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Last updated on November 28th, 2020

If you’ve been noticing wooden furniture with nicely bevelled edges or garden boxes that have perfect 45-degree mitred corners and wishing that you could produce something as professional-looking, this review is for you. It’s also for you if you’re into home renovations with dreams of installing your own hardwood floors or replacing all the skirting board. Our review of the Best Mitre Saws covers all levels of interest, need and expertise.

If you’re not sure of what a mitre saw is and why you might want one, start with the Buyer’s Guide. In it, we explain why a mitre saw is a great tool to have around, the different types of mitre saws and the features you should look for when shopping for one. The rest of the review introduces the best mitre saws by detailing their features and the pros and cons of each one. We select our recommendations and highlight them separately.

Our Best Pick Mitre Saw is the Makita LS0815FL-240 V Slide Compound Mitre Saw. Its many safety features and its power will make your cutting tasks safe and quick. The Evolution RAGE 3+ Multipurpose Sliding Mitre Saw is our choice for Runner-up mitre saw. This saw uses the same blade whatever material you want to cut, whether wood, plastic or metal.

Best Pick

Makita LS0815FL-240 V Slide Compound Mitre Saw
The Makita LS0815FL-240 V Slide Compound Mitre Saw is the Best Pick in our Best Mitre Saw review. One of the reasons for our selection is its many safety features. The blade guard prevents your fingers from sliding under the TCT 48-tooth blade; the lock-off button ensures that you (or your kids) don’t start up the saw unintentionally; and the soft start gradually increases the speed of the blade when you press the start button, so it doesn’t suddenly jump into maximum performance.

The Makita LS0815FL-240 V works well for large, heavy projects and for those that require a bit more finesse and a gentle touch. At 90 degrees, it can cut through material that’s 305mm thick and it miters at an impressive 50 degrees to the left and up to 60 degrees to the right - well beyond the usual 45 degrees in either direction. With both a laser guide and a LED-light to guide your cuts, accuracy is well assured.

The only downside to this mitre saw is that the switch design is awkward and difficult to use. If you’re prepared to learn to work around that, the Makita LS0815FL-240 V Slide Compound Mitre Saw will more than handle all your home DIY projects, large and small.

 Mitre Saw Buyer’s Guide

There are many online DIY stores that sell a wide range of mitre saws, but which one is suitable for you? That’s where this guide comes in and take you through the process of finding the best tool, especially for beginners.

Why buy a mitre saw

Most people try DIY jobs without the insight of the right tools that they need to make the task smooth and fast. How many times have you attempted a job that you thought was easy then ended up with a terrible finished product? You are not the only one. Once you get online to research the project with our mitre saw reviews, you will soon realise that a good tool such a mitre saw will complete the job quickly and deliver a desirable finish.

Studying our mitre saw reviews will without a doubt give you more interesting ideas about the applications of the particular tool. If you want to cut various materials including wood and plastics at different angles, then mitre saw is a must. As a matter of fact, it is a good idea to have a mitre saw at home even if you are not into construction.

Many home repairs and maintenance jobs will require the use of pipes, planks and other materials that you will need to cut at specific angles. For that reason, having a mitre saw can save you money eventually since you will be able to do the jobs with your DIY skills. The most common projects that require the services of a mitre saw include furniture building, crown moulding, small building construction and remodelling and home improvement.


Evolution RAGE 3+ Multipurpose Sliding Mitre Saw
If you’re using wood (even with nails in), metal or plastic in your project, the Evolution RAGE 3+ Multipurpose Sliding Mitre Saw will cut through it easily, and using just one blade. This is one of the reasons it’s the Runner-up in our review of the Best Mitre Saw. When cutting metal, the metal stays cool to the touch and smooth; no burrs are left on the cut edges.

Both left- and right-handed people can use this mitre saw easily. The compound tilt and slide mechanism means that you can make 300mm wide cuts on a 0 degrees to a 45 degrees bevel, at pre-set and lockable stops in both left and right directions. The laser guidance system adds to its accuracy and the included clamps assist with the stability.

