmet fits all head sizes. It uses a ratchet system that allows one to manipulate the helmet’s size with a simple twist of a knob making it easy to adjust in seconds. 

The helmet comes with a steel mesh visor that not only allows maximum visibility but also protects you from flying debris. In addition, the visor can be positioned at a 90-degree angle when not in use. A set of earmuffs are also included to offer hearing protection and they can be positioned over the safety helmet if for some reason you don’t need them, which is a very handy feature. 

This helmet is made from high-density polyethylene material, which makes it tough, impact-resistant and highly resistant to cuts and wears. It is available in orange; which makes it easy for others to see you in the field. A chin strap is another useful feature and it ensures a proper fit whilst letting users undertake climbing applications without worries. This helmet is the best quality you can get at an affordable price and would make a great choice for the home user cutting up logs in the garden.


  • Fits any head size with the right alterations made through a ratchet system. 
  • Comes with a fully adjustable steel mesh visor that protects well from debris.
  • Includes quality earmuffs for hearing protection.
  • The helmet is durable due to the tough polyethylene material used in its construction. 
  • Available at an unbeatable price.


  • Professionals would be better paying a little extra for a more robust model.

Our recommendation

This one is definitely a bang for your buck whilst still being more than adequate for the job. The Rockwood Chainsaw Safety Helmet was Amazon’s ‘best selling helmet’ in the helmet category when we did our review and it would seem for all the right reasons; fit’s anyone, has a good set of earmuffs, adjustable visor, chain strap and the construction is more than suitable for occasional use.

A great choice for casual jobs, the ear defenders will block out most of the noise and the quality, although more than adequate for the home user, we doubt it would last the day to day knocks and drops of a professional tree surgeon.

Overall its an excellent helmet, if you are looking for something for professional use we recommend spending a little more and considering the Husqvarna Classic Helmet or Oregon Helmet Waip OUA Professional Helmet (which we have reviewed further down) as they are better quality overall, however, they do cost 3 to 4 times more. We feel it’s worth paying the extra as it will last much longer, offer better ear protection and the quality is designed with professional use in mind.

If you’re looking for something a little better but still only for occasional use, then our next review below would be another great alternative but is a little more expensive but worth the extra cost.

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2. Oregon 562412 Yukon Chainsaw Safety Helmet


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OREGON Yukon Chainsaw Safety Helmet with Protective Ear Muff and Mesh Visor (562412) , Black

A surprisingly comfortable helmet with excellent all-round head protection thanks to an impact-resistant outer and earmuffs. Pretty much adjustable to suit nearly every size of the head and it’s budget-friendly making it a very good alternative to our ‘Best Pick’. 

The OREGON 562412 Yukon Chainsaw Safety Helmet is an excellent piece of equipment that works well in the field and comes in at an amazing price. The helmet is easy to assemble and it’s graced with technology not frequently found in other helmet models. 

It should be very comfortable for most people and fits almost all head sizes which is a bonus. The helmet size is adjustable anyways by means of a ratchet located at the back of the helmet, just like on all good helmets. We all know that working with a helmet that keeps sliding and slipping off can be very annoying. Luckily, this Oregon helmet has a 6-point adjustable harness that allows you to easily adjust it to fit snugly on your head. In doing so, you get to go on your business without worrying about your helmet falling off. 

The external is made from polypropylene and it has been designed to resist impact to a great degree. The helmet comes with a wide and durable stainless steel mesh visor intended to protect your eyes against flying debris created from wood. The visor is additionally adjustable up and down for when you want to see how the work is coming along.

Sawing logs under the sun are bound to make you sweat and the plastic helmet may start feeling uncomfortable over time. The designers at Oregon created 6 ventilation holes into the helmet to reduce the effects of a greenhouse thriving on your head. The outcome is a comfortable experience that you won’t even feel like you have a helmet on your head. 

The helmet also comes equipped with earmuffs to protect your ears and this offers protection to 25.9dB. Chainsaws are known to run at high decibels and can actually cause permanent hearing loss, thus the earmuffs are such a useful addition and a given.

This helmet is one of the most affordable options but it’s such a wonderful kit for the price. 


