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We look at 7 top weed pullers

If you suffer from dandelions and other unwanted weeds on your lawn then your not a lone, luckily with this problem, being a common scene across many well tendered gardens, there are a few garden tools which have been specially designed with dealing with this very problem.

Dandelion’s and similar weeds have long tap roots, that grow straight down and if you remove weeds without their roots you quickly learn they grow back.

This is why ‘weed pullers’ have been designed, they pull out the whole weed including the tap root with minimal effort and have many advantages over other weeding tools which we will talk more about below.

There are many models available from lots of manufacturers, all claiming that theirs is the best. The problem is, with so much choice on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

Prices range from around £10, up to around £50, so with such a large price range its important you do your research first before investing in one. Our research has found that mid price range models work great, so read on to see why, and which model really is the best.

Another note, weed pullers are really designed for lawns and this is where they are most effective, but its worth mentioning that most models also work on beds and borders as well.

Our Best Pick

Fiskars SmartFit Weed Puller Telescopic, Length: 1 - 1.19 m, Stainless Steel Handle/Plastic Handle, Black/Orange, 1020125

The best choice overall, very robust, very easy to use, easily adjust to your height thanks the telescopic handle and super easy to release the weeds.

  •  Ideal for pulling out dandelions, thistles, nettles in garden borders and lawns.
  • Traps the roots of the weeds between the claws of the weed puller (up to 10 cm underground).
  • Work in an upright position: friendly weeding system prevents muscle strain and backache.

Our top 7 weed pullers that are included in our review

Advantages of weed pullers

  • No need to use weedkillers that can damage the environment and lawns
  • No bending over and kneeling down and putting strain on your back
  • Easy to use with minimal effort
  • Cost effective, prices starting at as little as £10, to around £50


Runner-up weedpuller - TACKLIFE Weed Puller, Handled Weeding Tool for Garden Lawn, 3.25-Feet Lightweight Stainless Steel Tool and Plastic Handle,Ideal for Permanently Removing Weeds

Only second to the Fiskars model

  • Removes weeds including long tap roots.
  • Very easy to use in 4 simple steps - push, tilt, lift and eject.
  • No bending down making it perfect for those with back problems.
  • Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and 24 months warranty.

Best Weed Puller

How do we review and rate our list of weed pullers to bring you only the best models

We do countless hours of intensive research and testing. A we cannot test all models our self as we simply do not have access to all models, and even if we did, we would probably not be able to test them in lots of different soils and conditions to give a fair review.

To give all the different models a fair chance to prove themselves we also read and research the hundreds of user reviews on Amazon and other online websites. This way we get a good understanding of which weed pullers perform well and which do not as well as any issues they may have in certain conditions.

Best Budget Pick

Amos weed puller

Probably the best budget weed puller on the market

Not quite of robust as some models but does a fairly good job overall and is very well priced within most peoples budgets.

What makes a good weed puller

  • 1
    It has to be made from quality materials such as strong steel, cast iron or fiberglass or similar
  • 2
    It has to be light weight, without compromising on strength
  • 3
    Does it remove the whole weed including long tap roots
  • 4
    How easy is it to use
  • 5
    Does it have a manufactures guarantee, if it does how long
  • 6
    Does it have lots of positive customer user reviews on Amazon

So with this in mind, see out Top 7 weed pullers below:

Top 7 Weed puller Reviews



Fiskars SmartFit Weed Puller Telescopic, Length: 1 - 1.19 m, Stainless Steel Handle/Plastic Handle, Black/Orange, 1020125

This Fiskars telescopic weeder is one of 3 models which are manufactured by Fiskars at he time of our review. They do a similar weed puller which we featured on our ‘Best weeding tools review’ and it actually is the best selling weed puller on Amazon when we reviewed it. 

However after taking this into consideration we still think that the telescopic model does have the positive advantage of being adjustable which makes it more suitable for smaller and taller gardeners. Some quality tool, just with the welcomed telescopic feature addition.

It is made from the best quality materials and comes with a 5 year guarantee, all though this is not as long as ‘Grampa’s weeder’ guarantee (life time guarantee), 5 years is still excellent when most other products have only a one year guarantee.