The Evolution RAGE 3+ Multipurpose Sliding Mitre Saw is quite a large saw but if you have the space in your workroom for it, it’s a good choice for home DIY projects.

Assessing the mitre saw that you need?

There are a number of factors that you need to consider before buying a mitre saw. Let’s look at the most important factors below:

Type of cuts you will work with

Knowing the cut types you will be making will determine the type of mitre saw that is suitable for you.

  • Crosscuts: the ordinary cut which involves cutting the workpiece to length as you would do with a regular saw.
  • MItre cut: it is angled across the width of the workpiece you are dealing with.
  • Bevel cut: an angle cut that goes through the breadth of the material.
  • Compound cut: a combination of the mitre and bevel cuts. It’s angled across both the width and the thickness of the material, simultaneously.

Type of mitre saw to buy

There are 4 types of mitre saws and your specifications will also determine the right one for you.

  • Standard mitre saw: it comes with a blade with an attached pivot. This mitre saw stays vertical throughout except when you angle the table in a horizontal position.
  • Compound mitre saw: this saw allows you to vertically rotate the pivot to one side, of which in addition to the horizontal rotation of the table, allows cutting in both vertical and horizontal planes.
  • Sliding mitre saw: it works similar to the compound mitre saw but it comes with additional arms for the cutter head to slide horizontally and make easy cuts in wide workpieces.
  • Dual compound mitre saw: it is similar to the sliding mitre saw, however, the blade can be tilted either left or right. It is always the obvious choice for complex projects that require cutting materials in different angles.

Best Mitre Saw for Professionals

DeWalt 305mm Compound Slide Mitre Saw with XPS
With a 305mm cutting blade, the DeWalt 230V 305mm Compound Slide Mitre Saw with XPS is hands down the perfect tool for professionals. Adjustable and robust steel dents will allow you to select a mitre angle quickly, whilst the XPS shadow line indicator will let you align the blade with utmost accuracy. A workpiece clamp will hold your material secure, and a 60-tooth blade, designed to stay razor-sharp for long, will make light work of timber. Five adjustable speed settings plus an electric brake will ensure that you are in absolute control of your cuts and a dust bag will ensure a mess-free area. It goes without saying that this DeWalt mitre saw has some premium features that you don’t find in other models, making it the go-to mitre saw for those extremely demanding jobs.

Cutting capacity

Different mitre saws have different cutting capacities. Make sure that whichever you choose is enough for the type of work you want to tackle. The cutting capacity is determined by the blade’s diameter and its sliding capability.

Most blade diameters these days come in 8, 10 or 12 inches. If you will be working with small projects such as small house models or cutting wooden frames, a 10’’ blade might offer just enough capacity. You can go lower for lighter jobs and pick an 8’’ model. We don’t really recommend going lower as you will most likely find your projects expanding soon enough. However, if you are constantly dealing with larger projects such as pillars, roofing elements and such, then you will benefit greatly using a 12’’ diameter blade.

Important features to look out for

In order to be certain that you are buying the right tool, you will have to take into account all of its features in detail. Knowing the features of different products will help choose your ideal machine from the wide range of tools on the market.

Here are the critical features to look for:

  • Motor power: mitre saws have varying powers. You don’t always have to go for the most powerful mitre saw as these tools are efficient by default. But if you plan to use the tool on a regular basis, then you can go for the highest power. Generally, larger mitre saws will usually have more powerful motors than smaller saws.
  • Comfortable handle: in the most favourable situations, you should hold the mitre saw for a couple of minutes to know how it feels in your hand. However, you will have no room to examine if you are ordering online, so reading reviews can help a lot. Keep in mind that the best tool should be easy to handle and also absorb vibration.
  • Electric brake: you may not find this feature in every other model but its usefulness cannot be overlooked. An electric brake slows down the blade quickly after making the cut. Machines without an electric blade will take a while longer to lose momentum and this can potentially mess up your work or even cause injury. With an electric brake, the risk of injuries is reduced greatly and it generally makes the tool easier to use.
  • Dust collection: this is a very important feature in any woodworking environment. It not only keeps your workplace clean but also protects the machine itself from sawdust that may get into the tool. Some tools come with dust bags while others have extraction ports for attaching a vacuum.
  • Work stand: keep in mind that stands vary to a large extent and you will have to consider which will work best at your work station in order to buy the ideal tool. You also have to take into account the approximate lengths of the material you will be working with since some stands come with specialized extensions to hold long pieces. If you already have a work stand, then you just need to find a mitre saw that can fit in.
  • Laser guide: this is not a must feature but it can help you in making more precise cuts. You will have to read through mitre saw reviews to find which laser guide works best as some are not that good.
  • Easy blade change: if you are going to work with different materials, then you will have to change blades at some point. This process should be fast and easy so you need to look for a mitre saw that offers an easy blade changing feature. A spindle lock is the most common accessory for such operation.
  • Positive stops: these are used to set the angle of the bevel adjustments quickly. They increase the speed and productivity of your work with the saw. The more varied the positive stops, the easier it is to use the tool. Make sure the saw also allows you to make practical incremental adjustments.

Top 8 Compound Mitre Saw Reviews

All things considered, below are reviews of our top 8 mitre saws which we currently recommend.

1. Makita LS0815FL Slide Compound Mitre Saw


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Makita LS0815FL-240 V Slide Compound Mitre Saw, 216 mm

The Makita LS0815FL-240 V Slide Compound Mitre Saw is a complete compound mitre saw kit that’s perfect for first and second fix carpentry applications. It can cut through material 305mm at 90 degrees and that’s very impressive for a mitre saw of this size. Actually, it mitres up to 50 degrees to the left and up to 60 degrees to the right, with positive stops 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, 45 and 50 degrees on both sides.

There’s also a dual bevel lock that adjusts 0 – 48o left and 0 – 5o right with positive stops at 0 and 45o, making this tool extremely useful for angled cuts. A direct motor provides 1400 watts of power to spin the blade up to 5,000 rpm to easily slice through thicker material. The blade type is TCT with 48 teeth that cuts fast and accurate due to a built-in laser guide and trench cutting facility. This blade is reliable for projects that require fine finishes, such as framing and cabinetry.

This Makita has several safety features that are worth noting. One of them is a blade guard, which prevents the blade from getting your fingers. Another one is a lock off button designed to prevent the tool from unintentional start. The motor itself features a soft start that slowly accelerates the tool to its maximum speed instead of jumping into full blast. It also includes an electric brake that automatically engages the moment the trigger is released to stop the blade from rotating.

Ensuring that your workpiece is held securely can significantly impact safety as well. Luckily, this tool comes with a clamp plus extension arms to support even longer materials. Additionally, its sturdy base reduces movement that can affect precision. A lovely feature of this compound mitre saw is a linear ball bearing system that allows users to make dead-on cuts. Other features include a spindle lock for safe blade changing, a built-in LED to illuminate the line of cut, and a dust extraction facility for mess-free operation. This tool has a lightweight design combined with a carry handle for ease of transport from job to job.


  • Powerful 1400W motor with soft start function.
  • Comes with side extensions to enable holding of large pieces.
  • Includes many safety features for such as blade guard, electric brake, and lock off function.
  • Has a dust extraction facility that connects to a vacuum cleaner to ensure a clean work area.
  • Incorporated LED light illuminates the workpiece for increased accuracy.
  • Has a soft grip handle for ease of transportation.
  • High cutting capacity with wide mitre range both left and right.


  • Badly designed switch with an over-complicated operation.

Would we recommend 

We find the Makita LS0815FL-240 V Slide Compound Mitre Saw to be unique among comparable mitre saws. It boasts a large cutting capacity and comes with a high-quality blade. This has the convenient positive stops you’d expect to find on a top quality tool along with a powerful soft start motor that should make for fast and accurate cuts.

You will also appreciate the safety features on this model and other additions like the LED light, spindle lock, and dust extraction port. This mitre saw should be comfortable to transport as well. Yes, the switch design is terrible, but it’s something you can learn to work around.