  • Perfect for occasional use and the home user cutting up logs on a weekend.
  • High impact resistance to provide top-rated protection to homeowners and professionals alike. 
  • Fits snugly onto your head due to an adjustable harness.
  • Comes with a wide and adjustable visor that offers maximum protection whilst allowing twisting up and down as needed. 
  • Comfortable to wear as its very breathable owing to six ventilation holes.
  • Well priced. 


  • Not suitable for daily professional use.

Our recommendation

Everything seems okay with this chainsaw safety helmet. It fits most people well and offers a good airflow for overall comfort. This impact resistance helmet will save your head in case of a knock or if you fall down. The visor is well made and the earmuffs block noise relatively well.

The assembly instructions, however, have been found to be rubbish but having a look at the photos on the box should help. Nonetheless, the OREGON 562412 Yukon Chainsaw Safety Helmet is very functional and a decent consideration for its price.

If you have the extra budget then we would probably recommend buying this helmet over the Rockwood helmet, both are good but this model just seems ever so slightly better.

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3. Oregon Waipoua Professional Chainsaw Safety Helmet


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Oregon 562413 Waipoua Professional Chainsaw Safety Helmet with Protective Ear Muff and Mesh Visor, Hard Hat Safety Protection Equipment

The Oregon Helmet Waipoua Professional Helmet has the name ‘professional’ in its title because it has been specially designed for daily professional use. It provides protection from all possible angles as it has a wider face mask and an extension cloth that covers up to the bottom of the neck to keep dust out. Couple this full-head helmet with a nice chainsaw jacket and trousers and you are as well guarded against flying debris completely. Speaking of chainsaw trousers, check them out here; Best Chainsaw Trousers.

The helmet additionally features hearing protection with a pair of earmuffs attached to either side of the helmet. These have a noise reduction rate of 27dB, which helps significantly reduce your noise exposure. Chainsaws are approximated to run at 100dB so this helmet will do great justice to your ears. 

This product comes with a 4-point adjustment harness and it really works to get one’s perfect size. The mesh visor and ventilation holes on top of the helmet effectively allows airflow for comfortable working and it can adjust up to a 90-degree level anytime you want a clear view of the area you are working in. We also like the helmet’s ability to resist strong impacts. Though this product is quite on the expensive end, it’s of good quality and well designed. 


  • Perfect for professional use thanks to the high quality materials and excellent fitting straps.
  • Breathable due to a mesh construction on face guard and several ventilation holes.
  • Offers full protection on head, ears and neck section.
  • Comes with high-quality noise reduction earmuffs.
  • Can resist strong impacts.
  • Easy to adjust harness to get your desired fit.


  • More expensive than most. 

Our recommendation

This is a decent helmet for any chainsaw user who fancies maximum head coverage. The helmet is very comfortable as it has a good fitting and the head adjustment is much better than that found on cheaper helmets, and it has many ventilation holes.

The construction is solid and the 27dB earmuffs are really handy and also better quality than most overall. You will find it easy to use and flexible as much to suit your needs.

Finally, the Oregon Helmet Waipoua Professional Helmet has some good features but we think it’s maybe a little overpriced. That being said, it is perfect for professional use and with this in mind, it then starts offering value for money, probably not needed for occasional use but a good choice for those who use a chainsaw daily and need something that will last.

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4. Husqvarna Classic 580754301 Helmet

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Husqvarna Classic 580754301 Helmet.

The Husqvarna Classic 580754301 Helmet is really true to its brand as it’s an expensive product, yet it gives the most value for money. This is the perfect helmet to combat the harsh UK winter weather because it’s approved for low temperatures up to -30 °C (we know, it doesn’t really get that cold in the UK).  The helmet works perfectly in wet weather, thanks to a rain shield and neck protector, whilst it’s still useful on hot summer days with proper ventilation. Call it an all-weather chainsaw safety helmet!

The faceguard features quality steel mesh construction that offers total protection from debris. The mesh does not accumulate fog, meaning you won’t be repeatedly fetching cloths to wipe and clear your vision. That is usually a common problem with plastic mesh, therefore, watch what you buy. 

