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Top 5 Best Bike Storage Shed That Are Practable & Secure

Last updated on July 16th, 2021

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Everyone who enjoys cycling understands the value of having a bike in good condition. Many people invest in bike sheds because it is an easy way to keep the bike protected from the elements whilst keeping things organised. If you have just purchased a bike, or you are looking to replace your old bike shed, this review just for you!

After intensive research, we have put together a list of five of the best bike storage sheds made of different materials. The sheds are sizeable, therefore; you will have room to store your bike and your child’s bike regardless of your budget.

If you are looking for a simple but robust wooden bike shed with a 2000 litre capacity, the Forest Plus Overlap Pent Bike Shed is an ideal choice. This minimalistic model (which is our Best Pick) offers a robust build that is durable and attractive. Those looking for a durable plastic model with a decent capacity should check out the Keter Store-It Out Plastic Bike Shed which we have chosen as our Runner up.

Please read on to discover what the other bike sheds have to offer, and then move on to our buyer’s guide to understand some of the features to look out for.


Forest Plus Large Overlap Pent Bike Shed
The Forest Plus Large Overlap Pent Bike Shed presents a simple but clever design. The shed (made from dip treated timber) is easy to put together and it provides a large capacity to store two adult bikes and other small items. This model offers good value for money as it is robust and easily accessible through the fitted double doors.


Keter Store-It Out Ultra Plastic Bike Shed
The Keter Store-It Out Ultra Plastic Bike Shed is a favourite with customers too, amassing many positive reviews compared to the rest. This plastic shed is a low maintenance model with a large 2000 litre capacity to fit in two adult bikes. It also offers more storage space by providing shelf support to hold shelves. The plastic shed is durable; therefore, you will use it for long enough to get good value for your money.

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Bike Storage Shed Reviews

1. Forest Plus Large Overlap Pent Bike Shed


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Forest Plus Dip Treated Large Overlap Pent Outdoor Store/Bike Shed, Natural, L10 x W4 x H9 Inches, 2000 Litre

The Forest Plus Overlap Pent Bike Shed is a large model with a 2000 litre capacity. This 145cm high and 193cm wide wooden shed, is made from dip-treated wood for durability purposes. The shed is protected from the elements; thus, you are guaranteed long life.

Your bike and other items remain dry even in harsh weather because the shed features a slanted felted roof for easy drainage. This simple shed comes with a base and double doors for easy accessibility. The double doors are secured by a staple latch and a plate hasp that needs a padlock to prevent unwanted access to the shed.

The 50kg model needs assembly before use because it arrives flat-packed. It is a UK-made bike shed that can hold two adults bikes comfortably and leave enough space for a child’s bike.


  • Made from dip-treated wood.
  • Offers a 2000 litre capacity.
  • Features a felt roof that is slanted.
  • Lockable with hidden hinges for security.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • Poor assembly instructions.

Our recommendation

The Forest Plus Large Overlap Pent Bike Shed’s size is suitable for most gardens, and it can hold two adult bikes, which is convenient for most households. Those who want a simple wooden model that can be erected against a wall will appreciate this easy to assemble bike shed. 

The wood is dip-treated; therefore, you need to re-apply the preservative annually to maintain the wood’s condition. If you do not want to deal with regular maintenance, we recommend that you consider purchasing the pressure-treated version of this model. This bike shed offers value for money because it provides long service, especially with proper maintenance.

2. Keter Store-It Out Ultra Plastic Bike Shed


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Keter Store It Out Ultra Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, 177 x 113 x 134 cm - Beige and Brown

Next, is the Keter Store-It Out Plastic Bike Shed with an attractive design and enough capacity to hold two wheelie bins or two adult bikes. The plastic shed is easy to open thanks to the hydraulic piston supported lid and wide double doors. It also has a sloped threshold; hence, you can wheel in your bike without lifting it.

Furthermore, the shed offers shelf support to fit shelves that may hold other items. This 2000 litre capacity shed is durable because it is weather-resistant, and therefore won’t fade. If you need to secure the bikes, the shed offers a lock feature, but you have to purchase a suitable padlock.

The 134cm (H) by 113cm (W) by 177cm (L) model comes flat packed and preferably requires a two-person assembly for fast progress. Clear instructions accompany the shed, and you will need a power /manual screwdriver for convenient assembly.


  • Made from weatherproof plastic.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Offers a large 2000 litre capacity.
  • Provides a sloped threshold for easy access.
  • Attractive design.
  • Can be locked.
  • Provides shelf support for added storage.


  • Not fully waterproof.
  • A little flimsy.

