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6 Best weed pullers for removing large deep rooted weeds

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I’ve talked alot over the years about the importance of regular lawn maintenance if you want an immaculate lawn. I’ve been maintaining lawns professionally for going on over for 20 years. It starts with applying iron sulphate moss killer if moss is a problem, followed by removing the moss and thatch with a scarifier.

Good lawn care such as aerating the lawn can help strengthen grass roots and reduce weeds
Good lawn care such as aerating the lawn can help strengthen grass roots and reduce weeds

I also like to aerate the lawn as shown above to improve drainage, and of course, if you want those stripes, you need a decent lawn mower with a roller. For professional gardeners, a Hayter is a good option, while a Bosch cordless mower with a rear roller is an excellent mower for domestic use, but thats a personal choice. If there are any bare patches, I would over seed the lawn with a lawn spreader and some good quality lawn seed.

By doing everything mentioned above, plus applying a lawn feed, weed and moss killer or lawn tonic a few times a year, I can maintain a healthy, lush green lawn with minimal weeds meaning I don’t need the weed puller as often making it a great tool for removing the odd deep rooted weeds although it’s proven a great tool in the past for customers lawns that have been smothered in hundreds of large dandelion weeds!

Dandielion weeds in well-maintained lawn, the ideal candidate for using the weed puller
Dandielion weeds in well-maintained lawn, the ideal candidate for using the weed puller

The problem is that no matter what I do, I still get deep-rooted weeds such as dandelions, thistles and nettles cropping up on lawns. The problem with these weeds is that although you can treat them with spot weed killer for lawns, I’ve found one of the best ways to control and remove these deep-rooted weeds instantly without chemicals which is also a bonus is by using the best weed puller, which removes weeds quickly, including the long deep-rooted tap roots.

Over the years, I’ve tried all kinds of weeding tools, but most are backbreaking work where you need to be on your hands and knees. However, none have been as effective or as easy to use as a decent weed puller. I would not be without one now! 

One of the first weed pullers I actually owned, a great tool and affordable but there are better lighter options now including the Fiskars and Gardena alternatives
One of the first weed pullers I actually owned, a great tool and affordable, but there are better lighter options now, including the Fiskars and Gardena alternatives

Before I get into my detailed reviews, I want to quickly mention some of my favourite weed pullers.

There are alot of different models available these days with somewhat the same design. Most work in a similar way, using 3 or 4 long steel prongs pushed 3-4 inches into the ground to grip and remove the weed. 

MyFiskars weed puller I've owned for over 6 years

Now, I’m a big fan of the Fiskars Smartfit Telescopic Weed puller, as it is very well made, nice and sturdy and does an excellent job at removing the weeds. I’ve had one for many years now, maybe going on 6 years. It’s a decent size with a nice long handle, which means no bending over like you do some of the other weed tools I’ve used over the years. 

Using foot pedal to push the weed puller into the ground around the weed

I’ve had this one for years, and it’s such a good tool. It has a large foot pedal to push the prongs into the ground around the weed with your foot, and then you lever the handle to the side, and it closes the prongs to grip the weed.

weed removed using Fiskars weed puller

Then, you lift the weed out of the ground. Like all weed pullers, it does leave small holes in the lawn, so I like to carry a small bucket of topsoil to fill them in as a go. However, the holes are not all that noticeable, and I often tamp the hole with my foot to close it up.

I’m also a big fan of the Gardena Weed Puller shown above, which works a little differently. I purchased this earlier this year, so I’m still getting to grips with it. Like my other Gardena tools I own, including my automatic hose reel and spray guns, not to mention my Gardena sprinkler. This weed puller is also well made and designed to last years.

The Gardena weed puller is rotated to remove a core containing the weed and root to remove it as a core
The Gardena weed puller is rotated to remove a core containing the weed and root to remove it as a core

This one works a little differently than my other Fiskars weed puller in that you push it over the weed, twist it 180 degrees to remove a cut core, whereas most others, literally rip the weed from teh ground so this Gardena weeder gives what I would describe as neater cut and smaller hole in most cases. Then, with the weed removed, you push down on the handle, and it clears the weed from the prongs.