Its simple to use, all you need to do is push the 4 deep-reaching stainless steel claws into the ground with your foot, using the light weight foot pedal, then simply pull back and lift.

It will then remove the weed, including the tap root, simply release the weed into the waiting near by wheel barrow by pushing he orange quick release handle forward.

Final Conclusion

Its a beautiful weed puller to use, feels very comfortable in the hand and the clamping system works very well even on the largest of weeds. We give it top marks for design, all though, it's in the more expensive price range of weed pullers, if you want a high quality product that will stand the test of time with the added telescopic feature, then spend the extra and get this model over the TackLife model, we even seen this model slightly cheaper when on offer so what out for the best price.

Overall a very well designed weed puller which works very well, specially with larger weeds in your lawn.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

  Tacklife Weed Puller Review

Tacklife Weed puller grips


The TackLife Weed Puller is the latest weed puller we've have had chance to test. I would like to point out it was actually sent to me for free to test and review but we were not paid for the review so its our own finding good or bad so lets see how it compared. 

Usually we don't test products that manufactures send for free for writing the review but we decided to make an exception this time as it looks very similar to the Fiskars weed puller so we were keen to see how it compares as it does have a slightly lower retail price.

First things first, it works by simply pushing the claws over the weed into the ground, then you simply tilt and lift to find the weed clamps in the claws. The really smart bit is how to eject the weed, simply slide the orange handle down to release the weed and its handy to have a bucket with you to drop the leaves into.

At just over 1kg we think its very light weight, yet its still feels very strong and seems very well made. The great thing about using this model is you don't need to bend down so elderly people or anyone who suffers from back problems will find this a joy to use and much easier than traditional methods of weeding.

It just over 3ft long so we think its just he right height, i'm 5ft 8" and had no problem using it and I also borrowed to my neighbour to try who also elderly and a little smaller than me and he though it was a great invention and said he would recommend it to anyone as its the best gardening tool he has used and wished he seen one years ago.

Finally it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 24 month warranty against defects for full peace of mind.

Final Conclusion

The TackLife Weed Puller has got to be, one of the best models we have used, it probably gets it's design ideas from the Fiskars model so its not surprise there very similar in design. However, the Fiskars model looks like it was based off the 'Grampa's Weeder' we review further down which has been made for over 100 years, but with a modern twist.

At the moment, we would recommend buying the Tacklife Weed Puller if you have the budget, one thing we did notice is the TackLife version seems to leave a much smaller hole than the Fiskars model as it has a slightly different clamping system.

When you consider the price, the effectiveness of this model, as well as the 2 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee, it seems you can't go wrong investing in this model and we would recommend it every-time.

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Tried & Tested For Over 100 Years

grampas weeder classic gift useful gift idea

Grampa’s weeder has been manufactured for over 100 years, first manufactured in America before the war and is still manufactured to this day.

As soon as you pick up and feel this weed pull you can see it is made to a very high standard, the clamping claws are made from cast iron which ensures it will not rust or brake and the strong handle is made from Ash to give it a beautiful elegant finish.

It looks good, but does it do a good job

We can confirm it does an excellent job on the lawn and on soil borders, and does remove weeds complete with tap roots. You can also remove weeds with this weed puller without doing too much bending and kneeling which reduces any strain on your back.

Final Conclusion

For the price, you do get a very high quality weed puller that will probably out last yourself, it even comes with a lifetime guarantee, so it truly is a tool for life.

Does a great job, however some users have commented on how it takes a couple of attempts with large weeds. Its worth mentioning that this weed puller is actually one of best rated weed pullers on Amazon and is nearly half the price of other similar quality models.

If you are looking for a quality weed puller that offers good value for money, this would be our first choice, it really is that good and worth every penny and gives top of the range models a run for there money. That being said, it not as precise as the Tacklife and Fiskars models which lift even the biggest weeds where as this model does sometimes take a few tried.

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Amos weed puller

The AMOS weed puller is designed for pulling our dandelions, thistles and other weeds in your lawn but will also do a good job on beds and borders.