When it comes to fitting, this helmet has no boundaries. It has a plastic adjustable strap at the back that you can adjust to suit the size of your head. A 6-point mounting bracket ensures it fits snugly on any head shape. Hearing protection is available as well and this one is said to reduce noise in the ratio of 25dB. The earmuffs are ergonomically designed to make full contact around the ears and the head strap doesn’t get in the way either.

This is a great example of a well-made safety helmet that caters for different needs. In short, you get what you pay for. 


  • Perfect for occasional and professional use.
  • Ideal for both wet and sunny days. 
  • Feels comfortable when worn.
  • Fits nearly any size of head due to an adjustable 6-point adjustable mounting bracket with ratchet.
  • Comes with ergonomic earmuffs that effectively reduces noise exposure.


  • Not suitable for wearing when climbing as it lacks a chin strap.

Our recommendation

Aside from being available for a higher price tag than most other chainsaw safety helmets, the Husqvarna Classic Helmet still represents good value for money. It has a good fit and works well in any weather.

Its noise reduction ratio is good, whilst the orange colour makes it visible from a distance. If you don’t mind the price, it’s worth considering and is a good mid-priced model giving you quality and to some extent, affordability.

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5. Stihl Aero Light Chainsaw Safety Protective Helmet


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Stihl Aero Light Chainsaw Helmet Protective Helmet with Visor for Set 0000 884 0141, orange

A simplistic design means this helmet has minimal issues with durability. It is comfortable and provides ample head protection. It is quite an expensive one though, but not the most expensive helmet on the market. 

Stihl is an influential brand in the chainsaw market and the Stihl Aero Light Chainsaw Safety Protective Helmet/Visor Set is one example that highlights what they are capable of. This product boasts a lightweight construction that puts you at ease whilst working with a rather heavy chainsaw. Even so, the helmet still provides solid protection against falling branches and flying debris. 

The helmet has a nylon mesh visor that won’t fog up on the cold days and neither will it allow wood chips to find their way through to you. The visors are quite large as well to offer full-face protection. Vents on both sides of the helmet allow a decent airflow to ensure that your head doesn’t sweat too much on hot days, which we think is an added bonus. 

Hearing protection is a must when working in high noise environments such as forestry and cutting logs. As such, this helmet is accompanied by ear defenders to absorb some of the noise generated by a chainsaw. They have a soft feel around your ear and are very comfortable for wearing throughout your workday. 

Worth mentioning is that this helmet meets the safety standards of chainsaw equipment including EN352, EN397 and EN1731, which of course is a must. The helmet material is polyethylene which actually has a high impact strength. There are 4-point inner fittings to help you alter the size to suit your head. The helmet’s orange colour is also perfect if you will be working in the forests as it makes it easy for others to see you. 


  • Relatively lightweight compared with other models and so it won’t weigh you down.
  • Allows plenty of ventilation with air holes on both sides of the helmet. 
  • It comes with noise reduction earmuffs.
  • It has wider nylon mesh visor for protection from all angles.
  • The helmet is impact resistance and won’t break if a branch falls on it. 


  • It is more expensive than many other models. 

Our recommendation

This chainsaw safety helmet doesn’t have many bells and whistles per se and so we feel it’s quite overpriced. If it’s about the brand, of which it’s good to buy from a trusted manufacturer, then you have your helmet.

You will love the wider than average visor and the strong impact resistance cover with rain protection, as well as the lightweight body. Overall, an excellent entry-level helmet for professional use. You can’t really go wrong with Stihl products, they are nearly always excellent.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Chainsaw Safety Helmets Buyer’s Guide

A chainsaw itself is a dangerous tool that deserves to be treated as such. One way you can show respect for the power of a chainsaw is by wearing a safety helmet. When it comes to buying one, your options are not limited at all. Chainsaw brands like Husqvarna, Stihl and Oregon have many safety helmets with minimal differences to note. After all, they are simply helmets. In order for you to narrow down to your ideal chainsaw helmet, we’ve rounded up the things to consider in your shopping process. 

