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My 4 Best Hammock Stands – Wooden & Metal Picks

Last updated on September 3rd, 2022

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Ideal Replacement stands or when you want to choose your own hammock separately

Freestanding hammocks have become very popular and even though my favourite is the Vivere 2 person hammock which I have reviewed here and also created an informational video of, there is also the question, what if you just wish to purchase the stand without the hammock?

Maybe you already have a cloth hammock but are in need of a new stand. Maybe you want to buy the stand and hammock separately as you have a preferred hammock you want to buy but it doesn’t come with a stand.

Whatever your reason, I decided to do a little digging (being that I have a little bit of experience with garden hammocks) to see which are the best hammock stands worth considering and I actually found four of them, three made of steel and one wooden stand.

Building hammock frame in less than 2 minutes
Building hammock frame in less than 2 minutes

The best hammock stand should be durable, easy to assemble and weather-resistant amongst other features that I will cover in more detail in our full review below. In this review, you will find four suitable hammock stands with varied price points. You may be looking for a robust steel model like the Potenza Grande Double Hammock Stand, (my best pick) or a wooden model like the Laminvale Amazonas Olymp Hammock Stand, this is a little more traditional in my opinion. Regardless, you will find a hammock stand that suits your purpose.


Potenza Grande Double Hammock Stand
The Potenza Grande Double Hammock Stand is a highly rated hammock stand with a very impressive load limit of 220kg. The heavy-duty double hammock stand is very stable when assembled and with the hooks being around 350cm apart at both ends so it should fit most hammocks. You can even use it with single hammocks, if your hammock is a little too short just get some 550 paracords. Equally, if your hammock is a little long just twist the ropes on either end of the hammock and that should lift it nicely. Overall this is, without doubt, one of the best hammock stands when it comes to quality with powder-coated steel plus it's available in a few colours too.


Laminvale Amazonas Olymp Solid Wood Hammock Stand
Coming in second, the Laminvale Amazonas Olymp Hammock Stand is a sizeable stand at around 4 meters in length so you do need plenty of space. This really is an impressive piece of kit with solid wood construction, very strong but I recommend giving it a coat of teak oil to protect it further. This model also features an adjustable length of around 300 to 360cm that allows it to support hammocks of different sizes. Now, this model is expensive but you get what you pay for and here your paying for quality and I think it's worth every penny.

Hammock Stand Reviews

1. Potenza Grande Double Hammock Stand


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Potenza® Grande Hammock Stand ● Capacity: 250kg / 550lbs ● Double Hammock Stand ● XXL Heavy Duty Hammock Stand ● L:370cm & H:125cm Steel (Grande, Graphite)

The Potenza Grande Double Hammock Stand is a very well built and durable hammock stand that is 350cm long (end to end) and 125cm high. This is possibly the best steel hammock stand I have seen and the overall build quality and powder-coated finish are exceptional.

This stand is manufactured from durable steel with a protective paint coating to prevent rust as briefly mentioned. I think because the finish is so good, you would have no issues leaving it outdoors all year round if you needed to although I still recommend putting it indoors over winter.

It is also worth noting that it comes in a variety of colours with the slate grey looking particularly nice and being a double hammock it can support a maximum weight of 220kg. The stand is also easy to assemble with clear instructions even with just one person though it is obviously much easier with a second pair of hands.

If you find your hammock is a little shorter than the recommended 350cm then you can easily use some 550 paracord (google it) to extend your hammock as needed. Equally, if it is slightly too long, (it does happen with so many different hammocks to choose from) just twist the end of the hammock and it should lift it nicely. This works with most hammocks too.


  • Made from a weatherproof, high-quality steel with a powder coated finish.
  • Ideal for most hammocks with the hooks being 350cm apart.
  • Very stable and robust.
  • Supports a max of 220kg making it ideal for two large adults.
  • Easy to assemble in around 10 minutes.
  • Provides good value for money.
  • Covered by a 2-year warranty.


  • Not that portable as it is heavy.
  • Doesn’t come with a carry case supplied. (There are better alternatives if you want one for camping though but they are not as well made).

Our recommendation

The Potenza Grande Double Hammock Stand has a nice size that will accommodate most hammocks on the market. It is a heavy-duty model weighing around 25kg; therefore, it can support a lot of weight. Although it is a bit pricey and you can get cheaper alternatives but they don’t look as nice, plus are nowhere near as well made.

