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Best Circular Saw Reviews

Best Circular Saws – 8 Top Models – Makita, DeWalt, Ryobi, Worx

Circular saws are a great alternative to bulkier table saws and mitre saws. They can do everything from straight cuts to 45° angle cuts in seconds. We take a look

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Best Cordless Screwdriver Reviews

Best Cordless Screwdriver – Compare Bosch, DeWalt, Makita & More

Best electric screwdriver 2019 – More precision and control than a combi drill, less wrist ache than using a manual screwdriver The cordless screwdriver is one tool that come’s in

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Best Orbital Sander Review - Top 6 models

Best Orbital Sander – Top 6 Models Compared with Reviews

Best Orbital Sander Reviews Have you ever set your eyes on an unfinished piece of furniture? Doesn’t look very pleasing, does it? even the thought of sitting on such furniture

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Best Makita Hammer Drill Reviews

Best Makita Hammer Drill Reviews – Our Top 5 Picks Compared

We compared 5 of the best hammer drills from Makita The Makita brand has been around for as long as I can remember and is one you can trust and

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Electric Planer Reviews - Best Electric Planer

Best Electric Planer Reviews -Top 6 Models Compared

Best Electric Planer Reviews When you think of an electric planner, you think convenience. It is among a carpenter’s best tool and no workshop should be without one. We rely on

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Bench Grinder Reviews - Top 6 best models with dry, wet and bush models

Top 6 Best Bench Grinder Reviews – UK Comparisons

Best Bench Grinder Reviews When it comes to woodworking and metalwork, you always want to present a neat product. During production, materials tend to have a rough look that is

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Best Generator Reviews - Top 7 Models Including Portable Generators & Power Packs

Top 7 Best Portable Generators – Detailed Reviews and Comparisons

How To Choose The Best Portable Generator and Our Top 7 Picks In the UK, generators are mainly used for powering work tools where there is no access to electric

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Best Workbench Reviews - Top 5 Portable Workbenches with reviews

Best Workbench – Top 5 Foldable Models & Reviews

How To Choose The Best Portable Workbench Every woodworker and DIY’er needs a platform to carry out their tasks. Whether it’s sawing, nailing, sanding or cutting, the best working surface

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Best Pillar Drill Reviews - Top 6 Models For DIY enthusiast and professionals

Top 6 Best Pillar Drill Reviews – Detailed Comparison For DIY & Industrial Use

We Compare 6 of the Best Bench Drill Presses When you are busy in your workshop trying to create the perfect craftsmanship and you need to drill very accurate holes

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Best Multimeter Reviews - Top 8 Models

Top 8 Best Multimeter For Professionals & Home Use – Detailed Reviews

How To Choose The Best Multimeter For 2018 The fact that they are small and portable make them a favourite with home users and professionals, specially electricians. With hundreds of

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