Apart from that, this mitre saw has the quality that we’ve come to expect of Makita and will be suitable for fitting wooden floors, skirting boards, decking, making shelves, and other home DIY projects.

2. Evolution RAGE3+ Multipurpose Sliding Mitre Saw


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Evolution RAGE3+ Multipurpose Sliding Mitre Saw with Accessory Pack, 230 V, 255 mm


  • It makes accurate cuts due to the laser guidance system.
  • It offers cutting security thanks to the supplied top clamp.
  • It cuts in many angles due to the bevel and side mechanism.
  • It cuts a wide range of materials using only one blade.
  • Quick and easy blade changing thanks to the supplied accessories.
  • It can be used either right or left-handed.
  • Powerful and durable mitre saw that copes with the most demanding tasks
  • 3-year warranty for full peace of mind.

Using only a single blade, the Evolution RAGE3+ Multipurpose Sliding Mitre Saw cuts through the wood (even wood with nails), plastic, steel and aluminium with ease. This is possible with the help of integrated RAGE technology. It makes fast, clean and accurate cuts, and leaves no sparks or burr when cutting steel. The material also stays cold to the touch, unlike ordinary saws that make the surface hot when cutting.

The mitre saw comes with a powerful 2000W motor plus hi-torque gearbox to handle the most demanding applications. The outer casing is robust and hard-wearing for durability. An in-line handle and switches enable either right or left-handed use while blade changing is quick and easy.

With a compound tilt and slide mechanism, this Evolution model is capable of making 300mm width cuts from 0-45 degree bevel, with stops of 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 30 degrees and 45 degrees. You can also make negative stops in the same degree levels. For crown moulding, set the mitre at 31.6 degrees while beveling at 33.9 degrees. The saw cuts 75mm deep by 300mm wide while laser guidance additionally allows you to make precise cuts.

Some other useful features with this tool include a dust bag for collecting debris, end stop and a box spanner to help with blade changing. The box also contains a manual with simple and straightforward instructions. It does come with a warranty of 3 years but it only applies if the tool is purchased only in the UK.


  • It is quite big in dimensions so will take up a lot of space in your store.
  • The base is thin and feels fragile.

Would we recommend

The Evolution RAGE3+ Multipurpose Sliding Mitre Saw With Accessory Pack is a good quality tool which has been made well and is quite powerful.

The clamp is a good feature for stability while cutting and the laser guide on this tool will also ensure you don’t miss on precision. You will as well appreciate the supplied accessories such as dust bag, end stop and box spanner.

On the downside, we find it a huge beast for storage so we advise anyone who likes the tool to bear in mind its dimensions before purchasing.

Overall, it works very well, cuts pretty cleanly, easy to set up and use, and it’s a good quality for its price. It does a cracking job across various materials and it can be a great pick for anyone looking for a powerful and affordable mitre saw for under £150. Impressive machine with a decent 3-year warranty.

3. DeWalt 305mm Compound Slide Mitre Saw with XPS

Best for professionals

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The DeWalt 230V 305mm Compound Slide Mitre Saw with XPS is an outstanding mitre saw with a brighter XPS system, good dust extraction and increased portability.


  • Heavy-duty durability due to its robust construction.
  • It offers great support when cutting large workpieces thanks to its dual sliding fence.
  • It comes with variable speed control for ideal speed selection on various materials.
  • It is easy to move around the workplace due to its compact and lightweight design.
  • It is easy to adjust the cutting angles either left or right.
  • It gives the simple and accurate setting of bevel angles in both directions.
  • Includes a dust bag for mess-free working.
  • 3 Year warranty for full peace of mind.

The DeWalt 230V 305mm Compound Slide Mitre Saw with XPS is sturdy, innovative and provides impressive size capacity, not only due to its 305mm blade but also because it slides. This model tackles up to 16-inch baseboard or lumber lying flat and angles up to 60 degrees on the right and 50 degrees on the left for incredible versatility.