Our recommendation

For those looking for a plastic bike shed, the Keter Store-It Out Ultra Plastic Bike Shed is a good choice. Because it is made of plastic, it is a little light, but in terms of capacity, it delivers. The 2000 litre model offers convenient features like a sloped threshold and shelf support that are not present in many bike sheds. And although it costs more than our best pick, this model will be suitable for those who want a low-maintenance shed compared to the wooden models.

3. Pinelap 7×4 Apex Bike Shed

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Pinelap 7x4 Bike Shed Quality T&G Apex Bike Store

The Pinelap 7×4 Apex Bike Shed is large enough to house two adult bikes and a small lawnmower. The sizeable shed is built using a treated wood that prevents pests from destroying it. This bike shed possesses 12mm thick T&G cladding and double doors for easy access into the shed.

Your bikes and other items are safe because the shed is fitted with a secure lock. The apex-roofed shed is easy to assemble as it arrives in pre-framed sections that are easy to join together. Due to the size of the shed, you may need additional help to make assembly simpler.


  • Made from robust wood with an anti-fungal base coat for durability.
  • Spacious with a large capacity.
  • Easy to assemble thanks to the pre-framed section panels.
  • Features double doors for easy accessibility.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Lockable.


  • Pricey.
  • Vague assembly instructions.

Our recommendation

The Pinelap 7×4 Apex Bike Shed is expensive, but it is spacious, and the quality of the wood is durable. If you are looking for a shed to house your bikes as well as other gardening tools, this model is ideal. You may have to lift it from the ground to prevent moisture damage at the base, but once it is constructed, it is easy to use. I would recommend this model to those who have both adult and children’s bikes to store and want to optimise on space.

4. Rowlinson OLBKSPT Overlap Wallstore

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Rowlinson Garden Products Overlap Bike Store

The Rowlinson OLBKSPT Overlap Wallstore presents a natural finish that you can paint over with your favourite colour to match your garden colour scheme. The wooden shed is pressure-treated to prevent the wood from rotting; hence, it will remain robust. It also features overlap cladding 8mm thick and a tongue and groove floor that gives it a nice appearance.

The shed is accessible through large double doors that are braced and double ledged. Its solid felted roof prevents water from seeping through, while the locking system protects the contents from thieves or curious children. The 80kg model arrives flat packed, but once assembly is done, it stands 164cm high, 182.5cm in length, and 82cm wide.


  • Pressure-treated to avoid rot.
  • Presents a natural finish that can be painted.
  • Possesses 8mm overlap cladding.
  • Provides lockable double doors.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • Poor assembly instructions.
  • The door hinges and lock could be a bit more robust.

Our recommendation

The Rowlinson OLBKSPT Overlap Wallstore is not particularly easy to assemble, but with a bit of ingenuity, you can manage to put it together. This wooden shed can fit in a corner or sit against the wall easily making it suitable for those with less space.

It is a premium-priced model that can hold two adult bikes, but you may need to fit another more durable locking system because the present system is a bit flimsy. Overall, it is a decent bike shed that will serve you for a while with a bit of maintenance or structural reinforcement. 

5. Panana Pent Roofed Metal Garden Shed

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Panana Pent Roofed Metal Garden Shed with Double Sliding Doors, Zinc Frame Large House Hut Gardening Tool Bike Storage Foundation and Ventilation, SIZE:175m×128cm×171cm

Last but not least is the Panana Pent Roofed Metal Garden Shed which is an affordable and low maintenance choice. The shed is made from galvanised steel that is guaranteed to remain rust-free for an estimated 20-years. This model possesses double sliding doors to permit easy entry into the shed, and they can be locked for security.

Taking an average of 3-5 hours, this metal shed needs a two-person assembly. The shed comes with assembly instructions, but you need tools around in case you need to make any alterations. To convince you that the quality is trustworthy, this 171cm high and 175cm wide model is accompanied by a 2-year warranty.


  • Features rust-free galvanised steel.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes with lockable sliding doors.
  • Accompanied by a 2-year warranty.
  • Sizeable and spacious.
  • Sold affordably.
  • Comes with a free ground-anchoring kit.


  • No base.

Our recommendation

The Panana Pent Roofed Metal Garden Shed is an option for those who don’t want plastic or wooden bike sheds. This affordable model is spacious enough to house two adult bikes, and other tools without feeling cramped. While it does not come with a base, this model is easy to assemble; you can anchor it to the ground or find a suitable base. For its price, this metal shed offers good value for money because it is durable, and it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Buyer’s Guide

You can easily find garden sheds in the marketplace, but only a few of them are designed to house bicycles. This guide shows you some of the things to be on the lookout for when seeking the best bike storage shed without breaking the bank. A bike shed is a considerable investment; hence, it is best to be confident in the model you purchase to minimise regrets.