With this model, you get value for your money as it truly built to last and remember it is fully weatherproof too. This double hammock stand is easy to assemble taking around 10 minutes but it is much easier with a second pair of hands.

2. Laminvale Amazonas Olymp Hammock Stand

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Laminvale Ltd Amazonas Olymp Hammock Stand

Coming in second is the Laminvale Amazonas Olymp Hammock Stand. This is one of the best wooden hammock stands available and a great alternative to my best pick as it has the quality finish to match.

The 26kg model is heavy because it’s actually manufactured from solid wood so it will easily have no issues being left outdoors all year round. With that said, I would highly recommend staining it with a protective oil or wood preserver to keep it looking new.

What I like about this model is that it has an adjustable length of 300cm to 365cm to accommodate hammocks of different sizes. It can support a maximum weight of 200kg and has a height of 143cm, so you will not touch the ground unless you fall out of it, a little joke there!

Seriously though, this is a good quality piece of garden furniture and if cared for properly, will last for many years. Just make sure you have enough space as it is at least 4 meters long.


  • Traditional wooden style hammock.
  • Made from durable solid wood that has been designed to last.
  • The length of the stand is adjustable from 300cm to 365cm.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Offers a maximum load capacity of 200kg.
  • Accommodates hammocks of different sizes.


  • Takes up a lot of space, make sure you have enough room in the spot you are intending to place it.

Our recommendation

The Laminvale Amazonas Olymp Hammock Stand is perfect if you are looking for something a little more natural that’s been made to last. This model is slightly larger than the average hammock stand (at 4 meters) hence make sure the space you have is adequate as it could easily span a small garden. 

What I do love about this stand is that its length is adjustable, and it has been made using solid wood and not some cheaper alternative. You can dismantle it easily in winter, therefore, ensuring it maintains its overall appearance but then so would treating it every year if you want to leave it outside. The stand is expensive but, its quality is unparalleled.

Why not consider a hammock stand that comes with a hammock? – I reviewed some of the best models in this review here

3. Goutime Portable Hammock Stand with Carry Bag

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Goutime Portable Hammock Stand with Carry Bag, Fits Hammocks 9 Feet Long,550lb Capacity Black,Hanging Chair Stand,frame stand,for String-style, Brazilian-style, Flat-style, Rope-style Hammocks

The Goutime Portable Hammock Stand is made from durable, heavy-duty, powder-coated steel that makes it suitable for outdoor use and at 9ft long it is big enough for use with most hammocks.

However, this model is much more portable, faster to put together and even comes with a carry bag. This affordable model weighs 14kg and can support hammocks up to nine feet long. The maximum weight that this stand can hold is 250kg, which means it is also suitable for a two-person hammock. 

What I do like is that this model is super easy to assemble (in as little as 2 minutes) and features adjustable hooks giving you the option of how high or low you want to sit. This gives you the option to easily adjust the height depending on the length of your hammock.

You can also easily disassemble it and transport it in the carry bag provided making it great for camping, beach trips etc.


  • Very easy to put up and take down making it extremely portable, you don’t even need tools.
  • Made from powder-coated steel for durability.
  • Offers adjustable hooks so you can quickly alter the height depending on the length of the hammock.
  • Comes with a waterproof carry bag for storage and easy transportation.
  • Supports a maximum weight of 250kg, making it ideal for a 2 person hammock.
  • It is one of the most affordable options.


  • Shouldn’t be left outdoors all year round.

Our recommendation

The Goutime Portable Hammock Stand is an affordable option for those who want a large capacity model but don’t want to spend much. It is also the best choice for those who want to quickly put it up and take it down when camping, on holidays or even on trips to the park.

This model is fairly robust as it is made from powder-coated steel and it is amongst the easiest to assemble. For its price, you can’t really go wrong with this model.

Check out my review of the best hanging hammock chairs for something a little different

4. Amazon Basics Hammock Stand

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Amazon Basics - Hammock Stand, 2.7 m

The Amazon Basics Hammock Stand is a space-saving model with a load capacity of 181kg. I think it’s a good alternative to my previous pick by Goutime but I don’t think it quite has the quality. However, it is made by Amazon and I know they try to take quality seriously, however, it does have a lower weight capacity so perhaps it is a better choice for a single person hammock.

The stand is made from tubular steel that is also powder coated for weather protection. It is easy to assemble and disassemble for easy transport and storage. So overall, it is around 274cm long and 100cm in height. The length can be extended (making it ideal for a variety of different sized hammocks) by simply moving the hooks up or down the frame.