At less than £20 it offers great value for money and will not break the bank. All though it does have great user reviews on Amazon with the majority of them being positive it does have an average rating of 4.2 our of 5. Not bad, but equally not as good as the two weed pullers above.

Its fairly simple to use, press the 3 prongs over the weed and push down into the ground. Then twist the handle to clamp the weed and pull.

Final Conclusion

The Amos weed puller does offer the best value for money when it comes to price, but the quality is not up to par with other more expensive models which is expected. However for less than £20 it does a great job and is ideal for someone with a small garden who wants to keep on top of the weeds and doesn't want to spend to much.

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speedy weedy classic review

The Speedy Weeder is competitively priced at under £20 on Amazon (RRP £29.99), and seems to be well made and light weight for the price.

It simple to use like all weed pullers, simply press the 3 prongs into the ground over the weed, twist with the handle and pull to remove the weed. Simply push the black handle down to eject the weed and move to the next one.

Final Conclusion

It does do a good job at removing weeds and does work well on lawns as well as flower beds. It does have a few niggling problems, which is why it is the runner up for “best value”. The first one is that it leaves holes around 1 inch wide (a little larger than we like) where you have removed the weed from. This is because it removes a core of soil, this is not a problem on flower best as it just gets filled in when cultivating the soil but does look unsightly on lawns.

However a neat little track to overcome this small issue, is to have a bucket of compost next to you, simply put the speedy weeder in the bucket of compost and then eject in the hole.

It can also be difficult to twist the speedy weeder in hard compact soil and could be more of a problem with gardeners who have weaker hands.

One of things we have noticed is that it is great for smaller rooted weeds, but when used on larger rooted weeds such as Dandelions which have long tap roots, the root is not totally removed and snaps leaving it in the ground. This means the weed can re-grow from the root left in the ground.

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Amos steel weed claw review

Another tool by AMOS, this steel weed claw is similar to there other model reviewed above which we awarded “best value” but it uses a slightly different method of removing the weed. It Uses four claws that retract multiple directions to grab the weed and root at the same time. It also has a large foot platform to make pushing it into the ground a little easier.

To remove weeds, simply place the bottom plate on top of the weed, push down on the foot plate with your foot to push the spikes into the ground, simply remove your foot and pull the weed out, push the circular handle to retract the weed. That’s it, all done.

Its made from heavy duty steel and works great on lawns, suited for removing dandelions, thistles and other weeds.

Final Conclusion

Firstly, if you want to remove a few weeds from your lawn then if works fine and will do the job no problem. However it does have a few small issues, it does have a tendency to leave rather large holes on your lawn similar to the ‘speedy weeder’ which will need filling in, not a major problem as they will soon fill and it helps aerate the soil. It can also take a lot of extra effort to use on hard dry ground, so its best using when the ground is damp.

It works great with most weeds but if you have larger weeds, specially ones with larger tap roots it will leave some of the root in the ground.

For the price its cheap and probably worth the money, however we would opt for Grampa’s Weeder before purchasing this one.

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Last updated on February 15th, 2021


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  1. William Freeth

    The principle of the Fiskars Weed puller is excellent, let down poor plastic. I have now had two break, both stress cracks in the casing around the metal extractor. Not for large lawns.Not particularly inexpensive as they don’t last. Probably to be told by manufacturer incorrect usage.

  2. Hi there. This is a reply from the US. I have the Fiskars 4 claw weeder. I found this to be a really great weeder. But as William Freeth mentioned in his comments, the plastic Fiskars uses does not last with the stress created from the fulcrum point of the tool. I have mentioned this to Fiskars and in my Amazon review. Also, Fiskars has a lifetime, not 5 year warranty given normal use. I sent a picture of the catastrophic failure to Fiskars and posted on Amazon. I had to move my 5 star rating down to a 3 star. I purchased the weeder in Aug of 2014. I started noticing the stress cracks after pulling about a hundred weeds during the first season. I kept using it for the next few seasons and guessing I pulled about a thousand weeds before it recently broke – June 2017. I’ve seen some comments on Amazon that it broke after only pulling about 30 weeds. I wrote to Fiskars warranty program and received a reply that they’re sending me a new one. I hope this review helps.

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