What I like about weed pullers is that that also remove the long tap roots preventing them from growing back
What I like about weed pullers is that they also remove the long tap roots, preventing them from growing back

For me, the two weed pullers mentioned above are probably my two favourites, both Fiskar and Gardena make excellent quality garden tools. I have used a few other models over the years, so I’ve also included some of them in this review below from the likes of Winslow & Ross, Spear & Jackson, and maybe what might have been the original weed puller, Grampas’s Weeder, still a great tool even today for removing deep-rooted weeds for lawns. It’s worth noting that these weed pullers are also perfect for removing weeds with long tap roots on soil such as raised beds and vegetable patches, not just on lawns, as some people think.


Fiskars Telescopic Weed Puller
I think this Fiskar weed puller is the best choice overall, very robust, very easy to use, easily adjust to your height thanks to the telescopic handle and super easy to release the weeds. It is ideal for pulling out dandelions, thistles, nettles in lawns and garden borders. Its does leave slighly larger holes than the Gardena weed puller but I've had one of these for around 6 years and I still use it even today. Overall, it's just a great bit of kit.

My top 6 recommended weed pullers that I have included in my review

  1. Gardena Weed Puller – I’ve only been using this for a year. It has proved to be a great piece of kit, very well made and simple to use but quite expensive.
  2. Fiskars Smartfit Telescopic Weeder – I’ve been using this for over six years; a great piece of kit I still use even today.
  3. Spear & Jackson 4854WP Mechanical Weed Puller – Another weed puller worth considering, very similar to the Fiskar weed puller.
  4. Winslow & Ross Weed Puller – Again, another quality tool from a trusted brand.
  5. Grampas’s Weeder – Weed Puller – The original, very simple design made from Bamboo and powder-coated metal.
  6. Amos Steel Weed Claw – A great budget weed puller, does everything it’s designed to do.

Top 7 Weed Puller Reviews

1. Gardena Weed Puller

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Gardena Weed Puller for efficient removal of tares, with release mechanism, made of hardened steel, plastic coating (03518-20)

This Gardena Weed Puller is a weed puller in much the same style as the others I’ve used oer the years except rather than physically pully the weed out with prongs, it actually cuts a neat core by rotating the handle and removes the weeds that way. I’ve been using it for about a year and so far so good.

It has two blades to cut down into the ground to remove the weeds. But these blades are of a patented design to efficiently perform the process, according to Gardena anyway.

As I’ve already mentioned, what sets it apart is that the rotation motion that you use is made easier by the arched T-handle at the top of the shaft. This handle offers plenty of space to grip and turn the weed puller to twist the weed out of the ground.

Made of plastic and steel, this weed puller weighs in at a little over 1kg so not too heavy, in fact, it’s light compared to some models. It works well for medium size and more resistant weeds. You just need to use the step lever with your foot to push the blades into the ground with the blades around the weed, twist the weeder puller using the T-handle so the blades cut the weed from the ground, and then pull the weed out of the ground, it’s that simple.

Then easily push the ejector button to release the weeds from the blades. No bending down is required at all which is what makes a good weed puller. Be aware that the turning circle of the blades is 4cm. So any weeds larger than this require two or more attempts to remove them.

Like all weed pullers I have used, this weed puller leaves a hole in the lawn or soil after removing the weeds. The puller pulls up soil along with the weed root. In most cases I have to fill this in with soil and perhaps a little grass seed.

My recommendation

Over the last 12 months, this Gardena Weed Puller has been a great tool to use although I do find myself going for my Fiskars weed puller. However, I think this is because this is what I’m used to and I just need to get used to using this model instead. It is different because this model has an arched T-bar handle that makes it easier to turn the puller when you’re twisting it in the ground. I also like that you eject the weeds from the blades at the touch of a button, rather than having to bend a little and push part of the shaft downwards. Overall, it’s a great piece if kit which I would recommend.

2. Fiskars Smartfit Telescopic Weeder

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Fiskars SmartFit Weed Puller Telescopic, Length: 1 - 1.19 m, Stainless Steel Handle/Plastic Handle, Black/Orange, 1020125

This Fiskars telescopic weeder is one of three models that is manufactured by Fiskars but they all work in basiclly the same way. They do a similar weed puller which I also have featured on my Best weeding tools review.

However, after taking this into consideration I still think that the telescopic model does have the positive advantage of being adjustable, which makes it more suitable for smaller and taller gardeners. A quality tool with the welcomed telescopic feature addition.