This model is a double-beveller meaning you can work with extra efficiency and ease since you can make bevel cuts from either direction. This allows you handle up to 345mm crown moulding lying flat. It has remarkable cutting performance in both small and large timbers up to 110 x 303mm. DeWalt made sure to include XPS shadow line cut indicator for quick, accurate blade alignment while illuminating the workpiece for improved productivity with no adjustment required.

A quick-release bevel stop setting allows easy and precise setting of the bevel angles up to 49 degrees left or right. It is even easy to use the bevel and mitre controls which make the machine quick and simple to adjust from one setup to another. A cam-action mitre lock function additionally makes mitre setting fast and easy, allowing you to quickly change angles between 0 – 50 degrees left and 0 – 60 degrees right.

The machine has a large dual sliding fence for maximum support when cutting large materials at an angle or even combo angles. Straight horizontal rails use bronze guides to offer maximum accuracy when cutting materials up to 13 1/2 inches wide.

With a compact and portable design, the saw is easy to move within the job site while its dust control ensures you work in a clean and healthy environment. The blade has a variable cutting speed ranging from 1900 – 3800 rpm and its control is strategically placed for easy reach. Variable speed control is useful when cutting other materials other than wood.

There is a dust bag for debris collection and a blade spanner for easy changing of blades. Like other DeWalt power tools, this machine comes with a 1-year warranty which can be extended to 3 years.

Would we recommend

The DeWalt 230V 305mm Compound Slide Mitre Saw with XPS is an outstanding mitre saw with a brighter XPS system, good dust extraction and increased portability.

The cutting performance is top-notch in both small and large materials. Since it has variable speed, you will find it perfect for cutting a wide range of materials. Easy controls including mitre and bevel controls make it very convenient to use.

This product comes with awesome features without any doubt. It is also strong and will last for many years. However, with all its goodies comes a hefty price.

It is actually the most expensive product in our list but performance is unmatched. If you want a full-featured mitre saw for quality work, pick the DeWalt 230V 305mm Compound Slide Mitre Saw with XPS anytime. Fantastic model, if you’re after the best you won’t find better.

4. Evolution Power Tools FURY6 210 mm TCT Multipurpose Table/Mitre Saw

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  • 1200W gearbox reduces motor stress for improved performance.
  • Two cutting modes – table saw and mitre saw – for all your DIY cutting needs.
  • Separate on-off switches for table saw and mitre saw modes for added safety.
  • Mitre saw stops at 5 degrees up to 45 degrees, both left and right.
  • Simple switch between a table saw and mitre saw functions lets you easily change cutting mode.
  • Multipurpose cutting technology cuts pretty much everything with the same blade.
  • Multipurpose blade included, F210-TCT with 20 teeth.
  • Aluminium die-case base withstands even the toughest metal applications.
  • Rubber suction feet so can be mounted on a workbench for stability.
  • Three-year warranty if purchased in the UK.

You won’t have to decide between upgrading your table saw or buying a mitre saw if you purchase the Evolution Power Tools FURY6 210 mm TCT Multipurpose Table/Mitre Saw. It’s both saws in one.

Moving between the table saw and mitre saw functions is easy and is centred around a simple switch.  Separate and dedicated on-off switches for each cutting mode let you safely control each saw type without getting them confused.

The FURY6 has a patented multipurpose cutting technology that lets you cut a variety of materials, all with the same blade. Use it on steel, aluminium, wood, wood with nails and plastic, all without changing the 210mm blade that comes with the saw. The blade makes clean and fast cuts. You should only cut metal in the mitre saw mode (to 3mm) and while wearing protective eye gear and gloves as flakes of metal are thrown up. But this saw doesn’t produce much heat or sparks when cutting metal and doesn’t leave burrs on the metal.

The table saw cuts in a straight line to a depth of 32mm. The mitre saw can cut up to 45 degrees on either the left or the right side of the centre line. The stops are at 5-degree increments. You can also create a bevel of 45 degrees to the left when using the mitre saw mode, so that covers all your skirting board needs.

