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Weeding is one of those jobs nobody really likes, we look at 8 tools that make weeding easier, enjoyable and more importantly, chemical free

There is one job that all gardeners have no choice but to get down and dirty with, but most would prefer not to tackle and often delay doing it, you guessed it, weeding!

Most gardeners look forward to spending time in the garden relaxing on the sun lounger or in the hot tub, but weeding is one job you simply can't ignore. So it's not surprise that companies have been trying to come up with the most innovative tools to make weeding more of a pleasure than a burden and more importantly, speed up the task of weeding.

Using weed killers can be a good way to tackle weeds, in fact we recently looks at some effective weedkillers but its not always practical and some people prefer to avoid using chemicals if possible which isn't a bad idea either.

With this is mind we have reviewed 8 of the best weeding tools, some of which are very effective and its surprising how much quicker you can remove weeds using some of these innovative tools such as a weed puller, read on to see some of these tools and learn how they can make your life much easier. First lets look at how you can help prevent weeds from growing in the first place as prevention is better than cure as they always say.

Below is our favourite weeding tools for removing weeds, specially dandelions, the Fiskars Xact Weed Puller is an amazing tools and although we found it perfect for lawns its also perfect for borders and even gravel areas.

Best Pick

Fiskars Xact Weed Puller, Length: 1 m, Stainless Steel Handle/Plastic Handle, Black/Orange, 1020126

The best choice overall, robust, very easy to use, no bending down and super easy to release the weeds whilst keeping your hands clean.

  • Removes weeds including long tap roots.
  • Very easy to use in 4 simple steps - push, tilt, lift and eject.
  • No bending down making it perfect for those with back problems.
  • Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and 24 months warranty.

Why remove weeds

There are numerous ways to help reduce weeds in the first place, firstly we look at why do you need to remove weeds, some are obvious, some not so much.

  • 1
    Weeds can make your garden unsightly and untidy.
  • 2
    More importantly, weeds complete for food and water and take up nutrients you plants need which in-turn effects your plants health as they are out competed by weeds.
  • 3
    Once weeds take hold, they can quickly get very invasive and take over.
  • 4
    Weeds that are left to mature can be difficult to remove once established.
  • 5
    Some weeds are poisonous and can irritate your skin, children's and pets.

How to help preventing weeds from growing (Prevention)

If putting down bark or stone, ensure you put down a weed suppressing membrane. This is a weaved material that helps stop weeds coming through, but lets water drain through. Never put down polythene sheet, this will cause flooding as it does not let water drain through and can kill plants.

Put bark, stone or mulch on beds to help suppress weeds, this is a very effective way to help prevent weeds and helps retain moisture which is good for most plants.

Never let weeds go to seed, pinch flower heads off. If weeds go to seed, this is when you start seeing thousands of tiny weeds in your beds and borders and your job just becomes a thousand times harder.

Spray beds with weedkiller, being careful not to spray your plants, this is simple when you have lots of bare soil

Best tool for weeding

Our top 8 weeding tool review is made up of only the best rated tools and gadgets that get the job done, depending on where the weeds are in your garden, will determine which tool might be right for you. Whether it be your lawn, patio or beds and borders, we have the ideal tool for you.

How did we come up with our "Top 8 Weeding Tools"

We have spent countless hours researching and testing these tools to narrow it down to just 8. We do not personally test them all as we don't have excess to all 8 (some we do), so we do in depth research, reading the hundreds and in some cases, thousands of user reviews on Amazon and from around the web. We can then determine which ones have faults and which are a cut above the rest. This also gives us a good understanding of any small issues they may have and advantages.

Top 8 best tools for weeding a garden

Amos Weed Puller - Push, twist & pull

Amos weed puller

This Amos weed puller is a well designed, very effective weed pulling tool, and is probably one of the best available and for half the price of other similar models it also offers good value for money.

Designed for pulling up dandelions, thistles and other weeds in your lawn, it does a great job without all the strain of bending over and kneeling down. That means no more bending over, its great for gardeners who suffer from back pain as you can use it stood in a upright position.