Like all Fiskars tools I’ve owned which included the telescopic tree pruner, it is made from quality materials and comes with a 5-year guarantee, although this is not as long as the ‘Grampa’s weeder’ lifetime guarantee, five years is still excellent when most other products have only come with a one year guarantee.

It is simple to use, all you need to do is push the 4 deep-reaching stainless steel claws into the ground with your foot using the lightweight foot pedal, then simply pull back and lift.

It will then remove the weed, including the tap root. Simply release the weed into the waiting nearby wheelbarrow by pushing the orange quick-release handle forward.

My recommendation

It is a beautiful weed puller to use and feels very comfortable in the hand, I don’t really have anything negative to say. The clamping system works very well even on the largest of weeds. I give it top marks for design, although it’s in the more expensive price range of weed pullers if you want a high-quality product that will stand the test of time with the added telescopic feature, then spend the extra and purchase this model. I will say I own the none telescopic model which is almost identical but if I was to replace it, I would get the telescopic version this time around.

Overall, a very well-designed weed puller that works very well, especially with larger weeds in your lawn.

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3. Spear & Jackson 4854WP Mechanical Weed Puller

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Spear & Jackson 4854WP Mechanical Weed Puller

The Spear & Jackson 4854WP Mechanical Weed Puller is a weed puller that has a strong and sturdy step plate to tread on and it basiclly uses the same design as the Fiskars weed puller. The step plate comes into play in a slightly different way than in most other models making it easier for you to pull the weeds from the ground using the stainless steel claws.

To use this Spear and Jackson weed puller, you do the following.

  • Fold the step plate down and lock it in place. (Yes, it folds up for ease of transport and storage which I like.)
  • Centre the shaft over the weed and push it down, using your foot on the plate for leverage.
  • Pull the handle in the direction of the step to grab the weed.
  • Slide the ejector grip down to release the weed.

Notice that the step plate is used as a fulcrum to give you extra strength to pull tough and resistant weeds out of the ground. That’s why it’s built to be so sturdy.

The pole of this weed puller has a small handle at the top to help you direct the puller to achieve all of this.

My recommendation

The Spear & Jackson 4854WP Mechanical Weed Puller is a good choice if you have weeds with long roots. The step plate of this model is strong and sturdy, and you use it for leverage when you pull the weeds from the ground. This takes away some of the strain from pulling up those unwanted weeds. Overall I think its well worth considering and a good alternative to the Fiskars model.

4. Winslow & Ross Weed Puller

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Winslow&Ross Weed Puller with Stainless Steel 4-Claw & Foot Pedal, Telescopic Dandelions Root Remover, Stand-up Manual Weed Tool for Garden & Lawn(39 inch/100cm)

The Winslow & Ross Weed Puller has four stainless steel claws. This is one if not two, more blades than most weed pullers. These extra claws enable the puller to get a better grip on the weeds it has in its clutches.

In its operation, this Winslow and Ross model is similar to the Spear and Jackson also reviewed. The step plate is strong and sturdy. You step on it as a fulcrum to give you extra leverage in pulling up the weeds. This adds extra strength to your pull, and you don’t have to rely on your arm strength alone.

The step pedal also folds away when not in use. You can safely transport and store this weed puller without worrying about anyone catching their ankles or shins on the step plate.

There’s a soft rubber grip at the top of the shaft to make it more comfortable for you to grip the weed puller when you use it. And you really need this as there’s no handle on this model. There’s a bit of a knob at the top but no real handle to use to turn or pull the puller.

My recommendation

The Winslow & Ross Weed Puller has four claws to grip the weeds you pull up. This ensures that it keeps a close hold on the weeds as they come out of the ground. Just push down on part of the shaft to release them. This model also lets you use the step plate for leverage when you pull weeds up. This gives more “pull” strength than you could muster on your own.

The Winslow & Ross Weed Puller is useful for the average domestic garden.

 5. Grampas’s Weeder – Weed Puller

Tried & Tested For Over 100 Years

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Grampa's Weeder - The Original Stand Up Weed Puller Tool With Long Handle - Made With Real Bamboo & 4-Claw Steel Head Design - Easily Remove Weeds Without Bending, Pulling, or Kneeling

The Grampa’s weeder has been manufactured for over 100 years, first manufactured in America before the war and is still manufactured to this day, not many tool manufacturers can say that or businesses for that matter.