The aluminium base of the Fury6 is die-cast and built to withstand a generous amount of wear-and-tear from jobs using metal. The base comes with rubber suction feet so you can mount it on a workbench for added stability, useful for when you’re cutting longer lengths or thicker depths of materials. There’s a three-year warranty if you buy this table/mitre saw in the UK, so you don’t have to worry about how to get replacement parts if you need them.


  • Table saw is flimsy and not square
  • The table saw safety guard is not adjustable so there is a minimum width you have to cut.
  • Instructions are a little difficult to understand.
  • Clamping system slackens when in use and comes loose; often stops the movement of the saw.
  • Bevel is only to the left.
  • Not suitable for heavy DIY, but OK for a compact workshop and light DIY.
  • No slider or laser guide.

Would we recommend?

The Evolution Power Tools FURY6 210 mm TCT Multipurpose Table/Mitre Saw is a useful two-in-one saw to have if you do DIY around the house and don’t have much room in your workshop or much budget to buy separate saws. 

You can easily switch between the table saw and the mitre saw functions of the Fury6 and each is controlled separately by switches on different parts of the saw body. The 1200W motor is of a respectable power for home DIY and is designed to reduce the stress on the motor for improved performance and prolonged durability. 

With just one blade – the included TCT-210mm, 20 tooth blade – you can cut most the materials you’ll want to use in your DIY projects, wood, wood with nails, metal and plastic. However, you can only cut metal using the mitre saw. Online reviewers, however, have said that, although the mitre saw does its job well, the table saw is a little flimsy and does not cut accurately in a straight line.  In addition, unless you remove the non-adjustable safety guard from the table saw (something we don’t recommend) you can’t cut your material narrower than its distance away from the blade.

The Fury6 has neither a slider nor a laser guard and it can bevel only to the left. It’s not for you if you’re looking for a professional-quality tool with adjustable and accurate settings. However, for basic DIY home projects, this combination table/mitre saw is worth a look.

5. Lumberjack SCMS254DB 10″ Double Bevel Mitre Saw

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  • Exceptional value for money.
  • Comes with a very powerful 2000W motor.
  • Double bevelled sawing arm eliminates the need for adjusting the workpiece when making angled cuts.
  • Incredible cutting speeds – 4500 rpm – for fast cutting action.
  • Possible to make angle and depth adjustment.
  • Lightweight design for portability

The Lumberjack SCMS254DB 10″ Double Bevel Mitre Saw is a sliding mitre saw that offers huge value for money. For the price, it’s easy to imagine that some features have been compromised in some way but that’s totally not the case.

This is actually a very powerful saw housing a 2000W motor that delivers a no-load speed of 4,500 rpm, which is more than enough for most wood cutting applications. The blade measures 10 inches in diameter and it’s capable of making 305mm cuts at 90 degrees, 305mm bevel cuts, 216mm mitre cuts, and 216mm compound cuts.

A double bevel sawing arm with the ability to tilt left and right saves you from having to adjust your workpiece, whilst laser guidance ensures accurate cuts every time. The cutting depth is also adjustable for both trench and groove cutting. The build quality is superb with a durable casing and a solid aluminium base that adds strength to the mitre saw. At 16.5kg, this is also among the lightweight mitre saws and should be relatively easy to move between jobs.

Would we recommend 

At the price, this is a very good mitre saw. It has one of the most powerful mitre saw motors along with very high speeds. Its double bevel system ensures that angled cuts can be made easily without you tampering with the position of the workpiece. This compound saw with sliding function can handle a whole lot in terms of cutting depth and width. The blade is fairly decent and the solid base offers the much-needed support when cutting material.

The only small issue is that the given instructions are not that much of help, but it shouldn’t be a problem for experienced carpenters. For serious DIYer, the Lumberjack SCMS254DB 10″ Double Bevel Mitre Saw is worth considering. We bet you won’t be disappointed.

6. Metabo KGS216M Crosscut and Mitre Saw

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  • It is relatively lightweight and compact.
  • It has a good cutting capacity in terms of depth and width.
  • The supplied clamp can be used in various positions.
  • It is easy to use and well designed with the sliding supports and adjustable stops.
  • Easy saw blade change with the help of the spindle lock.
  • Effective dust management with the included dust extraction adaptor and chip collection bags.
  • The featured LED work light and laser encourage high precision cutting.