Using the device is simple, push the three, 7cm prongs over the weed and firmly into the lawn, next twist the handle so that the prongs grab the weed and roots then pull out of the lawn. That's it, simply press the release button to release the weed and dispose of it.

Our thoughts - Its easy to use and really does work as designed and offers the best value for money. It does appear to also work on flower beds as well as hard compacted soil.

It has lots of positive customer reviews on Amazon, with the majority of them being very positive and commenting on how good and easy to use this weed puller is.

Negatives - When using the weed puller, it is designed to pull out the weed and root, which it does great, however it does remove a small core of soil with the root which will leave small holes in your lawn.

Not a major issue as it will have aerate the soil, but you may need to put compost in the hole and preferably mixed with sand to help drainage.  Overall great weeding tool at a great price.

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Wolf Garten KS2K Weeding Knife

Wolf-Garten KS2K weeding knife review

The Wolf Garten KS2K weeding knife is one of the best weeding tools available and uses a very simple design. Made from cold rolled steel, it incorporates a large comfort grip handle which makes a big difference when using it for longer periods of time, handy if you have a big area to weed and of course lots if weeds.

Its very effective when weeding close up to other plants avoiding any harm to them, ideal for most weeding areas including the lawn, flower borders and gravel paths / drives.

Our thoughts - This is one tool every gardener should have if they want to make weeding that little bit easier and faster.

It is a best seller on Amazon, with well over 100 positive reviews and with nearly every single one being positive, now you don't often see that.

For peace of mind it also comes with a 10 year guarantee and at under £10, can you afford not to have one.

Negatives - Not really a negative in regards to the product design or quality but as it is a hand tool, it takes a lot of bending down which may be a problem for some gardeners who feel the strain when working on there knees.

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Wolf Garten Push Pull Weeder

Wolf-Garten push pull weeder review

If there was ever a tool that deserves 5 stars, this is it. Manufactured by Wolf Garten, this tool is a new take on the old favourite, the dutch hoe. It's part of there multi changing tool range, so you do need to purchase the handle separately, but they have around 50 other tools that can simply 'push-click' to the handle.

This new take on the hoe, has double sided, wavy blades that slice through weeds and seedling with ease. The blade is 15cm wide making it ideal for weeding between plants, it constricted from quality, cold rolled steel before being finished in zinc lacquer that ensures it is self-sharpening and will last for years, to support this it even has an impressive 10 year guarantee.

Our thoughts - Again lots of excellent customer reviews on Amazon, so it is a proven tool, it is important to note that it does not remove roots and is designed for weeding tiny seedling that shoot in there thousands in your beds, borders and veg plots.

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Spear & Jackson Daisy Grubber

Spear & Jackson daisy grubber Review

The Spear & Jackson daisy grubber is the kind of tool designed to last a life time, made from hardened carbon steel before being coated in epoxy which protect it from rust, it simply is a quality weeding tool.

As the name suggest, it is designed for removing daisy's from your lawn, simply hold at a 70 degree angle, around 2 inches away from the weed and push into the lawn cutting the root before simply pull the weed out. Its as easy and simple as that.

Our thoughts - Again this tool requires a lot of kneeling down and does take a lot of work, specially if you have lots of daisy's to remove from your lawn. Probably more suited, if you have a few weeds you need to remove. Again, excellent reviews on Amazon which make an interesting read.

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Grampa's Weeder

grampas weeder classic gift useful gift idea

Grampa's weeder could possibly be one of the oldest weed pullers available with a proven track record of over 100 years, it has quit an interesting history dating back to before the war and is still manufactured to this day.

The first thing you notice about this tool, is how well made it is, and the workmanship that has gone into manufacturing the tool. It uses a simple, yet effective clamping system that is made from quality, rust proof iron. This cast iron clamp is complimented with a strong, quality Ash handle and it comes with a life time guarantee, now what other tools do you know that have lifetimes guarantees.