Type of material

Bike sheds can be wooden, metallic, or plastic depending on what you prefer. Wooden bike sheds are popular because they are durable and blend into the environment easily. Metallic bike sheds are typically made of steel or aluminium, and they are considerably affordable. Plastic bike sheds require little maintenance and depending on the quality of the plastic, they are normally affordable.

Regardless of the material selected, the essential thing is for the material to be robust and protected from the elements to promote durability over the years.

Forest Plus Dip Treated Large Overlap Pent Outdoor Store/Bike Shed, Natural, L10 x W4 x H9 Inches, 2000 Litre

Size and capacity

How many bikes do you want to store, and how much garden space do you have? You want a shed that will house all your bikes, and maybe leave space to store small garden tools. Most of the models in the market house two adult bikes comfortably, but if you want to store more than three bikes, you will end up spending more. Always look at the capacity offered and compare it to the number of things you want to store.


Leaving the bike shed open can be a recipe for disaster, especially if you have young children around. To prevent unwanted access to the shed, look for a model with a reliable locking system. It may be a mortise or padlock system, but it is essential in preventing accidents and thievery.

Fixing bike before putting securely into bike shed

In addition, there are bike sheds with concealed hinges that prevent someone from breaking into the shed by dismantling the hinges. A good example of such a bike shed is the Forest Plus Large Overlap Pent Bike Shed, which is our best pick.


The durability of a bike shed ties in with the quality of materials used, and the level of weather protection. For example, you find pressure-treated wood is more durable and requires less maintenance compared to dip-treated wood. Powder-coated metal sheds are preferred over galvanised ones because they offer exceptional protection from the elements and are available in a range of colours.

In summary, analyse the level of weather protection provided to determine if the shed will remain in good condition even after a decade.

Panana Pent Roofed Metal Garden Shed with Double Sliding Doors, Zinc Frame Large House Hut Gardening Tool Bike Storage Foundation and Ventilation, SIZE:175m×128cm×171cm


Bike storage sheds are simple design-wise but some models can be a struggle to assemble. Poor instructions and production flaws like misaligned assembly holes are major obstacles to straightforward assembly. To avoid these assembly challenges, you can always pay for professional assembly. If professional assembly is too costly, get a handy friend or family member to help you set up the shed in half the time.


If you look at the majority of the bike sheds available, you will notice that they feature wide double doors with handles. These double doors provide enough space to permit easy storage of the bikes without bumping into anything. You can settle for sliding doors or French doors depending on your preference because they are both easy to use.


Bike sheds do come with warranties (like the Panana Pent Roofed Metal Garden Shed) and the length of the warranty will differ from one product to the next. If you do not find any warranty information in the product description, ask the supplier for confirmation. It is crucial to note that not all bike sheds come with a warranty especially those manufactured from far away countries.


Do bicycle sheds need to be secured to the ground?

Not all, but some lightweight sheds need securing to the ground to prevent the wind from blowing them over. You will find that bike sheds without a base need anchoring and usually, the manufacturer provides an anchoring kit

Keter Store It Out Ultra Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, 177 x 113 x 134 cm - Beige and Brown

Should bicycle sheds have angled or flat roofs?

It is better to work with bike sheds with angled roofs because they provide easy drainage. A flat roof will let the water pool at the surface thus causing damage to the roof or promote mould/mildew growth. You will also have to frequently remove accumulated leaves and other materials from a flat roof, which can be time-consuming.

Do all bike sheds feature a base?

No, not all bike sheds come with a base. You can confirm if the model you want has a base from the supplier. If it does not, you can use plywood as a base or erect the shed in a cemented platform.

What is the maximum number of bikes a shed can hold?

Regular bike sheds hold 2-3 bikes, but there are models in the market that can contain seven or more bikes. These large bike sheds are expensive and take quite a bit of assembly time.

Final Conclusion

Keeping your bike in a safe place ensures you get to use it for longer, and it saves you money since you do not have to deal with unnecessary repairs. From the information presented, I hope you have narrowed down the best bike storage shed for your budget. 

So, which of the bike sheds appealed to you? Did you like a robust wooden model with a large capacity like the Forest Plus Overlap Pent Bike Shed? Or did you like the Keter Store-It Out Plastic Bike Shed more? Let us know in the comment section the model you selected in the end, and how the performance measures up.


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