This is the latest model of the popular KGS216M mitre saw from Metabo with improved standards when it comes to precision, mobility and performance. The Metabo KGS216M Crosscut and Mitre Saw comes with a die-cast aluminium workbench and together with its sliding function, it cuts through large workpieces with ease. On top of that, the machine has an adjustable and extendable table width on both sides with a practical support area as well as an integrated crosscut fence. This extension is removable so as to allow long panels and slabs underneath.

Talking of the cut, the maximum cutting width is 305mm at 90 degrees and 205mm at 45 degrees, while the cutting depth is 65mm at 90 degrees and 36mm at 45 degrees. The cutting capacity at 90 degrees is 305 x 205mm and 205 x 36mm at 45 degrees. The saw blade diameter is 216mm and the bore is 30mm. The cutting speed is 5,000rpm (No-Load Speed). With such incredible figures, the Metabo KGS216M Crosscut and Mitre Saw cuts efficiently through wood, plastics and coated panels.

Its handle features a non-slip rubber surface including the upper carry handle and lateral handles to ensure excellent grip. It additionally has a compact and lightweight design which according to Metabo, it makes it suitable for one-handed transport. A saw head lock feature ensures the machine cannot turn on accidentally when being transported. There is also a cable winder for keeping the cable in place when the machine is not in use.

For working in poorly lit rooms, the mitre saw comes with an integrated job light. A bright LED will illuminate the cutting lines to ensure that precision is still achieved even in adverse conditions. A laser is a plus feature on this machine for exact display of the cut and the scales are visible from your working position. Furthermore, they can be operated intuitively. Moreover, it comes with a turntable which allows accurate angle adjustments plus it has an integrated cutting depth control.

Blade changing is easy with the included spindle lock; there is no need to dismantle the pendulum protective cover. There is a material clamp for secure fixing of the workpiece from the top or front and ensure no movement. Also supplied with this tool is a dust extraction adaptor and chip collection bags to ensure clean air at the job site.

Metabo offers a 1-year warranty on this machine from the date of purchase. You still have an option of enjoying an extended 3-year warranty upon registering your model with the company.


  • The laser guide gets clogged with sawdust quickly so it’s ineffective sometimes.
  • It does not cut other acute angles other than 45 degrees.
  • The angle control device is dreadful and might mislead cuts.

Would we recommend

The Metabo KGS216M Crosscut and Mitre Saw is an affordable good quality machine for DIY applications. It feels sturdy, well built and gives the impression that thought has gone into its design and manufacturing. It would be great to cut a range of different wood types and plastics. Its cutting depths and widths are good as well as the cutting capacities. You will love its compact and light design plus the kind of support it offers. Its job light will ensure there are no limits as to where you can work while dust control is also possible.

On the downside, you will find the laser less effective due to sawdust clogging and some angle cuts will be hard to achieve too. Even so, these should not be show stoppers for you and the tasks you need to handle.

Overall, the Metabo KGS216M Crosscut and Mitre Saw is a good mitre saw with many great features but with some limitations. Some of its issues can actually be resolved as you learn to use the tool. In any case, you get what you pay for.

7. Einhell TH-SM 2534 2350 W Double Bevel Mitre Saw with Laser

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  • 2350W motor and 4000rpm give you all the power you need for high-performance tasks.
  • Saws wood, plastic and laminated panels.
  • Die-cast aluminium frame to take the brunt of all your tough projects.
  • Professional quality carbide-tipped saw blade of 250mm; cutting capacity of 200m in chipboard
  • Head is continuously tiltable from 0 degrees to 45 degrees on both sides for continuously adjusting the angle of the cut.
  • Rotating table from -45 degrees to +45 degrees for a full range of precise angular cuts.
  • Can produce a bevel to the left or to the right.
  • Laser guide lets you cut complex shapes.
  • Spindle lock lets you change the blade easily.
  • Work piece bar has movable rails to the left and to the right for working with longer or wider pieces of wood.
  • The dust bag is included to keep your workshop somewhat clean.
  • Two-year warranty and full after-sales service to let you focus on your projects and not worry about the saw.