Choosing the best chainsaw helmet

This involves scrutinising a few models to see which one comes out on top and definitely one that suits your needs. In this regard, use the following criteria:

Type of work 

Of course, it’s for chainsaw use, but will you be preparing firewood at home or cutting and sawing logs professionally as a tree surgeon? A simple helmet with a faceguard and decent earmuffs will suffice for DIY jobs. Forestry jobs that involve working under tall trees and other people around you call for heavy-duty helmets with a solid construction, impact resistance shells, high-quality noise-blocking earmuffs and top-notch ventilation. Some models designed for forestry use also have extra support back neck straps and may have chin straps to help the helmet to stay in place, for when you are looking down from a height for example. Get it right from the jobs you will be undertaking and you are certain to make the right choice. 

Fit and comfort

Probably the most important consideration, especially if you use a chainsaw quite often. For the fit, make sure the helmet does not wobble on your head. The best chainsaw safety helmets feature adjustable straps or knobs to help adjust the fit.

When it comes to the fit, buying from a local store will obviously grant the opportunity to feel the helmet. If you are buying from an online store such as, then brush through a few reviews to get other buyers’ views, this can be especially useful when it comes to head sizes. A lightweight helmet is usually comfortable in most cases so you might pay attention to the weight as well. 


Sawing wood or cutting trees requires quite a lot of effort and this leads to sweating. When that happens, you don’t want to feel like your head is inside a hot hairdryer. You want to feel cool. Therefore, look for a helmet with ventilation holes for better airflow that will ultimately cool your head and improve comfort. 

Helmet colour

Whilst the colour is not something that will protect you from falling branches and flying debris, it plays a critical role when working in the forest. We bet you’ve rarely seen any construction workers wearing black helmets! Well, the recommended colours for chainsaw helmets are orange and yellow. These are easy to spot from a distance even in low visibility conditions. White is also very good at reflecting heat off the helmet and maybe a decent choice in hot weather. Most chainsaw helmets are actually orange which we personally think is a good colour to have.


Buying the best quality helmet will maximise its use. Chainsaw helmets are usually made from either polypropylene or polyethylene material. PP is incredibly strong and has great resistance to impact, whilst PE has low strength, hardness and rigidity but better ductility and impact resistance. These are qualities that will stand up to falling branches and will ensure your head stays safe should you fall with your helmet on. 


A simple helmet requires wiping of the visor to clear any debris. Professional helmets such as the ones used in forestry will even require some parts removed for washing. Some parts may need replacement if they are broken and if you buy from well-known brands they usually sell spare parts, that being said it’s usually only worth buying spare parts for the most expensive helmets to make it cost-effective.

Safety standards compliance

Chainsaw helmets are guided by safety standard regulations. Some helmets are only approved for groundwork and others for tree climbing applications. In order to buy the right helmet, check its suitability to the tasks you’ll be performing. 


Safety is something you invest in and we wouldn’t recommend going for a cheap product and compromise on quality. Still, helmets come in all budgets and different brands price their products differently. But at the end of the day, you want plenty of protection with quality features at your most favourable price. 

Benefits of wearing a chainsaw safety helmet

Chainsaw helmets are designed to protect the head from falling objects, your ears from being damaged by the loud chainsaw motors and shield the eyes from flying debris.

Most helmets vary in colours and that can help individuals identify themselves. For instance, supervisors may wear a different colour from other workers, making it easy to identify roles in the field. 

Another benefit is increased productivity. Safety helmets keep users relaxed, confident and more focused in their work. 

Last but certainly not least, a chainsaw helmet reduces direct heat coming from the sun and in turn minimise sweating. Furthermore, most chainsaw helmets have ventilation holes that allow a decent airflow to relieve sweating. 

Final Conclusion

Safety is a must. You should never consider using a chainsaw without proper protective equipment such as a chainsaw safety helmet, chainsaw trousers and chainsaw gloves. Choosing the best chainsaw helmet requires a careful examination of a product’s features and compliance with safety standards. Comfort and durability are important factors to consider as well. The best chainsaw safety helmet provides maximum head protection, face protection and hearing protection. Any of our select helmets make a great choice though there are many others, these are our top recommendations.


Have you used any of the helmets above before? Do you intend to buy one? Let us know in the comments below. 

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