As soon as you pick up and feel this weed pull you can see it is made to a very high standard, the clamping claws are made from cast iron which ensures they will not rust or break and the strong handle is made from ash to give it a beautiful elegant finish.

It looks good, but does it do a good job?

I can confirm that it does an excellent job on the lawn and soil borders, it removes weeds complete with tap roots. You can also remove weeds with this weed puller without having to do much bending and kneeling which reduces strain on your back.

My recommendation

For the price, you do get a very high-quality weed puller that will probably outlast you, it even comes with a lifetime guarantee, so it truly is a tool for life.

Does a great job, however, it can take a couple of attempts with large weeds. It is worth mentioning that this weed puller is actually one of the best-rated weed pullers on Amazon and is nearly half the price of other similar quality models.

If you are looking for a quality weed puller that offers good value for money, this would be our first choice. It really is that good and worth every penny and gives the top of the range models a run for their money. That being said, it is not as precise as the Fiskars models which lift even the biggest weeds, whereas this model does sometimes take a few tries.

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6. Amos Steel Weed Claw

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AMOS Steel Weed Puller Claw Lawn Easy Weeder Root Remover Killer Grabber Long Handled Garden Tool

This steel weed claw by AMOS uses four claws that retract multiple directions to grab the weed and root at the same time. It also has a large foot platform to make pushing it into the ground a little easier.

To remove weeds simply place the bottom plate on top of the weed, push down on the footplate with your foot to push the spikes into the ground, simply remove your foot and pull the weed out, push the circular handle to retract the weed. That’s it, all done.

It is made from heavy-duty steel and works great on lawns. This weed puller is suited for removing dandelions, thistles and other weeds.

My recommendation

Firstly, if you want to remove a few weeds from your lawn then it works fine and will do the job no problem. However it does have a few small issues, it does have a tendency to leave rather large holes on your lawn similar to the ‘speedy weeder’ which will need filling in, not a major problem as they will soon fill and it helps aerate the soil. It can also take a lot of extra effort to use on hard dry ground, so it is best used when the ground is damp.

It works great with most weeds but if you have larger weeds, especially ones with larger tap roots it will leave some of the roots in the ground.

For the price it is cheap and probably worth the money, however, we would opt for Grampa’s Weeder before purchasing this one.

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Weed Puller Buyers Guide

Advantages of weed pullers

  • No need to use weedkillers that can damage the environment and lawns.
  • No bending over, kneeling down and putting strain on your back.
  • Easy to use with minimal effort.
  • Cost-effective prices start at as little as £10 to around £50.

What makes a good weed puller?

  1. It has to be made from quality materials such as strong steel, cast iron or fibreglass or similar.
  2. It has to be lightweight without compromising on strength.
  3. Does it remove the whole weed including long tap roots?
  4. How easy is it to use?
  5. Does it have a manufacturers guarantee and if so how long?
  6. Does it have lots of positive customer user reviews on Amazon?

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  1. William Freeth

    The principle of the Fiskars Weed puller is excellent, let down poor plastic. I have now had two break, both stress cracks in the casing around the metal extractor. Not for large lawns.Not particularly inexpensive as they don’t last. Probably to be told by manufacturer incorrect usage.

  2. Hi there. This is a reply from the US. I have the Fiskars 4 claw weeder. I found this to be a really great weeder. But as William Freeth mentioned in his comments, the plastic Fiskars uses does not last with the stress created from the fulcrum point of the tool. I have mentioned this to Fiskars and in my Amazon review. Also, Fiskars has a lifetime, not 5 year warranty given normal use. I sent a picture of the catastrophic failure to Fiskars and posted on Amazon. I had to move my 5 star rating down to a 3 star. I purchased the weeder in Aug of 2014. I started noticing the stress cracks after pulling about a hundred weeds during the first season. I kept using it for the next few seasons and guessing I pulled about a thousand weeds before it recently broke – June 2017. I’ve seen some comments on Amazon that it broke after only pulling about 30 weeds. I wrote to Fiskars warranty program and received a reply that they’re sending me a new one. I hope this review helps.

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