Our thoughts - One of the best weed pullers available and certainly one of the highest quality tools available. It simple to use, simply place over the weed and push down firmly so that the prongs are fully inserted into the ground.

Then simply lean, and pull to remove the weed, it works best in moist, damp soil, so remember to head into the garden after the rain for easy weeding.

It has certainly lasted the test of time and had lots of positive user reviews on Amazon, which further confirm how good this tool is and it works great on lawns as well as soil.

Finally at around £25 its offers great value for money, specially when you compare it to similar models at twice the price.

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Fiskars Weed Puller

Fiskars weed puller REVIEW

The Fiskars weed puller is a modern take on a popular weeding tool, is very well designed with high quality stainless steel claws that clamp both the weed and root which makes it very effective at removing weeds on lawns.

Its great for removing dandelions and very easy to use, simply step on the foot ram and put the jaws over the weed and push firmly into the ground, next pull the handle back and lift the weed out of the ground.

Finally push the broght orange handle down the shaft to release the weed and dispose of it. What great is all this can be done within a few seconds making removing large numbers of weeds from your lawn fast and easy, all without bending over or kneeling.

Our thoughts - The ergonomically designed handle make it very easy and comfortable to use, it's not cheap at nearly twice the price of some similar models.

However it is very effective at removing weeds and does get weeds out nearly every time. On Amazon.co.uk, it is the most popular weed puller available despite it higher price mark and has over a staggering, 1400 positive user reviews.

The is without doubt the best weeding tool available for removing weeds from lawns and beds. Its is our Top Rated weed puller and will not leave you disappointed. Once you use it you will wonder how you ever managed to remove weeds without it. A pricey but excellent weeding tool.

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Hozelock Green Power Thermal Weeder

Hozelock thermal weeder review

Looking for something simple and effective?, if the answer is yes then the Hozelock thermal weeder could be just the job for destroying them pesky weeds. Firstly it is designed for using on patio, paths and driveways without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Its very easy to use, simply lower the cone end onto the target weed, press the button to activate it, what this does is burst the plant cells by giving it a  thermal shock of 600°C.

The precise treatment ensures your plants are not killed and means there is no need to use chemicals.

Our thoughts - It does as designed and kills weeds in seconds and as no chemicals are used, children and pets can go straight onto treated areas.

Couple of issues though, firstly it does not seem to work on very large weeds so they will need removing by hand. If you use it every other week to kill new weeds it works great and keeps weeds under control.

One other small issue is the power cable is only 3 meters long, probably not long enough for most gardeners so you may need an extension lead to treat larger areas.

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Hozelock Wonder Weeder

Hozelock wonder weeder REVIEW

If your looking for a way to "spot spray" just weeds, without the risk of spraying plants then the Hozelock Wonder Sprayer could be the answer. It's a simple, yet effective type of garden sprayer that you simply fill with a good quality strong weedkiller.

It has a capacity of 300ml which is stored in a clear tube so you know when it's getting low and can be refilled.

How does it work - Simply point at the weed, then press the button on the top of the handle to spray weeds. Its great for reaching into places which might not be accessible with a normal sprayer.

Our thoughts - If you are looking for a sprayer to precisely spray weeds on paths, patios, driveways or reach them hard to reach places such as between plants and shrubs, then this a very effective and safe way to achieve this.

It also reduces waste, as you only spray weeds, unlike normal garden sprayers that sprayer larger less precise areas.

If you do have a larger areas to spray, such as large paths then you may want to check out our guide which compares the best garden sprayers available.

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Best garden tools for weeding

As you have probably guessed, there is no weeding tool for every situation. All of the 8 weeding tools on our list made it onto the list because they simple get the job done.

We did lots of independent research and originally we had over 30 weeding tools to compare, then we narrowed it down to 10 tools, then we looked again and after some further research we had to remove another 2 tools as they didn't quite make the cut. We were then left with 8 of the best weeding tools, each with its own unique design.

Last updated on November 11th, 2020


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