  • Takes time to assemble and calibrate.
  • Not perfectly accurate in angles measurements.
  • Doesn’t cut metal.

If you’re looking for a powerful mitre saw that lets you cut on a variety of angles and planes, then the Einhell TH-SM 2534 2350 W Double Bevel Mitre Saw with Laser may be the one for you. This mitre saw cuts laminated panels, wood and plastic.

The Einhell TH-SM 2534 2350 W mitre saw starts with a 2350W motor that produces 4000rpm of power for your large projects. Whether you’re renovating your home and replacing the wood flooring or cutting boards and beams to build furniture, the 250mm carbon-tipped professional-quality saw blade (with 48 teeth) will give you clean and accurate cuts. And accuracy is further assured by the rulers and scales that are visible from all angles. The laser guide that marks out the path along which you should guide the blade makes cutting complex shapes much easier.

As for the angle of the cuts, you have a choice in different planes of cutting. A significant innovation of the Einhell TH-SM 2534 2350 W is the continuously tiltable cutting head. You can tilt the head from 0 to 45 degrees on both sides of the vertical line as you cut, and change the angle of cutting as you work. This lets you create a bevelled edge in either direction of up to 45 degrees. The range of angles of the mitre cut in the horizontal plane is the standard -45 degrees to +45 degrees from the centre line, and the guide locks in place at intervals along the way for accurate cuts. The included dust bag is a handy addition to your efforts to keep your workshop in relatively clean shape.  The two-year warranty includes full after-sales service so that, in case anything happens to this mitre saw, you can get the help that you need.

Would we recommend?

The Einhell TH-SM 2534 2350 W Double Bevel Mitre Saw with Laser is good at what it does – cutting your wood and plastic materials at angles. The powerful motor at 4,000rpm lets you address complex and heavy-duty projects in your workshop, including home renovation tasks. The carbon-tipped blade is of professional quality and will give clean and accurate cuts through your work. And with the spindle lock, you can change the blade easily.

Of particular interest is the Einhell TH-SM 2534 2350 W’s continuously tiltable cutting head which moves 45 degrees away from the upright line. This lets you produce bevels in either direction of up to 45 degrees. But more than that, the “continuously” part lets you move the head, well, continuously, changing the angle of the cut when you want to. Also assisting your inaccuracies are the easily-seen scales and the laser guide that let you cut intricate shapes.

Online reviewers state that the Einhell TH-SM 2534 2350 W’s takes quite a while to put together and to calibrate. And even after assembling, there’s a bit of play in the measurements so that 90 degrees can be up to two degrees out either side.

The Einhell TH-SM 2534 2350 W Double Bevel Mitre Saw with Laser is worth a look if you have quite large home DIY projects to accomplish and you don’t need your angles to be absolutely accurate.

Finals thoughts and conclusion

If you’re tired of prepping new skirting boards by drawing a line through each piece, cutting them with a table saw and then being really disappointed when they don’t all fit nicely together, just stop it. Go out and buy a mitre saw to take all the guesswork out of the project.

Our review of the Best Mitre Saws has given a good idea of what to look for in a mitre saw and how to judge whether each saw will meet your needs. We’ve identified the top ones and explained the pros and cons of each. It’s up to you now to figure out which is the best one for you.

Our Best Pick of the mitre saws is the Makita LS0815FL-240 V Slide Compound Mitre Saw. This mitre saw will handle all the DIY projects you can throw at it, and has features that make it easy to be accurate so your pieces fit together well.

The Evolution RAGE 3+ Multipurpose Sliding Mitre Saw is our Runner-up choice. Dealing easily with metal, plastic and wood (even with nails in), you can bevel away to your heart’s content on anything that you want to build. If you do buy a mitre saw and your workbench is too cluttered to put it on, check out our review of the Best Mitre Saw Stands.

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