  • Made from durable powder coated tubular steel.
  • Lightweight, compact and portable.
  • Fits any size hammocks thanks to the adjustable hooks.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble in minutes.
  • Offers a maximum load capacity of 181kgs.
  • Affordable.
  • Comes with a carry bag.


  • The quality of the carry bag could be better.

Our recommendations

The Amazon Basics Hammock Stand is one of the most affordable stands you can get, but it also has the lowest load capacity. What I like is how portable this model is, how easy it is to build, its compact, flexible in terms of what size hammocks can be used but the price is simply hard to beat. If you’re looking for something affordable, this is well worth considering but I would maybe choose the Goutime Portable Hammock Stand over this one.

Amazon Basics Hammock Stand
See availability from the best retailers

Hammock Stand Buyer’s Guide

Hammock stands are quite simple in their structure, which makes them easier to shop for and maintain. Whilst looking for reliable models, here are some points to consider before purchasing the best hammock stand for your particular hammock:

What material is the hammock stand made from?

My tubular steel hammock stand
My tubular steel hammock stand

On the market, hammock stands can be made from either metal or wood. Wood is a durable material and depending on the design, using oil or staining is essential for durability. Wooden models need occasional treatment to keep the elements from damaging the wood. They are perfect for garden scenes because they blend in with ease. However, they are certainly not portable.

Metal hammock stands are often more affordable and easy to maintain compared to wooden ones. With a powder-coated layer of paint finished to a high standard, metal stands can remain outdoors year-round undamaged although I still recommend taking them down for winter if you can. They are also easy to disassemble making them easy to store when the need arises as well as being more portable. Some models can be put up in 2 minutes or less.

Does it need to hold a single person hammack or double?

Every hammock stand you come across will have a load limit. Adhering to the limit set by the manufacturer ensures that the structure remains safe for use. If the stand has a lower capacity, it may only be suitable for one person. It is safer to work with a model whose capacity is higher than the average weight of two users or actually says suitable for a two-person hammock.

Overall length of the hammock stand

One needs to consider the length of the hammock stand to determine if it will be compatible with the hammock you have. This is especially worth considering for tall people whose hammocks are between 6 and 9ft. Alternatively, you can select a model that offers an adjustable length to cater to hammocks of various sizes.

Look for adjustable hooks as this makes using any hammocks much simpler

Adjustable hooks found on many hammock stands to adjustable the height of the hammock
Adjustable hooks found on many hammock stands to adjustable the height of the hammock

Some hammock stands (like the Goutime Portable Hammock Stand) possess adjustable hooks that can be moved up and down the frame as needed. These adjustable hooks allow you to find the perfect height to sit comfortably away from the ground. If your hammock is longer you simply move the hooks down the bar, if your hammock shorter you can move the hooks further up the bar.


Carry case that comes with some hammocks for east transport and storage
Carry case that comes with some hammocks for east transport and storage

In some cases, you will find hammock stands that come with a carry bag. The carry bag makes it easier to transport or store the stand when needed. The quality of the carry bag matters because if the bag is worn out, you will have to find another solution, which may entail spending more money.

Watch my video below, where not only have I have reviewed the Vivere Hammock, but I will also show you how it assemble a hammock stand

How to set up and care for a hammock stand

  • For easy installation, always follow the user instructions provided. This is because different models (depending on the design) will feature different instructions.
  • Make sure all bolts and nuts are secure before relaxing on the hammock.
  • The hammock should not be set up too high or too low to avoid accidents when trying to get in or out of the hammock.
  • Buy a hammock stand cover if you do not have time for regular maintenance. The cover will prevent the elements from damaging the wood or metal.
  • Avoid overloading the hammock stand as it may cause irreparable damage thus costing you money for a replacement.
  • Wipe the stand regularly to remove excess dust or any other accumulative stains. This will help maintain the general appearance of the stand.

Final Conclusion

It does not matter if you are looking for a temporary or permanent hammock stand, what matters is that you get value for your money. The quality of the model should match the price you pay for it by providing optimal service. The best pick, the Potenza Grande Hammock Stand model is not cheap, but if you consider its solid construction, you are guaranteed durability. 

If you are looking for something different, the Laminvale Amazonas Olymp model is more than adequate and looks appealing in the garden even with a hammock hanging from it.

As you can see, the best hammock stand is easy to find. Bring out your hammock and enjoy days on end under the sun.

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